The sun began to drearily make its way through her bedroom curtains as she lay atop of the sheets; the storm the night before left chaos in its wake and she knew this as she spent all of the night awake - being tormented by the demons of her past which were naturally triggered by her most recent ordeal. For the most part, Nadiya Delca appeared, somewhat normal to those around her; but normal was hard to define and Nadiya was truly far from the dictionary’s definition of the word. In fact, the Valkyr was rather childlike, immature and lacked a certain aura that naturally came with ageing; she of course, had some adult like qualities - she would have been unable to run a business otherwise but for the most part, her naive shone through. Thus, if one were to look upon the petite brunette girl laying on top of her sheets, they would assume she was no older than a teenager. Sleep was not a requirement for her, persay, but this was the eighth night in the row where sleep had forgotten her; left her behind to socialise with the shadows which primarily were her friends if they decided to be. 

Diya knew she should seek help, not just because of the lack of sleep but because she knew she would soon lose control of herself; she could not let Carmel out of her cage or else Gideon would see that Nadiya was dealt with despite her adoptive son being a fellow Ambassador. The girls who worked for her were typically human and as each restless night came, the more their pulses, the more their blood enticed her; and they were her family, they came to her for help - she didn’t want to harm them. Throughout the last week, she had heard Damien speak of the many ambassadors which he had to frequently meet; normally, Nadiya had no interest in the political matters of the City thus never truly paid much attention until recently. There seemed to be one woman in particular that could potentially help her with her… Demons and other self. But to see a shrink? The very thought caused Diya’s stomach to somersault. 

Yet here she stood, somewhat glad the sky had turned overcast; the rain gently dropped upon her as she glanced up at the sign - Sofiya Zahara. Diya stuffed her hands within her pockets and looked over her shoulder, for whatever reason, she felt ashamed that a supernatural being needed assistance regarding health. When in reality, her mind was so damaged she doubted there would be much this Initia Ambassador could do for her. With a steadying breath, she pressed the doorbell, and waited for the door release before wandering into the warmly lit room. Her darkened gaze widened as she looked at the ornaments which made the place feel a little more homely than she imagined. The room was silent bar the ticking of the clock, with a quick glance she noticed she was early, thus took a seat beside the window; her hands rested awkwardly in her lap as she waited to be called. This was how it went, right? 

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Sofi is usually always busy, the clock keeps her occupied and it wasn’t letting her out of its sight anytime soon. Either she’s kept at bay by the client files piling on top of her desk back in her office, or thinking about more ideas to enhance what was already there for the tribe. It wasn’t necessarily a reformation, Sofi only wanted to press the importance in unity and ensure everyone feels the same comfort she does when she’s in a tribe such as this. When she came to Evermore, she was greeted with a lot of things, obstacles were one of them but that didn’t mean the blonde was about to let something so trivial like that hinder her progress. So it didn’t. 

Months have passed yet Sofi only found herself thriving. She’s gotten more acquainted with the tribe members, especially the youngsters who were yet to choose their path between the mastery or diverse life. Everything was well now, but the busy life was something the Psychic Master couldn’t escape from, not that she was looking forward to it or even expected it. But, wouldn’t anyone who was working diligently want a break too? Sofi wasn’t excluded from that. Two weeks ago, she heard that plenty of people were looking for her, mostly for her services that she could provide; psychology. At least her PhD wasn’t wasted away. 

Whilst Sofi enjoyed her life as an Initia, that didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy her life as a person too. And Sofi Zahara loves working as a psychologist, or in her case right now, a neuropsychologist. She had her own office at Evermore General but she also reserved a place nearby, an office where she could lead her clients to a more reserved setting without worrying about confidentiality. Not everyone prefers to go to a hospital. Some may just prefer to see a psychiatrist and not a psychologist. Wasn’t her mission to help people? To do her best to heal them? The blonde was halfway pulling her blouse on her because she just got out from her sparring with Eirik. After all, a few sparring sessions here and there wouldn’t hurt, especially when the partner was someone she knew very well. 

