Nothing was ever simple for any of the Aspects. There was no such thing as living a simple life for any of them. How chaos and trouble always seemed to follow each of them in each of their own ways. By now it was more of a headache for most. Having said that, everything irritated the Aspect of Darkness. Being the less people-person out of the lot. Preferring her own company rather than the company of others, it was more so lately than before. Finding herself slowly kicking each person in her life out, just as quick as they came in. One thing she was good at was giving people the cold shoulder, making sarcastic comments. Not giving anodyne the time of the day. Finding herself going back to her old habits before she first came to the city. Before she found herself opening her heart up. Losing her touch lately till now. Choosing to seek the help of a dark diviner Abraham, how he was the person who would be able to help her with what she wanted for him to do. Hearing he was one of the best there were under her sister Malva of course. Thinking it would be better to go to a complete stranger who would not be asking many questions of why she was choosing to do what she wanted. Still she was far from what she wanted. Cora knew too well how tricky dark magic was like how in her past life she was only tapping into it with how she only just  touched the surface back then causing destruction. Let alone what could have happened if she tapped into her full potential of being a diviner till she was given the opportunity of becoming something else. Choosing Darkness instead of magic yet there was a part of her that missed it even if she knew now how she wasn't able to control it.  

The Aspect of Darkness had been busy in the past month. Going on different adventures with Peyton, her new bodyguard, both of them were up to mischief most of the time. Along with stealing Virideus’s own personal stash of home grown pot. They had gotten away with it mostly till The Aspect of Life finally left his room after more than a month of not coming out. Now she was persuaded or more like forced to help him re-grow his stash having used up the lot of it all. Having a little bit too much fun. With her going off the rails as a way of coping with her recent heartbreak. Pushing it all deep away choosing other things to distract her even if they should be the total opposite of what she should be doing right now. Choosing for once drawing in the darkness. Welcoming it all and it’s powers rather than trying to keep it all under-wraps. Now not caring about all it could do. With how her emotions were all over the place, just like how she was. She had noticed how guard members were avoiding her more than usual, each of them were scared when they saw her. All knew she was not in the mood to see anyone one right now. Or more so people who just irritated her most of the time. Which was the usual. 

Her collection of cursed objects were now growing more than before. Going out of her way, travelling to different places with Peyton. With them getting their hands on rare objects that she’d not yet acquired for her own personal collection. Too she had her own fun using some of the poor new guard members as her own test bodies. Dotting a few and mostly harmless cursed objects to see what was to happen so she knew how to build up the intensity. Seeing it was her own way of doing her bit to helping her siblings and their factions to the forces that would be soon upon them. How all of them could feel a disturbance in the city but all unaware of what it was. How each of them were all confused and annoyed how they weren’t able to figure it out. All 8 of them, probably the most powerful immortal beings weren’t able to figure it out together. Only making them all miffed. Cora knew how it affected Malva more so than most. Cora was out of her room for once, making use of the kitchen that for once was free of people. Which she liked. Choosing to go and help herself to a coffee using some of the fancy coffee pods with the machine they had. It took her awhile to figure out how to use it but she got it in the end. Making sure she had her caffeine fix for the day, too in hopes it would cure her hangover. Finding herself going drinking most nights these days. Sitting herself on one of the stools at the breakfast bar in the kitchen. Flicking through her phone, mostly at instagram. Too like most addicted to social media, something in the past she’d never see herself liking. That it was too mundane and vane but here she was. 

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It is so hard for her to cope with this irritating feeling scouring inside her. It was like she's a different person. Ever since her trip with Tavia to Mycenae Citadel, things have been a bit better for the Aspect of Magic. She knew what to do now. It wasn't a full answer to her questions, no, but it does help her understand what she needed to do and that was more than enough for Malva. Anything is better than nothing, some people would say. Still, it doesn't change a lot in her habits, it was still the same, but this time she had more things to think about. Namely, a person. The one she never thought she would ever see again. She stayed in her room per usual, this time trying to concoct something better. At least this time she didn't try to close everything out and let people in bit by bit. Malva is still the same nonchalant and cold person. She was currently in her room, the door was still closed per usual but it was not locked, neither was it spelled shut. 

