Deus wasn’t one to go on missions often, in fact it was rather hard to make him leave his plants all together. Yet since the loss of his favorite plant to something magical. Things had not been right with the aspect. He needed answers, he was a ball of anger which was very much unlike him. He kept it pushed down around his siblings and friends but when he was alone in his room not sleeping doing a million experiments trying to figure out what happened to his plant. With no avail.

It caused the aspect to need answers beyond the walls of the Manor. So he went to find Malva, to ask the aspect of magic herself if she had felt the energy shift into the world itself. Yet when he found himself wandering into her room there was a list of magical items that needed to be collected, that had been alerted to her. He reached to pick up the board and his eyes widened on one. Maybe it could give him the answers he needed. If it was real. He quickly wrote down the estimated location. Leaving a note for Malva that he was going to find for her. After that he moved through the house into the massive garage climbing into his jeep and took off leaving the Manor behind him. 


Deus found himself halfway towards Florida when the ring of his phone confirmed his siblings looking for him. He took each of their calls and explained he just wanted to get out of the Manor and go on a mission. They were disappointed he didn’t take a guard and had planned to send the next available guard his way. Though he said for them not to send someone he knew they were not going to listen to him. He did love how much him and his family seem to always care about each other even after all these years.


Once he reached Florida he parked outside of a diner and made his way in. He slid into the stool at the counter next to another male of color and gave him a gentle smile before reading over the menu. Ordering a salad and fries as nothing else seemed to call out to him besides sweets. He looked around as the dinner seemed overly quiet before turning to look to Aeryn beside him. “Come here often?” He asked with an easy smile.

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There was nothing suspicious about the way Aeryn active because he had nothing to be ashamed of, he didn’t exactly want to be here and he wasn’t searching this thing down out of his own greed, he was here because he knew this damn stone wouldn’t leave him alone until he found it. He held his hands up as though to imply to the other male he didn’t intend to harm him, though he was curious to know what he wanted it for “Me neither and if we’re here it’s only so long before others follow” though it made him curious what had tipped this guy off that it was here, did he have a mystical object too?

He shrugged when the other male asked if he knew what they were looking for “Not a clue, not exactly how this guardian thing works unfortunately” it was a lot of being sent here there and everywhere with no real rationale or understanding and attempting to figure out why he was there. “Well that entirely depends on what it is...either to destroy it or to protect it is usually the two options” unfortunately despite his many attempts, the stone of El’Ar couldn’t being destroyed so he was stuck with this one but many others could be taken care of by a powerful diviner.

He walked through the room slowly, eyes trailing over the piles of stuff around, using the pulses from the stone to guide him, when he reached over the west side of the room, he felt the stone’s pulse grow so intense that he had to hold himself up as to not buckle “I haven’t met many people with the ability to track mystical objects...surely you must...sense another?” he wasn’t going to directly tell the other male what he had, it was a test to make sure that he really could detect it and he hadn’t just gotten word it was here through hearsay.

With a sigh as he tried to focus on the magical item giving up since the thing producing the most magic seemed to be around Aeryn neck. “Magic items seem to have a habit of drawing in people from all walks of life.” He said without skipping a beat. “I have seen it over the years draw in the good and bad.” He tried to remember on the paper what shape the object was believed to be. His mind couldn’t seem to focus with all the dust in the air and the fact it felt like his every move was being watched. Even if Aeryn wasn’t going to jump him, he didn’t feel at ease being an aspect and all alone.

“So you are a guardian huh?” Virindeus asked as he glanced up towards the man for a moment. “Funny I am kinda a guardian also.” he wasn’t giving the whole truth away because he was a guardian over the aspect of life itself. “Yeah well the only option for this item is to let my people have it. Seems it could be linked to the darkness that has fallen over Evermore.” He muttered as he tossed aside a lamp after staring at it for a long moment trying to decide if it was the item he was looking for.

