He was late. He hated being late but there was little sympathy when it came to the sign off process in the force, he had to file all his cases before the end of the day and thanks to a runner putting his schedule behind earlier he was still writing up the last of it. He pulled out his phone to send Alicia, Rosie's babysitter a message to say he would be late and he would meet her at the coffee shop, adding to treat herself and Rosie on him. He breathed a sigh of relief when she responded with 'No Problem' and got back to work on filing his final case, wiping his brow and shaking his head, working a full job was tough when you were a single parent. 

When Lici announced they were going to get hot cocoa, Rosie couldn't help but squeal excitedly before placing her hand into hers, they headed out of the house and she followed as they walked the distance over to the cafe they liked going to. It had only opened recently and the owner was really friendly, always giving her a candy whenever she came in. Before long they were heading inside and over to the counter. She looked around the room curiously before spotting what looked like a massive white cloud across the room.

Her eyes widened and she tugged on Lici's hand to point in the direction of the dog before pouting her lips as though to plead with her. When she nodded but asked her to stay in sight. She nodded before wandering closer to the white dog who was laying down and minding it's own business but instead of petting it, Rosie pulled out the chair opposite the owner and hoisted herself onto it. She wobbled a little before smiling softly "Hi" she tilted her head a little, trying to figure out what she was doing on her laptop.

"Your dog is very fluffy" she spoke softly as she looked at her and then back to the blonde girl "Do you have to brush it a lot?" of course she was fact-finding about dog ownership since she had been trying to convince daddy to let her get one for a pet. 

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That compliment coming from Rosie really surprised her, that came out of nowhere, how spontaneous, she thought. "You're pretty too" she said, everyone could see that she would grow up to be a fine girl, and gosh is she very forward with the way she speaks. When she found out that she is his daughter, judging from the attitude she received from her and the energy she radiated, it was obvious that she was raised up in a positive household, which impressed her even more. Not everyone gets that these days. But then again, the night she met Hyunjin, he was also very cool with his demeanor, a good guy, working honestly as a police officer. That's not something you see every day. "They're high maintenance more like" she narrowed her eyes playfully at Renfri who groaned in response, as if knowing they were talking about her. 

"But she isn't really that active, I take her out personally for a few walks but aside from that, I haven't been spending as much time to know more than her cute whims" she did hire a dog sitter of course, but that's not the same. She should pay more attention and spend more time. "You're taking care of a whole human, a mini version of you, that must be challenging" she teased, but Rosie is pretty eloquent, which also drew the diviner to interact more closely. "Does she always go up and strike a conversation with strangers?" She wasn't sure whether to be glad or worried on that part honestly. 

When he complimented her on Renfri's good attitude, Irene shrugged casually and stared at the way Rosie was having fun walking her just a few steps in front of them "I didn't want her to go untrained… that'd be trouble. If I'm going to be a responsible owner, I should at least compensate for that. Though she probably misses me, it's like waking up only to see your mother for breakfast before she's off rushing to work, coming back home late…" Much like her childhood too, sadly. Though when talking about hers, she didn't really get to see her mother at all except for a few occasions. "Most of the people I meet another time coincidentally are my clients, which I do not look forward to chatting with, as you can already sense… I don't have a lot of friends to start with." But Hyunjin's obviously different. Was there something to even dislike about this guy? 

The way he talked about his daughter, if it was possible, the blonde would have noticed the hint of glimmer in his dark hues, how loving. "She's lucky to have you as a father" she exclaimed softly, he obviously cherishes her very much. "A lot of people would love to have a parent like that." She knew she would. Irene let out a nervous chuckle when he asked what she did "Uh… impressive is one word for it. What do you think I do for a living?" 

He chuckled slightly when she said Samoyeds were high maintenance “As is the case with most of the pretty breeds, those coats don’t just take care of themselves” he would imagine Renfri must have to be brushed at least every other day “Did you invest in a Roomba?” he chuckled slightly, because otherwise her house must already be covered in white hair. Still, Renfri looked a bit like a friendly polar bear which he did find pretty cute. “Too bad the same can’t be said about Rosie, I swear we can be out all day doing stuff and she can still run rings around me” he chuckled softly, she’d gotten his athleticism for sure.

