Kicking off the pebbles on the pavement using his feet, Hanseol kept staring out in the distance with a rueful look. Sometimes he looked as if he was constipated or in pain, other times, he looked like he was blank. It was all the side effects of not being able to find the person he wished to find so bad. Ever since that day with Sunmin, he hasn’t been able to forget about the other Celestial that had a big possibility of being his brother, if not twin, considering where the mark was located at. A Gemini twin for a Celestial? Judging from the Gemini constellation alone, he wasn’t surprised that was possible because it’s a jointed constellation, to begin with too. If everyone else had siblings; namely the Braelynd siblings and Belangers… it shouldn’t be a surprising thing to find out that he had one too, right? Only it wasn’t normal to find a sibling after spending decades alone. And most siblings fell on the same day, making them the same age as one another. 

There had been plenty of questions bombarding Hanseol’s head ever since that day. His days were quite dull and systematic so to say, he would often stay up late at nights to pinpoint the last location Sunmin may be seen at, or if he didn’t want to wallow in his sense of failure, he would stay back to work overtime while studying at the clinic. His evaluation tests would be taking place in a few weeks and he needed to ace them if he had any intentions of maintaining his position in the sector but with everything that was happening? It feels like that’s not going to happen soon. It wasn’t until two days ago that he was reminded to hit Ophelia up regarding their plans; ones that were made a while ago. He felt guilty that he had almost forgotten all about it amidst his busy schedule but made time to spend his day with her today. 

It was why he was currently waiting for the Wayfinder at the mall, having promised that he would bring her to the bowling alley later in their conversation a few months ago. Well, he intends to keep his word. As always. While waiting for the raven-haired female to make her appearance, Han mulled over his decisions over the past few weeks, to which he found himself grimacing because he had also neglected his significant other a considerable amount. Again. Running his hands over his hair, Han groaned in response to the recap he just did in his head, surely this search for one person wouldn’t be bringing a detrimental side effect to his life right now. Is it? He hated that he’s always doing that, yet Jae never said much about it which made him even guiltier because that wasn’t supposed to happen. That wasn’t how things were supposed to go down, no. 

Dressed in his windbreaker and jeans, he tucked his hands into his pockets and pressed his lips together while staring into the distance once again. At this point, the earthquake can erupt and still, he wouldn’t be bothered as much as someone should. Though he was still looking forward to spending time with Ophelia, he needed that time off too and after seeing his boyfriend sleeping soundly after a late night’s studying session, he didn’t want to interrupt whatever’s left of his blissful time in la-la land. Han made sure to sneak out without waking him up and had to bribe Byul and Yeontan so they wouldn’t bark as loud too. A part of him reminded himself to bring something back for the dhampir because bringing back gifts had been a norm for him, whether it be flowers or new journals for him to write into. Thankfully, it’s only been about 10 minutes since he sat on the bench in front of the bowling alley, waiting for Ophelia, it gave him a small duration to be thinking of what he’s been doing.

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She nodded thoughtfully, he seemed determined to find some truth in this person he met and honestly, she was really curious too because if Sunmin was a Celestial then he was the first one that had fallen and Ophelia hadn’t felt them. That was a little unsettling for her as a leader because she had always relied on her Wayfinder intuition to know how to take care of her people and it was strange for one of them to essentially fall off the radar. “Me neither, but I definitely envy their ability to let things go, things must be...easier that way” she nodded a few times thoughtfully, she wished sometimes she could forget the past and just get on with her life, that she could sleep peacefully at night and not be worried about the safety of her people but that wasn’t her reality.

She smiled at him for a moment when he said all his feelings were confusing “Don’t worry, you’ll figure them out with time..we have plenty of it right?” she raised her brows playfully and then nodded. “You do strike me as the type who would be good at sports” she commented and pursed her lips, she wasn’t sure exactly what it was about him which made her think that but he had a somewhat athletic and energetic aura to him “So you just play on your own or do you have like...a team or friends to play with” it sounded a little lonely to come to a bowling alley and play by yourself but she supposed if you wanted to improve then not having to constantly wait for your next turn might be helpful.

