Aeryn had been in Evermore for a few weeks now and while he was still staying in a run down apartment on a short term lease, the city was starting to become more and more familiar to him. Every morning he would walk through the streets to just take in the changes in the modern world, he still didn't really understanding technology nor why humans insisted in travelling around in metal deathtraps they liked to called 'cars' but he was slowly getting used to the busy surroundings. The Nephilim however knew that Evermore city couldn't be home to him, Evermore was the eternal city and probably somewhere he would never have to leave for fear of people noticing his lack of aging, but it was also just a stepping stone to him in the long journey of figuring out what had happened in the time he had been sleeping on the isle of skye. 

Today however, the nephilim's wandering had taken him to a part of the city he had never been before. Aeryn wasn't especially intimidated with the idea of getting lost, after all it wasn't like he had any particular place to be and if he needed to get his bearings he could simply fly into the air and figure it out. Instead of worrying, the dark haired half angel had taken it in his stride. As he continued to walk he noticed how the clustered buildings and homes in the city started to thin out, the houses got larger and more lavish, there were more parks and even a large castle in the distance over the hills. The south west of the city seemed to have a lot more private land, which seemed to be used for gardens and even small farms. 

Aeryn was lost in thought when he felt a sharp nudge in the back of his legs from behind. Startled, mostly from the fact that he had been tailed endlessly since he had taken over ownership of the stone of El'Ar, Aeryn pulled a dagger from under his sleeve and turned around ready to face whatever was behind him. Staring back at him however was a small goat, which as if to laugh at his overreaction, bleated loudly at him. Aeryn sheathed his dagger once more before crouching down to look at the strange animal. "It's rude to sneak up on people" he scolded the animal which responded once again with a loud bleat. 

Shaking his head Aeryn got back to his feet before starting to walk away from the animal. He had walked about another half a block before he heard the bleat again. Turning around Aeyrn saw the goat yet again. Folding his arms he stared at the animal for a moment before looking around trying to figure out where it might have come from. Perhaps it was lost. He had debated continuing to walk and hope the animal didn't keep following him, but he couldn't help but feel a pang of guilt knowing the poor thing probably wouldn't last a night in the city. 

Rolling his eyes, Aeryn had scooped the animal up in his arms and looked around for where he could begin his good deed of the day. "I always preferred dogs to farm animals" he admitted, another bleat in response. "But you are pretty cute" he commented as he continued to walk holding the goat as though it was a teddy bear a child would cuddle. 

Another half an hour and Aeryn had knocked on half a dozen people's doors all of whom had proclaimed they had never seen this goat before. Aeryn sighed gently as he set the animal down on the ground for a moment his brow furrowing "Which way is home Mr Bleat?" he asked as if it would know what he was talking about. Regardless when it started wandering down the block towards a more beaten track, Aeryn followed it curiously.

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Her voice rang out across the clearing as Jasper carried her slowly down the lane, Duke trotting at her side with his nose to the ground. Listening intently she neither heard the plaintive bleating of the kid or the rustle of little hooves tramping through the underbrush. This wasn’t the first time this particular kid had gotten loose, in fact he was a master at slipping out of the fences or jumping clean over them. Thus why he had been named after a famous escape artist. The little turd.

Huffing Aurantia glanced up at the sky, noting the angle of the sun and guesstimating how long she’d been out searching for the wayward baby goat. Shaking her head she thought about all the things she’d had planned for the day, all the things she’d hoped to get accomplished. Fall was upon the Eternal City which meant cooler temperatures and storms. All of her late summer harvest would need to be gotten in, the seasonal plants and trees tucked in for the winter, and all of her winter crops needed to be planted. Then of course there was the farm work that wasn’t ever done, even when one thought they had everything done there was always something else that needed repairing or tending to.