“It is...but she’s old enough now that she can help me out a little here and there” didn’t mean they didn’t have times when they disagreed or she would throw a tantrum but they were getting lesser now and he found it easier to communicate with her. “Don’t let the angel face fool you though, she can be a little diva when she wants to be” he responded in a hushed tone and chuckled slightly. “She’s very sociable, though she knows better than to do so without supervision, she had her babysitter watching over here” Alicia was very good at watching out over her and he trusted her “She’s curious about people and the world, I don’t want that to go away” he nodded slightly.

He grinned slightly “Well you’ve done a good job of getting the basics there, I’m sure that must have been frustrating” he’d seen the dogs in the station when they first came in for training and they could be crazy, it took time and patience to be able to have them behave the way Renfri was “Don’t get too far ahead Rosie” he called out noting that they were off in their own world. They weren’t too far from the ice cream place now. He couldn’t say he was surprised by what she said because it was true that she didn’t have a lot of friends “Well there must be someone out there you like talking to, even if it’s for a short time” he found her really interesting and fun, though admittedly he had met her when she was pretty tipsy.

He chuckled and scratched at the back of his neck “I’m not sure about that but, I promised myself I would do everything I could for her and that’s what matters” he wanted her to have a good life and find her dreams, whatever they ended up being. He tilted his head when she asked him to guess what she did for work “Well from the way you dress, I can tell you definitely work in an office of some sort” he commented and chuckled “Maybe a project manager?” she seemed like she could organize things well at least.

When asked if she invested in a Roomba, Irene couldn't refrain herself from laughing, well that's not surprising, who wouldn't? "I mean, it doesn't clean up on its own, aside from a Roomba, I also have a maid cleaning up everyday, I'm not home moat of the time and that little baby has her own dogsitter slash maid, she's a nice girl" of course Irene wouldn't have trusted just anyone with her home, if the person in charge wasn't Nadia's cousin who she trusted very dearly. And Irene Farley trusts her judgment. "I imagine a child like that has plenty to follow from her parents, and let's be real, she's not active because her father is lazy either, is she?" She teased, it doesn't take a genius to know Hyunjin clearly took great care of himself, besides, if she recalled correctly, he did introduce himself as a police officer. You don't get by those being inactive, not really. He didn't seem like the type to get in using connections either. Someone who actually works for it. 

Seeing how happy and giddy Rosie was being around Renfri who was all too happy to have someone to give attention to her, the two of them make a good pair. "I think she just wants the entire world to bow before her and that's admirable" Could she really say the opposite? A woman like her is used to getting what she wants and she definitely makes sure it goes in her favor one way or the other. "Not everyone is as bold as that, you know. She's going to grow up commanding every room she steps in." It's cute how he still wanted to preserve Rosie's innocence though. "How long has… Alicia, been taking care of her?" A job like his wouldn't give him much time to spend with his kid, she's sure. 

"Fortunately, Renfri was already an obedient puppy, when I got her after I volunteered at the animal shelter to do some research, she was already attached to me so following my instructions, that part wasn't hard when you want to please someone, right?" It's natural for her to act that way and the diviner loves her for it. It didn't take Irene long to pick a friend she knows she could talk to from her contacts, it's not wide to begin with. "Yeah, a friend I made when I moved here. He owns a bookstore, clumsy but really smart, I've been trying to get him to work with me on the financials, and of course the bonus" she lowered her voice down a bit into a whisper "hot boyfriend." She won't claim to not oogle a bit, how could she not? Leigh wasn't exaggerating when he claimed his boyfriend is hot. 

Project manager, he said. Well, she did dress more casalually today, you wouldn't catch her wearing something like this if she's in the office. "Uh… close, I guess? I mean this one is more of a side project than my actual job that gives me all the sources I need to make this work. I do boss people around though, so management is still there." Would he think she's too much to handle if he knew she's a CEO to an interior company?

He chuckled, that was how the wealthier lived he supposed, if they couldn’t be home to take care of their dog they could always hire someone else to help. He was a little envious but he couldn’t blame her either, if he had the money to do that he would do the exact same thing because it would give them the opportunities they wanted. “Sounds like she’s a spoiled dog” he teased and grinned slightly, as long as she wasn’t being left on her own. “Still it’s like she has more energy than should even be allowed, even I’m tired after a full day of entertaining her” he supposed most parents shared it between them to make it a little easier but she only had him.