She smiled wide when he mentioned that he had a dog, she’d thought about getting a pet a few times but it didn’t seem like the smartest idea when you lived in a castle “Oh he sounds adorable, even if he does seem to cause you trouble” she laughed softly and tilted her head “It must be nice to be able to have pets and a home of your own” she spoke it thoughtfully, of course she still lived at the castle with the others but that didn’t mean she didn’t daydream about what her life might be like now if she was living a life of her own. Would she be happy? “Fun is something pretty rare from our lives huh” she spoke the thoughts out loud as she glanced over to him and nodded “Okay, then we should embrace it and have as much as possible” he was right when he said it would be nice to look back on today and remember it as a really good one. She widened her eyes as he enthused about the burgers “You’re getting me all excited now, they better live up to hype” she teased with a shake of her head.

She glanced over to him and laughed “You’re just saying that so I don’t get too down on myself aren’t you?” she appreciated the encouragement though, she didn’t get to try new things often and this was actually fun, though she wasn’t good at it, at least it was a reason to spend time together and watching Hanseol bowl was fun because he seemed to good at it. “I don’t lie your tone” she commented, arching her brow when he suggested that she didn’t have a life “You hardly seem like the social butterfly type yourself you know Han” she grinned, though she did remember that he had gotten a rather exuberant volakiri so perhaps he was rubbing off on him “How’s everything going with Jae?” she remembered Han talking about him very enthusiastically when they first met, in fact, he was the reason Hanseol seemed to want to learn to control his energy.

“Well...I’d like to have them explain the safety and the likes to me first does sound thrilling doesn’t it?” they’d fallen from the sky once so it wasn’t like it was something she’d never experienced before but perhaps the idea of feeling like she was flying was appealing to her “Okay so we picture the pins as someone we want to hit…” she laughed, well it was a no brainer who she was going to picture. She lined herself up to bowl and then sent it down the lane, this time managing to hit 3 pins and causing her to cheer loudly and put her hand up for a high five “This really is quite addicting” she admitted with a bright smile.

She wasn’t wrong, he too, envied the ability to forget their past like that, he wanted something like that. He embarked his journey in this city with a clean slate but things weren’t as easy as it was said. It matched the whole it’s easier said than done thing and he was annoyed by it sometimes. Eventually, Han managed because he accepted his life now. There was no point dwelling in the past, right? Especially when all it ever brought him were traumatic memories and pain? Yeah, it was better to let go. He giggled cutely when she said she pegged him as the type to be good at sports, “My boyfriend said that too. I never actually took part in them, but I do like to exercise to keep myself healthy” Or fit, that’s another word to say it. “Bowling is my first though if you exclude running” it was probably not meant to be serious if he said it in a lighthearted tone like that. Besides, where was the lie in that? It might as well be a part of their species description by now. 

When asked if he had any friends to play with, Han smiled sadly and shook his head, “I don’t, unfortunately. I came to play alone. But with you now, maybe you can be my bowling buddy in the future? That is, if you’re free, of course. I know work will keep us busy but we can make time sometimes, right?” he actually seemed like he was begging for her to say yes, with his eyes blinking innocently towards her. “I wish I had a team to play with though. My Volakiri is a good friend but he’s almost always away because of his work commitment, which I can’t fault him for. I hope a day will come where I could form my own team and have a friendly match every month.” That was a flattering thought to have. “It is, don’t get me wrong, the castle will forever be a place I can return to. Honestly, when I first moved out, I didn’t know what to expect. I was still afraid of the world then…” It felt quite a while ago now that he thought about it. 

“Now I have a house of my own, a work to sustain myself, pets to complete my tiny family and finally, the last missing piece, someone to share the life with me” he chuckled, it was cute. With Jae entering his life, everything felt happier. “Don’t you worry about it, I’m not picky with food because food is food, you know… but I have a list of my own favorite places because I’m a foodie. I can guarantee they live up to the hype. Unless their milkshake machine broke down.” That’s a thing he could not prevent, unfortunately. He only grinned sheepishly when she pointed him out for saying that just to make her feel better, nothing wrong with encouragement. “I may not be a social butterfly but I don’t think I really need to be one. I only need to take Jae out and that’s enough social. Sometimes I’ll hang out with Yeon if he’s back in Evermore. Oh, I can’t forget Jae’s annoying best friend, Dae. I think he can actually freeze me for real” A Niveis can do that and he had no doubt that Dae wouldn’t hesitate given the perfect reason.

