He was late. He hated being late but there was little sympathy when it came to the sign off process in the force, he had to file all his cases before the end of the day and thanks to a runner putting his schedule behind earlier he was still writing up the last of it. He pulled out his phone to send Alicia, Rosie's babysitter a message to say he would be late and he would meet her at the coffee shop, adding to treat herself and Rosie on him. He breathed a sigh of relief when she responded with 'No Problem' and got back to work on filing his final case, wiping his brow and shaking his head, working a full job was tough when you were a single parent. 

When Lici announced they were going to get hot cocoa, Rosie couldn't help but squeal excitedly before placing her hand into hers, they headed out of the house and she followed as they walked the distance over to the cafe they liked going to. It had only opened recently and the owner was really friendly, always giving her a candy whenever she came in. Before long they were heading inside and over to the counter. She looked around the room curiously before spotting what looked like a massive white cloud across the room.

Her eyes widened and she tugged on Lici's hand to point in the direction of the dog before pouting her lips as though to plead with her. When she nodded but asked her to stay in sight. She nodded before wandering closer to the white dog who was laying down and minding it's own business but instead of petting it, Rosie pulled out the chair opposite the owner and hoisted herself onto it. She wobbled a little before smiling softly "Hi" she tilted her head a little, trying to figure out what she was doing on her laptop.

"Your dog is very fluffy" she spoke softly as she looked at her and then back to the blonde girl "Do you have to brush it a lot?" of course she was fact-finding about dog ownership since she had been trying to convince daddy to let her get one for a pet. 

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She normally would mind spending time more than she should, and while it does depend on the company she's keeping, even with a close associate, she could get bored very easily and they would end up spending time together for an hour maximum. However, with this newfound enigma of a man and his cute daughter, Irene didn't find anything in her that indicated she wanted to leave. In fact, she wanted to stay… longer. If she could hear more, then she wanted to. "I honestly could never see myself as one… a parent  I mean, but then again I hardly can blame myself for thinking like that. 

When you grow up in a family like mine, it's hard to wonder if love was ever real" She chuckled, once upon a time ago she was bitter about it but now she learned to accept that it's the reality of her family who worked hard and eventually prioritized ambition above all. "Work is work I guess…" No wonder she became like that too. Rosie was definitely a bright child, anyone could see that, the way she naturally struck a conversation conversation a stranger such as her and radiated that warmth alone says everything. She bit her lip in her attempt to hide that smile when he complimented her, the blonde was much like others because who doesn't like a compliment? Especially coming from someone attractive like him. 

"I don't like people to boss me around… probably because I'm bossy myself." You can't have two similar people working together, they might clash, and not in a good way, which was probably why she's good at her job standing where she is because god knows she could not survive office work elsewhere. "Do you stare?" She didn't want to know if others did because she knew but what about him? Usually, she would just forget things that was meant for one night flings only, even when they see each other again, which was unlikely, she wouldn't be bothered by it but Hyunjin was this itch she wanted to scratch but wished he'd stick around for more. Because she wanted more. 

"Memorable is a particular way of wording it, I hope it serves me a good reminder as it does you." Was it too much to wonder if it could ever happen again? She stared at Rosie with a fond look and ordered a set of waffles to with the ice cream and some gelato "You're right… she should eat whatever she wants so she can grow up with happy memories… Don't mind me spoiling her, I rarely have anyone to spoil, if you count my big floof." 

He chuckled softly “Honestly…before it all happened, I would have said the same as you…it’s a scary thing, having someone relying on you…even more so when it turns out that you end up doing it alone but…” he shrugged his shoulders slightly “I wouldn’t change what I have with her for the world” and he didn’t regret any of it, even though he still felt sad whenever he reminisced the past. All he really wished is that Lauren could have been here to see the amazing person Rosie was becoming, she reminded him more and more of her with every passing day.