Unlike her other past flames, Eirik and her retained their good friendship which makes it easy for the two of them. Thankfully for the blonde, the office wasn’t far from where she lived. It’s always easy to gain access here. After she was done getting dressed, Sofi brushed her hair and grabbed her bag before heading out to her office. Her cerulean blue hues fell on the clock at the waiting area after she checked her shift in, technically she wasn’t late. They were… early. Which was unexpected, one person was already there. “Ainsley, how long has she been here?” she asked the receptionist who responded by saying a while. Even from afar, Sofi could see the distress radiating off the dark-haired beauty sitting by the window, the colors were mixed and a few decades ago, Sofi would’ve gotten dizzy from the unexpectancy of her emotions but she’s in control of her ability now. 

She gave Ainsley a smile before stopping in front of the female, sparing her the same smile she wore earlier, “I wasn’t expecting for you to be so early. Come on, you can come in now” she exclaimed softly and beckoned for her as she led the other female into her office. Sofi wasn’t supposed to have any other clients today, just a Nadiya Delca. “I won’t ask if you’re okay or not” she started off, placing her bag on the desk and leaned against it while facing the Valkyr, of course she won’t. Sofi could read her properly, she didn’t need to ask something she’s already known the answer for. Her aura alone gave it away. “Why are you here today, Miss Delca?” 

Time wasn’t something that was much of a concern for Nadiya as she waited patiently within the waiting room; the only sounds coming from the Grandfather clock and the occasional tapping on the keyboard from the receptionist who sat across the room from her. In fact, one may look at how she was sitting and suspect there was something very strange about her; the dark haired woman sat up straight, albeit her back was resting against the back of the chair, whilst her legs remained uncrossed and her hands resting neatly in her lap. Her dark gaze remained on the wall and chair opposite her for the majority of the time that she had waited; and in all honesty, she had no idea how long she had been sitting there. Perhaps it was because she was reluctant to go in when called, because she didn’t want to delve into her past with another person; she didn’t even like to think too much about it with herself, let alone a stranger.

Thus, when she heard the presence of another being in the room she glanced upward and butterflies appeared within her stomach as the sunkissed woman approached her, and invited her into the meeting room. It took a few deafening silences before Diya was able to pick up her voice to respond to Dr Zahara. “I got super bored at home, everyone was sleeping so I didn’t see any reason why I shouldn’t turn up early” She responded, the usual gleam in her voice shrouded with slight sleepiness as she followed the woman in, a small smile played on her lips at the question that would not be asked. “Oh dear, is that because you can clearly see by my expression that everything is not okay?” Diya voiced her concerns and had certainly hoped it was not the case, that it was just because the woman was trained in reading another’s aura or simply because she was experienced in the field. Diya hoped it was not because she wore her mask terribly - she did not want Damien or her girls to ever think that there was something wrong with her. 

The valkyr noticed how Sofi didn’t sit down, but instead propped herself against her bag and she wondered if she had to stand as well; or even worse, lay upon the sofa which she saw in the corner of the room. “Sh-should I sit down?” She asked what she supposed was a stupid question before doing so, but instead of being the awkward woman from the waiting room, Nadiya took a seat but sat cross legged; to make herself comfortable and at home. Once down, she shrugged off her slightly damp jacket and hung over the back of the chair.  “Why am I here today?” The brunette laughed and tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear. “Oh boy oh boy, there are too many reasons! You may want to strap yourself in because this could be a very very wild ride” Her lips curled upward, her childlike essence slowly returning yet that did not shy away the anxiety which sat in her stomach as she faced Sofi. “Where would you like me to start? I can start from the verrrrry beginning or I could start with what triggered and got me here to-” She paused very suddenly. “Or!” She exclaimed. “You can tell me what this therapy does, and the benefits of it” Avoidance, was the key, right?

She wasn't used to getting only one patient showing up at her workplace but once they reserve a time slot for themselves, that was slowly becoming common. Like today, for instance. Nadiya is her only client for today and a part of her was relieved because she wouldn't have to do her report for more than one person, sometimes the head doesn't always want to do what it wants to do. Then there's also a part of her who wondered if she's about to receive a difficult patient. Sofi wouldn't mind it but it'll be easier for her to delve in deeper if they were to allow her to sneak into a bit of their privacy. Aka jamming herself by digging it out from their head is not a method the Initia look forward to. It's better for them to talk to her. She was a petite woman, Nadiya Delca. When she received her file stating her medical records and some of the personal information the other female allowed her to have, her interest was piqued. She seemed interesting enough and didn't look like someone who would have any mental problems but now that she's seen her in person, even her aura alone, had confused the Initia greatly.