 “Jae’s doing fine, he moved in recently, so now we’re living the domestic life. I know it’s cliche but I like it” being able to wake up next to his embrace every morning, that’s a sight he could get used to. “You’ll be fine” he snickered and patted her shoulders encouragingly, “We’re fallen stars. If we’re afraid of heights then I’d be questioning my own existence” he joked. When Phe succeeded in knocking three pins with one hit, he high fived her and found himself being more excited than the owner herself. “Now just keep practicing moderately and you’ll be better in no time. Just make sure to take a break in between so you won’t strain your muscles. I did that the first time and it hurts like hell for the next two weeks…” He gave him an encouraging look before taking his position to bowl as it was his turn now. As usual, an 8 with him picking off the 2 spares.

She smiled in an easygoing manner, now they were playing the game and focusing on positive topics, he definitely seemed brighter and happier which she was glad about “I like a bit of archery so you’d think my aim would be better when it comes to all this” she commented gesturing to the bowling alley in general. It was a very different technique though “This seems like someone which would be easy to do collaboratively though” considering the alley reset it yourself you didn’t have to be going back and forth to collect the balls like you did arrows. She smiled when he asked if she would come bowl with him again “Well I can’t actually promise I’ll get any better at it” she confessed and shrugged “But it would be fun to put a little team together” though she too didn’t really know anyone who would be good at this.

She had to wonder if this was what normal friendships were like for others, aside from the fact she had taught him how to control his magical light energy “I hope everyone will feel brave enough to find a life of their own with time” but the castle was a good base for them all because it meant she could train them and give them somewhere they could call home which wasn’t something most of them had for a long time. “That’s what we’re all be searching for huh? Normality” for a species so special they sure valued the more mundane things. She gasped when he mentioned that the milkshake machine could break down “That’s a nightmarish thought” she responded and gave a playful smile. She laughed as he talked about all of his friends, she hadn’t met any of them in person but she did recognize Yeon as the name of the guy Gideon had suggested become Han’s volakiri “Seems like getting a volakiri worked out well for you huh? You seem more confident ever since then” perhaps the valkyr had passed on some of his own to him.

She raised her brows and smiled when he mentioned that he and Jae had moved in together “That’s a big step” she commented with an effortless smile “Have you managed to figure out your household chores together?” she snickered because that tended to be one of the hardest parts of moving in with someone, establishing what the contribution of both parties would be. She did have to laugh when he reminded her that they were fallen stars and therefore had quite literally fallen to earth from space “Yeah but the first time we had a whole bubble of celestial energy to protect us” she laughed shaking her head playfully “This time...not so much” she was quite enjoying the game despite the fact she was losing sorely and as they went through a few more turns she managed to pick up a few more pins as well as another gutter ball to go with it. They were now on the last turn which she headed up to bowl, this time hitting down a total of 8 pins in one shot which made her jump excitedly.

There was no way Han would've been able to focus properly on the game if he was still thinking about the troubles that goes on in his head so a part of him was very much relieved to know that he was able to cast it aside for a moment. "I mean, archery relies on your arm strength and posture right? Same as bowling, but I'd argue that the bow is a lighter compared to a ball" he mused wittily, "and you have to balance it with one hand more than both. The rules of physics are not as altered with this, imagine you're trying to curve a heavy metal" admittedly, it was easier for him not to tire himself out due to the physical exercises he did but Phe should be able to hold herself up to this game because archery boosted her arm strength. "But thanks to archery, it does mean you will be able to play this thing for a few more rounds compared to most, so kudos on that." 

Han pursed his lips slightly and nudged her, "Let's put it this way, why don't we? If we can beat the other team's score, that's an accomplishment for a beginner like you" the couple on their right seemed more experienced but it was fun to give Phe a challenge. "People are taking it at their own pace, some people find it faster to move on with what they see and some just need a little bit more time to comprehend what's going on. I mean, figuratively speaking, it's not an easy chapter to get down to." Being a Celestial was never going to be easy, not with the constant threats looming. "I never thought I'd find so much joy doing mundane things, not going to lie" he chuckled wryly, the first time he tasted ice cream was a memory he couldn't quite forget. "We've led a pretty extraordinary life so I'm guessing those normal things we see others do? It makes our curiosity tingle." He had plenty of daydreaming sessions. "Oh yes, the milkshakes are the best so it would be disappointing if it broke down." Best leave it to Han to talk about food like there's no tomorrow. 

