Clara made a jump with surprise, she could almost hear the scream leave her mouth, but then again it could have just been in her head. The red wine missed her beige sweater by inches, and she thanked God heavily that it did. Tonight she didn't have her usually back up clothing in her car. The man who had been holding the drink was swaying back and forth and didn't seem to notice that the contents of his drink now laid on the hardwood flooring. She knew he wouldn't clean it up too so she went to find the kitchen.

It was a huge house, and an even bigger party, a friend of a friend had invited her and Clara was wondering why she had even come, but her friend said she needed her there for support, it was already midnight and she knew with these parties they usually were wild and lasted well into the early morning hours. Clara pushed her side-swept hair out of her face, she knew once she found a bathroom she would take it down and pull it up into a bun, the house was already so claustrophobic as it was and she knew it was only going to get busier so she wanted her hair out of her face.
On the way to the kitchen the harsh smell of tequila filled the air, she was one mission, clean up the mess, find her friend, but she couldn't help but notice that everyone around her wasn't speaking English, but it had yet to sink fully into her so she kept on moving.

The house was different then what she was usually used to, for example after wandering the first floor for what felt like an hour, she had come to the conclusion that the kitchen wasn't here. So she went upstairs, to the second floor, and was greeted by the smell of waffles. Her body followed the smell, and she was opened up into the very large kitchen, the same size as her main floor. The countertops were marble, and the cupboards were white.  Everything was white really, and it seemed like one of those kitchens that never got the chance to be cooked in. The waffles were sitting on the counter and Clara just couldn't help but walk over to them.

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The loud music was thumping inside of his ears.

Scott wasn’t entirely too sure how he had ended up at this party. A few of the Initia’s in the tribe, had been going on about this particular party; and suggested that he come. At first, he had his reservations. It had been a few long years, since Scott even felt the need to party. But here he was. The music echoing around him, a cold beer in hand. Letting the cold liquid run down to the back of his throat. Soothing the warmness building inside of him. With so many people in here; he felt warmer. Everyone’s presence gets to him.

With time flying by so fast, Scott had been mingling with a few people. He had no idea what time it even was. Usually parties like this, dragged on till the next day; if people were able to. He was just glad, he had a day off from work tomorrow. Or he would be feeling rather zombie like on the farm, and hang over. A few people were so drunk already, it was hard to decipher what they meant. After a while, Scott couldn’t keep up with the drunken slurs. He had a few drinks; but was nowhere near as bad as some people.

Feeling, the munchies. He headed to the kitchen. Hoping there was some party food left over. “Ah, here to escape from the drunken slurs and for a snack too?”Scott questioned, as he saw a blonde heading over towards the waffles. They still seemed to smell fresh. Making his stomach grumble. Hopefully, the blonde wouldn’t mind some company. With so many people present, he didn’t recall seeing her around the house. If he passed her, he didn’t even notice,as there were so many new faces around.

Clara jumped at the sound a deep male voice made. Taken off guard by the close-up noise, the second floor lacking the loud music that the first floor had an abundance of, the only sounds were the fridge, them and the wafting noises from downstairs, otherwise, the kitchen was empty. Clara slowly turned around, slightly embarrassed from being caught in the kitchen going after the waffles.
"Sorry, about that," she cleared her throat, "I was just looking for a mop, my sweater almost became the victim to a red wine stain, and I thought I might save some unlucky drunk fool from slipping on the puddle. Is this your house?" Was she rambling, maybe Clara had a tendency to ramble when she was nervous.

"I wasn't exactly looking for a snack but escaping the drunken slurs sounds wonderful," she replied to the man's first question. All of a sudden a drunk woman came into the kitchen, her hair a rambled mess. "Don't mind me," she said, grabbing the plate of the waffles and leaving the same way she came. This was some party Clara thought, another reason why she never went to them.
"I guess there goes the waffles, can I get you something else, I imagine there's food around here somewhere," Clara asked. 

The Initia lightly chuckled. Putting his hands up slightly, in an apologetic gesture for making her jump. “Sorry, didn’t mean to make you jump.” He didn’t think the young woman would have been so jumpy. Maybe he should have introduced himself to her a bit better. Scott had a familiar feeling in the pit of his stomach. The energy she was giving out. No doubt, she was probably an Initia. By now, Scott could tell; when he was in a room with one of his kind. Having been a Lone Initia for most of his life; he had picked up on things like that, quite quickly. Nodding slightly at her red wine crises.  “No, This place looks way too fancy. A friend invited me to the party. I seem to have lost track of him many people around.” He wasn’t that rich to afford this mansion off a house. “Scott...Scott Parrish.” The tall male, held out his hand towards the blonde female, as he introduced himself.

