Game of Cat and mouse ( Open to Edward ,Sapphire , Lucien Venetus and Dom and any guard and aspect that wants to join

Edward stared out into the evening the nights came a lot quicker this time of year and to most hated it  but not to him   nighttime could be himself well at least he thought he could, but his mind still troubled him from earlier in the year he turned on his heel to look at his white wall which had pins and pictures attached including two pictures of the Crime scene investigator and the victim of course hand drawn as he could not take photos “where are you ?” he muttered to himself before looking at his grandfather clock it, it had been several hours since he had refreshment or at least been outside.

Leaving his Quarters   his mind went to when he had told Sapphire    even though the phoenix could defend herself he had worried he put her in danger making his way towards the kitchen where he began to make a fresh pot of coffee and something to eat while waiting for the water his mind sank back into the case he was working on even though hr had no thoughts on it Edward thought about how the Aurazin felt waking up here let alone making friends he felt the same when he first joined the guard he placed a steak sandwich and the mug onto a tray a before   pouring the hot water into the coffee infuser  grabbing the tray he began to make his way back to his room and thoughts he stopped looking out at the darkness of the night on the porch thinking it may help his thoughts pushing the glass door he headed to the table in the corner of the courtyard   sat in solitude to his thoughts 

Sapphires words echoed in her head“ you should go to an Aspect Ed if you feel it's him“   Edward closed hid eye as he recalled the evidence in his   like he would in his room , he wasn't certain he had requested a meeting with an Aspect, but he doubted himself that it is to do with Ivar why he had not met them, yet     he opened his eyes as he pored himself a drink as he listened to the familiar footsteps and guard around the  manor  hearing  foots steps from an angle he wasn't   expecting his gaze focused not the route    as he waited 

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Dom had been smoking out on the enormous property that the infamous manor sat on. From this angle it seemed like the estate continued on forever. It was peaceful back here, away from all the people inside who were filled with the tensions of the ongoing problem that was plaguing Evermore. Nothing but dead ends despite the numerous amount of people working it. Despite some of those people being some of the most powerful on the entire planet. Not discouraging at all. 

His cigarette burned slowly when he took a pull, watching as the smoke he blew from his nose swirled into the air until nothingness which had him glancing up at the twinkling stars instead. The anxiety that twisted at his gut mellowed if only for a little while. He needed the addiction so he wouldn't be reaching for another bottle instead. Sobriety and a mostly cleared head was the only way he would be of any help to anyone when called on. Though he wouldn't admit it to the others, he'd been drinking on the job. A lot of the jobs. It almost led to a life or death situation where the latter won out. He knew then he needed to get his shit together.

Pulling on the cigarette again, his head turned when he heard the sliding door open. Despite the shadows, he could see Edward coming from inside whom he hadn't talked to in quite some time given the amount of assignments the guards had all been given. Dominic flicked the ash and crossed the expansive lawn to where he sat. From the fellow guard's expression, he could tell he wasn't the only one who needed a break to clear his head from the commotions inside. "Hey, man," he greeted, sitting in the seat opposite Edward and putting his feet up on the table. "How's the pit of despair in there?"

Venetus opened   his eyes he wasn't met by  the ceiling  like he would normally but  now a white as he sat up he  was exactly where he was a few hours before at  his desk  raising his left hand to his face  he woke himself up and he rose out of the wooden chair as he looked around the darkness" you must of been gone a while Ven" he muttered to him self as he felt his way around the room wincing  as his knee hit the same bookshelf  like he  had done for the past few days before feeling the familiar  switch of the  light he flicked it revealing most of his room was covered in written paper  each of his siblings  had there own way  of dealing with things or finding answers  his was    mind maps  but often left partially finished as   some times   they were   gone like a flash " i need  coffee " he reached for the old brass handle  turning it  to leave his room.

Walking along the dimliy lit hallways of the manor Ven achknowledged any  guard that greeted him  Many of the guard were out on mission apart from a few personal guard   and the odd member not on mission   as he made his  to the stairs he knocked  on Coras door"  im getting a coffee would you like one?" he waited a few minutes there was  no reply as he waited a few minutes before making his way down  when something triggered  something  Sapphire  had said to him  thatd  Edward Starhawk was requesting a meeting  and  a few days later Edward asked himself but since then  Edward had not attended   the meeting  many thoughts came to his mind either it was a loose  end or   he felt it wasnt worth  his time but he was very concerned  that  Edward had not  said anything reguiarding the meeting  but   again he and most of his siblings had been preoccupied with the  matters at hand and the Aurazins arrival  

Walking into the kitchen Ven could see that some one had previously been in the kitchen as he made his way to the  coffee machine he moved to grab a cup  hearing  a voice  outside  recognising it  immediately as Dominic   once he his coffee was made  he waited for a few minutes to see who else was with Dominic but he  did not hear there voice  raising his hand to Acknowledging Dom as he walked back out of the kitchen" Sapphire" he stopped remembering that he had given her the night off to be with her girlfriend  a few  minutes later he  arrived back in his room  as  he walked back to his desk to  as he began to  re read the  note he had written before he fell asleep.



Sapphire did have the day off but sadly her girlfriend was busy delivering a set of twins and knew it would take a while so she had went for a walk before coming back to the Manor, with a few bags with some baked goods and also some chocolates. The familiar scent of smoke filled her nostrils as she walked into the Manor. Knowing who it was, she walked into the kitchen and noticed Dom, Edward and Venetus. "S-So whats going on here?" She asked as she looked at the boys and placed the bags on the table to put away the goodies she bought for the guards and aspects for snacks. 

The phoenix looked at the boys a few times as she put the croissants, cookies, bread, and other freshly baked goodies away along with the chocolate which she put in the fridge to keep it from melting. Once she was done, Sapphire looked at the boys and made some coffee for them as she knew a storm was heading towards Evermore. She sighed and sat down while the coffee brewed. She looked at Dom and down the line as she knew that Venetus would ask. "Before you say anything, I do have the night off but sadly Katrina is delivering twins so it will be a while before she gets done." She told Venetus

Edward relaxed as he saw Dominic arrive at the table" Hey "he   let out a sigh as he looked back at the house "quiet I have only seen Venetus when he leaves his room for refreshments,   the others I've not seen at all "he left out a little shrug     his mind wondered to ask Dom on the investigation, but his mind told him not to put his fellow guard in danger he took a breath   his nostrils could smell the tobacco in the air" I haven't smelt that brand in a decade or so "he lifted his drink to his lips taking a couple of gulps his ears picking up noise in the background "evening Sapphire "he placed his cup back on the table" how are you Dom? "

Edward watched as Sapphire join the table" we are the pit of despair assessors "he laughed as he looked to Sapphire not to mention anything about anything he told her he listened he felt a set of eyes watching him as he turned he saw the last person he wanted to see but as his parents taught him manners" Evening Venetus" he nodded politely      his mind was grateful he could not read minds   as he failed to meet with Venetus regarding his concerns of his last   assignment and that he had been given coordinates of a similar site" I'm surprised you don't bring the dogs over Sapphire Milo would love the company  "he clicked his fingers" which reminds me thank you for looking after Milo Dom".

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