Sneaking out was always something she was good at even back many centuries ago when she was a young child. Always wishing to be let out. To go on her own adventures. Almost in a way wanting to escape from her own family. Never having a proper, magical upbringing like everyone else. Deprived from everything a way. The only time Cora was happy was when she managed to get out of the house to somewhere nearby. Only if it was for a short time. When things in her life got so bad, Cora managed to escape. In a way knowing she’s able to come and go as she pleases make her feel safe. Well it is more difficult now, as both Venetus and Aureus were pressing into them that they had to be more careful. To always go in numbers along with having their personal guards with them at all times. Cora didn’t like that new aspect of it feeling too suffocated when she wasn’t allowed out. That and she was a type of person who rarely enjoys the company of others only a few. Maybe it was why she always have been so closed off by others. Only now she was finding herself opening up to people. Her black heart was not so dark anymore, and that’s reason is caused by someone. A special someone who she intends to keep a secret from her siblings and others for long as she could. Meaning constantly sneaking in and out of the manor. Trying to avoid her personal guard Crane to his demise. At night it was bit amusing seeing how many of them in the manor too sneak out to meet someone or to get up to something that they don’t want anyone else to know about.

There’s only two people who knows she’s been seeing Rashesh, a celestial in secret for the past few months. Admitted it all to Julian, an old friend who she knew she could trust with anything. Along with having to come clean tob Crane after his constant arguing that she’d have to open up to him at least with how he’s her guard and it’s his duty to know where she is at all times and all. Yet Cora was growing more suspicious that other people may know. It wouldn’t surprise her in the end if Malva knew too. For a weird reason Malva is a person whose able to know about everyone and everything. When sneaking out Cora constantly felt like she was having to look over her shoulder just in case someone may be following her. Cora found herself walking out of the manor in the daylight instead of sneaking out in the shadows at night. Knowing that her siblings probably all were out it wouldn’t look so suspicious of her going out by herself. Cora knew she should really have Crane with her yet at times she was sick of his presence. At times he was a third wheel just in the background waiting for her, Cora knew he hated it as much as she did. 

Cora didn’t exactly know where she was going having no exact plans for the day, it was mainly just for her to get some fresh air. Maybe to stop by the morgue in the hospital to see Rashesh if he wasn’t busy. The place still creeped her out bit along with the smell yet she was still getting used to it. Or maybe she’d pester Julian at work like the old days yet he was more annoyed and irritated when she did. Always panicking that someone would see her in classified areas and all, Cora knew if it came to it she’d easily make up an allby. Cora didn’t know how long she was walking for not really taking any notice for what direction she was heading to. Sometimes she found the city like a maze. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted a familiar face one she’d not seen for many years. Artemitra Bluemoon an ex of her brother Erythurus’s along with an old friend of hers. Guilt spread across Cora’s face reminded of the last time they had last seen each other. Knowing that Artemitra was one of the celestials they had locked up. “Artemitra?” She gasped a little stopping in her tracks hoping it was her. Wondering if she’d stop and recognise her too or if she’d run the other direction. Cora wouldn’t blame her too knowing all that her own fraction put them through. Only now lately she’d been feeling the guilt from it.

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By now, The Celestial could say she knew the Ailwards well. After all, she had been close to 3 of the Aspects, to know their ways. Including their love for brooding and alcohol. “Some things, never change.” she laughed lightly, at Cora’s comment about drinking. The light banter helps forget the troubles of the past; if only for a few moments. It seemed like the Aspect and her, had that in common. Liking being on the rooftops of buildings. It made her smile. “It has better views than the view from my bedroom window, that’s for sure.” Being able to see more of the city, especially the stars at night. It was a heaven for Celestials back at the castle, being up on the rooftop. It seemed like the Celestial would have to venture out to bars a bit more often. “Mhh, looks like I might need to explore the bars around Evermore a bit more than.” she joked. Artemis would have to drag a few friends with her, in that case. Especially Ophelia; to give her a break from all the ambassador duties.