Whoever wishes to come in can easily find themselves doing exactly that. There was no guarantee that she would not be yelling their ears off or cursing their hearts out but one can attempt to knock and see if the Aspect of Magic is in a good mood today. Malva was sitting on her bed with a few books surrounding her, they were surprisingly books on dark magic, save for one on alchemy which was scribbled personally by her. After realizing she had to face her fears one way or another in order to move past this barrier halting her, Mal started taking a few initiatives. It wasn't without help of course but the brunette would never admit it out loud that she had Sebastian to thank. Had the dark diviner hear her utter her thanks like that sincerely, he would never leave her alone nor would he try to let her live it down. 

She had been trying to read up on a few ancient methods that wouldn't really affect one person too much given the right hooks, and surprisingly, she was getting a hang of it. The Aspect of Magic likes reading the books, she finished reading all 9 of that collection last week and nobody ever really bothered to ask what she was holding the entire time. Good for her. Though, she was slowly getting sleepier than usual which made her realize that she still has yet to get her morning coffee; something the purple dragon always did. Pushing the journal off her lap, Mal got up on her two feet and brought the book she was reading with her downstairs as she searched for some coffee, hoping the others didn't finish the stock because the last thing she wanted to do was go on a trip to a nearby cafe, which wasn't really near at all.

By the time she got to the kitchen, she noticed a familiar silhouette sitting near the counter, from her figure alone had Mal pointing out the similarities to that of Aspect of Darkness, Cora. "Someone's up early-" It wasn't until she saw the clock hanging across her that Mal realized she had spent most of the morning in her room, "Forget I ever said that" she finished quickly and poured herself a cup of coffee, placing the book on the counter while eyeing Cora carefully. Malva looks a bit different, her hair is shorter to her elbow length and the blonde highlights were more visible than before. She looks healthier too, thankfully. The book on connective magic laid prettily on the counter while she stared at her sister, "I see you're comfy with social media."

It seems like lately losing track of time was the only thing she was good at. That she would spend most of her time out of the manor these days. Finding out by now she’s most likely been to every bar in the city. Thinking if it carries on she’d be turning out just like Erytherus or Dominic who were known to be the ones who could out drink anyone and spend most of their time in bars. For her she had different reasons for why she was doing it all for. Even after Virideus’s intervention she was still drawn to her old habits coming back. The only thing she was stopping was the whole drug thing. To stop before she would become too addicted and reliant on them. That soon would be happening if she carried on. Choosing to take it occasionally rather than daily. Plus she was still trying to repay Deus by having to help to replant his new crop since it was her and Peyton who used the last lot of it. Now they were feeling Deus’s wrath because of it. He was the only Ailward who she had seen much of lately. It was weird that they lived in a mansion full of people yet they didn’t see much of each other. She knew it was because now they all had their own lives out of the manor. That she was just the same. She wouldn’t admit it outloud but she does miss her siblings, it’s been a long time since they’ve been all in one room. 

The Aspect of Darkness was just sitting there at the kitchen counter sipping the hot cup of coffee that she’d only just made. Just casually on her phone scrolling through her newsfeed already feeling that she was wasting the day away. Yet there was nothing else to do. With her own schedule being quite empty to say the least. With there was nothing going on only for her to be cooped up in her dark room. All the other guards around have probably made a quick exit or detour out of the room soon as they saw her sitting there. That's what they normally do. To do anything to avoid the aspect who could take away their site. She was too focused on her phone screen not noticing the Aspect of Magic had just walked into the kitchen. A smirk appeared on her lips hearing how surprised she was that she was up this morning before Malva realised that it was past midday. It was a known fact that all of their sleeping patterns were messed up to say the least. Staying up till early hours of the morning or days at times. 

