대현아 일어나. 여기서 나가야 해. 지금이다. (Daehyun-ah, wake up. You have to go. Now.)

대현아 일어나. 넌 여기서 나가야겠어. (Daehyun-ah, get up. You need to get out of here.)

악속해, 첫 기회만 얻으면 도망가라고. (Promise me, you'll flee the first chance you get.)

A 15 year old Daehyun only nodded in response to what his mother had requested him to do. Did he know a few months later he would risk his own identity exposure to the rest of his Initia tribe? No. Did he know in that exact moment that one day he will endanger his own beloved mother's life? The mother that had nurtured him since forever long ago? No. Was he aware that he was going to cause problems in the future? No. Daehyun grew up to be a quiet child. He's always attentive and preferred to sit by the sidelines. He wasn't reckless. Not usually. But did he know that one day will come when he will have to accept who he was? Yes.

He's been awake since the beginning. He couldn't get any sleep in his system. Hell, he couldn't even do much as to wander off in his wonder dream land for a brief few seconds of closing his eyes without getting hit by the lightning bolt of memories. So many years could pass and Daehyun will never be able to forget his first kill. It wasn't a direct approach but despite the indirectness, it was still his fault. Very much his fault. He had a picture of his mother tucked in his photo frame that was placed in his new room as soon as they moved recently to Evermore, the rumored place that was dubbed the supernatural haven for all. The very foundation and idea of the city fascinated him and whilst he was still apprehensive to go along with it, he told himself he swore an allegiance to Anivia, who ended the tyranny and reign of terror of Coldren Frostbourne. A man he thought to be his friend. A man he saw as a father figure. 

The man who took him in when he and his sister had nothing to offer. 

A man he will always respect and admire. 

He found it ironic how even in death, Coldren still haunted his memories, much like his parents. The people he's left behind hasn't left him. Slightly ruffling his light colored hair, he stared at the comfortable bed sheets that he has yet to make use of considering the lack of sleep he's been getting. "Get a hold of yourself, Dae. Sleep is the least of your concern." The young Niveis remembered how he's always had a small amount of sleep even from his childhood days. It was a problem he hasn't been able to shook off, unfortunately. His groggy state didn't match his appearance. Daehyun pushed himself off the bed and rinsed his face with the cold water a few times before leaning against the wall. If he had nothing to gain information over, he usually had nothing else to do. 

After wiping his face with the towel by the sink, he wrapped himself in an outerwear before making his way downstairs. He's too used to being alone that he had almost become an expert at blending in the shadows without anyone else noticing. Tucking both his hands in the coat's pocket, he decided to venture into the city square. Surely, there was something to look forward to. Most of his friends were slain in the civil war against their former chief and the small portion of them that was still alive were mostly those who sided with Coldren. As he walked down the pavement, he inhaled in the fresh air of the wintery night as his eyes gazed upon the piles of snow everywhere. The best weather suited for them Niveis. 

He eventually spent his time walking around the town square until he stumbled upon a shop that caught his eye. Something about the shop just really hits him. He has never been to a pawnshop, but then again when directing his life, the male has never set foot anywhere else that was not home. Pushing the entrance door ajar, he entered the shop and let his eyes wander around. That was of course, before noticing the all too familiar face of the person sitting at the counter. A face that he found quite hard to forget considering the friendship he had with a few before. 

Kaldre Frostbourne.

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Kaldre Frostbourne. Kal had almost forgotten what it felt like to be called that name. The moment that he had decided to leave was the day he had chosen a new life for himself, a life where he didn’t live by what someone told him he needed to be. Kal had reached out for his freedom and grabbed it with both hands and while it had been hard, to move forward and leave behind those he had considered family, he wouldn’t turn it around for anyone. Maybe that made him selfish and maybe he couldn’t bring himself to care.

Rising to another cold winter’s morning in Evermore, Kal followed his usual routine, taking him from room to room in his apartment, starting with a shower and brushing his teeth, followed by changing into one of his many different clothes and finishing up by sitting down at the kitchen, turning on the stereo and listening to music. When he had first left the isle, Kal had felt pretty lost in the modern world he now lived but like had been doing for his entire life, Kal learned to adapt and thrive. Sure it was a quiet life, living above the shop he owned with no company other than his customers and the neighbors cat who seemed to prefer visiting him than being at home but it was his life.

After he had finished his breakfast he packed away his things before heading down into the shop, stopping to neaten items on the shelves and in the cupboards as he went before picking up his copy of Evermore Daily from the mat, he flipped the sign on the door around to open before turning on his heels. He hummed softly before setting down the paper on the shop counter and then walking around to the other side, leaning over to scan his eyes over the print. Upon seeing the headline on the front page about there being a new ambassador meeting in Evermore he didn’t pay much attention, for the most part the faction system didn’t apply to him since he didn’t belong to any of them so as long as he was left in peace he didn’t care much for the inner workings of the city.

He scanned his eyes over a few more pages but for the most part it was the usual stuff, the continued tension the celestials seemed to put over the city, events and parties the town hall was throwing to keep up appearances, properties for sale. The ice phoenix yawned flipping the pages shut once more before turning his eyes upwards a noticing a glass on one of the shelves looked damaged. Kal frowned as he made his way over to it, picking it up and studying the crack which had appeared in the top, sighing softly he collected it, neatening the items around it into the gap before bringing it back to the desk.

