She knew it was wrong. How many times had she told herself that it was utterly and inexplicably wrong? More times than she could count to. Yet there she was, the now slightly flaxen haired Aspect of Magic was standing her ground on venturing off to the city of Argolis. Malva had placed all hands on deck upon deciding that she shall go off to Greece to search for any other possible answers she could be provided with, regarding the fall and destruction of their home, Isle of Skye. How could the Russian born woman forget about it? How could any one of them forget what happened? There was no way she could push it aside without investigating about it. Only, she knew she had to push the matter aside for a while as she got down and resolved other problems on her plate.

It has been at least an hour since she had let her eyes linger on the the red ruby pendant that laid prettily on the table not far off from where she stood. Malva leant against the wall of her room and crossed her arms in contempt. She wasn’t sure what to do with the petty little trinket that she has had in her possession for almost four centuries now. For such a small thing, it held a certain aura to it and it wasn’t at all near pleasantries. It held all the dark energy she harnessed for some particular missions back in the days. Sometimes, in order to best the darkness, was to overtake it using the lesser known method. One it doesn’t expect you to go for. Life did have a tendency at wanting the most twisted for everything.

Shaking her head at her own herself, she grabbed the pendant and tossed it into the drawer before closing it furiously and sat on her bed, her sapphire hues never leaving the mahogany wooden table. It didn't last as long as she thought it would though, seeing as Malva went back to grab it and pushed it inside her purse. It wasn’t as if she could avert her attention so easily without any reason to do so despite giving herself one very solid one. Which was to forget about the past and move ahead in her life. But it’s always easier said than done, per usual. The pendant might look fancy and pretty, but it was gleaming in a very malevolent light. And if there was anything Mal knew from centuries of dwelling around magic, it’s that she doesn’t go well surrounding herself with so much dark energy as it tempts her. But she needed it for this journey.

But after what Octavia told her that day, she couldn't forget about it. This is something she needed to do, she convinced herself to do it. Her touch with magic in general had been cut off, albeit not fully, but it doesn't feel like how it was supposed to feel and if Malva couldn't cope or adapt to those changes, then what's the point? Especially with the chaos incited as of late, things were hectic and it was slowly overwhelming the purple dragon to the brink of insanity. Mal had rummaged through her closet yesterday to find one particular book she kept locked away until she realized she didn't bring it with her. Keeping it in the manor should have been the safest choice but not to Malva, that book was way too important to just be laying around so she had kept it somewhere else in 1698. 

Mal didn't pack much, she literally only put enough clothes to last for a few weeks because the Citadel had their own clothes to be worn and they can venture to Athens if they want. Her hair was a lighter shade of brown and it was slightly longer, the Aspect of Magic stared at her reflection in the mirror before making her way downstairs with her luggage, to wait for Octavia at the living room. This trip wouldn't be anywhere near a luxurious vacation to Greece, yeah people know they'll stay at a hotel in Athens but Mal was going on a pilgrimage to Mycenae Citadel located in Argolis which would take all the attention away. She perched one arm on the couch and allowed her white persian ragdoll cat, Seraphire, nestle in her lap. 

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She nodded slightly “But then it’s also hard to believe that actual vampires and witches exist” she responded bluntly and shrugged “Is a second chance really that far fetched when you think about all the other impossible things which are real?” honestly she liked to think the right people would eventually get the right opportunities and they could make up for their mistakes when that time comes. She nodded thoughtfully at the way Mal explained how they needed to tackle this “Well it seems for once we have been caught one step behind and that means we need to do whatever we can to catch back up” which meant going on these crazy missions and chasing down every lead they could until they had the answers they needed.

Octavia hadn’t really known what exactly to expect when she agreed to come here but it felt like there was a certain fog on her brain and no matter how much she tried to will it to clear, everything felt hazy, she felt dizzy and like she didn’t understand her own surroundings which was scary for someone who relied so heavily on their physical senses. “You’d think with the world moving forward that magic would too but it still seems to be stuck in the dark ages” she commented as she wandered further. There was a part of her which knew whatever she was seeing wasn’t real, Mal had told her as such before she even started seeing them but the problem was that it felt so real that it was triggering the emotions inside of her and considering the target they had chosen, it was only natural for her to feel upset.

