Clara made a jump with surprise, she could almost hear the scream leave her mouth, but then again it could have just been in her head. The red wine missed her beige sweater by inches, and she thanked God heavily that it did. Tonight she didn't have her usually back up clothing in her car. The man who had been holding the drink was swaying back and forth and didn't seem to notice that the contents of his drink now laid on the hardwood flooring. She knew he wouldn't clean it up too so she went to find the kitchen.

It was a huge house, and an even bigger party, a friend of a friend had invited her and Clara was wondering why she had even come, but her friend said she needed her there for support, it was already midnight and she knew with these parties they usually were wild and lasted well into the early morning hours. Clara pushed her side-swept hair out of her face, she knew once she found a bathroom she would take it down and pull it up into a bun, the house was already so claustrophobic as it was and she knew it was only going to get busier so she wanted her hair out of her face.
On the way to the kitchen the harsh smell of tequila filled the air, she was one mission, clean up the mess, find her friend, but she couldn't help but notice that everyone around her wasn't speaking English, but it had yet to sink fully into her so she kept on moving.

The house was different then what she was usually used to, for example after wandering the first floor for what felt like an hour, she had come to the conclusion that the kitchen wasn't here. So she went upstairs, to the second floor, and was greeted by the smell of waffles. Her body followed the smell, and she was opened up into the very large kitchen, the same size as her main floor. The countertops were marble, and the cupboards were white.  Everything was white really, and it seemed like one of those kitchens that never got the chance to be cooked in. The waffles were sitting on the counter and Clara just couldn't help but walk over to them.

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As Clara asked if he had any Pets, Scott slightly shook his head. “No...not at the moment. Things have been quite busy, since moving to the city...and work keeps me preoccupied half of the time.” He didn’t find the time for a house pet, just yet. Maybe when his schedule slightly dies down and he feels like he has some time for himself, let alone a pet...then he might have one. “What about you? Any pets?” Clara seemed like, she had more time for these sorts of things, that he could presumably see the blonde Initia with a pet, or two.

Hearing her suggest the Thrift stores, Scott rose a slight eyebrow. Looking at her rather amused. Lightly chuckling to himself. “Well...someone has to get rid of all the old stuff.” he said. Seems like it was the Vampires, that got rid of the vintage things, they didn’t like anymore. It had been a rather amusing situation, as if she was whispering some deepest secret. But he appreciated the tip. “Mhh, I brought a few vintage things, previously in my life. It just depends what it is.” Scott liked classy, old things; if it suited to him and his tastes of course. But it wouldn’t hurt to look and see if he found anything interesting. It wasn’t long before he had finished his ice-cream, just munching on the wafer cone. Crunching with each bite.

"Well you could always get something small, that doesn't take to much time away from your busy life, say a fish or a snake if you're into that sort of thing" she suggested. Waiting for when time in your life cleared up from being to busy was life waiting for the sun to rise in the west, a very unlikely thing to happen, though she didn't mention that to him. "Not at the moment, but when I do, I'm getting a dog, I just haven't found the right one yet," she replied. Clara volunteered at an animal shelter, that mostly housed dogs, so she knew what was out there, reduces had always been in the back of her mind, but sometimes she wanted a puppy, so far it had been a no luck situation, but she hadn't given up hope. "What animal would you get if you could?" she returned the question. 

She smiled at him, maybe she hadn't had to whisper about it but Clara remembered finding out about the supernatural world, and for a brief time she thought her instructor had been crazy, she wouldn't want some unbeknown human to stumble on this conversation topic. "I've always liked going in there, just last week, I got this beautiful bookcase for thrifty-five dollars, practically a steal," Clara had been very proud finding it amongst the isles of a rather large pile of random junk. "Who knows maybe one day you'll open a book find a treasure map and earn a fortune," there was just so much to explore. 

