Kicking off the pebbles on the pavement using his feet, Hanseol kept staring out in the distance with a rueful look. Sometimes he looked as if he was constipated or in pain, other times, he looked like he was blank. It was all the side effects of not being able to find the person he wished to find so bad. Ever since that day with Sunmin, he hasn’t been able to forget about the other Celestial that had a big possibility of being his brother, if not twin, considering where the mark was located at. A Gemini twin for a Celestial? Judging from the Gemini constellation alone, he wasn’t surprised that was possible because it’s a jointed constellation, to begin with too. If everyone else had siblings; namely the Braelynd siblings and Belangers… it shouldn’t be a surprising thing to find out that he had one too, right? Only it wasn’t normal to find a sibling after spending decades alone. And most siblings fell on the same day, making them the same age as one another. 

There had been plenty of questions bombarding Hanseol’s head ever since that day. His days were quite dull and systematic so to say, he would often stay up late at nights to pinpoint the last location Sunmin may be seen at, or if he didn’t want to wallow in his sense of failure, he would stay back to work overtime while studying at the clinic. His evaluation tests would be taking place in a few weeks and he needed to ace them if he had any intentions of maintaining his position in the sector but with everything that was happening? It feels like that’s not going to happen soon. It wasn’t until two days ago that he was reminded to hit Ophelia up regarding their plans; ones that were made a while ago. He felt guilty that he had almost forgotten all about it amidst his busy schedule but made time to spend his day with her today. 

It was why he was currently waiting for the Wayfinder at the mall, having promised that he would bring her to the bowling alley later in their conversation a few months ago. Well, he intends to keep his word. As always. While waiting for the raven-haired female to make her appearance, Han mulled over his decisions over the past few weeks, to which he found himself grimacing because he had also neglected his significant other a considerable amount. Again. Running his hands over his hair, Han groaned in response to the recap he just did in his head, surely this search for one person wouldn’t be bringing a detrimental side effect to his life right now. Is it? He hated that he’s always doing that, yet Jae never said much about it which made him even guiltier because that wasn’t supposed to happen. That wasn’t how things were supposed to go down, no. 

Dressed in his windbreaker and jeans, he tucked his hands into his pockets and pressed his lips together while staring into the distance once again. At this point, the earthquake can erupt and still, he wouldn’t be bothered as much as someone should. Though he was still looking forward to spending time with Ophelia, he needed that time off too and after seeing his boyfriend sleeping soundly after a late night’s studying session, he didn’t want to interrupt whatever’s left of his blissful time in la-la land. Han made sure to sneak out without waking him up and had to bribe Byul and Yeontan so they wouldn’t bark as loud too. A part of him reminded himself to bring something back for the dhampir because bringing back gifts had been a norm for him, whether it be flowers or new journals for him to write into. Thankfully, it’s only been about 10 minutes since he sat on the bench in front of the bowling alley, waiting for Ophelia, it gave him a small duration to be thinking of what he’s been doing.

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She looked down to the ball in her hands, studying it for a moment before holding it against her chest “I never thought pink was much my color, I like gold a whole lot more” she commented with a soft smile because she was joking, not wrong though, she wasn’t sure she actually owned any pink clothing other than a few tank tops for working out and those were hardly for fashion. “Who knew this was so convoluted” she responded with a curious gaze as she continued setting up the game, she wasn’t really sure if she was doing it right but she took the fact that Hanseol hadn’t rolled his eyes and taken over control of it as a good sign “Good because I have no idea what I’m doing, which is why I put your name first” she grinned sheepishly and pressed the start game button and watched as the lane set itself up, bringing down the pins ready to bowl.

It was definitely clear to her at this point that Sunmin had been a source of frustration for Hanseol which definitely had her curious as to the reasons why “Don’t take it for absolute gospel” she responded holding her hands up in defense a little, the powers she had which let her know about other people like her were very vague and even she had trouble understanding what they were trying to tell her at times. But everything seemed to line up, Han believing he was a Celestial, Phe getting a feeling in her gut which agreed. “But usually I get this feeling in my chest when I see a clue which could lead me to one of our kind, it could be a news story or touching something they touched, or apparently, in this case, hearing their name” names were significant to their kind after all so it made some logical sense.

“I’ve never heard of someone being able to veil themselves without the help of a Diviner but then it seems the exceptions are more common than we thought so perhaps this is another” Atticus wasn’t even supposed to be alive and yet he was here in Evermore, she had pulled another Celestial back from the past recently, it really was hard to keep up with everything happening. She parted her lips for a moment as she followed his hand where he pointed to the spot where his mark was and then explained how Sunmin appeared to have one in the same spot. It made sense to her then and she parted her lips to suck in a breath trying to think how best to explain it “You know why the Wayfinder always falls from the Ursus Major constellation?” she led into it with a nod “It’s because we’re supposed to be the ones who lead the way, so of course the one containing the north star, which humans have used to navigate for a very long time, would be the center” she nodded slightly.