 "The lack of tardiness tells a lot about someone. Their personality usually fuels up their disciplined manner" she mused coolly, she was even more impressed to see a client who wasn't just on time but earlier. When she suddenly expressed her concern over the matter, Sofi chuckled softly and tried to assure her that wasn't the case, "I don't mean to brag but I am good at what I do, Miss. I've been in this field for quite some time, it's not hard to get into your habits. So don't worry, most people don't see what I could." Especially the confusing aura the female was exuding. She nodded in response to her question about taking a seat, gesturing to the sofa located nearby, "Please, make yourself comfortable. Just regard me as your… new friend. Yeah, that works. It's extremely important for us both to keep a professional relationship, or at least that's what most people say, but you won't hear me say that. I'm a bit different." 

The blonde was slightly taken aback when she heard the sudden elevation and rise in her tone, it was almost someone else took over completely. But she only offered the dark-haired female an assuring smile, as if she was just there to hear her story and was very much looking forward to it, "Take your time. I'd love to hear what you have to share with me today, Nadiya. Do you mind if I call you that?" She was trying to test the waters by moving in this situation slowly. Sofi noticed she was just about to share what was going on but then returned back to square one as if she didn't want to be the first to start, which she understood. "You're playing smart, but I get where you're coming from so I'll tell you what you want to know. It's only best for us both to be honest and truthful with one another, right?" If she could help by doing this, then she didn't really mind. Sofi wasn't really a private person to begin with anyway. 

"The purpose of a therapy is to ease your mind, to get rid of what you think is a burden. People have therapies everyday, just not in a medical or professional setting like this. I'm here to be someone you can vent to. My lips will be zipped shut and whatever happens in here stays between us. Secrecy and privacy are two things I like to impose on my clients. Imagine this is your safe haven because I'm not going to judge, that's not what I do. Nothing scares me and nothing surprises me anymore." She grinned wryly because from the Valkyr's body language alone, she could almost feel the distress signal hovering. "You can start whenever. If you think you need two hours to start on your first word then I'll wait for those two hours. So really, don't worry too much" she reassured. "But I would appreciate it if you were to start from the very beginning."

Nadiya almost felt very smug with herself when her eagerness to arrive not only on time but early was commented on; a smile teasingly tugged at her lips and she had to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear in an attempt to hide such an emotion. It was also quite amusing to hear that she was considered as someone who held disciplined qualities - which, she assumed was partially true, but in reality? If she was even remotely tempted by anything that fuelled her cravings; she couldn’t say she could be disciplined there. Of course, Diya would try to be disciplined and resist but there was no guarantee that would be the case. “Disciplined, only on some aspects of life, but thank you” She commented, only to be reassured that what Sofi could see would not necessarily be picked up by other people. “Now that is a relief!” She almost exclaimed, and let out a prolonged exhale; almost as if her chest had deflated as she eased back into the chair. “I do not need them worrying about me more than they should” Diya mused and shook her head.

“A new friend, okay okay. That works, it should work” Diya muttered to herself, she did, however glance up at Sofi as she recalled she was somewhat different to the typical therapists that wished to keep a professional boundary between themselves and their patient; in all honesty, she didn’t quite understand what she meant by that, but Diya supposed she would do further homework on Psychologists and the like another day. “You can call me Diya, or whatever, Nadiya sometimes makes me feel like I’m being scolded like a young child” She huffed; although that was never quite the case, it was just unusual for someone in these modern days to say her full name. Diya held Sofi’s glance and watched how she spoke with such confidence but also in such a knowledgeable way that it was actually quite nice to see; Diya herself probably didn’t have much knowledge on anything, she had no true hobby or passion - that needed to change after just seeing Sofi alone and the room that they sat in. 

