It was a regular evening down at The Siren's Cove for Sirius, who sat at his desk, amber hues trained on the monitor set on his desk. It had been a pretty easy-going day, as there were no particular events planned for that night. It was just going to be their regular Thursday-night DJ with their usually crowd, but that wouldn't be for another four hours. Now, Sirius was just going through his accounts, finances, and inventory, making sure that everything was all good.

A knock at the door pulled his attention away from his work, and towards a well-built man leaning on his doorframe--one of his bartenders. "The kid is back again," the bouncer would say, leading to a harsh exhalation from his employer as he rubbed his hands against his face. He knew exactly who the bouncer was talking about: his name was James Chadwick. At first, he seemed like a kid who just wanted to experiment. He was already twenty-one, so Sirius didn't really see a problem. Little did he know that James had been to other dealers at a much younger age, and was more or less addicted at this point. Once Sirius was made away of this, he made sure that his dealers did not sell to him. The young dhampir kept trying to come back, and now it seemed like he'd come straight to the Celestial's place of business to find more. Sighing once more, Sirius made an airy gesture with his hand to the bouncer, leaning forward in his chair as he readjusted his position. "Send him in," he said. It was time to set the kid straight.

Once the young man walked in, Sirius rose to his feet, an easy-going smile playing at his lips, "Jem," he would say in greeting calling the dhampir by his nickname. "How's everything going?" The sight of the kid brought a dull ache to form in his chest---as much as Siri dealt in illegal activities, he hated the thought of contributing to ruining someone's life through addiction, especially one as young as Jem. "Come, please, have a seat," he'd add, motioning with his hand to one of the two empty leather seats at the opposite side of the table from him. Once Jem had taken his seat, so would Sirius, clearing his throat before speaking once more. "So, my lad," the Greek man would say in a friendly tone, "what can I help you with today?"

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Being on the straight and narrow has been something that’s never really happened for him. A few years back he nearly was at the place where his life was perfect. Or perfect as it could be with considering his past and upbringing. Jem thought that things were finally looking up for him or so he had hoped. Back then he’d just finished and graduated high school somehow then he’d been officially adopted by Cornelia. With the papers all being signed and he was legally adopted. Finally he had the family and life he’d always wished and dreamed for. Then his life was turned upside down along with any part of his happiness. It all started when Cornelia had gone on away dealing with a case, something that happened often. Back then Jem had thought none of it. Until more days and weeks have passed with no word. Jem had grown concerned but he should have been worrying, noticing that something wasn’t right. It wasn’t until Clarissa turned up at his home out of the blue to tell him something bad had happened. Right at that moment it all changed for him. Losing more people in his life. Finding everyone who he became close to all ended up dying. Having lost more family members than most in some sort of tragedy than murder. Three of them were by the hands of the same person.   

All of it took a toll on him. Not knowing where to turn. Feeling lost in the world once again, not knowing where he truly belonged. With how it seemed that the person in charge with how the world works seemed to have it out for him. The Young Chadwick had found himself going on a dark and dangerous path. Losing sight of keeping up in the real world. Too blinded dealing with his own loss and grief to hold it all together. Jem felt that he was a burden to Clarissa who took him in after Cornelia’s death. She didn’t have to, with how he was now an adult but she wanted to. Jem knew that Clarissa was dealing with her own grief and own problems to deal with him. For him he had turned to alcohol and substances as a way to cope. Way of battling his own demons so that it all didn’t hurt so much even if it was just for a short while. He had even found himself going to underground fighting places with little proper fighting experiences. Able to feel something from being beaten up. He couldn’t explain what it was and why but it was when he was able to feel something. Taking him away from the emptiness. It helped other than taking substances. 

Just recently Jem found his life being turned upside again with something he had never expected or seen happening but it did. With how it’s not every day that you see your adoptive mother returning back from the dead. Now she was back in his life and he moved back in with her. It still was all strange for him to say the least. Jem could see that it was her but wasn’t at the same time. In the flesh it was but her mind and self wasn’t all there yet. Jem knew it was going to take time but not knowing how long. With everything going on his mind was still all over the place needing to find something to numb the pain. Jem had walked into the bathroom at his place, quickly locking the door behind him. Heading straight to the medicine cabinet, opening the door. Quickly scanning for what he was searching for. Then he saw an orange pill container of Xanax labelled for Cornelia Bradford. Taking it out of the container popping off the top pouring a few into his hand then quickly took and swallowed them. Sipping some water after to help. They only helped for so long but not enough. Jem knew that he couldn’t keep taking Cornelia’s pills that she’d soon start to notice some going missing. Making him turn and go to somewhere else for what he wanted. 