She was at war with herself in her mind but there was a part of her that wanted so badly for the voice to be real or perhaps she didn’t even care if it was, perhaps she just wanted to hear his voice a little longer and that would make her feel calmer and safer. Except this was a test and doing that and giving in would mean they never got into the citadel and if they failed to get there then she really was letting him down. “I know it just...sounds so real” she responded in a broken voice but she stopped moving and allowed Mal to pull her into her arms. Her eyes were glazed over with tears and she gripped against her arms, shaking as she heard another cry for help. She took a long, deep breath as she stared out into the distance for a moment. Mal was right there was no one there, only the sound of his voice which felt so real. She tried her best to block it out “You’re not real” she murmured softly under her breath over and over a few times until the sound finally stopped and there was silence. “I’s over” she responded as she wiped the tears from her face and slowly pulled out of the aspect’s grasp.

Mal shrugged and hummed to herself upon hearing Octavia's response, she was right, are second chances really that impossible when you take in everything that happened? "I guess not." The idea of being one step behind whatever that is brewing and whoever it was that had fun playing them made the Aspect of Magic grumble. She hated being one step behind, being outsmarted meant there were more at risk and she simply hated being in such disadvantage. Naturally, everyone would feel the same. "They're playing us like puppets… it makes me wonder if everything is premeditated… it sure looks like it. Stuff like this just doesn't come as coincidences anymore, not this many" the fact that plenty of trouble had been setting off at various parts of the world at the same period of time made her uneasy. "How long did they have to make a well thought plan like this…" if she wasn't in the victim shoes with the rest, she would even commend them for being this cunning and smart. Respect might even be given if it wasn't so bad.

 A small chuckle escaped her when the Nephilim pointed how outdated magic could be, "You can say that again to Iris, I'm pretty sure she is halfway succeeding in transferring her spells and knowledge into a digital grimoire of her own. Not sure how secure that would be though." It was a good innovation, she would admit. But security wise, maybe that's a bit dwindling. "Why don't people move on from the past and instead take that as an excuse to fuel their rage into vengeance? Same thing." The problem with what's occurring at that moment was the fact that Octavia is on her own since Mal couldn't possibly take whatever is bothering her away like that. Not easily. All she could do is be there to comfort her and after what seemed to be ages, the blonde stopped. 

Mal hugged her and stroked her hair gently while whispering comforting words, "I know…" She gave her the time she needed to compose herself and eyed her worriedly when she said he was no longer there. "Come on then, the sooner we get inside the citadel the better. There's nothing good to be out here when it's dark either" the night is always so unpredictable and while the dragon likes her nights, maybe not this time. Mal grabbed a hold of Tavia's hand slowly and beckoned for her to follow the steps of the particular pathway. The day is really getting darker. Before long, there was a sign of an entrance building a few meters ahead of them. 

The blonde went quiet for a while as she considered what motivation someone would have to attack them so directly, sure they had their enemies but most people understood what they were trying to do was for the good and balance of the world “It must have taken a lot of planning, it’s like they knew how we would respond, where we would go, who we would send” they attacked Vlad no doubt because he was the oldest and most trusted guard, it sent a message to everyone that no one was invincible and she’d be lying if she said it hadn’t shaken her nerve at least a little. She lifted her gaze and pressed her lips together “Whoever they are, they seem to be very angry” perhaps if they could figure out who they were and what their motivation was then they could do something about it, but this guy was very good at staying hidden.

She laughed thinking about her niece and how wrapped up in computers and technology she was “Knowing Iris she has found some sort of super encryption to make sure it’s all kept safe” she laughed, that girl could talk forever about algorithms and cybersecurity “Besides half the spellbooks in history have been stolen and passed on at one point or another, they’re basically public domain” she responded shaking her head in amusement, people even sold them on the black market. Octavia shrugged when she asked why people always tended to hunt for vengeance over moving forward “They’re in pain and they don’t know how to make it stop and so they lash out because it makes it feel better...for a little while” after everything that happened, anger had definitely been one of the front emotions she felt.

