Since her life had been completely thrown into meltdown about a year ago, Dakota had been working to try and straighten out her world, figure out what mattered and what didn't and further herself. She had thrown herself into her work but that hadn't been quite enough for her and so she had started new things. One of which was starting to volunteer at the animal shelter. At first, she spent most of her time doing the adoption support at the weekends, talking to people who were interested in adopting and helping them to find their perfect partner.

Once they got wind of her organization skills they had let her take over some of the event management which led her to today, they'd rented out the town hall for the auction tonight, people could buy some of the generously donated items that had been sent in. There was also a raffle people could buy tickets for and win items from the table, everything was scattered around the hall in boxes which had been delivered earlier this morning. She was just about to get going on organizing everything, they only had the afternoon but with everyone pulling together she was sure they could get it down in time. 

After half an hour of waiting though she was starting to think people weren't going to show and that was when she got the call to say a bunch of the volunteers had gone out for dinner the night before and somehow come down with food poisoning which meant they were likely going to have to cancel the event. After all the planning for this she had to admit she felt disappointed, plus everything was here and she had no idea what she would do to get it all cleared up. She sighed, arguing on the phone with them for a while and they finally agreed they could call around to get the event covered if she could somehow get the hall decorated and set up on time. 

She sighed as she ended the call running a hand through her hair, well there was a lot of work to do but she supposed if she got started now then there might be a small amount of hope that she could get everything set up by the end of the afternoon. She started to go through the boxes of stuff, taking each of the donations out and then dividing it onto one of the two very large tables, one for auction items, one for the raffle items. She was just about done with the first box when she heard the sound of footsteps behind her. She turned back to see another girl looking a little lost "Are you here for the event volunteering? If yes then you may have just made my day" she spoke softly, two people would give them a real shot of getting it done. 

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Before her alarm clock could go off, Hae-Ri had gotten woken up by her living alarm clock, Leo. His tongue lapping at her face to wake her up, which was more than effective. “Good Morning to you too” she said sleepily as she yawned. It felt nice to be waking up in a house of her own now, rather than the hotel she had been staying at when she first arrived in the city, and apparently Leo felt the same way. As she was getting out of bed, her actual alarm clock went off, causing a small laugh to escape the young Nephilim’s lips. “I think you’re a little late” she stated with a smile before shutting off the alarm. “Come on Leo” she spoke to her puppy as she headed for the kitchen, still in her pajamas. Once in the kitchen she got some breakfast for Leo and herself. After they were both done with their breakfast, Leo headed off on his own towards the back part of the house, and Hae-Ri headed upstairs for the bathroom. Running the water until it reached the right temperature, she removed her clothing and got in the shower, preparing for the day ahead. When she was done with her shower, she dried herself off and wrapped her robe around her before heading to her bedroom.

Digging through her closet, Hae-Ri searched for an outfit to wear for the event today. She had heard about the event while at one of the local coffee shops, and figured she would check out the venue ahead of time if possible. Probably figure out if it was a suit and tie event, or just a casual dressing event. She wouldn’t want to show up in casual clothes and be under-dressed for the event, or the opposite and be overdressed. For now though she would wear something casual because it would be much better for out around the city. Hae-Ri didn’t mind wearing fancy dresses, though she had grown accustomed to only wearing them at events that required them. After deciding on a dark palette for her clothing choice, she pulled out a pair of black jeans, and a black silk button-up shirt. As she started to get dressed, Leo came running in through the partially open door holding a ball in his mouth. Leo was probably the only guy that has seen her naked since the time she dated one of her co-workers when she was an actress. “Give me a chance to get dressed first Leo” she started with a laugh before continuing to dress. Leo hopped around on the floor impatiently on the floor, bringing more laughs from the young Nephilim as she got dressed.

When she was finished getting dressed, she got the ball from Leo and looked at him, “Let’s go downstairs and play” she told him with a soft tone and both of them raced for the stairs. When they got to the stairs however, Hae-Ri said “Slow” and both of them went down the stairs slowly. She always made sure that Leo was being safe around the stairs, because she didn’t want him to hurt himself by falling down the stairs. As they reached the bottom of the stairs, Hae-Ri threw the ball towards the living room, and headed towards the door. She began putting on her heels when Leo appeared at her feet with the ball once again. “‘I’ve got to get going Leo, so you need to find something else to occupy you” she told him before throwing the ball once more for him. With her heels now on, she collected her things from the bowl beside the door and headed out, making sure she locked the door behind her. Hae-Ri missed driving around in her jeep, however the colder weather around Evermore in the winter didn’t exactly provide the best driving conditions for a jeep. She’d be frozen by the time that she arrived at her destination. The weather was starting to warm up now that spring had come, but it still wasn’t warm enough for her, so her jeep would have to wait a little longer.

