The sun had set hours ago. Miles was more than aware that he’d worked over but at least that means he gets overtime pay, even if the consequence is that he’s worn out with a splitting headache. The work needed to get done but what he’d initially intended as a good distraction today had turned out to be anything but. Detectives are working a home invasion gone wrong and it’s Miles’s job to run prints and any DNA they got from the scene to nail the perpetrator. Naturally nothing is ever that easy and everything that could go wrong had gone wrong, with Miles spending far more time than he’d like having to rake some cops over the coals for improperly handling a sample and rendering it unusable.

Pouring over the details of the case was a tough time for him. Apparently the family had walked in on their home being robbed and the robber turned violent upon confrontation, a scenario all too reminiscent of events in his own life for comfort. At least he’d managed to escape with his life, these people hadn’t been so lucky. After finally being relieved by the next shift – two hours late he might add – he really needed to clear his head and so that’s what led him to wandering around the city instead of catching a cab home. The air is still on the cooler side here at the beginning of spring but it’s no longer biting cold. Having grown up somewhere far warmer, Miles is really looking forward to the warmer weather of summer and the welcome bright rays of the sun to help burn away this cold air.

After a while of walking and feeling no better after his long day, Miles decides he could really use something to force his mind off of everything that has it racing. Fortunately for him, he’s in a part of the city that’s known for its clubs and bars and so it’s not too long before he comes to the door of a club with the open sign lit up. It’s not one he’s visited before but in a city this size that’s really not a shock, especially since he’s been trying to curb his late-night drinking habits lately. When he walks in he’s surprised to see it virtually empty, especially at this time of night, but he could really use that drink so he doesn’t pay it much mind and heads over to the bar, taking note of the woman who’s also sitting there.

Miles is pretty certain he stands out, especially considering he’s still wearing his white lab coat and is well aware of how tired he appears, but at this point he’s beyond caring. He gets to his chair and takes the coat off, laying it across the back of the seat. Finally in place, he decides he should be polite and he looks over toward the woman with a small smile. “Mind if I buy you a drink?” If there’s one thing Miles does know it’s that people like their personal space and he’s no exception to that, so he makes sure to keep a respectful distance.

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Svetlana reminisced on the last time her and Dominic had been here together. It was a bittersweet memory to say the least, and she had barely made it out of here with her life, but as long as Dom was around, Svet knew she'd always be okay. The misfortune of not being in control of her actions the night she had psychically hurt him and a few of the other Therian's, was something that had been weighing on her heavily, and she needed to see him. She needed to say she was sorry, that in spite of everything that has happened, she loves him and holds him dear. Dom had been her Guardian Angel for as long as she could remember, and she wasn't about to let the amazing bond they'd built, change, not for anyone or anything. 

The music played a soft melody in the background with lyrics to make any female reflect on how alone she is. Svet loved music though, and it was simply her go to for everything. As the Nephilim sat there sipping her drink casually, she could hear the soft padding of footsteps behind her, the indication that someone had entered her and Dom's club, but she didn't bother to turn around. If these rogues were still hunting her right in a public setting, then it was out of her hands regardless. 

Svetlana's gaze averted to the male when he asked if he could buy her a drink. Typically, Svetlana felt like everyone who approached her might be out to get here, but on this rare occasion, she felt the need to let him buy her a drink. The Nephilim scooted over to the seat next to him, and flashed her purple optics at him, identifying herself as a Nephilim after realizing that's exactly what he was. She couldn't say she knew when she was around other species, but being around another Nephilim was just something she had always been aware of. "What brings you in here tonight? This is probably the emptiest this place has been in a while" she expressed with a sad smile on her face. Svet missed the way this place used to be, and it had gained such a high respect from those who'd became regulars, but ever since Svet had been attacked here, she and Dom had kept it closed for the most part. Tonight was the exception she supposed. 

"It's not often I get approached by another Nephilim" she could talk freely and openly since they basically had the place to themselves minus the bartenders that worked faithfully every single night no matter how slow of a shift it was. "I'm Svetlana" she added, offering a faint smile in his direction before turning to tell Alisha the bartender, what she wanted to drink. "Whiskey, straight" she expressed in a serious tone before turning back to the male "thanks for the drink, I don't think ive seen you around" Svetlana was never opposed to meeting new people, and in this case, a rather gorgeous individual at that. She could have sat here and just stared at him all night and that would have been fine. 

Miles hadn't been expecting the sole other occupant to be another Nephilim, but it's a pretty welcome surprise. After the initial shock of her flashing purple eyes at him he grins and blinks, the purple sheen taking over his own blue eyes for a second, a form of acknowledgement. While he's gotten pretty good at telling other species apart thanks to his time in the Guard, he chalks up not noticing that she's a Nephilim to being worn out. He chuckles a little at her question, casting his gaze around the otherwise empty club before turning back to her. "It's been a long day. I needed something to help me unwind and this place was the first I came to." Honestly, he's surprised to see the place so empty. It's a nice club and it's about the time of night that he figured everyone would be piling in. "I wouldn't worry about it too much. Gives us a chance to talk if nothing else." His grin is friendly more than anything, lending his joke a lighter air.

Actually, it is nice to talk to someone about something other than work. He's been in that lab far too much recently he realizes and this is a good chance to give his head a break. Even if he probably will regret these drinks in the morning. Oh well, he hasn't done this much since arriving in Evermore so he figures he deserves a break. If that break just happens to be with good company, well, you won't find him complaining about it. His sister always said he was a bit too friendly for his own good, but Miles has never let that stop him from making new friends.

