Katrina didn't do family. Being a Celestial she really had no experience with family. She had no parents, no siblings, forget the aunts, uncles, and cousins. So why did she agree to meet Sapphire's brother? She no idea why she did. She knew that her feelings for Sapphire were getting intense and strong but she also knew that these things take time. So she wouldn't be saying any L-word just yet. She had the perfect moment if she could just wait for the moment. She had the perfect date planned for her.

But when Sapphire told her that her brother was in town and she wanted to meet up. It sounded like it was important to her. Anything Sapphire thought was important she cared about her. 

Katrina spent hours on making sure her outfit was perfect. Her hair was curled and gave a sense of flounce when she walked, finding the perfect medium-lengthed black dress. She thought it hugged her curves nicely. She knew she was older then Sapphire and she wondered if that would bother her brother. Age didn't matter too much to her but Sapphire did. If Sapphire's brother didn't like her maybe it was game over for their relationship and it was getting to Katrina.

Putting on her black heels she then took a glass of red wine and then began her journey to the restaurant where they were going to meet. She talked to the hostess and was brought to a seat in the back. It was a quaint booth and she sat on one side feeling worse then she did for client interviews. 

Sitting, she ordered herself a glass of water so she could drink and maybe calm some nerves. She didn't want to be drunk before they showed up so she tried to stay calm and all she could do was wait. 

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Katrina looked at Jett as he spoke about her not poisoning them.
Smiling she leaned and gave a gentle pat on Sapphire's knee. Giving a small rub over the skin with her thumb. "Don't worry, Jett is joking I assume." She said with a nod as she looked at the menu, glancing at the way the prices were and the different options. "I am going to take your Salisbury steak please and thank you." 

Katrina listened to his question. "I am from Scotland, I lived there for a very long time. So when I came to America it never shook off, I guess." She said with a nod. "I may be the reason," She said playfully the continuing "Sapphire and I have been having a lot of fun at least. But that is my side of the story."

Katrina watched around the restaurant trying to see the different people. She loved to see the different atmospheres. "Have either of you been here before?" 

Sapphire smiled as she listened to the two talk as Jett talked about Katrina's home land and then when he asked about Sapphire being on the phone most nights causing her to blush red. "I will say that yes Katrina is the reason I am on the phone at night most nights." She said as she chuckled and smiled when she felt Katrina rub her skin on her knee. "Yea I know I have been having alot of fun with you Katrina." She said as she smiled at the Celestial as she kissed her cheek. Sapphire didnt even look at the menu as she was so engrossed on what Jett and Katrina were talking about that she quickly looked at the menu and ordered some steak cooked well done with some roasted potatoes. 

When she felt the change in atmosphere, Sapphire smiled as she shook her head, "Never been to Scotland but I would love to go one day. The most places I have been are Italy, Rome and here." She said as she giggled. "I am not much of a traveler but I do meet some interesting people that move to Evermore." She said as she smiled and placed her hand ontop of Katrina's as she ran her thumb over her hand softly as she smiled at her

Jett chuckled a  little as he smiled “ well just don’t keep  her on the phone during full moons  never know what may happen and no  I’ve done a fair bit of travelling but I have never made it across the pond always wanted to see Buckingham Palace and   Big Ben  “ Jett watched as he smiled raising  his glass “I would  just like to say I wish you both luck  and  hope your love for each other lasts an eternity “

As he finished the meals  arrived at the table as  jet put his glass down he froze remembering where he was  placing his hand under the table  quickly shaking off the sensation  he got when his claws were about to appear   as he smiled   taking his knife and fork and began to cook his meal “ i hope everything is to  everyone’s satisfaction “ Jett smiled gently  “ 

Katrina smiled at Sapphire, her nerves seemed to settle down when she was spending time with them. She never did the family thing. She never had any family as she was a simple star that had fallen down from the sky, fallen so fast and so hard from the sky. 

Smiling as he raised his glass she nodded and lifted hers as well. "Well one day I will have to take you there, it could be a lot of fun. " She said with a smile as she placed her other hand on top of Sapphire's for a moment, giving it a simple pat.

