Perhaps she was thinking too much on this. Malva found herself staring at the painting hung across her room, sighing softly to herself as she launched herself against the pillows stacked on her bed. The family portrait had been there for awhile, ever since they made this place their home, to be exact. It was the 8 of them, in Marseilles and it was over 400 years old. For people who almost never stepped one foot outside the Isle, Malva recalled this was one of the only times she was given the chance to scour an entire city for one night. It was a rare case to have the Ailwards out and about, especially when they cannot move around individually for long without slowly deteriorating. It was also the proof of them being a family, once upon a time. It wasn't as if they were no longer a family, but they've been very distant as of late and Malva could feel herself feeling out of it. 

The only times they would ever gather together were during meetings and she was sure her brother tried his best not to call them every week or month. It made her wonder if her family were no longer the family they once were. It didn't help that she had been trying to get away from them either, but after what has happened with her connection to magic, she didn't know what else to do. Octavia remained her only confidant and one of the ones she wouldn't toss an object to, every time people attempt to enter her room. The crumpled papers surrounding her bed were a result from her attempts to create a new spell, only to remain futile as ever. "Usually, I would say nothing… perhaps you're just tired. But it's been months, Mal… get ahold of yourself" she grumbled to herself, she could handle one month or two, but this has been on-going for far too long. And if it continues, then she wasn't sure what else she could do to get back to her old self. 

So she gathered every crumpled piece and threw it into the bin before dragging herself to take a coat and scarf from her closet so she could find her answers elsewhere. Keeping herself cooped up in the room would not do her any good, anyway. Her eyes fell on the picture in her tablet, right, the flower; a flower that she's been dying to get her hands on ever since she heard from Bexley that it was growing nearby. One flower would do her more than enough but if Mal was able to get more than one, she could do some good with it. Just because she could no longer do magic, it doesn't mean she couldn't still practice alchemy and the likes. The Aspect of Magic tucked in the tablet inside her bag alongside her journal and closed the door behind her before making her way downstairs.

 The manor felt so empty and even Christmas last year wasn't able to make it better. Her hair grew longer and she was tempted to cut it but promised not to touch it until she was able to get her magic back. The snow was sticking in and she couldn't believe she would be our searching for a flower in the mountains this early in the morning, especially in the cold. Trekking there wasn't an easy route and the moment she saw where the flower would be at, she knew climbing was inevitable. "How am I supposed to climb… that far up ahead... " she murmured and kept trying to look for a loophole that doesn't require her to climb. The brunette kept pacing back and forth while holding out her gloves, with no proper equipment except a few ropes to climb, how was she supposed to do that? 

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He laughed and shook his head slightly when she pointed out people raved over Twilight “Cheesy romances make people swoon I guess...doesn’t matter that he’s a bloodsucker and self-admitted murderer” he’d done research in every form of the matter which even meant looking into the stupid young adult movies and their silly legends. He scoffed a little when she pointed out how all valkyr are beautiful and shrugged. He shrugged when she mentioned that he managed to catch up fast “Spend your whole life watching the world go by and soon you learn to listen” you need to figure out the smallest details in what people say to make it in such a complicated world.

“Kinda terrifying” he commented under his breath when she mentioned how magic could come from anything around them, he’d never gotten to meet a witch but he was pretty sure he had been connected to them in the past because there was no way he managed to get out of Korea along “Can witches uh….make portals?” he questioned softly, maybe that would piece together one question he had been asking. He raised his brows when she denied that she was cursed. He let her go ahead and ramble it out before she finally looped back around and came back to the same conclusion he did “Yeah no kidding” he responded sarcastically and shrugged “But the good news is that curses can be broken right?” that’s how they were by nature.

He nodded, so she was basically a witch without magic and needed it to borrow it from other sources, presumably powerful ones since she would be used to being able to do powerful things, he was still watching her with a guarded gaze throughout the whole thing but he twitched his hand before slowly reaching it out “So how does this work? Does the magic go away when you let go? Will it hurt?” he wasn’t planning to back down, he just wanted to know what he was getting into, still he went ahead and placed his hand into hers with a firm grip and a gaze towards her that said you better not make me regret this.

The fact that people actually had a phase where they swooned after said characters had her cringing internally. "People are so weird…" She has said it once and she will never stop saying it. Though he would willingly admit the Valkyr are quite the beauty, which makes up the statement of having inhuman air around them a positive remark at some point. "That's the kind of trait that would last you long in this life" she pointed out wryly, self-preservation is a must when you live in this kind of world, "Sometimes you don't even know who's your enemy and why they're your enemy until you find out they don't have anything against you personally, they just hate or dislike your species." It was the best way to get yourself in trouble without even inciting it. "That's why you need to keep your eyes open for any possibilities." 