When the Isle fell and everything she’d once called home had been destroyed she’d fallen into a deep depression the likes of which matched even Erythreus’s blackest mood. It had been a friend in the Guard who had suggested she take up a hobby to get her mind off the dreary events that had rocked them all. The Ailward had taken the advice to heart, venturing outside the mansion walls to find a little plot of unused land. After some work the square patch of earth was burgeoning with vegetables and fruits that were in high demand around the mansion and the red head was soon bored. Needing more to occupy her time and finding solace in the back breaking work she’d managed to find more land with which to use. With the help of several Guard members and occasionally her brother Virindeus they built 4 greenhouses, planted an orchard with a variety of fruit trees, and 2 large barns that housed an array of animals.

The farm was the latest addition, growing thanks to additions from all over. She’d intended to just house a few horses, making it easier and more expedient to get around than a car or truck. Malva came across a traveling salesman with several cows that he wanted to get rid of and thinking a farm needed cows she’d bought them and brought them home. That purchase had opened up the floodgates and before Tia could blink she had cows, chickens, rabbits, a small herd of alpacas, goats, and sheep. She’d drawn the line when Aureus made mention of pigs, absolutely NO pigs. As much trouble as goats were they served a purpose and once they got passed the youth stage were quite docile and easy to handle. Pigs on the other hand were messy and noisy and an all around nuisance.

Once more shaking her head the redhead drew up to the road, frowning across the street at the few shops that dotted the lane. It was odd how modern society worked, fitting in a large swatch of forest and farmland right at the feet of the city. She had half a mind to turn around, what animal in their right mind would venture this far? A wry smile pulled at the corner of her lips as she thought about Houdini, checking the roads once more as she was about to press her heel to Jasper’s flank when a bleating caught her attention. A moment following the little goat popped out from between two buildings, trotting across the road with a decidedly chipper skip to his steps.

Following behind him was a tall stranger that she’d never seen before, awareness sliding across her senses as the pair drew near. Unable to stop the smile that spread across her features she slid from the Percherons back, her boots kicking up dust as she gave the giant beast a pat. A warm weight settled against her leg, her hand lowering to pet Duke behind his ear as the pup took up sentry at her side. As young as he was the wolfhound was surprisingly acute and protective.

Her mouth twisted up into an amused smile as the stranger approached, Houdini bouncing around herself and Jasper. “You know in this city I believe stalking is a crime, though if you were intent on Kid-napping you might want to pick a different target. This one is more slippery than a piglet dipped in crisco on a rainy day.” Hooking her thumb at the baby goat, the little animal trotted up beside Duke and leaned in as if seeking comfort from something familiar. Chuckling lightly she shrugged, her southern accent thick, “Though if you have yer heart set on him I suppose we could work somethin’ out.”

Aeryn couldn't help but wonder how his life had come down to chasing a baby goat through the city in search of it's home but it felt like a welcome change compared with the usual habit he had of wasting the day away at a bar, which he had discovered had definitely moved forward with the times. It was hard to find what you wanted to do with your life when you knew that it lasted forever, the days faded into months and then years passed without a second thought. Before he had fallen asleep his only habit for keeping the time was by looking at the dates on each of Willa's letters but since he had lost her contact, life had become a blur for the immortal half angel.

His inner thoughts however were interrupted when a voice rang out over the air. Focusing on the little animal which had begun to run amock the moment had set it down on the ground again Aeryn hadn't really expected anyone to be there. especially considering this was a quite neighbourhood and most people seemed to be away from their home, likely at work or driving their metal death traps. The dark haired nephilim's eyes landed on the bright blues of a young looking redhead. From the sound of her voice he supposed that she was most accustomed to the country than she was the city and to his delight, he was pretty sure he had finally found the owner of the particularly troublesome goat. 

Aeryn's eyes drifted from the horse which the woman had dismounted and the dog sitting obediently by her side, well there was no question that she liked animals then. A half smile crossed the nephilim's face as he watched the small goat cross the distance over to her. "Oh believe me, as cute as he is, my landlord would literally kill me if I brought a gold fish home, let alone a goat" he answered with a smirk and a shrug rolling off his shoulders "Besides, he's the one who was stalking me" he added with a chuckle escaping from his lips. For a moment he looked around at the area he was in, noting that he didn't really remember the way that he had come as he had been so focused on ensuring the little animal got home safe.

