Perhaps she was thinking too much on this. Malva found herself staring at the painting hung across her room, sighing softly to herself as she launched herself against the pillows stacked on her bed. The family portrait had been there for awhile, ever since they made this place their home, to be exact. It was the 8 of them, in Marseilles and it was over 400 years old. For people who almost never stepped one foot outside the Isle, Malva recalled this was one of the only times she was given the chance to scour an entire city for one night. It was a rare case to have the Ailwards out and about, especially when they cannot move around individually for long without slowly deteriorating. It was also the proof of them being a family, once upon a time. It wasn't as if they were no longer a family, but they've been very distant as of late and Malva could feel herself feeling out of it. 

The only times they would ever gather together were during meetings and she was sure her brother tried his best not to call them every week or month. It made her wonder if her family were no longer the family they once were. It didn't help that she had been trying to get away from them either, but after what has happened with her connection to magic, she didn't know what else to do. Octavia remained her only confidant and one of the ones she wouldn't toss an object to, every time people attempt to enter her room. The crumpled papers surrounding her bed were a result from her attempts to create a new spell, only to remain futile as ever. "Usually, I would say nothing… perhaps you're just tired. But it's been months, Mal… get ahold of yourself" she grumbled to herself, she could handle one month or two, but this has been on-going for far too long. And if it continues, then she wasn't sure what else she could do to get back to her old self. 

So she gathered every crumpled piece and threw it into the bin before dragging herself to take a coat and scarf from her closet so she could find her answers elsewhere. Keeping herself cooped up in the room would not do her any good, anyway. Her eyes fell on the picture in her tablet, right, the flower; a flower that she's been dying to get her hands on ever since she heard from Bexley that it was growing nearby. One flower would do her more than enough but if Mal was able to get more than one, she could do some good with it. Just because she could no longer do magic, it doesn't mean she couldn't still practice alchemy and the likes. The Aspect of Magic tucked in the tablet inside her bag alongside her journal and closed the door behind her before making her way downstairs.

 The manor felt so empty and even Christmas last year wasn't able to make it better. Her hair grew longer and she was tempted to cut it but promised not to touch it until she was able to get her magic back. The snow was sticking in and she couldn't believe she would be our searching for a flower in the mountains this early in the morning, especially in the cold. Trekking there wasn't an easy route and the moment she saw where the flower would be at, she knew climbing was inevitable. "How am I supposed to climb… that far up ahead... " she murmured and kept trying to look for a loophole that doesn't require her to climb. The brunette kept pacing back and forth while holding out her gloves, with no proper equipment except a few ropes to climb, how was she supposed to do that? 

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Sunmin was looking at her with a dumbfounded expression “That’s because it is weird” he responded bluntly, he had to admit this girl was pretty whimsical and strange, like she lived in her own little world where everything made sense to her but was confusing and perhaps even strange to others. He tilted his head slightly when she started talking about casting spells and how they were complex, all this whole talk about magic was either set up to confuse him or she had no idea how it worked either, honestly it was a test of his patience “Why are you asking me? I’m about as confused as you seem to be” it was evident that she was either toying with him or was actually having some kind of problem with her so-called ‘magic’.

“So you…?” he responded as though to prompt her that she shouldn't keep half answering questions and then leaving him with more questions rather than answers, it appeared like she didn’t really know how things worked at all but that couldn’t be the case. “Flew? Teleported? Uhhh...turned into a pigeon” he snapped his fingers and smirked “That’s it, you’re a pigeon girl” was he just making up stupid stuff which couldn’t possibly be true? Of course he was but it made about as much sense as she was making with her vague sentences and weird ways of trying to explain the truth without saying too much. The one thing he could tell for sure was that half the stuff she was saying was a really bad cover-up. For that reason he had come to the conclusion she wasn’t a scammer, she didn’t seem nearly cunning enough to be one but he was still trying to pin what she actually wanted from him “Maybe you should listen” he advised when she said she’d been told she was a bad liar.

