Being an Initia, Scott felt a little bit behind in his abilities than some that he had came to know, on his travels. Due to the life his mother was leading; he was raised in normality. Or as normal, as his life could have been. With his obligations and duties on the family farm; it had taken Scott a while to realise; that he eventually wanted to embrace his Initia side. To learn more about his element of water and others, if possible. With the start of process; his ceremonies were late. But for him, it was a start of a new dawn. Feeling like there was some progress being made. Scott felt a bit more like himself, when he finally acknowledged/embraced his elemental side. As the old saying goes; better late than never, right? Scott was doing; something that his mother never had done. At times, wondering would she be proud of the man he was becoming? Or would she disapprove of him following the path of elemental control? His mother never seemed to be bothered about the fact that she herself never mastered her elements. Always warning Scott to be careful; when he was young. ‘Don’t expose your nature.’ ‘Don’t use your element for fun.’ ‘Don’t accidently soak anyone at school.’ and so the list of warnings went on and on. Scott now found himself questioning, if his mother ever felt less like herself, for not embracing the Initia side? She seemed so content, with the human life. And for a while, Scott dd too. He didn’t know better, until the Initia tribe in South Carolina; had helped him. Then, he truly felt like himself. Almost hating the thought of suppressing, his abilities more now.

Since his arrival in Evermore. Scott had slowly been making it his home. Trying to get the most important things off of his list. But the bigger thing on his list; was trying to integrate within the Initia community. To get to know the tribe members and it’s leader. Scott felt a bit nervous. He was a stranger, pretty much. And he was certain,that most Initia’s have had been a part of the tribe, for years, if not longer. Hoping that they would prove to be as welcoming as rumors have said. Scott hadn’t exactly met many Initia’s face-to-face,in Evermore. At least not properly. On occasion, there had been a few people; that had stood out in the crowd. The same pull, he remembered having in South Carolina. He felt again. That told him, they were Initias. But since they were seemingly busy; Scott let them go about their daily business; a kind exchange of head nods, or smiles being exchanged rather than conversations at the moment. 

Scott knew, that the first Initia that was on his list to talk to; was someone whom was in charge of the tribe. Figuring, meeting the rest of the tribe would come after that. As he had his priorities set out, from the moment he stepped foot into the Eternal City. Then would come more training with elements. Beside water; Scott held a particular fascination with Psychic and Fire. Scott knew that the second element, he wanted to learn could potentially be the most dangerous one to pick; or so...from he had heard at least. But something about uncertainty/and maybe the rush; is what made it appealing. Among other factors. But the Canadian Male, was always dubbed as a hard worker. And an eager one at that.

After his morning shift at the ranch; Scott had the afternoon off. So he decided, it would be a good chance to go and seek out one of the leaders of the tribe. Managing to find his way to the faction house. Scott felt his palms sweat a little bit. What was there to be so nervous about? It’s not like, it was a life or death scenario. Right?

Finally ringing the doorbell. Scott waited. His foot slightly tapping against the ground. Listening for any sounds on the other side of the door. When the door finally opened; Scott gave a charming, polite smile. “Good Afternoon, I am looking for someone, that’s in charge?” His Canadian drawl coming through. Hoping, that whomever had opened the door. Was one of the Masters...or would take him to the main head of the Initia Tribe. Either one, would do. Scott was just hoping to make some progress today.

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“Well if it makes you feel better, I think your suggestions and recommendations are a lot better compared to anyone else I’ve met, yes I’m even ranking you highest in my Canadian contact list” she jested, she remembered having friends from different parts of the world, when she was studying in England, she had a circle of friends who had joined the foreign language club, turns out she managed to create plenty of friendships there. They were memorable for as long as they lasted since some of them were older now due to being human. She did attend university over 40 years ago, after all, it’s a given for them to age forward. “Most of the Russians and Ukrainians I’ve met didn’t dwindle when it comes to winter, I’m not sure whether it’s solely due to preferential types or because they’ve built up enough perseverance against the cold since they live in a place that’s cold to the core. Literally.