"Where exactly did he manage to escape from?" he asked with a raised brow, despite this road being a little more off the beaten track than where he had found the animal, it was still a relatively urban area and he wasn't sure those little legs could have gotten that far. With a gentle smile. Aeryn crossed the distance over to the striking looking dog and held his hand out for the animal to sniff before he petted it gently on the head. "You are very well behaved" he praised as he spoke to the animal before he raised to his feet once more looking at the slender female once more "Seems like they're all in good hands" he praised with a smile in the girl's direction "Name's Aeryn, and I'm 100% not a goat kidnapper, I promise" he admitted as he nodded gently at the woman.

Aurantia regarded the tall dark stranger, Aeryn as he introduced himself and from his smile alone she decided she liked him. He had a sense of humor much like her own not to mention he’d taken the time to see that Houdini was safe. Not many people in the city would do such a thing, most would have cast a glance in the small goat’s direction before moving on with there day. The kid could have been hit by a car or stumbled into a place where he might have been beaten and abused. Thankfully the baby goat pranced in the path of a compassionate young male who took it upon himself to champion the little guy.

“Not even a goldfish? Seems like a bonehead to me.” She shot him a playful wink, lowering down to one knee to pat the little goat on the head as he gave a happy bleat. Chuckling the red head stood back up watching Duke slowly approach the new person in his life, sniffing the pro-offered hand while his tail wagged lightly. The pup was still in training and yet was proving incredibly astute and intelligent. It boded well for her new friend that one of her dogs approved of him, dogs were never wrong when it came to people.

Laughing lightly Tia dusted her hand off on her thigh, crossed the distance between them as she held out her hand to him. “I’m Aurantia, Tia if you prefer.” Pointing at the animals in turn, “The pup is Duke, Jasper is back there grazing, and of course you’ve already met Houdini.” The Aspect gestured toward the little goat, who obliged by prancing around the pair of them and doing a little flip off of a tree nearby. Hooking a thumb towards the hyper creature she grinned wide, “You can imagine where he got his name.”

Dusting her hands off once more on her Wrangler’s the young female slid her hand into her back pockets, jerking her head in the direction of the barn. “Why don’t you come up to the barn and I’ll get you a drink for your troubles.”

Aeryn could tell just from looking between the woman and the small animal that he was very loved, he was glad that such a resolution could come around because he really wasn't sure what he would have done if he couldn't find the owner of the troublesome goat, back in the times he was familiar with people tended to be a lot more present and available than they seemed to be nowadays, most of the people he met spent most of their time with their nose buried in a screen. "Well I suppose that's what you get with a short term lease, but yes, 100%  bonehead" he answered with a chuckle, he hadn't expected to be in Evermore event this long, let alone any more time.

As Aeryn greeted the pup he smiled gently stroking his head gently before he raised back to his feet, Aeryn always had a soft spot for animals, they had been a good distraction from the realness of the world. His mother had given him a kid of his own to raise when he was 7 and he had sold it's milk to help pay for their lands, it had given him a sense of purpose and a working class mind even from a very young age. Aeryn nodded gently as he met her hand with his and shook firmly "Nice to meet you Tia, beautiful name I might add, quite unlike the modern names you hear nowadays" he commented with a bright smile, Aeryn was naturally the kind of person who liked to say things to make people happy when they came to mind.

Aeryn's eyes followed to where she was pointing with each introduction and upon the last one he spoke  "As in Harry Houdini" he commented matter of factly before an amused sound escaped his lips "Fitting" he agreed as he turned to look up at her with a bright smile, Aeryn was a very relaxed person and he noted the same qualities in Tia, she seemed kind and warm. Most people would probably turn down her offer and head on their way but a long time ago the dark haired nephilim had learned a long time ago that saying no all the time led to a very uneventful life and for an immortal, that was pure torture. "I'd like that" he answered as he started to follow her in the direction of the barn.