What you think is a burden. That line truly struck her, she didn’t think she held a burden on too many things in her life; it wasn’t her past that she was stuck on, or could ever be too angry at - it was perhaps more the effect it had on her and how it had impacted her behaviours and the processes her mind went through. She surely didn’t have the mind someone of her age should truly have. “You may judge, you can’t say for certain that you won’t” Diya almost mumbled, even professionals still had their personal feelings towards things, they just didn’t show it until they were comfortable in their own space; hell, even she had done that in her lifetime - for example, she judged Damien daily for the things he got up to with the Guard and how often it took over his whole lifestyle. 

Diya hummed as Sofi got to the end of her part of their conversation; there weren’t many more questions she could ask to deflect from the very reason she was here - which was try to control her other personality, if not get rid of it entirely and to well, try and live a bit more healthier in her mind now that she was classed as an immortal. She cleared her throat. “Well, silences scare me so much, actually they’re pretty damn uncomfortable! I mean, why would anyone choose to sit in silence with another being?” The Valkyr came quite animated by that situation, it didn’t make sense. “I would much ramble to someone and have them leave than sit in awkwardness” She chuckled. 

“Well, I suppose it began many years ago, back when I was born? 100 years maybe?” She rose a brow before dismissing. “I was born in a pleasure house, my Mother was a harlot herself and god only knows which one of her many man friends was my Father” Diya shook her head. “That didn’t bother me, you know. Not knowing who it was. But you know, I was the only child in the place? Many were killed or adopted, or thrown out with the Mother, but they kept me”

She was used to having different clients, sometimes they were off-putting, sometimes they were very warm. To each their own, Sofi still managed to get a hold of their personalities with ease. The judgment didn’t lie deep within her, she grew up surrounded by them so the last thing she wanted to do was impose on other people the same way she was treated when she was a child. Nadiya, however, seems like a peculiar case that she might be more interested in cracking just to see what lies deep behind the exterior she pulled up. Also, having a supernatural client is off the rockers for her. It wasn’t often for the blonde, but it wasn’t the first time either. Maybe she’ll turn out to be a good supernatural psychologist, after all. That does sound like a title. Just the thought of it was enough to send the Initia laughing. “Disciplined in other aspects is still discipline, no?” she mused softly, a part of her wondered if the female before her is being a bit hard on herself.

But until she knew the whole story of what brought her here, she won’t know much or enough to make her own diagnosis. In that way, Sofi is going to try her best to lay off any head tapping. “Worrying is natural, it’s a part of human nature” Well… she knew what she meant. Nadiya was so antsy, she could almost sense the distress signal emitted from her mixing up with another foreign one, which made her wonder if this woman had a dissociative identity disorder (DID) or something similar. Every time she glanced over, she felt like there was more than one person in her which generally piqued her interest. "Not to sound rude but uh… before coming here, have you ever been in any psychiatric session with others?" There was no prior record in her file but she doesn't know that for sure. Sometimes, not all sessions were professionally recorded. “Alright then Diya” It seems like she prefers a rather casual setting for this, which was no problem for Sofi who didn’t really like being too strict and off-putting for her clients.

 “You know, I feel the same way. Whenever people call me Sofiya, I felt like I was being reprimanded even though most of the time, I was probably older than them” she rolled her eyes at the memory of it, sometimes her best friend, Rowan, would use it on her and she could almost feel the sarcasm dripping in his tone. Huh, they had very similar names too, Sofiya and Nadiya. “You’re right, I could judge you secretly, you’d never know, would you?” she pointed out coolly, “But I won’t say it out loud and neither would you. You wouldn’t see the change of any body language when it comes to me so I think that’s fine. I’m not supposed to make you uncomfortable so if you’re still fine with how things are going, then I am too.” She chuckled when her personality suddenly gave her a kick, it was surprising and enticing at the same time but Sofi only found her endearing. “Then if you like to ramble, ramble all you want. We have the time and I’m not going anywhere so” She gestured for her to continue, as if telling the Valkyr to have at it. 

When she started her story, Sofi made sure to pay great attention to it, 100 years ago, wow she was older than her, not that she was that surprised considering most beings were even more ancient compared to her. Sofi didn’t feel put off by her story, it sounded realistic enough and if anything, she only felt pity for the fact that she probably had to grow up alone, “Were you the only child growing up there, since forever? Did you grow up alone or did… you have other mother-figures?” She could relate to it, after all, the blonde grew up an orphan for pretty much half of her life. She was treated like a weird freak in her own tribe because she bore the mark of an Initia but didn’t have any affinity element. Being different wasn’t necessarily bad but it would affect a child’s progress too.