He was in the middle of debating whether the it was repairable, holding it up to the light to study the damage when he heard the sound of the bell ringing and footsteps at someone walked through the door. Kal was about to speak his usual greeting to the person but as his dark hues moved down they were met with those of none other than Daehyung Stormwind. Kal wasn’t even able to process his reaction before he felt his grip tighten on the glass so much that the whole thing shattered in a peal of high pitched noise and fell to the ground.

“What the hell are you doing here?” he asked, stunned to see the male he hadn’t seen in at least 40 years as he flexed the hand he had just been holding the glass with.

The moment his eyes fell on the silhouette that was Kaldre Frostbourne, he felt as if time had froze, literally. And that whatever it was that kept moving was just them. Staring colloquially at the infamous Niveis in front of him, he got a good look at him after a while. If he recalled correctly, it should be about little up to almost four decades that he's last seen of the only male Frostbourne, that was currently alive, of course. God bless the soul of Quilo. Daehyun tilted his head slightly to the left side as he placed a scrutinizing gaze onto Kaldre. "You're a long way far from home." He quipped, the manner of the air not decreasing anymore than it should. His voice and tone made it clear that he wasn't there for anything that had anything to do with the youngest Frostbourne. He was just there to look around and venture around the city, because he's got nothing to do, and Kaldre had just coincidentally became the topic of the day for him.

However, it did pique the interest of the older Niveis. He wondered if Anivia had any idea that his younger brother is actually within the same vicinity as they were. Surely due to the psychic tether their current chief had was applicable in such times. If she didn't know, she would feel his presence, by the very least. Following the non hostile tone coming from the Niveis in front of him, he shrugged absentmindedly. "It's nice to see you too, Kal. I believe it's been a while. Close to 40 years?" The blonde Niveis rolled his eyes in a much more dramatized manner as soon as he saw the manner he had been projecting earlier. Then, he wandered his eyes over to the broken and shattered glass. that had successfully made a mess on the floor. "I see you are still as reckless, as ever. You've improved in that area, for sure." He noted dryly, his gestures pointing and indicating straight to the glass covering the floor. Letting out a brief sigh from him, he walked to inspect the shelves that accommodated a few of the antiquities, from watches to vases. A lot of things were there. 

"There's a lot of priceless things here. Much like you." He mused, the mischief playing around the whites of his tone as the twinkled in his dark mocha hues. "I guess we're not the only ones attracted to this infamous city, after all. It really does serve much like a supernatural haven, no? How do you like it here?" Daehyun admitted that seeing a familiar face, especially his, was another nod to his past in the tribe. Kaldre grew up under the watchful eyes of everyone; his father, mostly. Daehyun served his time as a quiet soldier who complied to every form of order being given and carried it out with careful planning and precision in a swift manner. There was a reason why he's known to be a shadow there. And it's definitely not due to him being the 'non-existent' member there. While he hated to reminisce all the past memories, even when some were good and tolerable, he was grateful for it. God knows how much he needed a little reality slap.

Upon not hearing any words coming out from the male, he clicked his tongue in feigned annoyance as he narrowed his hues over to him, while inspecting the paper from Evermore Daily placed on top of desk. Yes, the ambassadors' meeting. He's heard of that. But then again, what hasn't Daehyun heard? He was a resilient spy and a quiet soldier who doesn't question anything; which made him to be quite the formidable combination. "Don't worry, your sister didn't send me here to keep a lookout. So I'm not the babysitter. I am genuinely here because the pawnshop looked enigmatic. Almost enticing. The decorations had a flair to them, I should've known why it probably would be exuding such a familiar air."

Just in one look the Niveis felt as though he was back on Unyak once more, the cool of the air he could almost feel against his skin and the familiar huts and structures seemed to pop up around him, that isle held a lot of mixed feelings for him, it was the place he was born and raised but it was also the place where he had lost almost everything. For the longest time he had tried to bury those memories somewhere deep in his mind, move forwards but it took Daehyun a matter of seconds to bring it all rushing back. He let out a frustrated sigh, if another Niveis had left to explore the world he had no doubts more would follow “Home is a relative word” he responded in an equally unimpressed tone to the male

Daehyun has always been a strange character for Kal, Kal, despite his best efforts to put walls up, always seemed to show his emotions and thoughts so clearly but Daehyun always gave the impression he didn’t care for anything, of course the younger  Niveis knew that was far from the truth, he had seen the bond between Dae and his sister with his own eyes after all, he was simply impressed by the way the other male managed to keep such a calm aura about him “And yet it feels like yesterday all of a sudden” he commented almost a little dazed from the surprise before he ducked downwards picking up some of the shards of glass that were scattered on the floor and discarding them into the bin “I see you’ve continued to work on that monotone voice everyone knows and loves” he returned his subtle jab with a shake of his head.

Kal’s biggest concern was now that another Niveis was in the city it was only a matter of time before the ambassadors became aware of another species in their vicinity, Kaldre wasn’t exactly the biggest fan of rules and those who liked to impose authority, it was part of the reason he left in the first place and so he couldn’t bring himself to be thrilled by this development, even if he was somewhat looking forward to seeing those he had left behind again.  “They say it’s like a magnet, draws you in without you even knowing” he commented about the city with a chuckle “Evermore was my fresh start, a place where I didn’t have to be Kaldre Frostbourne anymore, I could be whatever I wanted and I guess this is what I chose” he opened his arms as if to imply the store around them. Maybe that was considered boring compared to the life he had before but boring and mundane was exactly what he had needed.