He was holding the bracelet, somewhat like he was holding it hostage in exchange for the truth, watching her carefully as though to figure out if she was coming up with another story or actually wanted to give him a slither of anything genuine “So your magic isn’t working?” he surmised with a raised brow “And you came to the middle of the mountains to practice thinking that would help get it back?” he looked at the flower from before and narrowed his gaze “and that flower has something to do with it” Sunmin was an observant person and it wasn’t hard to pick apart this stuff from what he had noticed before. When she asked him what he was, he smirked slightly and responded “What are you?” he returned, two could play at this trust game but considering she was the one who wanted his help, she should give him context first.

Her temperament wasn’t always high and it didn’t mean that she wasn’t grounded once upon a time. Malva was a complicated person, even she knew that. And perhaps, she needed to get back to socializing 101, since she wasn't getting anywhere with this guy. "Well this is getting nowhere" she murmured faintly and sighed heavily, she came here today with the sole purpose of getting the flower and while doing so, she got injured, it was a minor one but that wasn't the injury that made the Aspect of Magic concerned. No, it's the flower. That was once broken but after she had accidentally brushed her hand against the stranger, somehow it healed. And she'll be damned if she would go home without finding out what just happened. "Pigeon girl? Really? Thought you'd be more creative" she scoffed and shook her head, "I can't believe you just called me a bird, how's a dragon sound? I mean, you can't technically see me as one but yes, if you must know, I did fly here. That's why I didn't have those equipment or gears that you spoke of" Unless she was going to hike, she didn't think she would need one. 

Besides, the last thing Mal would actually find herself doing is hiking. She wasn't good at trying to answer things without giving out the truth, which when it comes to her, is a little bit off the charts even in the supernatural world. Not everyone knew of the Ailward Aspects and honestly, she didn't want to out herself even more than she already did. But was she desperate to get his aid because whatever he was, he had given her a possible answer to her defective magic? Yes. Very much so. Truth be damned. "If I listen to everything my siblings said, I wouldn't be me" she muttered under her breath, okay maybe there was a time to tone down that slightly rebellious streak and stubbornness somewhere. The sapphire bracelet that was currently in his hand was one of her most treasured trinket, aside from her amethyst pendant that she guised her staff into. 

It was a protection charm for her, so to take it off really meant pure desperation emitting from the brunette. When he summarized everything in a few words, she nodded in affirmation, "Yeah… that's it. I'm a desperate girl who's in need of help. That's all. And that flower just so happens to be one of those possible ways for me to reclaim it." Of course, he would ask her the same question back. She didn't expect him to just go ahead and turn in his identity without getting the same information in return, but at this point, she had no worries of concealing her identity anymore. Besides, they're in the mountains, nobody would care if someone were to go missing, if it comes down to it. "Malva Ailward. Dragon. Witch. Witchy dragon. A dragon that could practice magic and doesn't breathe fire. There, that's literally what I am. What are you?"

He raised his brows and then shrugged when she asked if that was the best he could do “Well I can’t say I’m particularly fond of using fancy words, nor do I need to speak to others often” he tended to avoid people as much as he could, they annoyed him and he didn’t have the patience for them, it was a wonder he was still even here talking to her. Though it had the desired effect of getting her to talk and defend herself which made him allow an amused smirk to cross his lips, tilting his head slightly in curiosity “So you’re a dragon but no one can see you?” he laughed under his breath “Sounds like the fakest thing I’ve heard this year” and he had heard a lot of people tell a lot of lies.

Sunmin actually liked hiking, he preferred spending time alone and what better place to reflect than up in the mountains where you could see for miles and just enjoy nature all around you. He could spend hours just wandering here and there, knowing he wouldn’t see anyone else. His boots were always muddy because there didn’t seem a point in cleaning them just to go out again and making them dirty all over again. He scoffed when she said she didn’t listen to everything her siblings said “Or you’re just in denial” he responded, eyes dropping to look at the bracelet he was holding, it seemed like it was good quality and the stones looked real, the fact she had taken it off was either stupidity at its best or some kind of show of trust. He was yet to figure out which but at least he wasn’t going to fall for a scam if he kept this as leverage.