"Yes, it looked delicious." She said as the food seemed to appear in front of them quicker then she had expected. She never ceased to amaze her the pace of restaurants and their speed in delivering the good food. A long time ago she had to make meals and have them ready for her, but thankfully she was lucky to order take out when needed for working long shifts. 

Thankfully McDonalds was close near the hospital when she needed a burger and a shake. "So what do you do for fun Jett?" 

Th Phoenix guard let out a chuckle when Jett mentioned that she hoped that she wouldnt be on the phone during a full moon. "Jett you wouldnt have to worry about that, Katrina would understand when I dont answer that I am helping you during your shift." She said as she smiled softly at Jett and smiled at Katrina as she winked at her. "Plus I would even send her a text telling her that I wouldnt be able to talk during the full moons." She said softly. Sapphire smiled when the food arrived as she then noticed Jett's pause as she looked at him with a worried look before she watched him dig into his food. She smiled alittle as she then started to cut into her steak as well as she listened to Katrina and Jett. "Yea it does." Sapphire said as Katrina mentioned how the food looked. She smiled once more as she felt her hand on top of hers when their hands were under the table. As the three dug into their food and talked, Sapphire couldnt help feel that this was a good thing that her girlfriend met her family. Even though Sapphire would of loved to let her parents met Katrina, but Jett was the only family she had and it was perfect that Katrina and Jett were getting along. 

The phoenix's mind started to wonder as she ate quietly. Thinking about what her parents would stay about her and Katrina's relationship. Even though back when she was 18, it wouldnt of been different but since times changed. If her parents were still alive, Sapphire continued to think if they would of accepted her for being with Katrina. She took a bite from her steak as she continued to wonder as she then smiled alittle as she knew her parents wouldnt care who she was with as long as she was happy and that she was being treated right. Sapphire turned her attention back to the two as Katrina asked Jett what he would like to do for fun. 

“ Well for fun I actually sing at the moment its a hobby till im offered a job a singer like back home but till then I have to get a job like everyone else but I do have an interview for a club aa few blocks away they want someone to sing everything but I refuse to sing that Rap crap “  he smiled as he took a mouthful of food as he smiled  “ big tip if you ever knock at my door and im playing music you have more chance breaking down the door but um please knock “Jett’s mind went back to when the PD  broke down his door as he just arrived home as he phased”  and when im not singing listening to music or playing video games im eating my weight in food “ he laughed “ note to self  67  big macs on the way home.

Jett raised an eyebrow as his sister mention about him shift “ Katerina knows about the werewolf tiger thing “  Jett shrugged a little in annoyance as he had only ever told his sister that he was Therian “ so just putting it out there im therian “ Jett ate some more of his meal before putting his knife and fork down as he smiled £ dad would approve of Kat Sapphire.


Katrina nodded at him gently.
"Rap, eh? I have to agree it is not as beautiful as the ballads in musicals and such. Thats my favourite. But singing is incredible. I must see you play sometime, I bet you are amazing. Talented, I assume!"
When he spoke about him playing and a knock she took a moment and laughed, she thought it was funny, but there were no plans to be knocking uninvited at his door.

"Not at all, i wouldn't think of breaking down your door." When she turned to Sapphire and smiled she knew she must have been in deep thought about something. Giving her a small smile and nudging her shoulder with hers she gripped her hand gently. "Everything alright, Saph?" She asked looking at her beauty, taking it all in.

As she took a bite of her food, she noted how Jett seemed tense about something. When he spoke about Therian genes, she smiled and gave a look of approval. "No worries at all, Jett, your secret is safe with me. I am celestial, I have gathered a vast amount of details on different species, due to my work with different birthing persons. Its a lot more complicated when it was just simple humans but now it's not just one I must understand." 

Sapphire listened to Katrina and Jett talk as she then smiled when Jett mentioned about being a therian. "Yes I did mention it to her because I trust her." Sapphire said with a small smile. When she was nudged, Sapphire looked at Katrina and smiled as she nodded. "I am fine. Just thinking about my parents." She said softly as it was still a sore subject with her even though they passed along time ago, Sapphire still blamed herself for their deaths and also just felt bad that her parents werent alive to meet the lovely woman she has met and also seen how much she has matured. 