Despite the other male’s words about not worrying that was exactly what he did at the mention of Anivia being in the city, he let out a heavy sigh, glancing his eyes back down to the same newspaper that Daehyun was looking at “So she chose Evermore as her new base huh?” he commented with a tilt of his head, he couldn’t really blame her for that choice, after all, the place was their best bet of being accepted in the supernatural world, especially with the Ailward guard breathing down all the ambassador’s necks. Noting Daehyun’s comments on the store Kal smirked a little “Quite the place isn’t it?” his brow raised a little. He had to wonder what the tribe planned to do for money, Kal had struggled badly in the first few years here, selling the few precious things he had to keep himself afloat before he got into the business of buying and reselling rare things and now here he was “I found a passion for collecting rare things” or was it more of a distraction. Kal pressed his lips into a hard line, forming the question he didn’t really want to ask “How long do I have until the city knows who and what I am?” by the looks of the headlines, he’d guess not long.

Staring at the snow globe that he picked up from the stand, he tilted it slightly to the side to see it work. "Of course you'd say home is a relative word. You're- well.." He stopped briefly and tried to rack his mind into searching a new word. "You're you." As if that was supposed to mean something. But let's be honest, it really was supposed to indicate and mean something. Daehyun knew Kal wanted to keep his current life intact with no other troubles that would end up winding his way anytime soon. Or ever. He could see that the younger Niveis only ever wanted to live his life properly, and he wasn't surprised. He wanted the same thing just as well. All he wanted to soar above the skies and finally get the chance to appreciate the world's beauty.

Upon growing up, Daehyun also kept an eye out for Kal, ever since he was born into the world. A part of him still cared for Coldren and hoped to see him return into the previous light that he was in, but when he only showed signs of drifting away into the darkness more than ever, he opted to look out for his children. The older Niveis did not wish to see the three of them turning out like their tyrannical father that became the worst dictator in their lives. Whilst it might be true that the blonde haired Niveis had doubts in the beginning regarding his legacy to turn out exactly the way the former chief had envisioned, he was glad the doubts only remained what it was. Doubts.

When he heard Kal talking about the eternal city's unique trait that was wired in its system to be enigmatic and enticing so to say attraction, he couldn't deny them. It's true. Daehyun himself felt attracted to the city the first time. But then again, he supposed he wouldn't know. He's not exactly a person that bounced up around from time to time. The only home he's ever felt was in the mountains, shortly before they were chased away by the Initias. Just when he thought it would've stopped there, it only worsened. "Then don't let me stop you from not becoming Kaldre Frostbourne, Kal. Or any of us really. Continue with your life as you see fit. Freedom is a simple thing not many had the chance to achieve wholeheartedly. There is no greater freedom than the freedom to be yourself." Sometimes, he was aware that he showed his age gradually using his words. It's been said that he gives advice really well, if it was the other way around.

Daehyun will admit, he wanted to feel accepted. He wanted to belong somewhere because he didn't have anywhere else to go about. That's one of the many reasons why he went with Anivia's leadership instead of fleeing trying to scorch his way to his long overdue freedom. "I've always been so monotonous. It's part of my charm." He shrugged before tracing his finger around the glass container, tapping on it a few times. "Her annoying second in command came by bringing us news of Evermore. Rhydian said it was a good option to start fresh. I wouldn't go as far as to say the guy's wrong, but I don't really like him so." It was then that it occurred to the Niveis that he wasn't exactly hospitable and sociable. "But then again, I don't like a lot of people. Most people." It still questioned him till this day how quick Anivia took Rhydian under her wing. He respected her but sometimes still couldn't correlate through every decision being made. 

"But it might be a fresh start for us. We'll forever be hunted down like we used to be with the Initias for all we know. We needed a safe place to start anew, and far from the place that held nothing more than sorrow and painful memories. I heard the Ailwards reside here so it would be a controlled place, no?" He's head plenty about the dragons. Whilst he might not know much, he knew enough. However, he found himself pursing his lips as he wondered how long would the male have until his sister and the others knew where he's at, and the one concerning his identity. "I'm not sure. Very soon, maybe. Don't worry, I'm sure they won't have reasons to doubt our existence." But they both know that was just a sweetener in his context. Daehyun knew how the world feared the things they couldn't possibly understand and their tribe was exactly that. Phoenixes were a thing. Niveis was a whole gradual new thing that's only about a century or so old. There was so much they didn't know about the tribe.

Kal pulled a curious expression as the other male spoke about the reasoning being himself, Kal wondered if he had always given that impression? Had his sister really been all that surprised when he chose to leave that night? “My mother’s son you mean” he commented running his tongue along his bottom lip, Kal had always had to live alongside the name his mother made for herself by deserting the tribe and in the end he had followed in her footsteps. He hadn’t always been against the idea of a chief though, that was much more personally rooted.

Maybe his decisions made him just as bad as her, he did leave without saying goodbye after all but in some way he felt like the decision he made that night saved him, helped him believe there was a future for him again, let him see the world for the big expanse it truly was rather than the corner the Niveis had kept cooped up in. Kal didn’t have anything against the others, in fact for the most part they were his friends or family, he just couldn’t stay and watch history repeat over, couldn’t put his beliefs in something which enabled full and complete power over someone else. Kal may have never gotten particularly close with Daehyun but the two of them did both contribute to the rebellion and knew Thomaz, their interests had always been aligned even if their approach was different.

Kal listened thoughtfully to the words of the older Niveis, his head nodding a little “I left that night because I didn’t believe in the idea of a chief anymore” he spoke quite boldly, clicking his tongue a little before he spoke again “and I still don’t” he clarified, he had no intention of falling into line of his sister’s leadership and already knew that stance was going to cause him issues here. He’d done his research, he knew how ambassadors worked in this city and if Anivia became one then he was back exactly where he was before, forced to leave and start anew elsewhere “I’m not sure how I reconcile with that” he commented but shrugged “But that’s not your problem to solve” he put on a smile pointing out the snow globe he had picked up “That one wasn’t particularly rare but I liked to keep it around, kinda like a reminder” he did miss the people from time to time, he just didn’t miss the way they lived.