"Man it is so like Evermore city to have a ranch in the middle of a city" he commented with a half laugh, he thought he had seen everything but the eternal city was so different that he had ever pictured, perhaps when you knew you couldn't go somewhere for so long you wanted to hate it but he had to admit that he could see a life for himself in a city as crazy as he was. 

“I wouldn’t know anything about leases. My family came into some land and built a home there after we lost our first home.” Sighing wistfully Tia found it odd that her heart didn’t clench painfully as it usually did when she thought about the Isle. Perhaps in some respects the old adage was true, time didn’t heal all wounds but it did when it came to destroyed homes. It could have been that she felt more at home on her ranch than she had on the Isle but that was a musing for another day.

“It’s nice to meet you as well Aeryn.” Smiling the Aspect shoved her hands into her pockets with a little chuckle. He was astute and honest, two traits the redhead thoroughly enjoyed. “Thank you, as a matter of fact it isn’t modern at all. You could say I’m not a modern lady.” Winking in response Tia gave a little whistle calling Duke back to her side. It was hard explaining to anyone that she was over a thousand years old, on her second life for all intents and purposes. Even more so when she added in her family history and the powers that were at her disposal. There were few that she’d ever opened up to in that regard however, so it was easy to overlook and let go.

Laughing as Aeryn named the goat’s namesake she nodded, “The one and only.” Chuckling she looked at the little goat, his tail wagging as he chased Duke around her legs. “I thought so. Would have called him trouble but he has escaped out of a total of three pens now and Houdini fit far better.” He wasn’t trying to be especially troublesome, he was just being his little precocious self which made it easy to remain calm despite all the trouble he put her through. Giving Duke the signal the Wolfhound began making his way back towards the barn, careful to keep the kid beside him at all times. Jasper took the hint as well turning to follow the pup with a well timed sigh.

Falling into step beside her new friend the Aspect grinned, looking around at the orchard and everything else she had worked so hard to build. “Believe it or not this area used to be a couple blocks of run down old industrial buildings. Hadn’t seen any upkeep for years and had been condemned by the city though no one knew what to do with them.” The redhead had looked for a long time at several different places and in the end this stretch of land was the best for what she had had in mind. “With the help of some government grants and family fortunes I had the buildings torn down, rejuvenated the soil, and everything else just took.” She didn’t mention how easy it was for her to get something to grow, or who exactly had done the tearing down of the aforementioned buildings.

Looking over at him once more she had to squint a bit against the afternoon sun. “You talk like you haven’t been here long. What brought you to this fine city?”

'Lucky' was the first thought that came to Aeryn's mind upon hearing her words, so far of what had seen about renting in the modern world was that you gave a lot of money to someone for very little in return, Aeryn had almost instantly started to save the extra money he got from the job he worked towards some kind of ownership, he was already tired of throwing his money into the pockets of his landlord who he had quickly learned had the right to turf him out at any moment he chose. "Sorry to hear that" he responded naturally to her second point, Aeryn didn't really know what a home really meant so it had little relevance to him but he could imagine being forced from somewhere you had come to care for would be difficult.

Aeryn smirked a little in response to her words, of course the average human would take that as a strange comment and move on but the supernatural had their way of hinting what they were without saying the words, it was a trick that most of them perfected and recognized, even back before he had fallen asleep for 100 years. "I am probably the very definition of not modern" he echoed her sentiment to confirm his standing on the supernatural scale. Aeryn was of course one of the rare, there really weren't many immortal species, at least not before the comet had hit and changed everything for his kind. 

Aeryn couldn't help but appreciate the charm of the name given to the goat, it was far better than he would have ever come up with, he had never been all that creative of a person, he could follow instructions to get to a given result but ask him to come up with those ideas himself and he would find himself stuck. "Three pens huh?" he asked with raised brows pulling an impressed expression as he glanced over at the small animal "Sounds stubborn" he chuckled softly, there was something about animals that amused him, the way they all had their own personality traits and characters, he still found them much easier to understand than most people, though he supposed that was more due to the fact that he avoided getting too close to people most of the time.