Mal chuckled when he mentioned how magic was terrifying, "That's one way to put it. In time, you learn to coexist with it because it's not going away and it's the reason why things go the way it does anyway… who are we to defy nature" It was ironic how it meshes well with the two concepts. When he asked if they could make portals, Malva raised her eyebrows and eyed him weirdly, mostly because that's not common knowledge, especially to those who claimed to not know much about the supernatural community. "Yeah… they can. Not everyone knows how to create one, it depends on who they are and what kind of magic they practice. It's not a common knowledge, so they're usually powerful, why do you ask? Have you ever witnessed someone conjure a portal? Or… did you step into one?" For someone who had close to no knowledge about this, Sunmin sure is attentive. It made him an even more curious person in the Aspect of Magic's eyes. 

"Mhmm, it could be broken given the right… solution. Let's hope that one exists within reach because I'm not about to trudge through hellfire to actually get my sanity back" her magic is everything to her so it's not an exaggeration to see Malva go crazy over it. It was the only thing she has ever known in a very long time. She noticed the way he skeptically stretch his hand out to her and took it gently, "If you worry about feeling weak as if I've just sucked your energy, don't worry… Celestial energy is more powerful than most pure sources I have ever seen, if you're going to feel faint it'll be after I'm draining you for the next 8 hours which I won't, you're only gonna feel a bit warm… like you just held a hotpack" she reassured. With her hand clasping his, it didn't take long for her to channel his energy and it was a surprisingly smooth ride. By the time she let go of his hand, her eyes were glowing purple. "Well… I can see why hunters go crazy over Celestials…" she muttered under her breath.

Well they could definitely agree on that, people were weird, to the point where the celestial often questioned what they were thinking but he supposed if something made people happy then he couldn’t really judge too much. He grinned slightly when she pointed out that being a good observer was an important trait “Everyone learns to take care of themselves eventually, only difference is how long it takes” he chuckled. He shrugged slightly when she said it was hard to know who was your enemy “I find it easiest to refuse to trust anyone until they prove themselves worth that trust” trust had to be earned as they would say and he rarely gave his out to anyone.

He shrugged “I mean the very existence of magic to most would defy nature” he pointed out, most people thought they lived in a regular world void of anything supernatural, it was a big secret that a smaller percentile of people kept. She looked surprised when he mentioned portals which made him suck in a soft breath, so that wasn’t a common power then it seemed. “I mean I can’t be certain but I remember running and then seeing swirls of light in the air and before I know it I’d landed in a field in America...not a few moments before I was in Korea” he had always wondered if he dreamed it or somehow blanked that whole experience in his head but he’d never been able to explain it.

He nodded slightly, he could tell she was frustrated by her situation and he detected sincerity in her rather wild story. Seeing the purple dragon in person was a decent selling point on her credibility too. “What do you need your magic back for?” he questioned, of course there was the obvious answer of she had it before and now she wanted what was hers back but he wondered if maybe there was a specific reason or motivation too. He nodded slightly when she confirmed his power was very strong and that it would take a lot to make him week. Despite his doubts, in the end, the possibility of answers won out against his distrust of her and he offered his hand. Not much happened for him, but he could definitely see a change in her as he watched her and when she let go, her eyes were a vivid purple, he scoffed “Purple dragon, purple eyes, purple name, creative” he commented before shifting slightly “So did it work?” he raised his brows wondering how well this worked and what she would be able to do with the power he leant to her.

"The faster you learn to take care of yourselves and understand how cruel the world could be to the weak, the better it is." She had to learn it the hard way. "Have I proved that trust to you yet then?" The fact that he was still here obviously tells a lot but still, Mal wanted to hear it directly from the individual himself. She wouldn't color herself as someone that is trustworthy at first glance because she's distant like that but she's also curious. "Celestials practically had to be careful of everyone though, even us at one point." She mumbled, they did lock them up for a century, after all. But the fact that he didn't even get into an automatic alert phase when he saw her and  heard her name, tells her that Sunmin was either young or he managed to escape the capture. "And me, well everyone could be an enemy too. They either hate me getting into their business and dismantling every devious scheme they have or they just want to have what I have." It's a two-way street, to be honest. 