Nadiya exhaled as Sofi attempted to comfort her that she was disciplined nevertheless, even though it was not necessarily in every aspect of her life; she nodded softly. “I suppose so, I guess if every part of your life was disciplined, if you were in control of every aspect, that would be stupidly boring.” She laughed and sheepishly ran her fingers through the lengths of her hair, it was hard to figure out if she was comfortable in this setting or not; one minute she felt completely at ease and happy to talk, and the next minute her muscles were twitching, eager to run and never come back. Her brow quirked upwards for a brief moment at the question which was posed and she shook her head a little albeit quickly. “No, no. This is the first time. I don’t know if I ever believed in you brain doctors” She laughed. “I guess I was curious to see what it was all about, and well, when I found out who you were, I thought perhaps it was a good place to find out”

It was the truth, she wasn’t going to go to a human therapist, no way; not when they were ready to expose all of her darkness which would only tempt her to attack and take as much as she needed and wanted. At least if that were to happen, the Initia Ambassador had the right skills to protect her; however, Nadiya truly hoped that would never happen but she couldn’t completely rule it out either. ‘Sofiya’ She thought and smiled, just at how close their names actually were. “It seems we may have just started the Iya club, no?” She laughed, but she knew exactly where Sofi was coming from, besides the fact that those who used her full name were actually older than her and it was more often than not to tell her off; or simply because they didn’t want to have a nickname or pet name for her - just like Frank. “Well, I would still like it if you told me to stop if you know.. You don’t want to hear anymore” Which was a strange thing to say to a therapist, she knew that much; but her past may not be a burden to her, but it very well be to others - she remembered telling the Nomad group and their reaction was precisely that. 

Whist Diya was telling the very beginning of her story, her eyes widened when she actually noted just how interested Sofi was; it was an odd feeling to have this amount of attention on her - yes she got attention from those at Poison but that wasn’t the attention she needed nor wanted, really. Damien also gave her attention but even then she could tell that his mind was sometimes elsewhere; so when Sofi was completely devoted to her in that moment, she felt rather warm. “Yes, I was the only child there for all I can remember” She mused. “I was told my Mother was allowed to keep me and stay at the house because she was his best worker, and he couldn’t lose her” Diya went on. “It caused a rather big uproar in the house, especially when others got pregnant but shocker, they didn’t receive the same act of kindness.” She laughed and adjusted her legs slightly as she remained cross legged.

“The other women were like Aunties, some sisters because they were so young” It felt weird to talk all about her past and not even get to know the woman who sat opposite her; she would have to dig for information another time to balance out the books. “I worked too, like changing bedsheets and washing up, I barely had any lessons on you know, normal kid stuff” She cleared her throat, even now she couldn’t say she was competent with her ABCs. “But even then, if I lived anywhere else, schooling was not for children like me. I’m actually trying to teach myself now, and boy, let me tell you… It’s a task and a half!” 

She was used to all of this, comforting her patients and clients alike, they were in the job description when she decided to take up this work. When she wandered studying neurology back in university, this was exactly what they had told her to be prepared for so she was prepared enough to take in what they would tell her. The difference between her and others were in the basis that Sofi actually had the ability to delve into one's memory and mind supernaturally. It only grew stronger after she learned more about the science that goes behind a human's psyche and brain, combined with the mystical arts she's learned about the head. It makes sense and the mix led her to where she is today. "Exactly, stupidly boring, I think it's always good to be yourself and be well aware of what you're doing. Even though you may not see it, everything we do usually ends up with a chain reaction. So it affects everything. We just didn't notice" she mused lightly, if she had kept a better eye on other things, she would've realized that the mind works in mysterious ways and nature always finds a way to reprimand them. 

When she told her that she only came by because of who she was since she didn't have the capacity to trust other therapists blindly, Sofi nodded in understanding, "That's only right. Not everyone can figure out what you're going through, even if you allow them inside. How did you hear about me, actually? I haven't been here for long so I didn't think people would know about me, much less of what I do" She was curious too. "Well names like ours are often classed as exotic, are they not?" she teased, that's what her adoptive father had told her when she was younger, for a while until she grew up, the Psychic Initia actually believed in it. "Don't worry, I'll be sure to halt you when I think I can't take anymore" she reassured, the disclaimer before starting her story really did beg a few questions, what was she hiding? What was she going through and what was she suffering from? More questions started to pop up. 

