Wyatt's fingers moved over the old tome as he internally translated some of the ancient runes within its pages. He was somewhat proud of himself for even being able to read it when only a year or so ago it would've looked like symbols on a page with no meaning. Things like this were starting to become easier and easier now that he had made researching ancient magic a new hobby of his. Well, more like obsession. Being able to cast both light and dark magic was ever tempting to him and the Brookes family was determined to bring as much knowledge to the coven as possible for all to learn freely.

The bell hanging from the door chimed and took him from the deep concentration he was in. His head lifted slightly as he glanced at the man coming through before turning back to the shopkeeper who chuckled at Wyatt, noticing how focused he had just been. "You're getting better at that, young man," Marie said, being mindful on the herbs she had been crushing and sprinkling into the small jars in front of her. The corners of her eyes crinkled as she smiled softly. It was strange for anyone to call him 'young' seeing as he had walked the earth for more than a hundred years, but he knew the woman who owned this shop was far older than he. Though she appeared to be in her eighties, Wyatt was quite aware that it was in fact only that. An appearance.

"Some day I might be as learned as you," he replied to her, turning to face the woman with a matching smile. His hues casually moved over to the only other person in the shop with them that had just come in. Wyatt hadn't seen this person before which was to say somewhat curious. This store was far off the road of diviner territory and was only known to its faction. Seeing as Wyatt knew mostly everyone in the coven now that his cousin was the ambassador and he her right hand, not knowing someone in the shop was a little surprising. Of course it didn't mean this man wasn't just a passing diviner who had heard of the shop from someone in the coven, but it was his request which peaked his interest even more.

"I'm looking for baneswood sap," he asked with an English accent that had a bit of a drawl at the end. His eyes were dark and peered around the store as if to take in everything around him without even looking to the owner with his question. He finally leaned on the counter top and looked at the various items she kept in the cases before looking to her. "That and phoenix ash."

Wyatt was somewhat surprised to hear the request as both of those items were very rare and also mostly used in dark magic that was as advanced as it was dangerous. He looked to Marie as she took her eyes from the stranger and flickered over to him for a moment before speaking as she was undoubtedly thinking the same thing. "I'm sorry, but I don't carry those items here."

"Hmm.. no, I suppose you wouldn't." The man turned around on his heels with a sigh and cut his eye quickly to Wyatt before opening the door to the shop and exiting.

Wyatt's eyebrow raised for a moment as he looked over to Marie with a smirk. "Pleasant guy." Marie rolled her eyes in agreement before taking the jars she had been filling and heading behind the curtain to her stockroom. Walking to the front windows of the store, he peered out as the man continued towards his car with a nagging thought. Wyatt was dabbling in ancient magic for a while now and meeting other diviners that were that far advanced was rare. Even if he did run after the man now to make small talk, it didn't seem like he would be very interested in talking with Wyatt. It didn't seem like he would be interested in talking to anyone for that matter. 

He tore his glance away from the window as the Englishman got into his car and began heading towards the antique register to be rung up for the ingredients he was buying for his own practice when he suddenly saw the man had left his cellphone on the counter. Wyatt hurried over and quickly snatched the phone before racing out of the shop.

His sneakers pounded against the dirt driveway, but it was too late as he watched the car becoming smaller by the moment while it drove down the main road through Evermore. "Dammit." Wyatt looked down to the cell and tried to unlock it with no luck. "Great." No way to contact anyone to let them know he had the man's phone. "Well.. guess it's time for a tracking spell." The diviner sighed shortly before heading back inside to see if Marie wouldn't mind helping him with a little magic.

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Hana paced back and fourth until her feet hurt and the air in her lungs began escaping completely. "Stupid illness" she frowned. It seemed no matter what she was doing, she couldn't do it for long before her lungs began nagging at her to take a break. But lately, all the human could do was recollect her thoughts abut the night she'd been attacked, wondering what had brought it on exactly. Was her brother in some sort of trouble she didn't know of? There was nothing more Hana could think of, nothing that made sense at least, as to why she'd been attacked by a supernatural in Evermore the moment she arrived. Ha-joon had settled in months before Hana was able to make it, due to college, she'd only now just came back to the city, so she couldn't shake the feeling that something happened to her brother that he hadn't been completely honest about yet. The lies and secrets only piled on thicker. 

The thought that him and Hana would never get this settled between them before it got even worse was a sickening thought. Hana hated the never-ending tension that loomed between them; even if they had stayed just as close as they ever were, there was still a constant presence of guilt with Hana, and a presence of betrayal with Ha-joon. But, if he'd been lying to her as well about the very same thing, then she knew it was only a matter of time before they both began spiraling with one another. 

Hana needed a time out. She needed some peace of mind, and so far there had only been two or three places proven to give her that here in the city. Places that she had been safe so far, but she knew going into the woods alone was risky whether she felt safe or not. The most she had to protect herself was pepper spray, a tazer, and an antique dagger her father had given her as a reward for completing her self defense training classes he put her through, in order to protect herself from the supernatural. Though, Hana feared a dagger wouldn't be enough to help her should she ever cross paths with her stalker again. 

After slipping away from her house quietly, Hana ventured out into the woods, blasting the music from her phone after putting her earbuds in and letting her feet guide her where ever they would. It hadn't been long after she ventured into the depths of the forest that Hana found herself in her favorite spot, sitting in one of the tree's that adorned the area. 

The tree's were crooked at the bottom, allowing those who ventured out to this part of the woods, to sit in them as if they were made to be chairs. Closing her eyes, Hana allowed the peacefulness of the area to envelope her like a blanket of comfort. It was only out here that she'd found any solace whatsoever in a city full of supernatural's she was terrified of. She felt so far from home, and she missed Korea deeply; wondering how things were with her parents often, since she and Ha-joon rarely heard from them now that they were here in the U.S. 

It was a pretty hot day outside, so when a cold eery gust of wind washed over the human, her heart sank in her chest. Something was wrong, and she only knew that because her father had made her into the perfect 'weapon'. All the training she was put through to know everything she would need to about the supernatural, came in handy like now, where she knew she was being followed even if no one was present, or standing where she could see them. She hadn't felt that cold gust of wind, since the last time she'd been attacked. She wasn't sure if it was some trick the Diviner from her past had mastered or what, but it seemed to be a signature move. When he appeared, so did the cold air that made her shiver as if snow was falling all around her. It scared the life out of Hana to say the least, especially on a day as hot as this one. 