Talking about his Volakiri, the Celestial couldn't help but to beam in delight, he was proud to have Yeon as his Volakiri and he showed it, "You know… when you first suggested him to be my Volakiri, I was apprehensive. I don't know who this Yeonseok guy is and when I first met him at the castle, he's… the opposite of me. I thought there was no way we could mesh up well together. We were too different. Until we did." Never judge a book by its cover. "Now we're pretty much inseparable, most of the time if he's not occupied by his work. The confidence boost? Yeah, you can thank him for that, we might have transferred a little bit of this and that to each other. Sometimes I wonder if that's a good thing or a bad one" he jested haughtily, Yeon's confidence can be intimidating, even to him. But it was a shot he enjoyed. "What about yours? Is the Valkyrie treating you well?" 

When she asked him about household chores, Han scoffed dryly, "Oh we can never seem to get down to that without pouting. They were not wrong when they said that tends to be one of the hardest parts." Han and Jae didn't but heads often but when they do, it was something. "Are there more of us?" he glanced over to her with an inquisitive gaze, "I know the ones we came to Evermore with… but are there others out there? Outside of Evermore?" He never really thought about it until recently. Phe was doing well and the fact that she didn't give up after a few times having her ball going into the gutter says a lot. By the time she hit the 8 pin, Han was jumping and cheering in excitement too. "You're gonna dominate the next time around at this rate, Phe." 

She had to admit she had never really thought about going bowling before but now that she was here she was actually enjoying herself a lot, it was kinda therapeutic to throw heavy balls and then watch the pins fly and actually getting better at it was rewarding too “I think one thing is for sure, they both would take a lot of practice to master” she can see the similarities but the technique used in archery is nothing like the technique she used today. “There is that” she mused with a laugh when Han commended her strength thanks to her regular training. The idea of joining a team didn’t seem awful, it could be fun to learn to improve her scores and to learn technique from others “How many people are typically on a team?” there were only two of them after all, she was sure you needed more than that to pull it off successfully.

Phe nodded in agreement, after everything the stars went through, she could hardly blame them if they never wanted to leave the safety of the castle again but eventually, she hoped they would be able to find the strength to resume their life and really live it “Everyone has been through a lot, it’s not my place to tell them what is or isn’t too much for them, I’m to help I guess” she had been through hell in her own way and that had lasting impressions on her too, she always felt like she fell into this place where she was constantly worried for their safety which meant she couldn’t feel happy in her own headspace. She chuckled under her breath when Han said he found a lot of joy in doing regular things “At the end of the day, they were things we were deprived of, so of course they matter” she nodded a few times, life was here to live it and the idea of staying in one place and building one was almost foreign to a celestial.

She was really glad that he had found a good companionship with his volakiri, she knew that she had kinda sprung it on him but there was definitely something about Han and Yeon which she thought would work, Han had been so timid and flighty, while Yeon was confident and bold, when you meshed those kinds of people, they didn’t always work but when they did, they tended to bring out the best in each other “I’m relieved” she responded and laughed softly “I admit that I was a little worried about the whole pairing thing, I know I gave you a choice to go ahead with it or not but I’d have caused you to get a terrible match” she chuckled softly “He seems to really have brought you out of your shell” and they seemed like they were good friends now too which made her glad. When he asked about Gideon she grinned sheepishly “It’s been a lot, he’s lived a long and very full life and taking that on has been...overwhelming” she pursed her lips “But his levelheadedness and leadership approach, it’s helped me to feel like I can do this, reminded me that I need to stop doubting myself so much as that doesn’t help anyone” she nodded her head.

She laughed when he complained about having to dish out chores at home “I guess it’s the realization that you aren’t taking care of yourself only anymore, if your room is messy when you live alone, it’s not like you’re inconveniencing anyone but once you live together” she grinned slightly, it seemed like something they were working on. Honestly, she was proud of Han, he seemed to have grown up so much in the time she had known him. She raised her brows when he asked if there were more of them out there “It’s possible?” she responded and nodded slightly “But I think the Ailward were pretty diligent when it came to tracking people like us down, unless someone managed to suppress their glow, I think they would have found them” perhaps a powerful diviner could have helped to cloak them but she couldn’t see it being likely that people managed to stay unnoticed when they were being actively hunted.

