Sangeun was nowhere near complicated, in fact he was the opposite of how naughty a child should've been. Growing up, he was a rather simple kid, but displayed promising traits like any other prodigal child would have. A few years later, he received a few more siblings, a younger brother and sister. He was raised in a strict household, his father always reprimanding him of his responsibilities as the eldest son. All the scolding he received was for his own good, his mother told him. The lonely nights in his room were filled with sorrowful tears and hiccups from the young dhampir, the place he locked himself in whenever he had to give up for the sake of his younger siblings. Eun was like any other child who would've gotten upset if they were asked to give up their toys for others, so his mother consoled him by using the only way she knew was viable; bribing him with sweets. That's why coming to Evermore had been his first step outside of that controlling period of his life. 

When his brother came studying here out of all places, the elder Moon was compelled to also come after him, a part of him had been craving that sense of longingness. Yet he buried it deep down because he couldn't see it through. When he received a client here, coming straight into his email asking for him specifically, one of the best, to go and take his case, Eun was fast to take on the opportunity. He’s never seen that kind of emotion when he was back in Seoul, the newfound triggering emotion was something refreshing and Sangeun desperately wished he could be one of those people who had the chance to feel the same. And even if it wasn’t anywhere near the same sentiment Jae shared with Han, Eun wanted to feel just a bit of it, enough to insert a sliver of hope somewhere inside his demeaning self. 

The suite was spacious, it was nowhere near cramped or the likes, but the adventurous soul inside Eun’s dhampir self was aching for a taste of the outside air. The elder Moon had always been working in the office, but most of the time he gets to go on-site and work outside of it and those are the days when he was extremely productive. He was stressed. Oh, that was an understatement. He's been here for only a month and just when he was going to pay him a visit a few days ago, Eun was hit by the news of him overdosing from alcohol consumption. At first, he was inclined to believe that but the postmortem report says otherwise. It was too good to be true seeing as his client, Mr Baine, was a quitting alcoholic since 4 years ago and has never touched a bottle for that period of time. Eun was quick to get a hold of the person he knew would know everything that goes on in the eternal city; Ambrose Griffin, the CEO of Evermore Daily, not the kind of person Eun would mingle around with considering putting two narcissistic people in one room was a very bad idea in general. 

But his work comes first, despite being reprimanded by his own superiors to return to Seoul because the case was already closed. Not that there was much to start on the unfortunate death count that's been piling in the proclaimed supernatural haven. The blond refused to return back without justice, his righteous self needed that closure by the very least and once he was positive Garrett Baine's death wasn't an accident, there was no way of dragging the relentless dhampir back. Which is why he's standing in front of the Evermore Daily headquarters today, their building was almost a skyscraper that was located in the city centre. It wasn't hard to find it, not as hard as it was for Eun to 'persuade' the receptionist to give him access to meet Ambrose Griffin. "I already made an appointment two days ago" he insisted, the aggravation was slowly burning off him because normally he wouldn't be so distressed but not when he knew something was at play here. Not when his client's death was an assassination. 

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“These are really good shots Glenn. I especially like this one, the background and foreground capture the situation perfectly.” The doors to the elevator opened with a light chime and a disembodied voice announced they had arrived at the 20th floor. Stepping out of the elevator car Ambrose looked over the mock-ups for the next edition of the paper, scanning over both the setup and the way the articles flowed. Pausing just outside the glass doors that would lead to his office the male held out the mock-up for the 3rd page, pointing something out that he didn’t like. “Can we blow this article up a little more, shift this one over here and then shrinking all three of these down to make room.” He pointed out what he wanted to Glenn who nodded his head along, no doubt envisioning what exactly the CEO had in mind.

As Assistant Chief Editors went Glenn was one of the best, working well under pressure and always managing to meet deadlines. Without muttering so much as an affirmative Glenn turned around and headed back to the elevators with the mock-up in hand. Grinning Ambrose turned around to find his assistant Melony looking rather harried while dealing with an Asian young man he had never seen. Remaining where he was he observed Melony vehemently telling the male that he had no appointment scheduled and if he had she would have input it in Ambrose’s calendar. “You should listen to her, Melony is detail-oriented and almost anal when it comes to keeping me on schedule.”