"Losing you would've sent your mother spiraling so they decided to take good care of the leverage… smart" she murmured softly, she didn't pity Nadiya because of her past and situation, but more to the fact that she may have to go through all of that alone. She knew exactly how depressing that could be, Sofi was an orphan and even after being adopted, she spent her youth being an outcast because she wasn't their ordinary Initia. "How long were you living there, Diya?" There was a certain tone to her voice when sometimes it would elevate as if the blonde was talking to someone else; someone more excited and enthusiastic. "If you need any help, I'm always here" she chuckled, "I'm no linguist but I grew up in Andorra, multiculturalism was a big thing there so it was hard not to learn languages around there." She pursed her lips slightly and stared at her, "Did you have any hard times while living there?"

“Being well aware of what you’re doing?” Diya repeated the phrase back to Sofi and rolled her lips in thought, to try and distract her from the smile which so effortlessly teased the corners of her mouth. “I’m not sure I’m always 100% aware of what I am doing, and I’m sure you’re probably well aware of that too, with your powers?” She hadn’t done much research on Sofi - she didn’t think that was fair, but if Sofi was anything like her, she wouldn’t have been able to resist just a little stalking online just to see what she was dealing with. “In fact, I know I’m not always 100% aware of what I’m doing. Well, not until at least afterwards and I’m just standing there, like Oh shit! Did I just do that?” She laughed, although in reality, at times there was nothing at all to be laughing about; she couldn’t count on one hand how many people she had accidentally drained due to Carmel overpowering her. 

Nadiya, for a first, glanced down almost shyly - embarrassed by how she had come to know of Sofi and her profession; because she was right, she hadn’t truly been in the city for long enough for someone to specifically choose her as their therapist. “Well, you’re an Ambassador right? My son… Adopted Son, Son like figure, is also a newly appointed leader” She proceeded to grumble slightly under her breath, although it was a great opportunity for him; she couldn't’ say she always liked it. “Damien Verlac? He is the Guard Ambassador and let me tell you. If he is not talking about his rather complex love life, he is talking about anything and everything his new title brings” She smiled and nodded her head in Sofi’s direction. “Which includes the other Ambassadors, so that’s how I got to know you and my girls have taught me the internet, it didn’t take much.” She scratched the back of her neck for a brief moment. 

She nodded in agreement that names such as theirs were exotic and had almost every man purring when they said them; even as a teenager in the brothel, her name was laced with unwanted lure. Diya nodded and glanced at her shoes as her fingers began to toy with the laces; despite the laces mainly being there for decoration. “I lived there until I was roughly twelve, maybe fourteen years old. This… This is when things go rapidly, rapidly bad” She let her lips vibrate together in a raspberry. “I didn’t leave, I was taken and it was sad, I enjoyed the house, bizarrely. I think that is why I have my own brothel now.” Diya spoke sadly albeit very quickly and thus, was particularly happy to take the distracting opening of hearing how the woman before her could speak more than one language. “How many other languages can you speak?” She queried with a curious tilt of head. 

She didn’t expect her to turn it back to her and ask her the same question. It took her by surprise, so much Sofi blinked a few times in surprise and cleared her throat before chuckling, “I did not expect that” she exclaimed, but nonetheless, she did try to answer her, it didn’t seem right to have Nadiya speaking with Sofi being the recorder for the entire session. If there was going to be some trust, then she needs to give the female a reason to trust her. “Yes, I’m not always aware of what I do, sometimes I hear things, even when I don’t intend to. I had to shut it down before actually sleeping or else I’d be delving into another person’s dream. It’s amazing how one’s consciousness is still very much at work even when your entire body had shut down” The rule was that she was conscious to control it and while her body was asleep, her mind was not. Which makes it complicated for the Psychic Initia. 