He pursed his lips as he looked at the flower, it didn’t look like a special kind of flower to him, though he had never seen one like it didn’t glow or anything crazy. “Something tells me that you’re not just some average girl” he commented with a gaze filled with scrutiny, at least it finally seemed like she was speaking some actual truth though “What’s so special about the flower? Aside from the fact it was dead before and looks healed” despite the fact Sunmin was dealing with things he didn’t understand, he had a lot of experience in playing cautious which was exactly what he was doing right now. The moment she spoke her name his eyes widened because he had definitely heard that name before...the last name at least and he didn’t remember hearing good things about it either. He quickly covered his surprise with a neutral expression “Sunmin, alleged defective fallen star” he spoke bluntly. He was on guard in case she decided to go on the offensive

It’s been a while since Mal actually found herself engaging in a conversation that was hardly one that would keep her up on her toes, which was why she wasn’t sure whether she was more annoyed with him or the opposite, where she’s starting to feel normal conversing with someone over the most abnormal things ever. It wasn’t easy to speak about magic to people who probably didn’t know anything about it. “Right… at least that’s one similarity between us, not talking to people often” she murmured silently, she didn’t like to talk to people unless she really needed to. And even then, there’s a high chance to find the Aspect of Magic trying to get out of that too. It did seem like he was enjoying the fun seeing her get aggravated earlier, judging from the amused smirk he wore, which made Mal scowl, “Yeah well, you don’t see fairytales talking about how actual dragons are invisible to people’s eye” she grumbled, “No wonder people thought dragons are a myth.” Admittedly, once upon a time ago, she would’ve thought the same if she wasn’t one. Or become one.

 “Funny you say that. Ironically, there’s plenty of things you’d find fake if you actually know the real truth behind it though.” She could take her time to list down a few things and she would need a long time to get to a quarter of it alone. Judging from his stature and appearance, it does look like he is a frequent visitor to the mountains, he probably knew this place better than most people, maybe even those who even resided in the same territory. “Being in denial doesn’t always have to be a bad thing” she muttered under her breath, she feels so attacked and called out and she can’t believe she’s really still there to take in every word he sent her way. But he was holding the sapphire bracelet she herself had given as a token of trust and he’s the only answer she has right now about her magic. Call her desperate, because honestly, that’s her right now. She was also aware that she had stupidly given up one of her most prized trinkets aside from her own amethyst pendant that hung lowly around her neck, but trust is trust, right?

 “No.... I guess you can say I’m not exactly an average girl either” An average girl wouldn’t be this stupid to climb up the mountains without any climbing gear for her backup plan but she’s not about to say that out loud. When he asked her what makes the flower so special, Mal cleared her throat and showed him the same flower she held in her grasp, “A) Like any other rare things we have in this world, this is one of them. We have rare jewels, so why not a rare flower? These flowers only bloom once every century given the proper climate and surroundings. It’s gotten harder since the 1800s so it’s pretty much an endangered flower.” Which was ironic when she took in the sight of endangered animals too. Things are slowly fading and dying. “B) I’m not supposed to be able to use magic. It’s been defective lately and it doesn’t want to work when I want it to work. The only reason why I’m even able to heal this flower and levitate that bracelet was because I accidentally channeled your energy, which has to be strong if yours worked but nothing else or anyone else before you have.” 

Nephilim? Therian? Dhampir? Hell, she has even tried channeling a Diviner, but it wasn’t enough for her to kickstart anything, not enough for her body. So when he introduced himself as a defective fallen star, her eyes widened considerably as she blinked a few times in surprise, “A fallen star… a Celestial? You’re a Celestial?” Well, she did not expect that. “No wonder yours worked… Celestial energy is quite possibly the strongest energy source we have, considering its extraterrestrial status” she murmured, it didn’t originate from earth which makes it another whole category on itself too. “But you’re not allegedly defective though… you have the energy, just like any other Celestials. Though I suppose you don’t glow…”