”If you didn’t know your way around, streets in Kiev may even be your own demise, considering how many shady things happened there. Still, she loved her country, and would argue otherwise that the other countries had their own shady streets and alleys just the same. “If you’re torn between winter and summer, then you’ll do good in Spring then. Early Spring.” Where the weather feels warmer but still chilling just the same, it’s where people could witness the flowers blooming prettily. “I’ve always liked the beach, but not when it’s too crowded, then it kinda ruined the setting for me” Well, she would prefer not having people talking too loud in her head while she was just trying to enjoy her day at the beach. But Scott didn’t know that. Yet. Sofi wondered for a while if it was wise for her to reveal her identity before the day ends or keep the ruse until he finds out. Which one was the better of the two? 

“I wonder how I’d survive in a place like that, the thrill of finding something new and completely undiscovered by others, I can’t even imagine to describe the exhilaration” she went to an island once, and it was enough to fuel her imagination. “New Zealand and Italy? Good choice. New Zealand is so peaceful I wish I could stay longer, I spent about 16 months there while I was interning.” And Italy, it was an old city with plenty of history, “I stayed in Venice for about… 4 months? Yeah. Even then I don’t think I’ve even toured the neighbourhood, much less the city itself.” Sofi couldn’t help but grin endearingly when he said he would like to explore the chances instead of keeping in his own bubble, it’s not often to find people this open-minded, though people are starting to warm up, she noticed they still had traces of the old traditional tribe life to them. Sometimes, changes could be a very terrifying thing. Sometimes, not. 

She wanted to convince them that they were moving towards a change for the better and it’s in progress, so that’s a start. It would be a long term one so the Psychic Initia will need to collect her patience before long. Thankfully, she’s good at that. “Maybe it’s because you weren’t deep-rooted in traditional tribe ways, not that being rooted to that is a bad thing but they fear the unknown, I guess.” It’s a bit sad but she learned to accept it. “They’re curious but not brave enough to go up front and ask things about her. Are you eyeing Psychic as an element you’d study? You seem pretty interested in it.”

The Initia looked amused, at her playful jest. “Well thank you for that. Glad to be top in your list.” he smiled. Scott supposed he had some class and knew decent places in Canada to visit, and when to avoid certain areas, due to how highly packed with tourists it could get. Other Canadian’s probably weren’t so smart and then would complain, that certain places were so packed, that it didn’t make the visit worth it. It was just a matter of common sense. Avoid most touristy places in season. “Maybe it’s a bit of both. But I suppose they would have built up a large tolerance of the cold.” It probably didn’t seem as cold to them, like it would to tourists. Tourists usually complained about how cold Canada could get; especially if they weren’t used to the harsher winters.

“A lot of people,say that.” Scott chuckled. It seemed like everyone always suggests he’d fair well in spring for liking the colder and hotter seasons of the year. Spring was the best of both worlds, he supposed. “That is one downside of going to the beach.” He nodded in agreement, too many people. “It’s usually worse, during the seasonal times.” Scott always tried to find more decent times to head out to the beach, when less people were bound to be there. But he wasn’t always so lucky.

“It would be an adventure of a life-time, I am sure.” Scott smiled. It would be a different prospect for sure. Finding a new country/island that no one knew about before. “But guess it might also get you a hint of fame, that not everyone’s looking for.” Just look at how popular all the old time explorers were, for discovering places like America and the islands. That wasn’t for everyone. Scott personally wasn’t sure if he’d want that kind of attention if he ever found something new. He was in luck, as she seemed to know a bit more about Italy and New Zealand. Smiling softly. “Any places in particular, that you’d recommend visiting in New Zealand?”It seemed like she had more of a chance to see New Zeleand than Italy. So getting some more insight about it from her didn’t seem like a bad thing.

“Who knows.” Scott lightly chuckled. “Suppose, I’ve always been more open-minded to certain situations and new opportunities.” If he wasn’t, he’d shy away from a great deal of things. And he didn’t want to live his life like that; to let things slip past and not enjoy new things. “Maybe one day, they’ll change their minds.” Maybe that seemed like too much of a big hope. But, who knows what people might change their minds about, right? It seemed like she guessed correctly. Scott nodded slightly. “Yes, I am. It piqued my interest for sure and certainly an element I'd like more knowledge and experience in.”  Seemingly, one of the few braver Initia’s that wanted to even try and learn the element. But with how unique and rare the element was, he’d be crazy to pass up the opportunity when he felt drawn to learn it, for some reason.

