The alarm. bleed 7.30 am   as Jett woke. up looking at the  clock as he pressed snooze his head hit the pillow again before  going back to sleep   awaking again 15 minutes later  deciding to get out of bed  heading towards the dining room  as he looked at the   new uniform he was given  before  starting the new job  he took a clean bowl  from the table pouring in some  cereal digging in quickly  as he looked down at his phone he thought about seeing if his half-sister Sapphire was free  to meet up   but first things first  he  finished his breakfast in a hurry  before grabbing his cell 

Hey Sapphire, 

fancy meeting me in the park to catch up  even if  its  for a run   or sit  and  talk  if you want ill meet you   where  the  stone horse is in the park 


he pressed send  on his cell phone

Jett thought to his self knowing Sapphire she would want to go for a run getting off his seat he walked to his wardrobe picking out a black running shirt shorts and trainers. Quickly getting. Changed as he looked around at the mess, he waved his hand "  can do it later " as he moved quickly out of his apartment heading into the busy street. Jett looked around as the shops began to open and the street cleaners began to change the trash bins and cleaning windows as he got further away Jett placed his earphones in his ears as he looked around as the beat pulsed in his ears slowly breaking into a dance as he walked down the street. 

around 45 minutes later Jett reached the start of the park, and the usual vendor  was at the sentence as he walked over he looked at the items  on the  vending table " hey can i have 2  cappuccinos, 2 bottles of water and " Jett looked at the  muffins "  a dozen  muffins  2 of every flavour you have  he quickly took out the money   passing it over to  the vendor who exchanged it  for his items " jet nodded as he walked away " keep the change " the park this time of day was way more quite then he was wise to as he smiled feeling a cool breeze hit his skin as he walked along the path   meeting cyclists walkers and runners  Jett stopped as he reached the pond watching the sun  hit the ripples of the water as he smiled enjoying the weather a few minutes passed  as Jett  took off int he direction of the stone horse   came into  few   once in his life he was early  as he reached the bad of the statue  he placed his  items on the base  as he climbed up  onto the edge looking out  into the parl

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Sapphire chuckled at Jett's comments as she then ran with him as she listened to him talk. "I agree on the growlithe part, but I also think you could also be a persian." She said as she smiled at him and listened. "Yea it is a good thing to practice on land and air." She said. They continued to run together and talk as she smiled at him as she was happy to have him in her life since she really didnt have much besides Katrina, Jett and of course her best friend, who also acts like a older brother, Dom. "Really? Swimming? And listen, it shouldnt matter about being a wet cat." She said as she chuckled. 

"Hmm I havent met personal met Rhydian but I have heard that he is a nice man." Sapphire said when Jett mentioned Rhydian and how he would sit in the darkest of booths. She just smiled at her brother when he then asked about Akira. "She is doing great, her and Nala have been playing alot more and Akira is doing great with her training." She said as she smiled. "I have trained Akira to guard the house while I am gone plus when she walks with me, she never wants to leave my side except when I am will Katrina." She siad as she smiled. 

" True " he laughed as  he continued to run as  he jogged a little faster " at least I'm not the annoying  talking  pokemon " he slowed a little as he looked around as   a  mouth-watering scent hit his  nostrils " Saph i can smell WAFFLES" he called  out excitedly as they were  on of his favourite foods

" he quickly wiped his mouth  to make sure  he had not started drueling like he normally did " he chuckled " have you seen a wet cat " he laughed   a massive furrbomb " he chuckled as he  made his hair a mess to show what he meant " yea he  is often at the club he  sits in the same spot and has the same  drink each night  scotch " he continued to  move on " I hope to all are like it  and good I think I scared them last time 

Sapphire shook her head as she ran with him. She chuckled alittle as she looked at him. "Hey dont diss on pokemon." She said as she chuckled. As they ran, Sapphire noticed his speed slowing down as she could tell that he caught the scent of something. A laugh came out of her mouth as she heard him talk about how he smells waffles. "Well maybe after our run we can go get some." She siad as she ran with him. Knowing it was his favorite food, Sapphire knew that she will take him to get waffles after their run. 