He raises an eyebrow some at her next comment and leans back a bit in his chair. "Really? Other than back home, Evermore has the most Nephilim of any place I've been to. Not that it means that much mind you, I'm not exactly well traveled." At least not in comparison to some people he knows. His experience has been pretty limited to the states. He nods to her when she introduces herself, waiting for her to finish ordering her drink before he speaks again. "I'm Miles. Nice to meet you Svetlana," he offers her his hand, then turns to order his own drink - "Bourbon, neat" - before giving her his attention again. "My pleasure. That's not too surprising given the size of the city though," his joke is pretty obvious, given away by his grin. "But in all seriousness I don't bar hop that often anymore. Several mistakes in and I learned my lesson about being hungover in the lab. It doesn't usually end well." Miles actually stopped drinking quite as heavily after joining the Guard, though he does still enjoy a drink after a long day.

He offers the bartender a soft thanks when she slides them their drinks, turning his attention back to the woman at his side. "How about you? What brought you in here tonight?" Miles has never been the type to focus too much on his own story, much preferring to listen to other people's and help out where he can, but he's notoriously bad at accepting the same from others. His sister got on him more than once about that but even so he retained the habit.

"Well, any other occasion, this would have been the best place you could have picked. Apologies on it being so empty. It's been closed for some time now actually. Just doing a little revamping to it" and while she lied about the real reason, she was sure her and Dom could come up with some newer ideas and have another grand opening with as long as it has been since the two of them had opened this place together. Svet grinned back at him when he said if nothing else, it gave them a chance to talk "Well, now that's a chance worth taking. It's not often I run into a fellow Nephilim, and to be frankly honest, I barely even know any of the others" her smile faded rather quickly when she admitted that, and she knew she had to do a little better at being a Nephilim, but after all she had been through, and being captive and tortured for being a Nephilim, she had struggled to be part of the faction. Putting the past behind you, is often easier said than done, but she wanted to try. 

When Miles said 'other than back at home' Svet raised a curious brow at him, "So then, where's home, if you don't mind me asking of course?" she questioned curiously and took another large gulp of the whiskey he'd gotten her. Svetlana smiled more genuinely when he introduced himself as Miles, and offered her hand as he reach his own over towards her "So, another Nephilim, and a gentlemen who just so happened to buy me a drink. I don't imagine that this night can get any better right now" she flashed him a playful wink, and dropped her hand back to her side after shaking his. 

Svetlana could hear the shift in his tone when he'd said he doesn't bar hop that much anymore. And it was just like Svetlana to question it "So, alcohol messed something up for you in the past? Or you just made some poor decisions while you were intoxicated?" Her main reason for asking, had been for the sake of not assuming why he said that, as most people would have. Svetlana's eyes widened slightly, not being used to having someone ask her anything about herself as he asked what had brought her in tonight. "Well, firstly, I co-own the place with a dear friend. And secondly, I just wanted to let go of some things, and alcohol is the only way I knew how" she frowned at the statement because it only made her sound weak, and as if the only way she could fight off her emotions was with booze. "I wish it actually helped, but I do realize my problems will still be there when the booze is gone" 

Svet tried to be a realist, so she could at least admit that she knew alcohol wasn't going to solve what was truly wrong with her. "Any siblings in the city with you, or is it just you?" she then asked, figuring this would be a nice evening now that she had someone seemingly good to talk to. "What do you do for fun around here?" Svetlana had tragically forgotten how to live at all at just the tender age of fourteen when she'd been captured, and she hadn't escaped until age 18, and spent time travelling after that. So, to say she'd had actual fun, would have been a lie, aside from the many nights she'd spent here in this place with Dom.  

Miles raises an eyebrow at her apology, seemingly confused, but he pretty easily shrugs it off. “No need to apologize. In fact it seems like I should be apologizing, I didn’t realize this place had been closed. Either way, it’s nice here.” In fact he’s pretty sure she wasn’t being entirely truthful with him, this place doesn’t look like it’s in need of any work at all, but he’s sure she has her reasons so he doesn’t press. If they are going to change anything, judging by the current state it’s in, he can’t imagine what it might be but he’s never really had an eye for interior design. He slowly nods as she explains that she doesn’t actually know many of the other nephilim in the city, thinking for a moment before answering. “Actually, I don’t either… apparently I need to get out more,” he chuckles some at the slight poke at himself, “but we have to start somewhere, right?” His reasons for not knowing are really because he’s usually working at either job, but the point still stands. He should be doing better about getting to know people, no matter his excuses. His mother didn’t raise a recluse after all.

Svetlana doesn’t realize just how much she might’ve messed up asking him about home, but the fond smile that comes over his face is more than enough evidence of how positively he thinks of it. “Oh I grew up in Bristow, outside of Tulsa. Almost all of my family is from there so there was a pretty big community of nephilim, basically entirely related to me.” It did make it easier to fit in, both for him and his sister growing up. “How about yourself? It doesn’t sound like you’re native to Evermore either.” One of these days his curiosity is gonna get him in trouble he knows, but he feels comfortable here. Possibly because Svetlana is a nephilim as well, or just because he’s too tired to be on alert. He genuinely laughs at her gentleman statement, a grin taking over his face. “My mother didn’t raise me to ignore a lovely lady sitting all alone at the bar. Consider the drinks on me tonight.” He returns her playful wink.