As Cora withheld the secret for now, the Celestial nodded. “Of course, whenever you’re ready.” She would be more than willing to listen to her, when the time came. Laughing at what Cora said about Ery’s brooding getting worse. “Boy, he really needs a life that doesn’t include brooding.” she shook her head. Although she felt partially sorry for whomever Ery dragged along to the chaos that’d ensue at the random bars and what not. “You can say that again.” Artemis said, smiling at the thought. Apart from the Aspects, she had her father figure Mikaere back in her life-a former Phoenix at that. And then there was Phoenix. Another mystery of her life. But someone, she had a major soft spot….more than a soft spot. “Well, she sounds adorable.” Laughing a little bit. “Truthfully, I never pegged you for a pet, type.” she told her honestly. Which is why she was so surprised. It was unlike Cora. But people can change. At the mention of Malva having a pet Tiger at the manor, she did a double take. “I am sorry, what?” Her eyes wide, with shock...jaw dropped. “Did you just say, Malva has a tiger? As in a legged...wild jungle cat?” Blinking profusely to show her shock. “How is that even legal?” she questioned. Then realised, that Cora and her siblings all could turn into Dragons. Which also wasn’t something normal in this city. “How is the manor still standing, with a tiger roaming the halls? Remind me not visit...when that thing’s on the loose.” She wouldn’t want to get chewed up into mulch.

It wasn’t long before the girls arrived at their destined bar. Opening the door, Artemitra walked inside with Cora. It seemed to be rather busy already; but a few tables to spare. Looking around for a few moments, she took in the atmosphere. “Mhh, not half bad.” It looked quite decent and nicely decorated.

Part of her missed the old days back to the years where they lived in harmony with each other. When the Ailwards gave protection to the Celestials in return for Ophelia to help fix the first. All was much simpler back then, they were all happy. With no ongoing threats being upon them. Even Erytehrus was even truly happy at the time. Then all hell broke loose and everything all unfolded and it all went to hell. Ruining whatever the two species ever had. She knew they couldn’t go back to right all the wrongs, all because they were too rash. Jumping quickly, making the wrong decisions too quickly. Like everyone else she followed suit even if it was not the right thing. Now they all have to pay for their past. Learning it the hard way. Finding that’s what she’s been trying to do. First with Julian and now with Artiemitra. “Yeah they don’t” She laughed softly with her, able to tell that the Celestial missed spending time with some of the Aspects. Well thinking of the good times. “I’ve always been a sucker for anywhere with good views” Able to see that she too was admiring all the views. Sometimes at night she would sneak out of the manor and go into her dragon form and fly over the city or somewhere nearby just to spend some time looking and taking in all the beautiful sites. “I can always give you a list of all the good ones or you can explore and find them for yourself” Offering up the open invitation, seeing all she’s been missing out on. Feeling that she owed it to her at least. 

Cora could tell that Artiemitira had sensed she didn’t want to talk about or dwell into something that was now nothing anymore. “I don’t see that happening” She added, laughing and shaking her head a little. Nobody and nothing could change or stop Ery from brooding. It was his staple and signature look. “Some people like to make sure we have the alcohol cellar fully stocked up” Mostly it was either Very, Dom or Damien being that it was always one of the three who couldn’t be without their precious alcohol, whilst for her she prefers to have some of out the manor. Whenever she would tell people she had a pet, she could notice how surprised they all were. Some would have bagged her for wanting a more extoic or dangerous pet. Whilst in reality she was always denied one by Aureus because he would say she was not trustworthy or capable of. Yet she still wonders how he would Malva have a tiger, but he wouldn’t let her have one of her own. “She’s called Dawn '' Smiling a little thinking of her little fur baby that's back at the manor, something else that might surprise Artitimeitira of a normal name rather than darker one. “I didn't either but she grew on me” All was the truth but like everyone who never wanted a pet would find themselves soon in love with it. Cora let it slip about Malva having a Tiger. Watching people’s reactions was priceless, something that never fails to amuse her. “Yup, she’s a softy really but a beast to others” Thankfully she’s never been acted to tiger sit. “Might be best” At least she’d pre-warned her before. 

Walking into the bar she took the lead almost but waited for Artie to catch up. Looking over to brunette to see what her reaction was, knowing it was her first time at a cocktail bar. Wanting to see what she thought. “Lets go and grab a table so we can decide what cocktail we fancy” She went on saying seeing if she thought it was a good idea and plan. Not wanting to take charge. 

Both females knew that they couldn’t turn back time, to when things were simple and good between their factions. All they could do was simply move on past the chaos and re-build friendships and what was left of the bonds that once existed. Hopefully...the past wouldn’t be repeated, again. Plus, with all the crazy things happening around Evermore, factions needed to keep together; and the more allies...the better for everyone to try and keep safe. Hearing Cora’s offer of giving her a list of some of the better places, she just smiled. “Thanks, that actually might come in handy.” Feeling quite glad for the Ailwards offer. It was a nice gesture.