The phoenix smiled as she ate more of her food as she looked at Jett. "So when is this interview of yours?" She asked as she did hear about Jett getting an interview to sing at a local club a few blocks down the road. "I agree Rap isnt a good style to listen to in a club." She said as she chuckled. Sapphire continued her meal as she glanced at Katrina once more as she smiled alittle at her before going back to listening to her brother. "Well 67 big macs are quite alot Jett, I bet you can eat more than that." She teased as she chuckled alittle. Knowing that her brother can eat quite a bit due to his Therian genes since it takes alot of energy to shift. 

Jett smiled gently “ ill get you two some tickets it is only a trial but it is nice to have some support singing different era music is a sacrifice im willing to ake to do something I love but ill drop them off with Sapphire if I can get hold of some and it is next Saturday  8-10 pm im thinking a sign from each era so they can see “  he shrugged a little or whatever is requested.

He chuckled “  you know your mom would approve she start making pizza if I recall “ he smiled as he ate some of his meal as he listens to Katerina and Sapphire talk as he chuckled “  well i was planning 120    but still may go that far I had 220 f0r lunch and im still hungry “ he chuckled as he took a sip of his drink.

"Sapphire and I are very close like I said previously. Your secret is safe with me." When Sapphire said she trusted her, she didn't know what to do. Trust was a tricky thing, it means that you trusted someone and hoped they wouldn't hurt you, maybe because of the many years and many things she endured trust was a hard thing to say. She had never fully thought about her extent of trust she had with Sapphire. Her thoughts a blur she seemed to have missed some conversation.

Taking a sip of her drink she took a nod to her head just to seem like she was paying attention to everything. When Sapphire spoke of her parents she slightly patted her hand for a moment before offering it to her, knowing that it was okay to talk about it if she wanted to. Katrina couldn't speak from experience when it came to the family as she had known. But the bond between these two showed that it meant something to everyone.

When he spoke about her mother approving she gave a smile. "I am sure it would have tasted wonderful." She knew that her parents from a different era might have seen it differently, now a days people were allowed to love who they wanted.

Sapphire smiled as she held Katrina's hand as she smiled softly, noticing something was up when she missed some of the conversation between Sapphire and Jett. It was true that Sapphire trusted Katrina, even before that became a couple, Sapphire trusted her with things. But now, Sapphire trusted Katrina with her life as they both were very close. The phoenix sipped her drink as she smiled as she listened to her brother talk. "That would be great Jett." She said as she heard him mentioning that he would drop them off if he could get a hold of them. 

The phoenix felt the pat on her hand as she smiled softly at Katrina as it was hard to talk about her parents. Sapphire even continues to blame herself for their death but knows that they wouldn't be mad as they were watching over her and Jett. Sapphire smiled as she heard Jett talk about their mom. "Yea she would make pizza if she approved." She said with a chuckle as she remembered a few things about their mom. The phoenix ate some of her meal as she listened to Jett talk about how many Big Macs he can it. "Well I can't blame you for being hungry Jett, I can understand burning all the energy really except I burn my energy mostly flying." She said as she knew that Jett's appetite is quite large due to his energy burning genes of being an Ailuranthrope.

The phoenix smiled as she heard Katrina speak about how her mother's pizza would of tasted wonderful. She smiled as she giggled. "Maybe I can make it for you one night." She said to Katrina as she smiled at her.

“ you have to remember the melted chilli cheese stuffing that was to die for “ without realising  Jett soon grabbed his napkin dabbing his face “ sorry “ he chuckled I tend to drool when I think of food “ he laughed a little as he finished his meal “ that was delicious  “ he smiled as he looked to Katrina “ if my sister trusts you I trust you “ Jett took his glass taking a large gulp” oh oh you need to do the coleslaw to “ Jett stopped as his phone started calling as he took his phone out “ please excuse me “ Jett walked towards the entrance.

Jett walked back in a few minutes later as he reached the table he  done a small  dance he only ever has done when he had good news and was happy “ another club is interested I have a free trial  on the weekend  and  family and friends have a free  entry that that “ he sat back down on his seat “I hope I haven’t missed anything important “ he chuckled a little as his  nostrils  picked up the  smell of Hot chocolate fudge cake with   custard “I know what im having for desert “ he chuckled a little as  he sat back  in his seat 

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