Deus wasn’t one to go on missions often, in fact it was rather hard to make him leave his plants all together. Yet since the loss of his favorite plant to something magical. Things had not been right with the aspect. He needed answers, he was a ball of anger which was very much unlike him. He kept it pushed down around his siblings and friends but when he was alone in his room not sleeping doing a million experiments trying to figure out what happened to his plant. With no avail.

It caused the aspect to need answers beyond the walls of the Manor. So he went to find Malva, to ask the aspect of magic herself if she had felt the energy shift into the world itself. Yet when he found himself wandering into her room there was a list of magical items that needed to be collected, that had been alerted to her. He reached to pick up the board and his eyes widened on one. Maybe it could give him the answers he needed. If it was real. He quickly wrote down the estimated location. Leaving a note for Malva that he was going to find for her. After that he moved through the house into the massive garage climbing into his jeep and took off leaving the Manor behind him. 


Deus found himself halfway towards Florida when the ring of his phone confirmed his siblings looking for him. He took each of their calls and explained he just wanted to get out of the Manor and go on a mission. They were disappointed he didn’t take a guard and had planned to send the next available guard his way. Though he said for them not to send someone he knew they were not going to listen to him. He did love how much him and his family seem to always care about each other even after all these years.


Once he reached Florida he parked outside of a diner and made his way in. He slid into the stool at the counter next to another male of color and gave him a gentle smile before reading over the menu. Ordering a salad and fries as nothing else seemed to call out to him besides sweets. He looked around as the dinner seemed overly quiet before turning to look to Aeryn beside him. “Come here often?” He asked with an easy smile.

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Aeryn honestly wished he could find the diviner that created this damned stone and punch them square in the jaw. He hated the thing so much, he hated how it sent people constantly running after him to the ends of the earth to procure it. He hated that it stole so many precious years he could have spent with his sister from him. But most of all, he hated when the damn thing woke him up in the middle of the night and insisted that there was somewhere he needed to be. It had happened a few times, the thing was basically like a beacon for dark magic and today it was pulsing rapidly which told him something was happening.

That was a few hours ago. So he had hauled himself out of bed, grumbled about how the world doesn’t like giving him any kind of rest and then gotten into his car and drove. Living for as long as he did definitely came with a real curse. Every time that he went on one of these wild goose chases he ended up getting chased by some psycho trying to hunt down whatever magical object that had shown up in the world. Driving was something incredibly mundane to him so he had turned up the music on the radio to keep his focus.

He would give cars their due, they were more comfortable for making the long journeys than flying and after driving for most of the night he found himself finally crossing the state line into Florida. The pulsing around his neck was annoying but also helped to keep him awake. Telling him that he must be heading in the right direction and also driving himself insane. He sometimes wished he could be rid of this thing once and for all but that wasn’t how this deal worked and he had accepted his fate a long time ago.

Eventually his weariness got the best of him and he found himself pulling into a diner on the side of the highway, he headed inside, seating himself at the bar and ordering himself a small plate to keep him going until he reached his destination. Everything was quiet because it was stupidly late at night and no one sane was entering a diner at this time. Or at least, no one except him and the other male seated at the counter, he chuckled when the other male greeted him “Absolutely not” he scoffed and shook his head “Though these late night trips seem to happen more often than I’d like” he commented and thanked the server for his food before picking at his french fries “I could ask the same, ain’t exactly the kind of place to be getting your food fix right?” he raised his brows curiously.

Deus gave a gentle chuckle to the young man’s scoffing at his question. “Good to know I am not the only stranger taking on a late night trip. Though mine seems to be much more spir of the moment than an often occurrence.” The aspect said as he picked up the glass of water taking a long sip from it before setting it back down. His eyes moved around the dinner that held a classic look. Almost like it was stuck back in the 60’s when it was brought around. His mind wandered foundly of the 60’s for a moment. The times he could get high and give into the primal desire with others. Giving a shake of his head he was pulled back into that moment.

“Why is it happening more often than you like?” The aspect asked as his eyes moved along the male taking him in. He could feel the life that was spread through him, which made the aspect at ease. There also wasn’t an over sense of darkness coming from him, making it easier to breath also. “If you don’t mine a stranger being a little nosey that is.” he gave a chuckle as he rolled the wrapper of the straw between his fingers for a moment watching the server with a gentle smile as she placed the plates down. “Thank you kindly, dear.” He said as he picked up the ketchup and squirted a bit on the plate.