He chuckled and shrugged his shoulders slightly “I see a lot of her mom in her, always so headstrong and doing everything she wants to do without letting anything hold her back” it honestly made him proud that he had raised such an independent girl “I’m sure that’s why she’s drawn to people like you, she’s always looking for leader figures in her life” and Irene definitely had that vibe about her, he wasn’t even sure how to explain it. “I know, I can’t wait to see what she ends up choosing to do with her life” he commented and grinned slightly. “A couple of years now, along with a backup babysitter whenever she needs a break” he nodded slightly “Before that we were living with my late wife’s parents, as much as I appreciated their help it was time the two of us started to figure things out...just the two of us” he loved them but it got a little suffocating in time.

“Sounds like you got lucky with her, I’ve seen plenty of people go through a loop when it comes to training their dogs” he chuckled slightly, he’d done some research on it because Rosie kept bringing them up and while he was wondering at first if it was a phase, she seemed pretty attached on the idea of having one, enough that he wasn’t completely counting the idea out anyway. Hyunjin raised his brow when she talked about her friend who owned a bookstore and frowned when she said his boyfriend was hot, naturally feeling a pang of jealousy in his chest which he quickly bit back because it wasn’t his place to be jealous. “Sounds like you two must be close” he said in reference to her friend since she gushed about him so much.

He saw the way her expression changed almost like she was offended by his guess which made him bite his lip “I don’t think I’m ever going to guess it right so why don’t you tell me?” he suggested as he glanced at her, he really was curious to know more about her, especially now this was the second time he’d happened upon her. “We’re….acquainted enough now right? You can tell me” he commented with a chuckle as they reached the ice cream shop and Rosie waited for them to catch up.

When he said Renfri sounded like a spoiled dog, she couldn’t help but wonder if she was the same, is she spoiled too? She lived on the wealthy side sure, but the blonde wouldn’t really call herself being spoiled when no one is there to spoil her, she spoils herself generally because to her, that’s how hard she worked. “No one was around to spoil me so I thought I should do that to the ones I care for” she quipped, Renfri was the closest thing to a family for her. She didn’t exactly have a wide range of contacts that she considered being more than acquaintances either. Her trust is paper-thin.

“Maybe she just has a nice… physical strength to her, I mean she does have a police officer for a father, if anything suggests that she is your daughter, she should have a few telling traits, no?” The way she talked about Rosie’s mother made the diviner stare at the taller male in curiosity and wonder momentarily, it does sound like he really loved her, and appreciated her presence. How lovely, to have someone love you purely like that. It makes her jealous to know the day for that to come for her might never appear. “Leader figures? You think I’m leader material?” she quirked her eyebrows up playfully because he wasn’t exactly wrong, she does lead her company, but he doesn’t know that yet so she was curious to know where he concluded that from. Was it her upfront attitude?

“I get it, sometimes it can burdensome to leave your offspring with your in-laws, it’s in the book. If I had a kid myself, I wouldn’t want to leave them with my parents either but that’s mostly personal preference.” If they were still alive, they weren’t exactly an ideal example to be shown to any children. She nodded in agreement when it comes to training Renfri, she got lucky, that’s for sure. “I think it helps that she’s really just a pup in the beginning and she’s a rather lovable one. No streak of mischief detected… yet.” And hopefully, that will be kept to a minimum too because Irene feared neglecting her puppy because of her schedule. “He’s the only friend I could actually call a friend. I don’t have a lot of those, since I’m always busy and keep people at arm’s length but Leigh is a simple guy who’s just genuinely warm, it’s hard not to like him. You looked like you get along with everyone though, do you?”

An officer like him must’ve radiated positivity alongside authoritative sternness, right? When he egged her to tell him what she worked as, she couldn’t help but chuckle because, despite his towering height and vibes in general, he had that cute puppy eyes. “Fine… since you asked so nicely, I’m the chief executive officer of Unruly Eve, you know the French interior and architecture company located at the heart of the city?” She entered the store with him trailing behind her and was soon dragged by Rosie to an empty table.