She was quite enthusiastic and Sofi only found herself being more interested in her story. Was it real? Or was it something that she created in her own mindscape? “Your adopted son?” That one was a new revelation. It’s not as if Sofi knew a lot about Nadiya to begin with, this was their first session, but she did not expect this piece of information at all. So she stuck around to hear more about this adopted son of hers, who was also a newly elected leader; an ambassador. “Yeah, I think I’ve heard of him during the council meeting. We have a lot of ambassadors in this city, one for each species and we have 11 altogether to count.” She was deeply grateful that she told her which ambassador he is though. That helped a lot. “I would like to think that the information you may find on me on the internet may not be… accurate” she grinned sheepishly, that wasn’t the first it’s happened and she was sure, it wouldn’t be the last.

 “Aside from my portfolio in the official page for the psychiatric organization, everything else is basically… drama, exaggerated drama.” Even as a neuropsychologist, Sofi couldn’t seem to escape from the limelight of drama. She said she was taken away and that was enough to make the blonde raise her eyebrows in confusion, “Why were you taken away? I mean… who took you?” Sofi leaned against her seat and pressed her lips into a small smile, she had decided to entertain the Valkyr, it was the least that she could do, “7. Three others are… well I’m decent at it. Ukrainian, Russian, Hungarian, Catalan, Spanish, French, English. You?”

Diya grinned when she had caught Sofi off guard, and strangely enough, for whatever reason; as of right now, this didn’t really feel too much of a therapeutic session. Of course there were hints of it, considering the environment they were in yet, the conversation the two of them shared came a lot easier than she had ever imagined. Nadiya leaned forwards for probably the first time since their session began, particularly when Sofi explained that she too could hear things; probably the only difference they had there, Sofi’s voices came from her powers, whereas Diya’s likely came from her trauma. The whole concept was fascinating. “You’re able to delve into someone else’s dream?” Diya sounded like a small child who was completely in awe of the news. “What is that like? Can you interact with them? Or is it just like, you’re there and can only watch what is happening around you?”

“Mmhm” Diya nodded and leaned back once more. “I was the one who turned him. I had killed him in one of my black outs but I came round with just enough time to bring him back, but I scarpered pretty quickly afterwards” She shook her head, almost disappointed in her behaviour, but the two had worked through the differences as they bumped into each other in Evermore. “He.. He helps me feed because just the smallest drops of blood, the weakest of scents can set me off” Her delicate shoulders rolled in a shrug; not many besides Damien had that knowledge, and perhaps more should know until she could control herself better. A small smile crept onto her lips as the sheepish smile which had formed across Sofi’ countenance and she wondered what sort of stories she would find if she wished to dig a little further. “I may just have to google what those inaccurate stories are and the drama.” Her smile grew into a wider grin. 

Nadiya took an uneven inhale, she had not spoken of Frank in God knows how long, she wasn’t even sure Damien truly knew that much about him, besides that she was kidnapped by the man. Was she truly ready to share that part of her story? In her first session? “H-he was called Frank. He was a man who frequented the house a lot to see my Mother. I had caught him.. Doing things and he stole me to keep me quiet. He kept me alive for quite a long time” Diya glanced downward, unable to meet Sofi’s gaze for a short moment before she listed the languages she could speak. “And, did you learn them willingly or is it because of that mind voodoo that you’ve got going on?” She quirked an interested brow. 

Sofi was usually casual with her patients after they have went pass the first stage. The first stage is always the complicated part because not everyone was inclined to give their trust to her so easily. Which meant she had to corner them and run along the lines of what she was given to make sure they know they're safe to talk there. With Diya, it might take her a while, or not. When she saw how bubbly she was being, she had a thought that she might have plenty of personalities to boot but the theory had to be tested, so maybe not today. This wouldn't be their only session anyway. So making her comfortable is what she aimed to do today. Create the safe space she wanted desperately. Integrative therapy can be started later. When she was asked if she could delve into people's dreams, Sofi shrugged casually, "Sometimes. I don't do it a lot though. Dreams can be quite volatile, if I don't focus I can get lost in it. Better not to get lost in a maze without a map, right?" 