“I didn’t think he would.” The Brunette Celestial laughed, at their agreement about the Aspect of Death. Artemis could swear that Ery’s brooding ways were much worse now...than a few centuries ago, when she first knew him.  “Well...whoever keeps it stocked a bad influence.” she jested. It certainly didn’t help her ex, from quitting.  Artemis wondered how Malva got away with a tiger at the mansion; it was a very exotic and dangerous pet for most. As Cora told her the name of her puppy, she smiled.”Aww, that’s a pretty name.” She liked the name Dawn for a puppy. For a while, she considered getting herself a pet too, but with the castle being manic already, with some of the Celestial keeping everyone entertained, she held off on a pet. “How did Malva get a tiger anyways? Seems bit….wild or her tastes?” She probably gathered, anyone’s reaction to that fact, was hilarious. “Somehow...I have a hard time imagining her being a big softy….” But if the Tiger was cared for and treated nicely, than no was nice and snuggly to Malva. Still...she didn’t want to risk it...and get chewed up.

Artemis smiled softly. “I can see why you like coming here, looks your style.” She meant that as a compliment. It seemed classy, and quite nice. “Sounds like a plan.” she followed her to a table. “Do you have any cocktails that you’d recommend?” Since Cora knew the cocktails better. So she thought to get some feed-back from Cora first, before deciding on what to order. Finding a nice spot. The girls sat down. Seeing a menu on the table. Artemis began to flick through it, to see what they had on there. “Dang...they all look fancy.” This should be interesting.

Being the Aspect of Darkness came with some downsides. She always felt that she was having to fight with the darkness. To keep it all at bay. Each of her and her adopted siblings all have their own Aspect of look after. Some were more powerful than others. Some choose to use different coping mechanisms to deal with it all. How she knew both Erythreus and Venetus turned to alcohol to help, well mostly it was Erytherus. She was happy at least she wasn’t Aspect of Death. That she wouldn’t like to be surrounded by dead spirits and communicate with others who were already passed. That she’d feel like Klaus from The Umbrella Academy most of the time. No wonder why Klaus chooses ways her brother uses to cope with his problems. At times she could see how others are affected if the darkness pulls too strongly. How she saw how it made people weaker. One of the reasons why she chooses to keep to herself most of the time. Rather than to be in a room full of people. Believing it was safer that way even makes her feel more lonely. Yet her plan hadn’t always worked out her way. That she’s not able to quick everyone out. Julian, Venetus, Virtudes, Peyton, Arti Mitra and then there was Rashesh. All how didn’t listen to her cold and hard act she puts on most of the time. 

Cora knew she could be hurting Artemis more by letting her stay around her. On the other hand, Cora knew that she was in the need of being around someone who wasn’t part of her own faction. Trying to do good and making up all her mistakes. “Every city is full of hidden places whether it would be bars, coffee shops or places with the most beautiful views. You just have to find them or have others show you” She pointed out wanting for the celestial to make the most of the city. Owing her that at least. “It might be the best place to capture some new photos” Remembering how the Celestial loved taking photos and had the art for it, she was sure she still was taking pictures. Especially now how far technology and cameras have come. “Up at the top of the mountains are my favorite but it’s not easy to get up there by foot” Almost forgetting how not many people who weren’t able to fly could get to places how others can. Sometimes when she wants to go somewhere to clear her head, finding that transforming to her dragon self and flying always helps. Finally able to feel free even if it’s for only a short while. How she knew other supernaturals who were able to fly too felt the same. 

Most of them stayed the same as they were before. Personality wise that was yet she was now starting to worry about Venetus more than most. Cora knew how close her brother was to Vladimir. Seeing how his death had affected the Aspect the most. That Venetus was the Aspect who she was most closest to, that he was one who found and saved her at her darkest point. So she was trying to be there for him even if it was proving to be more difficult. Yet with Erythreus he spent more time brooding or out at bars for her to take much notice. “No one can get between an Aspect of Guard and their alcohol, trust me” She mused, pointing out what could be a deadly move. How she had to pry a bottle of booze from Erytherus’s, Dom’s or even Damien’s grasp before when one of them had passed out on the couch still clinging onto it. The name to her puppy had more meaning to it but now it was one that now hurt. The one question that always was asked all circled back to how Malva was allowed a tiger. “I have no clue, somehow Aureus had let her have one. Yet all the times I have asked for one he says no” Pointed out still a little salty over it but who wouldn’t be. “She normally let her roam all around the manor but it can be a guard's job to tiger sit” Cora was never one to look after the tiger choosing not to be a meal for it, if she annoyed the tiger. 