It was the first that Kaldre had heard of Rhydian but he wasn’t surprised to hear that Anivia took a second in command, after all she had been talking about the idea before he left and she’d had 4 decades to choose someone, it didn’t bode well that Daehyun didn’t like him though, the other male while quiet and under spoken tended to be a good judge of character “It’s only natural to question people’s intentions, most people don’t do things without some kind of person gain” he’d learned it was best to assume someone wanted something from you and be pleasantly surprised if they didn’t.

Kal nodded softly, he was right, Evermore was probably the perfect place for them to start over and keep themselves protected from the phoenix and Initia conflict, while it continued to burn around the world, here the Initia were bound by the peace treaty which kept them at bay “It’s a smart decision” he commented with a nod, he didn’t doubt the soundness of reason, it was just personally inconvenient for him. He pulled a face at the thought of having to face his sister after he had just upped and left on her, he imagined she would have thought a lot of things about that “I have no doubt they’ll believe her, but that leaves me in a tricky situation” did he still want to be in a city where everyone knew who and what he was? Honestly he was a little pissed that Anivia was going to take that choice from him “What about you?” he turned the topic around on the other male “What’s your plan with your new found freedom?” Kal knew Daehyun had been part of the rebellion and so he imagined he also sought some kind of life for himself.

Daehyun knew he was far from being empathetic, that was his nature. Rightfully so, he was good at closing off everything else and managed to drive it as an exterior no one was able to see through. Even his sister, Mirae, got fooled by it occasionally, so it wasn't exactly a surprise to see others do too. It's a facade he mastered so well in, it almost gave him a sense of doubt that there was much behind the mask after all, since he was slowly believing it just as well. "There's nothing wrong with being your mother's son." He mumbled, and placed the snow globe on top of the glass counter before finding his hands grasping on the newfound daily newspaper laid nearby. He probably should start on getting one of those soon, if he was going to resume keeping an eye around. 

"I don't see if as something disgraceful or anything along the words of it, for someone to leave our tribe. In the end, there wasn't much of it still standing, so what's the point of staying by? Everything was at the brink of destruction brought upon our own leader, so is there actually hope still remaining somewhere in the cracks? I'm not sure. I know I saw the very flicker of it dimming every year that passed by. It wasn't until your sister put an end to it, that we were able to go on with our lives and rebuild it." The older Niveis held a profound respect towards their current chief of the tribe, despite questioning some of her decisions sometimes. But it wouldn't be any worse than what they went through the first time they were morphed into a whole new being a century ago. He could still remember the sharp blade sinking into his chest, one that bore his Niveis mark, for a particular reason, to cover it all up. The pain and the anguish he felt upon being betrayed by the man he had such high hopes on. 

"Although yeah, you could've said goodbye before leaving." It was given that the two weren't close directly but their connection to Thomaz however, was significant enough. "I'm not sure if it was just me, but you know how attentive I can be. That was what made ma reliable spy in the first place, anyways. I can see people, Kal. You're not excluded from it. You always radiate that energy every time. After Quilo, the changes were much more evident and clearer than ever. After Thomaz, it was inevitable. You weren't the only one who lost faith in our tribe. I felt like I've lost faith so many times it actually became a numbing feeling, in the end. But I haven't lost Mirae. I can't leave her." Though Daehyun was supposed to leave the younger sister of his initially, in the first place, shortly before his untimely death, he couldn't bring himself to do it again.

"You're right, now that I finally have the freedom I was owed, I wanted to venture away and travel the world, in attempts to try and find something that was worthwhile for me. I don't know what I want, but I'm hoping a small revelation would be the answer to it. Or at least, a hint. But there's still so much to be done here to ensure our people's peaceful settlement. I need to get that done first, and maybe after everything is well and good to go, I might take that chance up." It wasn't a strange air for Daehyun, who've always wanted to be able to use the freedom he was entailed, to the most part of his life. "A lot of people didn't particularly like him. He has this air of arrogance and ignorance around him like a cloud. You know the ones who waited to rain so it can rain on everyone's parade, Yeah, that kind." It shouldn't be a surprise to the Niveis that he didn't particularly have fondness on anyone that wasn't his sister, who he still has yet to reconcile properly with. But the thought of not liking Rhydian bothered him. 

He brings trouble just as well brings solution. He knew it somewhere in him that kept screaming that fact. But he was still his superior so there was no actual way to actually go against him. He was still very much, part of the tribe, after all. "I'm glad you found something you like, Kal. Most people don't find them until late. I mean given if it took you about four decades to discover it, it's still a considerable amount of time. I don't think you should pack up and leave just because your sister brought everyone else here. Although i could understand your worries if she signed the peace treaty." Raising the newspaper up in their views, his dark optics then scanned the front headline. "Then it would be very hard to keep up with the identity."

Kal didn’t really expect any of the niveis to agree with or support the decisions he made, he couldn't’ say they were the strongest or best decisions he’d ever made, so he was a little surprised by Daehyun’s comment which showed some level of understanding “Somehow I think you’re one of the only people who think that way” he admitted with a shrug of his shoulders, for the most part the niveis and the species they were derived from were community based species, everyone had their part to play in the community and those who didn’t were considered failures. Time after time Initia built tribes and communities, afraid to be alone in the world.