“Yes I can feel whatever you are using, it is blocking me from finding the item.” He said as he moved from the pile behind him for a moment. He surely was good at whatever he was doing, or so Virindeus thought. “Seems to be energy that matches ancient magic.” He muttered to himself trying to place the last time he had felt that kind of magic. “Malva would love to study it.” He murmured more to himself. “Let’s just say there is a reason I should have someone come with me, I am not the best at finding these items over the world.”

Aeryn looked down for a moment and then back up to the other male “It does...even people who wanted nothing to do with it in the first place” sure he had always been a Nephilim but he had never asked to be immortal or cursed to walk the earth with a dangerous mystical object. “Well I try to be the good, though power often brings the bad running after me” he grumbled the words thinking about the number of times in the past when he had been chased down by someone hunting the stone for their own selfish gain.

“Of wasn’t like I trained my whole life to be one or anything but” he shrugged “If I can prevent what happened to my family happening to others, I’ve done my part” and he kept doing so throughout history, it wasn’t like he could just leave the stone of El’Ar out of the taking and the damn thing couldn’t be destroyed, believe him, he’d tried. “What do you guard against?” he questioned, leaving the question open enough to hopefully not get shut down. “You realize ‘your people’ makes it sound awfully like a mob right?” he commented and quirked his brows.

“Well, I suppose that means the magic is overpowering the other meaning whatever we find isn’t as dangerous as it” he grumbled under his breath and sighed, it wasn’t exactly a bar he wanted anything to even get close to after all. “Malva?” he questioned as he hunted through the pile of things that were cluttered in the spot the stone had guided him to. After digging a little he found a chest under there and stared at it curiously before picking it up “Wanna take bets about whether it’s in here?” he questioned in a soft voice, but of course when he tried to open the lid it wouldn’t budge.

“For as long as I have lived, you find that magic will always attract more bad than good. Especially when you can’t cloak a beacon.” He nodded his head towards the object for a moment then pushed away more junk that didn’t seem to give off any aura. He was slowly finding this overwhelming and no wonder they sent guards out after items.  "Been dealing with people that want power for a millennia, and watched the good win more times than not." He tried to offer some kind of comfort, then wondered if that was comforting at all.

He looked to the stone for a moment and wondered if he and his people could help alleviate the burden it seemed to hold over him and his family. "I am not overly sure how to explain it without you thinking I am crazy." The aspect said softly. "My siblings and myself, well we are considered important to the world. We all hold certain aspects, and keep balance in the world. Or that is what we try to do." He muttered the last part to himself. "Well being a mob is better than sounding like a cult right?" He questioned, since that was his go too comment when people said that to him.

"Or I am out of practice when it comes to hunting magical items with other magical beings around." He gave a gentle chuckle from his lips. "Malva is my sister and a protector of magical items in a way." He said as his eyes landed on the chest and he stood up dusting his own hands off as he moved closer. "Seems like from the writing." His eyes scanned it. "He who opens will bring death." His brows pulled together. "Maybe we should go back to Evermore. Not opening it."

He shrugged slightly “You could say that about anything when it involves people, it’s not the magic’s fault, it’s greed” he commented nonchalantly, people had gone to war over less, money, power, control, it all stemmed back to people trying to claim what wasn’t owed to them. But there were good forces that conflicted the bad, people like him who tried to keep such danger from falling into hands that would misuse it, people who turned in a wallet they found with everything intact “It’s the few that make the many look bad I guess” he commented and shrugged slightly.

Aeryn raised his brows and grinned slightly “Believe me, I’m not quick to judge after all that I’ve seen” he murmured, he had spent the majority of his life protecting a magical stone capable of making people immortal after all. “Balance huh?” he tilted his head slightly “Sounds like a seesaw kind of life” if balance needed to be maintained that meant it could be tipped the other way after all. “I suppose, at least one of them has...half levels of freedom” though you didn’t get out of either of them without a death wish.