He smiled softly at her reasoning because it was sweet how she thought about others despite the fact she hadn’t received the same treatment “Well then I guess this pup is very lucky you ran into one another” he commented and smiled, it seemed like she was a kind person, at least to the people she had time to pay mind. He chuckled when she pointed out that maybe Rosie would be strong because of who her father was “That one remains to be seen, I like to think she got her sense of community from me” he had always been the type of person who wanted to help others and fed off others around him and he was sure Rosie was much the same.

He shrugged slightly when she asked if he thought she was a leader material “I mean you give off that girl who can do anything she puts her mind to vibe” she was very independent and if it wasn’t for a few brief moments of vulnerability they’d shared the night they met, he could believe she really didn’t need anyone but herself. “We need more people willing to carve their own path like that in the world” he commented and shrugged his shoulders as though it was simple fact to him. “I just didn’t want to lean on them too much, I’m sure they wouldn’t have minded me doing so but...they didn’t choose to have another child and it was my job to take care of her” he was doing his best, even if he felt a little lost sometimes.

“I’m sure that streak is hidden somewhere, just gotta find the right thing that triggers it” he teased softly, though that’s what made the process of raising someone so interesting, everything was different and there were challenges to overcome. It made him a little sad when she pointed out so factually that she tended to keep most people at arm’s length, it made him wonder what people could have done in the past to crush her trust like that. “I get along with most people” he commented and shrugged “But I can’t say I keep many really close friends, it’s hard to keep up with a real social life when you’re working a full-time job and also raising a child” he gave a sheepish grin, it was a tough job but he wouldn’t trade it.

He grinned the moment she gave in to his request but widened his eyes slightly when she said chief executive officer, though he quickly covered up his surprise “So I wasn’t far off the mark when I said you’re a leader then” he teased and smiled, though before long they were heading into the ice cream shop, they sat down in the booth, Hyunjin sitting opposite Irene with Rosie sitting by her side and Renfri laying obediently under the table “Are we thinking sensible or should we go for all-out sundaes?” he teased playfully.

She looked at Renfri who seemed to have a nice time with Rosie, especially judging from her happy quips and barks while the younger girl keep paying her attention to the lovable pup. She could feel a  smile forming on her face as she nodded "Yeah… Renfri is a gem." She looked at the taller male and then back at the cheerful bubbly girl holding the leash to her puppy before chuckling "Yeah I can see where she got that from. What a very charming trait." If she grows up to be the kind person she thought Hyunjin was, Rosie clearly had a bright future ongoing for her. Of course, she should also know enough to not let people take advantage of her but something tells Irene that Hyunjin wasn't the type to be pushed around easily either. 

Normally she would've scoffed and laugh that off but it does bring a small blush to her cheeks when he said she seemed like a person who could do what she wanted. "Yes well, I like to boss people around while being innovative, that's always the fun part. Having the ideas and resources… that's at least one struggle pushed aside and 999 more." Thankfully, so far she hasn't faced much problems in the financial department when doing her projects either. He was responsible, she could see that and it was honestly making him to he more likable by the minute. "You don't fancy yourself another woman to be a mother figure to her huh?" She couldn't even say that the little girl didn't want knew because if she was asked the same question, Irene would've said she wished her mother was around a bit more. 

The blonde chuckled when he said he gets along with most people "Yeah you definitely give off that approachable vibe. You look very… warm." And naturally, people will want to be surrounded by said people that exude that kind of energy. Even when she was around him, she could feel it, and they was when he was also tipsy. "Don't worry about friends, not a lot could keep so many friends anyway, you just need to have a few to lean on when times get rough, I guess. That's what people tell me anyway, even if I refuse to heed them." Irene Farley is stubborn, and that's that's understatement. 

He is so cute, she thought. When he covered his mouth in surprise, she wanted to laugh because of how adorable he is. Definitely tugging on her heartstrings a bit. "Why not all out if we're already here anyway? As you can probably get it from the title itself, I led a very boring life so I don't know how to enjoy these things." She leaned with curious eyes and smiled "Show me."

He smiled softly as he looked back at Irene, a gentle expression remaining on his face “By no means have I been perfect for her, I don’t think it’s even possible being a single parent but when she’s older…I hope she never feels like I wasn’t there for her” he wanted to be as present in her life as he could be, mostly because he wanted to be a good father but also because the only way to keep Rosie connected to her mother was through him.