Kal pulled a face as Daehyun commented on his lack of goodbyes, truth be told he regretted that part the most, making people wonder where he went and whether he was even alive, that part had been selfish on his part, not wanting to deal with the guilt of leaving them behind when their community was so shattered and everyone was looking at him and Anivia to know what to do. Kal wasn’t a leader and he didn’t want to be one “I should have” he answered matter of factly “Just didn’t think I could do it, you know” despite their differences, Kal loved Via and he knew she would have tried to convince him to stay that night and he couldn’t bring himself to face that.

Not to mention that Kal still carried guilt for what had happened to Quilo and then to Thomaz, he blamed himself for not seeing what a danger his father was sooner and for letting either of them get close to him, he would often have nightmares where he would relive those moments over and over, screaming at the top of his lungs for it to be him and not them. “I know how you feel” he commented, he’d seen the sibling bond between Dae and Mirae, it wasn’t all that different to that of his with Via, distanced because of something the other had done but also a mutual love for one another which couldn’t really be described “Leaving her behind that day was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done” he admitted with a shake of his head “But I guess I just couldn’t do it anymore” now they were in the same city Kal was sure this was sure to come to a head sooner rather than later and he expected Anivia to be beyond angry with him.

Kal nodded slightly, he understood where the elder niveis was coming from completely, after all, Dae and Mirae had been a member of the tribe for far longer than any him and his siblings, he imagined that wasn’t the kind of thing you simply just moved on from with a clear conscience but mostly he understood the pull of the outside world, growing up in one place and never being allowed to see anything else, Kal had no idea what to expect from the outside world until he saw it for himself, that small taste of freedom he had clung to for dear life “You deserve it” he commented with a half nod “Whatever it is you’re looking for” he felt like all of them did, after enduring the life they had for so long, they all deserves some kind of happiness, it’s just that their definitions of it were very different.

Kal pulled a face at Daehyun’s description of Rhydian, though it did make him curious to know where these other Niveis had come from and what their stories were, he refrained from saying anything though, when he left he lost his right to meddle in anything the tribe did and he didn’t intend on getting involved “Well I’m not sure I have everything figured out, I still don’t really let anyone in” that one was a lot harder, figuring out his life alone was one thing but being alongside others, allowing himself to care, that was much more dangerous and truth be told, having people back here he did care for scared him, life was more complicated when you had things to lose “I imagine it’s only a matter of time, the Initia won’t stand for one of their deviants being here without some kind of agreement” which was probably fair considering a war was only just over after all.

Kal turned away from the newspaper, he had a lot to think about but he supposed his first port of call should be to reconcile where his sister stood. “Dare I ask where I can find her?” he questioned his eyes moving to the paper and then back to the elder Niveis, better to get it over with right? Get all the facts and then decide what his next move would be.

Allowing the older Niveis to smile towards Kal, Daehyun lets out a small and soft chuckle upon hearing his remark. Truly, he wondered why Thomaz seemed to always speak fondly about the youngest Frostbourne, but now he's starting to see it. He didn't know Kal as well as others might have, he only occasionally talks to him and that was considering if Thomaz was in the midst as well. Maybe it is time, he took the length of said duration to invest it more into getting to know his tribe. After all, they now had freedom to accompany it, no? Now that he thought about it, throughout the time he kept his eyes on Kaldre Frostbourne, he noticed the traits that posed him differently from the others. A good kind of different.  A breath of fresh air for someone so open-minded. There wasn't many of them nowadays, especially hailing from a tribe led by someone who was stuck in his traditional ways.

Sympathizing or finding himself to be empathetic to anyone wasn't a normal occurrence for the blonde Niveis. It simply wasn't in his nature to be so open or prone to such emotions, but it doesn't mean he doesn't know how to feel it. "Don't worry about it. I'm sure the others understood. Giving out goodbyes are always the hardest thing to do when you're about to leave everything you know behind. Knowing one day, you might never return. So you couldn't exactly say you'll come back if someone asked, right? Better to spare both sides the awkwardness and any possible retaliation that might result in resentment." Of course, he wouldn't exactly know how the others felt with the male's absence. It was in a rather abrupt manner, for him to leave. But Daehyun couldn't blame him. He too, wanted to leave at one point in his life. The only reason that kept him here was that promise he made to himself to make sure his sister gets the home she deserved. So she would be able to be surrounded by people she loves.

"Your sister loves you, Kal. I think we could all see it if we focused enough. There's always going to be that part where sibling love will overrule everything else. I haven't seen nor spoken directly to Mirae for a century already. But you can see I would kill anyone who tries to harm a single hair on her head, or even prompted to break her heart. That's what big brothers and sisters do. We protect. Nivia still longs to be reunited with you, even if she still resented your sudden leave." It was one of those rare moments where Daehyun became this other side of him that was always ready to guide everyone else into whatever they were stepping into. Unfortunately, this side had already been reserved for only a number of people. "Nivia is angry with you. I think we both know that. But I hardly doubt she's going to kill you over it, okay maybe strike and chase you with a few ice spikes or something." Noticing how he's not helping the 'optimistic' air, he stopped but he was attempting to create a better air by adding small humor.

"I might want to go out there and finally travel the world like I initially wanted to. But now that I think of it, I might not do that, after all. Mirae is here, she wants to stay. And I want her to be happy, because not having a place to properly settle or live your life running from the Initias, that's not the life I want for her. I couldn't control it the first time, but you bet I am now. My happiness means nothing if she doesn't get hers. I guess that's what big brothers do, huh? Protect their little sisters." Daehyun wasn't the sentimental type, due to his childhood being nothing but a variable for him. He was taught to close everything up and focus on the other. It was a sick way to educate your children, honestly. But it was nothing compared to the Frostbournes, who suffered the most under their cruel tyrant of a father. 