They both practically lit up with excitement at the sight of 8 pins being knocked down “Well you crushed me with almost double the score, but you’re right, this could be the start of an exciting journey” she giggled under her breath as she set down the ball “But now I’m eager to try these burgers and milkshakes you promised” she nodded with a grin.

Han never had anyone else to share his interests and hobbies with, once he took Jae and Yeon out of the equation. He wasn’t especially close with Eun either, which meant Leigh was always occupied with the dhampir in question too. His coworkers aren’t that personally close to him too. Now that Phe is here, he feels like he could share more. Who knows, maybe she would like it too? The Wayfinder is warm and kind, it was easily for the Celestial to befriend her and see her as someone other than just his leader. “Yeah practice makes perfect, or so people would say. I once sprained my wrist because I was pushing myself too hard.” In his defense, he wanted to beat the leaderboard and Han can be very competitive when he wants to be. “It depends, most teams have about 4 people. That’s more than enough. Some have 3. Why? Do you have someone else in mind to join us or do you just want to take any random person already playing solo?” Both could work. Han was just a bit shy to talk to others out of the blue. 

"You're very strong for that, Phe. Not everyone can just… push it back, you know?" Han had a hard time forgetting the past because of the pain he went through and how much it hurts him but eventually, he managed to move past it. He couldn't say the same for others though. He knows the Volakiri bond is done to each Celestial and that he wasn't the only one with the opposite for a partner but he was also considered lucky to find someone who could work so well with him. Yeon is a good friend, at the end of the day. He became someone Han could rely on. "It wasn't a terrible match, Yeon was a lot more forward at first but… we kinda work through it and he's my best friend now." And Han was surely not shy to flaunt his friendship with the blond Valkyr any day. He agreed with her statement, Yeon did bring him out of his shell. "So you got the calm one and I get the… fun and wild one. Seems to work." Han enjoyed it, honestly. Sometimes he wished he could lower his inhibitions entirely and let loose. 

Yeon seemed to have so much freedom, something he envied. "I think it helps that the person I'm living with is someone I really trust and love." If it was anyone else, it might have taken Han a lot longer to open up to them. Even with Yeon, he took time and the same goes for the dhampir, Han didn't just fall in love at first sight. They were friends first. And it just… happened. There were no regrets, of course. Han was glad Jae moved in officially because he didn't feel as alone anymore. Waking up to him every morning was a sight he would never relinquish. "I was told our energy is… volatile. Strong, in a sense anyway. People hunt us for this… the reason we fall into their hands is because we're creatures of light? So we can't necessarily hurt people too bad? Or is it because we don't want to?" Han didn't have half the control he has now back then so he wasn't sure whether he would use it to defend himself either. Han chuckled at her reaction, "Ah this is only the beginning though. We still have the arcade to go to after lunch. But you're right, it is time to stuff ourselves." He took the chance to do one last round before beckoning for Phe to follow him. "Do you have any allergies?"

Her brow furrowed a little when he spoke about his sprained wrist, Han seemed like the kind of person to her that didn’t know when to quit while they were ahead, he was determined and even at times stubborn. “You know that’s a dangerous road to go down right? You should give yourself more patience” but she could understand being impulsive and wanting everything to be done right away, waiting wasn’t an easy thing especially when you could push yourself to perhaps get there a little faster. She shrugged when he asked if she had anyone in mind for their team “I mean there must be someone lese at the castle with interest in bowling right?” she was thinking maybe they could have their own little celestial team “Though I feel like you’ll have to teach both of us if that’s the case” she had improved a little today but she was far from competitive level.

She pressed her lips together and nodded “There are moments where it overwhelms me, knowing what was stolen from everyone” she explained with a troubled frown, not everything was simple especially when it came to the relations with other factions and trying to move past what happened “But then I am reminded that we immortal...which means we still have time to earn back what we lost” that was how she saw it, it was her job to make sure they lived and were safe enough to live their own lives how they chose now. She smiled when he said that his volakiri was essentially his best friend now “You know Han...happy looks really good on you” she pointed out with a soft voice. Sure he had his troubles with his possible brother but she was sure he would figure that out, he had grown so much from the timid male she had first met.