"Hello?" she called out, shaking like a leaf and struck down by fearing the unknown. "Show yourself!" she then yelled, balling her dainty hands into fists, ready to fight if she had to. Hana wasn't scared to fight for herself, even if it mean dying while she did so, she'd been taught never to back down from someone trying to hurt her. But it was times like these, she wished her father could be by her side. She hated being out here alone, knowing she was helpless if a supernatural decided to really hurt her. As she then heard a set of footsteps in the distance, she knew now that she wasn't losing her mind; someone was definitely out here with her. Her body froze and for now, it felt as if time had stopped completely. 

Wyatt watched as the blood on the map of Evermore began moving in a spiral as the magic of the tracking spell began to take hold. Within a few moments, the droplets began to slow as the man who had come into the store finally slowed down long enough to be located as Marie's low chanting continued. The blood spread into a thin line as it pointed the way to their target with a final answer. He was in therian woods. "Thanks, Marie." Wyatt pocketed the stranger's phone and began jogging from the shop, speaking over his shoulder as he went. "See you next week!"

Hopping into his car, the diviner hurried along to therian woods to the last place where it seemed the man had stopped. Wyatt wondered if he was practicing spellwork out in the wilderness like he enjoyed doing so much himself. It was in nature he felt his strongest and most powerful. Being a light diviner, Wyatt was internally built for it. The sun is what recharged him everyday and it was the most powerful source of energy the world had to offer, supernatural or not. The burning star and moon were what diviners cherished the most when it came to magic.

As he turned down the main road that ran through the territories, Wyatt knew he could only go so far before he would have to walk the rest on foot. There were several small lots that lined the road sporadically along the woods where people could park their cars and hike along the various trails which he was fairly familiar with. Getting as close to the location as he could from what the map had told him with the use of the spell, Wyatt parked his car and began his way along one of the paths that he hoped would lead him to the Englishman.

The woods were very quiet on this hot day. The only sound he heard was from the crunching of the fallen leaves underneath his shoes and the occasional sound of birds chirping in the trees. He hadn't passed a single person on the trails yet and was beginning to lose hope. A defeated sigh escaped his lips as his green hues scanned the vacant woods. Perhaps the man had already left and this was all for nothing, but at least he gave the effort in trying to return the phone. Wyatt's whole life was on his cell. If he lost that, his world would be turned upside down with losing all his clients' information and dates of appointments. Ridley would've given him a scolding like no other. Needless to say, he was not the most organized man in the world.

Eventually the diviner stopped and put his hands on his hips. There was nothing more he could really do now. With a quick hand through his dark hair, Wyatt began to turn on his heel until he saw some movement pass between the trees. "Finally..." he sighed out, hurrying along towards the man. Or at least he thought it was the stranger...

On closer inspection, Wyatt had actually seen a young woman as he stepped closer and hearing her demand, he quickly put his hands up to show no threat. "Oh, uh, hey," he said quickly, putting on a bright smile to show more good faith that he hadn't meant to scare her. "Hi. I'm sorry, I was just actually looking for someone. By any chance, have you run into anyone else along the paths around here? I'm looking for a man who..." but the words were suddenly lost as he felt the air from his lungs vanish. Wyatt clutched at his chest instinctively and looked for the caster that was performing the spell, but saw no one. He stumbled forward a few steps before falling onto all fours as his body began to shut down. With a glance upwards, the stranger from the apothecary appeared and stalked towards he and the young woman.

"Commodo mihi vestri vox. elementum unda ego dico vos." Wyatt knew the spell well as the man spoke the words, watching helplessly as the vines from the nearby trees raced along the ground and quickly ensnared the woman tightly. This was all a trap. Some elaborate plan to get him here, but why? He'd never met the man before in his life, unless.. perhaps it was the woman he had been after and Wyatt had been at the wrong place at the wrong time while trying to be a good samaritan. 

Darkness soon took over as he began to slip from consciousness. The last thing he saw was the man standing over him with a smile that numbed him completely.

Hana hadn't been able to move due to fear striking her down. She'd simply stood still, as she watched him come closer and closer before she no longer saw him at all. Maybe she was hallucinating. "That's it. Ive gotten myself out here in the heat, i'm seeing things" she tried to convince herself. The other male who had approached her though, caused Hana to jump, startled by his voice. "I -" she trailed off lost for words. "Sorry what?" she asked, realizing the male speaking to her, had been looking for someone. Shaking her head, she wasn't sure what to say , and just as she'd opened her mouth to speak again, the only thing that came from it was a sharp gasp. 

"Sir are you okay?!" she shouted, but the moment she tried reaching out to him, she was tangled up in the vines from below; hearing the other male, that she was now sure was following her, saying some sort of chant. She could tell he wasn't just speaking a foreign language, Hana had learned almost every language ever invented through college so far, and she was still learning. "Let me go!" she screeched out, with tears rushing down her cheeks. Fear crippled her, not just for herself but for the stranger who had spoken humbly to her not even seconds ago who now laid on the ground gasping for air, quickly fading. "LEAVE HIM ALONE YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" she yelled at him again, only able to squirm around helplessly in the grasp of what bound her. 

The male had hovered over the other, as he lied on the ground helplessly; a wicked smile had covered his facial features, turning his face into a much more wicked one. When the other finally fell victim to the spell, and went unconscious, her stalker stepped towards her, tipping her chin upward, forcing her to look him in the eyes as he spoke. "Ive been waiting for this moment" he sneered, before frowning; giving a fake pouting gesture "Aw, what is it sweetheart? Not happy to see me?" he asked, leaving Hana to gritt her teeth before leaning forward, sinking her teeth into his face. She didn't care if she ripped his entire jaw off, she was ready to fight this freak. After he groaned, he backhanded her through the face,knocking her unconscious as well. 

Hana groaned when her eyes opened next; the dim flicker of candles alarming her that she wasn't anywhere pleasant.  Unsure of how she'd even gotten her, the human began to panic and flail as much as the chains that bound her, allowed for.She'd been chained to a stone slab, and squirmed helplessly, looking for anyway to escape her situation, and also realized the male from earlier (Wyatt) was in the room with her. She wasn't sure if he was okay or not, and she didn't see the male who had done this to them, so she used the time to call out the other. "Hey! psst!" she whispered, kicking her leg out, hoping it'd reach him. "Wake up, please!" she then said in a helpless tone and began sobbing. This didn't look good, nor did it look like either of them would be allowed to simply just escape. Hana had no idea that the other man was a Diviner too. And as of right now, she wasn't sure if he was okay or not. 

It was times like this where she was made to feel like the puny human that she was, helpless to those with supernatural gifts. 

Wyatt's eyes slowly opened despite the tremendous amount of effort it took to do such a simple command of the body. Something had nudged him in the leg causing his head to loll to the side. In his attempt to see what was the cause of the prodding he most certainly could do without as all he wanted to do was go back to sleep, it suddenly occurred to him that the reason he was unconscious at all was not because of his own will. 

