Sneaking out was always something she was good at even back many centuries ago when she was a young child. Always wishing to be let out. To go on her own adventures. Almost in a way wanting to escape from her own family. Never having a proper, magical upbringing like everyone else. Deprived from everything a way. The only time Cora was happy was when she managed to get out of the house to somewhere nearby. Only if it was for a short time. When things in her life got so bad, Cora managed to escape. In a way knowing she’s able to come and go as she pleases make her feel safe. Well it is more difficult now, as both Venetus and Aureus were pressing into them that they had to be more careful. To always go in numbers along with having their personal guards with them at all times. Cora didn’t like that new aspect of it feeling too suffocated when she wasn’t allowed out. That and she was a type of person who rarely enjoys the company of others only a few. Maybe it was why she always have been so closed off by others. Only now she was finding herself opening up to people. Her black heart was not so dark anymore, and that’s reason is caused by someone. A special someone who she intends to keep a secret from her siblings and others for long as she could. Meaning constantly sneaking in and out of the manor. Trying to avoid her personal guard Crane to his demise. At night it was bit amusing seeing how many of them in the manor too sneak out to meet someone or to get up to something that they don’t want anyone else to know about.

There’s only two people who knows she’s been seeing Rashesh, a celestial in secret for the past few months. Admitted it all to Julian, an old friend who she knew she could trust with anything. Along with having to come clean tob Crane after his constant arguing that she’d have to open up to him at least with how he’s her guard and it’s his duty to know where she is at all times and all. Yet Cora was growing more suspicious that other people may know. It wouldn’t surprise her in the end if Malva knew too. For a weird reason Malva is a person whose able to know about everyone and everything. When sneaking out Cora constantly felt like she was having to look over her shoulder just in case someone may be following her. Cora found herself walking out of the manor in the daylight instead of sneaking out in the shadows at night. Knowing that her siblings probably all were out it wouldn’t look so suspicious of her going out by herself. Cora knew she should really have Crane with her yet at times she was sick of his presence. At times he was a third wheel just in the background waiting for her, Cora knew he hated it as much as she did. 

Cora didn’t exactly know where she was going having no exact plans for the day, it was mainly just for her to get some fresh air. Maybe to stop by the morgue in the hospital to see Rashesh if he wasn’t busy. The place still creeped her out bit along with the smell yet she was still getting used to it. Or maybe she’d pester Julian at work like the old days yet he was more annoyed and irritated when she did. Always panicking that someone would see her in classified areas and all, Cora knew if it came to it she’d easily make up an allby. Cora didn’t know how long she was walking for not really taking any notice for what direction she was heading to. Sometimes she found the city like a maze. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted a familiar face one she’d not seen for many years. Artemitra Bluemoon an ex of her brother Erythurus’s along with an old friend of hers. Guilt spread across Cora’s face reminded of the last time they had last seen each other. Knowing that Artemitra was one of the celestials they had locked up. “Artemitra?” She gasped a little stopping in her tracks hoping it was her. Wondering if she’d stop and recognise her too or if she’d run the other direction. Cora wouldn’t blame her too knowing all that her own fraction put them through. Only now lately she’d been feeling the guilt from it.

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The Celestial, had always enjoyed her freedom. When she first fell, she had been settled in Spain Asturias for a short while; with the young couple that had taken her in, and cared for her. It was her first taste of a family unit, and a home. They taught her skills, that stuck with her; to this very day. Artemis still remembered those times fondly. She had stayed in Asturias for about a year or two, Until her curiosity about the world got the better of her and she started to explore;  starting to travel from place to place. And thus her adventurous life had began. Seeing the world, trying to help people on her journey, finding herself in sticky; life or death situations, running from hunters, meeting people ect. Whilst the Celestial had good intentions; she was also reckless at times. Which was the main reason for ending up in odd situations like she had. Whilst she hadn’t entirely regretted moving around so much; she had at time missed the couple that first took her in. Wondered, how they were doing with their own lives. For a while, they had kept in touch. But eventually, those ties ended; as they stopped writing back. And to this day, Artemis never knew what happened to them. Other people, that she met. Still were present in her life today; like the Wayfinder Ophelia. Whom Artemis had known for a long long time.

Now living in Evermore; the Celestial felt like she was getting her freedom back again. Having lost it, when things on the Isle of Skye took a bad turn between her faction and the Ailwards. The events left, the Celestial feeling a mixture of emotions. That at times, she was still struggling with and trying to move past.

Since living in the Supernatural Haven of a city. The Brunette had discovered her love and talent for photography. Pursuing it, as a career path. It was like any other day for the Celestial. Artemis was heading out into the city, with her camera. To explore some more, and find a nice spot for some new photos. Humming to herself slightly. Her brown locks seemed to bounce and sway, with each step she took. Keeping her eyes ahead of her, taking in the older buildings structures. The sound of someone, calling her name. Caused her to almost walk straight into a lamp-post. Holding a hand in front of her, stopping herself from colliding with the post. Before, her chocolate brown eyes looked in the direction of the very familiar voice.

“Cora…?” Artemis breathed out, a little shakily. Out of the Aspects. Ery had been the first, she had crossed paths with. Now, Cora. Being considering how close she had been to both, it some-what made sense, she’d see them two again, first. Under different circumstances; The Celestial would have been happy to see Cora. Would have run towards her friend and greeted her, in a hug as usual. But she found herself glued to her spot. Hesitant to move. Despite being locked up. Artemis remembered the Aspect of Darkness, well. Often catching glimpses of Cora, as she would come down to check on them; when they were locked up. Artemis found that strange. None of the other Aspect came down often...or at all. It was mainly the Guards, that were keeping an eye on them, whilst being locked up.

Swallowing a little harshly. Artemis kept her eyes at the Aspect. “You look, like you been keeping well.” She said softly. ‘Stay Civil...try and stay civil.’ She told herself. It was bad enough, she and Ery had a full blown out argument, for most of their first meeting. Artemis had been drained, emotionally and physically after. Not to mention with the spooky, supernatural going-on’s...Artemis didn’t think she could go through that again, with Cora. Once had been enough.

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