It was exhausting having her mind attacked like that, she knew they were trying to scare her off and honestly if anything was powerful enough to do that, it was this. She hugged tighter against Mal’s chest and then closed her eyes as she did everything in her power to try and shut out the pain she was feeling. And it did finally fade, when she closed her eyes, there was nothing there but the path they were walking and the citadel in the distance. She supposed that meant they had passed the test laid out before them. She squeezed Mal’s hand as a thank you before following behind her, pulling out her blade in case something decided to jump out. When they reached the building Octavia frowned slightly “Is it me or does it look kinda...abandoned” she commented under her breath, noting the cobwebs on the door handle and the dark state of disrepair it was in, it looked like an old abandoned church. “Are you sure this is the right place?” she commented as she reached for the handle.

What Octavia said made sense, there was no way anyone would be able to deliver this kind of attack and succeed if they didn't outline every possible step they would take. "The only explanation there is… they're one step ahead of us. Unfortunately, this means we have someone out there, individually or a group, god knows… that is a big threat to us. If they could bring the Isle of Skye of all places down, no doubt they can do worse." Losing their home has been a hit to every single one of them, especially Mal who didn't particularly like the idea of moving to Evermore in the first place. She no longer disliked the eternal city but it didn't mean she liked it. It was there, a better place than most and their home now, whether she likes it or not. Hating on something she knew would not change doesn't seem productive. "I wonder which part they are angry at us for…" Mal knew there would always be a group of people who would not agree with their methods. It's just the way life is. There was bound to be disagreements here and there.

 "We've done a lot of things but not ones I could say are particularly remarkable for them to hunt us down for vengeance." Unless they're the bad guy in the start, then there were plenty of reasons why they would target them when they were slightly distracted. "I don't think they wanna come after us directly… this feels like a game of cat and mouse. They're the puppet master and they're picking us off one by one, starting by crippling our defense and leaving us vulnerable to attack." The Aspect could recall the part when a lot were sacrificed at the Isle, there were a lot of anachronisms occurring in almost every continent. It was chaotic. "Modern technology confuses me sometimes" she shook her head, Mal wasn't sure if she will ever get used to it even though she wasn't that outdated. "Some shouldn't belong to the public" she quipped dryly, "even I feel uneasy holding onto those dark… dark spellbooks, if it ever fell to the wrong hands then ugh" she shuddered involuntarily, the mere thought of it was sending shivers down her spine.

 "Lashing out could be satisfying at first… until you realized the point in it. When there's none, you start to regret things and questionable acts would unfold. Human psychology is so… devastatingly sad." Once Tavia passed the test, she saw the way the blonde pulled out her blade which made her chuckle softly, "Relax… I don't think anyone is gonna come out and jump on us. I can't recall pissing the priestesses here before so we have no qualms. I think…" if she remembered correctly, there was a lot of history that went on this very site but Mal was usually able to pass the test to get in because honestly, it was hard to use magic on an Ailward Aspect. It doesn't affect them the way it would to others. They weren't fully immune to it and were still very much susceptible but to control their mental state would take a heavy work day. "Yeah… it has been this way for a while… let's just say something happened the last time I was here and it didn't really end well." She didn't like remembering it. She placed her hand over Octavia's and pushed the door open, the sound of it creaking made the Ailward Aspect sad because this was supposed to be a pretty place. And it was. Once upon a time ago. 

Octavia hated to admit that someone might have the upper hand over them but Mal was right, there was no other explanation to what happened other than it being a well-calculated plan. They were playing them at their own game and they were feeding right into it “If only we knew...then maybe it would give us a clue...some kind of weakness we could use to track them” whoever this was they were good, attacking the strongest guards, finding them when they were out on missions. She sighed, it was harder not knowing what they were being punished for because how were they supposed to make up for any wrongs if their enemy only remained in the shadows “Coward, that’s what he is” she responded in a bitter voice, getting other people to do his dirty work for him.

