How long has it been since she last got down to training? A while, that's for sure. It felt like it was just yesterday that she came back to Evermore, and she didn't even stay for long the first time. If she could recall clearly, when she came to Evermore 12 years ago, she only stayed for a week before hopping back to Oslo to continue her research and now, a dozen years later, here she is… in the eternal city once again. A place she was slowly starting to call home, though it definitely didn't come at a cheap price. When she came to Evermore, Sofi didn't think she would be greeted by hopeful faces in the tribe, especially the Grand Master himself. The other Masters had looked at her with looks that she still couldn't quite describe fully. And just like that, a few months after she returned, the Grand Master passed away and most of the Masters did too.

 A part of her wondered if they were broken hearted or was equally linked to the Grand Master since there was one new perk that she received upon taking up the position. Spirit control, it enabled her to control and potentially strengthen people's bonds, especially her tribe members. But that was just a theory of her wild mind, she remembered she had to be the one that told Rowan, her long time friend, that the Electric Master, Samuel, had passed. She knew how fond he had been of him, that's a given since they've been through one part of their life together and she knew him, and even if she didn't know Rowan personally, she would still be able to read his feelings. 

Rowan had been there when Sofi was at her worst, from consoling her every time she had an episode that stemmed from her uncontrollable mental breakdowns, or generally just depressed because she couldn't control her abilities every time she felt someone else's sad feelings, each and every one of them were a pain in the ass but he had been there for her. Now it's her time to pay it back. After convincing him that he was ready to take on the last step of his mastery evaluation, Rowan passed with flying colors, surprising every single one in the room, much to his surprise she had assumed from the reaction on his face that tells everything, but she knew he would succeed. Rowan was good at what he does, sometimes she didn't know why he always downplayed himself.

 Sofi still hasn't gotten any permanent job as of yet since for the past few months, she had been busy with the tribe matters because in all honesty, she is new to this. She didn't know the others as well and she didn't know how they perceived her. Sighing to herself heavily, she stretched out her arms and twirled the twin blades on both her grip. The blonde had always preferred to train in the open, especially when it's windy, it always gives her a good space for her head to rest and physical training had been her way to meditate without staying still. While she was busy practicing her balance and stance, Sofi closed her eyes and allowed the metal in the blade guide her.

There was one reckless thing in her part, she had been so immersed in her training that she held one of the twin blades directly underneath someone's chin, close enough to almost graze the trachea and fluttered her eyes open to meet whoever it was that 'interrupted' her training.

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"One thing I have definitely learned about Evermore is they adore their gossip" he grumbled a little but it was pretty much a fact at this point, people liked to talk about all the other people in the city, especially the ambassadors and public figures. "Sooner you get used to being the spotlight the sooner you'll feel comfortable I guess" or as much as you could be when you knew the whole world was watching you he supposed, he didn't envy her for that one but thankfully the tribe tended to be pretty protective over their leaders. He grinned a little sheepishly when she got a little heated over his ability to cook "I mean back then I would probably have resorted to the instant noodles every meal approach so your effort wasn't in vain" he laughed softly and shrugged.

The way she responded to him shortening her middle name to a more manageable amount of syllables made him chuckle "There's definitely worse nicknames to have that's for sure" he teased it thinking about all the strange names he had seen people referred to throughout his years. The two of them worked because they never took things too seriously when together and always looked out for one another, Rowan was definitely the kind who looked out for friends and kept them close so while he didn't have many friends by number he felt the strength of those relationships he had made up for it and then some. "I'm not so sure on the sanity front at this point" he teased with a chuckle "Life turns even the best of us completely nuts" he gave a slightly playful look in her direction and smiled.

"Oh I knew that, most people are over their element studies after thirty years of the same thing and then there's you learning a second" he laughed softly and shrugged “I’m definitely not patient enough for that but then I think we both know I’m not all that patient in general” he chuckled, fire in his blood as some people might phrase it. “Ordinary is a myth in Evermore, every corner you turn there’s uniqueness, I think I’d rather stand out than fit in” then again, he did stand out most of the time because of his accent, he often caught people giving him side glances when he was talking on the phone when traveling to and from work. “But you’re right, I might be loud but it’s usually not about myself” he argued about sports a lot. “They’re willingly spending time with you, I’d call that either friendship or stupidity” he shook his head in an amused manner. “I need to make more time for socialization to be honest” he was always busy but always busy was such a lonely way of life, he needed to start making the time.

He looked back at her when she said she had friends but widened his eyes when she said she had an ex in the city “Messy breakup or clean breakup?” that was the important question because it would determine whether the meeting was a good one or a bad one, thankfully Rowan didn’t really have any crazy breakup stories, mostly just partnerships running their course or choosing to split because they wanted different things. “Probably” he responded with a light chuckle when she said she needed to make friends “At least get all of the masters on side so they can back you up if things get messy” he was already on board, of course, he knew Sofi well enough and believed in her without question.

