Being an Initia, Scott felt a little bit behind in his abilities than some that he had came to know, on his travels. Due to the life his mother was leading; he was raised in normality. Or as normal, as his life could have been. With his obligations and duties on the family farm; it had taken Scott a while to realise; that he eventually wanted to embrace his Initia side. To learn more about his element of water and others, if possible. With the start of process; his ceremonies were late. But for him, it was a start of a new dawn. Feeling like there was some progress being made. Scott felt a bit more like himself, when he finally acknowledged/embraced his elemental side. As the old saying goes; better late than never, right? Scott was doing; something that his mother never had done. At times, wondering would she be proud of the man he was becoming? Or would she disapprove of him following the path of elemental control? His mother never seemed to be bothered about the fact that she herself never mastered her elements. Always warning Scott to be careful; when he was young. ‘Don’t expose your nature.’ ‘Don’t use your element for fun.’ ‘Don’t accidently soak anyone at school.’ and so the list of warnings went on and on. Scott now found himself questioning, if his mother ever felt less like herself, for not embracing the Initia side? She seemed so content, with the human life. And for a while, Scott dd too. He didn’t know better, until the Initia tribe in South Carolina; had helped him. Then, he truly felt like himself. Almost hating the thought of suppressing, his abilities more now.

Since his arrival in Evermore. Scott had slowly been making it his home. Trying to get the most important things off of his list. But the bigger thing on his list; was trying to integrate within the Initia community. To get to know the tribe members and it’s leader. Scott felt a bit nervous. He was a stranger, pretty much. And he was certain,that most Initia’s have had been a part of the tribe, for years, if not longer. Hoping that they would prove to be as welcoming as rumors have said. Scott hadn’t exactly met many Initia’s face-to-face,in Evermore. At least not properly. On occasion, there had been a few people; that had stood out in the crowd. The same pull, he remembered having in South Carolina. He felt again. That told him, they were Initias. But since they were seemingly busy; Scott let them go about their daily business; a kind exchange of head nods, or smiles being exchanged rather than conversations at the moment. 

Scott knew, that the first Initia that was on his list to talk to; was someone whom was in charge of the tribe. Figuring, meeting the rest of the tribe would come after that. As he had his priorities set out, from the moment he stepped foot into the Eternal City. Then would come more training with elements. Beside water; Scott held a particular fascination with Psychic and Fire. Scott knew that the second element, he wanted to learn could potentially be the most dangerous one to pick; or so...from he had heard at least. But something about uncertainty/and maybe the rush; is what made it appealing. Among other factors. But the Canadian Male, was always dubbed as a hard worker. And an eager one at that.

After his morning shift at the ranch; Scott had the afternoon off. So he decided, it would be a good chance to go and seek out one of the leaders of the tribe. Managing to find his way to the faction house. Scott felt his palms sweat a little bit. What was there to be so nervous about? It’s not like, it was a life or death scenario. Right?

Finally ringing the doorbell. Scott waited. His foot slightly tapping against the ground. Listening for any sounds on the other side of the door. When the door finally opened; Scott gave a charming, polite smile. “Good Afternoon, I am looking for someone, that’s in charge?” His Canadian drawl coming through. Hoping, that whomever had opened the door. Was one of the Masters...or would take him to the main head of the Initia Tribe. Either one, would do. Scott was just hoping to make some progress today.

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Whilst Hungarian wasn't a language she frequent to, it was always there in her. After all, when it comes to nationality wise, she would've passed as Hungarian if things were well. Unfortunately, back then the wars told her parents that it wasn't safe to be there in Hungary, and so Andorra became her living place. Ukrainian was so much easier for her, but there wasn't any trouble with others. When he asked her how it was living in Hungary, Sofi shrugged casually, "I can't say much, I don't think I could recall anything from childhood but I have been there when I was doing my thesis paper. It's festive, they can be friendly, you just need to find the right person to talk to." Always seek out the locals, they said. They'll always guide you better than the half-assed tour guides you pay tons for. "It's an old place so you'll probably like heading over to the countryside." 

One Initia parent and a human parent, no wonder he's been without a tribe for long, those with cases such as that or so much easier to detect. "Both my parents were Initia but they moved away from their tribes. I'm guessing they decided to lead a normal life after that" she didn't hear any word of them joining the local tribe anywhere, and considering how easy it was for them to travel, that was probably it. They were Lone Initia too. "No, not everyone gets a happy ending, but you can be sure to make your own. Carve your own path, right?" Sofi grew up as an orphan so there's nothing she hasn't been learning to rise up to the steps of independence. "Sofi's been wanting to make something out of every Initia here. She didn't want them to just follow the flow, if anything she wants them to find what's inside them and go with it." 

There were a few times when she'd gather all the younger ones to ask what they wanted to be. Whether it was an innocent answer wondering if they wanted to be a doctor or a teacher, she'd be there to hear them out. The kids were playing freely, they were there and Sofi had beckoned for some of them to come, telepathically telling them not to call her Sofi. Thankfully, most knew this pattern; the blonde would often bring new recruits here while shielding her own identity to test them. And the novitiates were more than used to it. "Say hi to Scott, everyone. He's new." 

Scott always liked to learn more, about travels from those that experienced it and seen different places. Like Sofi had. It helped give a better picture, in his mind as to how a place he hadn’t seen yet, was like. Maybe stir ideas, of where he could possibly visit if he felt the need to get out of town. If she had been pretty young, then it made sense she didn’t remember much from that time. “That’s nice. I am sure, finding some locals to talk to, when travelling is always helpful.” Or so everyone that always traveled, said so.  Scott had been so used to the country-side from his youth, that it was always somewhere he would feel the most at home.