He tilted his head out of curiosity as she bluntly talked about dragons are actually invisible and that’s why people thought they were a myth “Next you’ll be telling me they don’t even breathe fire” he responded and rolled his eyes at her. One thing that had always frustrated him about the supernatural world was their secrets and especially how far people would go in order to keep them “One thing I’ve learned is that you can never really trust the supernatural to tell you the truth” he commented sharply “They’re self-serving and want everyone else to remain in the dark” and he was sure she couldn’t even disagree with that statement. “Then why do you sound so pressed to admit it?” he responded bluntly when she said that being in denial wasn’t always a bad thing, in his opinion, it was, because it distracted people from seeing what was real around them. ”

He nodded slightly when she pointed out that she wasn’t average “I mean the average girl wouldn’t be halfway up a mountain so we can definitely count you out of the normal list” but he was up here too which meant he wasn’t the average guy either. He glanced down to the flower in her hand, eyeing it suspiciously and wondering what it was she found so fascinating about it, it looked pretty regular to him, aside from the fact he hadn’t actually seen a flower that looked like that before. Then again, he wasn’t exactly a flower expert of any sorts. “Okay, but what’s special about the flower, because there’s no way you want it just to put it into a vase and stare at it for hours, especially if it was that rare and she was that concerned about it dying. He pressed his lips together and watched her with a curious expression “Well what's the point in having magic if you can’t use it?” he asked simply, tilting his head out of curiosity.

The one thing keeping him here though was that she had said that she had channeled him and that was the reason she had been able to heal the flower, because if that was true then maybe she had some answers about why he wasn’t the same as other celestials and maybe things would finally make sense. “I mean unless there are some other kinds of fallen star” he responded bluntly but he did listen when she spoke about celestial energy and how it was extremely powerful. He pursed his lips wondering if maybe she could give him some answers about why he didn’t glow or why he couldn’t use his abilities. “I can’t use my supposed energy either, believe me I’ve tried” he responded shortly and then sighed holding his hand out towards her like she wanted earlier “At least maybe you could figure out why for me in exchange” he wouldn’t say he trusted her but she did now have something he wanted, so he was willing to play nice.

He really is blunt and persistent. That much she could see from him. It was evident that he was going to take her word with a grain of salt, which had her wondering if it was possible for her to show him because that usually settled things, right? Well, one she wasn't supposed to be exposing her dragon form to anyone else outside of the faction because witches and vampires and werewolves are enough, they don't need to see dragons. Two, the energy he had in him was clearly celestial energy, so he's a celestial and that's also another thing. But she didn't recognize him and neither did he to her. "I don't breathe fire" she exclaimed bluntly, responding to his previous remark. His words were sharp and Mal wondered if he was just someone who was tired of being shadowed over even though he's a part of the supernatural community. Couldn't exactly blame him for being so snappy now, could she?

 "Not everything is as it seems" she murmured and let out a heaved sigh, "sometimes all the secrets were made secrets because you're not supposed to know too much. But I guess I could understand where you're coming from…" It must suck wanting to find answers but only finding obstacles in front of you. When he pointed out that she was being in denial about it, Mal pressed her lips together and kept silent, he wasn't wrong. "The flower has… healing properties aside from other things. Herbal remedies do weird stuff depending on how you use them, sometimes they enhance things, imagine wanting to make a sleeping potion, you put a bit of this and 10 hours can easily be 10 days. In this case, I just need it for my… current situation is all. Like you said… what's the point of having magic if you can't use it, this could help me find some of it back…" she frowned, it was really jabbing at her. 

Hearing that he wasn't able to use his own energy confused her greatly, well this is certainly interesting, it almost made her forget what she came here to get originally. He extended his hand out and Mal stared at it skeptically before glancing back up to him, as if asking if he was sure about it, but eventually she took it because the opportunity is right there in front of her. There was a slight buzzing and before long, the flower had bloomed even more. "Let's make a deal then. I help you crack why you don't glow or can't use your energy and you help me with my magic… it's not necessarily hard on your part though, I only need to channel your energy. Whereas me, I have to dive in plenty of research to find out why you're not like others. Seems like a win win situation" of course she'd negotiate. "I'll even transform into my dragon form just to show you I'm not a crazy fraud."