“Yeah, no. That never works for us” She chuckled softly shaking her head seeing as her sister went to pour herself a coffee. Seeing that was in need of it more than her. “I’m bored, there’s nothing to do here” Letting out a groan as she locked her phone leaning back in the chair. Quickly noticing a fancy book was now lying on the kitchen counter, already able to guess it was Malva’s. “Book on connective Magic” She read out loud looking over to the brunette. “So what do you need this for?” Cora wondered curiously but she didn’t know what Malva was up to when it came to magic these days. It had been centuries since her old necromancer days as she gave up her old magic to become an Aspect. Yet it didn’t mean she didn’t miss it. Still knowing a few things or two but it was nothing compared to Malva. 

Coffee has been one of the staple things they'd find in the manor, one time when they finally ran out of coffee, they actually went feral and by that, she meant mostly her and occasionally her other siblings. God knows how much Malva loves her coffee and needed her instant fix daily so to avoid stumbling across any pissed off Malva Ailward, they kept a certain stock for it. Admittedly she was a bit taken aback when she saw Cora lounging by the kitchen until she realized it was no longer morning, well that explains it then seeing as her sister is not exactly someone she would classify as morning person. "I thought you hate social media for its insanely filtered content" she mimicked and poured herself a cup of coffee, bringing it with her as she headed closer to the counter when Cora suddenly noticed the book she brought with her. 

She's the Aspect of Darkness, it was to be expected that a former necromancer like her would know what that type of magic entailed, considering both their past backgrounds prior to becoming an Aspect. Mal could always talk about magic with her, but those haven't been that frequent lately. If anything, she was the one who grew more distant. "What kind of question is that? You know what I need it for, is there ever a question of what I need when it comes to me studying more in depth on magic? I'm the Aspect of Magic, Cora, now more than ever I need to be on top of my game…" Seeing as she was being extremely dismissive and hesitant about the issue, it didn't take a genius to realize Mal was indeed hiding something else. Something far bigger than just the infamous Aspect of Magic reading into the very type of dark magic she has sworn off for the last 400 years. 

"But to answer your question… I was trying to study… that's all" there was some truth to it, Mal was trying to study until she got frustrated because she still refused to let it in. She was blocking it. "My magic is having a puberty phase… long overdue, and I have no idea how to appease it" she groaned, it was not the time for her magic to be acting up. Not now. "Any tips on how to tackle this nonsense?"

It’s been a while since she’d been in the same room as Malva or really any other Aspect at that. The only one of her adoptive siblings she’d been around lately was Virideus. Who was still trying to give her different intervention sessions but her being her wasn’t making it easy for him. Cora knew that Malva was a busy person. Probably the busiest in the whole manor. She knew what the brunette was like. Taking on more than she can handle. Someone who doesn’t know when to say no. To deal with other people’s problems other than her own. That there’s many people all around who need the Aspect of Magic’s help. Cora hated asking others for help not wanting for others to deal with her problems. In the end she has a habit of keeping it all to herself, bubbling up instead it’s nearly too late. Rather than asking or putting her problems onto other people. The Aspect rolled her eyes to Malva who was mimicking something she’d said a while back. “Well I got nothing else to do. Everyone else around is too busy or just avoiding me” She replied back shrugging her shoulders. Admittedly she wanted to be involved in someone else's problems, wanting some entertainment. Rather than staring at the four dark walls inside her room that she spent the majority of her time in most days. 

It seemed that maybe she was soon finding something interesting knowing on Malva there was always something she was working on. If anything she’s taking more than she can handle. That she was right with the small outburst coming from Malva. “Okay Okay I get it you want to make sure everyone knows you're the best of the best. That nobody can touch you. We’ve all heard it'' She emphasized looking over to her seeing how she was stressing a little more than usual, maybe it was that this was her first cup of coffee of the day. “You don’t have to bite my head off you know. That’s my job” She mused softly stating the truth. 