She chuckled when he said magic itself could be described as against nature, "Yeah, it was always wait till you find out nature created magic. That's why all the stuff about balance exists, it's the people taking loopholes and being greedy end up defying the balance nature puts." That's why they were appointed in the first place. The Aspect of Magic had to admit though, when he talked about portals, she was surprised because it wasn't something just anyone could conjure and it required both immense energy and knowledge of magic. "So you were transported here, to another country, via a portal… there's no way the portal wasn't for you, it's not common for diviners to conjure it out in the open and leave it for any random soul to get inside, especially when they have already pictured the destination. So whoever did it for you, is one powerful diviner which piqued my interest even more." Sunmin just made himself even more enigmatic. 

"A celestial who doesn't glow… because his ability is either suppressed by magic, the same one that covered his track on the radar… being helped by someone powerful. What a curious case. God help you if anyone finds out about your case." He would never escape their watch for sure. When asked what she needed her magic back for, Malva laughed, "Everything. If I don't have magic, then something can go seriously wrong halfway across the world and I won't be able to fix it… and well, that upsets the balance of the world and when it's upset, things go crazy. I meant it when I introduce myself as the Aspect of Magic, I govern and protect the balance of magic in this realm." She purposely left out the part where she also needed it desperately to track the one that has been infuriating her for long. "My color is purple, what did you expect" she scoffed dryly and shook her head, "But yes, let's see if it worked." 

She directed her gaze to the bracelet in his grasp and took it back telekinetically, "There you go, spell successful. It worked… you're still not glowing… but the glow is in you, it's like you're wearing an internal shade to cover it. I wonder who put that spell on you… do you want me to try to take it off? No guarantee it'll work but..."

He nodded in agreement when she said the faster you learned to take care of yourself the better “It’s frustrating to watch people going on their way in the city completely oblivious to what’s around them” and he wasn’t just talking about the supernatural, he was talking about gangs and drugs and people who lurked on street corners waiting for some unwitting victim to cross their path. He scoffed when she asked if he trusted her “Do I believe I have something you want, yes, but do I believe you have my best interests in mind, no” he wasn’t an idiot, this was a trade off, not a friendship. “Us” he repeated after her when she said celestials needed to be careful “What did a celestial ever do to you?” he questioned with a curious look, his kind didn’t seem to be all that threatening after all.

He pursed his lips wondering why nature would create something that went completely against it “Maybe nature was trying to create a balance for itself” it was pretty amusing to think how flowers and trees were likely to blame in the end for the existence of the supernatural “Though I guess magic has always existed...I’d be living proof of that” no one could pinpoint the beginning of the stars but people could agree they far outlasted the earth after all. “I’m not sure whether I want to cuss them out or thank them” he commented in a grumbling tone when she explained how a portal had to be intended for him. He always suspected that person helped him that day but it was also the day he realized he no longer glowed, it had to be related right?

He shot her a look questioning what that was supposed to mean when she pointed out he could be in trouble if anyone figured out his case “I’m not sure whether to define taking out the part of me that makes me a celestial as...helping” he commented wondering why someone would do that, how would they know to do that? It seemed like there was a part of the puzzle he was missing her, someone thought it would be better for him to not have his powers, to not glow. Were they afraid of what he could do with that power? “So basically you’re doing a really bad job of looking after magic?” he surmised bluntly, well then he could kinda understand why she needed it back so badly, if she was supposed to protect it.

He was still watching her cautiously when the bracelet he was holding suddenly slipped from his grip before floating in the air, he fumbled to try and grab it but she successfully managed to take it back. Well there went his leverage but thankfully she seemed to uphold her side and didn’t immediately disappear. He watched her with a dubious expression when she asked if he wanted her to try and remove the spell “If someone put it you have any idea what their reason would be?” he questioned wanting to be sure about his decision.

"See, you're smart" she pointed out, she wasn't the type to do things out of her goodwill, Mal rarely had time to even spare for things outside of her expertise so she wasn't about to act like a saintess. She wasn't sure how to respond when he asked what the celestials ever did to them, it left her biting her lip while looking at him skeptically before sighing, "Funny how you said a as in singular instead of collective… it wasn't intended of course, everyone means nice, but it's not always you get that result you desired" she mumbled and wondered if giving him a bit of input would help, why not right? "Your kind possess powerful energy, hell it's not an understatement to say you're an otherworldly being who has the ability to control things others would only dream of. Time traveling. Or the strongest of you could do that anyway, your Wayfinder." She reconciled with Phe, but she still felt immensely guilty.