The diviner quickly tried to make himself more alert, but his muscles felt incredibly weak and he could barely focus. His mind felt like it was in a haze and he knew it was because he had been drugged. Wyatt's hands were chained to the wooden table he was laying on which rattled as he attempted to move, but it was pointless. There was no way he was going to be able move in this condition. His pupils were abnormally large as the drugs caused his eyes to dilate, but he was able to see through the blurriness the young woman who had been in the woods with him earlier and was now also incapacitated on a stone slab nearby. It must've been her that was reaching out to him. 

Wyatt tried to speak, but something was keeping him from doing so. The taste of a dry cloth suddenly became apparent and he realized he was also gagged. He weakly tried to move the muscles of his jaw to maneuver the cloth away, but it was tied tightly behind his head. A groan escaped his chest. Being this disoriented was making him feel helpless and that was a hard pill to swallow when you were a supernatural. It was clear this man had every intention of making sure Wyatt could not resist or fight back as he carried out whatever plan it was he had for them. The diviner couldn't even focus enough to perform a simple inaudible spell that would be as easy as breathing on a normal day. 

Somewhere in the near distance he heard a door open and the sound of someone on stairs. Soon the footsteps came closer and Wyatt tried to concentrate in on what was happening around him, but all he could make out was mostly shadows that would go in and out of focus in the soft light of the candles around the room. From what he could make out, Wyatt knew the person who had now joined them was the man from the apothecary. A few groans came from Wyatt in some attempts to make the man pay attention to him while he busied himself at a tabletop with what appeared to be various bottles and jars with contents he couldn't make out in his state of mind. "Be with you in a moment, Wyatt," he casually replied as if he were answering the doorbell. It unnerved him that he was calling him by his name.

Their assailant moved alongside Wyatt and pulled the rag down from his mouth. "There. Now, what are you so keen on telling me, hmm?" 

"Wha.. wha.." Wyatt tried to speak, but it was pointless. He couldn't even form a single word.

The man lowered his head closer to Wyatt's mouth in a mock showing of trying to hear what he was saying before raising back up and looking between his new victims. "Wha.. wha.. what am I doing? Why are you here? What's this all about? Who am I? You'll find out soon enough, my friend. I would just lay there and rest if I were you. I imagine you'll want to save as much strength as you can in the next coming days. This spell does take a while." There was a wild look in his eyes that made Wyatt's stomach sink. So it was a spell, but for what? What was it that tied these three together? As much as Wyatt tried to keep himself awake, it was just an impossible task as he felt his lids begin to close again as they last looked to the helpless girl who lay next to him looking terrified.

Hana had finally managed to nudge the male back to a conscious state, but he was still crippled to the drugs used on him earlier; so much that he could barely move a muscle. The sight before Hana, horrified her, and right now all she wanted to do was free herself and help the male bound by chains to a wooden chair. She felt that she was to blame for his current predicament, even if that wasn't true at all. He could have just been taking a stroll to clear his head, since that's what Hana herself had intentions of before it became dangerous. The white cloth tied around his face, prevented him from speaking to her, which made the situation even worse. She had a feeling that he was a supernatural, and that he could help them escape this, except, he couldn't. 

Whatever he'd been drugged on, had him pretty messed up. Tears poured down the human's pale cheeks as the male just a few inches from her,groaned. Hana was scared, she wondered if the male was in pain, and from the way he groaned, it sounded like he was. She was helpless, and limited by her own bounds. And, the moment she heard foot steps nearing them, she began squirming, but to no avail. She was wrapped up tightly. Her own vision had been blurred, but she could see the shadows of everything happening right now; the male who'd abducted her and the other male, was now at a table fiddling with different bottles. As the male chained up, began groaning, Hana blinked, trying desperately to get a clearer image of him. The way he groaned was as if he was trying to take the attention away from Hana herself. 

With that, Hana began pleading. Her own mouth wasn't muffled by a cloth; so she thought by pleading and begging, and him groaning, that the Diviner trying to hurt them would become distracted. When his voice chimed out though, he spoke directly to the male on the chair, calling him Wyatt. Hana frowned. It made this even harder to hear his name for some reason. If she had to watch someone die, she'd never recover from it. Hana had been through various training to deal with Supernatural beings who meant her harm, but never had she been put through enough training to deal with something like this. She wasn't sure the lengths this sick, twisted asshole was about to go to. Her gut told her it was no good though, he'd went through an awful lot of trouble, and abducted two people. 

Hana watched, struck down by fear when he finally moved to Wyatt. As he freed the cloth from his mouth, she watched intently, and only became more horrified when she realized Wyatt couldn't even form one single word. "Leave him alone you son of a bitch!" she called out to him, her own voice becoming hoarse, from all the screaming she had done so far. When the crazed maniac began speaking to Wyatt again, completely ignoring Hana for the time being, the words he spoke burnt right through her. Days? Did he just say the coming days? If she was going to die, she didn't want it to last for days. As she began jerking and helplessly flailing again, she cried out once more "Please .. if you're going to kill me.. do it now!" she begged. But the wicked smile on his face indicated that he wasn't phased at all. 

When Wyatt's eyes began to close again, Hana turned her attention to him "Stay awake.. please Wyatt!" she called out to him, but it did her no good. And the moment his eyes closed, she feared the worse for him. But, she knew he wasn't dead, not with what the other male had just said to him. Rest up. The next coming days. Etc. 

He'd finally made his way back to Hana, giving her a hefty slap across her face. "All the screaming, the begging, pleading in the world won't save you nor him. Rest." he said in a simple demand, but Hana still had just a little bit of fight left in her. "You're a feisty one. To be a puny human, I didn't expect you to be so strong willed. Your friend over there can't seem to keep up" he said in a mocking tone. Hana's gaze fell upon Wyatt yet again, and tears began streaming down her cheeks again. "What did you do to him?" she asked, figuring she wouldn't receive a proper answer, or one that would give her a peace of mind. "He's heavily sedated, and now so are you" he spoke, and began speaking a language unfamiliar to her.

"Gadyen nan balans, gadyen nan la foi. Se pou nou fe sa yo dwe fe." 

And those were the last words Hana remembered before her world faded black again. 

This time as she awoke, Hana didn't see Wyatt. She wasn't sure if he'd been let loose, since she seemed to be the intended target, or if he'd been taken some where else in the chamber they were currently in. All that she did know, was that she was terrified, and sleep seemed much better. She wished she'd stayed in that slumber. It was sad to admit that she didn't wanna wake up again, at least not if she and Wyatt were still stuck here, in danger. "Wyatt!" she cried out, but unable to move her neck or anything else, she realized something had been done to her far worse this go around. "I can't move!" she cried again, hoping he was still in the room with her. 

