Clara made a jump with surprise, she could almost hear the scream leave her mouth, but then again it could have just been in her head. The red wine missed her beige sweater by inches, and she thanked God heavily that it did. Tonight she didn't have her usually back up clothing in her car. The man who had been holding the drink was swaying back and forth and didn't seem to notice that the contents of his drink now laid on the hardwood flooring. She knew he wouldn't clean it up too so she went to find the kitchen.

It was a huge house, and an even bigger party, a friend of a friend had invited her and Clara was wondering why she had even come, but her friend said she needed her there for support, it was already midnight and she knew with these parties they usually were wild and lasted well into the early morning hours. Clara pushed her side-swept hair out of her face, she knew once she found a bathroom she would take it down and pull it up into a bun, the house was already so claustrophobic as it was and she knew it was only going to get busier so she wanted her hair out of her face.
On the way to the kitchen the harsh smell of tequila filled the air, she was one mission, clean up the mess, find her friend, but she couldn't help but notice that everyone around her wasn't speaking English, but it had yet to sink fully into her so she kept on moving.

The house was different then what she was usually used to, for example after wandering the first floor for what felt like an hour, she had come to the conclusion that the kitchen wasn't here. So she went upstairs, to the second floor, and was greeted by the smell of waffles. Her body followed the smell, and she was opened up into the very large kitchen, the same size as her main floor. The countertops were marble, and the cupboards were white.  Everything was white really, and it seemed like one of those kitchens that never got the chance to be cooked in. The waffles were sitting on the counter and Clara just couldn't help but walk over to them.

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The Initia slightly chuckled at her apology. “Don’t worry. It takes a lot more than talking about books to bore me.” he assured her. Not minding her habit of talking about books. He supposed that everyone talked a lot about their passion and things they liked to do. Scott was well aware that sometimes he could bore people by talking about his job a lot and tending to horses, so he knew where Clara was coming from.

Hearing her question about the series, he smiled. “It depends on the series. I usually prefer to read the books before watching the movies. But yes, that’s the one series I have read the books and seen the films. One of the series, I actually liked and approved of the films, to be honest.” Scott informed Clara. And safe to say, it didn’t disappoint. Some films didn’t live up to the books, as they missed out vital information. But he enjoyed the actors that had been in the series and their portrayal of all the major characters in the series. “What about you? Do you prefer books or series?” he asked curiously, what was her preference.

Finding that she had been pretty easy to talk to, he was enjoying her company and their conversation. Chuckling at her question. “Now that’s a thinker.” Scott tried to think back to his school days and science classes. Looking deep in thought for a few moments. “Mhh let’s see. It was my first day in Science Class, at end of the first year and we were supposed to work on an experiment, to create some lava for a volcano project. I might have ended up mixing things wrong and caused the whole volcano to explode...luckily no one got hurt...but the classroom did stink and was closed off, to clear up everything.” he admitted with a slight guilty but amused face. 

Nodding in agreement to what she said about history. “I do agree, some of it does sound a bit far fetched at times.” But those were the olden days. He sometimes wondered how people indeed survived.

She smiled at his reassurance, happy to have not offended the man, she knew she could sometimes ramble when she was nervous, so Clara decided to ask him a question. "Why don't you tell me a little about what you do? I imagine we've talked about books long enough, though Clara never did tire of books. 

The blonde nodded along, "I haven't had the chance to see the movies or read the books yet, which would you recommend I start with," she asked, Clara usually didn't have a preference sometimes if she watched a movie and she learned that it was based off a book she would pick up the book, and sometimes she didn't and she would just leave it at the movie. She listened to his questions, already knowing her answer, "It really depends, if it's a T.V. series, I find they can add to a great bit of detail, but if it's a movie it usually depends on if I read the book first or watched the movie. We spend our whole life comparing things from one thing to the next, and if we either watch it or read it first, that's the thing we compare it to," maybe she spent too much time reading books if she was rambling on again. "Sorry, I promise I'm not that passionate or fussy about this topic," she added.

"See, I knew it, all science people or anybody that has worked in a lab has a story about the time something blew up or went wrong,"," she hadn't worked in a lab herself, besides the classes she took in high school and even somehow she had a story about when something went ka-boom. 

"Do you have a favourite century or even decade, things changed so fast in the 1900s, it might be hard to pick," she asked, history was always a place that seemed like a good thing to talk about, it was easy to get to know someone when you listened to them talk about there favourite things. 