“You should be” she teased, Sofi rarely tried to befriend people when she didn’t have to, though her work does allow her to meet plenty of different types of people coming from various backgrounds. It was there when she could properly hold her judgment high, didn’t mean she would let them know what she thought of them though. She could lie to them, they couldn’t do the same to her without her figuring it out. That’s the best thing about being a Psychic Initia, for sure. “Surprisingly, despite the harsh cold and winter, tourists do like visiting our places during that exact time. It was as if they knew it was going to be colder than usual and decided to drop by just to feel the stark contrast” A stupid move, honestly, but that was her opinion, she grew up for the most part of her life in Kiev, after all. Her opinion may differ compared to others who didn’t reside there. 

It was a shame, Sofi liked venturing to beaches, she liked the sun, but the amount of people making the beach a big spot for mingling with humans and sweaty bodies, were not her scene. The last thing she needed was to have people chattering her in her head and end up getting pissed off over something the others didn’t have any control over. It does suck to know that it was on her alone, to control the intake of information flowing by shutting off that part. “Are you a fan of them too?” Some people go to the beach just for fun, and Sofi likes to surf whenever she has the time to do so. “Do you surf? Or are you just there to bask under the heat?” A chuckle escaped her when he said she would be finding fame to know that she discovered a place no one did, “I wish… but I think if I ever found one I wouldn’t want to let others know about it, you know there’s always that small sense of significance when you’re the only one who knows about this place; it almost makes it special.” 

Imagine having a place only you knew? That would be quite the interesting piece in one’s life. As it would for her. “What if one day the world decided to end for the sake of wars occurring here and there? At least I’ll be able to escape to an inhabitable island to survive…” Well, she wouldn’t exactly be alone, she’d take a few people with her or else she would actually go crazy being alone. When he asked her suggestions on where to visit in New Zealand, she pondered momentarily, “Not particularly, no… but Bay of Islands is beautiful, as any other place in New Zealand but you could see the lines of the sea there. If you like to be on your own, that’s a very good spot. I remember just staying for a whole week there alone.” It was peaceful and breezy, she loved it. She nodded gently, maybe one day they’ll change their minds and accept it better. That was one of her biggest wishes ever. To see them all united under one motto and rule, she wanted to be accepted the same way they wanted to thrive. 

“Maybe I’ll direct you to her later, she would love to find a new person to train. She’s never turned away any students before either… but then again I guess you would be the same with it since you’ll be meeting her too one way or another to properly go through with the induction ceremony. I look forward to you joining our community” she beamed, “Are you staying anywhere near?” 

It had been a while since Scott had a friend, he could tease and banter with back and forth like he was doing now. It was refreshing. Some people were uptight and didn’t take jokes all too well. But this blonde was different. Had a sense of humour. “Mhh, either their brave or silly, for wanting to feel such a contrast...especially if they’re not used to harsh winters.” By no means, it wasn’t smart to do such a thing, as it’d shock their system with the cold. Being Canadian, he probably had similar views to Sofi in that aspect.

Scott nodded at her question. “Always loved them.” Scott loved being near the water. He liked to swim, and even let himself get more lost in the waves that way. But he somehow always tried to avoid the more crazy areas of the beach. Just so he wasn’t too over-crowded. Despite being social, there was soo many people on person could take in one area at a time. “I always enjoy a good swim, I do surf from time to time. Some people say it’s harder than it looks, but once you get the right balance and the hang of it, it’s pretty easy….just need good balance to keep yourself up right.” he lightly chuckled. “And you? Do you do anything beach activities?” he wondered, what Sofi preferred.  Nodding with a smile. “Mhh, keeping it secret...good call.” One might call it selfish. But Scott was sure, there were circumstances, when one could afford to be selfish. That was one of them.