"You would've never noticed. Even if you did, you're his son. The children will always want to believe that there is still a part they wanted to believe, to be inside their parents. Even I still struggle to hold on to the thought of Coldren being the person he was once before. Much less you. So don't blame yourself for the death of Quilo or Thomaz." He reassured, his tone bringing a lighter revelation to his words. He nodded in response as Kal talked about the Initias having a problem with their deviant species residing in their home. "Let's hope the peace treaty is a viable option for Nivia to sign. I don't think she wants to move anywhere else. This city is by far the best option for people like us. Especially for a new species." He then took a seat at the chair nearby as he let his eyes wandered around the pawnshop. Daehyun smirked as Kal inquired where his sister might be. "The easiest answer to that will be the mountains. Where everything is much more colder. This weather in particular does favor us, after all. We recently settled there. She's usually in the house, but sometimes I do think she goes out. I don't keep an eye out much for that matter. As Rhydian would tell me and I quote 'You have more pressing matters to attend to' " It was clear that the Niveis did not like the manner he brought himself with. 

To Daehyun, respect was gained and not given until it is due. "God that guy annoys the cold out of me."

Now that Kal thought about it, he hadn’t really done very well at getting to know most of his tribe, the Niveis had always been pretty wrapped up in his own world and thoughts that it rarely occurred to him to reach out to others. He regretted that side of him a little, knowing it often left him alone, Kal was content by himself but he couldn’t help but wonder if things would have been different if he’d let more people in back then. Perhaps even if the end result of what happened might have been different. But it was pointless asking those questions now, it was 4 decades ago and everything had since changed.

Still, the two of them were very similar, they both knew the value of a sibling bond and frankly at some points that was all the two of them had. Daehyun seemed to be the stronger of the two of them though, because while Kal hadn’t been able to stay, he’d stuck it through in the name of his sister and the younger Niveis respected that, in a way he wished he’d been able to do that too. “I felt like I’d said enough goodbyes” he admitted as he looked down for a moment, he didn’t handle grief well at all, the people he let in he got himself deeply attached to and when they were gone his whole mind felt torn up, even now he didn’t feel past the deaths of Quilo and Thomaz.

Kal’s expression was empathetic as he realized that in part Daehyun was drawing from his own experiences with the words he spoke about sibling bonds, Kaldre had never really been close with either Dae or Mirae but you’d be blind if you didn’t notice the way the two of them looked out for one another, even if it was in a silent and distant way “Sounds like that’s spoken from experience” he commented with a slightly arched brow, he couldn’t say he knew much about where Mirae currently stood but surely enough time had passed for her to forgive whatever happened? Kal grimaced at the thought of Via punching him, it was actually pretty likely “You know you aren’t exactly selling me the idea” he chuckled with a shake of his head.

Dae’s perspective was interesting and refreshing to Kal, most of the time the elder Niveis came across as mostly uncaring and unfazed by anything around him but if you looked close enough, you could tell that Daehyun cared as much as anyone, perhaps even more. “Man you make me feel selfish” he admitted with a chuckle, he didn’t mean it as an insult though, Daehyun was probably the perfect example of what he should have been if he was stronger. Losing Thomaz however had broken the last straw in Kal and he couldn’t stand it anymore. But he’d had 40 years to recover and perhaps it was time he started following his example.

Kal still struggled to reconcile with the things his family had been through, from his mother leaving him behind when she knew he needed her to watching his father slowly but surely become less of a person and more of tyrant, hellbent on seeing the downfall of his enemies. He would wake with nightmares remembering all the things that happened, he would sit and wonder if changing something would make any difference, whether people would have lived had he acted differently. And unfortunately when it came down to it, he was pretty sure things probably would have been “The thing about guilt is we don’t intend to feel it and yet we still do” he admitted with a sad smile, he wasn’t sure he would ever truly move past that, there would always be some small part that would wonder if he’d never loved Thomaz or intervened with Quilo’s army, perhaps they would have lived.

But as he kept telling himself, questioning what could have been done differently was fruitless, instead he focused on making sure not to let the same things happen again, which mostly came by being alone, perhaps that was the wrong way to deal with it but it was the only way he knew. He had to admit he felt some relief knowing Via and the others were safe and well though, at least there were still people out there he cared for. “Even Coldren knew about Evermore” he spoke his father’s first name as though he meant very little to him “Pretty sure if he had his way we would have joined the war here” he pursed his lips, that would have been a worse bloodbath than even the civil war, at least they’d managed to prevent that.

Kaldre frowned as he thought about the mountains, the phoenixes leaving had been one of the better changes for Evermore, he just hoped Via could prove they were different from them. Kal groaned “I haven’t used my wings in a long time” he grumbled a little though his attention was taken by Dae’s comments on Rhydian “Sounds like the two of you really don’t see eye to eye?” he prompted, curious to know more about the person his sister had decided to take as a second.

Truth to be told, Daehyun wasn't sure what else he'd be doing if he didn't have his sister, Mirae. Of course, he would've been granted the freedom to venture the world like he initially wanted to do, but at what cost? What would've happened if he became the only child and didn't have a sister? No one knows, Maybe his future would be shaped differently. Maybe he would have never lost control and gave up his identity because of it. The only reason why he even ended in this kind of life that he has today was due to his sister being in trouble. Now whilst Daehyun does, in some way, questioning and almost resented his sister after both pushed each other for long, he was more thankful than ever to have her. It gave his life a meaning and a purpose. The elder Niveis was also able to bask in the warmth of sibling hood, despite not being near her, he'll always be there to look out for her. 