The sadistic male who was doing all of this, was now lining up tubes, and two buckets, before padding the floors with plastic on each side of the room  where her and Wyatt were bound.That meant Wyatt was still in there, or that if not, he was soon being brought back. But why pad the floors if they weren't about to be bled. "No please! please don't do this.. ill do anything" she cried out to him, hoping he would reason with her. "You'll do anything? Absolutely anything huh?" he asked, before laying a knife on the stone slab she was chained to. "So if I set you free, you'll go over there and slit his wrists for me?" he asked, which led to Hana flailing again, and giving him a go to hell look. "Thought so. Keep your mouth shut!" he said to her in a rough tone of voice before walking over to Wyatt. She wasn't sure what would happen to them, and she had no more hope that they'd make it out of this. 

The sound of wood scraping against concrete roused Wyatt from his unconscious state. His vision was hazy as he tried to focus and realized he was at an odd angle and going backwards. Turning his head to the side, he saw their captor was walking behind him, using his telekinetic magic to pull Wyatt along while being strapped to a chair. He frantically tried to pull at the ropes that were keeping him tied to the seat, but they would not budge. "Ah, welcome back." The chair suddenly came to a halting stop and caused Wyatt to nearly topple over onto the floor. 

His green hues lost sight of the man for a moment as he circled behind, but soon stood facing him. In his hand was an athame that twirled with an ease as if it was an extension of his own body. Wyatt's breath quickened as he looked to the blade and then back to the diviner. "Sorry to say that you won't be able to use magic for quite some time. The drugs I gave you, well, they were induced with a spell that is kind of a stopper on the use of diviner magic for the person who's injected. A little something I came up with. Incredible, really. You're the first one I've tried it on and it seems to be rather successful." The Englishman circled behind Wyatt again and he felt himself tense up at not being able to see what was happening. Despite the man's words, he tried to use his mind to move the chair that came so easily to him any other normal time, but it didn't work. 'Start small.' His eyes fell on one of the many candles nearby and no matter how hard he tried, the strain only weakened him more. 

A sudden sharp pain made him groan out against the rag in his mouth. Their captor had sliced Wyatt's flesh, causing the scarlet droplets of his blood to run down like a steady stream on his arm. The man pressed the blade against his skin which coated the steel before bringing it back to one of tables that had his various tools and ingredients for spellwork. With his back turned, Wyatt pulled again at his restraints, but it was useless. Being without his powers was utterly defeating. He'd never known what it was like to be human and helplessness was overwhelming. 

His name being called out lifted Wyatt's head as he watched the interaction between the diviner and the woman whose name he still did not know or who the intended target even was between them. Wyatt and his cousin had been having problems with the coven ever since she was made leader and the threats to their family had been rather disturbing. It was the only reason he could think of as to why he could be the target of this kidnapping, but he had no idea what use the woman was that lay chained to the slab. 

The man's attention was suddenly brought back to Wyatt as he lay the athame down. He quickly stalked over and untied the rag that was wrapped around Wyatt's head and used it as a closure to the wound on his arm. As much as he wanted to try, he didn't attempt an audible spell now that his voice could be used. The repercussions didn't seem worth it. There was a chemical reaction that seemed to be happening at the table where the man had used his blood in some spell. A light glowed softly which made the man smile. "Wyatt, my friend, you are more powerful than you even know." He was suddenly being dragged back again to where he had been kept next to the woman. Beneath the padding on the floor, Wyatt noticed a large black symbol that he knew was warding off use of magic for those that would be contained within it. Just another precautionary step to ensure he would be not be able to cast and why had had to move Wyatt to test out his blood on the magic imbued knife. The man inaudibly removed Wyatt's bindings, but quickly locked him back onto the wooden table he had woken up on in this nightmare. His eyes looked over to the girl and down to the floor below her. It seemed the marking was not there and if he had to take a guess, it would be that she was human.

Picking the blade up again, Wyatt watched as the Englishman went over to the woman and gently pierced the inside of her tiny wrist. "Hey!" It was the first time he felt his voice was strong and back to normal again. The diviner looked over to Wyatt with a glare and then a small smirk.

"Relax. I'm not killing either of you right now. The more you resist though, the worse it will end up for you. This can really all be painless if you just relax." The man moved the small bucket to line up beneath her wrist as the blood droplets slowly dripped from her skin. He next moved to Wyatt and did the same. It was most definitely a blood spell. Wyatt had no doubt now. This was old and ancient magic. Dangerous and dark. It was never meant for anything good and he knew it would most likely mean draining them of their life force. "Well, I'm off to find something to eat. I suppose I better make it dinner for three. We'll have to keep your strengths up, won't we?" The man clapped his hands together once in his accomplishment and then could be heard ascending the stairs once more.

"Hey." Wyatt's eyes looked back over to the woman and cleared his throat softly. "Just keep strong, okay? We'll get out of here." Despite the words he said, he wasn't so sure of them. He figured the best he could do now was to keep them both calm. "What's your name?"

Hana was way to groggy to comprehend the words the captor was speaking to the male tied to a chair. She had been fading in and out, when the chair began pulling it's self backwards, or at least that's how it looked from Hana's point of view. Pl..e..ase" she said in a feeble attempt to get through to him. She could barely talk though, and he only laughed at her pathetic attempts. "The more you talk, the more he suffers. Shut up". With that, Hana's head fell back, and through gritted teeth, she cursed quietly. This was all her fault, or that's the way she felt right now. But, why? She wasn't even sure why this was happening to her. The only thing that came to mind every time she tried to figure it all out, was her parents. The debt they'd been in back in korea, and how the secrets with Hana and Ha-joon's family continued piling up. But, there was no way their parents were capable of causing this much chaos. 

Hana had finally came to again, at least enough to make out the rest of what this sadistic bastard was saying to the male tied down, and she began crying again. Why was he stripping the other of his magic? or at the very least, temporarily disabling his magic. Hearing him say it was incredible, and the tone used behind each of his words, made Hana shiver. Their captor scared her, and made her stomach tie in knots. He truly was acting like a savage animal, and ha no intentions of being gentle. "You're a coward!" Hana spat at hi, hoping to pull his attention away from the other male, even if only for a second. "You had to take him because you were scared of him, why else disable his magic? afraid he'd fuck you up a little?" she asked, but the man simply smiled and continued as if he hadnt heard a word she had just said. 

