Being an Initia, Scott felt a little bit behind in his abilities than some that he had came to know, on his travels. Due to the life his mother was leading; he was raised in normality. Or as normal, as his life could have been. With his obligations and duties on the family farm; it had taken Scott a while to realise; that he eventually wanted to embrace his Initia side. To learn more about his element of water and others, if possible. With the start of process; his ceremonies were late. But for him, it was a start of a new dawn. Feeling like there was some progress being made. Scott felt a bit more like himself, when he finally acknowledged/embraced his elemental side. As the old saying goes; better late than never, right? Scott was doing; something that his mother never had done. At times, wondering would she be proud of the man he was becoming? Or would she disapprove of him following the path of elemental control? His mother never seemed to be bothered about the fact that she herself never mastered her elements. Always warning Scott to be careful; when he was young. ‘Don’t expose your nature.’ ‘Don’t use your element for fun.’ ‘Don’t accidently soak anyone at school.’ and so the list of warnings went on and on. Scott now found himself questioning, if his mother ever felt less like herself, for not embracing the Initia side? She seemed so content, with the human life. And for a while, Scott dd too. He didn’t know better, until the Initia tribe in South Carolina; had helped him. Then, he truly felt like himself. Almost hating the thought of suppressing, his abilities more now.

Since his arrival in Evermore. Scott had slowly been making it his home. Trying to get the most important things off of his list. But the bigger thing on his list; was trying to integrate within the Initia community. To get to know the tribe members and it’s leader. Scott felt a bit nervous. He was a stranger, pretty much. And he was certain,that most Initia’s have had been a part of the tribe, for years, if not longer. Hoping that they would prove to be as welcoming as rumors have said. Scott hadn’t exactly met many Initia’s face-to-face,in Evermore. At least not properly. On occasion, there had been a few people; that had stood out in the crowd. The same pull, he remembered having in South Carolina. He felt again. That told him, they were Initias. But since they were seemingly busy; Scott let them go about their daily business; a kind exchange of head nods, or smiles being exchanged rather than conversations at the moment. 

Scott knew, that the first Initia that was on his list to talk to; was someone whom was in charge of the tribe. Figuring, meeting the rest of the tribe would come after that. As he had his priorities set out, from the moment he stepped foot into the Eternal City. Then would come more training with elements. Beside water; Scott held a particular fascination with Psychic and Fire. Scott knew that the second element, he wanted to learn could potentially be the most dangerous one to pick; or so...from he had heard at least. But something about uncertainty/and maybe the rush; is what made it appealing. Among other factors. But the Canadian Male, was always dubbed as a hard worker. And an eager one at that.

After his morning shift at the ranch; Scott had the afternoon off. So he decided, it would be a good chance to go and seek out one of the leaders of the tribe. Managing to find his way to the faction house. Scott felt his palms sweat a little bit. What was there to be so nervous about? It’s not like, it was a life or death scenario. Right?

Finally ringing the doorbell. Scott waited. His foot slightly tapping against the ground. Listening for any sounds on the other side of the door. When the door finally opened; Scott gave a charming, polite smile. “Good Afternoon, I am looking for someone, that’s in charge?” His Canadian drawl coming through. Hoping, that whomever had opened the door. Was one of the Masters...or would take him to the main head of the Initia Tribe. Either one, would do. Scott was just hoping to make some progress today.

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For the past month, Sofi tried her best to get used to Evermore's ways and it turns out to be easier than she ever thought it would be. When she first returned here as the newly instated Grand Master of the Evermore Initia tribe, she was apprehensive, every step became calculated fearing that she would bring a perilous effect rather than better. Thankfully, the element Masters she gathered around to form the council were all open minded and carefree people she could work with. Sofi also started outlining the training each of the younger Initia undergo, wanting to assure others to come join the weekly evaluation that doesn't just count their steps towards their element mastery but also give them proper advice from the element Masters respectively. It was a chance for others to show what they're capable of while being under the influence of heavy moral values. 

There would also be plenty of potentials there go around, some people would excel better and they wish to give them the best care just like others. And for those who still haven't gotten any motivation or inspiration on the path to Diversify or Mastery, they can consult any element Master they feel they're comfortable with. Their consultations would then be strictly confidential and would only be shared during council meetings where even then they leave out the names and physical specifics. Things were going well for the tribe, Sofi grew more comfortable in that sense and despite being overwhelmed by the requests to teach an Ailward Aspect and a 1000-year-old Initia Ailward Guard the element of Psychic, she still managed to retain her smile and spirit. Rowan offered her good advice per usual, it was no wonder the blonde often went to him for second opinions, he was someone she could freely be comfortable without having to put on any false pretense. 

