Yet another late night in the city and Miles is, once again, exhausted. At least the drive is easier this time of night, the partying scene is usually not in this part of the city and by this time all the sane people are already asleep. The overcast night isn’t something he particularly enjoys but the street lights make it so he’s at least not worried about hitting anything. Between finding out about the cult that murdered his fiance and the two jobs he’s juggling, plus the recent addition of a rescued puppy that’s now calling the Manor home, he’s just about had it. He’d fallen asleep in the lab today, thankfully he’d been alone but all the same if he hadn’t been.

His car is silent as he pulls into the Manor’s drive and he just sits there for a minute after cutting the lights off, preparing himself for actually getting out of the thing after such a long day. The only lights on are the ones that stay on, everyone else smart enough to at least be pretending to be asleep right now. Wonderful, he intends to join them soon.

Later he’ll blame it on the sheer exhaustion weighing him down plus the dark night, but as he opens the car door only for a complete stranger to catch it, the only thing he feels is general shock. Later he’ll also be thankful for his training that prompted his body to move even while his brain was still lagging like internet explorer before the man could grab him. He’s out of the car and dodging between the others parked before he really catches on to what’s going on. It’s a good thing too because he hears the loud bang of a shotgun just seconds later, followed by the shattering of glass. “Oh fucking hell…” Being a Guard this could be any number of groups that they’d pissed off but something makes him doubt that. Considering his luck recently, he’d be willing to bet good money that this is more personal. He stays ducked down, moving between the cars as the gunshots just increase in number and intensity, watching as lights are starting to come on as alarms on the bullet riddled vehicles start to blare into the night. He can see more strangers when he peeks up above the car and only narrowly avoids a bullet to the eye, the hold where his face was a second ago making his eyes go wide. Yeah, this feels personal.

Now how to get out of this one Miles? He's grumbling to himself as he creeps along, the gunfire doing a splendid job of covering any movement of noise he's making. Which is a good thing because he hasn't cursed like this in a long time. He comes to a halt as a body moves in front of him, gun in hand, obviously searching. Scanning slowly. He takes the opportunity to close the gap and force the man to the ground, immediately identifying the group by the mark on his face. Yep, definite cult member. The guy maintains consciousness for only a few seconds before Miles has choked him out. There's too many for him to do this for all of them though.

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Nothings ever been so simple for him, especially now with all of the unknown ongoing threats against all his people. All of the pressure was on his shoulders too, being responsible for trying to figure it all out. A leadership position was something he’d never seen himself taking on. Being more of a follower or one who took a step back. Yet it all changed in the last few years since he was promoted to commander. Having to pick up the pieces trying to rebuild the guard after the Isle of Skye was destroyed and they lost many of their people. Luckily he wasn’t the only one who was all new to the leadership thing at the same time. Both him and Erytherus were the ones who had to do it all out together at the same time. Damien took the responsibility of searching for new recruits and looking after them with all the training and responsibilities. Trying to find the best surpietuauls and ones right for the job. With the guard always wanting the best of the best. Especially if they had to assign new personal guards for any of the Aspects. He still helped out looking after Malva when needed since she’d still yet had another guard to take over when he stepped up. After Vladmiri’s mysterious death he’d been trying to do research of his own. Like most Aspects and experienced guards, they too were trying to find any leads or evidence that could lead them to finding out any explanation or leads of what happened. Most of his free time away from his guard duties, then away from spending time with Arwyn and Nadiya he would be in the loft part of the manor. A room where he kept his own murder board, the type that a detiective would use it was full of red strings. All meaning unsolved. 

It was getting late, so he decided to head back to the manor rather than spending the night at Arwyn;s place. Where he would spend most nights. He always felt a bit unseary leaving the manor overnight, especially lately. Being comandor he needed to be there. Tonight he left a little bit later with Arwyn trying to plead with him to stay. Meeting halfway he stayed a bit later. Arriving at the manor he noticed how most people were asleep with how a lot of lights were off up stairs. He headed straight through to the massive kitchen grabbing a beer from the drinks fridge. Opening it, as he was just about to take a sip of it he could hear gunshots coming from somewhere nearby. “What the hell” He muttered to himself, almost half asleep but waking up knowing something wasn’t right. Putting down his beer he grabbed the gun that he always kept on him at all times. With his guard instincts kicking in he went to invitage what was happening, having yet to hear any other guards coming to inviarage. He’d managed to pull off one of the CCTV camera screens they kept in the kitchen area. Noticing how there were people approaching the manor with guards. 