She nodded slightly “Not everyone is lucky enough to find such a close match like you seems like you and Jae” she hadn’t experienced that kind of love in a long time and every time that she thought she had it, something would come along to make her lose it. She missed being happy and just letting her emotions guide her. “Bet some of his little habits still drive you a little crazy though right?” that was how things worked, when you lived with someone you noticed their little quirks or annoying habits and then learned to live with them. She nodded slightly in agreement when he spoke about how their energy could be pretty unpredictable “Something powerful is always going to be hard to control...if it was easy then people would be able to misuse it” great power comes great responsibility and all “We can hurt people...but it only really wounds those of a dark nature...opposites and all...but our’s not going to randomly strike something you don’t want it to” it was more likely to do absolutely nothing at all than get out of control.

She laughed, following along with him as he lead the way out of the complex and they started walking in the direction of the restaurant “Only shellfish which I don’t think will be a problem here” she commented with an amused tone as she walked alongside him “It’s really nice to get out of the castle and do something” she commented thoughtfully.

Han spared the Celestial a sheepish grin when she pointed out how dangerous that could be, "I know you're gonna chastise me about injuries but it was so fun… and I was trying to beat a current high score set by others who played before me" he was fiddling with the string from his hoodie absentmindedly while explaining why he did what he did to her. "Honestly, it was worth it. But Jae gave me quite the earful when I got back" As he should. "Patience and me don't really go well but in most cases, I can tone them down. Somewhat." Keyword being some. Did he know anyone else residing within the castle that had the same interest as he did? In bowling? "You would know, I'm guessing. I don't know a lot of people from our faction, to be honest. I don't think I spoke to them that much either" His shyness will always be an impeding factor but it's mostly because Han tends to keep it to himself.

"I'll teach you and try my best not to break your wrist" he teased, wiping the ball once more before taking another turn. Han was always curious to know how much Phe felt because she was around when it all happened, she was friends with the people who eventually looked them up for a whole century so it must've devastated her at some point. That kind of trust only comes by rarely, after all. "Right… we're immortals so we have time to make up for what we've lost." It was as if Han was talking to himself for the most part rather than responding to the Wayfinder, he supposed it's his way to ensure that he was not being cheated out of this life forever. He had time to rebuild it and he has been doing a fairly good job at it, given the current picture he has with his own life now. When she pointed out that happy is a good look on him, he blushed and looked down before grinning shyly, "Thanks… I've been told that a few times too. But I think I like how I look now… happy, I mean." He deserved it, right? 

It didn't come without sacrifice and a cost, even his relationship used to be broken so to say the Celestial hasn't gone through a starting period of heartache would be a lie. He had a feeling it wouldn't be the only hardship he'll face but the future will stay the future. He'll worry about it later. "I love him… a lot" he mumbled softly, Jae was someone he never thought he would ever have, it was a privilege to love someone, he knew that hence why the fallen star tried his best to keep himself in that boat for as long as possible. "Yeah, we both have our own quirks and honestly, we are two different people so our personalities tend to clash a few times and I can tell you Jae has withstood my whining self for half a day… almost everyday" he chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of his head awkwardly, things were… complex, or so to say. But he will never trade it for anything else. 

He paid attention to every single word she said, he always wanted to learn more regarding their energy and there were times when Han would ask Phe a few other questions and matters pertaining their species. "So it's harmless to people who are not dark natured… good to know" he had plenty of others to ask but decided it could be pushed to another day. He was already famished from his energy being poured earlier so he was pretty enthusiastic to show Phe the place they were going to have lunch at. He also realized how he was towering over her but also looked like his little brother in a way. They were passing a few stores but the restaurant he wanted to take her to was at another section which they were closing in, "You know you can call me anytime, Phe, I mean I wouldn't say I'm free everyday but I can make time, especially on Fridays and weekends. Hell, we can do a few get-together if you want."