Jem headed to the place he knew that he’d found someone to help out for what he was looking for. Where he had been plenty of times. Knowing his way to and around The Siren’s Nightclub. The bouncers and bartenders all knew his name and would show him to where he wanted to go. Heading to Sirius’s office that he’d been to plenty of times, he was sure that there was even a chair with his name on it. “Hey Sirius” He greeted cheerfully walking into the office when the bouncer had let him in. Jem headed straight to one of the seats so they were able to talk, with how Sirius knew that he’d only stopped by when he wanted to. Expecting for him to come for business rather than a casual chat. “I was wondering if I could buy another stash off you?, I ran out a while back now things have started to go a bit crazy for me” He started to say, feeling a little bit nervous, he always did when asking for a favour like this. Jem knew that Cornelia would kill him if she ever found out he took or was still taking drugs. It was the only thing that helped right now even if it was the opposite thing he should be doing. 

His suspicions on why Jem can come by now confirmed, Sirius couldn't help but let out a heavy sigh when Jem told him why he was here. He leaned forward, fingers rising up to massage his temples. "Ah, Jem," he mused, his lips pressing into a thin smile, amber hues narrowed as the Celestial rose from his seat. Long strides carried him around his desk to stand before the younger lad, leaning against the edge of his desk as toned arms folded across his chest. "Word on the streets is that you've been asking around for stuff more than once a week." A concerned look washed over his chiselled features, his hues reflecting the worry he felt. A sense of guilt weighed heavily on his mind, and he was determined to aid Jem get back on his feet. "What's going on, kid?" he asked. "I know I'm just your...supplier, but maybe I can offer...advice. I've been through my own sorts of hell."

Sucking in a deep breath, Siri gently pushed himself off from the desk, arms falling to his side as he made his way towards the water cooler set in the right corner of the room. "Can I get you some water?" he asked, gesturing towards the drinking glasses set on a table next to it before filling two up, then returning to where the younger of the two men sat, placing the cup in front of him. The Celestial took a long sip from his glass, pursing his lips into a thin line as he sat it down by the table, returning to his previous position: leaning back against his table, hands folded. "You shouldn't be using this many drugs, Jem," he couldn't help but say. "You're young, you've got your whole life ahead of you." A sigh sounded from him, the encounter extremely awkward as he'd never been in such a position before. 

"I know this is incredibly weird," he said after a moment, not meeting the young Chadwick's gaze just yet. "But I can't help but worry about you." Siri cleared his throat, his jaw clenched. "Maybe it's selfish of me, but I will have the worst guilt over my shoulders if anything happens to you, because you've abused substances." Sirius stayed quiet for a bit, lifting his gaze to observe the reaction of Jem--would he be angry? awkward? Would he storm out yelling? "Jem," he started once more, clearing his throat, "I cannot sell you any more drugs, not for a while that is." Another moment of silence passed, the man trying to form the right words in his mind. "You're using drugs as a crutch, and even just as your dealer, I can't see you go down this road." His gaze was stern, yet his demeanour was unsure. Never did he ever have to refuse service to a client, but never did he feel personally responsible over them. "Enough is enough."

It all first started back a year or so ago. Back when he was grieving over ‘Cornelia’s death’ then there was Isaiah too. Jem had found himself all alone in this dark place where he was just alone with all his thoughts. Grieving for all those he’s already lost in his life. It had gotten all too much for him. Thinking at first the only way to drown it all out was to fill his body with alcohol and substances. All in all it should have been the opposite. Yet he felt that he was all alone back then not having anyone to talk to. Not wanting to put all his problems and more pressure onto Clarssia then there was already. A year later he still was finding he relied on to help him through. In reality this should be the time when he should be coming off all of it with Cornelia being alive and back into his life. Along with things starting to look up for him in his life right now.  Yet with all the pressure that’s being put on him he’s still able to see all clear. Jem froze almost hearing how it was like Sirius had already caught him out. That maybe he’d predicted that he’d be coming to him sooner or later, and he was right. Jem was surprised that Sirius was almost concerned for him. It’s something that he wasn’t used to. That not many people took notice of him half the time. The Dhampir almost felt that he was invisible in a way, forgotten about. 