The phoenix noticed some drool on his face as he quickly wiped his mouth. "To tell you the truth, yes I have seen a wet cat." She said as she chuckled. "Its not a massive furrbomb, its a soaked rat." She joked as she smiled when he made his hair a mess to show the furrbomb. She shook her head as she listened to him talk about Rhydian. "Really?" She asked as she looked at him. "Wait how do you know that?" She asked as he was trying to move on from the talk about Rhydian. When he changed the topic about the dogs, Sapphire just rolled her eyes and smiled. " Jett the dogs will be fine. I just think you startled them last time since they are not used to you, now that they have your scent they should be fine." She said as she smiled.

Jett began to  follow  Sapphire “I hope you brought your chequebook “ he chuckled as  he matched her speed as he smiled” hey im not dissing im the one that caught all 150 in the game “ he stuck his tongue out as he laughed “ yea he  seems to be hiding pain “ Jett sped  up a little as he looked around the smell of waffles deeply unscented in his nostrils “I forgot to ask could you  find some words to a song for me I’ve never sung it before ai I don’t know the words 

Jett laughed “ tell them  next time the dog food is on me and ill show them a night on the town “ he grinned as he sorted his hair out “ Rhydian was at a club I was auditioning at but I never heard from that club “ he stretched out again before  he fell to the floor doing a few push up before getting back to his feet “ how is Katerina  you haven’t  looked at your phone once “ Jett began to move off as he wiped his mouth as he gained a bit of distance he called back “  the waffles better have fresh fruit and choc chips “ he laughed before disappearing  around the corner 

Sapphire chuckled and looked at him as they continued to run. When he returned on the topic of pokemon, Sapphire smirked. "Jett, I have caught all 150 from the kanto region and starting to work on the Johto region pokemon in my game." She said as she smirked alittle as she listened to him. Hearing that Rhydian was hiding his pain made Sapphire alittle sad as she looked at him. Noticing Jett speeding up, Sapphire chuckled and smiled as she ran faster. "Sure I can do that." She said to him as he asked about finding some words for a song that he was going to sing. Sapphire sped up more, even though Jett was faster. She smiled as she was happy that she was getting some time with her brother. 

"I will make sure to tell them that." She said as she smiled. When Jett went back to talking about Rhydian, Sapphire looked at him and listened as she nodded. "Oh." She said as she looked at him as he stretched and did some push ups. Sapphire had stopped as he did push ups and stretched alittle. "Well me and Katrina are doing wonderful, She is mostly busy delivering babies so I am good. Im letting her do her job that she loves." She said as she watched him speed off, Sapphire chuckled and ran after him. "Plus we have been on a few more dates when we are not busy." She said as she then looked at Jett, chuckling. Noticed the distance between them, Sapphire sped up as he started to talk about his waffle order. All Sapphire can do was laugh as she followed him around the corner. 

“ Lucky you “ he grinned as he slowed down   as the waffles   overwhelmed his senses  as he drooled some more before wiping his mouth “ you know im a third human third  tiger and third eating machine “ he stopped pulling out two-tracker bars  as he  offered one to  Sapphire  “ you know  im supposed to eat 25 pounds worth of food a day “ he began to eat the bar as he burped accidentally “  sorry “ he ate the  bar  before his mind went back to pokemon” yea I kinda ate my   copy when  you know   so I had to buy a new one and start over “

“I did manage to ear 100 pounds of food once I was stuffed for days “ he sped up a little before stopping suddenly as he began to limp “ cramp cramp cramp “ he waited till  Sapphire returned before sprinting off down the path taking the corner to head around the lake “ and good for Katrinarather her then I do it can you imagine a babies face if I turned in front of them they would need a counsellor for life  “ he slowed down his pace he turned back waiting for Sapphire seeing her the way she was talking about Katrina  “ im guessing she is the one right ?”  he stopped as he looked towards his sister.