One reason he doesn’t go out to drink much anymore is just how quickly his drink ends up disappearing. He tends to lose track and is attempting to do better tonight, and so far so good, he still has half his drink left. He’s quiet for a moment before he answers, as though he’s trying to think of the best way to explain. “Some of both. I work in a lab and you really can’t afford to go in hungover. Mistakes cost big time. That and I learned eventually that drinking to that point didn’t actually help with anything.” His job isn’t the only reason but he’s not trying to think about the others tonight. Any avoidance of those topics he can do he’s going to. His eyes widen a bit when she tells him that she actually co-owns the place but he doesn’t interrupt her as she continues talking, taking in the way she starts frowning. The look in his eyes is understanding, like he knows exactly what she means. “You own this place? I suppose that means I should call you boss, huh? You have a nice place.” He only tries to lighten the mood for a second though, his smile fading some as he looks at her. “It doesn’t get rid of your problems, but there’s nothing wrong with letting go for a little while. Just as long as you don’t let it take over. Letting go of some things takes time… a lot of it. So who cares if booze helps the process along, even if it’s only temporary.” Some things you can never let go of, but he leaves that depressing thought to himself. He’s not about to make that frown on her face worse.

Grateful for the change of subject, and always happy to talk about his family, the smile returns to his face even as he shakes his head. “No, not in the city. My little sister is still back in Oklahoma, she’s a nurse at one of the hospitals in Tulsa. She’s doing quite well for herself.” He doesn’t try to hide the pride in his smile one bit. His sister was young when they lost their father and he won’t lie, he’s the definition of ‘protective older brother’. “So yeah, just me. Made my family worry when I moved but I like it here all things considered. Do you have any family in the city?” It’s only after he finishes that question that he notices he’s finished his glass and he quietly orders another one. “Fun? What does that mean?” He says it quite seriously but it only lasts for a second before he chuckles. “I work too much to have a lot of fun but on my days off I like to spend my time outdoors if I can. Hiking and rock climbing. I got out of the partying scene after college.” Which, if he’s being honest, probably saved his life. He was just as dumb as any other college kid, even if he did also take his studies seriously. “So Boss, if you don’t mind my asking, do you do anything outside of running this fine establishment?”

Svetlana waved her hand in a gesture as to dismiss his comment about how he should be the one to apologize for not knowing this club had been closed down. "Nonsense. I'm happy to have a fellow Nephilim here .. closed or not" she added, playfully poking her tongue out. Svetlana hadn't met many others in her faction, and had always closed herself off to the idea of even trying. Nephilim's were light creatures, and Svetlana was in no way shape or form a light hearted woman. She lived by the darkness that surrounded her, and knew nothing any different than that. Svetlana smiled whole-heartedly when Miles said he needed to get out more. At least she wasn't the only one. She definitely enjoyed how easy going he seemed to be, and how they already seemed to have small things in common. Nodding her head gently, the Nephilim smiled a little brighter "that we do" she stated, and clinked her drink against his almost as if to do a 'cheers' gesture when he'd said they had to start somewhere. Even if it was small steps, you really always do have to begin somewhere. 

Svetlana arched a brow in his direction, finding his next response to be pretty interesting. "So.. you've always known about Evermore?" she asked curiously, seeing as how he had family who'd been here all along. She couldn't help but chuckle when he said it was an entire family of Neph's all related to him. "Soooo you basically make up the majority of the faction" she said teasingly. Svetlana had been enjoying Miles's company so far. She couldn't go wrong with her night turning into this. 

When Miles asked how about herself, the Nephilim grimaced sadly. She'd spent a lot of her time in a compound being tortured growing up, for the sake of reeling her father into a sadistic group of rogues that wanted him dead. "Russia is where I was born, and partially raised I suppose you could say.." her tone held as much hesitancy as her expression did, but she still liked having these kinds of conversations with people, therefor, she wanted to be able to answer all his questions honestly, since he'd been doing the same with her so far. "But, Ive been in Evermore for quite some time now. I got established with a job in the Government here, and I work well with computers.. hacking in other words.. but that's another story for another day I guess" the Russian Nephilim took a large gulp of her drink and sighed softly. 

Svetlana smiled a sheepish smile when he said his mother didn't raise him to ignore a lovely lady sitting at the bar alone. She was no stranger to compliments, but for a reason she couldn't figure out, Miles seemed more genuine than most. The guys Svetlana had normally encountered in a setting like this, typically only had one thing on their mind .. not to mention the attack made on her right in this very club. She shuttered at the thoughts of that and frowned some, only to quickly replace her frown with a faint smile from Miles saying the drinks were on him tonight. "Keep that in mind, I drink like a fish Miles" she grinned playfully, but normally, Svet did drink at least her weight in alcohol. 

Svetlana definitely noticed the look of understanding that Miles's eyes held, and she appreciated it, and how he continued to let her rant on about the topic for a moment longer. The Nephilim nodded her head and smile faintly when he asked if she owened the place to confirm her previous comment about it, "Yeah, it's one of the better things in my life I guess. Thank you.. you're welcome to it anytime.. you'll get the friends-discount" she added, flashing a playful smirk at him before tipping the bottle back once it hit her lips again. 

Svetlana knew exactly what point Miles was trying to make when he'd commented on how some things took longer to let go of, and that it wasn't a good idea to allow booze to take over during your weak moments. "No, you're right.. I get it. I wish I had other ways of coping.. but Ive tried so much and have always failed to get through the things in my life without turning to alcohol simply because other coping techniques don't work for me I guess.. which feels a little defeating.." she was immortal afterall so it's not like booze really did much for her anyways unless she drank quite a bit, and then people around her stared and called her an alcoholic. Svetlana smiled more genuinely as they changed the subject for now, seeing a certain glow to Miles when he mentioned his sister and how she was doing pretty well for herself. "That's always refreshing I bet. If you can't be near your family, it's at least good to know they're doing okay..." while Svetlana had no family left, she knew if she did, she would have sufficed for just knowing they're okay. 