“I don’t know” He sighed heavily. “Everything's all messed up, I’m messed up” That's one way of putting it. Only Cornelia really knew all he’d been through, everyone else didn’t. He didn’t want to trouble Sirius with his problems that he didn’t want to hear his whole life story. Nor did he want his pity either. “Umm sure” He answered awkwardly when asked if he wanted some water opposed to the usual offering of booze. Taking in account how many drugs he’s taken in the last year he’d lost count. It wasn’t too many but nor was it too later. “My adoptive mother would kill me if she’d ever found out I’ve taken any drugs” He admitted truthfully already able to see Cornelia going ballistic at him if she’d ever found out.  Yet he was still trying to carry on doing it behind her back. 

He was right this was quite weird to be honest. That he came here tonight hoping to score some drugs and not be sat down for some sort of therapy session. “Nobody has ever really worried about me before” He could understand why Sirius was worrying for him that if anything would happen to him that it’ll be in his head. Jem felt that he was back in a meeting in the headmasters office being reprimanded. Jem was shocked but not all surprised with that was happening. “Wait you're cutting me off?” Jem looked at him pausing for a moment before the next words slipped otu of his mouth “Your not my father” Shooting back sounding a little bit cold, not able to help it caught up in the moment. The only male figure he had in his life was a horrible man to say the least who was left rotting in hell still where he belongs. Jem hadn’t expect anyone else try to step in, telling him what he can and can’t do. 

A sad chuckle parted the man's lips as the boy's words reached his ears, followed by a slow shake of his head. "Any good parent would would kill their kid if they found out they were doing drugs," he mused to Jem, arching an eyebrow at him as amusement flashed in his light blue hues. "That's why you don't have to tell her, especially when you've got me to rant to. Who better understands the need for drugs than me?" A smirk toyed at the corners of his lips at his own remark, still having his back leaned against his desk, arms folded and gaze directed down at the younger man. Sirius felt a wave of sympathy wash over him when Jem confessed that no one had ever really worried about him before. "That can't be true," he tried to assure him, tilting his head to a side, taking in a deep breath to form the words in his mind before continuing. "You say you have an adoptive mother who'd kill you if she found out about how you partake--I'd say judging from that statement alone, she loves and cares for you, and worries for you well-being." He paused, watching to see if his words would bring forth any emotion on Jem's face. "I would say you're pretty well-off on that part, no?"

At Jem's outburst, all the Celestial did was simply sigh and purse his lips together. He wasn't at all surprised to garner such a reaction from the kid, considering that Siri was planning to cut him off cold turkey. "No, I'm not your father," he retorted, "so that means I really don't mind you hate me for doing this." He then took a moment to pause, eyeing Jem for a moment, then letting out another exasperated sigh. "I'm just looking out for you, kid," the Greek man admitted. "And something about you tells me that you've never exactly a father-figure looking out for you." Throwing his hands up in a surrendering gesture, he then continued, "I'm not trying to fill that position in your life, but at the same time, I cannot sit by and let you do this to yourself."  He took another pause, his hands dropping to his side to clasp the edge of the table, propping up his weight as the man straightened his back. "Someone who takes as much drugs as you do only can have one reason for doing so---they're running from something, and aren't willing to face it yet." Sirius then tried to catch Je's gaze, concern evident on his chiselled features. "Kid... Talk to him," he urged. "Anything you say to me will be met with no judgement, nor will I ever bring it up again. You're strong enough to face your demons, from what I can see." The corners of his lips quivered, Sirius letting a small, warm smile creep unto his face, trying to convince the other male to talk about what was weighing heavy on his mind.