Cora looked surprised by The Aspect of Magic coming to her for help, that maybe she’s not all that perfect and put together. “Knowing you, you have too much on your plate. Try focusing on one thing rather than a load of others” She wasn’t the best at giving advice with how most of the time she’d give the wrong advice. “I’m not the best person to come to for magic advice. Back before I became a necromancer my magic was all over the place then it was worse after I was claimed. I let all of my anger and magic bubble up then I exploded” Reminding her for what happened before she became an Aspect. It wasn’t often she spoke of her past. None of them really did. All of them tried their best to forget their past lives, to put it behind them. “Maybe you can look at something at the archives” Cora suggested but she’d probably already tried that. “Or go and ask Kaelyn or Wyatt they might be able to help” Really she was trying to say anyone but her

When was the last time she saw Cora lounging around the manor? A while, she was sure. But then again, her judgment wasn’t exactly something she could trust on her own because the Aspect of Magic was rarely there. And by there, she didn’t mean home because god knows she did keep herself cooped up in that godforsaken room of hers. But only there, of course. Just her room, she didn’t set foot outside unless it was necessary and she only did that whenever she needed some coffee or something from the greenhouse. “Well, it is the busy hour” which is practically every hour possible in the household if she was being truthful. But Cora wasn’t wrong, they were also busy avoiding one another, for some reason unknown. Maybe they didn’t want to meet those who are capable of knocking their heads straight.

Upon hearing her response to her quip earlier, Mal frowned and grumbled to herself, “If I don’t do that, people are gonna keep coming to me with their stupid questions and you know I don’t have the time to spare for that. It’s bad enough that my own apprentice, one that is actually prodigal and promising, is getting himself into trouble with magic, I really don’t need more on my plate” she was already investigating the incident that ties itself to Ivar. And she was getting nowhere close with every end coming to a dead one. “I don’t want to bite your head off, not the head anyway” she chuckled wryly, god it feels since forever that they could joke properly these days. Everyone has been so stressed and the dragon is not excluded from the mix.

“I can’t help it Cora, sometimes a lot of things do require my attention and I am… only one dragon at the end of the day. I can’t exactly clone myself, believe me, I tried to do that with the makeshift spell but the real one can only serve as an illusion, not one that is for practical use.” In direct terms, they’re useless. “I’d take the time to create a new spell for that but my head is running out of fuel because of my lack of sleep and… there’s more important things to do than to sit down and be creative with new spells…” Her discovery mode was extremely exhausting at the moment. Not that she was surprised. When the younger Aspect suggested they go take a look at the archives, the brunette grumbled and shook her head, “I don’t want to go there for the third time this week… it’s so stuffy,  and besides, Wyatt is occupied, I don’t want to bother him. He’s stressed too, I’m sure of it.”

One look and she could sense the dark diviner was having a hectic schedule with managing himself. “Then don’t help me with magic, help me with anything. I’d do anything to get this weight off me even for one day honestly…” She leaned against the counter and beckoned for Cora to look at the new shopping mall flyer that was on the marble surface, “Shopping?” That one was always Cora, Mal didn’t shop much because she didn’t see the point nor the enjoyment in them, so it was either the Aspect of Darkness and Light to drag her.

There’s always been so many people who have lived at the manor. With how many guards have chosen to live at the manor, who are close to their jobs. Easy to reach and ready for anything. Then there’s some who choose the most sane thing and that is to not to live in the crazy house. Or the partners of some guards would stay over too. Meaning the manor is never quiet. Always someone lurking around the halls at godforsaken hour. The Aspect of Darkness often had a habit of sleepwalking at early hours of the morning. Normally it would be when something was troubling her. She has been having a lot lately with all that's been going on with her. It didn’t help that she could never find quiet here, only she would have her room. Where she’d spent the majority of her time. Cora knew she wasn’t the only one of her adoptive siblings to adapt to the same habits. Preferring their own space from others, especially those with prying eyes. Any guard with any sense knows to stay clear of her room. “You’ve missed lunch..knowing that you probably have breakfast too” She pointed out how the Aspect had a habit of forgetting to stop for something to eat, being too wrapped up not to notice the time passing. They are all the same. 