“Ouch” he commented and looked up at her for a moment “You don’t think highly of your family I can tell that much” he hadn’t spoken to his parents since he left, so he could understand difficult relationships, if it wasn’t for Lauren’s parents being so involved in Rosie’s life he would probably feel quite alone. “Work is what you want it to be, for some people it’s everything, for other’s it’s a means to an end” he commented and shrugged slightly, there was no right or wrong way to see the world in his opinion.

“You don’t say” he teased playfully when she confessed to being bossy, he had definitely gotten that impression since he met her but he didn’t mind, it was interesting to be around someone who knew exactly what they wanted. He bit his lip a little harshly when she asked if he stared, partially from the surprise but also because of how quickly his mind answered ‘yes’ and he had to stop himself blurting it out “Probably more than I should” he mumbled in response as he looked back at her, she really was beautiful.

He chuckled and blushed a little when she pointed out that it was a good memory for her “I don’t know if I’ve ever managed to make such an impression” he whispered softly. But what brought him back to reality was when Rosie tugged on his shoulder and asked if him and Reeney were friends “I guess you could say that sweetheart” the little girl squealed in delight and he shook his head playfully “Seems like you’re already her new favorite” he commented playfully.

She stared at the young girl and then back at her father, perching her chin on her elbow because they look alike when you stare at them real closely, even though the girl was clearly taking after her mother with her western features. But still, she could see Hyunjin in Rosie. "Doing things alone can be hard… not just parenting, though I imagine parenting as a single parent is a very big challenge…" She could never do that, she could already see what kind of disaster would happen if she did. She shook her head and shrugged when he pointed out that she wasn't close to her family. "Well, my parents are long gone and they've never really taken care of me growing up, if that helps… I had a nanny and her daughter was my only friend. Up until tragedy struck anyway…" 

She could still remember that certain friend resenting her until today and swore to take revenge, all because she was convinced Irene was the root of the problem when the house caught itself on fire during the night of her 18th birthday, which ultimately killed the nanny alongside her parents. But she couldn't control it… she told herself that over and over again. It was an accident. "To me it's a little bit of both… business is business after all… but then again, our line of work is different huh?" The diviner honestly never thought she'd be hooked by a police officer. Considering her past with law enforcement, she never thought she'd be involved with this one who seemingly caught her interest. 

When he said that, she bit her lip and smirked because that's a sign he wouldn't be opposed to another. And maybe Irene wants another reminder too. He's He's attractive man and she's… a woman with needs. "Oh trust me honey, you made an impression." More than that, if she was being honest. She chuckled when she was proclaimed as his daughter's potential new favorite "I have time and I have resources… Let me spoil her… she's too cute to resist."

Hyunjin noticed the way she was looking between him and Rosie and bit his lip softly, they looked similar enough, but it was evident that Rosie took after he mother “It’s a challenge…but the answers are almost always easy…I never have to think about what I should do…it’s always what’s best for her” he nodded his head slightly “But doing that can be exhausting” still, he was proud of the upbringing he’d managed to give his daughter so far. Even if the days were long and he was tired, seeing her smile was enough.

“I can’t even imagine how…lonely you must have felt” growing up with only a nanny by your side and wondering why your parents were never around, she must have struggled to feel like she belonged anywhere. He wondered if that affected the way she saw herself…her own worth. He leaned against the table, propping his chin with his hand and biting his lip slightly “Very different…I wanted this job…I wanted to be able to help people” he nodded a few times “But even I have some days where I wonder if things would have been easier if I chose an office job” his role was very physically draining after all.

He bit his lip, feeling a slight blush appear on his cheeks when she responded with such confidence like that, he pressed his hands against his cheeks as though he could bring down the heat. “Enough of an impression?” he questioned as though to slyly ask whether she was interested in more without Rosie catching on to what he was trying to say. He laughed when Irene said she wanted to spoil her “Careful, she might have been raised humble but she’s young…she’ll want everything” he shook his head playfully, you couldn’t ask her to be self restrained at that age.

