The alarm. bleed 7.30 am   as Jett woke. up looking at the  clock as he pressed snooze his head hit the pillow again before  going back to sleep   awaking again 15 minutes later  deciding to get out of bed  heading towards the dining room  as he looked at the   new uniform he was given  before  starting the new job  he took a clean bowl  from the table pouring in some  cereal digging in quickly  as he looked down at his phone he thought about seeing if his half-sister Sapphire was free  to meet up   but first things first  he  finished his breakfast in a hurry  before grabbing his cell 

Hey Sapphire, 

fancy meeting me in the park to catch up  even if  its  for a run   or sit  and  talk  if you want ill meet you   where  the  stone horse is in the park 


he pressed send  on his cell phone

Jett thought to his self knowing Sapphire she would want to go for a run getting off his seat he walked to his wardrobe picking out a black running shirt shorts and trainers. Quickly getting. Changed as he looked around at the mess, he waved his hand "  can do it later " as he moved quickly out of his apartment heading into the busy street. Jett looked around as the shops began to open and the street cleaners began to change the trash bins and cleaning windows as he got further away Jett placed his earphones in his ears as he looked around as the beat pulsed in his ears slowly breaking into a dance as he walked down the street. 

around 45 minutes later Jett reached the start of the park, and the usual vendor  was at the sentence as he walked over he looked at the items  on the  vending table " hey can i have 2  cappuccinos, 2 bottles of water and " Jett looked at the  muffins "  a dozen  muffins  2 of every flavour you have  he quickly took out the money   passing it over to  the vendor who exchanged it  for his items " jet nodded as he walked away " keep the change " the park this time of day was way more quite then he was wise to as he smiled feeling a cool breeze hit his skin as he walked along the path   meeting cyclists walkers and runners  Jett stopped as he reached the pond watching the sun  hit the ripples of the water as he smiled enjoying the weather a few minutes passed  as Jett  took off int he direction of the stone horse   came into  few   once in his life he was early  as he reached the bad of the statue  he placed his  items on the base  as he climbed up  onto the edge looking out  into the parl

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Sapphire had got up in the morning and took the dogs out in the backyard as she checked her emails on her phone. Once she got the text from her half brother, Sapphire smiled as she texted him back as she told him that she would meet him in a little bit. The phoenix whistled for Akira and Nala to come into the house as she wanted them inside as she was getting dressed. Sapphire changed into a tank top and shorts along slipping on her tennis shoes as she told the pups to get into their crates. Once they were in, Sapphire smiled and headed out of the house, putting her hair into a messy ponytail before looking around alittle as she then let her wings burn from her back and took to the sky as she wanted to fly some before she would meet him. 

The phoenix smiled as she flew towards the park. She soon landed somewhere before putting her wings away and then running towards the statue horse. As she stopped, Sapphire pulled out her phone and sent a text:

"Hey bro, where are you? I am at the horse statue."

She sent as she looked around for him as she slipped her phone back into her pocket as she chuckled and looked up at the sky as it was nice to see it.

(Hair and outfit are below)

Jett chuckled a little as he felt his phone vibrate as he took out his cellphone seeing the text from Sapphire he sat. up to look around the statue as noticed her at the front of the figure as he hud a snugger. he grabbed Sapphire's coffee and two muffins lowering it down behind her
" he's behind you," he said with a funny voice as he bounced the coffee and muffins up and down before pushing the coffee and biscuits onto the ledge. Before he jumped off the statue: Hey Sis " he smiled gently as he gave her a quick hug. Before letting go.

I thought we could get you away from that computer screen as I'm amazed you haven't got squares eyes yet " he chuckled a little as he, as he slinked down on the wall of the statue " I've got some excellent news to I, got the go-ahead for an apprenticeship to become an assistant chef at a restaurant " he smiled gently " and well I thought we could hang out go for a run or anything really as i haven't had a good run since the full lat moon or we can have coffee in up fr anything

Sapphire heard the funny voice and chuckled as she then smiled as she turned to her half brother. "Hey bro." She said as she hugged him back. The phoenix noticed the coffee and smiled softly as she listened to her brother speak. She chuckled as she looked at him. "Well just be lucky I wasn't at my computer yet when I got your text. I was letting my pups outside just as I got it." She said as she looked at him. Sapphire grabbed a coffee and smiled as she took a drink from it as she listened to Jett talk. When he talked about the apprenticeship, Sapphire's smile grew. "Jett that is great!" She said as she then nodded as he talked about going on a run. "Well lets finish the coffee before going on that run. Plus running will help me in a long run since I am in charge of someone's life." She said as she sipped her coffee once more. 