Hae-Ri began driving through the streets of Evermore, when she realized that she didn’t exactly know where the event was being held. “Just great, now what am I supposed to do?” she questioned herself as she drove around. Seeing a vehicle at the Town Hall, she decided to stop there and see if someone there could give her directions to the event location. When she entered the building she heard a voice speaking to her. Seeing the female that had spoken, and hearing her question, it was obvious that she had discovered the location of the event. “I’m not exactly here as a volunteer” she began with an apologetic tone. “I came by to see if I could find out if the event was casual clothes or if it was a suit and tie event” she continued before looking around at all the boxes. “Is it just yourself here to take care of the event?” she questioned curiously. She may not have come here as a volunteer, but she wasn’t about to just leave the female here by herself to set up the entire thing alone. She had attended a few charities in her time of fame, but she hadn’t exactly helped organize one, so she didn’t know what to do. She would help in any way that she could though.

She had this habit of taking on the impossible, she supposed it was the control freak in her jumping out and trying to make sense of everything happening around her, she could be a very stubborn and determined person, even when someone told her something couldn’t be done she had this natural side to her which just wanted to prove them wrong. Which left her here, sorting through everything for the event bit by bit, there was a lot to go through but eventually she decided if she could get some music going and a plan then maybe she could pull it off. Honestly, she just didn’t want to let the shelter down, she had volunteered there for a while now and she really believed in their cause, she didn’t want to give up when this was the single best night for making money for the shelter. 

She headed over to the table and opened Spotify on her phone before picking out one of her playlists and turning it on, she phone wasn’t exactly loud but with the echo of the hall you could hear the music as she went back and forth between the tables and the boxes, she was arranging everything as sensibly as she could. Though she was starting to wonder how she was going to manage to put the banner which went up over the stage alone, there wouldn’t be anyone to hold her ladder. Dakota sighed but she had a renewed sense of hope when another girl came wandering into the hall but before long she realized she wasn’t here to help “Oh” she spoke softly “It’s a formal event, you’ll probably want to wear a dress” she confirmed, heading over to turn the music down so it didn’t bother her. 

She shuffled on the spot, usually she was excited about these afternoons and seeing the collaboration which went on between all of the volunteers, they usually went out for a drink afterwards and then attended the event together. It felt really empty in the hall without the usual faces “ wasn’t supposed to be only me but all the others went out for a meal last night and got food poisoning...they told me to cancel but...I’m stubborn I guess” she laughed under her breath and shrugged slightly “Anyway I have a plan, if I can get all these things out of their boxes and onto the right table then that’s majority of the work and then I just...need to figure out that” she pointed her gaze towards the banner laying out on the floor. “Don’t worry, it’s all in good cancellations here” she didn’t sound 100% confident though.

Hae-Ri could tell that she had just made a mistake in telling her that she wasn’t there for volunteering, the female’s voice had changed from the moment she said no. She listened to the female speak, and waited until she could speak up once more. “Alright. A dress it is then” she stated slightly eager to attend the event. However, she was also eager for something else. As the female was speaking, Hae-Ri had decided that while her initial intentions hadn’t been to come here for volunteer work, she would stay and help the female out since she was here alone. The young Nephilim felt bad for saying no to the female in the first place, so the best thing to do in that moment, for both of them, was to offer her assistance. She would help out in any way possible to make the event happen, because she really wanted to help out the shelter by making a generous donation. She still had a fair bit of money left from her time in the entertainment industry, plus her time working for the NIS, and this was such a good cause to donate to.

“It’s okay to be stubborn sometimes, so don’t beat yourself up too much because of that” she stated before extending her hand out to the female. “My name is Hae-Ri. Hae-Ri Hwang, and I’m sorry to hear about the other volunteers. I might not be who you were hoping for, but you can count on me to help you out. I can’t leave here in good conscience without helping you. Besides, I’m eager to attend this event.” she spoke happily with a bright smile. Given her background in law enforcement, as well as holding the label of Angel of Justice, Hae-Ri was always open to the possibilities of helping people. The reason she had initially said no, was because she figured that the female had been expecting someone else, and she didn’t want to impose. “Why don’t we start with that pesky banner?” she questioned curiously. Hae-Ri could easily hang the banner herself with assistance from her wings, however she didn’t know if this female knew about the supernatural, or even if she was a supernatural being herself.