Their trail of thought seemed to be interrupted, when a drunk woman entered the kitchen. Taking the snack they were eying on. “Well..” Scott breathed out, as he blinked. Before a slight chuckle escaped him. “Guess, we weren’t quick enough.”

As she offered him something else; he couldn’t help but think that the offer was sweet. “Mhh, anything sweet I suppose.” he kindly took her offer. “Got the munchies for something sweet.” Moving towards the cupboards himself. The tall blonde started to inspect what sort of food they had in the kitchen. “Have you lived in Evermore long?” he asked, glancing over his shoulder towards the young female. He couldn’t recall if he had seen her around the Initia Compound or not. Unable to recall such events; she was a new face to him, and he was a new face to her.

"I'm sorry too, it's so very silly, I sometimes get a bit lost inside my head, and sudden noises make me jump," Clara answered.
Everything about this night had been so far a bit too much but at the sight of another sober person, Clara had a feeling she could get through it. "I know what you mean, I'm looking for a friend of mine too, she's known to get into trouble though so I'm slightly worried, and you're right this place is incredibly crowded, it's like the whole neighbourhood was invited plus more," she said, tucking a strand behind her ear, something she did when she was nervous.
"Well, it's nice to meet you Scott Parrish, I'm Clara Carter," she took his hand and shook, firm but gentle. Her thoughts drifted to something her father used to say, a firm handshake could tell so much about a person, but he had died when she was so young she couldn't recall what it meant anymore, did a firm handshake mean that he was well-mannered, disciplined? She just couldn't remember. 

Clara began to comb through the cupboards, but there wasn't a box of cookies or a sweet treat of anything, anywhere. "There's some ingredients here, I think I can whip something up," Clara had had a passion for baking since she was young making intricate and in-depth desserts now that she was older. "Hope you don't mind waiting," Scott came to stand, looking through the cupboards himself, and she knew, he was one of her kind, so why hadn't she seen it? Clara had always been terrible at telling people and species apart but they had been the only ones in this room, she made a mental note to work on it later.
"Yes, for some time now, five years, I believe, What about you?" She found her way to the bottom shelf, "Ah-ha, cones, you know that means," she walked excitedly to the freezer, opened it and there it was, a tub of rocky road ice cream. "What do you say, want some ice cream?"

The Male Initia nodded in understanding; he could understand getting a bit jumpy. “No worries, I am sure it happens.” he said with a slight chuckle. After all, he did accidentally startle her. He would have probably been the same, if someone had sneaked up on him; when deep in thought.

He felt relieved, being away from the bigger crowd and getting some peace and quiet; whilst talking to another tribe’s member. Whilst Scott used to party a bit more, in his teen days. He would much rather enjoy a few drinks alone, at a bar. Then being swamped by so many people, at a huge party. It sucked away energy; being around so many people. Lightly chuckling at her words. “Seems like it, either the owner of the house knows a lot of people, or it’s just mutual friends of mutual friends, showing up.” Either way, the party was massive. Let’s just hope, no more people turn up; or no one would be able to leave, with how crowded it was. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Clara.” Shaking her hand. The girl had a proper hand-shake; he liked that. In the past, he met some people who had a rather flimsy hand-shake at best. So it was nice, seeing someone that knew how to shake a hand properly. Some days, those seemed like a rarity, unless people were raised with proper manners.

From the corner of his eyes; he could see Clara found something. “I am a pretty patient guy, I don’t mind waiting.” Of course, his stomach might be telling him something different. But he’d try not to think about that, whilst she’d be whipping them something up. The Initia was still trying to find something in the cupboards. Rice, Pasta, Sauces….nope...nope and nope. All ingredients, he wasn’t after. He nodded slightly. Seemed like she knew Evermore bit better than. “Only a few months, I moved here in Autumn, last year. So I am still getting used to everything around here, you could say.” Scott said honestly. But all in all, he felt like he had adjusted pretty well to the new city, he now lived in.

The mention of cones and ice-cream, made his stomach rumble. Lightly chuckling. “Ice-cream sounds great...and I think my stomach agrees with that.” He looked like an excited child, going to the ice-cream parlour. Ice-cream was a good treat for anybody.