"She was supposed to fix a timeline that had the cost of the long time war between the phoenixes and initia, to save a fellow celestial who was going to be used in this war to change the past. You being alive are valuable but your death is even more valuable to many… that's why you're hunted." She narrowed her blue hues at him and pointed her index finger at him, "You death means they get a chance to change the past. So when your Wayfinder failed to do her mission, a ripple effect occurred and well… a lot of things changed. We realized leaving the celestials on their own would be far too dangerous… people would never stop hunting for them and one death was enough to render all 8 of us weak for God knows how long, it was better to lock you up and erase your existence from the world so no one would hunt you. It was the best decision that could be made at that time because we were still weak to protect against anyone." 

She would admit her mistakes for taking the easy route out instead of running away from it. To Mal, they did what they thought was best even though it turned out to be opposite. "Nature is complicated… they're like hormonal teenagers" she muttered as the wind blew around them. "Maybe both? You can thank and cuss a person out. It's natural" she shrugged casually, she would do that. In fact, she does. To him it might not be helping but considering their history, to her it was probably that. She glared at him briefly when he surmised she was doing a bad job at looking after her domain but said nothing because it was true. "I have rooms for mistakes obviously…" She already told him the reason why they might suppress that side of him. 

"You heard my story earlier, the reason why your kind was locked up for a century… hiding the part that makes you a celestial was probably for your protection so you won't be hunted, since you clearly weren't imprisoned… which could only mean you're one of the younger ones. Make no mistake, when a hunter finds a celestial, their only intention is to kill you for their own selfish gains. But it is your right to want to find out or leave it at that, so I'm upholding my end to help you in return for yours."

“Have to be” the star commented under his breath when she called him smart, if he didn’t have his wits about him he’d probably be dead 10 times over already, he had to adapt to the cards the world had dealt him. The celestial went quiet as she began her story about the celestials and how her people had a hand in protecting the world from their power...or rather the power that could be harnessed from them by others. Sunmin had never really had to handle any of that side because his glow had been missing for as long as he remembered, for the most part, he was more like an immortal human than a fallen star.

“You’re the ones who….locked them up” he swore a surge of anger came through him and he even balled his fist at his side “You’re the reason my brother went through 90 years of misery and for what...something he couldn’t control?” there was a snarl to his voice that he couldn’t hide because it made him angry when people meddled themselves into other people’s lives and free will “Protecting people would have been giving them the chance to save themselves first” he commented, his eyes glaring as he stared back at her, perhaps a part of him could understand the intention but Sunmin was the first advocate for free will.

He remained guarded as he looked back at her, starting a fight with someone self-proclaimed as the aspect of magic seemed unwise, especially when she could turn into a dragon and squash him but it certainly made him feel founded in his hesitancy to trust her “I’m certainly leaning more on the cussing part right now” he mumbled in response to her words and shook his head slightly “Clearly” he responded in his usual judging tone and scoffed slightly when she said there was room for mistakes. It made sense to him now though, someone had taken away his glow so that he wouldn’t be caught or hunted.

Which left him with quite the dilemma, there was a part of him that had been searching for his identity for his whole life and this small piece was the reason he hadn’t been able to find it, on the other hand, it seems like whoever did so had good intentions behind their decision, even if they didn’t bother to consult him on it before. He bit his lip slightly as he contemplated it for a moment “I want to be who I was supposed to be” he decided and nodded his head “I’ve faced far worse on the streets than hunters” and he could take good care of himself.

It was probably hard to tell this story to someone who didn’t know anything about his history because considering what she has seen from earlier, it does seem like Sunmin didn’t know about it. Like someone who was fortunately spared from the mess that plagued both sides a century ago. How lucky, she thought. But she wasn’t sure if it was really lucky because to Sunmin, he could feel like he’s the weird one out of the bunch, with no glow and all. But they can hopefully find an answer because honestly, Mal sees it as a win-win situation, with her being able to use the celestial energy he lends, and then finding more about why this odd celestial is being protected by someone who obviously cast a powerful cloaking spell. Who could this diviner be and how come she didn’t detect the energy signature when they cast it?

But first, she’ll need to make sure he doesn’t attack her after finding out that she locked his people up, including his brother. Well, that took a drastic turn, she didn’t think he had a brother either. When the realization dawned on her, Mal bit her lip and looked down in guilt, “I won’t try to defend myself. We were at risk and didn’t have enough time to protect both the celestials and others at the same time… we had to keep them in one place and perhaps the anger of being rendered weak over one person caused us to be furious so we told the guards to capture them instead. We kept them in a steel cage because we knew the celestials would try to get out because who… likes to be locked up?” She had to explain, one way or another. Not to justify their actions but to let him know they didn’t do it because they simply hated his kind. They were pissed at that moment because it affected the whole timeline, but they didn’t dislike them.