Octavia looked over at Mal and nodded slightly in agreement “You’re right, some magic, it shouldn’t even exist, let alone be out there for someone to try and take advantage of” power could come from many places but killing others or causing them pain in order to gain power was the kind of darkness diviners didn’t come back from, the pressure of what they had done would catch up with them before long, nature requires balance after all. She nodded slightly when Mal spoke about how things like revenge were only a temporary relief “I can understand...even put myself in the shoes of someone who hurts so badly that they think revenge is the only way to feel better” but she had picked herself up and realized it wasn’t what Vlad would have wanted for her, nor was it really what she wanted for herself. She wanted to be better than the person who did this.

“I’ll relax when we’re in a nice greek hotel, about to go down for our massages and pampering” she responded sarcastically and gripped her sword tighter, she wasn’t taking any risks when it came to protecting Mal. Nor did she trust some creepy building which had just screwed with her head. Still, they had to head inside and see the place for themselves, if Mal was sure the key to finding her magic was here then they needed to be here. She grimaced as she let the aspect push her hand down and open the door. She pushed it open before holding her sword up and then creeping inside. It looked much the same inside as it down inside, she could see shards of glass on the floor and everything was dusty. But when she moved forward and stepped against the glass beneath her feet, her foot feel through against a smooth floor. She frowned “That’s weird” she commented before kneeling down and trying to pick some of the glass up before watching as her hand grabbed at nothing “What kind of place is this?” she commented as she looked back towards Mal with a confused expression.

She couldn't help but sigh in agreement when she heard Octavia say that, she wished they were given clues to at least point them in the right direction. "Honestly I'm not even sure if we're going the right way. I mean generally speaking not… this specific mission. We're definitely going to the right path here" she quickly changed her tone and assured the blonde that they weren't supposed to be somewhere else. It was hard for Mal to set her foot here again. She wasn't foreign to Greece because it's an ancient city filled with a lot of magic surrounding them, but this particular citadel? Not really the first option in her book when she thought about reclaiming her magic. The moment she saw the old building, it felt as if the non-living thing itself was purposely trying to mock the Aspect of Magic. She noticed the underlying bitter tone to the Nephilim when she grumbled about the offender. "We'll eventually get him. He can't get away forever. He could escape to the ends of earth and tire himself out at some point." 

Work smart, not hard, she remembered those words very clearly. She had to use her head here. While her magic is practically spiraling out of control to the point Malva was afraid of doing even one spell, it doesn't mean all the knowledge inside her head went away. "Magic is a volatile element, Tavia" she mumbled and pursed her lips slightly, "it means it has a middle ground. An in between. That's the most dangerous part, knowing you can go towards the light without realising you've been tempted by the darkness since the very beginning. That kind of mark doesn't just go away." Was she speaking from experience? Maybe. It wasn't the kind of memory she preferred to recall though. It traumatised her beyond repair and she never ventured back. "I'm glad you're not going to go down the vengeance route because as much as I want to stop you, you know me… I'll probably end up letting you do whatever you want and then when we get back, I'm in for another long lecture." 

The thought of relaxing back at a fancy greek hotel made the Aspect of Magic whine slightly as she closed her eyes to imagine the sight, "Believe me I don't want to stay here longer than I need to. I want to relax at a fancy greek hotel too…" Staying here would never be comfortable for Mal. Too many memories and while there were some good, the bad was there too. She wasn't about to feel nostalgic over this. The moment the door was opened, she trailed behind Octavia and frowned when she heard her asking what kind of place it was, it should be a clear picture of an abandoned monastery but in a heavily fortified location hence the citadel name, "what do you mean what kind of place is this? It's an abandoned-" she widened her blue hues in surprise as she too, expressed her confusion, "citadel…" This was exactly what she pictured it would look like but when it didn't feel real, Mal did not like it. Someone's playing them. "I'm seriously gonna burn the entire place down if you don't come out" she exclaimed firmly, her magic may be out of control but Mal knows an illusion when she sees one, especially when Tavia proved it too.