As they walked he allowed her to walk just a little ahead so that he could follow her towards the ranch, his eyes drifted around studying the area as he did so noting how the city just faded away into this small rural seeming section, it was both strange but endearing to him "Bet it feels all the better knowing you managed to build it all up from nothing" there was something about managing to achieve something beautiful from nothing that felt all the more satisfying than simply taking a leaf from someone else's book. "What do you grow around here?" he asked with a curious expression, having lived on farmland when he was young Aeryn had a natural interest in horticulture and was impressed by just how green and luscious all of the plants seemed to be. 

Aeryn nodded a little in response to her statement and chuckled "Guilty" he answered with a shrug of his shoulders "I don't really know if I'm honest, I guess I felt a little lost in the world and Evermore had always been one of the places I meant to visit, one month turned into two and here I still am" he hadn't intended on finding his sister here although he had ended up finding her by pure chance, it made him wonder if perhaps that calling was more than a pang in his gut after all. 

He seemed at ease despite the strange situation he found himself in and how out of place he purported himself to be. Shrugging she brushed off his consolation, giving a him a dismissive wave of her hand. Losing her home on the isle hadn’t been the most detrimental thing to happen in her very long life, not by a long shot. In fact there was lots of other things that had happened to her, both before and after becoming an Aspect, that were far worse than watching the Isle get destroyed. “It’s in the past and can’t be reversed. Life goes on.” Perhaps it was a little too callous of her, which was why she was having such a problem with a majority of her siblings.

It didn’t matter though, she was living her life on her own terms and enjoying every minute of it. Even when she was chasing after precocious kid with a superpower for escaping any pen he was placed in. Since starting her endeavor she’d met quite a few interesting people: a dhampir with a penchant for taking things and a smart mouth, a handsome vampire she thought about way too much, and now a Nephilim that seemed out of place but was rather friendly. All in all she enjoyed her life as it was now and wouldn’t change it for a thing in the world. Not a single thing.

Coming back around to the conversation the redhead snorted, quirking an eyebrow at Aeryn with a little lopsided grin on her face. “Are you really?” Her gaze swept the landscape around her going from the orchards to the tall buildings that loomed in the distance. “I’ve been around since before technology was even a thing. It amazes me how quickly mankind was able to shift and change and yet they still search for happiness and fulfillment. Always looking in every place but within themselves.” She shook her head, her long braid swinging between her shoulder blades. The few times she’d been allowed to venture off the island had been a couple hundred years apart and each time she’d hoped that she would find something different, some inspiration of the mind that would have shifted humanity in a very different direction. Each time she’d been sadly disappointed.

Finally the trees of the orchard gave way, displaying a wide vista of green grass and open sky. Along the southern flank sat a cluster of greenhouses, their curved stops looking like a gaggle of ladies sitting around gossiping. Off in the distance was the barn, the large doors thrown open allowing a couple dairy cows and a few horses come and go as they please. Sitting behind the barn, like the annoying little sister that wanted to be just like her big sister was the chicken coop. A smaller replica of the barn with a retracting roof so that a person could reach inside for the eggs. About 3 dozen hens clucked around the yard while a single rooster strutted among his harem. Towards the north were the goat pens and along the flank was a rather large garden.

Pausing the Aspect put her hands on her hips and smiled as she looked over everything she’d managed to build. “Oh a little bit of everything really. Every fruit and vegetable you can think of, fresh milk, cream, and cheese, free range eggs. Occasionally I’ll grab a pig or two for pork. I get all my beef from a friend that lives on the other side of town and I have a rather large pond on the back 40 that I have grain fed fish living in.” The female was aware of how absurd it all was, all the things and animals she was able to keep housed here but she was the Aspect of Elements. If she wanted to make it work it did.