Jem knew what was right and wrong. Before all this he was a good kid. It was true he never got good grades but he always tried. Even with all that happened with his childhood and upbringing, he had always tried staying on the right track. Not wanting to become what people expected him to be, a waste of space. Lately he’s found him falling, going down a dark path. The one that’s been leading him here, finding himself keeping going back. “You don’t know my Adoptive Mother” He sighed to himself, knowing he’s screwed up but it’s too late. Jem knew how Cornelia would react if she’d find out what he’s been keeping from her. He didn’t want to put any more grief and preasure on her then there already was. “So you want to be my sponsor, huh?” Jem smirked back, not knowing why Sirius wanted to help and hear all his problems. He knew he wasn’t like a normal drug dealer, this place wasn’t shady at all. Knowing he wouldn’t get caught here. “I’m good at going by unnoticed a lot of the time” Easily able to sneak out, getting into different clubs and parties. Yet he hadn’t done so good at keeping unnoticed here with how he knew the bouncers and staff on first name basis. “She’s been through a lot in the last few years, then in the last month too” Jem looked saddened almost. He couldn’t exactly say to him that she died then was brought back to life then only came back into his life a few weeks ago. 

Jem didn’t mean to sound so harsh that it just came out. Yet he could see that Sirius wasn’t so surprised that he’d expected it almost. He nodded his head that he was right. “I never knew my dad, he died before I got the chance to find him then my uncle was a dick. So… yeah” Letting him into how messed up he was, warning him almost. He always wondered what might have been if he’s dad hadn’t died and they would have met or whether his father would be in denial and hated him. Something he’d never know. “I guess I’m a bit messed up, too much going on in my head. Drugs seemed to help take it all away” He admitted opening up knowing that Sirius would be able to understand whilst other people didn’t. “I don’t want to disappoint people but I’m 21 and never really had a job. I’m in a band but it doesn't really earn much money” Feeling himself at a loss. After Cornelia’s ‘death’ he was lost. There were days or weeks even he wouldn’t want to leave his room not wanting to face the world. Getting a job was never on his agenda. Missing out on different things. 

A sigh parted his lips then, the man fidgeting with his fingers some as he tried to think of the best way to get through to Jem. "Your mum's Cornelia Bradford, no?" Sirius made it a point to know who was who, and he had in Evermore City long enough to know of the once-star detective. "I heard she's just came back after what, a year away? Well, in any case, she doesn't need to know anything about this, so let's put that worry aside, hmm?" A dry smirk formed upon his lips as she still looked down towards the boi, his lips quivering at his remark. At that moment, he saw so much of his younger self as Jem smirked, and the yearn to help him through his phase in his life. "In a way, I guess you could all me that," he quipped match, matching the younger man's tone and demeanour. However, at Jem's comment about his going outs, Sirius clicked his tongue, and shook his head. "Maybe you can fool your crowd, but not mine. Many in the 'underworld' of the black market have noticed your comings and goings---how else would I know how much you're sourcing from other dealers?" He then mentioned his mother and want she'd been through of late---very vaguely, but Sirius wasn't the type to push. If Jem wanted to talk to him in more detail about Cornelia, he would be all hears. If not, they would just continue their conversation. "In that case, we don't want word to reach her, do we?"

Sirius simply nodded at Jem's admission. "If it's any consolation, I had no father as well. I fell from the sky, so..." he trailed off with a loose shrug of his shoulders. "Anyway, I did have one person who became my father figure, and he straightened me out. Well, as much as he could," he mused, dry humour tinging his accented words. He listened again as Jem started to open up about why he started turning to drugs in the first place. Once he was finished, Sirius paused a moment, still keeping his gaze on Jem. "I get the euphoria of the drugs really helps you forget, but it's never going to be enough. Even now, Jem, you need so much more than you needed at the start for that escape---I can see that from the amounts you buy." Another sigh sounded from him then, Sirius then running his fingers through his own dark tousled locks. "If money is an issue, kid, I can give you a job at the club," he offered, gesturing around his office. "You can start off as a bartender or a bouncer, and if you do well, promotions will come. But," he stopped wanting to make his point clear, "to work here, it comes with the condition that you stay sober enough to work. I can't have you using while working here, cause this place needs your wits about you." He raised an eyebrow, pressing his lips tightly together as he swallowed, gauging the young man's reaction. "What kind of music does your band play? We could have you guys preform during certain events---given it fits the vibe. So what do you say? Sounds like a deal? You stop using, and get you a job that'll pay more than well." He extended a hand, letting it hover between them, patiently waiting as he let Jem consider his offer.