When he said he never had to think of something else other than what would benefit his daughter the most, she could find herself staring at him in awe because damn, has she ever met someone who was this genuine before? Yeah sure, maybe her good friend Leigh, but that's a friend. With this guy who she has already spent a night with, she is attracted to. She had to scold herself for letting the person inside her lean closer into the enigma of this man. Back off and stop being such a lovely dovey girl, she hissed internally. But how could she help it? He's making it very easy to be likable. 

"Every parent's duty…" She murmured, if she wasn't so attracted to him, she would've wished she had a father like him. "I resented my family for leaving me but at some point I realized there was nothing to be gained from being angry." After all, the resentment pent up inside her was the exact reason why she exploded and did something she shouldn't. Even if it was by accident. "I can't imagine you as an office worker" She chuckled, with his toned physique and tall stature, obviously he does not belong anywhere near an office. "With someone like you, you should never be subjected to office work… it's a waste when you keep yourself in all the time" She teased. 

The fact that both of them were flirting within the vicinity of his daughter says a lot about them. Sneaky, she thought. But also interesting. "Oh believe me… a very good impression." When Hyunjin warned her that Rosie will want everything because of her age, the blonde only shrugged "Then let her have everything. I know we have to be frugal especially as a parent, to also discipline our child but you only have them once… I would give mine everything I hoped I had… Though admittedly I'd spoil my child with everything." Rosie was so cute and a smart child, it was hard not to fall in love with her even at first sight. "How about you let me steal her? I'll gladly take her off your hands."

He noticed that she was staring at him with a certain look from across the table, he couldn’t quite make out what she was thinking but one thing was for sure, he liked the way her eyes sparkled in the low light of the shop. Realizing he was staring though he pressed his lips together and broke eye contact for a moment “Don’t get me wrong though, she drives me insane sometimes, but my little girl deserves the whole world” he smiled and nodded a little.

He listened to her talk about her family and the relationship she had with them and nodded his head slightly “Families rarely keep in mind the way their actions affect their children” he’d seen plenty of his peers back then pressure themselves to the point of insanity in the name of making their families proud. “Either they’re too involved or not involved enough…either way the end result is we’re all left wondering why being who we are isn’t enough” he could understand her resentment..

He laughed when she said he didn’t seem like an office worker “Yeah…I think I’d get crazy after 2 days of being cooped up inside honestly” he was the kind of person who enjoyed being out and and about, the idea of seeing the same screen every day wasn’t appealing to him at all. He couldn’t help his wry smile when she confirmed her impression of him was very good, it almost made him feel brave “Good enough to ask for your number?” he rode the confidence for a moment in the hopes he was reading the situation the same way she was.

He chuckled when she said he should let Rosie have everything and then jested about stealing her “Oh you can take her, I bet you’re on my doorstep begging me to take her back before a week is up” he teased softly, oh he knew his daughter well enough to know she asked why about literally everything, it was infuriating at times.

She still couldn't believe he was the same person. How could that be? He looks like a giant puppy and that was saying a lot coming from her of all people. She did have a hard time averting her gaze away though, she could only attempt to look as if she was busy staring at Rosie instead. "Well, what parent wouldn't want to give everything to their children, right?" If only her parents thought the same. Irene knew one thing though if she was to have a child someday if she was blessed enough to have one, she will never neglect them the way her parents did her. She will take care of them to the best of her ability. She would love them.

"We can make do with things... over time." That was what she believed because as much as she didn't want to believe it when she was younger, she sincerely hoped that her parents would look back and realize what they did wrong and at least try to make up for it. That didn't happen. "I'm not perfect either... but if I did something wrong... I should try to make up for it." That was the most conscious thing to do. When he said he'd go crazy from being cooped up inside longer than 2 hours, she chuckled because that was normally the case for her but most of the time she's away from her office so it works wonders for her. "I work outside of the office most of the time."

A police officer suits him. Very much. "Though I'll be honest and admit, I have never had a good experience with law enforcement" she quipped coyly. She always did not like how they would be all up in her space but this officer? Maybe she can make an exception. The blonde swore her cheeks flamed up slightly the moment he said that "Good enough yes..." It's just a phone number, what's the worst that could happen, right? Maybe it will give her more opportunities to see them again. Or him in particular.