The question is... who?

There was a love-hate relationship when it came to Sebastian and this citadel. One the one part, it was a powerful and historic place that held significance to him. Most of them were bad memories, reminders of the way he became immortal, of fights and mistrust, the hold that dark magic could have. It reminded him how easy it could be to lose control when it came to magic. But despite that, 50 years ago he had come back here. Honestly, he hadn’t known where to go, he felt lost and unneeded and so found solace in the very place that brought him so much misery.

The priestesses had accepted him back, though with fair reservations considering its state of disrepair at the time. He had stayed a week, then a month and before he knew it a year had passed. He focused on studying his magic, learning more about its source and how he could best wield it, studying the same ying and yang balance had for many years before. And when the priestesses had finally decided they couldn’t bring back the magic this place once held, they told him they were moving on to somewhere they could still help people. He had stayed.

People came and went, everyone saw what he wanted them to see, an old, disrepaired building, but Sebastian never gave up on trying to find the power source and in the end, he had. One night while in the basement he discovered a water leak which had lead him to a room he had never seen before, in the room was a pond. It was dirty and overgrown but he knew better than to turn a blind eye on it. And when he finally cleaned it back to pristine, he felt the strength of the waters below his hands. Magic. One of the original natural sources. He kept it a secret, knowing there were those out there who would do more than just studying it and learn from it, people who would use it.

And so here he was, living here, with a few diviner apprentices til now. He had known the aspect of magic and her friend were here of course. He spared Malva the test, give that she had passed one before but her guard needed to be verified, to ensure her intentions were in the right place. “It seems we have visitors” he had called out to his students in the dorms before heading through towards the entrance hall. He was waiting, holding up the cloaking spell as long as was needed. Though he had to admit he was a little disappointed the blonde figured it out so quickly.

“Well that would be an awful big waste of my efforts to restore it, Seniorita” he responded and shook his head in amusement before snapping his fingers, letting the inner shielding spell he had placed on the citadel fall so they could see the refurbished interior. It was tasteful and actually pretty home-like because he had turned it into a training academy. Nothing as big what he imagined he could build one day, but this place needed protecting and he had nowhere better to be. He took a deep breath as his golden eyes opened and his gaze fell upon the one face he hadn’t seen in so long. Malva Ailward. “You couldn’t have fallen for it for 2 seconds huh? You’re a perceptive one, blondie” he didn’t even look the brunette in the eyes, he couldn’t.

Octavia shrugged her shioulders “There is always a question of whether we’re going the right way but it doesn’t mean we can stop” they had to keep moving, keep searching, they had to keep looking forward or they would become stuck in the past. This mission had already been exhausting from the flight to the mind manipulation which had gone on earlier, it had to bear fruit and lead them to some answers about Mal’s magic or it was all for nothing. “The question might be whether he’ll find us first” she commented in a solemn tone, it did feel very much like they were being watched she had to admit.

“Volatile means unpredictable, not cruel” she commented under her breath, she hadn’t liked the test she had to go through and while she was strong enough to make it out the other side she could definitely see why it scared people off this place “That’s why you need others around you to keep you in check” she responded to Mal sternly, warning her once again that she shouldn’t be trying to face these things alone. “Vengeance is empty, at the end of the day, it won’t bring him back, nothing will” that was the saddest part about it. Punishing the person he hurt wouldn’t make it better.

“Don’t we all” Octavia responded when Mal agreed she wanted to stay in a nice Greek hotel and have a real vacation, god knows they deserved one. The guard had been well trained to spot when something wasn’t right, she had an eye for detail that was rarely wrong. She looked up, drawing her blade the moment she heard the voice of an unknown male. Though it did’t take him long to peel back the facade. Suddenly the place looked much more like how she expected a place of magical origin to be. Though she still remained on guard “It’s my job to spot abnormalities in the world” she commented pushing herself to step in front of Mal to keep her protected.

“I guess I have you to thank for that lovely experience outside” she shot him a stern glare which warned him not to mess with her or the aspect or he would regret it.