The Russian Nephilim hung her head for a moment while she played with her thumbs, out of nervous habit she supposed, and glanced back up to him hesitantly, hoping to keep the tears behind her eyes right where they were. Svet hated to cry in front of people, but even to this day, years after what had happened, she still felt raw emotions when it came to the topic of family. "I don't have any family left at all, that I know of anyways.." she couldn't say she didn't have any anywhere, but those that she knew and loved were all gone now. "I manage by myself okay though" the Nephilim added, it had been a form of defense for years now. To just make people think she was okay alone. She simply hated feeling pitied. The Nephilim chuckled softly when Miles asked what fun even was. "I can relate. I'm usually a hermit and stay isolated, this club has been the one thing to pull me out of my shell" even as ironic as that was to say, since it's the very reason she'd been hiding in the motel where Thaddeus lived lately. 

Hiking and rock climbing sounded like a lot of fun.. "maybe you could show me the joys of  rock climbing some day." she grinned some, and as a Nephilim, neither of them had to worry about falling and getting hurt. They could easily just spread their wings and fly. So, Svetlana couldn't say she had a fear of heights, and rock climbing was one of many things she'd never experienced yet. The Nephilim laughed when he called her boss, shaking her head amused before she proceeded to answer his question. "Well, as I mentioned earlier, I work in the government, and ive been on a mission for the past few years since arriving here to find who it is accessing a file that I tried to keep buried.." fear likely plagued her eyes when she mentioned it, but she felt comfortable sharing this with a fellow Nephilim. "Aside from my job here and in the government, I don't do much honest.. truth is Miles, I spend most of my time looking over my shoulder.. afraid someone's there, ready to end what they began years ago.." Svetlana knew this left a window open for him to ask plenty of questions, and if he wanted too, then she was totally okay with that. 

Svetlana figured this may be where the conversation goes in another direction entirely, where two people end up sharing the darkest parts of their past. 

He’s been told a lot recently that he needs to give himself a break but that’s easier said than done for him. He’s always been a hard worker, even when he was young, but where before that was a way for him to meet other nephilim in Evermore it’s an obstacle keeping him from it. Good way to stay up to date on what’s happening in the city though. “Well then, I’m glad I could come barging into the place. My obliviousness sometimes pays off.” He laughs at her playful gesture, obviously taking the little tease in perfect stride. He certainly comes across as your standard nephilim, an easy smile and light hearted nature, but he knows very well that even light creatures such as themselves can hide a lot of pain and darkness behind the mannerisms he uses. That’s why it’s so hard to judge people from first meetings, but something about Svetlana allows him to trust her. Not just that she’s a nephilim, that hasn’t been enough in a while, but the honesty he reads in her eyes and the genuine feeling he gets from her. She feels like a kindred spirit. He raises his glass in a quiet cheers when she does, taking a deep swallow of his drink before gently placing the glass back down.

“I wouldn’t say I always knew. My family talked about other communities of Nephilim sure, but in Oklahoma they felt pretty far away. I was familiar enough with it to know where I was going when I moved here though.” Even if the circumstances of his moving here were quite different than anyone would have imagined. Nephilim or not, there was a period of time where he was genuinely at risk of drinking his life away. “Oh back home? Absolutely.” He chuckles as he thinks back, trying to remember if there’s anyone in the nephilim community not related to him some way in Bristow. “Yeah, everyone back home is either directly related or married into the family at some point. Every once in a while we’d have strange nephs come wandering in but in a community like that they always ended up marrying in.” His mother was one of them, her family wandering into town and settling down.

He notices her grimace and immediately starts paying more attention to her, not wanting to push her if she’s getting upset. Sometimes he forgets that not everyone has the same family situation that he was fortunate enough to have and it can cause him to put his foot in his mouth before he realizes he’s brought up something painful. He doesn’t interrupt though. “Russia huh?” He can hear the hesitation in her voice though so he doesn’t push any more than showing an interested smile. “Oh so you work for the government and you run a bar. You just continue to impress. I’d love to hear that story some day. I’m afraid my job isn’t quite as interesting, I work in criminal forensics.” Well, it’s not entirely a lie, he just can’t go around telling people about his other job. Privacy concerns and all. Still, something about her countenance looks sad and he’s starting to understand why she had come here. Alcohol can be a great way to forget sometimes and typically you don’t want some dunce coming in to bring up the crap you’re trying to forget. Her joke just causes him to give her a playful shrug. “You’re talking to someone else who can drink their weight. I don’t mind, promise.” Even if he doesn’t do that anymore there was definitely a time that he could. Stupid nephilim physiology sometimes.

“Besides, if you’re offering me a friend’s discount it’ll lessen the hit to my wallet,” he grins at her with a soft laugh. He is glad that she has this place, the smile on her face when she talks about it enough to assure him that she does love having it. Considering the sadness he’s noticed her carrying, it seems like a good thing that she has something she loves in her life. She certainly seems more understanding of the issues it presents than he was in the past, for him it took something quite a bit more drastic to break him out of it. He offers her a gentle smile and shakes his head a little. “That’s not… quite what I meant. I know what it’s like to need a way to forget. Needing it for a while isn’t something to feel defeated over. Sometimes we all need a helping hand you know? That’s nothing to be ashamed of.” He’s really not trying to lecture or anything, but looking at her now he can see himself a few years ago, hanging his head in defeat and unsure of what the future held for him or how he was supposed to continue on. Without his family and Aureus he doubts he ever would’ve gotten his head on straight and it’s why he’s dedicated himself to helping people now.