He appreciated and cherished the bond very much, so to see Kaldre and Anivia falling apart made him upset. It was rare for him to actually be a sentimentalist at such concepts, but it does struck him. The three siblings were close once upon a time. He remembered seeing Anivia with Quilo and Kaldre. They were what Coldren wanted the most, purebloods of their species; Niveis. They were supposed to be exactly what their father had envisioned them to be, but they didn't. And Daehyun couldn't count the times he was immensely grateful for it. He just couldn't grasp the reality of them turning out like their father. Everything would've been lost then, and maybe he would try to escape the tribe, even at the cost of his own life. "You never really said enough goodbyes, Kal. Not really. Even when you thought it's all done for, there's gonna be something in that part that blocks every airway. So it's not actually gone truly." He knew the very sentiment in it, for he still feels like he should've came back for their mother. 

"You had time to think about everything for 40 years. That's quite the duration even if some said it wasn't as much as you needed. I'm confident you now knew what you wanted to do. Otherwise, you would've chased me out the moment you saw me come in. That, or you actually had decent ownership etiquette?" He snickered softly, finding the small humor in his words to be working for him and hoped it would give the male a shine through in whatever he opted to do next. Whilst Daehyun didn't exactly go through with Coldren till the very end, like many others didn't, he did promise the man before his death as a phoenix that he would look after the tribe, each and every single one in it. That was before everyone became Niveis of course. But the promise stays clear, he was going to uphold it. Kaldre was definitely one of them, even if the latter feels as if he had no say in whatever that happens in the tribe no more. Which Daehyun had to debunk, seeing as Kaldre had as much power as Anivia would, considering his lineage and heritage alone. 

After all, at the end of the day, Kaldre Frostbourne was and is Anivia Frostbourne's brother. No one would be able to separate that. The bond of siblings were stronger than most would think. "Of course I'm speaking out of experience. You really think me, Daehyun Stormwind, would actually speak empty words as easy as reading a headline from the newspaper? Come on, Kal. You don't even need to know my entire history to know I would never give empty words like that." Narrowing his hues at the male, he shook his head as he feigned offense. "I've been Mirae's big brother ever since she was born. The reason why I even showed my phoenix identity to my tribe was because I was protecting her from bullies one day. Everything I do is for my sister. As surprising it is, my entire existence revolves around the well-being of her, hence why I am pushing you to reconcile with yours. There might be a few resentment here and there, but eventually she will find a way to move forward and embrace you again. I'd tell you to wait, because it's been a century and my sister still finds it hard to forgive me. But you can join the waiting club?" It was then that he realized his attempts on making him feel better wasn't really working as well as he thought. But he didn't expect much, all he's letting the younger Niveis know, is that it's okay to wait and that he had someone to relate to.

"I know this might sound cold coming from me, okay, not the time for puns. Back to the point. There's no point in regretting, Kal. Regretting would not make it better. It's the past and it's done for, unless you steal a time machine. But even then, you cannot undo it without causing disruption. Best to let it go. What you can do is move forward in life because you still have much to do." Nonetheless, his demeanor was quick to shift from an understanding one to annoyance the moment he heard about his relationship with Rhydian. "I just don't get how your sister has such a bad taste in men. I'm okay with Caspian, ish. He knows his boundaries. But Rhydian? He's good at his work, well a little bit reckless when all that egoistical air gets to him. That guy pushes everyone's buttons for fun, I swear. I might or might not have actually froze him for a while when we were patrolling. I did not regret it." He said proudly as he scrunched his nose up at the memory of it. "Well if you wanna see that guy I've been annoying over, or to see your sister and everyone else again, better get those wings up and about." 

Kal had to wonder what either of them would be without their siblings, it seemed like his whole life had been shaped around the family he was born into the people he shared his life with, it was hard to imagine himself without thinking of the mother that left and the cruel father, but also the two siblings who had endured alongside him. Similarly, it was hard to picture Dae without his attachment to Mirae, mostly because he was pretty sure the male wouldn’t have stuck around if it wasn’t for her and his natural instinct to protect her no matter what. Kal couldn’t fault Dae’s dedication, that was for sure, though he knew it wasn’t to his kind specifically.

The words that Daehyun spoke made the younger Niveis go quiet, thinking about the meaning of them and in a way he supposed he was right, you never really said goodbye to anyone, you never really fully moved on, that person was always with you, they affected the choices you made and way you acted. Sometimes he would just sit and talk to them as though they were still there, it helped him to clear his mind and sometimes just get his thoughts and emotions out so they felt less bottled up. “I guess you’re right” he responded profoundly, the elder Niveis’ way of thinking certainly was interesting “Never really thought of it like that” perhaps he needed Dae around more often, the other male seemed to be turning his thoughts upside down.

Kal eyed Dae for a moment before he chuckled and shrugged “Maybe I secretly missed seeing other Niveis” he commented though the world felt pretty foreign on his tongue, not something he had said for a long time and if he was honest he’d done his best to keep his mind off the tribe, every time he allowed those thoughts to seep in they were followed by regrets and guilt. He continued to watch as the other Niveis eyed things in the shop, impressed by his ability to pick out some of Kal’s favorite items “Especially ones who have decent taste in antiques” he had become somewhat of an expert in those over the past few years, considering it was how he made his livelihood after leaving the tribe. Kal had pretty much embraced city life by now, used to the hustle and bustle and crowds. Used to feeling pretty small and insignificant, something he embraced.