“You’re from the Gemini constellation, each one I guess gives certain traits in a person” she pursed her lips “A Gemini is very people-oriented, they are the ones who are able to bring out the best in others and the glue of the faction” she nodded “They’re also part of the twin constellation” she spoke it hesitantly hoping he would see what she was trying to tell him.

"I don't like this pink, they call it hot pink, just not it, I wonder why they called it… hot pink, I don't see the correlation in it" That's another thing he probably would never be able to grasp properly, their mindset. Humans and their inventions. Always so interesting. For a beginner who knew close to nothing for a bowling match, Phe was faring better than others which made him puff his chest out in pride because if things continue this way, they would be able to proceed with the match sooner rather than later. When she said she put his name first for that reason, Han clicked his tongue in feigned annoyance while chastising the elder female, "Sneaky." 

Amidst their conversation regarding Sunmin, Han decided to go first as per the game and held up a bowling ball in his hand before sliding it slightly to the side to see it curve and hit the pins. Han returned to his seat and sighed, "But if you feel something about him then he could really be a Celestial and that alone could confirm it more than anything that it wasn't just me hallucinating." At some point, while he believes Sunmin is an actual person, he was wondering if he was just thinking too much into it but Phe saying that confirmed it. "Maybe a diviner was veiling him… but he doesn't glow. How is that possible? I didn't see him emit any type of glow at all, not even the dimmest one. It made me rethink for awhile, wondering if that was just me miscalculating things and jumping to the conclusions" he murmured softly.

It would've been it had he not caught a glimpse of the same Gemini constellation mark etched on the left side of the other male's chest, the same place where his own was located. He heard her explain things intently, Han intends to capture every detail so it could help him understand more about this. His lips parted slightly as he gaped in awe, "I never thought that's why. I know Ursus Major is a major constellation… no pun intended. But I didn't think it's that… significant to humans." 

His doe eyes widened even more as she continued with the story of how Gemini were supposed to be part of it too, until she said it was part of the twin constellation, "I… I know Gemini were supposed to be twins seeing as they're connected… but I didn't think it meant I would have an actual twin. I thought I was just the connector between Castor and Pollux… " It then dawned on him that perhaps the twins were meant to signify Castor and Pollux. "Wait… does this mean, one of us is supposed to represent Castor or Pollux, and forming the Gemini?"

She laughed slightly as she looked down at the ball and then back up to him “Hot pink…” she commented thoughtfully “I suppose because it’s very bright? The kind of pink those really hot stars can burn at sometimes” she shrugged a little “or maybe they just enjoy making colors seem like they have extra traits” she watched him carefully for a moment and grinned when he realized she had put him first on the bowling list so that he could show her how it was done. She watched him intently as he stepped up to the line and then bowled the ball down the floor, somehow he managed to make the ball curve slightly halfway down and then it collided with the pins pretty well. She bit her lip, it was going to be a challenge to bowl that well, she was almost certain.

“I’d say it’s pretty likely he is, my intuition is very rarely wrong about these things and it’s telling me that I should know this person” which was frustrating because now she was going to have to search him down too because knowing her, she wouldn’t be able to rest easy knowing there was a Celestial out there who didn’t know what they were “It’s possible when someone loses their light, after everything that went down in Skye, I lost mine too” and she had to work hard to get it back “But if he didn’t have anything traumatic happen to him then it’s more likely a Diviner veiled his light for some reason….” she pressed her lips together “But I feel like he would know if he met a Diviner” it wasn’t exactly subtle magic.

She could see how visibly surprised he was by the fact that constellations had more meaning to them than just simple arrangements of stars “Well I don’t read too far into it because I think people should have their right to define their own path but” she shrugged “I can’t deny the traits and actions I see in people tend to reflect their mark. “We can’t really forget the fact that a Wayfinder never comes from a different constellation” the Dreyvalian family had always been the leaders and one of them was almost constantly here to guide the way, she was the current one and when she was gone, she had no doubt another would come along to take her place.

“I’m no expert, so I didn’t really know if it was possible, but if you say your mark is in the same place and you’re both from the same constellation, it makes sense right?” honestly she played a lot of this leader thing by ear and she wasn’t always confident in her decisions but this definitely fell into place and made sense to her “Yes, I believe it does mean that you’re the two halves of the whole constellation” which meant that every Gemini probably had a pair. With that she took a long breath and headed up to the line, eyeing the pins and then rolling the ball in the way she thought Han did it, but unlike him, her ball rolled pretty much directly into the gutter which made her sigh and pull a face “I don’t think beginner’s luck exists when it comes to me” she commented with a shy laugh.