Talking about his family is something he will always enjoy. Being raised in such a tight-knit community really does encourage being close with them and he’s about to start talking happily about his sister again when he notices the sudden downcast look to Svetlana’s face. He quickly stops himself and watches her with a sad smile to his own face. Right, she mentioned before that she didn’t have much family left and here he is putting a frown on her face again. He has to stop doing that. “I’m sure you do. Doesn’t make it any easier though. I’m… afraid I can’t really relate, but if you ever need a friend I lend a pretty good ear. But it sounds like this place has been good for you, I look forward to it reopening, you know officially. You’ll have to let me know when you do.” This time of year he’s always down for a drink even if he tries not to overindulge. “I’d love to show you how to rock climb someday. Since gaining wings it has made the hobby a lot safer, I tend to climb without ropes now, I think you’d enjoy it.”

Miles falls silent as she starts talking again, being more honest with him that he would have expected from most people. Perhaps she feels comfortable with him, either way for her to put that much trust in him is something that he feels honored by. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t have several questions prompted in his mind by what she said and she seems to be expecting him to ask. Instead he takes a second, takes another swallow from his drink, and looks at her seriously. “If you’re in trouble I can help. No one should have to live their life looking over their shoulder. I… someone I knew was the same way and it wasn’t pretty. I know we just met but this seems to be really bothering you.” He leaves out that he wasn’t able to help the other one, which is something that still eats at his heart. If Svetlana is willing to accept help, he’s more than willing to assist her.

Svetlana knew what it waslike to need to give yourself a break. Ever since her escape from the compound she was held prisoner in, the Russian Nephilim didn't rest. She was scared that if for only a second she began to relax a little, and enjoy life, her world would slip out from underneath her. It's not to say Svetlana had an easy life now, but, she kind of liked where her life was. She was given a job by Cornelia Bradford when she made it to Evermore, a position in the Government. Svet thought that then, her life would start making just a little sense until one evening during work, she worked as she did everyday, and ended up running across a file that was being accessed by a secret organization constantly. The file had video footage of the compound Svetlana was held prisoner in, and she knew it was only a matter of time before whoever was accessing this, found out she was the one who'd left so many bodies in her wake that dark day.

Enough of that though. She knew it would only change how comfortable she felt around Miles if she continued to dwell on her past in his presence. She didn't want that, it was actually really nice to be around another Nephilim.. one that she felt that she related to in some way, and even understood a little, even if she didn't know why yet. It simply made her want to get to know him though. The Nephilim smiled and gave a slight nod in agreement "Yeah, we all need alike company every now and then. It keeps me sane, personally" she stiffled a laugh, because it was amusing to say that anything kept her sane at all. Svetlana's sanity had slipped away from her grasp long ago, and it was often really noticeable. She did her best to hide it though, and sometimes, it worked.

"I see. Well, at least you've managed to find your way around.. It took me a while when I first moved here, and still to this day, I try to avoid the faction, just because I know we're all mostly made up of good people, light species, ya know.. but that only makes me realize i'm not normal, and that some of the others may be afraid of me, or at least the darkness they'd feel with my presense around. I think other Nephilim's can sense darkness, and I have a lot of it..." the last bit of that was said with slight hesitency, but she knew Miles was a fellow Nephilim, and one that seemed to have a bit of darkness himself.
Svetlana quirked a brow when he explained that everyone back home was either related by blood, or married intothe family at some point. She chuckled before taking another sip from the bottle. "So it sounds like you have quite the family. Are you close to them?" the Nephilim asked curiously, holding the frown threatning to twist her features upside down. She'd lost her own family before she could really even remember. Her mother was never present for whatever reason,and she hadn't met her father until the day he died in front of her. No siblings. No distant relatives that she knew of. It's why she had such a rough exterior, why she seemed like a badass, when really, she was a broken little girl who had lost her mind and everything else at the age of 14. She felt that she'd be trapped in that 14 year old's life for the rest of forever.

Svetlana waved her hand around slightly, to dismiss the concern Miles seemed to have for her because of how she began getting emotional. "Don't worry, even if I seem like i'm going to break down, its getting easier to talk about .." she gave a gentle smile. She appreciated someone genuinely being here right now. Svetlana chuckled and have a proud nod. Her smile brightened because she wouldn't have even started running this place if it hadn't been for Dominic, someone she had given the title of her best friend ages ago. The man had been through hell protecting her, lost people he cared for, was psychically harmed by Svetlana when she wasn't in control of herself, and still, hestuck around, although.. she truly wanted to believe and blame herself, for the fact that they hadn't been around one another since the bloody battle that'd taken place in that field, the same night she had psychically hurt Dom. Svet swallowed harshly, trying to get rid of the lump currently forming in her throat, gazing around to what she and Dom had really made here.. even if she had been attacked by one of the rogues in this very building,there were more beautiful memories than bad, and she could only be happy about that. "Thank you.. the two jobs are like night and day, very different from one another, but I love them both equally. Working for the Government makes me feel like i'm established here.. that i'm doing something good, and working here, makes me feel like i'm truly starting to find myself.." there was more hesitency in her tone.. because Svetlana had been robbed of the chance to know who she was when she was abducted at age 14 and kept there, tortured and more until she was 18. She had no idea who she really was now, and feared never truly finding out.