Hana then began flailing, causing as much ruckus and noise as she possibly could. Nothing worked. Hana couldn't do shit. Not even when the male's flesh was slashed open, and the sight of his blood oozing down his arm, caused her to swallow harshly. She'd began heaving, and at this point was almost hypervenalating. The prick in control saw it as an opportunity to make Hana feel even smaller than she currently did though, as he walked over to her, and held the same blade that had just tore the other male open, to her throat "Beg" he said simply. "I wanna hear the sound of your voice, as you're screaming for me to stop. So Beg" he repeated. But, this time Hana remained silent, and turned her head, looking to the ceiling, waiting for him to end her. 

She would never beg, Not here, not ever. Whatever the purpose behind all of this was, she nor the other male trapped in this situation deserved any of it, but to be belittled like this, she wouldn't stand for. "Screw you" she finally said, as her gaze averted back, and for the first time, she looked him in the eyes. When he pulled the blade away from her throat, Hana let out a breath of relief, from how tensed up she was when she felt the cold steel of it against her flesh. "I like you. You're fiesty." he teased her and strolled back to the other. Watching as he free'd the other's mouth from the cloth that had been restraining it, Hana saw the glint of darkness in his own eyes. It seemed as though he knew a way to retaliate, but then he used his better judgement, and did nothing. 

Hana continued watching the Englishmen's every move, even as he drug the male back to where he had once been, which put him back beside of Hana. She couldn't help but look to him with an apologetic expression o her face. Saying sorry, wouldn't do either of them any good right now, because it seemed the Dark Diviner was playing at everything they each did or said, so Hana tried to keep quiet. "You and your smart little mouth is going to get you in trouble" he started, and within a flash, he had pierced her wrist. She could feel the warmth of her blood running down her fingertips, and she couldn't muffle the cries any longer. Fear struck her like nothing she had ever felt before. "Please stop!" she begged, and after that, she heard the other yell out 'hey' . It was the first time she'd heard the other male's voice, at least in a way, where he seemed genuinely worried for her. 

She was relieved to hear the Englishman saying he wasn't going to kill them; yet. Or was she? Maybe dying was the easy way out of this. She couldn't imagine being tortured for however long this man had planned to do this to them. Her main fear for now, was that she'd bleed to death, or since the other male had lost his powers temporarily, that he'd never get them back. And that would have been all her fault. All of this was. When he said this could all be painless, if they would only stop resisting, Hana gritted her teeth at him again, jerking at her own restraints "See what I mean? That hurt didn't it?" he asked, and truthfully it did. Hana had always been a fighter though, to lay here and just comply to something this twisted. No. That wasn't going to happen. 

She couldn't help but widen her eyes at how calm this man was, especially as he aid it was time for dinner. She then only wanted to tell him she hoped he choked to death on it. She had began trembling at some point during all this, and hadn't realized it until her hands shook so badl that it made the chains on her wrist rattle. 'dinner for three' something about those words made her stomach turn. She wasn't sure what he would come back with, all she knew was that she wanted to escape before he came back, and felt that this wouldn't end until either her or the male beside her ended up dead, if not both of them. 

When the Englisman disappeared, Hana's eyes trained on the male beside of her, or more so in front of her as he spoke. "Why is he doing this?" she asked, with a set of eyes full of fear as she locked eyes with the other for the first time since they'd been put in this situation. "You seem to know a thing or two, and he said you were more powerful than you knew.. what did he mean by that?" she asked, quirking a brow at him. When he told her to stay strong, Hana closed her eyes, releasing more tears as she did so. "I don't want to die" she then expressed, before looking at him again "M-my name is Hana" she said in response, frowning at him. "I'm so sorry" she whispered, and strained the words she spoke over the lump of pain that had formed in her throat. 

"Who are you? and why does he have you here?" she then asked, hearing the Englishman bellowing out some kind of song while he cooked. "Hes psychotic" she added, and began jerking at her restraints again, which seemingly only made her bleed faster. Hana was close enough to be able to reach the male beside her, and his promise that they'd get out of here, was the only hope she had to hold onto, and wit that, she reach over, wrapping her dainty finger around one of his, since she couldn't reach his hand completely, and squeezed a little. "I don't know why, but I trust you" she said genuinely, and couldn't help but feel that they would need each other, at least to escape this madness. Perfect strangers chosen for something like this, would certainly mean that they would never be strangers to one another again after this, if they lived through it. 

The diviner gave a short nod to her as she revealed her name in greeting before looking around the room as she questioned for his name in return. "It's Wyatt." His eyes fell on every inch of the space in some attempts at finding some way out of their predicament. Not that he was much use at the moment. For all intents and purposes, he was nothing but human as this man had drugged him with something that hindered his magic as well as putting him inside a runic circle which was painted on the floor ensuring there was no chance of escape. On any other day he could glance at any of the sharp instruments on the table to move it with his mind and easily end the man's life. Not that murder was something Wyatt would find pleasure in. He'd never killed a person in his life and hoped he'd never have to, crazed kidnapper or not. Extreme circumstances called for extreme measures sometimes and protecting his life or this young woman's may be the reason he'd have to take a life now. 

Wyatt's eyes looked over to hers as she finished speaking. "I don't know why he has me here. I could guess at a few reasons but..." he let the thought linger as he tried to go back and think why it was he the man had chosen to take. Yes, he was the cousin and only family member of the faction leader and they were having some inner turmoil in the coven now that she was in charge, but it seemed unlikely that she would be the target when needing Hana for this very particular spell. If he had to guess, it wasn't him that was the target here, it was the girl laying next to him. Wyatt didn't want to alarm her more than she already clearly was, so he left the sentence unfinished for a moment.  "I can also do magic. I think he plans on channeling my power to increase his own for a spell." That was in fact the truth. Wyatt was one of the oldest diviners in the coven and was likely one of the more powerful of them all. He'd had the knowledge of spellwork most of the others hadn't really dabbled in now that they were able to do both light and dark magic and he'd been finding ancient grimoires from all corners of the world.

As she brushed her finger with his, it was a bit comforting to even have that little showing of affection. He gave her a small smile, meeting her eyes as she said she trusted him. "Just comply with whatever he wants, okay? Don't give him reason to hurt you further. He said he needs us which means he isn't looking to kill us right now. This spell, it's going to take time. We'll get our chance to figure some way out." Wyatt lifted his head as much as he could from his laying down position on the table and could see more of the ingredients that were neatly placed. The ceremonial dagger still remained along with two small stones, a bowl that would no doubt hold other smaller ingredients to mix with their blood, and they all were on top of a map. "Location spell..." Wyatt whispered, looking over to her again. "Is there someone in your family that this man would want to locate, Hana?"