Today like any other days, Sofi was cooped up in her office at the faction house, sorting out the name list of every Initia community member. Yesterday, she took a day off from faction work to focus on her report paper, she still didn't wish to relinquish her occupation as a neuropsychologist seeing as she's worked very hard on that for years. Time management is the key and fortunately, Sofi didn't have many students lining up to teach Psychic to, mostly due to the fact that it's an old element and it's been thought to be extinct for centuries, until she was born, quite the dramatic entrance, she knows. Still, she needed to supervise the other 7 elements. While she was humming to herself as her fingers skimmed through the files, a knock came from the front door which made her ears perked up, wondering who would be knocking to enter the faction house. People don't usually venture here if they don't have any business to attend to but she didn't put any prohibition for entrance either so whoever it was probably didn't have the access. 

Sofi made her way to the front door and opened it, only to be greeted by a taller male who she had never met before, she peeked her head out and opened the door wider, "Hello, uh, I'm guessing by person in charge, you mean the Initia Grand Master? Or are you looking for element Masters?" She wasn't about to out her identity to a stranger she was sure wasn't part of the community, yet. Sofi, ironically, had a good memory storing up everything else so when she says she skimmed all the Initia community members' name and faces, she means it. Especially when she spent a week doing that. "Please come in" she stepped backwards and offered him entrance before closing the door behind them, "I don't think I've seen you before. Are you new?"

Scott wasn’t entirely too sure, what he would say at first. It’s not like he had some grand speech prepared. But hopefully, step by step. He could explain the situation he was in...and that he was seeking a place in the tribe. Among his people.

The blonde that had answered the door; was short compared to his 6’3 height. But not small, like some of the women he had seen around the city. She seemed to be around the average height. Of course, she looked a bit cautious; since she didn’t know him. But that was to be expected. After all...he was a new face...and not a member of the tribe. Yet.  “Well...preferably the Grand Master.” Scott said honestly. “Although...I suppose...anyone else of authority, might be good too. If the Grand Master’s not available ...anyone really, to explain my situation to.” 

After she stepped aside, he gave her a soft smile. Stepping inside; and into the faction house. Glancing around briefly; as he took in his new surroundings. Scott gathered, that she knew the faces of her tribe well; since she gathered instantly that he was new. New to the Evermore. And not part of the Tribe. Her question snapping him back into focus. The young Man nodded. “No...I don’t think anyone in this tribe has met before, I arrived in Evermore a few weeks ago miss..” realising he didn’t know her name. It reminded him, that she didn’t know his name yet either. “Scott...Scott Parrish.” Holding out his hand towards her; for a hand shake. Something about the blonde in front of him, was peculiar. He wasn’t sure what it was; but Scott had a feeling; that she was different than most Initia’s. But somehow, he couldn’t pin-point what it was. 

“Since you’ve picked up on the fact, I am new in the city. I am not exactly a part of the tribe.” Scott admitted. Rubbing the back of his neck. “I haven’t had the pleasure of being part of an Initia tribe; my mother left her tribe; before she had me. Being raised outside, with a very normal life; for the most part. I was behind on a lot of things; including the ceremonies and my first element.” Scott began to explain. It was odd; he didn’t think that being raised in normality; would bother him now. Now that he reminisced on the past. It did bother him. Maybe he should have tried to encourage his mother; to help him learn more about his element; as a child. But the past was the past. “In the last few years...I felt drawn, to try and embrace me...the true me.” And by that, he meant being an Initia and learning more elements. After was whom he was. He couldn’t out run it forever; nor did he want to.

When she first opened the door, she wasn't sure what she would find, perhaps a newcomer or someone who forgot their key? The faction house is usually not open to all because they have their homes nearby and only go back and forth when it comes to administration issues. So a part of her wasn't surprised when she opened the door only to be greeted by someone new. Of course he was seeking the Grand Master, people don't usually come over here as a newcomer but ends up seeking another. It was better to meet the leader who controls everything first, right? To make your own first impression towards them and hope that they are as generous and kind as other people say so they would end up guiding you through every process needed. But as usual, Sofi didn't like to give out her identity as easily, she usually goes by the guise of a Psychic Initia who is a master-in-training because almost everyone, if not everyone there, knew the Psychic Master is also the Grand Master, having been the first to assume such a role. 

"You are looking for Sofi, then, the Grand Master" she pointed out gently and stepped aside to allow him to come inside before closing the doors behind them. "Unfortunately, she went out for an errand earlier. But… I can relay any of the messages you may want to give to her." When she realized that not just anyone would trust a stranger who offers to carry any possible sensitive information that should be passed to the Grand Master directly, Sofi cleared her throat and introduced herself since it seemed only right to introduce herself when he had done so, "I'm Yekaterina. But you can call me Kat." That wasn't exactly a lie, her middle name is Yekaterina but nobody else except Rowan knows that. Most people don't even know Sofi stands for Sofiya, much less that. So he is new to Evermore, which also automatically means he's new to the tribe.