Sunmin raised his brows when she seemed so exasperated with his questioning, he actually found it quite amusing that she was easy to rile up. He was quite well-tempered most of the time and people would be hard-pressed to get a real reaction from him. When they did though, he was sure they would regret it “Well then you don’t seem like a very functional dragon” he commented matter of factly, if she couldn’t breathe fire then all she could do is fly and he was sure there were other species that could fly. Sunmin shrugged slightly “I could understand people being better off not knowing if they had no part in the supernatural world but” he shrugged slightly as he watched her “Imagine not aging and thinking you’re the only one in the world who doesn’t age” he honestly felt like he was going insane for a lot of his life.

He eyed the flower curiously, healing properties seemed like another umbrella term to avoid fully answering his question, she was good at that and he was sure it worked on most people but Sunmin wasn’t the type who had much patience when it came to secrets. He kept quiet though because she kept talking and his eyes widened a little as he came in closer towards it “Does that mean it could fix me?” he questioned as he tilted his head slightly, before he wouldn’t have believed in magic flowers that could cure people but he had seen that flower come back to life in her hand and there was no explanation for that. She could do magic before and she couldn’t now, if she believed it could restore her magic then surely it could help restore its glow. He wanted to find his light but he had no idea where to start. He bit his lip for a moment and then sighed gently “What kind of magic could you do?” he still didn’t know what her intentions or motivations were.

He widened his eyes when she suggested a compromise though, helping him to figure out why he didn’t glow, in exchange for her helping to channel him. He looked down to the bracelet in his hand and then back up to her “How do I know you won’t channel me for every bit of energy I have and then leave?” he questioned suspiciously, Sunmin definitely wasn’t the kind of person to trust blindly but this was the first person he had met in all his time on earth who actually seemed to have any clue about him. She had confirmed his celestial energy wasn’t gone and that meant it could be recovered. He hoped. He did raise his brow when she said she would turn into her dragon form to prove she wasn’t lying though “I mean I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to see a real life dragon” he commented smugly and stepped back, giving a little sarcastic bow.

"I don't seem to be functional at anything, don't worry" she huffed, she was very much frustrated with the progress on things. Being reminded of that constantly is not making her feel any better either. "But dragons don't breathe fire, you know… that's like a myth" They're the only dragons to exist and she was pretty sure neither had the ability to breathe fire. Mal bit her lip and stared at the male standing before her, that is pretty depressing, she had to admit. He seems to be desperate for any type of information related to the supernatural, even better if it's related to him individually. She could bargain with that, it's still a win-win situation. It's not as if she could just walk up to the nearest Celestial and ask them to be her tether. They hate them. 

"No… not specifically. It has healing properties, enhancement projectors… all those sorts of things but they can't heal someone per se. It's like an adrenaline shot, it helps you but it's a second-hand aid." The flower might not be the answer to his problem but she's there, she could cook something up. "Doesn't mean I can't cook something out of it. It might be able to restore my magic and my magic is all I need to find out what's going on with you." Besides, his case was already interesting. Even if he didn't help her, Malva would be more likely to dig up what's going on anyway. When he asked her what kind of magic she could do, the Aspect of Magic shrugged absentmindedly, "Magic is like the center of everything. If I'm gonna list every form of practice possible, we'll never get to the other chapter. I have dabbled in most of them, if not all. Not a fan of dark magic… but that's a personal preference. I specialise in alchemy and traditional magic as well as connective magic." 

She wasn't the Wicked Witch of the West nor was she the Good Witch of the South. He was right to be suspicious, but it did make her chuckle at how he believed it was possible for her to do that, "Even if I want to do that, I can't. Which I don't. I'm not your usual evening witch you find in those shady alleys… I have a standard, not the most honorable person you'd find but I try my best. And I always keep my promises. I guess you can keep the bracelet for leverage" giving away a charmed jewelry to a stranger was a bad idea, but it was a token somewhat. Trust was needed. She couldn't believe he actually wants to see a dragon though, Mal shook her head in amusement before telling him to wait, "Of course you want to see it, who am I kidding…" She did step back a few more steps because the last thing she wanted to do was scare him a few more steps back for him to fall to his… demise. It didn't take long for her to transform into her purple dragon form, by the time she fluttered her eyes open, she could see him from where she stood, which was plenty of feet taller. She even sat down on the ground and narrowed her hues at him as if to say believe me now? 