"Criminal Forensics .. that sounds pretty interesting though. I'm sure you see quite a bit working in that field." she was impressed with his job also, because for some reason, she wouldn't have ever guessed he worked a serious job like that. There was something about Miles that just seemed.. dark, or lost.. she wasn't even sure if that was accurate, it was just a feeling. Svet chuckled and returned the playfulness by grinning at his comment. She knew there was something different about him,his comment about drinking his weight only told her that he'd been through something traumatic before, "Well.. you know, if you ever need or just want to vent, you can always find me around this part ofthe city. We all need that person.." she admitted, and to be fair, she'd been sitting here venting to him too. "Oh after tonight, you'll definitely get the friends discount.." she grinned some, before grabbing her wallet, which held alot of personal info, cash, and some VIP cards that she gave out to people once in a blue moon, or sometimes, they'd just raffle them off on event nights. But, Miles seemed like someone who'd become an actual friend in the very near future, and it was a small gesture of kindness. "Here, this will get you all the free drinks you want, plus.. it beats any lines atthe door.. you just show this to the bouncers, and bartneders" she slid the plastic card over to him and smiled. "I'd like to get this place opened again.. We've had itclosed down for some time now due to an incident that took place here..but it's been long enough I believe."

Svetlana was really happy she had met Miles tonight, he was a gentle, kind man.. not something she'd had the luxury of being around very often here. Some of themen she had met, were real creeps.. but that didn't define them all, Thaddeus, Dom, and now even Miles all three proved that there were still good guys out there. "Thank you for that Miles, honestly. When people see a girl like me sitting at a bar, drinking her night away.. they assume such rubbish.. you either have someone trying to take you home, or someone saying "whats a pretty woman like you doing here all alone, drinking her life away?" she huffed and shook her head "at least you understand that it'snot always just one way.. a girl isn't always trying to be picked up.. hell, I never want to be picked up like that.. if that's how I meet my soulmate,then forget love" she chuckled softly, but deep down she meant it. And, while she wasn't looking for love,the very small amount of time that she'd gotten with Taddeus, allowed her to feel something she didn't know was even possible.

She'd done it again. "Ugh i'm sorry Miles, please don't let my frown hold you back.. If we're to become friends, we should get to know each other, and if talking about your family is what makes you happy, then please tell me more. The thing is, I never had a family.. my mother wasn't around, and the first time I met my father was the last time. They killed him for being in the Russian military, he had dedicated his life to protecting Nephilim's though, a secret branch in the service that only high ranking officials knew about. The rogues who wanted people like you and me dead..." she stopped for a second, gesturing to herself and Miles "Nephilim's.." she paused once more and swallowed a little, "He wanted to save us all, and died for it. I guess i'll always feel that day with me, ive never been able to let go.. as young as I was, seeing them kill him.. it did something to me" she explained, just hoping it wouldn't prevent Miles from saying whats on his mind, whether it was family related or not. "And if it makes you feel better, maybe you'll become something like family to me someday" she offered a faint smile, and it did sound rather nice to just have someone she could rely on and vise versa.

Svetlana's eyes widened when Miles offered to help her with her current rogue problem,her mind flashing back to how much harm she had brought into Dom's life because he had helped her also... it wasn't something she'd happily agree too. But, how could she even refuse? She was in no position to turn down someones help. "It's a lot to ask even if you did just offer... I'm sure with you offering your help, that you're not new to this kind of situation.. but.. Ive caused so much damage in the lives that have helped me already.. I just don't want to repeat that anymore, I'm not saying I don't wantyour help though.. I guess I just don't want to see anyone else that I care about, get hurt" she frowned slightly, but immediately chuckled when she realized she'd just pretty much told him she cares about him, and they had only just met. "Sorry.. that may have sounded weird, or a little soon. I would like to think it's okay to care about you though.. you seem like a really decent, genuine guy" she offered a smile, and sighed a little.

"Have you done this before? I mean.. have you helped someone in grave danger?" she was so curious now that she couldn't stop the question as the words rolled off her tongue in a thick accent.

He shoots her a look, followed by a slight teasing grin. “Sanity? People still have that? Can you introduce me?” It’s a joke obviously, compared to a lot of people he’s had it relatively good and his good nature is a reflection of that. He’s been around enough to know when someone’s been through some shit though and it’s pretty obvious to him that Svetlana has been through some shit, even if she does a good job at hiding it. He just happens to be part of a faction full of people who give off similar vibes and signs. Maybe that’s why her next words don’t surprise him at all, his face remaining the same despite the hesitancy with which she speaks.

“I don’t know, I think it’s the other way around myself. Darkness seeks out the light. It’s not a bad thing either way and it’s certainly no reason to hide yourself away from people.” He looks over at her with a soft smile. “I think you’re just fine. Even Nephilim have a little darkness, it’s nothing to worry over.” He nods in response to her question. “I am. Hard not to be in that town, especially when your dad was the chief of police.” Everyone knew everyone and he still looks back on the community dinners with fondness, times when literally everyone would have supper outside and bring dishes and there was so much food that you ate for days. He can see the slight frown pulling at her face as much as she tries to hide it though. “Family is a great thing and mine has a habit of taking people in… anyone that might want to be included.” His gaze is pointed, though not heavy, leaving the implication there floating in the air should she ever decide to act on it. He’s experienced enough loss to know the look of it on someone else’s face.

“It’s amazing the things time can help, isn’t it?” Even if it doesn’t make things completely better he knows where she’s coming from. He’s finally getting to the point that he can talk about matters without wanting to clam up or shut down. It’s funny that she’s thinking about Dominic of all people because he knows the Therian fairly well, both being on the Guard. Sure he knows Damien better but he’s definitely seen the alcohol loving wolf around. He listens with an understanding gaze as she speaks, nodding somewhat and taking another swallow of his drink. Were it not for the Guard he’d likely be in the exact same spot she is, wondering what on earth his purpose is and who he was meant to be. “It’s never too late to find yourself. Some people just have the fortune of figuring it out sooner than others. I find that it helps to think about who you want to be and going from there. The fun thing about finding yourself? You can reshape yourself into being just about anything you want.” He developed his personality trying to bring some joy back into his family’s life after his father’s death, it was a conscious choice that eventually became second nature to him.