Sapphire smiled as she giggled at her brother. Once they stopped at the two-tracker bar, she smiled and took the waffle that Jett offered. "Thanks." She said as she took a bite of it while Jett explained how he would have to eat 25 pounds of food a day. Sapphire eat the waffle as she chuckled at her brother. "Its ok." she said as he burped. As the two ate their bars and walked, Sapphire listened to him as she giggled and smiled. "Yea I can totally see you doing that." She said. The phoenix continued to walk with her brother as she ate the bar. She listened to him as she smiled. 

"100 pounds?! Lordy Jett that's a lot, please don't over do it so you don't get sick." She said worriedly as she looked at him. Noticing he sped up, Sapphire sped up as well once she finished her bar. She grew worried when he got a cramp and limped. "Jett." She said as she stopped before he went sprinting back. Sapphire shook her head as she ran after him as she listened to him. As the two talked about Katrina as she smiled and looked at him, shaking her head as they slowed down and walked together. When Jett asked about if Katrina was the one, Sapphire looked at him and smiled as she nodded. "Yes I believe she is the one. I cant see my life without her." She said to him as they stopped. 

Jett stopped as he perched himself on a bench she looked at his sister “  if you are sure definitely the one I approve “ he smiled gently “ but there is also something that dad gave me that I think you should have mind you may have to get it adjusted but he gave me a  family heirloom an engagement and I was told I can do whatever I like with it and well you’re my family Saph i want you to have it and do whatever you like with it “ he smiled at Sapphire before he looked out at the green grass down the hill as he laughed getting up.

“The last one down is a rotten tomato “ he  began to  run before  tripping a few step later as he  began to roll down the heel head over heels  stumbling to his feet  then back down on the floor  as he burst into laughter   rubbing his head as he looked up at the sun breathing heavily before sitting up as he looked around 

Sapphire looked at him and smiled as she heard him talk about how he approved Katrina. "You have something from your dad?" she asked as she looked at him as she listened to him. "Jett, I cant accept it." She said as she looked at him with a small smile. "I may be family but I think you should keep it and give it to someone you will have great feelings for." She said as she followed him down the hill he was getting up from. "Plus I think I am more of the submissive one in the relationship with me and Katrina." She said with a smile and a chuckle. "But keep the heirloom for your future lover." She said teasing him as she winked and nudged him. 

"Plus I will need to approve of who ever you will be dating like the big sister I am. " she said and chuckled. She shook her head as she watched him tumble down. "Jett you are going to worry me to death one of these days." She said as she watched him sit up and look around. She smiled as she looked at him. "But at least Cats land on their feet." She teased and ran passed him

"who will want to marry a tiger " he laughed" I can see it now" dear why is your husband late   oh he's out catching an antelope" he laughed she   followed her  " you know accident-prone" he kept  up with his sister as he  looked  at her stopping, " you think I will find  someone " the compliment  put a smile on his face all the time he knew he was a therian he thought  that he would never find someone  but the  boost from his sister made him smile " but you forget if I become a famous music star may have groupies" he chuckled as he ran ahead 

he laughed at the cats landing on their feet comment " so  how far  have I been only feet today  or fallen over" he laughed as he ran towards the exit   before stopping at the bench as he took a seat as he waited for his sister 

"Someone will love you and would want to marry you." She said as she giggled alittle. Hearing his jokes as she shook her head as she looked back at him. "Well that would be an interesting excuse to be late." She teased. Sapphire noticed him keeping up as she smiled at him. "I know you will find someone Jett and they will love you no matter what." She said as she looked at him as they jogged alittle. Seeing his smile made Sapphire smile as she loved cheering people up or even encouraging people about love and their lives. "Very true, but you should be careful about those groupies." She said as she chuckled and ran off after him.

The phoenix listened to her brother and smiled softly. She followed him and sat down on the bench with him. "True, but still most cats do land on their feet so you should be find." She said as she chuckled as she joked with him as she looked at him and sighed, catching her breath alittle as she smiled at him. 

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