 Clara put two scopes in each cone, with the scooper she had found in the third drawer away from the stove, the house even with it's larger size didn't seem to be as organized properly as it should be. "I have a sneaking suspicion you didn't actually want to come tonight," she looked up at him. "Am I right?" It was true in her case anyway, she would much rather be in her PJs at this moment rather than a pair of high heels and face of makeup, needing still to be wiped off before she went to bed, whenever that would be. She had even considered coming to the party in her jammies, she had a feeling no one would have noticed anyway. Though tonight had been turning out much more interesting then she had first expected, definitely a plus.

She handed him the first completed ice cream cone, and her mouth was already watering at the thought of getting to eat hers. "So tell me, where did you move from, and what your favourite thing about Evermore that you've seen so far?" Once her question was asked, she licked her ice cream cone, now finished in her hands. Clara could remember the time when she moved to Evermore, a city filled with possibility, people who were like her and people who weren't,  a fresh start away from her past, a chance to meet new people and learn all she could about who she was and what she would become, so far since living here she's learned many things, answering questions she had long forgotten she had asked. 

As she prepared the Ice-cream for them, Scott sat on one of the stools in the kitchen with his drink. Setting it on the island table. Lightly chuckling at her question. “It’s that obvious huh?” Scott questioned, with a raised eyebrow. But she was right, it wasn’t exactly his first choice. “I have to say, parties haven’t been my thing for a while. Back when I was a teenager, yeah sure. Now? Not so much.” That was one change with adult-hood. “It’s too chaotic. I only came here, as a promise to a friend.” Bars seemed more chill compared to what looked like the entire city, being in one building. He’d rather enjoy a few drinks in a more chill atmosphere, have a bit of a smoke with his buddy Austin, or chill at home. “If I had to wager a guess, you didn’t want to be here either?” Clara definitely didn’t strike him as the party type.

Taking the ice-cream cone, with a thank you. Scott licked at the cold sweet treat. “I moved from Canada, Alberta.” Despite his strong Canadian accent, not many could guess what province he moved from. As he licked at his ice-cream; The Initia had to pause for a few moments; deep in thought about her question. His favorite thing about Evermore? “I would have to say, the mountains. They remind me of home, on some level.” Scott said honestly. Growing up in Canada, he had visited plenty of mountains, even lived near some on the farm he grew up on. So the Mountains held fond memories for the former Lone Initia.

“But I also like the rivers around Evermore.” It’s where he felt most in tune with his element of water. Finding it peaceful. “What about you? What’s your favorite thing about Evermore?” Surely, she had a few spots of her own, having lived here for a few years now.

"What gave it away? was it the hopelessly lost expression my face seems to carry or was it the careless choice shoes," heels were cute, tv had taught her that much but definitely not something one should wear when dancing unless of course, that person had better balance then Clara did. "Party teen, interesting, can I take a guess that you were a party guy, popular, girls loved you?" she asked a teasing smile playing on her lips. "And maybe you grew, going to college, getting a professional job, and much prefers fancy bars overcrowded living rooms?"

"Canada, really? What brought you all the way to Evermore?" she had visited Canada a few times in her life, Niagra falls was a breathtaking experience, and when she had decided to drive further she visited a few tourist towns the one popping into her mind was Niagra-on-the-lake, all the vineyards had been an experience she hadn't quite expected to see. "What was your favourite thing in Alberta, the thing that made you want to reconsider moving? Besides the mountains of course," 

"The rivers are absolutely stunning," Clara said in between small bites of ice cream, she was trying to be ladylike with the bites, but if she had been alone right now, her whole bowl would have been on it's way to being completely devoured. "Well the flea markets are out of this world since everyone in Evermore comes from all over the world, the pieces are unique. As you mentioned the mountains are amazing, but there's this hidden trail that leads to this landing and it has wonderful views, though it's kind of dangerous," she wasn't sure if she should even have climbed up herself, but the view seemed worth it.