Looking at the footage closely he could see Miles there. Almost able to see that it was being aimed at him, that he was being targeted. Seeing the Nephilim guard wasn’t surprised, almost expecting it. Without not knowing what was going on, Damien headed outside. Almost staying within the shadows, carefully not to be spotted. Damien noticed Miles had his back turned to one of the attackers coming towards him. Quickly he’d managed to sneak up behind the person and choke them out too. Turning his attention to Miles, with his facial expressions saying it all. “What is going on here? Whose these people Miles and why are they after you?” Letting out a series of questions, sounding commanding. Waiting to see Miles' reactions that he’d already figured it all out. Damien wanted to know what the threats were so they could be able to get rid of them with their priating being to protect the manor and those all who were inside. 

The slight scuffle behind him has Miles whirling immediately, knife from his holster already in hand, only to stop when he catches sight of Damien and the guy he’d just choked out. The gunfire is enough to mask their voices thankfully because the head of the Guard does not look happy about the situation. Not that Miles can blame him, he’s very much not happy about it either. He huffs as he puts his back securely against the car behind them, checking over both shoulders to make sure they haven’t been spotted. “I can explain, it’s just… not exactly the time for a lengthy chat.” As though punctuating his point a gunshot goes off just a car over and Miles is immediately on the move again, gesturing for Damien to follow him.

“They’re not after the Ailwards, just me, don’t worry. But we do need to get them the hell away from here.” Which is why he’s working his way steadily away from the manor and toward the cover on the opposite side. It may end up tearing up the gardens - he can hear the lecture from Malva now - but it’s better than having these guys make their way inside. “They’re not all human so be careful.” Or at least it’s been his experience that there’s a lot of supernaturals mixed in their ranks.

He’s thankful for the mostly cloudy night obscuring them enough that they can get a nice distance and behind cover before they can be spotted. Since the door didn’t open he’s hoping none of them take the opportunity to go inside. “The short story is that these guys killed my fiance and now they’re after me too.” That is the very short of it, not touching on just how widespread these assholes are or why they killed his fiance or that they’re after him for revenge after he got several of them put behind bars. In an effort to encourage them away from the manor, Miles pokes his head out from behind the tree he’s hiding behind and lets out a sharp whistle, causing most of them to turn their way. Just like he suspected they turn and immediately head toward him, ignoring the manor since it hasn’t raised their ire. “Any bright ideas to get us out of this one commander?” He’d really like a gun right about now but the knife will have to do.

He was foolish to think that he was going to have an easy night, with how for them it was never so simple. There was always something that would happen or come up. Nothing was never normal or calm in the manor. Especially in a place full of different supernatural creatures and Aspects at that.  Damien was surprised to see attackers on his front doorstep, yet he was more surprised to see that they were just targeting Miles. Almost how they were able to predict his every move that they knew he was going to be there right at that exact moment. Yet they weren’t able to predict that someone else was going to be coming to the manor at the same time. Catching them right in the act, something they’d be least expecting. The Valkyr was highly trained, one of the reasons why he was promoted to Malva’s bodyguard then to commander not so long. Whilst he was quite young in years to other guards whose been part of the organsiation for many centuries. He easily adapted and picked up different fighting and combat skills. Mastering them more quickly than others. Damien knew straight away when he saw the intrudurors he wanted to take them down and away from the manor soon as possible. Not wanting for any threats to be near his people. Even if it was Miles who brought them right to their front door, right under their noses. 

Soon as he choked the attacker out, Damien followed suit with Miles. Both of them having their backs against a car. The Valkyr looked over to Miles almost saying he’s asking for an explanation, that he knows the people are just after him and no one else. Just as he expected, to be given a proper explanation would have to wait for later. That he would just have to trust him on it. Damien wasn’t able to ask any more as a gunshot interrupted them, then looking and seeing Miles was trying to signal him that they had to leave. He wasn't sure of what he thought his plans were. Hearing as the Nephilim explained that the people weren’t after the Ailwards, he felt relieved almost. To know that they wouldn’t need to bring in any more guards to help out but knew it was going to be more tricky. “You owe me a beer after all this is over” He wasn’t mad or angry which he knew that Miles would be expecting for him to be. Damien was like Erytherus and Dominic who after a long or hard mission would be wanting a few drinks after. “We need to be careful not to have any more bullets fired towards the building or arounds” He too knew how the Aspects all took care of the place even the slightest thing could make one of them go off. Not wanting to clear up any more mess than he has to. It didn’t take much guessing that the people whose after Miles weren’t all human, nothing would be so simple with their luck. Everybody had their past before joining the guard, like many he himself liked to keep his personal life away from his work. Each guard anD Aspected respected each others privacy and knew not to ask questions or pry when others weren’t ready to open ip. “We need to figure out a way to get away without them finding us” Looking around he was trying to figure out their escape plan. All proving more difficult with how they were being circled and taking a car was out of the window. “We got to go on foot and try to stick to the shadows” It was more riskier and more motivated but they had not much time to act. Better for them to stick to the shadows, letting the dark night blend them from being seen. 