“Fair point” he commented when Virindeus said he wasn’t used to hunting down magical items in the presence of others “Though I’m going to hold out hope that whatever this is, isn’t a pair to this one” it had lead him here but the stone had lead him other places before in the past so it didn’t mean all that much. “Death…” he commented in a grumbling tone “Either it’s smoke and mirrors….or it’s really gonna kill us” he commented wondering which it was. Perhaps he was stupid but he reached for the chest and picked it up. When nothing happened, he blinked a few times “Diviners do like their empty threats” he commented.

Deus gave a short snorted laugh at that moment to his words, “In all my years, you know what I have learned? Most people fucking suck weather they are greedful, or just stupid.” He gave an easy shrug as he was one that saw the good in the world yet that didn’t mean he turned a blind eye to the bad either. “The good ones though, shine so bright that it makes you almost forget about the bad for a brief moment.” He muttered softly as they both seem to be on the same page of their views of life. Even if at first it may not have seemed that way at first.

“Living a life with an open mind is always the best way to live your life.” He said in a matter-of-fact tone seeing the world year after year become more and more open to things they once shunned closed. Though that often, even though groups would always seem to rise up and want to suppress acceptance. “Well I won’t say it's an easy life.” He said after a long thought. “It has its ups though, just like a seesaw.” He gave a gentle chuckle past his lips at the thought of all the Ailwards going up and down on a seesaw that played through his brain. “Half levels of freedom?” He questioned being pulled from his thoughts of them being chibis on a seesaw.

Deus watched him reach in and pick it up, wondering if he should stop him. Maybe part of him wanted to see what would happen when he picked it up. Nothing. Of course. “Well maybe death happens if you open it. Which I suggest we don’t do. Most diviners I know are not full of empty threats.” His mind went to Malva, Bexley, and even Kaelyn. “Or are you going to tempt fate more?” He crossed his arms as he stood up straighter.

He nodded in agreement, he couldn’t dispute any of that because he’d experienced the exact same thing time and time again, impulses get the better of someone, they take advantage and screw others over until they can no longer be forgiven for their greed and then they have to be dealt with. “I’ve only crossed paths with a few…truly good” he acknowledged and nodded slightly “Everyone else likes to sit in the middle, hoping the line” nobody was perfect right?

“I find it’s the only way to live your life, if you spend too much of your time worrying about others around you, all you’ll do is make yourself miserable” you had to let it go and just run with what the world decided to deal to you, like it or not. “I’m sure some would say some kind of poetic bullshit about how you don’t know when you’re high if you’ve never been low but” he chuckled playfully “Think I’d just prefer to smoke to get high” an amused grin hinted on his lips.

Aeryn inspected the box in front of him and pressed his lips together, sure there was a certain level of risk involved here but the other male didn’t know he had a second sense of intuition close to his chest, one he had come to trust despite the complex frustration that came along with it “Let’s just say I didn’t come here and suddenly know how to find this thing on accident” he murmured softly, still, he didn’t fancy being vaporized on the spot “If I hand it to you then you have to let me see it through to safety in person” he bargained, making it clear if he didn’t take it then he fully intended to take the risk.

Deus' mind went to his siblings; they all had their dark sides, especially Cora and Erythreus, yet they were all also truly good in his eyes. Then there were their guards. He gave a gentle smile at the thought of the bunch that had their own feelings and emotions and did their own things. “I like to think I have met more than a few but I often put my trust and life in the hands of people so that is probably where I am coming from.” He was not really sure how to explain the Ailwards and the guards without giving a whole sit down with history. “The moral gray area is where most people would rather stay if I am honest with you. Not evil, not good. Just existing.” He gave a shrug seeing human nature play out year after year.