 From the way he looks, he fits a Lone criteria pretty well which made her nod knowingly. "I'm Sofi's protege. Her master-in-training for the Psychic element. You can trust me with anything you need to relay to her because she doesn't keep anything from me." The story about his upbringing did made the blonde purse her lips slightly because it was upsetting to see an Initia being blocked away from their potentials. "You… didn't have your initiation ceremony?" Explains why he looked slightly better than other Lones since he wasn't technically initiated nor inducted into the tribe officially which meant the ties weren't as tight around him. But she couldn't imagine how he cooped after having missed such an important ceremony in his life. Initia ceremonies were sacred and important; vital to their integration and community. "Do you mind if I ask how old are you? It would help me better to guide you around. Where are you from?"

Scott could see that his arrival, no doubt had surprised the blonde in front of him. Since he never really been a part of the tribe; he wasn’t sure how things truly worked among their community. Only a few little things; that the tribe that he met in South Carolina taught him; but that was a few bits of information to help him; tap into his potential. If he would have stayed with them; had they not left so early. Scott would have known more. But that wasn’t the case.

“Ah I see.” Scott’s brows slightly furrowed when the young woman mentioned the Grand Master Sofi was out running errands. Just his luck. But she seemed kind enough to hear him out; so there was that. “I wanted to introduce myself to her, to see if I am welcome among her tribe.” It was clear; he had no idea he was already somewhat part of it, just by being new in the city. But the name Sofi, stuck in his mind for the next few moments. Scott was smart. “I take it Sofi is short for Sofiya?” he knew a little bit about older names; that got shortened down. But he liked the name Sofi just the same. Was a bit softer on the tongue, even if the whole name was a nice one in general. When she introduced herself. Scott muttered the name to himself, as if trying to remember it. Russian, or Ukraine origins? He had no idea, but that would have been his guess. “It’s nice to meet you Kat.” Feeling a little more at ease; when she mentioned she was Sofi’s master-in-training.

As she questioned him about his Initiation ceremony; Scott remembered his travels in South Carolina.”I did...just very late. After my parents split up. I felt the need to find myself. So I went travelling through the states to try and figure things out; and if I wanted to carry on with the normal life that my mother encouraged from child-hood. When I ended up in South Carolina. I run into an Initia tribe there; they did my Initiation ceremony and helped me control my element of water. But since, I never really joined their they were just passing through. I am not sure, if it still counts.” Clearly he was confused. But he had been a lone Initia pretty much his entire life so far; so there was quite a lot for him to learn and get used to. “After that; the need to be around people like me, was much stronger. I was doing some research...and it led me to this city.”

When she asked about his age, he smiled softly. “Not at all. I am 32.” Scott said truthfully. Although in looks he could pass for a 28-29 year old. “Canada, Southern Alberta. I grew up on a farm, near the border of British Columbia.” he explained; as she asked where abouts he had come from.

Sofi wasn’t new to seeing newcomers turning up on her doorstep; or more fervently, the faction house’s doorstep, but still. The same logic applies to the same context. But the Initia Grand Master never quite got used to having new people arriving in Evermore and expressing their wish to join their tribe here. They never turn away anyone, no Initia tribe in their right minds, would. But over the centuries, despite having certain solidarity instilled in their moralities, prejudices and discrimination found its way to deform the entire community by plunging them into a web of deep hatred. That was something she would not accept, not today, not ever. While she may be visibly taken aback and surprised, at the moment, Sofi still maintained her posture and facial expressions that would not be giving her away. The professional mode, on. When he said he only wished to introduce himself to her and express his wish to join, Sofi found herself softening at the sudden mention of it. 

Poor guy. Lone Initia are always that part of what every Initia tribe would never want to speak of. They were pretty much isolated away from the community they were in because of how they chose to leave for no definite reason and wandered off like a nomad. Eventually, their elemental abilities would come to deteriorate and it’ll hurt them because the connection with nature was slowly dying. “You are always welcomed in Evermore’s Initia tribe, Scott” she offered him a genuine smile and ushered for him to come inside. She had to admit, she wasn’t expecting him to guess her first name outrightly at first take. The blonde had an impressed look to her when he guessed it right, “That’s right. Sofi stands for Sofiya. I’m impressed, you pronounced it right too. Mine is a bit mouthful for most to speak, so I go by Kat” Technically, she wasn’t wrong. Rowan had told her plenty of times how he never could pronounce her middle name without going through a game of tongue twister.

His journey regarding his Initiation Ceremony confused her greatly, she wasn’t going to lie on that, but in a way, she could sense that he was still, very much, a full Initia who wasn’t officially part of any tribe. “They helped you do the Initiation Ceremony for your element, but they never inducted you into their tribe officially, which was what the first Initiation Ceremony was supposed to do. Understandable” she nodded knowingly, most of that happened when Initia turned 12, after all. “Well, if it makes you feel better, I left my tribe too and didn’t get my element until I was halfway into being an adult. But here I am. I know Sofi will never close any doors to anyone who seeks refuge here, have you met any other Initia in Evermore yet? Tour around maybe? I can give you one if you’d like.”

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