Clara made a jump with surprise, she could almost hear the scream leave her mouth, but then again it could have just been in her head. The red wine missed her beige sweater by inches, and she thanked God heavily that it did. Tonight she didn't have her usually back up clothing in her car. The man who had been holding the drink was swaying back and forth and didn't seem to notice that the contents of his drink now laid on the hardwood flooring. She knew he wouldn't clean it up too so she went to find the kitchen.

It was a huge house, and an even bigger party, a friend of a friend had invited her and Clara was wondering why she had even come, but her friend said she needed her there for support, it was already midnight and she knew with these parties they usually were wild and lasted well into the early morning hours. Clara pushed her side-swept hair out of her face, she knew once she found a bathroom she would take it down and pull it up into a bun, the house was already so claustrophobic as it was and she knew it was only going to get busier so she wanted her hair out of her face.
On the way to the kitchen the harsh smell of tequila filled the air, she was one mission, clean up the mess, find her friend, but she couldn't help but notice that everyone around her wasn't speaking English, but it had yet to sink fully into her so she kept on moving.

The house was different then what she was usually used to, for example after wandering the first floor for what felt like an hour, she had come to the conclusion that the kitchen wasn't here. So she went upstairs, to the second floor, and was greeted by the smell of waffles. Her body followed the smell, and she was opened up into the very large kitchen, the same size as her main floor. The countertops were marble, and the cupboards were white.  Everything was white really, and it seemed like one of those kitchens that never got the chance to be cooked in. The waffles were sitting on the counter and Clara just couldn't help but walk over to them.

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