He smiles some thinking of his first job, first only because he discovered the Guard after getting into the field. Just tonight he’d help put some bastard behind bars and that’s a good feeling, knowing that he’s helping people at both jobs that he does. “You see a lot, and most of it isn’t good when you work criminal forensics. Lots of blood to analyze and those are the good days.” It helps that he has good coworkers and bosses and that he gets to work the supernatural side of things that the humans can’t handle. There’s just as much work to do but it feels somehow more fulfilling figuring out each species' different tells in the lab. “But I enjoy it. Knowing that what I do can help people find resolution or justice, it means a lot. You’re right though, we do definitely all need that person. Thank you.” His voice is a bit softer as he speaks this time, giving her a genuinely warm smile as she starts to dig in her wallet. He looks a bit shocked when she slides the little card over to him but he happily takes it, putting it away in his own worn wallet while she speaks. She can catch sight of an old picture in it, of him and his parents and sister back when his father was still alive. He was young but still just as goofy and this wallet is not much newer than the photo, a gift from his sister when he was in high school. “An incident? Did someone light the kitchen on fire?” He says it seriously but the grin pulling at his lips suggests a joke. Maybe a bad one but a joke nonetheless.

He can’t help but wrinkle his nose a little as she describes some of the men he knows frequents bars, especially ones with pretty ladies working or running them. Which is most of them. Raised with his mom and a baby sister it’s no surprise those creeps rub him the wrong way and he’s gotten in trouble a few times for busting someone in the nose for refusing to take no for an answer around him. Thankfully his sister is more than capable of busting a face open herself. “Those guys are assholes and while I’m sure you can fillet them yourself just fine, don’t ever be afraid to point them out to me. Nothing makes those creeps more uncomfortable than someone like me coming over to flirt with them.” Also a tactic he’s employed on more than one occasion, mostly because it’s hilarious and not going to get him in trouble like starting a fight would. He falls quiet as she apologizes and starts to explain herself, listening without speaking until she finishes telling him about her father and other family. He relates more than she realizes and when she finishes he shoots her a small smile. “Sounds like he was something else. Those things will change you, absolutely. My dad was the same way, a detective. He never wanted anything more than everyone he loved to be happy and safe and he loved everyone.” A soft chuckle leaves him, the memories far enough removed by this point to be fond rather than sad. “Some people didn’t like that though. He died when I was in high school.” He leaves out how he died, shot dead by the remnants of a gang he’d help put away. “But hey, the more family the merrier if you ask me.” A gentle way of accepting what she said, knowing perfectly well that should she wish it his family would take her in in a heartbeat. Just like they did Brooke back then, Nephilim or not.

He watches as her face runs through several emotions at his offer, finally landing on hesitance. He gets it. Whatever’s going on seems serious. “Don’t worry about all that. Part of my job is helping people, I’m used to dangerous situations.” Everyone in the Guard is, though he understands guilt associated with getting someone hurt all too well. “I have. Many times now.” His voice is deep, thoughtful. “I guess I take after my dad that way. Or maybe it’s because of all the people I wasn’t able to help.” He stops to take a long swallow of his drink before his voice chokes. “I guess… I should explain. Several years ago now someone I loved… my fiancé... was murdered. It nearly destroyed me.” He’s not looking at her, instead gazing down at the ice in his now empty drink. “I was caught in the attack but none of that bothered me as much as knowing I couldn’t help her. Turns out it was her family that did it… after she’d left their dealings because she just couldn’t agree with it.” There’s a pause before he seems to come back to himself. “I promised myself I wouldn’t let that happen again,” he turns those bright blue eyes back on her then with a fragile smile, “so any help you might need, I’m there.”

This was one of the rare moments in Svetlana's life, where she felt safe, at ease, and comfortable enough to talk like herself. Nornally she'd put on this facade, protecting herself from everyone and everything around her. Hiding in the shadows had become her specialty. Saying "i'm fine", wearing a fake smile, and not trusting anyone, was more of a routine nowadays for the Russian Nephilim. Svetlana hadn't been working lately, and needed to get back to normal as much as she could. When first arriving to Evermore, broken, afraid,and covered in the blood of several of the ones who'd held her captive, it'd been Cornelia Bradford that had given her safe passage,  a place to stay and a job working in the government part of their faction. That job had been the very thing however,that had allowed Svetlana to keep track of her abductors. However, it had also let her know.. they had been keeping track of her too. So, she had taken a much needed break, and opened this very club with Dominic. 

Talking with Miles came with an easiness that Svetlana had desired for a long time now. She smiled softly when he said it was the other way around. That darkness sought out light.. that either way, it was no reason to hide herself from the others, and that all Neph's probably had a little darkness. "You're probably right. I mean, as sad as it is that I've barely met any of the others.. the ones that I have met, all seem to have a tragic story that they've left in their past. I just wish I could have left mine there as well" she frowned a little more sadly at that comment, or maybe at the realization. Either way, All Svetlana really wanted was to live her life like a normal female.. even if there was nothing normal that came with being a supernatural. "I can't even remember what my life was like before I was captured.. I was 13 going on 14..and they kept me until I was 18" she sighed, and stopped herself from going any further. Reliving it wasn't anything she wanted to do, Svet couldn't help but smile when Miles implied that his family took people in, hinting around that she herself could join them anytime. "That's amazing of your family. I will certainly keep that in mind" Svetlana truly did need a safe group of people to be surrounded by, because she knew Dom couldn't devote his life to protecting her.. and she wouldn't let him. 