He grinned at his assistant so that she knew he wasn’t upset or angry at the situation before turning his attention to the individual who seemed so set on seeing him. “Hi, I’m Ambrose Griffin.” Holding out his hand he shook the young mans before jerking his head in the direction of his office, “Why don’t you step in here and we can talk, would you like a drink? Mr….” Stepping inside his office Ambrose dropped his bag on the couch before crossing over to the mini-bar, pulling out his favorite bottle of scotch he poured himself a couple of fingers and pausing above a second glass to see if his guest wanted some as well. He was nothing if not a gracious host.

Was he really upset that things may not turn out in his favor? Probably. But Eun was more likely to be aggravated by the fact that he's made an appointment to see the person he wanted to see, "Please, I'm not just some random guy who wants to meet this guy, I made my appointment over the line, 2 days ago, even when you put me on hold, and stated my reason" Surely he didn't need to request for a warrant right? He wasn't from here, in fact, he was a foreign lawyer that somehow came to this city because his client requested his presence. He was working on the case just fine until his client's sudden death. That really did put a stent in his plans, he was going to wrap it up very soon. Now, the case was deemed closed and his superiors are asking for his return back to Seoul. And how could he stay when he had nothing to put his reasoning on a solid base? He had to do this. 

Some mistakes can't be rectified and he refused to let this be the end of it; not on a case that he's been working on for months. He left his home for this. It also hurts his ego since he's never had a failed one in his streak before. Eun was just about to tell her once again how he requested for an appointment until a man interrupted his line of focus; that man looked particularly familiar to him. It made him stare at the other male in wonder momentarily. It wasn't until he introduced himself that Eun was able to grasp what was going on, Ambrose Griffin. That's the guy he's been trying to get a hold on, right? Blinking a few times in awe, Eun shook his hands politely before trailing behind the human into what seemed to be his office. Well, at least he's secured an entrance already. That's one step out of the way.

 "Moon" he answered, the dhampir cleared his throat a few times before sparing a polite and gentle smile, "I'm Sangeun Moon from HRCP in Seoul, Korea but you can call me Eun" HRCP was mostly known for being one of the biggest private litigation firms in South Korea, but since Eun was dealing with someone outside the East Asia coast, he placed his business card on the table, it had his information from his name to his position as a criminal defense lawyer. "I wouldn't want to impose" normally, he probably needed a drink but it's so early in the day and drinking was not the best choice for him. "I'm here to enquire… something from you. You're the head of Evermore Daily, correct? A little birdy told me you had access to almost everything in Evermore and the other parts of the world." 

Thankfully, what he needed to know was on Garrett Baine, someone who's resided in Evermore for at least 20 years already. "What do you know of Garrett Baine, and please don't stop short for me, since he's my client I know everything about his… considerable exploitation activities." Garrett Baine, was after all, requesting for his service to escape the court's sentence, the CEO of Raven Lunar Corp could not stoop any lower when it comes to embezzlement and his ties to the black market.

Melony looked put out and beyond frustrated as the young man informed her that he had been on hold and had requested an appointment. He had known his P.A. long enough to know that she took her job very seriously and being called into question was a quick way to aggravate the woman beyond what was healthy for everyone involved. Seeing the redhead fume at being called into question Ambrose quickly stepped up to the plate to diffuse the situation. Though she still seemed upset at the whole situation she knew better than to argue with him, when he had his mind set that was it. Shooting her a wink as he ushered the stranger into his office he was relieved to see her smile just before she turned back to her duties and the eternally ringing phone.

The male seemed a little star-struck, or maybe it was underwhelmed? It was hard for Ambrose to tell as his guest took a few minutes to answer the inquiry as to who he was. His hazel hues swept over him in a quick assessment, sensing that he had no ill will nor did he seem to be trying to hide anything. Nodding the CEO responded, “Eun then. It’s nice to meet you.” His mind worked fast, chewing over the tidbits of information his guest had given to him and fitting all of the pieces together. HRCP rang a bell, but he couldn’t quite fit where he had heard of the organization while it was put in the context of location. Seoul was only a small slice of South Korea and yet within the boundaries of the city all sorts of things tended to be thriving.