It felt like he was back in school having been called up to the headmasters office for a talk. He was used to being spoken to by people who worried for him. With them seeing how he was spiraling, trying to do something to stop him. Jem was half surprised when Sirius had already figured it out but he knew that it was no secret. With how his adoptive mum was the previous Nephilim ambassador, now it was Clarssa. Word had come out a few years back how Cornelia took him in after his father and her fellow detective partner had died. “Yeah she is, so you see what I mean about she’d kill me if she’d find out. In the past she used to say if she’d find me drunk she’d toss me in one of the jail cells back at the distinct” He laughed a little making light of it but in reality he was screwed if she’d find out what he’d been up to behind her back. “Yeah something like that, she’s on leave at the moment from work” Giving him a white lie. Jem was relieved to know that Cornelia was going to be told about all that was going on with him. Maybe lately he’s been slipping up where he’d been buying his latest stash. Not being so careful. When he started to be turned down from dealers he started to go around buying from others yet he hadn’t covered his tracks well as he had thought. “So you're like the mastermind behind it all” Smirking, shooting him a teasing remark but Jem knew by now he was over his head. That he’d not be able to keep all this sneaking around for much longer knowing it was time to quit was caught out by his adoptive mother or even the police. 

“Okay you're right, I should stop using and buying before it’s too late” Quickly admitting defeat knowing that it was no use protesting anymore choosing to do the right thing. That he was in over his head with it all and it wasn’t him. Celestials was a species was one he didn’t know much about but he was amazed by the whole falling from the sky part. “So you want to be that person to me?” He wondered guessing that's where he was going with. That it wasn’t a bad idea with Sirius having been where he’d been, knowing that he wouldn’t judge him. It was true he’d been buying more and more lately, just like when he had first started using.  “I just don’t know how to stop, well on my own that is” Finding he’d been struggling and keeping all on his own for so long before admitting he needed help. Jem always felt embarrassed when admitting he had nothing to show when it came to getting or having a job. That he was experienced for nothing. Part of him blamed himself lately for it, and then the drugs too. Jem was surprised at Sirius offering him a job not expecting him to. “You sure? Even if I don’t have any experience?” Looking over to him checking if he was sure of it not wanting for him to just say it out of pity. It didn’t take him many moments to decide on it. “I can learn how to do bartending” Quickly popping up taking him up on the offer before it’s gone. “I’ll stop using” Reassuring the celestial that he wasn’t that addicted to it where he’s not be able to go sober, he hadn’t reached that part yet. “I can give you a demo sometime” Jem was happy that Sirius was helping and steering him to a better path, giving him the helping hand. “Thank you” He smiled brightly as he shook the celestials hand accepting the job offer. 

Another chuckle parted his lips at Jem's observation of him being the mastermind, followed by an impish glint in his hues as shoulders rolled into a cool shrug. "You could say that," he all but admitted as a smirk tugged at the corners of his lips. "I do have my ways of getting to people." By that, he meant blackmail, though he wouldn't yet admit that to the young Chadwick. His smirk moulded into a smile, glad that Jem agreed to stop using. That statement alone took a great burden off his shoulders, and the guilt that had weighed heavily in his chest was now gone. "I'm relieved to hear that, Jem," he congratulated, "and I hope you stick by that. You don't want to ruin your life before you've even lived it." However, he was caught a little off-guard when Jem asked if the Celestial's motive was to become a father-figure. He paused for a moment---the title itself scared him for some reason. He would no way live up to what Herakles was to him, and being in his industry, he didn't want to scar the kid. So instead out agreeing outright, Sirius said, "I want to make sure you're on the right track. You're a good kid, full of potential and all that jazz. If I can help you in anyway, I'm here for you." Maybe in time he could live up to Herakles's legacy, but that time wasn't now.

He nodded in understanding at Jem's admission of not knowing how to stop. "I get that," Siri assured, "so maybe if you kept yourself busy with a job, you'll find that you've got no time to even think of using again." His chiselled features showed his concern, but his expression was washed away with amusement at Jem's enthusiastic reaction to being offered a job at The Siren's Cove. Sirius simply gave an airy wave at Jem's concerns about his lack of experience, a carefree look on his face. "You can learn everything on the job." He paused, observing the boy's expression. He wasn't offering this job out of pity; on the contrary, he knew when someone needed a chance to prove themselves, and he could sense Jem needed one to get his life going. He grinned as Jem quickly accepted the position of a bartender. "Brilliant," he said, still grinning. "We'll start you off with just the basic cocktails, and then you'll work up to how to do the complicated stuff as well as the specials." 