“How would they save themselves? We had a deal with them, we protect them from hunters and they help us, well their Wayfinder would help us right what’s wrong.” She could understand how it looks like, that they were deciding things on their own without consulting the ones being wronged first, but to them, especially her, though it would’ve never gone well. “Well, if you want to cuss, don’t stop at my account.” He can cuss all he wants, it’s not as if it’ll bother the Aspect of Magic. She has heard worse. Besides, she still required his help. “Hunters don’t care about what you are, you’re nothing to them, just a means to an end for them to achieve ‘greatness’ by having the ability to change the timeline in the past” she warned, she thought that was the least she could do before enlisting his help because it wasn’t as if Mal was going to tell him to back out for his sake. She’s Malva Ailward, she will do what she needs to do.

“I can help you find the person who did the cloaking spell on you, your glow wasn’t taken away, it’s there but it’s very dim, almost non-existent unless you’re standing really close and focusing. That’s not just any cloaking spell, and I did not detect the energy signature whatsoever which means it is someone powerful… smart too. How old are you? I mean, when did you fall on earth? How many decades ago? Centuries?” She eyed their surroundings and huffed, “We’ll need to go somewhere more private though.”

He wasn’t there and he didn’t know any of the people who were locked away except for Han but it still made him angry hearing how she could make a decision to lock someone away in cages because of what they were “They were never a threat to you and yet they got punished for it anyway, it hardly surprises me considering that’s what happens time and time again in the world, the strong or the wealthy pick on those who are having a hard time and find excuses to get away with it” he narrowed his eyes on her. It wasn’t his battle to fight but despite everything his brother did mean something to him and perhaps his own life would have turned out differently had he known Han sooner.

“Doesn’t it occur to you that this timeline changing you’re so afraid of? It means death for us” he commented in a sarcastic voice “Having given the choice I would have stayed in a nice secluded place and lived my life rather than spend it running from people who wanted to kill me” did they really need to lock people up who were already looking for a safe place, maybe if they’d told them of the risks they would have been okay with staying put. “I know, my brother told me about them” he commented in a grumbling voice, it sounded awful and he was sure there would be times he would be thankful he had it all hidden from him but for the most part it felt like there was a part of him missing, a part he couldn’t get back by himself.

“Does it have to be reversed by the same person?” he questioned almost in an annoyed tone because that sounded like a pain in the ass to try and track down, that person he had met in Korea and he never saw their face or heard their voice, he honestly thought the whole thing was a dream until he woke up on an entirely different continent. “Well whoever it was also got me out of a big mess back in Korea...they teleported me here” which was no easy feat he was sure. He gave her a stern, almost wary look when she asked how old he was, he still didn’t trust her but he knew if he didn’t cooperate he was going to lose the only lead he had “I’m 21” he responded bluntly. Her suggestion on going somewhere private didn’t make him budge though “So you can lock me in a steel cage?” he commented dryly.

Of course she bit her lip and just stood there and she received whatever lashings he wanted to give her for screwing up his brother. "It was nothing personal, we just… had to keep them somewhere until we figure things out and nobody likes being locked up, I won't try to justify the actions because it was unwarranted to lock people up in steel cages but don't try to make it seem like I wanted it to happen. It's not as if I want to lock a high profiled species like your kind for no reason, we provided a safe place once upon a time ago and though it's shitty that we turned on you, don't try to use the analogy of the strong and wealthy oppressing the weak, that doesn't work on us" she scowled, of course they weren't saints but Mal hated when people hold them on a certain degree as if they like doing what was needed. "You think we're the strong ones stepping on you? You haven't seen anything yet if so." 

He had a point, perhaps if they told them they will send them to a safe place and promoted it everywhere, it wouldn't have to come down to that. But it wasn't as easy as that. "If people knew we were offering safe haven to celestials, it'll lead them straight to us and even though we're strong and can fend them off, don't you think it's too ridiculous for people to work on their own at a large scale like that? People are hunting you for what your death can bring to them, yes, but they don't do that on their own, they hunt in packs, and they report to someone far stronger. Maybe the island can hold you but it's like advertising a free buffet to everyone in the world, at a time when I can barely walk properly because fixing the timeline is a painful bitch, much less use my magic to protect them." It was wrong but she knew she wouldn't choose another because they don't necessarily always make good decisions, they try to make the best ones. 

