Nothing was ever simple for any of the Aspects. There was no such thing as living a simple life for any of them. How chaos and trouble always seemed to follow each of them in each of their own ways. By now it was more of a headache for most. Having said that, everything irritated the Aspect of Darkness. Being the less people-person out of the lot. Preferring her own company rather than the company of others, it was more so lately than before. Finding herself slowly kicking each person in her life out, just as quick as they came in. One thing she was good at was giving people the cold shoulder, making sarcastic comments. Not giving anodyne the time of the day. Finding herself going back to her old habits before she first came to the city. Before she found herself opening her heart up. Losing her touch lately till now. Choosing to seek the help of a dark diviner Abraham, how he was the person who would be able to help her with what she wanted for him to do. Hearing he was one of the best there were under her sister Malva of course. Thinking it would be better to go to a complete stranger who would not be asking many questions of why she was choosing to do what she wanted. Still she was far from what she wanted. Cora knew too well how tricky dark magic was like how in her past life she was only tapping into it with how she only just  touched the surface back then causing destruction. Let alone what could have happened if she tapped into her full potential of being a diviner till she was given the opportunity of becoming something else. Choosing Darkness instead of magic yet there was a part of her that missed it even if she knew now how she wasn't able to control it.  

The Aspect of Darkness had been busy in the past month. Going on different adventures with Peyton, her new bodyguard, both of them were up to mischief most of the time. Along with stealing Virideus’s own personal stash of home grown pot. They had gotten away with it mostly till The Aspect of Life finally left his room after more than a month of not coming out. Now she was persuaded or more like forced to help him re-grow his stash having used up the lot of it all. Having a little bit too much fun. With her going off the rails as a way of coping with her recent heartbreak. Pushing it all deep away choosing other things to distract her even if they should be the total opposite of what she should be doing right now. Choosing for once drawing in the darkness. Welcoming it all and it’s powers rather than trying to keep it all under-wraps. Now not caring about all it could do. With how her emotions were all over the place, just like how she was. She had noticed how guard members were avoiding her more than usual, each of them were scared when they saw her. All knew she was not in the mood to see anyone one right now. Or more so people who just irritated her most of the time. Which was the usual. 

Her collection of cursed objects were now growing more than before. Going out of her way, travelling to different places with Peyton. With them getting their hands on rare objects that she’d not yet acquired for her own personal collection. Too she had her own fun using some of the poor new guard members as her own test bodies. Dotting a few and mostly harmless cursed objects to see what was to happen so she knew how to build up the intensity. Seeing it was her own way of doing her bit to helping her siblings and their factions to the forces that would be soon upon them. How all of them could feel a disturbance in the city but all unaware of what it was. How each of them were all confused and annoyed how they weren’t able to figure it out. All 8 of them, probably the most powerful immortal beings weren’t able to figure it out together. Only making them all miffed. Cora knew how it affected Malva more so than most. Cora was out of her room for once, making use of the kitchen that for once was free of people. Which she liked. Choosing to go and help herself to a coffee using some of the fancy coffee pods with the machine they had. It took her awhile to figure out how to use it but she got it in the end. Making sure she had her caffeine fix for the day, too in hopes it would cure her hangover. Finding herself going drinking most nights these days. Sitting herself on one of the stools at the breakfast bar in the kitchen. Flicking through her phone, mostly at instagram. Too like most addicted to social media, something in the past she’d never see herself liking. That it was too mundane and vane but here she was. 

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