Katrina didn't do family. Being a Celestial she really had no experience with family. She had no parents, no siblings, forget the aunts, uncles, and cousins. So why did she agree to meet Sapphire's brother? She no idea why she did. She knew that her feelings for Sapphire were getting intense and strong but she also knew that these things take time. So she wouldn't be saying any L-word just yet. She had the perfect moment if she could just wait for the moment. She had the perfect date planned for her.

But when Sapphire told her that her brother was in town and she wanted to meet up. It sounded like it was important to her. Anything Sapphire thought was important she cared about her. 

Katrina spent hours on making sure her outfit was perfect. Her hair was curled and gave a sense of flounce when she walked, finding the perfect medium-lengthed black dress. She thought it hugged her curves nicely. She knew she was older then Sapphire and she wondered if that would bother her brother. Age didn't matter too much to her but Sapphire did. If Sapphire's brother didn't like her maybe it was game over for their relationship and it was getting to Katrina.

Putting on her black heels she then took a glass of red wine and then began her journey to the restaurant where they were going to meet. She talked to the hostess and was brought to a seat in the back. It was a quaint booth and she sat on one side feeling worse then she did for client interviews. 

Sitting, she ordered herself a glass of water so she could drink and maybe calm some nerves. She didn't want to be drunk before they showed up so she tried to stay calm and all she could do was wait. 

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Katrina had many thoughts racing through her head and she smiled at them both.
She was awaiting a moment to get alone with Jett and she didn't know how it was going to go about. She wanted to ask something as it sat on her lips. Something where they could be alone for two seconds. She thought she had a chance when his phone started to ring and he left for a moment. She wanted to follow him but he was quickly gone and quickly returned and she didn't want it to look obvious.

"Your brother seems nice." She stated quietly to Sapphire and looked at her gently before giving her cheek a quick kiss, smiling at how she was enjoying this moment. These moments is what made life so powerful. Her heart was soaring and she liked that feeling of being close with Sapphire. When he returned she smiled.

"Congratulations, that is wonderful news. I do agree, maybe a good drink we should toast to your success?" She asked wondering what her companions thought of the idea.

Sapphire smiled and looked at Katrina. "Yes he is nice when he isnt a jokester. " She said as she smiled when Katrina kissed her cheek. She smiled and saw her brother come back. "I agree with Katrina, Lets get a good drink and toast to your achievement Jett." She said as the phoenix waved for a waiter and ordered a bottle of champagne as she smiled. "Its on me." She said as she smiled. Once the waiter left to get the champagne, Sapphire's phone rang. "Sorry about this, I need to take this." She said as she got up and answered the phone as she walked off to listen to the phone call.

The phone call was about some new games that were coming out that they wanted Sapphire's opinion on before they released the games to the public.  The phoenix sighed and thought as the man explained about the games as she glanced at the table for a moment. Sapphire was listening but she really wanted to get back to her girlfriend and her brother as she wanted to celebrate her brother getting a job. As the guard listened, Sapphire smiled as she started to explain that maybe they should make sure any bugs in the games are fixed and that everything is perfect before releasing the games. 

Once the phone call was over, Sapphire sighed and glanced at her girlfriend and her brother as she smiled softly. She was glad that her brother and the woman that mean so much in her life were getting along. Sapphire couldn't help but smile as she knew that she would spend the rest of her life with Katrina if she asked her. The phoenix decided to go to the restroom for a moment after the phone call to give her brother and her girlfriend some time alone together so they could bond. After about 12 minutes, Sapphire came back to the table just as the waiter brought the champagne. "Thank you." she siad to the waiter as she opened it up and poured it into the glasses. "Sorry about the phone call, Some of the business team at the company wanted to know my opinion on games." She said as she giggled and smiled as she raised her glass. "To Jett's achievements, I am soo proud of you." She said as she smiled softly. 

Jett nodded as he raised his glass nodding “ to you two as well on finding each other “ he smiled as he took a sip before placing the glass down “  now if you could only get the contract for Assasins creed franchise you would only need one tester “ he laughed as he looked between  Sapphire and Katrina “ if you ever go running in a forest  “don’t “ he laughed as he mimicked a flying bird with his hands” she cheats or goes running where there is a load of vendors “ Jett began to drool as he thought about the waffle “ mmmm choc chip toffee sauce “ he stopped as he realised as he blushed a little as he began listening to Katrina and Sapphire.

Jett sat back as  he smiled “I do hope there are gonna be plenty of action games though I hate all the variety of soccer games  there is one   be done with it “ he smiled as he thought about a question” what is  your favourite film to watch together “ he chuckled “ please don’t say harry potter and the order of the phoenix  “ he chuckled a little as he took another sip  as  he looked around the  room “ very busy tonight “ he looked over  at the uneaten meal left at the alone table as he reached over    pulling the plate  back on to his table “ Mmmmm spare rib” he  began to dig  in  as he looked around 

Katrina found the gentleman to be a very interesting creature and she thought it was sweet how much he seemed to care about his sister. Would he have a problem with asking for her hand in marriage. He just wanted to hear from him that it was allowed. Even though, technically, she wouldn't be able to stop. She wanted to marry Sapphire so badly since their parents were gone, the closest person would be her brother.

She looked at them both as they raised their glasses and nodded before taking a sip. "I don't know if we have a favourite movie. We spend a lot of time doing more activities. I like to treat Sapphire to dinner, walks and fun things. I am a lot of the time on call. But I think when things go differently in the future we probably will be watching a lot of movies together." 

She smiled at him as he grabbed the other plate and took the spare rib from someone else. 

Watching her brother get an uneaten meal from another table, Sapphire shook her head as she looked at him. She smiled as she continued to sip her wine and eat what she had on the table before listening to the two talk. The phoenix couldn't help but smile as she looked at her girlfriend and her brother as she was happy that they were getting along as she wanted the special people in her life to meet and know each other. Including if Sapphire were to spend the rest of her life with Katrina. When they asked about favorite movie, Sapphire looked at Katrina as she smiled, listening to her answer. "I agree we don't really watch a lot of movies together but hopefully in the future we can." She said as she smiled and kissed her girlfriend on the cheek. 

"Plus I think I like it where we are making dinner together and also walking around, it makes it more personal." Sapphire said as she looked at her and smiled before looking at her brother. "I wouldn't change it for the world." She said as she smiled at her girlfriend and held her hand under the table as she couldn't help but look at Katrina with love in her eyes. "Well if you two excuse me, I must head to the lady's room." She said as she got up and kissed Katrina on the cheek before heading to the girls room to give them more privacy to have the two talk without Sapphire being there.

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