He chuckled dryly when she responded to his comment about not being functional before giving some smart ass comment about how dragons didn’t actually breathe fire “Well excuse me for not knowing’s not like every fairytale and media depiction of dragons paints them as fire breathing monsters” he responded sarcastically. She could be frustrated by the lack of information all she wanted but the truth was that all he ever had to work with in the world was what he could find in books and legends, that was impossible to separate from the reality which was right in front of his eyes. Kinda like looking at the world through a screen.

He eyes the flower and then his gaze lifted to her for a moment and he frowned slightly “So it’s another source of power just like I am huh?” she spoke it pretty bluntly because it was evident she wanted him for the power he offered. He just wasn’t sure he wanted to give it to someone he didn’t even know. He could respect the effort she was making to offer out an olive branch to him though, she didn’t have to do that “So how did you lose your magic?” he asked quite directly because that seemed to be her struggle she came here with the intention of solving. He had no idea how magic worked, in fact, the very concept of magic sounded very bizarre for him to even speak about.

He looked down at the bracelet for a moment, he had taken it because he thought holding it over her would prevent her from doing anything stupid, it didn’t seem special to him but she seemed bothered by the fact he had it which told him enough to know he was on the right track “Like I haven’t heard people lie their asses off in order to get what they want in the past” he responded bluntly, Sunmin didn’t trust easily and would always second guess strangers. It wasn’t anything personal against her, he just knew better than to take people by their word alone. He widened his eyes when she stepped back and then was overcome with a bright purple light which he needed to lift his hand to shield his eyes from. When he blinked again he saw a giant purple dragon looking back “No fucking way” he stared dumfounded before edging close to inspect her “Okay..okay...Spyro...I get the point you’re trying to make” he chuckled softly.

She had no idea why the media really depicted dragons as fire-breathing creatures. As far as she was concerned, dragons don't really exist unless they were really created from the Gods themselves, now that she thought about it, she never entertained that notion either. "Such misconception" she grumbled to herself and shook her head in dismissal. Though she understood where he was coming from, god knows what is true and what is not in this world, with how so many of the supernatural world displayed in the media. "No wonder people thought vampires sparkle" oh yes, she heard about Twilight. When he put it like that so bluntly, Malva winced slightly because it really does make him feel like he's not worth anything, which shouldn't be how people should ever have to feel. "Something like that… it's a... uh natural material. And you know how nature connects blablabla…" She wasn't about to give a lecture on nature 101.

When he asked how she lost her magic, the Aspect shrugged absentmindedly, "That's probably the question that always seemed to frustrate me to no end. Because I have no idea… one day I decided to do a spell and poof, it malfunctioned. It's there, but it doesn't want to cooperate basically." Which makes her feel like she's only a vessel to the chaotic magic inside herself. A prisoner in her own body and mind. "I'm hoping to find out how to work my way around it if I can't solve it." There was no way she could give up. It wasn't in her dictionary. His distrust toward strangers are justified, if she was in his shoes, she would've done the same, honestly. So she didn't fault him for being cautious, it keeps you alive and Sunmin seemed like he had good self preservation skills. 

After transforming into her dragon form, she couldn't help but narrow her sapphire hues at him when he called her Spyro, oh she has heard of that name from Dom, who had an affinity of calling her plenty of other names such as Mim and whatnot. She reverted back into her former self before anyone else could see and brushed the helm of her jacket gently before scoffing, "Yes way. And I hoped you get the point I was making because I don't think I have ever showed my dragon form to anyone else aside from my siblings or the guards, which isn't that often either." Spyro though. "Did you seriously just call me a character from a video game?" she exclaimed in disbelief and shook her head, adding that to her long list of nicknames. "You're a peculiar case though, which kind of encourage me to find out what's special about you. Also, do you believe me now because I'm not gonna waste my time doing nothing. The faster I get control of my magic for a while, the faster we can find out about you."