Another chuckle sounded from the man as he shook Jem's hand. "I'll look forward to those demos," he said, words tinged with a bit of a laugh, and took back his hand. "If you want, I can show you around the bar. I've got a bit of free time right now." He then stood from his seat, adjusting the mulberry-hued sweater he donned over his jean, gesturing towards the door separating the office from the main area of the nightclub. Quickly downing his water, the Greek man made his way out, holding the door for Jem before making his way towards the bar. "Alright," he mused, turning to face the younger of the two, rubbing his hands together. It was a good thing his bartenders wouldn't be here just yet, so that allowed some freedom around the spacious place. "So there's were we store the liquor," he said, motioning towards a backlight, mirrored cabinet that was placed against the wall, bottles of all shapes, sizes, and colours tastefully arranged. "You probably won't need to touch those, because all the opened bottles are put here," he continued, gesturing to the cabinets under. "Ice is in that cooler over there, the beers are all by tap, and so's the water." He then pointed to the counter by the bartender's side of the bar, where two A4 laminated cards were stuck to the countertop. "Now, these are the recipes for the drinks. The ones on the right are the easier, basic stuff that you'll be prepping first, and the stuff on the left are the more complicated ones. Now, it's okay to check the card when you're not sure, but try to have everything memorised." Sirius then took a seat on a stool, gesturing to the space. "You can try something out, if you want."

Luckily for him he hadn’t dabled too much into the black market that there was in the  city. Yet he was heading for that way. When he started to be turned away from some dealers he went in search for others who would give him the stash he had been wanting. Coming at a higher price too. With him finding himself short for cash. Using up all the month that either Cornelia or Clarissa had given him. Jem knew he wouldn’t be able to explain for where it all went. Something he was trying his best to avoid. If his adoptive mother ever found out he’d be grounded for life. As soon as he agreed to Sirius that he’d stop using he could see by his reaction he was happy that he’s now seeing sense. That he’s just been stupid and reckless. “I promise” Nodding his head a little knowing that now was the best chance for him to get out before it’s too late. “So you want to be my sponsor?” He chuckled a little knowing how ironic it was that a drug dealer was trying to be the sponsor who was trying to get out.

Jem knew getting a job would be a good thing for him like Sirius said that it would keep him busy then he wouldn’t think of using. “Before I would just spend all day hurled up in my room just playing on my playstation or watching streams on twitch” It was a typical thing for someone like him to do but it was something that was getting him nowhere. “Only time I would go out is to walk my puppy” It was quite bad really something he shouldn’t be admitting. Jem wanted to warn Sirius before he hired him that he had no experience but it seemed like none of it mattered by how he reacted. “Is there a cheat sheet to it?” He laughed a little with how cocktails sounded complicated to him, thinking that serving straights or mixers was the easy thing to start off with.  “Yeah sure” Quickly taking him up on the offer of a tour. The Dhampir was starting to feel egar and excited with how it was his first proper job in a club too. He’d always inmagingined himself ending up having to be a busboy in a restaurant if he left it any longer. 

He got up and followed Sirius out of the office into the main part of the nightclub. Jem already knew his way around the club how he had been there many times before. Whether it was for clubbing or for trying to find Sirius to score some drugs. Now he’d be soon working there. How tables had started to turn. Unexpectedly but it was for the better. Jem followed his soon to be boss behind the bar making sure to focus and take note of where things were and all he was being told. Looking to where the Celestial was pointing to where the alcohol and other things were all being stored and kept. Making sure to nodd his head, taking it all in. He was happy to see there were cheat cheats on the counters for the drinks for him to go off to start off with. “I’ll try my best to learn them.” Wanting to show that he could count on him. “You sure?” Almost double checking. Jem waited a few moments to be sure. “So what one do you recommend for me to start off with?” Already able to guess that it would be simple like sex on the beach that it seemed that everyone always ordered whenever he would be out clubbing. 

After what Jem said about not going out, Sirius knew the only way to really help the kid was to give him a reason to get out of the house, and a purpose for the day, the week, the month, and so on. A job would do that, something that would pay well, and allow Jem to feel some sort of accomplishment. Already, he could see the changes in the young dhampir after accepting the bartending position: the glimmer in his hazel eyes, the lightness of his step, the air as he walked. That sight along brought a smile to toy at the Celestial's lips. Never did he think he'd end up being someone's "sponsor," as Jem put it, but it felt like what he was supposed to do at that very moment. He smirked to himself---Herakles would be proud.