The mission just started yet the two of them could already feel the exhaustion taking its toll on them. Malva would like to think that it was because of the jetlag and plane ride that contributed to at least 90% of their current fatigue. With Tavia, she could understand that she needed rest before she eventually fall over for the next couple of minutes, nobody likes to sit in a plane for hours long, much less 17-hour plane rides. Not to mention that the poor blonde went through a mental evaluation earlier where it tested her strength to withstand it. A part of her wondered why she didn't have to go through the same thing, it was basically one of their main security measures; one needed to go pass the test to prove their intentions. Somewhat like the barrier at the Isle of Skye, only more… witchy-esque. Witches do like to play with their hexes so there's a risk of that going around too. Maybe the place recognised her? Perhaps that was it. 

She stayed silent as she bit her own lip when Tavia said it was a matter of whether he'd find them first, she desperately hoped that wasn't it. "Cruel and volatile, I don't think people know the difference anymore." Most people really don't. One would say anything to justify the means to their own end. Who cares what's good and what's not anymore? Isn't that the whole reason why they were there in the first place? To ensure people follow the rules? The blonde wasn't wrong though, someone needed to keep her in check. God knows what actually goes on in that head of hers sometimes. Even the Aspect of Magic couldn't predict what's about to happen. Her eyes softened considerably when she heard the tone the Nephilim held, it was hard to get up and move on when it was the death of your beloved one; the one you've spent a thousand years with. 

The entire place seemed off and she knew someone had something to do with it. She wasn't wrong. The moment she heard his all too familiar voice ringing across the room, Mal froze momentarily and searched for the source of said voice. That's when she saw him. He hasn't aged a day, of course he hasn't. She was literally ready to turn on her heel and exit the place. Until she remembered why she came. "So you managed to restore it after all…" she exclaimed, she didn't sound impressed, and even if she was secretly curious and interested to know how he did it, she wouldn't let it show. She had to bear in mind that this guy was the same person who left her and one she refused to see even when he requested for her afterwards. It wasn't going to be that easy to just forget the old wounds that she wasn't even sure even closed. And of course, he couldn't even look her in the eyes, which made the brunette scoffed inwardly. 

She placed a reassuring hold on Tavia's shoulder, "Don't worry, he's hardly a threat" she mumbled, that's not really a lie. He's a big threat to the Ailwards but she has never been one to her. Or she never really… considered him one. A threat meant she could never have any sort of relationship that wasn't of spite with them. Mal was glad to see how overprotective the blonde was being though. "Why don't you go ahead and take a rest, Tavia? I'll handle it from here, don't worry… this is the last place anyone would try to target me" she smiled softly, attempting to reassure the blonde she will be okay while ignoring that Sebastian was even there. "I suppose a proper accommodation is still offered here" she exclaimed bluntly. "It's not the Greek hotel I promised you but… we'll get there soon enough. I promise." 

Sebastian had to admit, he was quite impressed with the loyal guard’s skills, she was doing a good job of keeping Malva safe which was honestly, kinda comforting to him, considering he knew how reckless and impulsive the aspect of magic could be “Yeah that one’s on me” he responded with an amused grin “Though don’t take it too hard, you passed with flying colors” despite the fact the blonde was pointing a blade at him, he remained entirely calm, though his gaze kept searching for attention from the dark-haired aspect, who was looking everywhere but where he was.

He pursed his lips, of course he knew he was going to get to see Mal again...eventually, the world always seemed to push the two of them back together, though she had done especially well at dodging him for years now. He didn’t resent her for that, he was the one who pushed her away in the first place. There was a lot of complicated history here, things he couldn’t just forget, things that came rushing back just from seeing her standing there in the very place their story first imploded “I told you I would” he responded frankly, though the coldness in her voice certainly said a lot more. It was clear she didn’t want to show weakness in front of her guard and he could understand that.

