It’s been a few tough years for everyone, some more than others. All of them have been put through their paces and challenges.  He’s been spending the last year trying to figure out what happened when Vladmir went on that mission. What went wrong but all of them were at dead ends. Not able to figure it all out. Spending a year just finding loose leads, something that infuriated him even more. Not able to know how he’s able to protect the Aspects and his people along those who live in the city without knowing what threats they are to face. It had been a few months since him and Erytherus decided it was time to start sending guards back onto missions. Something they had kept them from doing, when they were unsure and apprehensive. Not wanting to make the same mistake twice, losing so much already. 

Strange occurrences were the normal information given back to him by the guard members who he had sent out on missions and camr back. Yet he’d never managed to pinpoint exactly where they had been coming from till now. The Valkyr had made a few connections with people in and around the city. How it was important for people like him to familarise themselves with the important and high powered people. Being an ambassador came with some perks, and commander too. Having connections with the police departments, the secret human organisations who were helping him to find any leads. Working together. This morning with Iris’s help, he’d been able to track down something that could give him a lead. The local detective who was in charge of supernatural occurrences had called him up saying that there was something they wanted him to look at. Damien thought it would be best not to go alone, following his own rule that he set out in place for no guards to go alone. 

Damien headed down to the training rooms. The place where most guards spents their free time outside of being sent out on missions. Whilst others like him and Dom choose to spend it at local bars and pubs but it didn’t mean they weren’t focused and ready for anything. Today Damien was looking for a certian guard member Edward. He knew it had been a while since he’d sent the other Valkyr out on a misson. Thinking the one he had today, he’d be the perfect person to help him out. Damien wanted to check out the strange occurrences in and around the city himself but knew it would be foolish to do it alone. Choosing to bring back up with him. Walking down to the training room he spotted the person who he was looking for. Seeing he was finishing up, Damien headed in pushing open the door. “Hey, Edward. Are you free today, up to going on a mission with me?” He greeted sounding cheerful first thing in the morning for once. Waiting to see Edward looking surprised to seeing him up and about, how he wasn’t an earlier riser. Especially if he was staying over at Arwyn’s. 

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Edwards walked the final 10 minutes back to the manor as he looked up at it was one of those nights sitting in the manor would have come to no prevail as he normally did he went for a run around the manor grounds observing the corners noting the time he was there and what he saw even though it had been several centuries from the siege of Malta it was hard to forget training that was drummed into him since childhood he observed rough sleepers and city employees begin to muster before he turned on his heel and began to jog the last few minutes back to the manor he could have done it in a few seconds but he enjoyed doing it the human way as well and kept the frustration of the lack of assignments of late.

Edward looked around as he made his way back into the manor as semi-darkness controlled the room as he pulled out his cell phone he witnessed the time being 6 am the time never really bothered him as when he was human they went by the daylight as he moved towards the steps in the manor his mind changed to training as he moved past the raised stairs making his way to the training room as he pulled out a small silver handle his flicked it open revealing a  metal rod he couldn’t carry a sword any more but it was just as good he looked around a little surprised not to have seen Miles a  fellow guard he often trained with as he walked over to the dummy he placed the baton down as he removed his jacket he began to strick the dummy with several kicks and punches in rotation occasionally grabbing his baton giving large swings as he did with his old weapons.

As Edward gave the last few punches he heard  the door  open  and the voice  he heard was that of Damien’s the Commander  of the guard stopping his self going into a kneeling   position  he looked surprised  to see it was Damien   he wasn’t known as one of the early   risers in the manor and his tone was somewhat  cheerier than normal”  of course my lord “ Edward noticed  he went o his old tongue  “ I mean yes Damien I am free how can I assist you “ Edward picked up his baton   shrinking it back down to  the pocket size  sliding it into his back pocket  before  reaching for his jacket with his free  hand “ may I ask the assignment or    is it we find out when we  get there deal “ he slid his jacket on   making himself look presentable 

Since becoming Commander he’s felt that he’s had to take a step back almost with the things he used to love, that being missions. How with things having changed. He was not the one sending guards out on missions rather than being the one sent out on them. Becoming the more the planner and strategist. Before they could send anyone on a mission there was a lot of time spent into each one, which in the last year it was more important. Damien always liked to make sure that they thought of all the possibilities of what could happen and then what could go wrong. Always liking to make sure there’s an escape plan if the mission was to go south. Each mission the aim was to get in and get out soon as they could. For no one to stay longer than they should with more risks that would be posed, if they did. Something that they didn’t want. Overlooking different missions he thought it was time for him to go on one but one that meant staying in the city. Damien thought this one wouldn’t be too difficult choosing to bring along a guard as back up. He had overlooked who were currently out on missions or just coming back from ones. To ensure everyone was treated fairly. Damien had noticed how it’s been a while since Edward was out on one. The fellow Valkyr was older than him but isn't as experienced in the guard field. Like many people who choose to become guards later in life. Yet it means they needed more training when it came to becoming what it was like as an Ailward Guard itself.  With a different sort of training that for most comes naturally. 