She gave him a stern look when he pointed out that she was going to lecture him about getting injured but it was hard to tell him off when he just looked so...happy and excited. Her frown slowly became a reserved smile, it was nice to see his mind off the things that were bothering him and just chatting about his life “Rightly so, I hope you rested up and got your strength back after” after all, injuries that are minor and short term could become worse and much more long term if they weren’t take care of properly. She nodded slightly “I try to get to know everyone personally, not just cause I feel like I should but because everyone is just...really interesting” there were so many personalities and outlooks, it was fascinating to her.

“That’s the one saving grace, knowing even though time was stolen from us...we have more to find” she could tell that Han was being a little distant and she wondered where he went in his mind when he was like that. Han was quite a thoughtful person and it was clear to her that he processed the world at his own pace, which she could respect. His little sheepish grin when she pointed out he seemed happy made the elder star smile and reach out to squeeze his shoulder slightly “Make sure to hold onto that with everything you have” after all, finding a love like that didn’t happen often and he had earned the right to bask in it.

He expression softened when he confessed how much he loved the man he was with and she couldn’t help but feel a surge of pride for him because he had managed to find something really good in a world and a time when things weren’t so good “What do you love about him?” knowing Han there would be a whole cheesy list for him to make his way down. She laughed when Han mentioned how Jae put up with his whining “Ahhhh you’re a whiner huh? Don’t like it when he’s too busy to give you attention?” she laughed and scrunched up her nose a little, how cute.

She nodded to affirm his summarization of the how their energy worked “Pretty much, though you could still probably keep even a light natured person away from you...using your nifty little energy shield” pretty interesting use of energy she had to admit but it worked for him, Han was naturally a defensive only fighter so it made sense that his energy would manifest in ways that represented that. Before long they had made their way to the place they were getting dinner which she was glad for because it was actually quite cold out tonight “Is that a pity invite or your way of saying you want to spend more time together?” she questioned with a chuckle as they headed in and she picked out a booth to sit at before grabbing the menu so she could read about the food Han had been hyping all his time.

When he thought about how close he was with someone outside of his own bubble that doesn't count his own boyfriend and Volakiri, they were quite minimal so the thought of making a new friend out of his own ambassador is a step closer to opening to his social circle. "It doesn't take long for me to replenish my strength, don't worry" he reassured lightly, Han wasn't the type to sit down and stay still when people ask him to do that. It's just something he couldn't see himself doing at all. Perhaps he was just hyper-active, considering everything else. "So you think I'm interesting" he wiggled his eyebrows teasingly and nudged her, sending her those playful winks just to gauge her humorous expression. "You don't think I'm a boring loner?" 

Even when counting the celestials living in the castle or outside of it, Han wasn't a talker. He's generally quiet and keeps to himself and he wondered if people either find him to be shy or plain unapproachable. He hoped it was the former rather than the latter. Though he had decades stolen from him, he would like to think there's something in store for him too. Happiness. That could be it. If he wasn't locked away then he might never stumble across Evermore maybe, and wouldn't that mean he wouldn't be able to come across the man who smiles at him as if he's the star that lit up his world? When she told him to hold onto that, the fallen star could only smile in return, he'll try, he told himself. His cheeks flushed almost instantly when she asked him what she loves about Jae, that was a topic Han could talk all day about but still, he didn't even know where to even begin.  

"You know when you ask me a vague question like that, it'll be hard for me to narrow down the things that I can tell you about in the span of 24 hours. But I think the one thing that I find myself gravitating to is his golden heart. I know there's kinder people out there but Jae is… really kind-hearted. Sure he's hot-tempered too, I'm starting to think that flows in the family but he tries his best to be the best version of himself and I think that's beautiful." If Han could say the dhampir is perfect in every sense for him, he would. Upon hearing her calling him a whiner, the celestial wasn't even aware of the whine he let out, which proves her point even more, leaving the male to frown and pout at the raven-haired Wayfinder. "I don't like what you're trying to imply here, Miss Dreyvalian" he accused and had a playful scowl present on his face as he huffed. 

It was interesting to know the way their energy works, and if it manifested differently for each person. For Han, he has always been on the defensive part because he wasn't a fighter nor was he looking to be one. He'd rather be a protector. "It's not a pity invite" he affirmed and wrapped one arm around her smaller build, "I genuinely want to spend more time with you. Besides, I can already hear Dae nagging in my ears saying I have no friends outside my bubble… he's right but I don't want him to know that." Once they took their seats, his eyes scanned over the manu and knew he had made up his mind from the moment he thought about this place while walking earlier so he was just waiting for her to decide. "Do you think I look shy or just… unapproachable?" He really wanted to know that.