“I don’t know, these places have a kind of charm about them. Reminds my old bones of a time that were simple in some ways.” He said as his eyes glanced to the record player, sliding from his seat popping a fry in his mouth as he placed a quarter in the machine and turned on the oldest song he could find in the machine before returning to his seat. “Though I am also one to live in the moment no matter what it may be. Life is far too short for many to not enjoy the time you have. Even if it's on a trip you wish not to be on.” He gave a wink of his eye before digging back into his food. “Besides, diners have some of the best fries in the world.” He gave a laugh as his head moved with the music.

He chuckled and raised his brow “Going to visit somebody?” he questioned curiously, Aeryn rarely left Evermore unless he had to, the nephilim had seen enough of the world when he spent years upon years of running, he was more than content with settling down in the city and just enjoying the world for what it was. When the waitress brought his lemonade he smiled before picking it up and taking a long sip of the drink. He felt tired from driving for so long.

“Well you know...sometimes emergencies happen” he responded coyly as he glanced over at the other male, physically they probably appeared around 10 years apart in age but Aeryn knew better than to believe anyone was old as they looked. “And before you know it you’re packing up your car in the middle of the night and travelling cross state” he sighed under his breath, such a pain was the life of a protector. There was something familiar about the male, he noted in his mind as he glanced over at him, he had an otherworldly presence to him.

It wasn’t exactly the same kind of simple Aeryn remembered, he had missed out on the era which invented establishments such as this but he had read plenty about them. They seemed pretty interesting “I’ll credit to music from back then, everything sounded more...real in those songs” he commented with an amused smile, not that he hated the music from today but he swore a lot of it sounded like a machine had chewed up the instruments from before. “I just saw the opportunity for food...can’t really go wrong with traditional fried chicken or pot pie” he complimented just as his food was placed down and he picked up a french fry to eat. The other male’s aura was light but he didn’t sense that his species was fully light affiliated which made him curious to know what he was. Certainly not human, he knew that much.

Just at that moment he felt the star pulse against his neck and he clutched his hand against it for a moment, grunting in pain because he knew that was the stone getting impatient with him.

Deus gave another easy chuckle with a shake of his head, “No, going to a destination.” He said as he looked towards him for a moment. “Everyone I need to be around are back in the city I live in miles and miles away.” He gave a gentle chuckle wondering how his siblings would be doing if they took the mission alone like he did. Oh the earful he would be getting once he is back among the others. Sipping on his water he gave a gentle sigh from his lips thinking of his return already.

“Yes, emergencies happen far too often if you ask the right person.” Deus gave a gentle chuckle to his coyness. He wondered what emergency would call for someone to  be at a dinner late at night. “Your emergency, was someone hurt?” He asked softly thinking maybe he could help if this was the case. “I may be able to offer some kind of service if that is the case.” He offered as he glanced over towards the male with an easy smile on his face. It was natural for him to carry this smile on his face.

“Everything was more real in those songs.” He closed his eyes remembering the speakeasies he snuck into and sighed for a moment. “There was a lot of bad back then though, I guess every time period has its bad. Wonder if we will ever reach a utopia time.” The aspects mind drifted to having a garden of Eden of his own, though he would be high as a kite in his own garden. He gave a light chuckle and nodded his head, “I was the same, needed the break from driving and can’t pass up on some good food.” As he ate on what he ordered he looked leaned forward onto the counter and looked him over.  After all he could tell the male was doing the same which made him sure that he was not human and he was trying to figure out what he was in return.

When clutched his hand to his neck Deus leaned back seeing the wave of pain cross his face. Without thinking Deus' hand came to Aeryn's arm and he used his ability to remove the pain he had felt. A flash of green took over his dark eyes. Giving a grunt from his lips as the pain waved through him. The aspect looked to him with an arched brow. “Interesting.” The aspects eyes returned to their deep brown.

He chuckled under his breath “Must be a pretty important destination to be making the trip so late” Aeryn didn’t actually have any idea where his own destination was, only that this damn stone was going to annoy the hell out of him until he went and investigated whatever it was it was trying to tell him. More of a curse than a blessing was this damn thing and yet he still found himself responsible for it “Do I catch a little regret in that one?” he question, especially from the way he phrased where he was supposed to be around.

He resisted the urge to grumble when the male mentioned how emergencies happened to often, he could agree with that wholeheartedly, memories of his life spent entirely on the run came to mind, it wasn’t fun being the protector of something everyone seemed to greedily want. “I sure hope not” he responded when the other male asked if someone was hurt “Don’t really know what I’m walking into, just knew there’s somewhere I need to ever have a feeling like that?” which was his coy way of trying to read this guy a little.