“On the contrary, I am quite the force to be reckoned with, Bonita” he grinned to himself but gave the blonde a wave of his hand as though to say she could lower her weapon “But we happen to have respect in common, so I can assure are safe here” he wasn’t sure how safe he might be if the aspect of magic decided to have one of her temper spats on him. But there was something different about the energy he sensed from Malva...something was wrong. “By all means, mi casa su casa” he responded and called one of his apprentices over “Michael, can you show our guest to one of the rooms...make sure she gets the full tour” Sebastian never used to be the most hospital man but he supposed his manners had been refined since he came to the citadel. Mostly thanks to a certain nephilim who showed up in the basement.

She sighed under her breath, she was exhausted from the mental toll that the test had taken and while she understood the need for protecting the citadel from unwanted visitors, she definitely didn’t appreciate someone tampering with her most delicate insecurities “This place better be worth all of this” she commented it with a grumble as she glanced over to the dark-haired female. Despite how monumental this moment must be for Malva, she seemed strangely at ease. Perhaps because she had been to this place before.

Her eyes did widen the moment the disguise was removed, the whole place was stunning, like the kind of thing you saw on people’s vacation photos when they went to Europe and went around all of the tourist spots. It made her wonder what the need to hide it was. She was watching the dark-haired male with a cautious gaze but the thing which really caught her attention was the aspect’s choice of words “You two know one another then” she pointed out the obvious however the tension between them was evident as she looked from one to the other, avoiding eye contact and Mal’s defensive behavior certainly made the blonde frown, it seemed like she was missing part of the story.

She looked over to Mal when she felt the hand on her shoulder, finally lowering her weapon because if the brunette said he wasn’t a threat then she would have to believe her “Are you sure? He seems kinda shady to me” she commented in a soft voice because she wasn’t sure she liked the energy going on in the room. But Mal was right when she suggested that she needed to rest, the flight and that mentally draining test had her barely hanging on to her sanity and she wasn’t going to be any use to the aspect if she kept pushing herself too hard. “Anywhere with a bed would do at this point” she responded and nodded “You’re keeping that spa day promise though” she scolded before shooting Sebastian a look as she followed his apprentice down the corridor he was guiding her. He was spouting some information about the place but honestly, she felt too tired to take it all in and before long she was entering her room, putting down her things, and sitting herself on the bed.

When Mal planned to come here, this was not what she expected to find. Well, she did expect to find the place a bit better than the last time because it's been centuries, the idea of the priestesses cleaning up and making it look… slightly hospitable could be given in their credit. What she did not expect was to find him. "You're not a priestess" she exclaimed bluntly, that was the first thing that came up. She was obviously expecting to meet with some middle aged diviner who probably used anti-aging spell or something. Not Sebastian Daystar. Of course she couldn't meet his eyes, or she didn't want to. The Aspect of Magic liked to think she didn't look at him directly because she didn't want to. That's it. When Tavia pointed out that they knew each other, Mal grumbled and hummed in affirmation, know was an understatement but she wasn't about to spill that part. She'll tell the blonde the details later. It wasn't a good idea to overwhelm her with details when she obviously tired herself out already anyway. 

Her eyes softened briefly when he said he did fix the entire place as promised, she remembered telling him to do that to make up for the destruction he caused but didn't think it was possible since the dark magic left a lasting mark. The debris was still very much there honestly. But that soft glance didn't last long. "Don't worry… he's always shady" she reassured the Nephilim and pushed her gently as if to beckon her to go and get some rest while she deals with the male diviner. She even lifted her pinkie towards Tavia when she departed as proof she will keep her promise on that spa day. They'll get one. Once the blonde was nowhere in sight, she turned to face the male with an unrecognizable look marring her features, she wasn't sure what to feel. 

"Since when did Mycenae Citadel turn into a summer camp for diviners?" She was used to seeing a certain group of followers residing here who basically cut off their ties from the outside world to devote themselves into caring for the site itself. And the people she saw earlier, they didn't seem like those people. "Where's the high priestess? And why are you here?" She wasn't meaning to be rude though her tone suggests otherwise, but Sebastian did know her better than most so she didn't really need to clarify what she meant to say. *At least you're not completely horrible with the interior design…" she muttered and walked around to see the design.

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