Scott lightly chuckled at her question. “Mhh partially. But you just don’t look like a party girl.” he said honestly.  The other Initia didn’t even really take in her shoes, until she mentioned them. Glancing down at her feet. “Mhh, probably a killer to dance in.” If he was a girl, he probably would have picked something more suitable, especially with the intentions of dancing. As she tried to guess more about his teenage years, he slightly shrugged. “Well everyone did say I was a girl magnet, but not that I cared that much. I was always with one girl. I am not one to flit about with various people.” Scott was very loyal, when in a relationship. But after the death of his ex; he avoided dating and serious relationships. Scared of deeper attachments.”You got the bar part down right.” he chuckled. “I can’t say I got a fancy job. I’ve been raised and worked on a farm since childhood. I never known anything different...and much rather prefer work outside, using my hands and being in the fresh air, than a suit and some fancy job.” he said honestly.

She was indeed full of questions. Leaning against the counter, as he licked his ice-cream. Savoring the treat. “Well, I was a lone Initia for most of my life. I was searching for others like myself. And word spread led me to Evermore.” He supposed it was probably like that for a few Initia, whom were in search of a tribe. A place to belong. As she asked about Alberta, he tapped his chin slightly; looking deep in thought. “Mhh, I’d probably say the open space and the amount of natural parks you can visit in Alberta or anywhere else in Canada. If you haven’t been to many natural places in Canada, I can always recommend a few.” he offered, with a smile.

Taking another chunk off his ice-cream. The sugary treat had been muchly needed. And tasted good. “I don’t think I've been to a flea market here before,” he admitted. Maybe he should check it out, when they were next in town. Scott knew how dangerous the mountains could get. “Yeah, mountains do always have their tricky slopes and trails. If you know what you’re’re fine.” he chuckled lightly.

Clara nodded. "I could not agree more, they're a pain in the butt, but hey they went well with my outfit. Sensible shoes out the window," she replied. Though at the moment she probably would have given anything to change her past self's mind.
She listened as he told a brief summary of his life, "A farm boy, intriguing, what was your favourite part of the farm life?" Clara lived out in the woods but a part of her once had been compelled to live on a farm somewhere in the world, she could still picture waking up each morning, with a full day of work ahead of her. 

She returned his dazzling smile with one of her own. "Well, I haven't really travelled in a few years, but when I do start again, I will have to take you up on that recommendations list," she replied. 

"You should really check it out, they have the most amazing things, I found this rug one time and now it sits in my living room, it's one of my favourite pieces, and everything is just so unique, you'll love it." Clara looked down into her bowl, and could barely believe that it was almost all gone, she had been so invested in their conversation she hadn't realized she seemed to be eating spoonful after spoonful. Would it be rude to grab another scoop? "They are, but I'm pretty sure you can handle it too."

She had a point. Sensible shoes wouldn't have been the best fit for her. Not with that outfit, for sure. “I suppose, you’re right.” he said with a light chuckle. As he licked his ice-cream. He savored the cold, sweetness on his taste-buds. It was a good quality ice-cream. He could tell that much. Thick and rich in creaminess and flavour. Just how he liked it. “Mhh, my favorite part? Probably spending some much time out in nature and taking care of animals.” Scott said honestly. He was very much a nature and animal person, in that sense.

Nodding, he smiled. “Fair enough.” It seemed like the last people he came into contact with lately, had been travelling. Whether it was just sheer dumb luck, or some odd coincidence he had no idea.

He would take Clara’s recommendation. “Mhh, guess I might have to check it out, in my free time one day.” he smiled. The Initia could tell, she liked the rug very much. “It must be one hell of a good rug, if you like it so much.” Scott shoved another mouthful in, the more he ate of the ice-cream, he craved more. Maybe because he had a sweet-tooth the last hour or so,needing something to sate his cravings. “Mhh, I’ve always liked hiking, so mountains have never bothered me too much.” He had some experience with climbing them, but it had been a while since he ventured high up.

Clara had that in common with the Initia that sat beside her in the kitchen of this random stranger's unscale expensively house she realized he was as much of a nature person as she was. "Do you have any pets right now?" she could imagine he was a dog person, but maybe that's was because he seemed to be such a masculine man, he could have a cat though, the image of a tiny kitten cradled in his arms sent a smile to her lips. 

She did love going to the flea markets around here, she liked the thought of filling her home with unique pieces it always seemed to fit in her style and personality. "You should also check out the thrift stores, the..." she lowered her voice even though she knew no one could hear her over the loud music "vampires, like to get rid of stuff and some of the old ones drop off the best vintage pieces," she straightened her spine once again, and glanced around so no one had heard her. "If you're into that kind of stuff, I know vintage isn't for everyone," she added, meeting his gaze once more.

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