Her response to him faking the invite made him wrinkled his nose “You absolutely do not want to know why” he responded with a shake of his head, the more people who knew the more could be incriminated or at risk if he got caught up out so it was safer to keep her in the dark on this one. He widened his eyes when she spoke about the name Smith though “Hey in my defense I only took the guy’s place, the name was all him” which confirmed it actually was Smith. He sighed as they headed up towards the faction house, passing a few familiar faces on the way inside “I should probably get going, supposed to be in the office this afternoon” he frowned slightly and looked up at Sofi from the lower step “Thanks for the chat” he spoke softly.

"I was wondering where they get all of their sources, to be honest… sometimes it feels like there's that endless source but a bird told me it's also thanks to Evermore Daily that constantly reports a lot on… the residents themselves" That was one way to say it, they had a particular section of the newspaper that Sofi felt reluctant to even skim through because she would only end up grimacing at every word. She hated gossips and rumors, it's definitely something the blonde doesn't look forward to seeing. Especially if it's false. She wondered how frequent the other figures in the city deal with the constant publicity, hoping she won't be part of that either. No thank you, Sofi will just live a low-profiled life like she's always done. "Uh… no thank you, please. I don't need to have that part of me who would need to be created for the sake of handling the tabloids, that's a waste of time" Formal appearances, however? Maybe she can handle that. Keyword being maybe

"I thought that's a life reserved for the celebrities-" she paused momentarily as if she just struck a whiff of realization setting in, "On second thought, never mind...  Don't answer that." She was pretty sure she did not need to know more than necessary, enquiring would only give her more information that she probably didn't even want to know in the first place. "I'm glad my effort wasn't in vain, or else my beloved roommate right here wouldn't have lived to be the Electric Master, huh? Or be here for the sake of taking care of this sanity box right here" she teased and tapped her head a few times, "At least I won't have to battle my inner monster that wanted to howl and growl every time I see you snacking on two cups of instant noodles… at 4 am in the morning." Admittedly, the female had been incredibly strict on proper diets being administered in their daily life. Which wasn't at all surprising. Once upon a time ago, Sofi had enjoyed taking care of him and being the housekeeper of them both, she didn't mind it at all because the Scot kept her company almost all the time. 

When he pointed out that there were worse names to be called, the Psychic Master scrunched up her nose in disgust and winced, "Ugh no please don't remind me of that time my philosophy lecturer butchered my name entirely and ended up calling me Soya the entire year." Oh, she's never going to forget that. Not when she was called Soya instead of Sofiya and Rowan's won't stop giving her soya drinks. She definitely got back to him when she messed with his chair being a bit unstable. That's what their friendship is like, bickering all day long but would still have each others back when needed. She knew she could always depend on him and considering how independent and self-assured Sofi can be at times, it's hard for her to depend on anyone but herself hence why it's very important to the Grand Master to know that someone exists for that. "Oh believe me, you don't want to see what insanity looks like" Like a Spongebob high on chocolate that was secretly infused with weed and would kill for more of that. Weird way of phrasing it but that's Sofi. Patience never struck her as an easy thing, in fact, Sofi grew frustrated over her studies on Psychic for long but it's also a good thing she didn't know how to give up, or else, she would've stopped at that. 

"It wasn't easy but I got a wind of it, so I'm thankful too." It wasn't easy to motivate yourself to master another element after you've spent 30 or so years mastering one that was meant to serve you forever. Especially when that element was believed to be a myth by most people. At that time, she didn't even know what she was chasing. Blindly. "You stood out, for sure," she quipped softly, he did. When he said people who spent time with her was either stupid or it was that kind of good friendship, she snorted and dismissed that accusation wittily, "Why not both? Everyone's a little crazy and risky." Sofi nodded knowingly at his talk about having to socialize a bit more, she needs to do that too. Lately, she's been cooped up in her office at the faction house to actually think about mingling around at all. But she should have the opportunity to befriend the Masters and Initia for first try. Baby steps, right? She knew he'd ask whether it was a clean one or the opposite, "You know I won't dare break a person's heart when I could read them and empathize with them… it's a clean breakup. Thankfully." That's important to her, Sofi didn't want to hurt anyone. 

His suggestion about making the Masters her friends in case anything goes wrong made her nod in agreement, that's vital too. Who knows what would happen? And even as the new Grand Master of the Evermore Initia tribe, she didn't exactly have a lot of friends lounging around. A part of her wanted to know more about his 'scandal' but only sighed in understanding because if Rowan didn't want to involve her in this, then she shouldn't be meddling in his personal affairs. "I'll take your word for that and believe you." Her jaw went slack because that surname was so generic it almost had her back in laughing island because she was right, "Doesn't matter. You still took it." A few steps into the faction house, it was time for them to part ways, sadly so but she was confident she'd gain his audience before long the next time, "Take care of yourself" she murmured gently and waved lightheartedly before making her way to her section, passing over a few others on her way and one of the many things that Sofi was keeping her head occupied with was what kind of situation did Rowan found himself in. And if things would go the way she planned it would. 


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