Sunmin stared at the painting placed up on the counter with intense eyes. He thought he was past stealing random things he found but the moment he had seen this particular canvas outside as he walked the city one day, he had to take it. It was the first time he had seen anything that resembled the mark he had on his chest, the first clue he had found in a long time about his identity. A part of him had wanted to knock on the door of the house and ask how they knew about it but after walking up to the door he had heard two people laughing inside and decided against it.

So now he had a painting of the mark on his chest and no other answers. He had it propped up on one of the pews of the church as he stared at it. He’d run out of money a few weeks ago, at least enough money to afford a bed every night and so he had been crashing here at night and he was pretty sure the pastor knew and didn’t actually mind. He made sure to clean up after himself whenever he left in the morning, something he did before 9am when services usually began, which was precisely 25 minutes away.

He yawned and stretched before he put away his things into his backpack, he didn’t own much so it didn’t really take him long. Sunmin wasn’t religious but he did find the place pretty welcoming and while it got really cold at night he just kept his sleeping bag done up tight. He was just about done rolling up the bag when he heard stirring outside the church “Fuck” he muttered under his breath before slinging the bag over his shoulder and looking for a way out. There was only one door into the church which someone was about to come through so he couldn’t go that way.

In his panicked flighty state, he ran towards one of the confession booths and climbed inside, closing the door behind him and sinking down onto the wooden bench inside. He clutched his backpack against his chest tightly. It wasn’t the first time that Sunmin had gone into hiding so he was pretty good at keeping quiet and not giving his presence away but then he remembered the painting. Which he hadn’t managed to pack away into his bag before running in here. Too late now. He was just going to have to hope no one thought anything of it. He could hear the echoing steps of someone enter the church but it seemed like they were alone, which means it could have been the pastor or someone else who figured out they don’t lock the door.

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When he got to the door, he remembered he had specifically told Sunmin told wait for him for a bit before making his way to the door so he could greet a knowing someone; someone who held such significance in his life, someone very important to him. It was clear that there would only be one person who would come back home early without giving him any notice, especially judging from the way the Husky ran full force towards the entrance door. Yeon had a spare key too, courtesy of Han giving him one in case he needed to use it, but his Volakiri usually notified him over a simple text that would state if he was coming over to visit or the likes. So this was definitely not him. It was unlike Yeon to come knocking on the door either. The bark escaping from Byul's mouth only indicated one thing; hid boyfriend's home. 

By the time he reached the hallway, he had a giddy grin masking his youthful features as he makes his way forward, engulfing the dhampir in a hug, burying his face at the nook of his neck and giving Jae the usual routine by kiss. "You could say something like that" he giggled and clasped his hands on Jae's own, intertwining their fingers together as the Celestial lead him to the living room in a rushed manner, whoever it was that Han wanted Jae to meet, it was important to the doe-eyed brunette. When asked if he had brought home another foster animal, Han chuckled and shook his head, he supposed he shouldn't be surprised that Jae would ask that since it wasn't like Han to be bringing back guests that weren't animals. He's not much of a sociable bunny, after all. But this person he wanted his dhampir to meet so badly definitely changed the games for him.

 It was only expected to see the crestfallen expression on him when he realized the living room was empty, no trace of Sunmin ever being there at all. His eyes darted over to Byul guarding the back door like her life depended on it, narrowing slightly because he knew Sunmin used that route to escape. "I was going to introduce you to someone… h-he was here earlier. I was so sure of it, he was... " Han looked so confused, he wouldn't stop scouring the entire room as if he was trying to search for something, or someone. "He was here…" he murmured softly and stared at Jae with a sad smile, "Nevermind. Maybe another time…" he then pulled Jae down on the couch, resting his head against his shoulders as his eyes stared at the Husky who still stood guard at the back door. Sunmin is real, and he'll find him again. One way or another. He found him once, he can find him again. 


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