Finding a roommate (Sapphire Rizzoli and Siobhan Xapham Leslie) || COMPLETE ||

As winter was coming around the corner, Sapphire looked at her pug as she smiled. “What do you think about having another person live with us Nala?” She asked the little pug. Nala barked at her as she then giggled. Sapphire continued to think more as she had enough room at her house to have about 2 roommates not including herself. Getting up off her couch, Sapphire walked to the spare rooms she had and smiled as she looked at them. ‘Maybe a roommate or two wouldn’t be that bad.’ She thought. Sapphire soon got dressed in a gray shirt, black skinny jeans, and a leather jacket before slipping on her converses.

Once she was dressed, Sapphire walked to her office located across from her room and started making flyers. Sapphire smiled at her work before printing a few copies and then folded them up neatly and slipped them in her jacket pocket. Sapphire put Nala in her cage before walking out the door. Instead of driving, Sapphire chose to walk into the other Factions. Sapphire placed a flyer in the coffee shop in town before heading to other parts and placing flyers there. After about 4 hours of placing flyers at shops, Sapphire sighed and headed home.

Once she got home, Sapphire sat on her couch with a cup of hot chocolate with her phone next to her waiting on a call to see who would be her roommate. Her blue eyes watched a Christmas movie that was playing even before it was December. As she sipped her drink, Sapphire’s phone started to ring.

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Siobhan loved Isaac so much, They had grown close but his home was far more lab then home and she need a place of her own to finally feel at home. She walked down the street as she was making her way to the news stand to look for an ad looking for a roommate when Sapphire paper flew in the wind hitting her in the face. She pulled it from her face looking down to the paper reading over it and bit her lower lip, it looked like the perfect place to live after all she had enough money thanks to her job with Isaac. She pulled out the rectangle that Isaac gave her to make phone calls on and she typed in the numbers before hitting dial. The phone rang and as the girls voice came over the phone she smiled softly leaving a voice mail "Good day Sapphire, my name is Siobhan, I am new to town still but I saw you had an add for a roommate, I would be interested." She chuckled "give me a call when you can." She left her number and hung up.

She walked into the coffee shop and got the order for her and Isaac, making hr way back to the lap she placed the coffees on the table and smiled softly to Isaac "So I may have found a place." She said handing him his bear claw as she took a sip from her coffee "You going to be okay not living together?"

"No, but I know you have to grow up and become your own woman no matter how much I want to just protect you." He stood up walking to her wrapping his arms around her kissing her forehead softly "Your family would be proud of who you are becoming." Isaac smiled at her before kissing her nose."I am only a phone call away." He said with a chuckle letting her go.

"Thank you Izzy for understanding." She smiled to him as she sipped her coffee once again.

Sapphire didnt grab her phone in time since Nala had jumped on her causing her to spill her hot chocolate on her shirt. She had changed shirts before she heard it ring. Sapphire rushed to phone as it rang but once she got there it had stopped. She groaned and looked at Nala. "Thanks for that." She said sarcastically to Nala before listening to her voicemail. A bright smile came across her face as Sapphire listened to the voicemail. "Nala we are going to have a roommate!" Sapphire said before she called Siobhan back. "Hey Siobhan I got your voicemail. I would love it if we could met and talk about a few things before everything is finalized if that is ok with you?" She asked as she smiled waiting for her response.

Siobhan smirked softly at Izzy as he kissed her nose and blushed softly before she felt her phone in her pocket going off. She answered the phone "Hello." She said as she took a step away from Isaac and then smiled "I would love to meet up and go over things." She smiled wide as she moved towards the door "Where would you like to meet up? At a coffee shop? or at the apartment?" She said as she waved good by to Isaac and picked up her purse and made her way down the stairs heading towards where she wanted to meet. Once she had arrived she texted Sapphire that she was there and then waited for her.

Sapphire smiled softly "Hmm how about the apartment? Plus I can show you around the apartment and see how you like it." Sapphire said as she smiled. "Well I will see you there." She said before she hung up and started cleaning the apartment up alittle bit more before she got the text. Sapphire opened the door to the apartment as she smiled at Siobhan. "Hey Its nice to meet you Siobhan." She said as she held out her hand to her to shake. "Come on in and I can show you around." Sapphire said as she smiled, letting her in before she lead her into the living room.