She nodded her head as he explained how he’d gotten here and how he’d managed to stay. “Evermore is both siren and seductress. She calls to you until you come to her and then she manages to make you stay with all her wiles and secrets.” Turning she gave him a critical look, a smile slowly spreading across her face. “I predict you will be here for a while yet.”

That was a lesson you quickly had to learn as an immortal, time went on whether you wanted it to or not and the past was long gone in the blink of an eye. “True” he answered matter of factly as he considered the amount of times he’d wanted so badly to change the past “Eventually you learn that moving forward is the only way to keep your spirit” he agreed with a nod of his head, humans spent a lot of time mulling over the what ifs but what ifs were simply a waste of time in the grand scheme of things, instead you should focus on the what you can do about its.

Aeryn got the feeling from Tia that there was a lot more to her than first met the eye. The way she spoke reminded of the way those in the south spoke many years back and her not so subtle hints were enough to tell him that she was very likely supernatural. “Somehow I think that’s just people at their very core” he responded honestly with a shrug of his shoulders “Searching for more than what they have endlessly.” he knew that side all too well, because it was exactly what his father had done and what every person who had hunted him to the ends of the earth for the stone of El’Ar had done.

Watching as the scenery around them seemed to literally transform right before his eyes the nephilim’s mouth opened in awe of everything he saw around him. It was almost like a garden of eden had grown within a little bubble of Evermore city. Aeryn had seen smaller scale product from Initia but he had never seen anything quite like this. In a landlocked state not exactly known for its fertile land it was nothing short of amazing. As Aeryn’s eyes trained on the barn and the animals running throughout the space he couldn’t stop the smile that crept up on his lips appreciating the true beauty of what he was seeing.

“It’s…” he trailed off almost unable to put into words how amazing it all was to him, Aeryn had seen many amazing things in his long live but this would catalog as one of the ones he really remembered centuries down the line. “Absolutely breathtaking” he decided on the words with a nod of his head, his dark eyes turning towards her for a moment to acknowledge that she had been the one to achieve such a feat “Hard to imagine why anyone would ever want to escape it” he commented in a teasing tone as he looked back at the small goat who as if on cue let out a loud bleat which caused a laugh to erupt from the immortal male.

Aeryn chuckled as she spoke about Evermore, he wasn’t sure it was the city so much as finally being reunited with his sister that made him want to stay but he had to admit the idea of being able to stay in one place and not have to run was both unfamiliar and enticing for him. “Can’t disagree with you there, for once I feel like I finally have reason to stay” his lips twitching into a smile. “You must have been in the city a while to have built something quite this spectacular” he commented though it was more of a question than a simple statement as he lifted his hands brushing his palms against the wisps of the long grass which was at the sides of the path they walked.

“Move forward but always keep the lessons of the past in mind. Otherwise history will inevitably repeat itself and you will look down one day to find that you’ve gone nowhere.” A wave of nostalgia washed over her as she spoke those words, a slight frown wrinkling her forehead as she tried to recall where she had heard the saying. Something told her it was important but each time her mind tried to conjured up the details only a big black hole presented itself. Curious. Making a mental note to speak with Aureus Tia shook off the odd feeling and refocused on the here and now.

Smiling the redhead laughed lightly, “Guess I dated myself there huh. Not many people would admit to such a thing.” Granted she had purposely opened up about some of her past, knowing full well what Aeryn was she felt it was safe at least around him to be herself. The Aspect got the feeling that the Nephilim knew a bit about what she was talking about, or enough to appreciate the finer sentiments she was giving voice too. In the young Male she sensed an old and tired soul, a solitary wolf in desperate need of a pack. Of grounding. It was nice too that he was wise enough to stop and look around every once in a while, it said a lot about his character. Well that and being willing to carry around a small goat with no real idea of where he was going.