“Real instruments for starters” he responded and chuckled softly, he remembered having so much respect for those who were able to play and he would always make time to head into a bar and just listen for a while. Always remaining low key he never had the opportunity to perform himself but he could imagine what it would feel like to step up and just play. “Pretty sure robots are going to take over the world and kill us all before that happens” he teased shaking his head at the idea of a utopia because he honestly didn’t see it, there were too many corrupted and greedy people and in his mind there always would be. “A man with good taste” he complimented when the other male commented about getting food “You can’t really beat American comfort food” he commented with an amused smile.

This damn stone liked to play up at the stupidest times. It was honestly like carrying a necklace with an actual mind of it’s own. He was busy trying to get his reaction under control but of course the other male had noticed. The nephilim watched him carefully before seeing the brief flash of green over his eyes and then noting the way he recoiled in a way that implied he felt the pain which disappeared from Aeryn’s body. He frowned and shifted on the spot because he wasn’t sure how to play this but he was ready to fight if the other male made an offensive mood “That’s an interesting trick you got there” he commented bluntly because now he needed to know the other male’s intentions.

The older male gave a gentle chuckle past his lips for a moment then sighed softly, “Sometimes life has a way of making this important even if we don’t think it would be.” He muttered softly as he gave a slight shrug of his shoulders for a moment. “No, no real regret, I will be back home before I know it. Wishing I wasn’t there.” he gave a gentle chuckle because after so long together he could go from loving his siblings to wanting to rip their heads off in a single minute if they pressed his buttons right enough.

The coy way he spoke of what was going on with him made the aspect think to the guards that worked for them. He gave a gentle frown with a gentle nod with it. “Aye I know that feeling and people I am close to know that feeling very well. Sometimes being protectors of things can be a heavy weight with little insight.” He muttered softly not knowing that Aeryn was a protector himself, more going off his point of view along with the guards that joined the Guard. “Life and its way to throw things at us.”

Deus gave a chuckle in response with a nod of his head. “What is even better is being around real instruments when they are being played live, the way the music can dance deep in your chest.” He gave a gentle hum as his hand rested upon his chest for a moment. “If robots take over the world, it will be one of the saddest days, yet we will have let it happen.” He shook his head with a sigh. When the male complimented him, a smirk played on Deus’s lips and nodded. “Comfort food American or not is hard to beat.” He commented back softly.

Deus cursed himself mentally for being so brasion when it came to using his power to take away Aeryn pain. How was he to know it was far more than a headache from a long drive. The recoil of course didn’t go unnoticed by the other male. He took a moment clearing his throat as he focused his vision upon the male after shaking off the pain that he was able to tuck away. An easy smile returned towards the male. “Well it's something I have been able to do, for a long time now. That pain...I have to say if you have to deal with it often you are a strong one.” He said as he picked up his drink and took a long sip from it. “I figured you just had a headache. Interesting. Makes me wonder, if that pain is connected to why you are traveling tonight.” His eyes rested on him to read him.

Aeryn tilted his head curiously, the way the male spoke was pretty coy and vague which certainly made him curious as to what it was his intentions were and where he was from. Whenever he met someone like him, they often turned out to be someone much older than the nephilim “It’s like that huh?” he chuckled, thankfully Aeryn lived alone and was free to roam wherever he wanted, no one was waiting on him “Why not just extend the vacation and have a little break in that case?”

“Yeah no kidding” he responded almost out of reflex when the other male talked about the weight that being a protector could bring but his expression became a little guarded when he realized the other male had pretty much hit the nail on the head when it came to what he was doing. “And here we are desperately trying to hit a few home runs” enough to keep the ball away and people safe he supposed, it wasn’t an easy task that was for sure.

He nodded in agreement, there was something about music that had always been comforting to Aeryn and seeing the developments that had taken place in the past years was pretty fascinating to him “I swear there is nothing better than just whiling away the afternoon in a little dive bar with a performance space...seeing who shows up” ameteur artists he found were often the most talented and certainly the most hard working. He grinned slightly at the mention of robots taking over being sad “Well they say it’s because humans would be seen as a threat to the world so…” that said it all really.

Aeryn raised a bit of his chicken as though to salute in agreement with Deus’ words “Truer words have never been spoken” he agreed as he nibbled slightly. The stone was a part of Aeryn and as much as he hated the thing and cursed it, he never let it go, it was his burden to bear for as long as he lived and he would never forget that responsibility. “You have to be strong to make it in a world like this” he responded when the other male pointed out his strength, it was clear the two of them now knew one another were supernatural though neither of them wanted to say it. Naturally the nephilim was wary of supernatural beings he didn’t know “Maybe, though I’d say that doesn’t make it a coincidence that you’re also here” he commented with a raised brow.

“Well whatever it clearly demands attention” he grumbled, noting the stone’s pulses were getting stronger, meaning two things, one, he was close to his destination and two, he needed to get there soon.

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