"Oh I don't know if I told you, I have join the guard a few months from when I first got here. I am now a guard and protecting everyone. Well also I am a personal guard as well but still I am doing someone that I have wanted to do besides taking over the Rizzoli Gaming company." She said as she looked at him. "As for the full moon, how are you doing with the transformation? I haven't seen anyone transform or anything but I have heard from a friend that its painful." She asked as she was a little worried about her half brother with the transformation.

" the Ailward guard " jetts voice showed some concern as his heard his sister " I respect your choice Sapphire but please promise you will be careful as far as you know you are the last of the phoenix's you need to be alert and the chap that was in your office I'm guessing he's a guard to:?" Heyy nodded as he smiled " yea I was at a cafe where this chef was donating a meal for people to try and I guessed. every herb and spice he used " Jett took his coffee as he smiled taking a sip " and believe it or not I was actually early " he laughed."

"I hope she treats you well sis and knows how valuable you are " Jett leant against the wall as he watched her " and yeah it's excruciating most pain I have ever encountered in just grateful it's only the full moons once a month I'm not looking forward to the 5th " Jett took the muffin bag as he opened them up " now if I remember your a toffee and blueberry girl I brought one of each for you as you tend to skip. breakfast or I eat it " he chuckled as handed her the bag shall we go get that see over there " Jett pointed towards the newly empty seat

Sapphire looked at her brother as she could tell the concern in his voice when she mentioned that she was in the Guard. "Jett I promise I will be careful. And yes he was, I am helping him get used to the modern world." She said as she smiled at him as she kinda figured that he was talking about Edward. The phoenix listened at she sipped her coffee when Jett spoke about his apprenticeship. She smiled more as she chuckled a little. "Well I guess you caught someone's eye by guessing the herbs and spices he used. Its also good that he is donating meals to people to try." She said as she smiled 

"I will tell you that the person I am guarding treats me really well since she has offered some space on her ranch for when and if I get some horses." She said as she smiled and took another sip of her coffee when her brother spoke about his transformation. Her smile changed to a frown as she head him talk about it. When he mentioned a muffin, Sapphire just chuckled and smiled as she took her head as she gently took the muffin and took a bite. After swallowing her bite, "Well I am glad you remember my favorite muffin." She said as she took another bite as she then sipped her coffee once more.

Jett raised  his coffee  cup to his lips finishing the last of his coffee as he looked towards  Sapphire its fine they treat you well and I know you can  defend yourself I have seen that  but from what it sounds you are  there soul bodyguard  who covers you when  your ill or injured  who will have your back or help you “ yet  focused on his breathing as he  remained calm  in his mind he wasn’t being nasty but he didn’t know how the guard worked  and  was generally concerned 

“ oh  “Jett’s memory jumped to live like it normally did could I ask a big big big favour  could I leave a bag of clothes with you  just in case ya know I go  you know “  he smoked as he rose to his feet as he began to stretch as he smiled at his sis “ what kind of a  brother would I be if I forget your favourite muffins “ he raised his arms above his head as his arms clicked loudly” trust me that’s worse when its  the transformation “ Jett laughed a little  as he thought about it “  so when your  guarding  do I get a hug or do you have a  serious face “ 

Sapphire smiled as she finished her coffee and smiled. "Jett if I am ill or injured, another guard would take over until I am fully healed. Even though I heal fast and I rarely get sick. Plus the person I am guarding can also take care of herself even though they want a guard protecting her." She said as she smiled at him as she tried to lessen his concern for her. The phoenix could tell that her brother was concerned for her well being as a lot of people would be as people consider that she is a small woman and looked like she could be easily hurt by a large guy. "I also am trained to take on someone who is much bigger than me so I think I am good." She said as she touched his shoulder with a small smile. 

The phoenix listened to Jett as he spoke. "Of Course you can." She said when he asked her if he could leave some clothe with her when he goes through his shift. Sapphire threw her cup away and finished off her muffin before stretching. "A forgetful one." She joked as she smiled and listened to him talk about the transformation for a little bit before asking about guarding. She chuckled and smiled. "You get a hug when I am guarding, unless its really serious which you can get a small nod if I am seriously guarding someone's life since I have to keep my focus on the person I am guarding." She said as she smiled at him.