"If people knew we were locking them instead of offering them a safe place, it would've been better, because the hunters wouldn't attempt anything stupid because they wouldn't dig in to know if our strength was dwindling." The Ailwards couldn't afford to look weak. "No, I don't think it necessarily needs to be reversed by the same person, but I do need to know who this person is or what spell he used to cloak you. I can't reverse anything if I don't know what it is." It was common sense, still she did wonder who this powerful and cunning person was. Could it be someone she knew? When he remarked dryly about her locking him up, Mal narrowed her hues and scowled, "You're tempting me." She pulled out her phone and dialed a number, waiting for someone to pick up as she still had her eyes trained on him, it was brief since it ended in less than a minute but all she got was that she confirmed a safe and private place for them. "Do you want me to start finding a lead on your mysterious case or not?"

His glare said all he needed to say about what he thought of her excuses “Nothing personal is what people who have no empathy say to justify their barbaric decisions” he responded coldly, every time he’d heard someone use those words it had been to justify some sort of means to get what they want. He rolled his eyes as she spoke more about it, he really didn’t care for her excuses and it wasn’t like he was the one able to forgive them but all he knew for sure was that his brother was traumatised by what happened “You’re not gonna justify the means to me when I have to see my brother panic any time he thinks there is someone behind him” he spoke bluntly, he didn’t care about the reasons, taking away people’s freedom was unforgivable to him.

He gave a deadpan look and tilted his head “You couldn’t cast your erase spell without having people in cages? What are people rats you need to draw energy from?” he rolled his eyes and shrugged “Can’t change what happened but there is no way I’d be able to sleep at night knowing I traumatised people” he commented somewhat bitterly. No doubt that was why Han had so much issue when it came to small spaces, he’s been conditioned to hate them after being trapped in them for so long.

He nodded slightly, so they needed to track this person down to understand what sort of magic he had used on him “Magic gives me a headache” he grumbled under his breath and sighed, every time he was faced with something that bordered on magic he found himself with so many questions “Doesn’t help that everyone is so damn secretive about it, people used to look at me like I was crazy when I asked about how things worked” which didn’t help his own sanity at a time when he had no idea what he was. He scoffed when she offhandedly threatened him and shrugged his shoulders. He was still watching her with a suspicious expression but in the end his need for answers won out “Fine” he commented bluntly, didn’t mean he trusted her though.

She held both hands up as if she was done with all her excuses "Alright then, if that's how you'll see me, so be it. If that'll help you" does it matter to Mal? She acknowledged she did wrong, she's just not good at this whole thing so however he would like to see her, is up to him. She did feel guilty for being the reason why his brother suffered long term traumas like that but she couldn't even try to make it better even if she wanted, she's a pathologist and a witch, an alchemist, not a doctor who could heal him. Maybe suggesting therapy would be a bad move right now. The more he poked at it, the more Mal felt aggravated with him but was that his fault? He had every reason to be hostile to her but it didn't mean Mal could take it without looking sour. 

"Well, if I cast a big spell like that when they're everywhere, it won't work properly, I was still weak… I couldn't cover every space selectively" she mumbled, it's not an excuse but that's hers. She won't deny that. "You're right, I didn't sleep well at night knowing I caused misery to people" she scoffed, she never could. That could be one of the reasons why she couldn't sleep well, which is honestly just one out of 10. "Yeah you and me both" Magic gives her headaches too, it can be very complicated, even for Malva who's experienced them for centuries. "I mean there's two worlds there, imagine if you ask someone who didn't know supernaturals existed, something absurd such as magic… they'll think you're crazy." It was a given.

"And for the people who know, they didn't tell you because they're supposed to keep the secret. Don't take it personally, it's just… a rule for everyone. We still have a system here, you go around spouting stuff like that that could risk our exposure to the other world, you'll get in trouble." At least he was willing to go along with it, that's bare minimum but it works. "I should be able to open a portal with that energy earlier…" she mumbled to herself and tried to conjure a passage. Thanks to the energy from earlier, she was able to do that. There was a brief swirl and electricity surrounding it as the color purple takes the form of a gateway. "Come on, in you go." She beckoned him to go in and gave him a reassuring look "It's not a trap don't worry, if it makes you feel any better I'll step in with you but I can't go first or else the portal will close."

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