The diviner raised his eyebrow quizzically when he said she would give Rosie back to him before the week is up "Wanna bet?" Rosie looks like a sweetheart but Irene also knew it was more than what meets the eye. "I'm likely to hand her my credit card and tell her anything is fine so long as she doesn't make a noise though... so you might be right. How would I know anything about taking care of a child" she chuckled. "She looks more mature than her age though... I would have thought she's past 12 years old." With how eloquent she speaks, it was a surprise to the blonde to hear she is younger. As promised, she slid her phone towards him "Good enough to have a number..."

He nodded his head slightly “We have to adapt to the hand we’re dealt” everyone had their own battles to fight and no one else really had any idea what someone else could be going through “Can’t let all the negative win in the end right?” he jested softly, giving up wasn’t really in his vocabulary honestly, he was the type to be given the absolute worst cards and still find a way to score points somewhere. “Perfection’s overrated anyway” he commented and grinned softly “Intent is what really defines a person” the way that someone approached things said a lot about them, he didn’t believe everyone who stole was a bad person for example.

“That sounds pretty hectic” he pointed out when she said her work mostly consisted of being outside of the office “I have to admit I’m a bit of a sucker for routine, I get a little uneasy when everything is turned around” though recently he supposed there had been a few changes to his regular schedule that he wasn’t complaining about. “No? Should I be worried what I would find if I looked up your records?” he jested playfully, he had to wonder what kind of person she really was, he had only seen a small part after all.

He grinned a little when she said he was indeed good enough to have her number, cheering a little inside his head as he bit on his bottom lip gently. “Oh I’d take that bet and win” he commented and chuckled softly, as a parent he was confident that Rosie would manage to drive her completely crazy before long “The real key is listening, they’ll usually tell you what’s going on, in their own way” there was a couple of kids in the shop and so Rosie headed over to play with them after she finished her ice cream. Normally he would have rounded her up to leave by now, but he wanted to stay just a little longer.

“I think part of that is my fault…our situation probably makes her feel like she needs to be more grown up then she is” he pressed his lips together but was quickly distracted by the phone which came into his view. He chuckled and took it before typing in his number in without another word “Easily” he mumbled softly as he slid it back to her.

She was more interested to see how optimistic a person can be because, in all honesty, Irene could not see them having a good ending if they were going to be this naive about the world and the things they are dealt with. But seeing that particular trait in him of all people, was refreshing and it only made the diviner feel curious. How come he looks different compared to others when he had the same hopeful look in his eyes? She raised her eyebrows when he said perfection was overrated

"Oh you think so? Why? Isn't perfection everything everyone strived for? What is life without essence and what is work without perfection? Coming from a police officer such as you, I want to know your reasoning for this." She shook her head because the moment she heard him say intent is the key to it, she couldn't help but chuckle and murmur "You're really cute..." And no she didn't even mean it in a mocking way. Because to her, Hyunjin is really cute. How he does that effortlessly like a big golden retriever still amazes her.

She leaned forward with her elbows hitting the table and grinned "Oh baby you'll find quite a lot on my records if you search hard enough but most of the time, they all come out... inconclusive so to say" Because if there was one thing she is good at, it is making sure there was no trail leading back to her. She's meticulous like that.

The blonde pursed her lips and stared at the young girl for a while when he said the real key is listening "Too bad I'm bad at listening... I don't like listening honestly... but I want people to listen to me" I guess she couldn't have both if she is not willing to compromise. She won't lie when he told her that Rosie had to grow up fast hence why she looked mature for her age despite only being 9, she cleared her throat and knew it was probably a bad idea to do this but still, she wanted to. She called Rosie who was playing with Renfri and grinned "How would you like to go on a small trip to the shopping mall? I want to shop and buy a few things but as you can see, I... don't have company for it. Would you like to be my company, little girl?" 

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