Looking around as they walked the Ailward shook her head, “I don't think so. I think its it's a learned response and if people looked deep inside, searched within themselves with pure intention they would find what they are looking for. They would see what you and I see.” her smile grew even wider as she turned to look at his face, watch as he took in everything she had worked so hard to build. She could see his shoulders relax, his entire demeanor even changed. He went from guarded and slight standoffish to a young man with not a trouble in the world. It was magnificent to witness.

“Thank you.” Tia answered simply, giggling as Houdini punctuated Aeryn’s sentiment with a loud bleat. It was in the young kid’s nature to explore, the prance around with all the abandon of a baby animal new to the world. Soon enough he would grow to an age where curiosity was only a passing fancy and his interest would turn to food and the females of his species. Loving the sound of the Angelchild’s laugh Tia continued walking, leading the baby goat back to his parents.

Shrugging her shoulders Tia popped open the gate and shooed Houdini inside, smiling as the little goat kicked and pranced around the pen. “It hasn't been too long to be honest. I have a way with the Earth and other such things. It's easy to coax growth and the buildin’ was simple for a lady with mah skill set.” Shooting him a wink she waved him towards the greenhouses. “Come on, I can't very well send ya home empty handed. Not after such a darin’ rescue.” She was loath to talk about her previous home and didn't much feel like explaining Ailward politics so she left it at that and started walking once more, Duke right on her heels.

Time, he agreed, was very good at watching the world repeat the same mistakes over and over again, wars, hatred, disasters, they just kept coming and for the most part all you could do was sit and watch as they unfolded. “Instead you get to watch everyone else make those same mistakes and not live long enough to see the real consequences” he chuckled softly, it was something you had to come to expect as an immortal, don’t get attached to those who were mortal because inevitably they would leave you one way or another, he had made that mistake over and over, causing himself more heartbreak than any one person could really handle.

Aeryn chuckled softly, she hadn’t exactly been subtle about her comments and so he knew with some certainty that she knew what he was. Aeryn knew there were a lot of tells for nephilim kind, the marks on their back, the purple tint in their eyes which was evident to anyone with a supernatural eye. Nephilim however generally hadn’t lived centuries like he had, seeing as immortality had only been granted to his kind a few years back by the comet. “Not a normal person anyway” he answered and smirked a little “But I get the feeling you’re about as far from normal as it gets” there were few immortal species and she certainly wasn’t a vampire.

Despite marvelling in everything he was seeing around him, Aeryn was also listening to the words she spoke and pondering her standpoint “Perhaps that’s it” he answered, it was hard to see everything from further back when life was so full on like it was for most people. Everyone was always rushing everywhere, whereas those who had lived it for so long had learned to see it from a whole different perspective, one where it wasn’t all about them. Aeryn couldn’t imagine anyone not stopping to take in this beautiful view however, even the ignorant ones.

Aeryn had to admit that Tia had a great laugh, she seemed somewhat of a free spirit to him and far wiser than her youthful appearance let on. After searching his mind for all of the possibles he had come to the determination she must either be a phoenix or part of the Ailward faction, though his bets were leaning on the latter. Watching as the little goat was safely returned back where he belonged the immortal felt a sense of achievement, it had been out of the blue but he was happy to see little Houdini back where he belonged.

Aeryn was impressed that she had managed to build all this in a short amount of time, he had never really been talented in much other than fighting and sailing, seeing other people work their magic at what they did best was thrilling to him. Aeryn wasn’t usually the type to want to take anything from anyone but he really was fascinated by everything he saw that he wanted to more and so he followed Tia when she lead him over to the greenhouses, peering through the glass panes of one he smiled brightly. “Well you certainly don’t go hungry up there in the Ailward manor then” he was pretty certain by now of who she was, displaced home, recently coming to Evermore and being immortal. Willa had caught him up on the politics of Evermore not long after they reunited.

Aurantia let loose with another laugh, Duke’s tail wagging a little more enthusiastically at the happy sound, as they walked along the small path towards the greenhouses. It had been a while since she’d met anyone besides Clay who was able to make her laugh. In Aeryn she sensed a kindred spirit, another person who knew and understood the ways the world had changed and yet hadn't let it change him. It was refreshing and exhilarating, a rare treat that she planned on indulging in for as long as she could.