Cora could see that Malva was starting to stress herself out. The Aspect of Darkness thought she'd be able to say a few more things before the brunette would stress out. “You need to say no rather than yes all of the time” The Malva didn’t know when to say no, that was her problem. Remember there’s a Diviner leader too, you don’t need to do it all yourself. Even if you may be the Aspect of Magic and all. There’s only one of you, at this rate there might not be if you carry on taking on more of other people's problems” It was pointless trying to tell her to slow down, all of them have tried but it’s been no use. “Right now you're at the level of being Dom or Damien when someones hidden the booze” Normally she would be the one ready to snap someone's head off but this time it was someone else. 

Malva’s meltdown continued as Cora watched on sipping her coffee letting her have her little meltdown. “What you need is a day away from the office, away from here. Away from whatever you're up to. You can’t do this when you're all crashed out like right now” Everyone once in a while they needed to get out of the manor. Learning the lesson from Virideus but this time around she wouldn’t be taking them out on a hike in the woods. That reminded her that Virideus still owed her for a new pair of heels and a pedicure. “True I always hated the Archives, something I’ve not missed” Spending a day in the Archive was draining. The Aspect of Darkness nearly  choked on her coffee, taken by surprise of Malva wanting to go shopping. “Wait.. really? You're not joking?” Surprised, normally it’ll take her a lot of begging for even Malva to maybe agree to it. Cora knew how much Malva didn’t like shopping unlike her, with how the burnt tree mostly had the same wardrobe for the last few decades. Whilst for her she always liked to buy something knew often. “Wow you must be desperate to hurry huh?” She muttered sarcastically teasing Malva a little. “Let’s go then, it’s already getting late” If they were going to go shopping she wanted to go before the shop shut. “You got anyone to look after your tiger?” Only Malva would have a high maintenance pet who had to be looked after and not left alone for too long. 

Maybe seeing Cora lounging around wouldn't be much of a rare occurrence if Malva actually bothered to come down every once in a while and mingle instead of just stepping down the stairs for her regular coffee fix of the day. Yeah… that requires a lot of effort, one the Aspect of Magic is not around to entertain. It's not as if she's lazy… okay that might be a tiny reason to one of her many factors, but it hardly covers even half of the percentage. "Right… I missed lunch, yeah that doesn't even sound half as surprising anymore…" She does tend to forget her eating schedules. It doesn't help with the fact that aside from Argent who's actually living her life attending the university here, all of them are very much alike in being dull and solemn. 

"Well it's not like I want to take on all the burden that's already there, I have enough on my plate, the last thing I need is to add one after another… but sometimes I have to be there to oversee it and it's really…" She sighed heavily, the exhaustion was apparent in her dull sapphire hues. "Speaking of the Diviner leader, yes I do need to go see her one of these days… I need a memo or a reminder for that. God I wish we had these reminders… that's not on our phones because those just make me want to throw it out of the window." She is not a big fan of technology, at least not the alarm part. Other things aside from that, she's fine with. Mal scrunched up her nose and gave Cora an offended look when she compared her to Dom or Damien when alcohol is involved. "Well let's try to pretend that I was not at all offended by that comparison." What a let down. 

The offer sounded tempting, to get away from all of this, whatever this is. That'd be nice. So she thought why not do some stress shopping with Cora? Argent wasn't there and Cora had a similar fashion sense, though admittedly hers are a lot more bold whilst Mal's were pretty on point with her personality. The way she dressed does reflect on her icy and quirky personality. The no-nonsense attitude she gives off quickly rubs on people around her. The brunette rolled her eyes when her pet tiger was mentioned "Excuse you, Constance is a tame house pet. You know unless you're Aureus' suit or leather shoes, she doesn't really give a damn."

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