Kal chuckled, arching his brow as Dae reacted to his prompting, he knew the other male had never really been all that into deep conversation, tended to avoid it at all costs from what he remembered and he couldn’t blame him for that, people for the most part were disappointing, they lied and they betrayed and they changed their minds at the worst moments. People could break your heart and scar you for life. “Things will never go back to the way they were” he stated, not talking specifically about either one of their situations but he guessed it applied to both “People change based on things they experience and those changes tend to be permanent” he bit gently on his lip as he thought about the trouble he had likely put onto Via’s shoulders, he knew he deserved her anger for that “Instead of waiting for things to go back to what they were I guess we should figure out how to make the best of what we have now” which he guessed was the motivation he really needed in that moment.

Kal didn’t realize quite how long he’d been living in a state of waiting, waiting for the little life he’d built for himself to come crumbling in he guessed, no matter how much he distanced himself from the name or the people who had known him, there was always going to be a part of him that was Kaldre Frostbourne, son of Coldren Frostbourne. “You ever thought about a career in life advice Daehyun?” he teased, though his expression was thankful, he guessed this was the wake up call he needed and funny it came from someone who spoke so few words. At the mention of all the names he didn’t recognize the younger Niveis furrowed his brow “Just how many others did you manage to pick up on your travels?” he questioned, a little shocked at the number of people he had mentioned so far and the fact that he implied his sister had a taste in both of them. It left a bitter taste in his mouth, the protective side of him showing through his previous glassy demeanor. Perhaps he did need to take a visit, if for no other reason than to check up on these men in Via’s life.

If Daehyun had to look back to what he would’ve done before, he would come up with an answer that might sounded very similar to ‘I have no idea’ or ‘Should I even have thought of it?’. Both answers gave the similar meaning to the Niveis. All his life, he’s been used to the expectations placated above him, weighing on his shoulders like how a heavy burden should weigh. Perhaps he was clueless, but he didn’t think that was it. There was something waiting for him, he just didn’t know what it is. Yet.

Somehow, Daehyun had no idea where all that wisdom talks came from. He hadn’t had the slightest clue where it hailed or originated from. It was just there. To say he’s developed some form of experience after living his life after a century or so, would be far from being near the statement that was supposed to be equipped. Since he hasn’t went anywhere more than 3 places, up to 4 now since they’ve recently settled in the eternal city called Evermore, he wasn’t sure there was much to him when giving advices. He could only give them if he found their situation to be relatable. When Kal said he was right, Daehyun puffed up and shrugged arrogantly, which probably emitted a humoristic laugh from the both of them, seeing as the older Niveis was not usually the instigator nor victim to such thing. “Of course I’m right. I wish others would see that already. Especially that guy that goes by the name Rhydian Snow. Felt like he couldn’t even listen properly to a word I’ve been saying. One of these days, he’s gonna get his ass handed to him.”

However intimidating the Niveis was, to some people, whenever he pouted while puffing out the angry remarks, it made him look like a kitten. An angry kitten. But still a kitten, nonetheless. “I bet you missed me.” There it was again, an attempt by Daehyun. It was weird and surprisingly humorous to see him attempt such approach in trying to give the air of optimism towards the Frostbourne, despite being quite the pessimist himself. They were not wrong when they said he was able to do a lot if he put his mind to it. This is one of the proof to it. As he playfully raised both his hands while flailing it slightly to make it as if he was showing a rather not-so-discreet movement of shrugging, the Niveis mumbled a thanks. It wasn’t often someone would compliment him. Not even for his skills. But the bright haired male got used to it.

Daehyun never knew Kaldre in a more personal level, not in any way. The only reason the Frostbourne caught his attention, was due to him being Coldren Frostbourne’s son, and that he was close to Thomaz, whom Daehyun too, was close to. Whilst he always kept an eye out for almost everything, Kal led a rather simple and minimalistic life that would have never gain anyone else’s attention for his actions. It would have been the life he would like him to have, though. Anivia didn’t have to assume the position of their leader shortly after the death of Coldren, but she did. And Daehyun was eternally grateful that she was trying her very best in making the tribe great again. But when he thought of the possibility if Anivia didn’t take the position up, it would have been offered to Kaldre; who would never want it. Maybe he was grateful for more than her thought. Maybe he did care for more people than he thought.

It was nothing surprising or out of the ordinary. He witnessed the growth of Kal since the latter was a baby. He did the same to Anivia and Quilo. He cared for them just as he cared for Coldren, once upon a time. “Perhaps they might never be the same. But who’s to say it would not be for the better? Sometimes, things that shifted, could amount to something far greater. Maybe your relationship with the tribe will strengthen instead. You’ll never know unless you try, though. We would love to get you back. Anivia might be angry, but she won’t be angry forever.” Though he could not vouch for the fierce chief, he could only speak from experience of being the elder sibling.

When Kal jabbed him with the statement of career wise, he scrunched up his nose in distaste. “No way. I don’t think that’s wise. I’m not like this to most people, one misstep is all they need to get themselves frozen.” His temper was also not to be tampered with, he knew that. Which was mostly the reason why he stayed silent. “I’d make a terrible one for sure.” But his ears perked up at the sudden ask on their current numbers, to which Daehyun shrugged. “I didn’t do the exact count. But there’s plenty of new members coming in, and we’re still scouting for more. They’re afraid, which is not surprising. Most of us thought we’d rebirth. But we didn’t. But your sister has terrible taste in men, I swear.”


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