Dakota pressed her lips together, forcing a smile when she confirmed that the other girl would probably need a formal dress for the even Usually this whole place would be decorated with twinkling lights and after the auction took place, there would be a bar and people would drink and dance and the likes, it was a chance to find new volunteers and let loose for a while. Kota wasn’t exactly what you would call a party girl but she did enjoy charity events and raising money for the shelter. Events like these meant when she came in for her session next week there would be new toys for the dogs and the repairs they needed would finally be underway, it was always and exciting time. Today she was finding it hard to be excited about it all though, mostly because she couldn’t be certain it would even go ahead.

She laughed under her breath “Well at least I’m being stubborn about helping a charity huh?” she shrugged slightly, she was good at organizing things, probably part of the reason she went into teaching, she enjoyed all the work that went into delivering a good lesson. “Nice to meet you Hae-ri, I’m Dakota” she nodded slightly as she introduced her and then listened to the other girl as she spoke, she seemed to have a soft and friendly tone to her voice “Oh!” she spoke, widening her eyes and clasping her hands together when she offered to help out “I mean I wouldn’t want it to be an imposition” she spoke softly, her eyes drifting around the hall noting that there wasn’t anyone else rushing to come along and help “If you don’t mind” she concluded nodding her head slightly, maybe they would have a shot of getting it all done if they worked together.

When she mentioned the banner she looked over to it and grimaced slightly “You know I’ve never been all that great with heights and ladders” she admitted and sighed softly, needs must though “Better to get it out of the way early I suppose” she nodded as she pointed towards the doors at the back of the hall “We’ll need to head back there and grab the ladders, I’m thinking if we work on hanging both sides at once then we can make sure it’s level” because the last thing you wanted was for your fancy banner to be all wonky.

“That’s probably the best thing you could ever be stubborn about. At least it’s a selfless stubborn” Hae-Ri commented back with a small laugh. The young Nephilim could see that this meant a lot to the female, and she could also see that she was in over her head taking on all that responsibility solo. “It’s a pleasure to meet you as well Dakota” she replied once learning the female’s name. The young Nephilim felt a laugh trying to escape when she saw the female’s shocked expression at her offer to help, but held it back since she thought it might be in poor taste. Maybe if she had laughed in that moment, Dakota might have thought she wasn’t serious about helping, and that wasn’t what she wanted. “It’s no imposition, trust me. This would be a much better use of my time today” she replied with a bright smile. Her day didn’t have much of anything planned other than attending the charity event later, so she had nothing to stop her from helping out Dakota with the charity. “I don’t mind one bit. I’ll gladly help you get this charity event up and running” she acknowledged with a happy smile.

As she mentioned the ladders and how she wasn’t very good with heights, Hae-Ri knew how she could help the girl avoid it, but how could she get the girl out of the room long enough to hang the banner herself as a surprise. It would be a fairly simple task for her to hang the banner using her wings, but she knew better than to use her abilities in front of other people. “I know I said I’d help, but do you think you could manage getting the ladder? I need to make a phone call to get someone to check in on my puppy a little later” she asked curiously. It wasn’t an entire lie, given that she did need to make that call as well, but she would hang the banner quickly first, and then make the call. Hopefully all before Dakota returned with the ladder. Sure it meant that she would have gotten the ladder for nothing, but she hoped that having the banner hung would make up for the little lie.

She laughed under her breath and shrugged “Well it’s a little selfish too, I wanted to be able to attend the event, it’s one of the things I get to look forward to every year” knowing it was doing good things for the animals but also letting people have fun was always great, she always made room for it in her schedule which is why she had been so disheartened when they told her they may need to cancel. It was quite the comical situation when you thought about it, the group of volunteers celebrating together and then ending up all getting food poisoning, for once she was glad she was too busy to make it to the gathering and had decided to pass on it, otherwise she would be in the same position right now “Great” she responded and clasped her hands together “Hopefully two people will be enough to get this place organized” at the very least if Hae-ri could help with the decorating so she could focus on getting the other things arranged for the auction and the raffle.

She was looking up at the two posts where the banner needed to go and pulling a thoughtful expression, trying to remember how high up the banner had been in previous years to be high enough for everyone to be able to see it but also not seem so far away that it was hard to read. She was shaken from her thoughts when Hae-ri asked if she could get the ladder while she made a call “Oh yeah, sure” she responded before heading off towards the back room. She went down the hall and unlocked the storage room before going inside, there were boxes of decorations around which she was sure they could make use of while decorating the place, the theme of this event was blue and white so she searched through the boxes for anything she could find and ended up digging out some of the balloons as well as helium balloon pump. Before long she was heading back into the hall with the massive but not too heavy ladder under one arm as well as the pump and the balloons under the other.

“So I was thinking we could put up some of the balloons so that the banner doesn’t look so lonely and then maybe tie some of the ribbons around the pillar” she didn’t even look up because she was so focused as she set the ladder against the wall.

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