As the years passed the more the Celestial had found herself falling in love with the city. At first she thought that she’d never be able to settle and live in the same city as her enemies and where other supernaturals alike reside too. Yet with the more time passes the more she falls in love with the city. Having people like herself around, making friends. Having a job she loves. Or even having someone who likes to spend time with. All of those things she’s never really had before. In the past it always was just her and Elias. Even then they never spent too long in one place; they always moved around to suit her brother's needs more than hers. Her being her always went along and followed her brother anywhere, but now it was all different. She’s learnt that she doesn’t have to always have to have her brother at her side, that she could be all okay without him. Finding she’s quite alright without him. That she could be all okay. 

Today was one of her days off. She never knew what to do without herself when she wasn’t at work. Maybe she was just maybe too attached to her job thinking the place couldn’t run itself without her. It was just her being silly. So here she was using her free time to explore more parts of the city. There were still some places and shops she’d not been to or been meaning to go but she’d been too busy. The Celestial stopped in her tracks outside of a shop that caught her eye. Seeing through the big open windows at the front inside there were lots of paintings and drawings all scattered on the walls. Already able to see from where she was standing that they were good. For a few moments the Celestial stood outside of the place wondering whether she could go in or not. She wanted a better look at the work. That maybe she would find some good art pieces for back at the book shops she works at and how they are in the process of redoing it up. Knowing how people all loved when places had up the work of new and upcoming artists and all. 

After deciding whether to go in or not the Celestial finally decided she could go in. Opening the door she walked right in and was already looking around at all of the art pieces. Willow couldn’t see anyone else in the room at first. Making her think and become worried for a moment if she was supposed to just walk in. “Hello! Is anyone here?” Willow called out as she stood there in the middle of the shop a little bit anxious if she was intruding. She just wanted to find out more about the artwork that drew her in.

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Caleb spent a lot of time in his art studios and during the spring mornings, he often kept the blinds and windows open. The studio faced the street and he could often find inspiration in the pedestrians crossing the street. Today, however, the streets were quiet and his inspiration was low. The morning had passed in a quiet lull and the afternoon threatened to do the same. Instead of working on his art, Caleb took the chance to actually clean his studio. He'd known when he bought it that the wooden floors would quickly be covered in flecks of paint, but he didn't mind that. Everything had a space, despite how disorganized he could be about his art supplies. He turned on the sink in the back of the room and took a giant pile of used brushes to be soaked in warm water. He'd watched his mother do the same ritual many a time growing up. Despite how much he'd learned from his mother, his style was drastically different to her bold colors and silhouettes. His own art was either in oil paint, or charcoal. The lines were bold and always had a story behind them. He hummed an old French tune under his breath as he laid the brushes out to dry.  

It seemed that on such a fine spring day, everyone had the mind to be out in nature. Caleb was tempted to call it a day and go for a walk, himself. Sometimes nature gave him more ideas than anything else. The tall pines and gentle rivers around the outside of the city often had him watching and sketching for hours at a time. The young man took his sketchbook and favorite pencil and headed towards the front of the studio. If no one stopped by in the next few minutes, he would take advantage of the beautiful temperatures. Just as he reached the front of the building, the bell went off over the door. A young woman with bright red hair and large green eyes walked into the room. A wistful smile turned one corner of his mouth upwards. She reminded him of a certain redhead that he'd known a while ago. However, her mannerisms were quite different than Ava's had been. Perhaps, even shy. Much more like his own. 

"Don't worry." Caleb said. "It wouldn't be unlocked if it weren't meant to be opened."

He noticed how her eyes seemed to travel towards the wall covered in charcoal drawings, instead of the canvases lined up on the other side. "Those are cherry blossoms, willow trees. I enjoy nature. It inspires me a lot. Filled with fantastic little wonders, wherever you look. How can I help you?"

Willow wasn’t someone who would normally go and walk into a place randomly. From the outside it looks like a shop to her. With her being her, she loved to go into any small shops. Preferring to go and support a small business instead of big shops. Knowing how important it was, especially after she started working in Leigh's book shop. The Celestial now had just walked into the place without exactly knowing what it was. Just that she was expecting it to be a shop or gallery. Willow had been to a few art galleries that were dotted around the city, thinking that this was another one of them. Not thinking none of it, until she felt that she felt that this place wasn’t exactly one of them. It was too late for her to leave; she'd already walked in and called out. It wasn’t too long until she saw someone walk out from the back rooms to seee her standing there. Seeing it was a tall blonde male. Willow was relieved to find out she wasn’t intruding. “That’s good. I was worried for a moment if I just walked into someone’s place randomly” She laughed softly trying to hide her embarrassment even if she had nothing to be embarrassed about. 

Still she was looking around and admiring all of the drawings and art work. Seeing how detailed they all are. “I’ve always loved cherry blossoms” She loved seeing cherry blossom treets, with all of the flowers on the trees. The pale pink colour. She liked the Willow trees too, of course. With how Willow was her name and all. “I don’t really know what exactly I'm looking for” Waiting to see what catches her eyes. “Are these all your work?” She wondered curiously looking over to him, she was able to guess that he was the one building a lot of the art. He did kinda give her an artist vibe. “I work in a book shop, we’re in the process of having a refurb. I thought that something in here might be perfect for it” The celestial loved decorating places, putting all the little pieces and touches to it. No room was complete without some art work on the walls.

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