Miles has to fight to stop from laughing at Damien’s little quip, looking at the commander with a smirk. “If we make it out of this I’ll buy you the whole damn bar.” He appreciates that he’s not getting an earful from Damien, at least not yet. Being honest this really was never his intention, had he known they were following him he would’ve led them far from here. “Trust me, I don’t intend for them to. Easier said than done though man.” It’s why he’s trying to lead them away. Hopefully no one is out walking the grounds this time of night but if they are maybe they’ll get some help. At least that’s all Miles can hope at this point.

His bright blue eyes meet Damien’s for a moment and he nods, looking around to make sure no gunman’s eyes are on them before he starts moving again, hoping to get them away from the manor and into a position where he and Damien will be at the advantage. “Sticking to the shadows is easier for you than for me you know.” His grin says he’s joking, breaking through at least a bit of the tension as they move with a joke. At least he’s okay enough to joke, a serious Miles can be disconcerting to some.

He does start moving though, pulling the hood of his jacket up to help hide his bright blonde hair from anyone seeing them as he sticks to the shadows. As a nephilim this is far more difficult for him than it is for Damien but at this point he doesn’t care too much. He just wants this to be over and done with. There looks to be about 6 or so guys still after them since two got choked out earlier, numbers that were it not for the guns and the proximity to the manor would be easy enough to deal with. No night vision certainly does stink though, which is probably why Miles doesn’t see the man coming up around him before he hears the low growl. The impact to the side of his head is a direct result of Miles not being as fast as a therian, which he now recognizes as he stumbles back to his feet, blood running freshly down the side of his face. He adjusts the knife in his hand but instead of attacking, his eyes go purple and suddenly the therian is grabbing his head and screaming in pain. Miles takes the opportunity to punch him in the temple, knocking him clean out.

People have to give him due. Damien was good at his job, being a skilled fighter and tatics. One of the reasons why the Aspects choose him to be comandor than the other more older guard members. He knew when to snap into action like every other guard who knew when to put their guard self into action. Like what had happened now. Damien teased Miles for what payment he wanted to help clear up the mess he made without knowing the full details yet of who these people are and how Miles knew more than he was letting on. “I’ll count you on that” He chuckled, shaking his head a little, able to see that Miles was surprised he wasn’t giving him hell yet. That would have to wait till later, right now his only focus was getting themselves out of here and away from the manor so their people can be left behind. “Just saying you know what Malva and Virideus are like with their greenhouses” He added remembering once someone had broken something of the Aspects and all hell broke loose. Damien knew all the ways in and out of the manor and it’s ground. Like any other guard members, they all made it their mission to know what to do in any situation. Damien was surprised by now no other guards or aspects had come out to hear what the commotion was like. Yet he was glad to make it easier for Miles’s attackers to lose their trail if there weren't many people around. 

Damien took the lead motioning for the Nephilim to follow him knowing that he had his back checking to see if the coast was clear. “Just put your hood up” He commented pointing out what Miles was about to do, whilst for him he had it easier able to use his Valkyr abilities to his advantage. Damien was looking out ahead whilst Miles was checking the coast was clear behind. He was too focused on looking up ahead and not being the first one of the two of them to hear someone was uphead. Until he heard Miles grimice in pain. The Valkyr quickly turned around watching the scene unfold, seeing he wasn't the one who sprung into action first. Seeing how Miles was able to handle himself against the Therian watching, he was able to take him down to the ground and knock him out. Almost instinctively Damien took out a dagger he kept his boot choosing to stab the therian to be sure. Damien knew that Miles wasn't too fond of killing people to do with him being Nephilim against killing whilst for him he wasn't too worried of it hurting his conscience. “You alright?” Stopping to see if his commrade was all okay motionning to how blood was starting to pour down his head. Sounding a little concerned knowing how it was just the start of their escape plan. 

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