“Mhhh.” The Initia pursed his lips in thought. “That’s certainly an interesting thought to ponder on.” The world would descend into chaos, unless they’d escape somewhere safe. Listening to her suggestions about New Zeleand, he smiled. Nodding. “I’ll have to visit those places, if I ever decide to venture there.” It sounded like paradise, and his type of place just from her description. 

As she promised to direct him to Sofi at a later date, he nodded. “I look forward to meeting her.” Smiling softly. It seemed like the Grand Master was always eager for new tribe members and students to train. That was good to know. “Thank you for the kind welcome.” he smiled, before nodding. “About 20 minutes away from here.” So yes, Scott lived close. Found himself an apartment in the quarter, mainly to be near his job on the farm near the mountain base.

"You know what they say, humans can be so unpredictable, pun intended" she quipped humorously, if there was anything she has learned from decades of studying the human's anatomy and brain, it was that nobody could really predict what one was about to do so easily. There were so many factors contributing to their decision, sometimes when she put her abilities aside, even the blonde would have a difficult time cracking up a client. "You see someone complaining about the summer today and say they want the cold to return until it does and then you'll hear them whine about missing summer" ironically that actually happens. Frequently too. When he said he loved the water, she wondered if he would go for a water element next, having such connection to the things they like could boost up their elemental studies. 

"Surfing sounds about it" she chuckled, if there were not many people in sight, she would take it up to herself to balance on the board but alas, her schedule was hectic and the beach elsewhere was almost always occupied especially when it was summer. Maybe someday. She wouldn't shut the idea down completely just yet. There were more days to look forward to. When asked if she did any beach activities, Sofi cleared her throat and nodded in affirmation, "Beach volleyball is fun when you play it with random people. Playing games with strangers are strangely comforting somehow" perhaps she will include that in her thesis later. It seemed plausible to come to a conclusion like that. "Maybe one day" she winked playfully, if they further the path down to their friendship, it wasn't entirely impossible or to say.

 "I hope you'll get your chance to explore it, it's maddening, in a good sense. If I wasn't so tied up with my work here it would probably be one of my many ideal places for me to call home" Evermore will always another spark and charm that just drew you in though. She wanted to see how the supernaturals co-exist with the humans in the eternal city and so far, she hasn't been disappointed yet. Which was more than enough. "Oh? That's near. Do you work here or something? I assumed it's not just to find a tribe, no?" They were walking when they pass by older members training, particularly Fire and Gravity Initia. They were still young but not as young as the novitiates, most were at the correct age for their induction ceremony. 

The Initia was amused at the pun, that left her lips. It was rather fitting to say the least. Mortals indeed had a way of being unpredictable...heck...even supernaturals.   “Doesn’t everyone, have a hint of unpredictability?” he questioned, his eyebrow slightly raised. He lightly chuckled, nodding. “Oh I know the feeling...even back home, people would complain about the you can’t win either way. Summer’s too hot, Winter’s too cold.” Unless someone liked the fall, but then they complained it rained too much in the fall. 

As Sofi talked about playing beach games with strangers, given her personality and friendliness; he wasn’t even half surprised that she’d engage in games with strangers. It seemed like her thing for sure. “Mhh, I take it you play beach sports with strangers, often?” he asked, slightly amused. But smiled. Maybe he should try it more. See if it was as therapeutic as she made it sound.

He could understand why her heavy schedule stopped her from moving and travelling as much as she liked to now. “It’s a beautiful country, from the sounds of it.” He could see an Initia tribe there for sure, if Sofi moved. “I don’t blame you, if you wanted to move. Probably less crazy than the happenings here.” he lightly chuckled, having heard some weird things already circling around the city. But still, this was home; and they had their people here...she had a tribe to lead and protect. Scott nodded. “I work at one of the farms, as a stable hand. I suppose with me growing up on a farm and my experience from younger days...I was naturally drawn to the job.” Scott spoke with a smile. When they passed some of the elder students; he stopped for a few moments. Watching them as they trained with their elements. He could feel the heat from the fire element. Dangerous...yet enticing.

