There were many words thrown around town to describe a certain Greek male whose name was starting to get some sort of notoriety in the supernatural haven of Evermore. One of those words was arrogant, but wouldn't be the right word to describe Sirius. He was confident, yes, but he also knew the extent of his abilities, and when he was out of his depth. Strategic and cunning would be better terms. He knew when he needed to outsource information, and when to do it. He also knew that most of the time, people wouldn't want to tell him what he wanted to know, especially after they found out his occupation. Now, the Celestial was in no means ashamed of what he did: it paid more than well, and he enjoyed it. But dealing in the black market meant that he would need some inside help---a dirty cop in the ECPD, to be very exact. 

And he had just the person in mind.

Sirius had multiple people inside the major organisations of Evermore City. Accessing information wasn't the hardest thing for him. So when a woman by the name of Isobel Montgomery joined the force, he did what he always he when it came to the cops: he dug for any dirt---anything he could use as blackmail. At first, he saw that she was rather clean. No matter, he'd thought to himself. Everyone had something they were running from. Either he'd use that as leverage over them to get them to do what he wanted, or he'd use it to make his problems disappear, if they should ever arose. That's when he found the motherlode of what he was looking for. The very moment he processed the information presented, he knew that he would probably have Isobel under his thumb for as long as he wanted.

Finding her address was more than easy, and so was breaking in. The male made himself comfortable upon an armchair, a file he'd brought now resting on the coffee table before him. He knew exactly what time the lycanthrope would come home from work, and that she'd be alone. This was the perfect moment for him to confront her, tell her what he had on him, and the conditions on keeping that information private. As a strategic man, Sirius knew when there was little to no chance of someone walking away from his blackmails, and in this case, he knew for a fact that this woman would do anything to prevent the information he had from reaching the wrong ears.

When Isobel came home, she'd find a dark-haired stranger with striking blue eyes dressed in a black t-shirt, denims, and sneakers sitting upon a couch, a sly smirk toying at his lips as he raised a hand from where it rested on his lap. "Good evening, Officer Montgomery," he'd greet. "My name is Sirius Iordanou--you may have heard my name thrown around the precinct as of late." He'd then gesture airly towards the seat near him, his hues narrowed as he tilted his head in its direction. "Have a seat, please---we have much to discuss. And don't bother calling out for help. I've made sure that no one would be in hearing range, so you'd just be damaging your vocal chords unnecessarily." He'd then take in a deep breath, waiting for the officer to respond before continuing. "Now, if you've heard of me in the precinct, you'd probably already know I have a reputation for getting what I want." He tilted his head to a side, a mock-curious look etching upon his chiselled features. "Have you figured out why?"

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The day had managed to drag on slowly, unfortunately, but Isobel forced herself to endure not only it, but the constant nagging coming from her superiors and seeing as she was the only female amongst the other criminal investigators, she was typically the only individual who had to take the mistreatment coming from the men around her. However, the Lycan was used to it these days, especially as an Omega so it was just another day so following her shift at the end of the long day, she was just about ready to head home and go straight to bed. Putting her things away back inside the drawers of her desk, she stood up and threw her bag over her shoulder before heading out.

Any other day, she’d be looking over her shoulder no matter where she was but with her being in her own little world, her gaze was solely on her car in the parking lot of the station but come tomorrow, she would most likely be beating herself up for not keeping a guard up even with her being in such a close proximity to the law enforcement. However, as her father was still in search for her to take her life once and for all, no one would stand in his way, hence why she was suspicious of just about everyone she came across on the daily. The man who raised her terribly and was the reason she was left motherless for the rest of her life could pop up at any moment and Is was ready.

Hopping into the drivers seat of her car, she didn’t hesitate to start the vehicle up and drive off all while buckling her seatbelt and tossing her bag carelessly into the passenger seat, more proof that she impatiently needed some sleep and once she did pull into the driveway of her home, she didn’t notice the feeling of danger that lingered in the air as she walked up to her front door with her keys still in her grasp but the moment she did turn the lock, that feeling came full force in her direction, causing the lycanthrope to pause for a long moment.

Was someone inside her home? Did her fathers men finally find her?

With those thoughts running through her mind, Isobel pushed the door open completely and flicked the light on and almost instantly, her hues settled on the figure lounging about on the chair in the very corner of the room. With her guard up, she eyed him while setting her bag aside and moving further in the room, clearly finding no threat yet.

The blank look on her face remained even when he greeted her, knowing his intentions were most likely far from positive. His name, however, had yet to ring a bell so she only shrugged. “I hear plenty of names being thrown around, what makes yours so special?” She questioned as she stood her ground, not bothering to move even when he suggested she take a seat. “Breaking into an officers house, quite bold of you.” She said with an eye roll. “But let me take a guess,” a look crossed her features as if she was thinking on it but when his features began to become more familiar to her, it was obvious by the look on her face that she did know who he was. “Ah, now I remember.” Isobel began with a scoff, wondering how she became so fortunate for him to come after her. “Are you here to request that I do your bidding?” She asked. “Or are you here to blackmail me?” She was quick to question next. “Go on, Lordanou.. Do tell what you have in store for me.”

A low chuckle sounded from the Celestial when Isobel asked what was so special about his name, "I've heard I've been mentioned in your precinct quite a bit as of late," he mused in a velvety tone, a smirk to his lips. He found it amusing how she was rooted to where she stood as the woman spoke cooly. "I'm nothing if not bold. Well, that's not entirely true. I'm smart and strategic more than anything--what makes me notorious is my boldness to see my plans come to fruition." Sirius watched her face carefully, his smirk slowly getting wider when he watched as recognition washed over her expression. "There we go," he commented.

At her prompt, he smacked his lips, his amused expression still on his chiselled features. "You may want to sit down to hear what exactly I have planned for you." He watched her for a moment, then sighed as he leaned forward in his seat. "I'll just cut to the chase then. It's come to my attention that you are running away from someone--more specifically, your father. Coincidentally, I do need someone in the police force, specifically someone who investigates criminals." Siris puased once more, reading her expression. "Now, I have a plan that will benefit us both: if you work for me, you have my word that I will ensure that your father will never find you, and you will live, well, more than comfortably--that's my little treat for you. In return, all you have to do feed me information about certain cases, and maybe, occasionally at most, mess with evidence for me. Again, I will protect you for all of this."

"Now, before you say no," he continued, holding up a finger with his right hand as his left reached for a phone in his pocket. "I know where your father is, and exactly how to contact him. If you say no to me now, or anytime in the future until I have no need of your service, I will bring him here, and I will see that he never sees justice for whatever he does with you." His smirk turned malicious, and a ruthless glint flickered in his pale blue eyes. "So to answer your question earlier, I guess you can say that I'm blackmailing you into a mutually-beneficial agreement." 

Siri raised an eyebrow then, his lips parting as a wicked smile formed. "I personally wouldn't like to see someone with so much potential have their lights snuffed out. If you don't believe me, I can ring him right here, right now, and you can hear his voice once more." He proceeded to select a contact on the phone in his hand, allowing the woman to see the number---he didn't know if she would recognise it, but it was more for the theatrics on his part than anything else. "So what say you, Officer?"

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