He was late. He hated being late but there was little sympathy when it came to the sign off process in the force, he had to file all his cases before the end of the day and thanks to a runner putting his schedule behind earlier he was still writing up the last of it. He pulled out his phone to send Alicia, Rosie's babysitter a message to say he would be late and he would meet her at the coffee shop, adding to treat herself and Rosie on him. He breathed a sigh of relief when she responded with 'No Problem' and got back to work on filing his final case, wiping his brow and shaking his head, working a full job was tough when you were a single parent. 

When Lici announced they were going to get hot cocoa, Rosie couldn't help but squeal excitedly before placing her hand into hers, they headed out of the house and she followed as they walked the distance over to the cafe they liked going to. It had only opened recently and the owner was really friendly, always giving her a candy whenever she came in. Before long they were heading inside and over to the counter. She looked around the room curiously before spotting what looked like a massive white cloud across the room.

Her eyes widened and she tugged on Lici's hand to point in the direction of the dog before pouting her lips as though to plead with her. When she nodded but asked her to stay in sight. She nodded before wandering closer to the white dog who was laying down and minding it's own business but instead of petting it, Rosie pulled out the chair opposite the owner and hoisted herself onto it. She wobbled a little before smiling softly "Hi" she tilted her head a little, trying to figure out what she was doing on her laptop.

"Your dog is very fluffy" she spoke softly as she looked at her and then back to the blonde girl "Do you have to brush it a lot?" of course she was fact-finding about dog ownership since she had been trying to convince daddy to let her get one for a pet. 

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Today was supposed to be a great day in her busy schedule. After months and months of planning and going through the work books to get this established officially, today is finally the day she could launch and open a dog cafe. Irene remembered talking about it with Leigh, her good friend. It was just an idea that came up while they were talking and soon after that, she quickly started outlining what needs to be done and also did her research. She dragged Leigh with her to the local animal shelter where they had plenty of dogs lying around waiting to get their own owner or be loved just as much. It was where the blonde found her beloved Samoyed puppy, Renfri. Now the puppy found a new home she deserved and she has been spoiled rotten by her owner who clearly has never had a pet much less a puppy before. It didn't mean she didn't love her all the same because she does. 

This was going to be the first premise but it certainly won't be the last, she played around with the idea of a pet cafe, rather than just a dog one. Perhaps later she would be able to open a cat one, a rabbit one and whatnot. It would give the abandoned animals a chance to be loved by the customers who come to bask in their company. The cafe has been launched for over 6 hours now and soon the reporters and media journalists were evenly spread out as they talked with some of the executives she invited begrudgingly. But half of her team was new as she took on new blood after the advice she received. It didn't take long for curious customers to come venturing, it wasn't done without a build up of course. She wasn't the best at marketing but years spent in the competitive market and industry, Irene knew what to do. Flyers and promos were spread out months prior. 

But work is also work, so of course Irene was glued to the laptop as she typed in a report draft from today's launch in the first half. Renfri was resting next to her while she had a cup of iced coffee next to her, until a cute girl came sitting across her. The diviner was dressed more casually today since it was a side project, her now slightly longer blonde hair was left cascading down and she was wearing a pair of jeans and navy blue blouse instead of the usual working clothes. "Hi?" She realized the girl was talking about her dog which made her chuckle as she nodded in response to her question, "A bit. She's growing fast so I need to make sure she isn't unkempt. Do you know what breed she is? Her name is Renfri." She really did grow fast. "What's your name, cute girl?" She looked around to see if she had any guardian too, who knows if someone lost their daughter. "Who are you here with?" 

He finished up the last of his paperwork, filing it away and then quickly headed over to the machine to clock out, before long he was throwing his bag over his shoulder and heading out of the station and towards his car. He felt bad for being late but there wasn’t much he could do about it, work was the thing that ensured that he and Rosie were able to live a comfortable enough life. It wasn’t anything fancy or crazy but it kept a smile of his baby girl’s face and that’s all that really mattered. Before long he unlocked his car, put it into drive and was heading out into the city.