Since moving in to Evermore proper there had been few people the Aspect had met who could relate to the lessons life had taught her. Certainly only a handful of people who enjoyed the outdoors as she did, or the bounties that nature could provide. If it didn't conduct electricity or display pictures through a screen most just weren't interested, which was infinitely sad but something the redhead had had to come to terms with. “What exactly is normal anyhow? Sounds borin’ if ya ask me.” Even in her first like she had hated the status quo, though in retrospect that had been what had landed her dead in the first place.

A wave of nostalgia turned her smile slightly wistful as they came upon the first of the greenhouses, the Nephilim pressing a hand to the glass to better peer inside. The grin on her naturally pink lips grew a bit bigger, his statement said with complete confidence revealing that he had taken an educated guess as to what she was, and had hit the nail on the head. Shrugging in an exaggerated nonchalant manner Tia manipulated the metal door handle, turning the knob until the door popped open seemingly on it's own. Duke took it in stride, the gangly Wolfhound walking inside as if doors opening of their own volition were an everyday occurrence. “Yeah I guess we don’ starve.”

With a flourish the female waves him inside, an even wider grin on her face, “Bein’ the Aspect of Elements has its perks.” As soon as they were inside the door shut quietly behind them, everything well tended and in tiptop shape. “So ya aren’t so new ya didn't know what I am. Or couldn't gander a good guess anyway.” Tia had never put much stock in her title or job, being an Aspect wasn't just what she did it was who she was. Using her powers had become second nature, just another extension of the individual known as Aurantia Ailward.

The smile turned a bit mischievous, as her eyes ranged around the wide array of vegetables that were thriving within the controlled environment. Waving her hand towards a corner a couple of large wicker basket rose up into the air and took up flanking positions next to Aeryn. “So, whatcha in the mood for?” Laughter and delight sparkled in her bright sky blues eyes, all the plants around her practically shivering as they shared in her lively mood.

Aeryn chuckled in response to her words about normal, he didn’t really have an answer for that one, his life had never been mundane from the moment he discovered what he was, since then he had for the most part lived his life from day to day, he reveled in the little things because often the little things were all he had, there was no big life plan for immortals. “Can’t argue with that” he responded with a shake of his head, he couldn’t really imagine himself in a life where he had a standard issue job and a little house in the suburbs, Aeryn was much more accustomed to a new town every week and living from single bag.

Aeryn couldn’t stop the smirk that appeared on his lips when she confirmed that he did indeed assume right, the nephilim had learned quickly how to spot supernatural tells but this had been one of the longest he had taken to get, for the most part because before he found himself on the Isle of Skye Aeryn hadn’t believed the aspects really existed. His eyes widened a little as the door opened itself like some sort spell however, though he controlled his reaction quickly following the redhead through the door. As his eyes fell on the eden like scene he saw before him he had to stop his mouth from falling agape “Wow” he stated almost speechless.

Her next words caused him to chuckle “Truth be told, I’ve read more texts on the supernatural than would be considered sane” he shrugged a little, he was searching for a way to break the curse put on him by the stone and learned everything else he knew along the way “Always thought the aspects were more legend of truth until a few years ago” it was rare for a new species to come out of the water than Aeryn didn’t know about “You don’t seem half as scary as the texts paint you though” he chuckled and winked, he was sure that was the case for most supernatural people.

Aeryn was so distracted by all of the different vegetables and plants around him that he didn’t even notice the basket floating in the air beside him until it nudged against his side gently and he jumped in surprise moving the side a little before he allowed laughter to take him over as he looked at the very non threatening basket “Well that’s a neat trick” he commented now he was sure there was no threat and his eyes turned the plants, there was so much to choose from “Do you have any corn?” he asked with a raised brow, he loved corn because it reminded him of the rolling fields of his home.

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