Tick. Tick. Tick.

The clock ticking across the room was slowly driving Hanseol crazy, who was currently reviewing the documents on her work desk. He had been sitting in the same position for almost 2 hours now, the needle on the clock was showing the number 11, which indicated that the doe-eyed Celestial has been working overtime after his supposedly shift at 6. Over the past month, the latest branch that was opened in Denver had given Han plenty of encouragement on hid work that kept being complimented by his superiors but once given the duty to manage the branch a few miles from Evermore, it also meant more paperwork for him, which unfortunately for the star, is something he never got around doing casually. For the past few months, things had been quite hectic for the fallen star, first came his breakup with his boyfriend, that he thankfully rekindled the spark once again after resolving their misunderstandings and problems one by one, it wasn't a fast tracked path but it's a working progress and for Han, that was all that really matters.

 It did give him a month long of heartbreak, though it was pretty much deserving for him because he screwed things up by keeping secrets and evading the truth from his own lover who was supposed to be his partner. Differences were set aside as they worked it through and after a while, it worked out pretty well. That was one problem down. Having promised Jae that hr wouldn't be consuming those sleeping pills anymore because of how unhealthy it was, he resorted to chamomile tea before sleeping and the extra warmth his dhampir's embrace gave him was more than enough to suffice a peaceful night for him. Yeon and him grew closer, they bickered and had plenty of friendly banters, he began attending more training sessions with Ophelia too, whom he befriended after meeting her officially for the first time. Even the Nephilim he first met a while ago, Willa, had became a constant companion over texts and messages alike. His husky and Pomeranian puppies were keeping him well accompanied alongside his boyfriend too. 

Things were well despite bringing a wave of busy. It was too good to be true. Little did he know, he really shouldn't be jinxing it. While sorting out the documents in their respective files after reviewing them and calling it for the night, wanting to do nothing more than to rush back home to the embrace of his lover,  Han used every energy in his bones to stand up properly and stretched out his limbs before closing the blinds and lights off. He wasn't supposed to go back home until tomorrow but technically, he was already done with his work and the drive back to Evermore from Denver would only take 30 minutes or do with his speed. Driving is never an option for his claustrophobic self but he was slowly working through that too. After a while, he finally passed the border and drove into the city. Jae apparently sent him a text while he was driving home, saying that he was bored tonight due to night class and he only send emojis of grumbling but included hearts and assured him not to overstudy himself. The trip back home was supposed to br a surprise. Well, there's about to be another surprise for him alright.

 Hanseol decided to stop by his clinic to get the gift he got for Jae, he couldn't send it back home, fearing that Jae would find it first before anything. After unlocking the entrance door, he switched on the lights and made a quick dash to the counter and grabbed the parcel with a big smile, only to face a male with a bigger build accompanied by at least 4 other companions, standing by the entrance, to which they were slowly approaching him. A frown creased his features as he tilted his head to the side and asked who they were, "The clinic is closed… and if you're looking for a place to rob. There's nothing of value here. Only injured animals and medicine that you can't even sell without a proper license. If you leave now, I'll forget about reporting." His tone was firm but his gaze was wavering slightly because one of them was hissing at him. One was definitely a Valkyr. That was when the doors were locked, leaving poor Celestial inside with 5 hostile forces.

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