The other Initia had a good point actually, thinking about it for a short while, he made a slight face at the mention of a snake. “Not sure, if I am a snake person. Fish, I could cope with.” Just to make sure, that they were fed and tank cleaned often; didn’t seem so high maintenance like some other pets, right? Scott was sure, that eventually he’d figure something out, with the whole pet situation. He smiled, as she spoke about getting a dog one day. “Dogs are good companions.” Scott always liked dogs, well he liked most animals having been raised on a farm. “Mhh considering I’ve been raised and work on a farm, that’s a good question. I always liked animals.” he admitted with a chuckle. But thought about it for a few moments. “I suppose, I found Parrots fun. Would be interesting to have one as a home pet.” he said honestly. At least, they could talk back to you a little, if they were taught well enough.

Scott finished off his ice-cream, licking his lips free of the sweet cold treat. Nodding as she told him about the book-case. “Wow...sounds like a good bargain.” It was pretty cheap. Good hunt indeed. Most book-cases cost a fortune otherwise, especially if they wanted a good one. Scott smiled at the idea of finding a treasure map. “If only things were that easy.” he shook his head in amusement. But he wasn’t a pirate...nor did he think, anyone would be that fortunate to gain a fortune through a treasure map these days. But it was a nice thought.

Clara laughed, "I have to completely agree with you, it takes a certain person to be a snake person," she could still remember her neighbour and the snake they had, he was an older gentleman who had a way with animals, he became the resident zoologist on her block but he had been best known for his snake collection and the slithering reptiles were everywhere. "I knew someone once, scared me forever, he had a python and that summer he escaped, weeks had gone by and no one had seen the creature but one day at the community pool I was swimming with some other kids for the neighbourhood and out pops the snack," she said, reminiscing. "Let's just say no one there that day visited the community pool for the rest of the summer, " It had become a funny story now but she could remember how fearful she had been.
"Now a parrot sounds like a wonderful idea, though I warn you, they can become slightly annoying," she mentioned. 

"Sorry, am I rambling, I tend to do that," she couldn't believe she had suggested pirate treasure but maybe that had a lot to do with that most days she had her head in a good book and those books often had faeries and princes, and yes, sometimes even pirates. "My imagination escapes me sometimes," she muttered. "It probably has to do with me being a librarian," 

Scott nodded, half wondering how some people could even stand to have a snake as a pet. Weren’t they scared, that one day the snake might try and eat them, for a snack? That thought made him cringe. Listening to her snake story, Scott made a slight face. “Yikes...I defo wouldn’t have taken a dip in that swimming pool, either.” Not if there was a snake swimming in there somewhere. He supposed now, she could laugh about it. But it didn’t seem like it had been funny at the time. Probably another reason why Scott couldn’t handle the idea of a snake. It escaping and terrorizing the neighbors and accidentally hurting someone. He wouldn’t want that on his head. “You just probably listed a good reason why I wouldn’t get a snake.” he admitted, chuckling.  They were more of a stay in nature, creatures Scott thought. Not pets.

As she warned him about a parrot being annoying, that was a given. “So I hear.” he lightly chuckled. But at least, they weren’t so dangerous. “Sounds like a more fun, safe pet to have though.”

When she apologised for rambling, he shook it off. “No worries.” He didn’t mind the rambling. Sometimes, it amused him with what people came up with. “Ah...well that definitely, can explain your wild imagination.” Scott chuckled in agreement, as she said she worked as a librarian. Probably read a lot of books, to stir up ideas. Not that there was anything wrong with being so imaginative. “What made you want to become a librarian?” he asked curiously. It was a different job, it’s been a while since he met someone with that occupation. 

"I would definitely agree," she muttered. That story didn't haunt it her as much as it had when she was younger, worse things in her life seemed to keep her more distracted after that, her parent's deaths for starters, a little snake in a pool barely made the list of the worst things to happen in her life.