It was no secret that most Aspects favoured the life of luxury to go to places that most people couldn’t get into or didn’t know about. Just like this one. “I hate those bars that are full of sweaty people and there’s no room” Even the thought about crowded bars disgust her, plus it didn’t help that middle aged men would try hitting on her and any other woman who walks in. “We could always go for a random one, it’ll be fun” Making it more spontaneous and a surprise for them both, almost seeing them getting quite tipsy by the end of it. “You’ve never had proper cocktails before?” Teasing the celestial softly to how she’s not lived a little yet. Out of all of her brother’s ex's, Artemis was her favorite one, who she always got along with. That she was most sad when the relationship ended.  

Cora did have a good point. It’s not like Artemis lived like a hermit...well not anymore. It had taken her a long while to get the courage to get out of the castle and to explore Evermore and see what her new home had to offer. But that didn’t mean that she knew the city inside out. Not in it’s entirety. “I can always use new places for photography. Guess I just haven’t found all of the best spots in the city just yet.” The city was huge, compared to her and her busy schedule. But she always liked the adventure of finding a new place, to take new photos off. It’s one of the things that made her job fun. Discoveries. As Cora spoke about the mountains, she smiled nodding. “So I’ve heard. I ventured up into the mountains in winter, but never got up right to the top. It’s a bit too steep for sure.” Plus, she didn’t have wings to fly up there...or climbing gear, to get right to the top. But the view from the mountains was still beautiful. She was sure, any season; it was beautiful, not just in winter.

“True. I think some men are glued to their booze.” Artemis concluded, at what Cora said about getting between the Ailwards and alcohol. Meaning Ery and Damien in general. She knew those two drunk like crazy. It wasn’t healthy. She wasn’t entirely too sure why it always bothered her; maybe because she cared and hated what it was doing to them both. Knowing very well how Damien could get; as she had baby sat him once or twice, when drunk off of his head. No matter how much she cared; the two boys would always get into trouble, when it came to their drinks. Not much she could do about that. That was their choice. It amused Artemis as they talked about Malva and how she was allowed a pet tiger. “Mhh, that’s weird and sounds a bit pet-sist, if he’s not letting you have one.” Knowing, that word sounded made up. Not sure if it was right or wrong, but either way it wasn’t fair if Malva was allowed one thing and Cora not.

Artemis nodded in agreement. Sweaty and crowded bars weren’t fun. Nor appealing. Unless you were a man and liked those types of bars. “Random one it is.” Being spontaneous for once in her life. Something she needed to try a bit more off. It couldn’t be that bad, right? Laughing a little bit at Cora’s comment. “Well unless you count, trying to make homemade alcoholic drinks then not really...not fancy one’s like these.” she spoke, gesturing to the menu in front of them.

The Aspect always loved to explore. She could remember back when she did some travelling to different places with Julian how she’d be always dragging to and from places. Wanting to find the perfect spot. The hidden gems as people could call them. Cora could remember how much the Celestial liked to take photographs even back to when there was old fashioned cameras. Still she was able to capture all the little things. “Maybe try to go out early in the morning, seeing where the sun rises?” She suggested but she knew that the Celestial rarely finds time for herself and that she’s always busy doing something. A sly grin appeared on the Aspect's face hearing how Artemis spoke that she hadn’t managed to get right to the top of the mountain yet. “I can help you with that, like old times” One of the perks of being able to transform into a dragon is that she can go wherever she likes. Yet Cora knew that the Celestial will quickly dismiss the idea with how not everyone liked the whole flying aspect especially if it’s to ride a dragon. 

“Tell me about it” She nodded in agreement, especially some of the guards. Yet they still were good guards and fighters at that. Even if some were still half drunk. She’s gotten used it over the years. That she’d be surprised when one is sober. “I know right” Still she was annoyed by the fact that her other siblings were allowed to have wild or exotic animals as pets except her. Feeling that it wasn’t fair. “I’m just as responsible as her” Maybe she’d have to do a bit more complaining to Aureus for him to give in and let her have a pet. “Knowing him he’d probably only let me have a dog or a cat” Then letting the others have something more wild. 

She was surprised that Artemis wanted to go with her suggestion or pick something random. With how normally the Celestial likes to go for the same thing that she’s not one to sway away and try something new or go for a wild card like picking a radmom drink she’d never tried. “We can always number them and use a random number generator or pick wherever our finger lands on” Making it a bit of fun. Cora shook her head and tutted a little bit. “You’ve never lived before” She teased, laughing a little, nudging the brunette. “Wait till you have your first bottomless brunch” she was happy to have her old friend back wanting to have new adventures. 

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