Before she had the chance to answer, he could hear the door that lead upstairs open behind them and someone descending below. Their captor returned and looked between them as if he was trying to choose. His eyes finally rested on Hana in his decision as he grabbed some bandaging from the nearby table and dressed the cut he'd used to open her skin. The man methodically grabbed a nearby bottle with clear liquid in it and another rag before dousing the cloth and moving back to Hana again. Wyatt had a feeling he knew what it was, but he was in no position to stop him as he watched helplessly while he placed the rag over Hana's mouth and nose. He instinctively pulled on his restraints as if by some miracle they would be loose, but the strain was pointless as Wyatt watched the woman go unconscious. "It's a tracking spell, isn't it?" he questioned, watching the man undo Hana's restraints. "You're looking for someone that carries her blood."

"Clever, Mr. Brookes. I guess the cat is out of the bag." He lifted Hana and easily placed the small human over his shoulder as she lay limp. "Not that it really matters that you know, but I'm sure you've guessed that it's much more advanced than just any tracking spell seeing as I need you both around for more than I care to entertain." His dark eyes seemed to bore into Wyatt's as if to look deeper for something he wasn't sure of. "Back shortly." 

Wyatt listened as the man disappeared on the steps once again, laying his head back down and closing his eyes in frustration. His mind began to wander and he quickly dismissed all the awful things he was possibly doing to Hana as he once again tried to attempt a way at removing the bindings to no avail. It was so incredibly defeating not being able to use his birth given abilities that were so quickly stripped from him. 

The door upstairs opened again and Wyatt soon saw the man heading back to the glass jar on the table, soaking a new rag in the liquid. He immediately tensed up, knowing he was about to fall victim to the chloroform just as Hana had. There wasn't much to be done, so he didn't fight as the rag forcefully went over his face. The only thing he could do was glare at the Englishman with all the mustered hate he could bring out of himself as everything went dark.

There was an aroma of food that Wyatt could smell nearby which made his eyes flutter open. He lifted his head slowly and tried to focus on his surroundings. Across the table was Hana whose head was lolled to the side. "Hana?"

"She's still out." The familiar voice drew Wyatt's attention as he saw their captor at the head of the table. He was casually eating the turkey dinner he'd made with stuffing, biscuits, and macaroni with cheese. "She'll be up soon enough." Wyatt's eyes went back to the unconscious woman momentarily before realizing he was not being restrained, but the floor had still been warded with a symbol around the chair he sat in. His gaze moved to the knife that lay on the side of his plate and he tried to lift it with his mind to no avail. "Just eat. The drugs I gave you are still potent, friend. You won't be able to cast. Should you move, I'll easily put you down again. Again, there's no reason to fight, so please, enjoy the dinner I've made. It's important we keep your strength." Wyatt made no attempt to do as he was being asked and watched as Hana began to wake slowly. A sudden loud bang made Wyatt jump as the man slammed his fist down on the table, making the dishes shudder. "I said eat." Wyatt let out a slight breath before reaching for the serving utensils and placing helpings of food on Hana's plate as she tried to focus. "Ah, there you are Miss Sae. Please, join us, won't you?"

Hana's gaze followed his around the room. It seemed each of them were looking for items to use, escape routes, etc. When he finally answered her with a name, the human gave a forced smile, and swallowed harshly. "Knowing your name, makes me feel even worse" she then said, feeling as though this was all her fault, and the only thing she even hoped for now, is that she didn't get someone else killed because of being a target to sick game.

Hana arched a brow at Wyatt when he said he could guess at a few reasons why he'd been brought her, and left her hanging when he didn't finish "Well guess out loud, please" she said with a certain desperation in her tone. If he knew how he tied into all of this, then she needed to know. Maybe it wasn't her fault at all, maybe it was fate's fault, and his unforutne for being a Dark Diviner at just the right time for the manaic who'd brought them here. Hana then swallowed harshly, blinking, and causing more tears to fall from her eyes when he said the man was likely planning on channeling Wyatt to increase his own abilities for a particular spell. "That means it's me..." she frowned. She was the one the crazed Diviner wanted after all. But why? Was he from the Triad? Did the Triad now have supernatural beings helping them? So many questions, so little answers.

Hana felt it too. The comfort that came behind the slightest touch of their fingers. It made her want more, to be held even.. because she had never been this afraid. Not even when she'd been attacked in the past, because that happened and it was over with, no one took her into captivity, and no one else was caught in the crossfire because of her. For the first time, Hana found herself hoping she didn't die. Hana jerked at her restraints again when Wyatt told her to just comply, and explained that the spell he was doing, would take time, and that they were needed .. for now. "I don't want nothing to happen to you" she stated, almost as though she didn't even care about herself at all. She did. But, she wouldn't even want to live if she made it out of here without Wyatt for whatever reason.

"Can't your abilities over power you?" she asked in a tone of panic. "You can die if he chanels you to much can't you?" she then asked, jerking at her restraints yet again. "I'll comply but please don't tell me this can all just end up killing you in the end" she added, nearly sobbing at that point. She'd been through enough shit back in Korea to know about most things supernatural. Her father was a harsh man who had worked her beyond her limits to train and prep to live in a city like this one. Not that it did much good, because low and behold, here she sat, captured by a supernatural being. Hana rose a brow when he murmered out location spell.

it was his question that made her start flailing against her restraints, not even noticing that their captor had returned to them, "No.. no no no!" she screamed in her mind, seeing Ha-joon's face as her eyes closed from the cloth that had been placed over her nose and mouth. Hana wasn't even sure where she was when she woke again, nor how long she'd been out. Her vision still hadn't came too, but through a faint blur, she saw Wyatt across from her, food, and the manaic who'd drugged her at the head of the table, demanding Wyatt to eat. "He don't want your food.. we're not your family, we're not your property.. where is my brother?!" she yelled at him, feeling the crink in her neck from where her head had been laid to the side as she sat in that chair, waiting to become consciouss again.

Their captor only smiled and continued to eat his own food, until he stood. "You'll eat the dinner I made for you Hana, or you'll never see him again" the Diviner held his phone in front of her face, showing her live footage of Ha-joon working in the cafe. "I have two of my own ready to bring him to us should you not comply. Now, eat" he said, and Hana's reflexes caused her fist to fly right where it counted. He groaned, and gave Hana a look that said she was dead, and reseated himself, closing his eyes before running a hand through his wild mess of a mane.

Hana's stomach twisted into knots. She was sure she'd throw up at this point, seeing her brother... her innocent brother, doing nothing but working his ass off to pay the bills for them, while this manaic had two of his minions ready to capture Ha-joon.