"I remember reading somewhere that someone had trained a parrot, I think it was someone in the government, and they had taught the parrot to say over a hundred words and he could count to ten or something, so at least a parrot could be rather entertaining," she mentioned. "And yes, a much safer pet," some people had alligators or even tigers so a parrot was most certainly a safer option. 

She took a moment to consider her answer to his question. "I always had a love for books but the main reason I became I librarian was to find something normal, to hold onto, something that could ground me in my insane life," she considered mentioning the other reason but thought it might scare him off. "When was the last time you went to the library?" she asked. 

For a few moments, the Male Initia tried to think, if he ever went through, something that was as traumatising, like what she had been through. Not that he could recall in the moment, really if you ask him.. Not linked to animals anyways. What affected him a lot; was the loss of his high-school girlfriend and his parents getting a divorce. Those two things stung, a lot more than anything else in his life. But there wasn’t anything, he could do about either of those facts.

As his thoughts went off in another direction, he snapped back to reality as she mentioned something about parrot training. “Wow, that’s impressive.” He knew, those birds were smart creatures. So it indeed, would be rather funny, to see how he would handle one; if he ever decided to get one as a pet. “At least, you’ll never be bored with a parrot.” Probably keep you entertained more often, than not.

When Clara told him more about how she became a librarian. He could see, why she was drawn to that particular job. Especially with her love for books. “Wow..” he chuckled, as she asked him that question. Trying to remember, the last time he had visited one. “You know, I can’t even remember. Maybe when I was still in college, and needed some books for research. Or maybe even a few times after that...but not in a long long time.” He said honestly. Scott had other things on his plate, when he was older. So visiting a Library hadn’t been one of his priorities. “But if you have any good books to recommend, might have to one a visit.”

Clara noticed the moment Scott's thoughts went elsewhere, it was an expression she knew quite well, working at the library she would sit behind the desk sometimes and would glance upon the customers who would one minute be reading intently and the next gazing off at a bookcase lost in thoughts she knew nothing about. It was also an expression she probably wore a lot of the time herself, the world was full of magic and deceit and sometimes she would drift off either in a memory or a daydream.

"Collage?" she asked incredulously. Clara couldn't imagine not going to the library every day anymore, but even when she hadn't worked at the library she had gone a least once a week, to pick up books and drop off the ones from the weeks before that she had finished. "So many to recommend, do you have a favourite genre?" she asked, though she simply could give him any number or recommendations she wanted to know what he liked the most.

"You mentioned college, what did you study for?"  Clara asked her curiosity getting the best of her as it did in most cases. 

Scott tried not to look amused, by her expression. She was obviously more of a book-worm than he himself was. Not that there was anything wrong with that. Each to their own, as he would always say. “Mhh yeah, College. We had a big library there.” It was useful for when students wanted a quiet place to study, or find books for their assignments, or just generally find a good read. For a few moments, he had to recall what his favorite genres were. “Mhh, I suppose it depends on my mood, I sometimes like few of the old classics. I know...probably not what you’d expect from a guy, but hey.” he shrugged it off. “But other than that, I’d head with fantasy and adventure, as being in my top 3 genres.” He had read the Lord of The Rings, as a younger teenager so many times, that he had lost count.

When she asked what he had studied at college. Scott smiled softly. “I had studied History and Science. I also took music on the side, when I was in College.” Scott told Clara. Not that he had visions of what he wanted to do with any of those, they were just his favorite subjects that had intrigued him and he wanted to carry on, within higher education when he was in college. 

“What about you? What did you study? If you went to College?” He questioned. Curious if they had a few more things in common-something, he always did with new friends.