Scott slightly chuckled at her comment. “I am not sure, if my job might be that fascinating to you. It doesn’t involve books.” he joked. “I work at a farm, so I mainly help look after the land and animals that are there. It’s quite hard work, especially when some people visit and have horse riding lessons. Takes a lot of preparation and work to get the sessions organised for the day.” But it was one of the reasons why he liked his job. He got to meet new people among it all.

He was a little surprised that she hadn’t seen the series. Given how old they were. She was missing out, that was for sure. “Well if you want a bit more background, I would suggest starting with the books. They’re quite lengthy but a good read for sure. As for the movies, I would suggest watching the extended versions, much more context and story in the movies, than the cinematic versions.” But that was just one man’s opinion. Both sets of additions of the movies were a worthwhile watch, he just found that the extended movies had some extra scenes that put the whole series into a better context, that the cinematic movies may have missed out on. He didn’t expect her to go into a whole rant about comparing stuff, it was quite amusing. But he knew where she was coming from. “It’s alright.” he shook his head with a chuckle. “I think, most people would agree with you there, me included.”

Scott nodded at what she said. “Mhh, most definitely. A friend of mine in school kept trying to make things explode in science class, just to get out of extra study lessons for our exams. It was rather amusing, till the teachers found out what he was up to and he got detention.” At first everyone thought, his friend was just being clumsy in science class and making mistakes by accident.

He pursed his lips slightly, in thought. “Oh boy, that’s a tough one. I think generally, I was always intrigued with the medieval era and their way of life.” That was the one era, that summed up his favorite times really. Otherwise, it was hard to pick a favorite decade with so many interesting things going on, especially in the more modern days. As they were chatting for so long, Scott didn’t notice how late it was truly getting. The party was slowly getting more quiet, maybe some of the louder people had left to go home already.

While the farming life most certainly wasn't for her, she had to admit certain aspects had always appealed to her about that certain lifestyle, the animals for one, though she always wanted a pet she hadn't found the time to procure one at the moment but at the mention of horses, it brought her back to simpler days when she was a young girl wanting nothing more in the world than to own a pony and ride it every day to school. "It sounds incredible, is this what you've always wanted to do?" she asked, knowing very well it wasn't a typical question to ask a practical stranger. 

"Well, I'll have to check it out from the library, I'm sure they have it," she replied wondering herself why she had never seen such a popular franchise, but then again she had been busy with Harry Potter at the time, and apparently this fangirl had enough on her plat with just one major obsession, she knew her Harry Potter items still laid in a box somewhere in her attic. "Good to know, now we just have to get the movie people on board." After all, they were the ones making these decisions. 

Clara laughed. High school students did have a tendency to want to get out of class, not that blamed them, eight long hours spent in the building itself then they would send you packing with a stack high of homework, there was barely any time left for sleep let alone to do anything fun. "I don't blame him, though probably not the safest way to get out of school," 

She listened to him talk, understanding the difficulty of picking a favourite, like everything in life different things meant different emotions and levels of love for each item. Clara glanced around the room after realizing what Scott had noticed, the noise had seemed to die down, she pulled out her watch and checked the time startled by what she saw. "It's late," 

For two strangers, the two were pretty talkative. Scott assumed that Clara was rather sociable. He could be too, if he was around the right people. Not that he was complaining. It felt nice to chat to someone new and get to know them. “Mhh good question.” Scott was slightly deep in thought. For some time, he didn’t even think about that, till Clara asked him. Was it what he always wanted to do? He still wasn’t sure. “Honestly, I am not sure. I guess, it has called out to me, seeing is how I grew up. But I never truly found my dream job, yet.” Scott answered with a slight shrug. At least, he was being honest, right?

Time had indeed flown by so quick, with their stories and banter about how to get out of school classes. Chuckling a bit when Clara too noticed how late it was. “Suppose time flys, when you’re having fun.” he said with a slight shrug. “I suppose I should be getting home. Don’t want a head-ache when I wake up, from how loud this party has been.” Scott admitted, with a slight laugh. “But it was nice meeting you Clara.” He gave her a soft smile. Hopefully, the two might cross paths at a later date. Would be nice to see some more friendly faces around the city, he now called his home. Just as he was about to get his jacket, a thought popped into his mind. “Are you alright getting home? Or do you need a lift?” Scott offered. Not wanting a young female to walk home, so late at night. Scott didn’t mind dropping her off home, on the way to his. Friendly offer and all.

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