"As you can see, there are, in fact, cheat sheets," he said to Jem with a wink as he gestured to the cocktail recipes, referencing the younger's earlier question back in the office. "So now's the best time to learn the ropes---whenever the club's not open yet, feel free to come down and practice. I usually come by around 6 or 7 in the evening." Taking his seat then, his smirk still played upon his lips. "Absolutely sure," he confirmed, answering Jem's double check, and nodded towards the array of liquor. "Hmm... What do you like to drink?" Sirius queried. "If you're a vodka guy, make a glass of Sex On The Beach. If you're into tequila, try a margarita. If you wanna play with gin, try a martini. As for rum, have a go for daiquiri." Raising an eyebrow, a smirk till toyed at his lips. "All those are pretty easy for a beginner, I'd say. Everything's on the cards there," the Celestial informed, nodding towards the 'cheat sheets.' "Have at it, kid." An impish glint in his cerulean blue hues, Siri couldn't deny that he was rather curious to see what Jem would do.

Taking the job that he was offered by Sirius was a no brainer really. He didn’t have to apply for it even, just that he had to promise to clean up his act was the condition. Jem knew that this was the best chance and opportunity he had to make something of himself. Not wanting to rely on Cornelia and Clarissa forever, he already felt bad as it was with them giving him so much and he’s not able to reply to them. Now he was wanting to surprise them by finding a job on his own although leaving out some details to how of course. There was only one thing he’d forgotten to mention, the only problem he had. “Shoot I forgot, I got a young puppy” His eyes widened a little bit remembering Buttercup who had left with his aunt who was looking after him. “He can’t be left at home for too long. I can’t have my aunt looking after him all the time then my mum tells me it’s my responsibility not hers” Jem explained blabbering on a little bit, the only thing that could be a problem with working was who would be able to look after Buttercup. Jem didn’t want to hear Cornelia say how she was right and he wasn’t responsible enough to look after a dog of his own. The Dhampir was a little unsure how to work around it. 

Jem was excited to start to learn the drinks and to work behind a bar in general. To be honest he’d always seen himself working behind a bar at one point in his life. Preferring that type of job rather to follow in his fathers footsteps of joining the law force. He was different in that way, that and he didn’t like school or studying that much. Preferring taking the easy way rather than the harder way. “Do they have pictures?” He grinned excitedly looking down at the cheat sheets seeing how there were different measures for different types of alcohol and mixes for each one. Jem was happy to find he could come whenever early to learn, thinking it was a good idea. “That sounds cool, I’ll do that” He smiled a little knowing that he’d need all the practise he could get. “You’re not a day person aren’t you?” Jem smirked, teasing his now mentor knowing already how Sirius liked to stay awake all night till the sunrises then sleep the rest of the day till it’s night and repeat the cycle. For him he could do the all-nighters when playing his video games but not so much in nightclubs.

Jem knew a bit about drinks from what he’s tried himself but not as much as there was on the cheat sheets. “What about a pina colada?” He was a sucker for rum where some people find it weird. “Just to warn you I make a mess when cooking and stuff?” He couldn’t help to laugh pre-warning for the mess that was about to be made. People would say whenever he cooked something in the kitchen it looked like a bomb site. Jem started to look down on the cheat sheet to find the one he was wanting to make which was Pina Colada. Turning around he looked at the bar behind him, his eyes looking around trying to search for what he needed. “Right” He muttered to himself.  “Where is what I need?” Soon finding some measures, a glass, then some things he needed, along with taking the blending jug off too. Before he started he made sure to check the cheat sheet looking at the measures and order. “So I need 2 ounces for Rum first” He spoke to himself as he grabbed the measure and the bottle of rum. Before pouring the rum into the measure to the line then he emptied the measure into the empty blender jug. Next was an ounce of coconut cream then an ounce of heavy cream that he added to the jug. “Pineapple juice” Grabbing a can that he could see had the correct measure then adding it to the mixture. “And Ice” Adding a bit of ice. Jem remembered to put the lid on the blender before blending it. When it was finished he poured it into a glass and added a straw before putting it in front of Sirius who was watching. “Tada!” He grinned happily looking proud of himself after making his first drink. 

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