He chuckled at the way she quite openly admitted she liked being her own boss, he could definitely see it and picture it now that she had confirmed it and honestly he couldn’t deny that it suited her “Your days must get pretty crazy huh?” he imagined she was always in demand and needed by others which meant she was being pulled left right and center “I’ve never had a job role where I was more than part of the bigger team…leading was never really a goal for me” not that he didn’t have ambitions, they just stretched in slightly different directions.

He blushed in surprise when she casually brought up the idea of bringing someone into his life that could be a mother figure to Rosie, he bit on his lip “Of course I’ve thought about it, perhaps even had the passing thought about someone in particular but” he lifted his gaze showing the thoughtfulness on his expression “We don’t have a big family or a lot of people surrounding us, the few people we let in, they mean everything to her” he gazed over at Rosie and then back to Irene “So I have to be…100% sure the person I bring into her life like that…wants to stay…I don’t wanna be a liar when I tell her she can let someone in” it was a delicate subject to handle.

He nodded in agreement to her words about friends, glancing over at her “Still, it would be nice to have a few more people I can rely on…I fear I might end up seeming like a hermit” he teased with a slight chuckle, he wondered if she had anyone she could lean on because the way she talked and acted made it seem like she didn’t “They’re not wrong you know” he chided with a raise of his brows. He grinned when she she said they should go for all out sundaes and he didn’t fail to catch the way she was looking at him in that moment either “Deal” he commented and smiled “They have this option where you can create your own monstrosity of a sundae, I say we get 2 between the three of us and maybe even a puppuccino for our furry friend” Rosie was already excitedly listing out what ice cream flavors and toppings they could go for which made him chuckle.

When he said that, she could feel it hit a little bit too close to home, yeah of course he would want her to grow up well like that, feeling like nothing lacked in her childhood, why couldn't her parents be the same? Was it too much to ask for something so simple like that? Or maybe her parents didn't really love her to begin with, maybe that's why it came to them as something difficult. "A child like that needs a lot of attention, but I'm sure she could feel the love, sometimes no matter how spoiled they would get, they would end up remembering the love and affection you poured to her as she grew." Even for someone materialistic as her, that mattered. Isn't that why she indulged in other things because she never had that, growing up?

"Crazy is an understatement, it's completely chaotic." Sometimes it gets very busy, which is a bit… exciting for Irene because it gets her brain going and if she doesn't stay at the top of her game, how could she keep her company afloat then? But other times, it's a bit too much. She's just one person, at the end of the day, anyway. "So you're more of a follower huh?" She pressed her lips together to form a small smile, she could understand that sentiment better than most would think she wouldn't. "That's something a responsible father would say, so kudos to you." It doesn't matter if you end up being a single father forever if you could pour love like this to your daughter. 

"You should take your time thinking about something so delicate like that, I agree. I didn't exactly have the best time growing up so… I can tell you that sometimes the littlest thing makes up a whole lot of memory." Irene raised her eyebrows in curiosity and teased "Are you? A hermit, I mean. Do you see yourself as one?" God knows she has never had something like this, the best she has ever went for was a tub of ice cream or a sundae for herself, that's it. The thought of people putting together scoops of ice cream together to make a giant monstrosity is just something new to her. "Are you sure we're able to finish them? Because… that's a lot" she pointed to the other customer who was having fun indulging in the sweetness. "I think I'm gonna end up having an ice cream trauma after this" she chuckled.

He nodded slightly, Rosie was smart and in touch with everything around her that he often felt this pressure to keep up with her, because god knows she’d be able to tell when something was wrong or if he wasn’t being sincere “I hope when she’s older she can look back and remember all the good times, even if her mom couldn’t be here, I don’t want her to feel like she…missed anything” which is why sometimes he wondered if she did need more of a female influence in her life, especially as she got older.

He chuckled under his breath “Something tells me you’re one of those people who thrive in the chaos” he commented and tilted his head slightly as though to question whether she would disagree with him. Some people just did well under pressure like that, perhaps they even craved it in a way because being busy kept other things from creeping in. “I guess” he responded and shrugged slightly “I don’t mind being someone that fades into the background as long as that gets me what we need” he wasn’t the type who ever saw himself as needing to be special or stand out.

