The sun began to drearily make its way through her bedroom curtains as she lay atop of the sheets; the storm the night before left chaos in its wake and she knew this as she spent all of the night awake - being tormented by the demons of her past which were naturally triggered by her most recent ordeal. For the most part, Nadiya Delca appeared, somewhat normal to those around her; but normal was hard to define and Nadiya was truly far from the dictionary’s definition of the word. In fact, the Valkyr was rather childlike, immature and lacked a certain aura that naturally came with ageing; she of course, had some adult like qualities - she would have been unable to run a business otherwise but for the most part, her naive shone through. Thus, if one were to look upon the petite brunette girl laying on top of her sheets, they would assume she was no older than a teenager. Sleep was not a requirement for her, persay, but this was the eighth night in the row where sleep had forgotten her; left her behind to socialise with the shadows which primarily were her friends if they decided to be. 

Diya knew she should seek help, not just because of the lack of sleep but because she knew she would soon lose control of herself; she could not let Carmel out of her cage or else Gideon would see that Nadiya was dealt with despite her adoptive son being a fellow Ambassador. The girls who worked for her were typically human and as each restless night came, the more their pulses, the more their blood enticed her; and they were her family, they came to her for help - she didn’t want to harm them. Throughout the last week, she had heard Damien speak of the many ambassadors which he had to frequently meet; normally, Nadiya had no interest in the political matters of the City thus never truly paid much attention until recently. There seemed to be one woman in particular that could potentially help her with her… Demons and other self. But to see a shrink? The very thought caused Diya’s stomach to somersault. 

Yet here she stood, somewhat glad the sky had turned overcast; the rain gently dropped upon her as she glanced up at the sign - Sofiya Zahara. Diya stuffed her hands within her pockets and looked over her shoulder, for whatever reason, she felt ashamed that a supernatural being needed assistance regarding health. When in reality, her mind was so damaged she doubted there would be much this Initia Ambassador could do for her. With a steadying breath, she pressed the doorbell, and waited for the door release before wandering into the warmly lit room. Her darkened gaze widened as she looked at the ornaments which made the place feel a little more homely than she imagined. The room was silent bar the ticking of the clock, with a quick glance she noticed she was early, thus took a seat beside the window; her hands rested awkwardly in her lap as she waited to be called. This was how it went, right? 

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Sofi usually tried her best not to manipulate their minds, not that she could directly do that but her persuasion skills when inducing the psychosis on her clients were strong enough to make them do whatever she thought she wanted them to. When she asked her if it was possible to get up on her feet and find her way around in case she got swayed or lost, Sofi nodded, "It is not impossible, I'll tell you that. It depends on what kind of plane you're on. Your kind is much more complex than you would ever admit, it's the place you can't lie to. It knows you better than you do." That's why it is such an essential part of their body. The mind and heart is one and the same, even if they had slight differences from one another. 

"There are plenty of ways to wake yourself up without suffering from instant shock. Sometimes when you force yourself to wake without any precautions taken, it could leave a lasting effect on your mental state. I'll give you some of the tips later" she reassured, the first thing she needed to do is assure and teach Nadiya that she shouldn't fear her own mind. "Don't be too afraid and give it power over yourself. Sometimes, your mind can have sinister thoughts that could end up hurting yourself," It must've been hard to control yourself when you just came back from a state like that, in a way, Sofi could understand why the Valkyr had a hard time controlling it too. She sounded so enthusiastic it made the blonde chuckle, it was like she was just a giddy child who she just gave candy to, it was endearing. 

Maintaining a close-knit yet professional relationship with her clients had been on the top of her priority list all this while. Delving into her own personal life just to reassure them that she's a friend that can suffer similar problems as theirs is nothing to her. She could do that much. "I don't think I could do that, no. But I haven't tried so I have no idea what's the full extent of my powers yet. There's no manual book to my ability so I still document its manifestation every single time it displays something new." It was as if the Initia was conducting an ongoing research on herself. Moving past the bloodlust stage wasn't easy, she knew that. Yet here she is today, standing in front of her, looking fine. If nature persisted, she was a meal for the Valkyr but she was able to compose herself. Sofi realized she might need to meet Carmel after all. "Has anyone survived an encounter with… Carmel yet? Except Damien and Logan, I guess." She was curious about that. 

Not that Sofi wouldn't be able to defend herself against Nadiya, she's a Psychic Master and not to mention, a Metal Master too meaning she is good at fighting overall. Still, a Valkyr is a Valkyr. While she could get hurt easily like anyone else, Nadiya has far superior regenerative abilities and could probably crush her easily with the enhanced physical strength. "Perhaps, I never really paid them any mind. People can write whatever they wish about me" she chuckled, it never really bothered her. She heard the slight growl and took note of the change in her behavior, but didn't push her too much, "Do you wish to talk to me about what happened? Whatever you tell stays in this room and between us." When she asked her if she had room to learn another, Sofi shrugged, "Maybe, if I put my mind to it. But I'm not really a model polyglot, I suspect I was only able to learn languages easily because I learned psycholinguistics too. Do you have any language you wish to learn?"

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