“Maybe the fire breathing is a metaphor for your snark” he responded when she pointed out how misconceived everyone seemed to be about her kind. In his defense though he didn’t really know anything of worth about any species, hell he was still trying to figure out his own so how else was he supposed to know. He did laugh when she pointed out people thought that vampires sparked “Admittedly that one just sounds stupid” he commented chuckling under his breath at the thought of a blood-sucking monster also being a humanoid discoball. She seemed a little impatient with his questioning which he supposed he could understand but frustrated him nonetheless “So nature equals magic basically” he surmised sarcastically.

He raised a curious brow when she explained that she didn’t actually know how she lost her magic, now that was interesting. He presumed it must have been because of a spell gone bad or using too much power so that her body could no longer command it, at least, those seemed like logical solutions to him anyway “So you’re cursed” he commented and chuckled shaking his head, it felt bizarre for him to talk about all this. While he was a celestial, Sunmin had spent his life living almost completely ordinary, the supernatural world was weird to him. “So that’s what the flower is for huh, can’t get your own magic so you wanna use it’s...natural voodoo” he felt like he was an insane person talking about things like this.

He did take a moment to just take in the view of the purple dragon before him, though his stance was defensive and ready to fight back or make a run for it if he needed to. It didn’t take long for her to switch back to her much less threatening but still equally glary, petite self. “Consider me….honored” he responded though his tone and his expression implied that he didn’t take the achievement as one of high esteem, she wanted his trust, he was willing to pay her mind, it was a fair trade in his mind. He scoffed when she asked if he nicknamed her after a game character “Purple dragon...likes to headbutt people...plenty of sarcasm, seems to fit the bill to me” he responded and shrugged unapologetically

When she asked if he believed her he paused for a moment, he still didn’t trust her but he did believe she had told him the truth once pressed to do so. He nodded slightly to affirm that he did before shifting on the spot “So what do you need me to do” he asked with raised brows, if she kept her word about figuring out what was going on with him, that could be worth his time.

Dragons. Who would've thought they were real? "Point taken" she mumbled silently to herself, he had a point, she did have quite the amount of snark inside her petite build, perhaps that was why her temper flared up every once in a while too. Because it couldn't be contained in the small body that is hers. The theory wouldn't be far fetched, honestly. "Didn't stop people from raving over Twilight" she scoffed, when she came to sneak out to see what was happening outside the Isle of Skye, she came across the Twilight fever back then that really had her choking at how inaccurate their beliefs were, even if it was meant to be humorous and fantasy. "But they're not wrong on the whole inhuman beauty part though, the Valkyr are all beautiful honestly" she wouldn't deny that part  she has seen plenty of them retaining that physical aspect of themselves. "As sarcastic as you are, at least you catch up real fast" she shook her head and huffed, he was able to follow with her explanation and that made her work easier. 

"Everything is magic" she added. Even their immortality or the energy nature emits, all of them had a signature of their own. When he came to the conclusion that she was cursed, Mal scowled, "I'm not cursed" she insisted, no that couldn't be it. "If I was, I would know. The effects aren't the same and it's too out of the loop for me to pinpoint it." A curse can be different but their signature wouldn't stray from the original. There was completely no motive to her being cursed. "Well… the fact that things go haywire whenever I even try to tap into it to use it could categorise it as being cursed… too" if he meant it that way, then maybe he was onto something. "Whenever I try, something malevolent or unfortunate happens. Yeah, that sounds like a curse" the brunette let out the biggest heavy sigh ever, why didn't she think of that

"Something like that, this flower has plenty of magic, my body can't produce it anymore or at least it hinders me from doing things right, but I still have the knowledge to do things because you still learn about it" she wasn't just reborn with it, it took the Aspect of Magic centuries to learn about it. Surprisingly, she didn't even say much to her newfound nickname, she supposed it was a logical choice. Somewhat. Now they can finally get down to work and Mal couldn't wait to see just what type of energy he would give her, after all, she has witnessed and felt Celestial energy but has she ever used it? No. This would be her first and honestly she was both excited and nervous. "Your hand" she pointed and held out hers, as if she was waiting for him to offer it to her. "Celestial energy is strong so I need to… read or get used to it first. But once I channel you, I should be able to do magic as usual, perhaps even more effective. Like an enhancer. Then, we can do some reading about you."

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