He bit his lip and smiled “I try my best for her, it’s not always easy and sometimes I feel swayed but” he looked up and shrugged “We can’t be perfect right?” maybe he was going to mistakes along the way too but it was part of his life and he would have to learn from them. The important part was to have the right intentions. He scoffed a little when she asked if he saw himself as a hermit “Aren’t we all guilty of that sometimes? Spending too much time at home even when everyone keeps telling you that you should put yourself out there?” maybe there was more to that excuse he used about not being ready, maybe he really just needed a push.

“Well not with that attitude” he teased her in response when she pointed out how much food was there “We don’t stand for quitter energy do we Rosie?” he questioned and she perked up to shake her head, chiming in “You have to put your everything into it” he grinned proudly and asked the cashier for 2 sundaes with mixed flavors and toppings and before long they were collecting their ice cream and bringing it to the table to eat. He passed Irene a spoon with a playful look “Are you up to the challenge?” he teased.

For someone who wasn't really the type to be given a chance to spend her time surrounded by little children in general, much less someone so enthusiastic and bright as Rosie, Irene did take a liking to her. And it was more than the fact that her father is the one she was intrigued by too. Though admittedly, it did help… just a bit. "I don't think she'll feel like she missed anything if the father is like this." In a way, she did mean all of those words, she's not always putting on a front all the time, there were times when the blonde could be genuine. It reminded her of how her childhood went. She wanted this too. "Perhaps she could even be the female influence in her own life, who knows." 

Wouldn't it be better that way? To be independent. But Irene Farley, out of all people, would also know the steep price of being independent; loneliness. It's not fun being lonely, even with power. She gave him a playful scowl when he pointed out she thrives in chaos "Perhaps. But gosh, this is the part where I tell you don't judge a book by its cover." He wasn't wrong though. She likes chaos, only when she induces it of course. Life can be so boring, she wanted some entertainment to come with it. "I'm an ambitious woman, I don't like being in the background for anything. I like to stand out." Which seems to be the complete opposite of who he is, interestingly enough. "If we're not perfect, then shouldn't we at least try to be the best version of ourselves?" She felt as if they owed themselves that. 

"I think you're doing pretty well already. I don't know about you, Hyunjin, but I remember plenty from that eventful night, where we had our conversation." It reminded her what kind of a person he is from just one playful and drunken talk. Irene scrunched up her nose when he said they should be more sociable, "I have my times… my events, but if I involve myself in any more public, it will leave me dry for the next couple of months." Which is not something anyone wants. She spared him a playful scoff before taking the spoon from him and taking a bite, there was a momentary brain freeze due to the swiftness of her movement but once it settles down, she bit her lip and tried so hard not to break into a smile, "Your turn, pretty boy" she purred and pointed the spoon at him. "Is Rosie supposed to have this many though? Are you sure you're being responsible, sir? Or are you just trying to earn more brownie points?"

He chuckled and looked down for a moment, he really did try his hardest for her but it wasn’t always easy and he felt like his daughter spent more time with her babysitter than he’d like, but in the end, he had to work to make sure she lived comfortably and put aside money for her college fund “I guess that’s the thing about being a parent, you always want more for them” he didn’t ever see an end to that, it was natural. “Well if it’s a test of independence, she’s definitely way ahead of the curve” she was so curious that he sometimes had to remind her to be more cautious about who she struck conversations up with.

He grinned when she told him off for making assumptions “It’s not just the cover, you just seem like the kind of person who always has something going on” you didn’t take up a high stress job like she did without some love for chaos and being constantly busy. “And you do, even when you’re trying to be low-key I’m sure people stare” it helped that she was naturally very attractive and had a very striking presence, she tended to command attention without even meaning to. “We can definitely try” he agreed with her, nodding his head, though he had come to accept that sometimes you have to take your shortfalls and run with them.

The way she said conversation made him chuckle slightly because they both knew there had been far more happening than that “It was definitely one of the most memorable” he pointed out and pressed his lips together, it had lingered in his mind since, longer than it was supposed to for a one night thing that was for sure. He watched her with playful eyes as she took a spoonful of her ice cream, tilting his head as he saw the slightest twitch in her demeanor before chuckling softly and digging in himself, going straight for the chocolate as it was his favorite “I always have to earn brownie points, before you know it, she’s gonna be a preteen” he teased softly and shrugged “Besides, she deserves to just be a kid and eat ice cream sometimes” she was grown up in so many ways, he’d hold onto this.

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