As she in turn, told him about her parents Scott nodded in understanding. At least, her parents had each other, despite being lone Initia. “It looks like it. Do you think, some are unhappy with the tribe life?” he asked. Wondering if that was reasons why some Initia left, to lead a more normal life. It was a little sad, that someone would not be so keen on the tribal way of life, when their specie, thrived at best as a community. But she raised a good point. Making one’s own path, was what he was trying to do. “Exactly.” He confirmed with a nod. “Whilst, I sometimes worry about my father handling everything on his own. I can’t say, I regret the choices, that led me here.” Scott said honestly. He needed to discover more about himself, embrace his true nature. Not wanting to run from it. Hopefully, his father had gotten some extra help around the farm, to keep running it; as he wasn’t there to handle most of the harder labour. “That’s a good approach. Everyone has different potential. I think it’s a good approach to get that potential out.” No matter what everyone was capable off. No one was left out.

Watching the kids gather around. Scott smiled at the kids. “Hey guys.” he greeted them. Being an only child; he never had any siblings. But all of the young one’s, seemed close. Like a mini family. Maybe even siblings among the group itself. As few of the younger one’s, introduced themselves; he began to make a mental note of the names. In case, he’d see them around.

Before today, Sofi would never have pegged herself as someone who would take one place to settle for. Her entire life has been filled with adventures and her journeys across the world searching to know more about her element, but Evermore seemed to have changed that the moment she assumed the role of the current Grand Master. Was it a blessing in disguise or the opposite? No one seemed to have an idea on that. "You always want to speak with the locals instead of depending on that nuisance you call travel app" she teased, sometimes what the locals suggested would contrast what the app would. "Sometimes I searched my hometown a few times and even I get flabbergasted at the reviews and recommendations by tourists." Not to say they were fairly bad, it's just too commercial for her. 

When he asked her if she thought some Initia were just unhappy with the tribe life, Sofi wasn't sure how to answer that one considering it would contradict her views as a Grand Master of a tribe now. Even as an elemental Master, she didn't know how one could leave their tribe so easily when they were bound to it. "I'll be truthfully honest, I'm not sure. We don't all see things in the same perspective so even I couldn't say much about it. Perhaps, they felt like something was missing from the life they led, so far?" For instance, the blonde could never understand why her parents did what they did until she got a little bit older. It took her decades to digest everything. She's never resented them, no, it was quite the opposite, but for years, young Sofi never knew why they left their tribes. 

"Initia… if they were born in a tribe, they've been nurtured and taught about the tribe's bond. It's hard to want to leave unless you're leaving for the better; like wanting to seek more knowledge about your elements etc. We've been taught that our elements, they're a part of us, it is us. Without it, we won't feel anything. That's what differentiates us from humans, I guess" she pursed her lips lightly before resuming, "But maybe some things are bigger than that." Love, perhaps. That's why her parents left. Because they couldn't be together and during that time, the world has already started yet another war. They couldn't risk being in the middle of it. She was delighted to see how well the kids seemed to go with Scott, it's always nice to see them welcoming a newcomer. In all aspects, Sofi saw the tribe as her family. For an orphan, it's a big deal. 

"I hope none of you are slacking in your training, we're going to have our weekly evaluation next Friday" she cleared her throat playfully and saw the looks etched on their faces, evaluations can be tricky. It's meant to boost your mental and physical, after all. "How about you guys show Scott what you've learned." Since they were junior novitiates, they were around the age where they've already learned their affinity element. 

Everyone was different. Some people liked to be in one place, settled down; stuck in the familiar circle. Others were more adventurous, never settling down for long. He figured Sofi had been the second one, till she came to Evermore. “I’ll keep that good advice in mind.” The Initia chuckled. He rose a slight eyebrow. “I take it, their recommendations didn’t appeal to you?” he questioned, as she mentioned looking up things about her hometown. Each to their own, he supposed. Not everyone had the same taste.

Perhaps his question was a bit, unorthodox. But maybe he wasn’t the only one whom ever thought of it, that way. But he was quite interested in hearing what she had to say on the matter. “Possibly. I guess we’ll never know the mysteries of that.” Scott knew she might be hinting at something important, if her parents thought they were missing something from life. But what? He didn’t know her parents. If anything, they probably sounded as complicated as his own situation, with his mother and him being a Lone Initia. At least, he knew he wasn’t the only one, to be in that situation.

Taking in her explanation about their kind. Scott silently nodded, letting the information sink in. “Well, I can’t imagine any normal human being able to wield the elements.” he spoke, as she mentioned what made them different from humans. “I think there indeed are, bigger things in the world that we don’t understand, or have any control over.” Scott knew the world was big, and not everything had an explanation. At least, not in the way some people would be hoping for. So if they didn’t understand some-thing, it was just nature’s way of telling them, to let fate work in it’s way. Or so he supposed, that’s what it was. Not everything could be explained.

Leaning against the wall, Scott gave the young one’s an encouraging smile; when she asked them to show off what they learned. Before long, the young one’s started to use their abilities. Scott watched with curiosity, intrigue and a smile on his face; watching the young one’s in their element. Whether it was air, water or earth tricks that they learned. It seemed pretty magical. Having great talent and potential,for much younger Initia than he.

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