After forcing the food he had made down her throat, Hana glared right through him as he called her a good girl, before looking to Wyatt, knowing she had fucked up by hitting the male. Her restraints were loosened earlier, apparently so she could eat. But still, she was weak from the chloroform, had a migraine and her entire body ached. When he dismissed himself to take his empty plate to the sink, Hana eyed Wyatt wondering if there was anything she could do since he was unrestrained by bounds, but still trapped by the symbol on the floor. She was human, did that mean she was trapped by that mark too? Her restraints were lose enough for her to get out of them, but she didn't wanna do so, if the mark on the floor would just keep her there, and she damn sure wasn't leaving without Wyatt.

"Time for the next step kiddo's" he said in a sing song voice from the sink where he washed his dish. "What does he mean?" Hana asked Wyatt, the fear slowly but surely leaving her, as she realized there was nothing they could do any further until they were actually free. Hana had no idea what he had done to her while she was knocked out from the chloroform, but it made her nauseated to even think of it, she really just hoped that he would leave them both awake for whatever the next part would be.

Wyatt watched as the scene unfolded. Hana was certainly a spitfire. Some people would cower and plead, but despite being human and knowing of the supernatural world, she was tough. However, he didn't know if that was necessarily a good thing at the moment. Wyatt was still trying to learn about their captor and his mannerisms; Anything that might help them get out of this crazy predicament. Despite knowing the general spellwork the man was trying to perform, something as dark as this was far beyond his realm of study. It was a sect of magic he tried to stay away from because he knew the dangers of falling into that addictive type of power. Wyatt knew it would certainly drain him as their captor had admitted, but it also meant the man would be weakened since he couldn't perform the spell without the use of another diviner. Maybe that would be their most opportune moment.

However, in this moment, everything was happening quickly as the target of this kidnapping would not go easily. Wyatt's eyes fell on her in some silent attempt to calm down, but it wasn't any use. Whatever the man had showed her had only made it worse as she lashed out and struck him in the most vulnerable of places. Wyatt instinctively stood because the look on the man's face was murderous at that moment. The chance was there now and he would take it, but their kidnapper quickly clenched his fist as he glared to Wyatt. The magic was instant and Wyatt was quickly brought back down into his seat as the sigil on the floor glowed brightly. There was nothing left he could do. He was rooted to the chair.

The three sat in silence again as the man regained control of them. Eating the food was nearly impossible, but causing the man any more anger would only lead them to more harm. The lump in Wyatt's throat was instinctively trying to force him not to eat as if his body knew the repercussions. Just when he thought he couldn't possibly take another bite, the man rose from the table with an ominous statement. Next step? Wyatt shook his head to Hana. He hadn't any idea what would come next and there was nothing more scary than that. "I would appreciate it if I didn't have to use the chloroform again to move you each, so please behave. In fact," he turned to Hana with a cruel looking grin. "If you should feel the need to act out again, I'll be taking it out on our friend Wyatt here. Is that incentive enough to behave Miss Sae or do you need a demonstration?" He rounded the table with purpose and picked up the knife Wyatt had been using for his meal. The man grabbed Wyatt's chin roughly in his hand and tilted it slightly upwards, bringing the blade against his neck. The fae could feel the sharp point of the blade pierce his skin lightly, making him strain away, but the man held him firmly in place. The small droplets of blood ran down the knife as he glared at Hana for a few quiet moments as he dared her to resist his wishes. "Now, let's all just play our parts here, okay?" 

When the knife moved away, Wyatt instinctively reached up to his neck to touch the small cut, silently wishing he had his magic to show how formidable he really was. Even without it, Wyatt was also not defenseless. He'd been fighting in the underground leagues for years now and could hold his own. It was the combination of the blood loss and magic that was keeping him so weak that made him feel like he couldn't take this man on in a physical altercation either. Still, he wasn't going to give in just yet. They just needed to hold out and Wyatt knew it would have to be when both he and this dark diviner would be at their weakest. In fact, it would most likely be Hana that would become the catalyst to their escape once part of the spell was performed. 

The man easily moved Hana's small frame from the chair roughly and dragged her back into the basement where he could hear the sounds of the chains being placed back on in the eerily quiet house. Soon the man was back and didn't even attempt to put his hands on Wyatt. He only gave a silent nod to follow him down the stairs as well because he knew that Wyatt was in no position to fight back. And so, the fae did just that as he forced his heavy limbs to take him back to the table next to Hana and be chained once again. 

His lidded eyes looked over to the young woman as their captor had his back turned at his workstation. Wyatt quickly mouthed the words 'stay calm' to her in some reassurance that they would figure a way out. They still had time. The spell would take a few days. That meant more time to plan their escape. As he reached out to give her a light touch, his fingers glided over a nail in the table he lay on which was bent at an odd angle and poking out. Perhaps he'd just found a key to their way to freedom. 

"Well, I don't need you for this part of the spell, Mr. Brookes, so we'll let you have a nice rest until tomorrow after your good meal tonight. I think you'll find it much more fulfilling then a rag of chloroform over the mouth. I also need you nice and rested because tomorrow is all about you." Wyatt's green hues flashed from the man to Hana in worry, but there was nothing he could do. The spell was fluid over the man's tongue and in a single moment after the words were said, Wyatt fell into a deep sleep. 

Hana knew her temper would end up becoming the worse part of this night. She couldn't possibly live with herself if she caused Wyatt his life, but seeing her brother in danger, had really wound her up, and she could barely breathe, or think straight, let alone calm down any at all in the current moment. She could see the look on Wyatt's face, and she gasped a little when he finally stood, fear almost crippling Hana as the worse came to mind. She just knew he was going to get himself hurt doing that, but thankfully, their captor did nothing more than make him sit again, with apparently, the use of magic. The symbol on the floor nearly glowed bright enough to make Hana wince, and she wasn't sure she could feel fear worse than she did right now. How could this night get any worse? That's the one question that helped her cope, thinking that it had gotten as bad as it would get for them, and that maybe the next part, wouldn't be so bad. 

Boy was she wrong. Her temper, and the fact that she'd lashed out at their captor, caused him to use Wyatt, to make her be still and listen. Hana's hand immediately flew up to cover her mouth as she watched, sure that Wyatt was about to be killed right before her eyes with the knife he'd been using to eat with "Please no.. i'll do anything!" she cried out, jerking her foot back to her chair, deciding to sit still when he told her that Wyatt would be okay, as long as everyone played their parts. "Why are you doing this?! if it's me you want, then let him go and leave my brother alone.. I'll do anything" she pleaded, but it was as if this man had no ears. He only looked to Hana with a wicked smile on his face. 