Rosie had a smile on her face as she watched the dog’s owner from across the table, daddy always told her that she should be careful when talking to strangers but she made sure that Lici could see where she was. “She’s pretty” she commented in a soft voice when the blonde lady confirmed her dog was a girl “Is she a puppy? Cause she looked very small” she commented and blinked a few times as she tried to think about the dog breeds she knew that the dog could be “A pomsky?” she asked in a cautious voice, it was only her guess because she had been looking at pictures of them online before and knew they could be white and fluffy.

Rosie grinned slightly when the lady called her cute “Rosie” she responded and looked down at Renfri “What’s your name?” she asked back, she leaned her chin down on the table, propped under her hands, making herself comfortable “My babysitter is here while we wait for my daddy to come pick me up” she explained and grinned “Daddy has to work late a lot but he always lets me have ice cream” she giggled, she did love ice cream a lot “Do you like ice cream?” she asked curiously as she hopped off the chair “Can I pet her?” she asked with an excited smile.

What a cute girl, that was the first thing that came to her mind when her eyes landed on the girl sitting so boldly in front of her. “She is” she nodded with a smile and placed her hand on the side while leaning, causing Renfri to bark excitedly as she tried to climb up on her lap. “Mhmmm, she’s only a few months old. When I got her, she was smaller, but I guess her breed just grows quickly like that.” The Samoyed was not how Irene remembered her to be. She used to be so small when she first met her at the local animal shelter. The diviner knew she made the right choice to bring her home that day. It’s been a while since she had taken care of her and the puppy has already taken a shine on the little girl the way she did for the blonde. 

When she started guessing what type of breed Renfri could be, she chuckled and shook her head when she guessed wrongly, “Shall I let you keep going or would you give up?” she asked slyly, she was not a maternal person but perhaps it was due to the whole excuse of not having young people being around her. The youngest she has ever had the ‘pleasure’ of meeting was a 21 year old following his father’s trip to the office. 21. An adult already. Besides, her company didn’t exactly allow the employees to bring their children to work. There was no bring your kid to work day. She never saw the appeal in it, sure the children would be proud but it would take a toll on their daily productivity. 

“Hello Rosie, I’m Irene” she quipped softly, she didn’t know what was about this girl that actually made her avert her eyes away from the laptop but she found her to be much more interesting compared to the screen. “Daddy lets you get ice cream huh? Is that healthy for you?” she teased and pondered for a moment before answering when she asked if she likes ice cream, “I do. What kind of a miserable soul doesn’t like ice cream? Can you guess what flavor I like?” When asked if she could pet her, Irene chuckled and grabbed the white furball before placing it on the seat next to Rosie, beckoning for her to do what she wanted, “Go ahead. I promise she doesn’t bite. Unless you’re as chewy as her chew toy.” 

The drive across the city thankfully didn’t take as long as he thought, though there was a long wait at one of the red lights as a family helped their elderly grandma get across safely. It made him smile, it wasn’t always that you got to see a snippet of the good in humanity but this was definitely one of them. By the time he parked up outside of the coffee shop and got all his stuff together another 15 minutes had passed.

Rosie was practically squeeing as she stared at the puppy who seemed about as excited as she was “How big is she going to get when she’s an adult?” she questioned with wide eyes, the white fluffy dog wasn’t exactly small right now after all. The young initia pouted her lips slightly when the lady said her guess was wrong “I don’t know many” she commented in a soft voice to hint she wanted her to tell her the answer. “Irene” she repeated to make sure she had heard her correctly and beamed slightly “I’ve never heard that name before” she commented thoughtfully, she liked it, maybe she would name one of her new plushies after it.

“Mhmm, daddy let’s me have ice cream as long as I don’t tell grandma and grandpa that I have it” she commented and giggled, though what he didn’t know was that grandpa let her have ice cream too. Rosie pulled a thoughtful face when she pondered what the blonde’s favorite ice cream would be tilted her head as though she could tell before picking the first one that came to mind “Caramel or….raspberry” or maybe that was just the one Rosie liked the most. Rosie looked at the white fluffy dog and reached out her hand slowly towards her, letting her lick against her before stroking her under the chin “She’s so soft” she squeed excitedly.

“What do you think I should tell my daddy if I want to convince him to let me get a doggy?” she questioned, an owner of a puppy must have some suggestions for her right? She heard Lici call to say daddy was here but she lingered not wanting to leave the pup and their owner “The place we’re going has doggy ice cream...you should bring Renfri” she pointed out.

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