Heading to the training room he could see how he had taken Edward by surprise and how he was one of the guards who he didn’t hang around with too much. Mostly it was because he was busy with his commander duties or spending time with Arwyn or out drinking with Ery or Dominic. Damien was taken by surprise when Edward called him ‘my lord’, something that Edward had the habit of doing however many times he would tell him not to. “Umm Commander is okay” He could help to chuckle, running his hands through his curls before clearing his throat. How he wouldn’t consider himself as someone higher, especially how he was no lord. Damien told Valkyr why he was here, if he was free to go out on a mission. “Great” He grinned how he wouldn’t have to go on the mission alone. “I’ll explain on the way, I’ve already organised to meet somewhere this morning. So we better hurry up. Grab a gun or knife you can keep hidden just in case” Already getting down to business how he didn’t have time to explain or give a briefing for the mission they would normally do. It was almost normal for them to carry around a guard or concealed weapon just in case something happens and they would need to defend themselves or protect others. He always kept a spare gun or two in his glove box in his truck, he was sure he wasn’t the only one. Always better to be prepared for the unknown, the golden rule for them guards.

“Give me a  second Damien ill meet you at the front door  “ Edward walked out of the training room as he made his way to a  locker opening up the dented green box revealing a  wooden box opening it up to reveal a red velvet cloth holding a standard Glock handgun as he pulled the gun out he kept the muzzle pointed at the floor making sure it was in battle-worthy condition placing the holster on his belt followed by the gun placed in after
Edward hated modern-day weapons but ti fit in he knew he had to fit in as he placed several magazines in his inner jacket pocket he took two containers before closing the door as he made his way back into the training room noticing Damien had moved from the training room Edward looked at the case containing throwing stars it had been a few centuries since he had swung his axe in battle  “I still prefer my axe “ he mumbled as he walked up towards the front of the building

The outside was as dark as his black shoes but Edward knew this was not due to magic just the fact of the autumn equinox made it darker but he always thought it was good all Valkyrs abilities lasted longer. As he opened the door he tossed the package to Damien “  throwing stars for if we need to make a silent entrance he stopped as he waited for Damien to lead the way and begin the briefing as he made his way down the step towards  the motor pool 

The Valkyr always tried his best to include everyone where he could. Before becoming commander he’d never been the best at book work so to speak. He was used to jotting things on scraps of paper then ending up losing them.  Never having the best filing system so to speak but he’s now gotten better. Using a spreadsheet sort of thing one of the fellow guards helped him set up. So he knows who’s out where. Making it a lot easier for him. Damien could see that Edward hasn't been out on a mission lately. So this was a perfect opportunity for them to both get out. He knew what it was like being stuck at the barracks waiting for something to come up. “Alright then” Damien nodded his head letting Edward get himself ready to head out on the mission. Knowing the fellow Valkyr he’d almost be ready instantly. “Remember no Axe!” He joked shouting the the Edward as he walked out of the training room. Damien knew what Edward was like. There’s been a few times where he’s had to stop him midway nearly leaving the mission taking an old fashioned weapon onto a mission. Since it was mostly only guns or daggers that were allowed now. Much to some of the older guards' demise. Yet he was only trying to keep up with the times and what would be more affected since they were no longer going into battles in the modern world. 

As he left the training room Damien headed to the kitchen grabbing a few Redbulls out of the fridge then a few snacks too. Knowing that they’d both be needed. A part of him wanted to grab a few bottles of beers but he knew it wouldn’t be responsible or commander to drink on a mission. Since they needed to have full concentration at all times to be ready for anything that comes their way. When out on missions he would shift into a different person in a way, not his typical laid back and easy going self. Eyes fully set on the target. Damien soon headed outside knowing Edward would soon be coming. Edward wasn’t someone who wasted any time and never hung about. Ready for action at all times. Just on time Edward soon walked out and over to him tossing a parcel to him. Catching and raising his brothers Damien was confused by what was in the box. “What's this?” He quizzed as he shook the box hearing something rattling inside before he opened it to see what it was for himself. Inside the box were different types of Shuriken, throwing stars. A sly grin appeared on his lips as he saw them. “Ready for anything then?” Chuckling to himself as he closed the box, nodding his head to Edward. “Good thinking”

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