The dark haired female was so curious and intrigued by her ability, she kept asking one question after another and Sofi didn't have it in her heart to say no, how could she? It was better to quench her thirst for knowledge anyway. No harm done, right? Her clients are mostly supernatural anyway, nothing new there. It was easier having a supernatural to be your therapist than a human. "I can interact with them but I can't specifically manipulate them to do what I want. Doesn't mean I can't influence them into making them think they want to, though." It was all how the mind works, it's a complex thing to elaborate but like a puzzle, Sofi finds it amusing to experiment. Nothing too much of course, she wouldn't dare go overboard. Hearing that she was the one who turned the current commander of the Ailward Guard made her realize how much she didn't know about the ambassadors in the eternal city. Sure she had done her research on them but there were a lot of them and while she was currently focused on creating a lasting bond with her tribe, she told herself she needed to do her studies too. 

"If you don't mind me asking… please do not take any offense to it" the blonde Initia paused momentarily and bit her bottom lip before proceeding with her enquiry, "are you suffering from… bloodlust issues? It's just that um, my clients, they're predominantly supernatural and I had a few Valkyr for clients. Two of them suffered from it." So far it was good, their conversation was flowing exactly like she expected it would. Nadiya seemed more relaxed too. "Oh, you're going to find a lot of absurd stories, I'll tell you that." The internet can be such a scary place. If Sofi was bothered enough by it, she would've panicked but it was clearly the least of her problems. Even with it, her clients weren't going to decrease overnight. In a world filled with plenty of supernaturals roaming around, they can't afford to go to a human therapist or psychologist anyway. What did she have to lose? 

"Doing what things, Diya?" She needed to know more specifically and though it was an uncomfortable subject, they had to tackle it. Doesn't mean she didn't want to talk to her about other things though. "Willingly. I lived in a multicultural community when I was young and when I got adopted and moved to Kiev, they just fascinated me. I travel around a lot after that so I guess it stuck somewhere. Language is beautiful."

The concept of getting into one’s dreams was completely foreign to her and it fascinated her greatly; she was always one to have vivid dreams, and even now in adulthood her imagination never failed her. Thus, if the option ever came about, she would definitely jump at the chance to explore another person’s dream realm; she believed it perhaps told someone a great detail about that individual. For example, her’s were always busy, chaotic even but there was always an element of darkness; and it wasn’t surprising that she was one to experience frequent night terrors. “If you do get lost, would you be able to get out again? On your own? Or would you need the person to wake up and the dream world to vanish before you could come back to reality?” The realisation that she was throwing out questions left, right and centre made Nadiya quickly cover her mouth with the palm of her hand and chuckled silently. “I’m bombarding you with so many questions, I’ve just never heard of that sort of power before!”

Of course, she had heard of the Nephilim mind manipulation, and some Diviner magic; it was safe to say she was incredibly jealous. “That is so cool, can you take other people into the dream too? Like if you hold their hand or anything?” It was an innocent question, but she supposed that there was a hint of prompting - because if it was possible, without a shadow of a doubt; Diya would jump at the chance to enter a dream state with Sofi. It was mad just how much Diya trusted the blonde woman before her and they had only known each other for perhaps, twenty minutes max? She shifted somewhat at the caution which Sofi took before approaching her question and Nadiya tucked a strand of hair behind her ear as she nodded softly. “I always have done, I never had a guide once I turned and I slaughtered many, many people and I would still do today if it were not for Damien and my friend, Logan who both monitor me”

It was quite embarrassing for her to admit that someone who had been a Valkyr for almost a century and yet to master the skill of controlling her blood lust; and she was sure that someone like Sofi was well aware of the addictive personality types. “It doesn’t matter the source of the blood either, humans, Nephilim, Valkyr… Blood is all the same to me” She groaned internally as it was so bad that even just the thought of blood stirred the animal within her. She smiled softly, and given the previous conversation of her not necessarily being the stronger reader or writer, it would probably take her sometime to find them funny; unless she got someone to read them out for her which seemed the most likely cause. “You gotta be doing something right if people are writing stories about you!” She nodded.

Nadiya clenched her eyes shut tightly and she shook her head roughly. She had never spoken about her Mother’s death, she had barely even processed herself and kept the memory tightly locked away. “Doing things.” She repeated, the two words were laced with a growing growl as she mentally kept her back against the door in her mind which rattled as the memory tried to escape. “I can’t open that door” Diya responded and eventually opened her eyes. “That’s amazing! Have you got room to learn another?”

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