She nodded as if giving him that look that said point taken, "True… everyone is unpredictable. Even if I calculate their moves early, it's never actually the same for others. Accuracy is a theme some people need to discuss because it is such a flawed… term." Contrary to the popular belief most people held, psychological accuracy is nowhere near the same formulaic structure for every individual. It's similar but would she say they're accurately the same? Not in a million years. When he agreed that people would continue to complain even if things go their way, Sofi chuckled, how true that was, "See? I'm not sure if it's just a human trait for people to keep moaning and complaining even when things go their way. Maybe they just want a reason to run their mouth about something." Sometimes it was pathetic when there were a lot more in the world they could be stressing over instead of the climate. 

"Fall is usually cool, it's a good weather until it rains… then it's just somber all over again. You might as well name it pre winter and not fall… why do people even call it fall… why won't they just leave it at autumn?" Those were the same questions she always found herself asking when she was still studying. Keeping things interesting by asking the most absurd questions used to be a good method to keep her head active and moving. "It's surprisingly therapeutic when you play games with strangers. I know they're strangers, and you might not see them ever again after you go back but… that's the beauty in it. You can either exchange contact details or you can just go back home knowing you spent a good day with a quirky and nice soul. Besides, the mystery makes it interesting if you focus on it." Her tribe wasn't cold but like many Initia tribes, they don't really promote the equality and solidarity theme in their circle as much as they would promote outside. It's a bit sad. It's why she left her tribe and came here instead. 

She loves them dearly but they're not the right fit for the Psychic Master. "Some places connect, some places don't. It's just… something that comes to you naturally, I guess." She didn't want to fight that. It was nice hearing back stories from the Initia there and if Scott was going to be there with them in the future, why not get to know him? She noticed the way he shifted slightly when he saw the fire, there was a different look on him. "I swear it's like you want to go ahead and join them" she quipped gently.

The blonde woman seemed to have an interesting take on things, and it became all the more clearer, the longer they talked. Maybe it was due to her high intelligence. Scott always liked meeting bright minds and those that thought a little harder, than most. It was always interesting to see what someone would come out with, when that happened. “Mhh, possibly. Might make it more fun for them to keep complaining about and finding the tiniest little thing, wrong with the world. Guess they still seek out imperfection even if something goes right.” Scott shrugged, that could be the one of many ways to explain it. At least, in his mind-it fit. As his father always said, people really needed to sort out their priorities, instead of bitching about the simplest of little of things. It never got them anywhere.

Scott couldn’t help but lightly chuckle at her rant about pre-winter/fall/autumn...or whatever people called it, now-a-days. “You’re asking me?” he was amused, smiling. “I haven’t figured it out yet either. Maybe because of leaves falling from the idea.” he shrugged it off, casually. He on the other hand, probably didn’t think about so many trivial things like Sofi did. Or it would make his mind spin, if he had. So much to figure out. It’d drive anyone mad. Listening to her talk more about playing games with strangers. “Well provided, those strangers aren’t creepy stalkers...I can see you making a good point there, actually.” he said with a light chuckle. But unless, you happened to run into some nice people. Scott saw the appeal there, a bit of mystery of playing games with a friendly stranger. Some friendships like that, could eventually form...if you clicked with certain people.

“Mhh, I suppose you have a good point there.” Scott agreed. Evermore had called out to him; good thing that he had found out about the Eternal City, when he was learning more about his kind and what it was to be an Initia. Otherwise, he might not be here right now. Sofi seemed to notice his change, when he was watching the younger one’s practising with fire. “Guilty as charged.” He slightly chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck. “Fire has always been another element, that seems to...interest me.” Which given his main one was water, seemed like a bit of an oxymoron. But Scott liked to be unusual. “I know, I like to keep things mixed up.” he said with a light chuckle. Knowing, it’d probably earn him a few odd looks from others, that he’d want to mix Water, Fire and Psychic together. As tempted he was to go over and join them, and ask questions; he also didn’t want to impose on their training and get in the way of their talents. So instead, he was standing back and admiring instead.