Siobhan smiled softly as she turned to see  Sapphire opening the door and walked through the door looking around the massive home as she chuckled "This is nothing like I imagined it." She said as she walked towards the living room behind her, She took in how everything was beautifully set up"You must have an eye for design, I am more of a building builder, I don't know how to set the inside part so you may have to design my room." She chuckled softly as she took a seat on one of the couches in the room smiling softly to the dog as it ran out "Oh my and who is this cute little guy?" She asked as she picked him up petting him softly "I am sure you have many questions for me so please ask away."

Sapphire smiled softly as she let Siobhan inside. "Thanks and kinda do have an eye for design." She said as she smiled softly. When Siobhan talked about her room, Sapphire smiled more and nodded. "I did design your room." She said before noticing Nala running towards her. "That is Nala and th-." She was interrupted by a bark before a white ball of fur came out running. "Thats Akira." Sapphire said as she smiled. "I do have a few questions for you if that is fine." Sapphire said as she looked at her. "Well What do you do for work?" She asked as Sapphire sat down next to her as Akira jumped up into Sapphire's lap. 

Siobhan held the puppy in her lap as she played with it kissing its nose before looking to Akira "Its like you have a puppy farm how adorable I love it." She said with a soft chuckled and nodded as she kept petting Nala, "well I work for my boss Isaac as his assistant, currently living with him and I need my space because I am wanting to kill him." She joked softly "No he is a good guy but he is more into his science projects then spending time outside of the lab so i thought getting a place will help both of us with much need space." She smiled softly to her "I bring in about a 1000 a week, but I am sure Isaac is over paying me because I put up with a lot from him. She chuckled again.

Sapphire giggled and smiled. "I am glad you like them." She said as Sapphire listened to Siobhan about her job. She nods in understanding as she smiled softly. Sapphire smiled as she giggled alittle when she giggled. "Well that is enough to pay for it but I am not going to charge you that much since I work as a Game Developer along with another job I have. But being a Game Developer pays really good so you dont have to pay much on stuff." Sapphire said as she smiled. Being the owner of the Game company along with being the game developer makes her kinda rich so Sapphire wasnt going to let her pay alot for living with her.

"Oh you design games?" she asked as she held the puppy in her lap and smirked softly "I have never even played a video game, but Izzy tells me they are rather fun." she said as she let the dog down on the floor and tucks her blonde hair behind her ear and leaned back on the couch "If you can afford the place alone, why look for a roommate? if I may ask?" she asked as she crossed her legs one over another. "Not that I am trying to talk my way out of the room or anything if you will have me I will gladly move in, just like to understand why a person does what a person does." she smiled softly to her.

"Yes" Sapphire said as she smiles " You never played a video game?" She asked. Sapphire was little shocked by it but she knew that she could fix that. "Well I get lonely, even with the pups, I need someone to talk with me even though I have friends and all. It would be nixe to have someone to live with and talk about each other's day." She said softly. "I would love to have you! I completely understand. " She said as she smiled. "Plus it would be more fun to have someone at the house then being along talking to the pups all day." Sapphire said as she smiled.

"No I have never I grew up with out technology." Siobhan gave a soft chuckle to her as she held the puppies and nodded softly "I get that, having someone around to talk with is nice, though It will be nice to be around another girl, Issac means well but he and I don't have much in common." she said as she kissed the puppies head and sat him to the floor and smiled at her. "I guess its settled then I am your new roommate!" she stood up and pulled Sapphire into a hug and chuckled before letting her go. "How about you and I have a girls night in to celebrate or something?" she asked with a soft smile.

The phoenix listened to her as she then giggled alittle before watching her with Nala and Akira. "I agree with being able to talk to another girl around." Sapphire said as she listened about Siobhan's boss Issac.  The blue eyed phoenix nearly jumped for joy when she heard Siobhan agreeing to being her roommate. Sapphire smiled as she hugged Siobhan before smiling more. "That is awesome. As for a girl's night that would be great right now." She said as she smiled. Nala and Akira looked at Sapphire as Sapphire was just jumping in joy.


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