She smiled at the man sitting beside her, slightly amused, she could tell books weren't his usually topic for discussion but being a librarian they always seemed to come up, books had a way of bringing people together, after all, there were so many to chose from and so many to discuss whether they were a big fan of romances or adventures, all the way to non-fiction the world was their oyster if one remembered to open the book. "Actually a lot of men read the classics, they usually prefer the way they're written, there's usually a deeper meaning to the words and some people like the challenge," she replied quickly, nobody should ever be embarrassed of what they read. Reading was always about the freedom to chose what to read. "Fantasy, let me think...." she put her finger under her chin and thought for a moment till the answer lept to her frontal lobe. " The Hazel Wood by Mellissa Albert, when I read it, I couldn't put it down, I won't tell to much but it's about this girl who's always moved town to town with her mom, they have the worst of luck, but when they inherit The Hazel Wood from her grandmother -who wrote a famous dark fairytale book- they realize just how much worse their luck could get," she answered.
"What did you love most about the Lord of the Rings?" she asked.

 She nodded along to his answer, impressed with the array. "How did you care for science?" she hadn't the brain to learn anything so intense as science or business but she was always impressed with someone who did. "I did, I got an undergraduate degree, I studied Art History and English Literature, I hadn't loved art history at first but the more I opened to the subject the easier it got to understand, what drew you to history, I know a lot of people think it's kind of boring," she asked. 

Scott had a feeling, that Clara met plenty of people like himself-bit lost and unsure about what book to pick up, after not having read one for a few years. Surprised, as she mentioned that men actually prefer classics. “Mhh, maybe I haven’t met many that like that sort then.” he admitted. He usually met women that preferred classics and men, preferring something on the lighter side, like books about cars and mechanics. But he trusted her word, as she was the one getting all sorts of customers. Leaning against the table slightly, Scott relaxed as she gave him her recommendation. The book didn’t sound familiar, at all. “Mhh, I haven’t heard of that one.” But he had to admit, the premise sounded interesting.

He was half expecting the question about Lord of the rings, chuckling slightly. “Honestly, I liked the whole lore of the series. The scenery was just beautiful...both in writing and the films. It’s just one of those series, I always felt immersed in and like I was on an adventure with Frodo and the others. Probably, why I like it so much.” Scott explained, with a lingering smile.

When she questioned his like for Science, he thought back to his school days. “Honestly? Blowing things up in the science lab was always fun.” he admitted with a chuckle. “But I always found it fascinating I guess, to learn about how certain things work and develop in Science.” Guess he was always more of an experimental kid in science, like his friends. It was a fun way to learn. Nodding as she mentioned what her degrees were. “Nice, I don’t think that’s particularly boring. It’s interesting.” Seems like they both had interesting choices. “Honestly? I always been curious about the past and wanted to learn more. Plus, my teachers always found a way to make the lessons fun, guess that kept me interested long enough to want to study more.” Scott said, with a slight shrug. But he knew she had a point, some people did think it was rather boring. But maybe because they didn’t get it totally either.

Clara caught herself in a smile, boy she had a tendency of talking about books, she could go on and on about books for hours, she forgot sometimes that working at the library was actually her job and not something she just did for fun. Maybe not everyone wanted to listen to her ramble about the next good book coming on the shelves or the best book to read when they're feeling down. "I'm sorry am I boring you, I might have a knack at talking too much about books," she spoke, nervously tucking back a strand of hair behind her hair.

She could see the energy he emitted when he talked about a favourite book, it was the same look most people got talking about something they loved. "Have you seen the movies as well, or do you find you don't like to watch movies based on books?" she asked, having just got in a similar discussion with her dance teacher, maybe she did talk about books to often if she brought it up everywhere she went? 

Clara nodded along, Science had never been something for her, but she could see it was something he had liked to do. "Do you have a dun explosion story from back when you were in the lab?" She knew people who blew things up usually had a story where everything went wrong and the lab almost caught on fire or did depend on some cases. 
"I always thought it was interesting too, history always felt like stories, some almost too hard to believe if it weren't for people having lived through them," she replied, though in her line of work she wondered sometimes if someone down the line had maybe embellished more then they should have. "Good teachers are everything," 

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