"Hot stars can burn at?" his lips formed an O when she said that, he had no idea what that could've possibly meant but the thought of it alone was enough to send the Celestial thinking about that now. For an artist such as Hanseol, he could see the complexity within the colors created and whilst he may not know why hot pink existed, the moment Phe said something regarding extra traits, Han nodded gently, "Colors tended to have that. I guess it's why people create aquamarine and turquoise." Why there's Magenta and Violet. Han didn't have a lot of things to do when he has the free time to plan his leisure, but bowling is definitely one of those sports that the doe-eyed Celestial adopted the moment he saw a commercial on the television. Did he seek out a bowling alley just to try after a fascinating and engaging commercial? Yes. Unsurprisingly, that was the most Hanseol thing to do.

 It also give him another initiative to work out, especially on the upper part so he could swing the ball easier as time passes by. It worked. "I should know that person too" he grumbled, clearly Han hasn't forgotten the part where Sunmin literally just upped and exit. Oh well, he had every reason to do that, could he blame him? Not really. Han is a stranger to him. "I don't think anything traumatic has-" he paused halfway because Hanseol realuzed he didn't know anything about Sunmin at all. How could he say that for sure, then? What do you know about him, Han? Aside from his 'identity'? Nothing. It gave him a bitter aftertaste in his mouth, his throat was dry as the Sahara desert and it dawned to him because that's the reality of things, he had close to none information wise. "I never thought about it that way... " He knew they had personality, or course. They're functioning beings, but he never thought they had more to that than shown. Perhaps, he should do some more reading too.

 "Yeah, everything is in the same place... " A Gemini is meant to have twins, right? There's nothing weird about that. Constellation wise, it's the same. But this information is needed to him and he was trying his best to digest it properly. Thankfully, he had the audacity of Ophelia, his Wayfinder. "I just have no idea how I had no idea who he was until now. Like… I didn't feel him when he fell. All I remember was actually wishing for a brother or a family while I was in my cell but that was all...  Surely adapting siblings, we'll feel something… right?" He was cautious because what if he was setting himself up for disappointment? What if Sunmin isn't really his twin? Or brother? What if he was just thinking into this too much?

 When her ball rolled into the gutter, Han shook his head and had a bashful grin before taking up another ball, putting it into her hands, "I'll show you. Come on" he beckoned and chewed his bottom lip absentmindedly, "Do you mind if I touch you? I mean, to show where to apply your strength and pressure points?" Han was like the baby brother Phe never had, despite having him tower over her like an overgrown muscled bunny, he was still a baby somewhere there. 

“Yeah, stars burn different colors based on how hot they are, so pink represents hot in some way” she laughed softly under her breath wondering if that sounded a little farfetched but she had done a lot of research of fires and how they functioned when she was trying to understand how a star could become a real person. “I kinda like the poetic names, it reminds you of things and gives a certain nostalgia” for example the word aquamarine definitely brought back memories of crystal clear blue waters she had seen in the past. But there were some which were just plain stupid too, so she supposed it depended on how crazy it went “Paint names just take it too far though, there’s only so many shades of blue I can tolerate” she laughed gently.

She glanced over at him and she could tell that it bothered him that he hadn’t known about this potential brother sooner, unfortunately, she had this feeling like the fact he didn’t glow was probably the reason why she hadn’t sensed him until now. She pursed her lips a little curiously when she noticed the way he stopped mid-sentence when he wanted to say the other male hadn’t been through anything traumatic. She was able to think rationally about it because she wasn’t personally attached to this young Celestial yet but it was evident to her that this male had gotten under Han’s skin “This is really getting to you huh?” she commented it softly to prompt him to know he could talk if he wanted to, she sensed he wasn’t just curious about this male, the way he acted seemed like he was angry with him for some reason.

She sucked in a breath when he expressed his disappointment at not being able to sense his own twin “Well if you feel like you should have known, imagine how I feel, that’s like my one main job and my intuition told me absolutely nothing” she did her best to be there for her people but even her powers had their limits “If he doesn’t have a glow, that would mean he can’t tap into his Celestial energy and without that” she shrugged slightly and grimaced “Well then he’s an immortal human” she reached out and squeezed his shoulder slightly “Don’t blame yourself for not feeling him, it’s clear there’s more than just the standard story going on here” she pressed her lips together.

“Well do you want to have a connection with him? Does knowing he is likely your twin change how you feel?” she did find that most sibling bonds when it came to Celestials were strange at first because they never grew up together or had early memories of each other and often they were several decades apart in age. She was pretty much glaring at the ball as she watched it roll all the way to the end in the gutter. She was surprised when Han passed her another ball and she glanced over at him over her shoulder “Oh...sure, I don’t think it can get much worse from here honestly” she grinned sheepishly as she stepped up closer to the line.

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