Jett sett of at a slow pace as he watched his sis “ so if they can defend themselves why do they need a   bodyguard wouldn’t they just assassin you when they know there is a definite threat to you or your protectee “ Jett chuckled as he listened to Sapphire “ copy so if you look serious no, hey Sapphire or I end up on my butt “ he chuckled as he stretched his arms as he smiled “ do you attend the sparing room down on south street they do many forms of combative been there a few times

Jett chuckled a little as  he   ran a bit faster “  yea it is a bit easier  if I did  as it was hard to explain to the cab driver why I was in my birthday suit “ he laughed a little as he stopped at a bench doing a few more stretches as   he looked around at the crowd.”  have you ever thought about how many  people there are like us  with abilities  and such  “ Jett smirked as he looked at his sis “ it is a great  movie don’t you think “ jetts turned deep as he mimicked a  narrator “their home is in danger from darkness only they see   and to end the darkness they must  join voices for the fate of the world “ Jett looked down as he noticed his loose lace as  he lifted his foot up and done it up as he balanced

Sapphire chuckled and smiled."Well the top dog of the Ailwards wants everyone Ailward to have a bodyguard even through some dont want one, they still get one." She said as she smiled as she finished stretching and followed him before he stopped at a bench to do more stretches. Her eyebrow raised at his question. "That is correct, and Yes I do sometimes attend the sparing room down on south street but mostly I do my sparing in my backyard or in the forest when I want to use my phoenix abilities." She said as she smiled at him. When he talked about shifting, Sapphire smiled as she followed not far behind him as she listened to him. "Yea that would be hard to explain and also might scar the driver." She joked.

When he talked about people like them, She smiled and nodded. "I have thought about it and it doesn't seem to mind me much since I know a lot of species around here. Yet I still haven't talked to some species like the Niveis, heck I don't think I have met one yet. But still I just think it doesnt matter what species you are around here, we are all still people." She said as she smiled at him. Sapphire raised her eyebrow once more about the movie thing before letting out a laughed a little as he did the narrator voice. "It would be a interesting movie." She said with a chuckle as she watched him balance to tie his shoe lace. Sapphire fixed her hair once more making sure it was up out of her face as she lightly jogged head of him as she glance back as she smiled. "Well come on slow poke." She joked as she giggled.

Your boss is a dog “ Jett laughed as he moved at a gentle pace “ could be worse your brother could be a tiger “ he laughed sticking his tongue out as he suddenly fell to the floor as he burst out in pure hysterics as the laughter ceased he sat up slowly shaking it off as he got back up to his feet as he began to move off again as he smiled “ there the people that live on the mountain right “ Jett as curiously “ and why they are called  Nivels?

Jett increased his speed as he  followed his sister  as he called out “ hey you know  im not a pokemon  ya know “ he teased as he mimicked the  pokemon character’s voice “ so slowpoke” he  chuckled before he sped up passing  Sapphire “ who is a slow poke “ he gently poked her shoulder

Sapphire looked at him as she let out a laugh when he joked about her boss being a dog and when he said something about her brother being a tiger. She laughed more as he fell, Sapphire walked over to him and helped him up as she calmed down her laughs to small chuckles. "Yea there are people who live in the mountains and I actually do not know why they are called that but maybe I can ask one once I met one." She said as she shrugged. When he increased his speed, Sapphire smirked and ran passed him as she then laughed when he joked about being a pokemon.

When he passed her, Sapphire laughed as she looked at him. "Well you would be faster on land than I am due to your shifting." She said as she teased him. "But I am working on my speed on land and in the air." She said as she looked at him as she nudged him with her shoulder. "I may be a slow poke but I am more like a Charizard if we want to talk about pokemon." She joked as she said with a giggle. 

Jett chuckled as he got helped up by his sister” more like I remembered to eat my bucket of oatmeal “ he laughed as he laughed stretching out again before heading off again  I very much agree you are definitely a Charizard but I am definitely a Growlithe cute and cuddly but evil if provoked or hungry” he stuck his tounge out as he stayed at his pace he was going “ that’s good sis well at least you can practice ground and air I tried swimming and running one the wet cat look is not a good thing.

 “I believe  there is one that frequents the  jack waltz club    sits in the darkest booth tall  chap I think  the  barman called  him  Rhydian if looks could kill though  he was there when the 30’s night was going “ Jett looked around as he witnessed two runners  appear in front of him as  he moved to the side of the “ how is Akira

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