"Things will always be imperfect. I think most of us really just wished to find the beauty in imperfection but didn't know how to word it properly. I mean if you told anyone a few hundred years back that you simply wanted others to see the beauty in broken things, they will call you crazy or burn you at a stake after accusing you of witchcraft." That does sound like something a close-minded society would do. "I mean if you still tell them that now, in this age and era… people would call you psychotic and probably report you to be admitted to a sanatorium." But Sofi is a psychic, a literal one, so being crazy is likely to be out of depth for her. What else hasn't she seen? Scott reminds her of someone young who just wanted to explore the world and learn new things, she got that kind of vibe coming from him and no doubt he would be a great addition to the tribe. 

She didn't mind nursing and helping people with their elements, she had been in their shoes once upon a time ago, after all. Discriminating against late bloomers in the tribe is the last thing Sofi wished to do. So long as they have a genuine heart and wished to learn, nothing is impossible. "Autumn can be quite nostalgic and melancholic" she pointed out softly, sometimes it was sad because it was coming to an end and winter will soon cover everything, but it was somewhat bittersweet because after winter ends, spring will bloom new things in its path. "Like fertilisers… planting new flowers on soil." Weird analogy but she tends to understand things from her own perspective. "I think I'll be able to figure out if they were creepy stalkers or not" she chuckled, well aside from her not telling him that she is Sofi Zahara, the Grand Master of the tribe and is also a Psychic Initia who could read someone's mind, she didn't know how to explain to him. 

"I have been told I have good intuition when it comes to people." That's one way to put it. "Fire and water, huh? That doesn't sound like the kind of combination you'll see any day. But hey, no judgment here… if you find a certain connection to said element then I think you should go for it. Nobody said you couldn't try every element. We have people who have learned half or more elements. It shouldn't be a surprise." Who was she to decide who's weird and who's not? She had a rare and basically extinct affinity element residing in her for more than 40 years that she didn't even know of until much later. Before she could say another word, someone was calling her name from a distance. Yes. Her real name, Sofi. A younger female came by to give her a letter to which she received and grinned sheepishly at the male, "Well… the cat's out of the bag I guess. And here I thought it was going well with the whole hiding thing."

As Scott listened to the female talk about imperfection and how people would view it, if someone spoke against it, he knew she had a good point. Slightly chuckling. “I am sure, people would find anything out of the ordinary to be insane and accuse people of witchcraft, depending on how serious the nature of the thing was.” People always, liked to cause chaos. As proven in history. Scott was curious and liked to learn new things, but he didn’t like chaos...he preferred order. Maybe because he disliked the idea of war and the pain it could cause to people. So he was sensible to try and avoid it-despite his species history with others. A story and history he learned on his travels from the Initia tribe he had run into, once upon a time.

He knew that his choice of elements was rather...contradicting and maybe confusing, given how he also wanted to learn the hardest of the elements, along with fire. But the Parrish Boy, always liked a challenge. “I know...a weird combination.” he said with a slightly nervous chuckle. But she managed to make him feel a little bit more at ease, as she mentioned people learning all sorts of different elements. Maybe it wasn’t so weird after all.

Before Scott could say something else, they had been interrupted by another female. He rose a slight eyebrow, when she had called the blonde Initia he was talking to, Sofi. Sofi. As in the Leader of the Tribe Sofi? Scott didn’t hide his shock and surprised expression-also a hint of nerves coming back to him, as he was swallowed. Trying to think, if he said something stupid or silly, in front of the Tribe’s leader already. Not wanting to make a bad impression on her. He had already been nervous enough. “So you’re Sofi?” Scott asked, after clearing his throat.

Chuckling a little, at her comment about hiding it well. “Well, up until now, yes.” He nodded. “But I have to admit, I had this feeling...that there was something...different about you. I couldn’t place it.” Now he knew why. It’s because she was the leader. “If you don’t mind me asking, who is this Yekaterina?” He made sure to carefully pronounce her middle name. Thinking it was a member of the tribe, rather than her middle name. “Unless it’s part of your own name or something.” Taking a slight guess, in his moment of curiosity.

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