She laughed under her breath when he questioned why she found him interesting “You’re very introspective and thoughtful, you seem like the type who would do good things for people given the chance but...I guess you find it hard to trust” which was understandable considering everything he had been through and the way people had turned on him in the past “I don’t think that qualifies for any range of boring and while you may have been a loner before, your list seems to keep growing every time I see you” she grinned slightly.

If there was one topic she could move him onto which would guarantee that he would talk it was his boyfriend, Ophelia hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting Jae but she knew all about him because of the way Han talked about him, it was honestly really sweet to her because Han was so forthcoming and bold with his emotions “Kindness is definitely something worth gravitating to” she agreed, nodding her head encouragingly “And honestly our kind could use some of that in our lives” of course it did seem like Han had a small case of rose-tinted glasses but honestly she couldn’t really blame him for that, it felt nice to reach towards the good in life. She laughed at the way he responded to her calling him a whiner “Hey it could be worse, you could be a whimperer” she jested as she nudged against his arm softly.

She raised her brows when he wrapped an arm around her but she didn’t fight it, instead turning her face towards him with a wry smile “It does seem a little bit like a pity invite but when you put it like that, how could I say no” she chuckled and nudged his shoulder, he had become somewhat like an annoying little brother figure to her she supposed “Well expanding that bubble one at a time sounds like the right way to go then” she responded, nodding her head slightly towards him. Eventually, she picked out what she wanted to eat, deciding to go for one of the bizarrely named burgers with beef, cheese, onion rings and interesting sauce in it. When the waitress came to ask she ordered it and an iced tea with a smile.

She raised her brow when Han asked her if he looked shy or unapproachable “Mmm I think you just tend to come off like you’d prefer to be alone, the avoiding gazes, generally the way you position yourself away from others” she licked her lips “Tell me, would you have approached Jae if he hadn’t tripped over you in the rather adorable way you described?” she was curious to know.

Han could feel his cheeks getting warmer by the second, especially after Phe pointed out that he was the type to not give out his trust that easily. "Given my… colorful past-" he swore he cringed as soon as that word came out from his own lips but nevertheless, the fallen star kept going, "-I'm not very trusting. Even with my Volakiri, it took months to get closer and we were already in each other's heads before that." Which said a lot about how Han gives his trust. "But I would like to think I'm a good person yes." He fiddled with the helm of his jacket absentmindedly and grinned sheepishly, nodding in response to her remark about his ever-growing list that looks even longer everyday. It made him happy to know he had a lot to try. Han had to control himself when talking about Jae, it wasn't easy for the Celestial to filter himself while talking about the love of his life, but he's getting a tad bit better at it the longer he practices. 

Mostly it was due to Yeon having to hear him rave about the dhampir the entire time. It worked out well, suffice to say. "The world can be a cruel place, I know that personally too. The type of kindness I found in him was different than any I have ever seen before and though I haven't been offered the pleasure to meet a lot of kind people, I know it's special." It was what made him stay. "We all have something or someone that made a special impact in our lives, to me Jae is that." Was he exaggerating on the dhampir's worth? Not to him. He pulled a face when he said he could be a whimperer, "No thank you." Whiner is better, then. "You are not supposed to say no" he beamed brightly, Han wouldn't take no for an answer and he was sure Phe knew he would keep pestering her to go out with him one way or another. He even took a peek at what she ordered, it was a nice choice. 

He had of course, ordered one of his favorites whenever he came by. Someone like Han could never have a regular because of his appetite and appreciation towards food in general. It was a triple cheeseburger stacked up with a generous amount of cheese and their special sauce alongside curly fries and cola. Han found himself chewing his bottom lip when she asked him that, would he have been able to do that if Jae didn't trip on him? "No… I don't think I would. I couldn't help but talk to him because he fell really funnily…"and the fact that he didn't even find anything special about the dhampir until they became friends says a lot too. "Oh god I was going to end up being a hermit if I didn't force myself out."


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