That is where Deus had to disagree but he was also in a vastly different position in life then this young man probably was. He wasn’t having to keep the world hinged together with seven others. “I see your point of view there, I am just stuck in my old ways. Maybe I just worry too much.” Out of all the aspects he seemed the most chill but he often was worried about what was going on in the world and how it was affecting the living beings. A big grin came across the aspects face, “Now we are talking my language when it comes to just smoking to get high. Avoid the lows that way.” he gave an easy chuckle at that moment, seeing the amusing grin on the Nephilims face gave him a warm feeling in his chest.

Taking in Aeryn words and how willing he is to put himself in danger he gave a nod of his head. “How about you hold it, and ride with me back to Evermore? You can watch my intentions of making sure whatever is in there stays there or is handed off to someone who understands Diviner magic far more than myself?” he offered, realizing he would have a lot more to explain to the male if he chooses to cross over into the Aspect mansion with himself. “That way if we cross paths again we can trust each other a little more.” He took a step closer holding his hand out to shake on a deal. “I can have someone bring you back for your vehicle, if needed.”

He nodded his head slightly, other people had different views of the world he supposed, some people were optimists, others pessimists, experience was relative to the person who went through it and people could come out the other side with entirely different impressions “I think even the best people can’t say they’ve made it through life without making at least a few huge fuck ups though” your intentions could still be good and yet you could end up causing hurt to others without even realizing “I don’t think there’s any real maintaining that perfect image anyway, someone will find a way to fault you regardless” so why keep trying to achieve the impossible?

He chuckled slightly “Well I never said it was easy to stop worrying, that’s human nature right” especially when it involved people you cared about, hell he couldn’t say a thing because he knew if his sister disapproved of something he had done or said then he would probably be crushed or at least swayed too. He raised his brows and grinned “Now there’s something we can agree on” Aeryn had always been pretty easy when it came to that kind of thing, once you got to a certain age you’d seen and done everything out of pure boredom, he just came back around to the fun things.

The nephilim had to admit he was expecting more fight on this particular topic and while it would be faster for Aeryn to simply fly himself home, he didn’t want to start a fight, nor did he particularly want to play a game of cat and mouse right now “Deal” he responded and held the box carefully in both hands “Funny how we both came from the same place…this little box right here is like a damn honing beacon” he mumbled “Which means we should probably get on the move fast before the slowpokes catch up” he reached forward his hand and shook the other male’s hand “I guess this is where our adventure begins huh?” he chuckled, what an interesting turn of events.

✧ florida mission ✧
Virideus could agree with the statement, “But not every huge fuck up leds to death.” That was a burden he and his siblings would have to forever carry in their souls. They lost so many guards, and celestials that day. That loss of life weighed heavily in his soul, the sure amount of pain he felt the day of the fall of all those around him that he was connected to dying. It left internal scars along with the man who only tried to have a positive attitude. “It isn’t so impossible. There is one way to get around that is learning not to give a damn what others think of you. Then you won’t care what faults others see in you.” It was advice given to him one time and he himself was still trying to get a grasp on it, he cared too much about others.

Deus gave a soft chuckle, “Yeah human nature.” Some days he didn’t feel like his old human self, he felt lost in the void of the death that was happening around him. He just wanted to solve whatever was happening to keep everyone safe. They pair had seemed to find a common ground, leading to an unlikely partnership maybe. That is what Deus was hoping for, not wanting to fight or pull out his dragon form and risk not making it back to Evermore to his siblings. Seeing Aeryn mull over in his brain the offer of a deal he felt sweet relief when he agreed.

Getting the item back to Evermore and in the safety of the Manor would do them all well. “You say funny, I say it seems all roads lead back to Evermore lately.” His tone got dark as he thought of all the beacons going off lately. “Yes moving and getting this back on home turf would be the best option.” The older male's hand wrapped around the Nephilims hand giving it a gentle shake before chuckling softly. “Well it's like we have just started a dungeons and dragons crew about to save the world together.” The funniest part of it all, he was the dragon in the dungeons and dragons.