Hana searched Wyatt's eyes, stared at him for what seemed like an eternity, trying to see if there was any kind of sign he may of been giving her, but all she could see on his face was anger, and maybe even a little fear, and a smarter part of her knew, that the Diviner stuck in his chair, had a plan for them. Or maybe she was making that up in her head, because it was better than the alternative thought. Which was, that they were going to die here. Being drug back to the basement, Hana did little to fight him this time, she knew it wasn't just her life in danger, should she lash out anymore tonight, and she couldn't ever be the reason for someone dying. So, Hana laid on a cement slab, with chains to bind her there, closing her eyes as she waited for the worse of things. She watched Wyatt, and nodded at him, swallowing harshly and blinking away more tears, attempting to do exactly what he told her, which was stay clam. But, not knowing what was about to happen next, had made her heart fall to her feet. 

And what came next, was that of nightmares. Wyatt was asleep before Hana could even react to the words of their captor, and for the rest of that night, he'd spent every single second either chanting words she didn't know anything about, or poking and prodding at her for her blood, and occasionally, he'd even taken some of Wyatt's, for whatever reason. "Are you not having fun Hana? Ive waited for so long, and I made sure things were perfect for the moment you arrived, the least you could do is fake a smile" he said in a twsited tone of voice, he sounded sad even. This man was sick by all means. Or he had fallen and hit his head way too many times, but either way, nothing about him was sane. The last thing Hana remembered him doing was making her drink a mixture of things, one which included hers and Wyatt's blood, along with the other ingredients he had used, and after that, he had began chanting again, and it's all she could do to keep her eyes open, but that had been to no avail,. Because now, as she woke back up, the sun from the outside world, peeked it's way through the small room they were being held in, and Wyatt's lifeless form had finally began coming to. 

Their captor had went to sleep, and she supposed he was still there. He had no worries, it's not like Hana nor Wyatt could move if they wanted to, and even though her eyes were fully adjusted now, she couldn't move an inch of her body, but her mouth worked just fine as she began trying to get Wyatt to wake back up. "Hey! Wyatt! please wake up please please" she began to panic, she had no idea what she'd been forced to drink, she didn't know what the chanting had done to her, and she frankly wasn't sure if she'd ever regain feeling to her legs again, because from where she laid, it felt as though half her body had been paralyzed. If she began breathing too heavily, she'd need the inhaler that she definitely couldn't grab from her pocket. This psycho had followed her enough, with any hope,, he'd at least know without her medications, she'd have an episode with her lungs and it'd be curtains for her anyways. If he needed her badly enough, then maybe he'd have the right medications to make sure she didn't lay here and die. 

"Wyatt! he's gone, please!" she attempted once more, and tensed up at the sounds being made upstairs above them, unsure whether he had woken up just then, or if he was just tossing and turning in his bed, 

Wyatt turned his head and breathed out, instinctively trying to move his limbs. When the resistance came, he focused more and saw the frighteningly familiar ceiling of the basement he and the other captive were being held in. He let his hues focus more on Hana and saw that she appeared unconscious. At first he wanted to call out to her and make sure she was okay, feeling a swirl of slight panic in his stomach. His gaze moved down a bit, passed her face which her hair covered most of, and saw the slow rising of her chest. She was only asleep. The diviner relaxed slightly and lay his head back down, shutting his eyes.

His mind went back to the last thing he remembered before the man had put him to sleep. The words he'd spoken beforehand were fuzzy in his mind, but he recalled the part about having to work on Hana first. Wyatt looked back over to the sleeping human and couldn't see any visible signs of harm. It didn't mean he hadn't done anything to her though. Magic had a way of doing unspeakable damage without having any trace of ever existing. Wyatt only felt some relief knowing that whatever might've happened while he was unconscious, their captor didn't seem very concerned with physically hurting them if they just did as was told. Proving more that he in fact did need as much strength as possible from them to complete this complicated tracking spell for her brother. Hopefully they wouldn't have to be put through anymore weird dinner parties.

Wyatt looked around the room as much as his current tied up position would allow for. He could see through the small window that lead above ground some of the sun's light trickling in. It was very bright and from what he could tell meant that it was most likely the morning time. He'd slept through the night and not exactly of his own accord. His mind felt much more clear and it seemed the drugs he was initially given were starting to fade. The only thing between him and using his magic was the runic spell drawn onto the floor and his restraints. He'd have to deal with the latter before anything else.

As his finger moved over the exposed nail in the table, he gripped it as much as he could and pulled. There was no give and so he tried to twist instead. Wyatt ignored the pain that his fingers were feeling from the resistance as he tried to wriggle the nail loose, but the sound of the door opening made him stop as he heard the descending footsteps approaching. His green hues glanced over to Hana who was still asleep and he wondered if she too was also unconscious because of magic.

"Ah, Mr. Brookes. Good morning. How'd we sleep? Feeling rested?" the man moved passed him with a quick glance to Hana before moving some things on the tables with his ingredients for the complicated spell. He was whistling and seemed entirely too calm and happy for Wyatt. It was disturbing.

"You know my name. Are we ever going to learn yours?" Wyatt could see the man smirk from the profile of his face as he continued prepping his work. The long silence thereafter seemed to be his answer. "I guess not."

"I suppose it is rather rude of me, no?" He turned around and leaned on one of the tables and folded his arms looking at Wyatt for a moment smugly. The light diviner expected that response to come with a follow up to an answer of who he was, but there was nothing. It was just another excuse for the man to feel superior to them. He turned back around and grabbed one of the ceremonial daggers along with a couple of other things he could not make out. Wyatt instinctively tensed up for whatever he was planning, but let out a breath to calm himself too. There was nothing he could presently do and he knew fighting would only make it worse. The man stepped closer to the table where Wyatt was being held and was careful to not step into the rune circle himself. "Shall we?" Placing the dagger down above Wyatt's head, he tied a rag around his mouth and followed up with a hood over his head. Not being able to see whatever was about to happen to oneself was more than a little terrifying and Wyatt's breathing immediately quickened in response. He could feel the table lifting from the ground and begin to move from the spot on the floor, no doubt to be away from the binding magic on the floor, but keeping Wyatt unable to cast or telepathically move anything in the room by disabling the senses which could do so. 

He felt the tip of the sharpened blade easily pierce his wrist with a cut that ran up a few inches on his arm. Wyatt groaned in response and heard the man also react to what he could only assume was the same thing done to himself. This was the start of the very powerful blood magic and keeping Wyatt bound without the drugs that inhibited his supernatural powers meant their captor needed him with his normal strength. The man spoke in a language Wyatt could not immediately identify, but the spell was immediate. Wyatt could feel his life force draining even faster now that he was losing blood and the power behind what made him a diviner. The man was siphoning Wyatt's magic to enhance his own for the tracking spell and it would leave him in a weakened state yet again. "Fear not, Mr. Brookes. This won't take much longer and then we'll get you and Miss Sae a nice and hearty breakfast."

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