Svetlana smiled absently. She missed the Therian, but he had honestly been the best memories she's had with anyone ever. When she mentioned him however, the expression on Miles face almost seemed as though he knew exactly who she was talking about. "So do you and him know one another pretty well?" Svetlana wasn't going to assume that them being in the same faction meant anything.. because Svetlana was a Nephilim who literally knew no other Nephilim's. The Russian bright eyed angel smiled when Miles said it was never to late to find yourself. "I sure hope you're right. I'm really trying..I mean, at this point whats it matter right? But in all honesty, even if I am immortal, I still feel like finding out who I am, and trying to live my life is still reasonable.." even though she knew being captured at 14and held until age 18,had certainly deprived her of doing just that.. but a girl could still dream. 

Svetlana listened intently, arching a brow when he said analyzing blood was the good days in his job. "I guess you do see a lot.. have you ever been in harms way because of your job? I imagine doing what you do comes with certain risks." her own job, outside of co-owning this club had definitely put her on a few hit lists. "Working for the government to put rogue species 'away' gives you plenty to see as well. It's scary, but I have the one advantage that im sure no one else in the world sees as an advantage. I have no family that these rogues can use as leverage" and after the way they had killed her father right before her eyes, Svetlana felt an odd relief of knowing she had no loved ones that they could use to hurt her. Besides Dom of course.. and God did she fear that happening all the time. She smiled up at him though, as he took the card she had slid to him, eyeing his worn out wallet, her gaze falling on an old picture tucked safely inside it. "That picture holds a lot of value to you huh?" she blurted out before she could really think it through. "Sorry. I hope that wasn't crossing any lines" she was sure it was his family, and she knew there had to be a reason that he carried it with him like that, which meant it was probably a sore subject. 

At Miles attempt to make a joke when she'd explained there being an incident here, the Nephilim squinted. She wasn't sure if it was even appropriate to tell him right now, but, she felt strongly confident that this was an amazing friendship in the making. Starting it with secrets could be just as bad, so she decided to explain after clearing her throat, and averting her gaze anywhere but at him. "It was a big crowd that night. I mean, honestly the place is always packed..but on that particular night, we had people lining out the door trying to get in.." she started off, sighing as her glanced towards the back, which led no where except the dark corner that you could cut around, which led to other rooms.. where everything happened. Dom normally never takes his eyes off of me.. but that night, unless I stayed right by his side.. it was hard to keep track of one single individual.. and you can't own a place without socializing, especially a night club right?" she chuckled nervously before continuing. 

"It all happened so fast.. I really didn't know someone had grabbed me until I was in a room with alone" she gulped harshly, trying to get the lump in her throat to go away. "Before I had much time to react, he was dripping saliva on my neck. Being a rogue Vampire, I was sure he was just going to tear my throat open.. but, he had different plans" her hands absently traced parts of her body that the rogue had touched before she continued. "He started tearing my clothes.. as if he were meaning to tear them off, and once he did that with my bottoms, I realized what he was trying to do." tears streamed down Svetlana's cheeks but she finished the story. "He was only within seconds of taking my dignity away from me when Dom busted in.." she tore her gaze from the back of the club,and nervously looked up to Miles through her long, wet lashes. "Dom has always protected me.. but Ive caused him to lose so much in the process.." she finished off, inhaled,and exhaled. It was always harder to breathe when reliving traumatic events. "I wish it had been a kitchen fire though" she added, in her own poor way of joking. 

Svetlana chuckled when Miles said there was nothing that made creepy guys more uncomfortable than him coming over to flirt with them himself. "That's pretty clever. I'd love to witness it" she grinned playfully. Miles was different.. she couldn't quite pinpoint what made her feel that way either, but she didn't need to know what it was that separated him from the rest, all she knew was that she enjoyed it. Svetlana recognized that gleam in his eyes when he began speaking of his own father. It was the kind of thing that happens when the memories you're bringing up, make you happy, rather than sad. "He truly was" she smiled, feeling another tear absently sneak down her cheek. "Ugh. Tears. So unnecessary" she chuckled.. trying to lighten the vibe a little."Yours sounds like he was pretty amazing too" she smiled warmly and gulped down a rather large shot. Svet gave a simple nod "I agree, and you may be gaining another family member if this continues to go as well as it is" she poked her tongue out playfully, reminding him about his offer for his family to take her in. 

Svetlana watched Miles go somewhere else completely with his thoughts as he took another swallow of his drink. She frowned as he choked a little at what he was then telling her. "I'm so sorry Miles" she frowned, leaning her elbow on the table and resting her face against her palm as she softly gazes over to him with tears in her eyes again. When he glanced down to his empty glass, Svetlana grabbed the bottle and filled his glass back up as he continued talking. "I know nothing I say could possibly make that feel any better..:" she admitted. "I used to hate it when people tried so hard to say the right things.. because there are no right words to speak to someone who's lost a loved one like that" she added, and filled her own glass back up to the rim. She listened while bringing her glass back up to her lips, "Well,thank you Miles. Knowing there's always going to be someone to protect me is as refreshing as it is tragic" she chuckled sadly. "But, don't let it suffocate you..I mean the thinking you have to protect everyone now" she looked into his eyes, her own holding a sincere, but intense gaze. "Because there's going to be times, if there hasn't been already, where you may not be able to save the person in question.. and I can imagine because of what happened to your fiance, you will always feel guilt when you can't save someone.. but you're one man..and I just hope you don't forget to live life  a little, to take care of yourself as much as you do others" she smiled at him sadly. 

"I don't know if your job permits it.. because its an odd, if not a bizarre idea, but maybe we could give each other a tour of our jobs. Mines pretty wild.. I can show you things" she said playfully, but she really could show him things.. practically anything. Working for the government as a more or less spy, had it's perks. 

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