“Do you have a vehicle of your own or are you good to hitch a ride with me?” He started towards the door, peeking out of it for a moment before pushing it open to make his way back towards where the Jeep was. “Maybe safer for us both if we are in the same vehicle, if you feel safe enough to join me in the drive back.” His eyes scanned for any signs of life, along with his senses reaching out feeling everything that had life in it, even every blade of grass as the wind blew it softly. “Coast is clear.” He muttered as he looked back to Aeryn with glowing green eyes.

Aeryn bit his lip softly, well that was a pretty big one, he thought to himself “That’s a heavy one to carry” he agreed and nodded his head “Made that very same mistake too” it haunted you honestly, the what ifs, wondering if choosing otherwise would have changed the outcome, it was the type of thing you would never move past from if you kept lingering on it. “True that” he agreed and chuckled deeply “I gave up trying to please everyone a long time ago, can’t be done, massive waste of time” he played by his own rules now and that was all he ever asked of himself.

Aeryn bit his lip, perhaps he was right, it did feel like there was this constant pull back to Evermore, probably because of the gathering it had amassed of the supernatural, magic breeds magic as they say. “Strange…how magic always seems to…cluster” he mumbled softly, someone must have studied that pattern right, he wondered what their findings would be. He chuckled at his Dungeons and Dragons comment “We can hope that we won’t be attacked by a troll in the first cave but in this world…who even knows” he jested softly and smirked, he was catching up with modern trends quickly.

Aeryn shrugged “I’ll just order a tow truck to bring mine back to me, I always drive with best intentions but then the story has better ideas for me” he joked playfully and shrugged, besides he didn’t have an expensive car he cared much about. “Besides, if they see a car here, it might keep people looking for longer which gives us a better headstart” and he had the feeling they were going to need it. He stared down at the box suspiciously wondering what on earth this thing could be. He watched the other male curiously wondering just what would create glowing green eyes…a diviner perhaps…but he didn’t have that magic vibe.

Before long the two of them were climbing into the car, Aeryn nestled the box under his arm securely to make sure whatever this thing was didn’t rattle around “So how did you know about this thing…” he questioned.

✧ florida mission ✧
Deus nodded thoughtfully, a faint smile playing on his lips as he listened to Aeryn. "Life is full of burdens," he said softly, "but it's also full of resilience. It's about finding the balance between carrying the weight and letting it shape you without breaking you." He met Aeryn's eyes with a knowing look. "The 'what ifs' are part of our nature, but they shouldn't define us."

He pondered Aeryn's musings about Evermore. "Magic does seem to cluster, doesn't it? It's like a magnet, drawing everything towards it. Evermore is a focal point, a place where the supernatural gathers and thrives." He chuckled at the fact he rolled with his Dungeons and Dragons reference, his eyes twinkling with amusement. "In this world, we must be prepared for anything. A troll in a cave might just be the least of our surprises. Something I have seen in my youth actually."

Deus appreciated Aeryn's practical approach to the car. "Good thinking. A tow truck will handle the mundane while we deal with the extraordinary. And leaving the car might just give us the edge we need." He watched Aeryn handle the box, sensing his curiosity and suspicion. As they settled into the car, Deus started the engine, the hum of the motor filling the silence. "How did I know about this?" he echoed, glancing at Aeryn with a cryptic smile. "Let's just say I have my ways. Some knowledge comes from experience, some from connections." He paused, choosing his words carefully. "The green eyes belong to a part of me, an ancient entity tied to the earth's very essence. It's not just about magic; it's about understanding the forces at play."

He looked ahead, the road stretching out before them. "In our quest, we encounter many mysteries. This box is just one of many. Together, we'll uncover its secrets and face whatever challenges come our way." He glanced at Aeryn again, a hint of encouragement in his eyes. "Trust in the journey, and in each other. That's how we find our way.” Evermore was a deal away but having someone on the drive brought a sense of comfort. Maybe he wouldn't get his head chewed off by the others. “Are you alone often?” He questioned as he sensed maybe the Nephilim male did not have a circle.

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