Ignoring the business card Ambrose waved off Eun’s insistance that having a drink would be imposing, “Nonsense.” Pouring a second glass of scotch he handed one to the male and motioned to one of the two couches that were arranged on a plush carpet placed strategically in front of floor to ceiling windows that gave them a gorgeous view of the Evermore skyline. Chuckling as he took a seat across from Eun the CEO stretched out and got comfortable, “I gathered as much. Getting past my assistant isn’t the easiest feat and as insistent as you were I didn’t think you were here to sell me girl scout cookies.” That said Ambrose took a drink as he was given more information, more pieces to the puzzle that had just presented itself.

The writer in him told him to keep quiet, letting Eun put all or close to all of his cards on the table before answering. When the name Baine was dropped Ambrose couldn’t keep his eyebrows from lifting clear into his hairline, lips quirking into a half smile that was more from surprised amusement than actual pleasure. “Garrett Baine, slicked up lowlife of the worm variety. CEO of Raven Lunar Corp he gained most of his fortune by making business deals with smaller companies and then selling them off piece by piece to the highest bidder. Every time it came to paying up to the investors some loop hole would always inexplicably appear out of nowhere allowing him to get away with the lion's share of the money.” Taking another drink of scotch the went on, “Renowned for blackmail and swindling, Baine dabbles in the Blackmarket antiquities and last my information had he was beginning to dip his toes in the human trafficking rings.”

His tone broadcast just how much he disliked the man, yet he was also remaining slightly detached as he wasn’t quite sure where this meeting was going. A man from a big law firm, purporting to be Baine’s attorney, this could be a shakedown or Baine’s attempt at scaring him off a good story. Exposing that POS would mean sending him to jail and that was a mild punishment for all the hurt and pain he had caused innocent people. “Why do you ask?”

He knew he had probably gotten the secretary aggravated, judging from her reaction, it doesn't seem like Melony was all that happy to have her statements being refuted by him. Well, neither did he. Eun tried his best to secure and audience with the Evermore Daily's very own Ambrose Griffin and he wasn't about to be turned away now. He needed to get to the bottom of this today, it didn't matter if he won't find answers today, all he needs is just a while with the human. That's all. And he didn't know whoever it was that connected him to this line but they were doing a terrible job at it, that's for sure. So he was grateful when the person he wanted to meet himself intervened before things got more chaotic than it needs to be. The last thing Eun wanted to do was pull out his card and actually ask to see Ambrose. Given in this situation, he probably needed to have a warrant but what the others didn't know won't hurt them. Especially when he's just here to help. His client was still Evermore's citizen, wasn't he? That makes him his responsibility, even after his death. 

Though sometimes he did wonder why he didn't just hire a hand here instead of reaching out halfway across the world. "The pleasure is all mine" he returned with a small smile, it was extremely important for him to keep his cool and calm demeanor, he was so close to tipping the hills of frustration earlier due to the aggravated tension filling the air. Thankfully, he didn't. Ambrose dismissed his attempts to decline and the dhampir watched as the other male poured a second glass, presumably for him, to which he accepted while still staring at the glass reluctantly. He really shouldn't be drinking during the hours, but was he really checked in for working hours today? Technically, he only came by to gather more information is all. Fine, maybe a drink or two wouldn't hurt. He followed the other male and took a seat at one of the couches, placing the drink of the table before him, "If I wanted to sell girl scout cookies, I wouldn't have came through the front entrance, I would find my way around and see you myself rather than having to go through the countless security" he pointed out wryly before chuckling to himself. He was nowhere near being a serious man.

 "Though that strategy may actually still be possible if I really wanted an audience with you… good manners put aside. But I don't want to be impolite, especially if I want to ask for a favor." Every single word that tied Garrett Baine to the fault was accurate, it does seem that Ambrose knew what he was talking about as well as who he was talking about. Eun was impressed, perhaps the words didn't do him quite the justice then. He was a lot more resourceful than he thought he would be. Especially the human trafficking part, some knew of his ties to the black market but his excuses to dabble in human trafficking activities were kept private. When asked why he wished to know, Eun shrugged absentmindedly, "I just wanted to know what you know. I'm guessing you know everything, except the part where the guy's a goner. He's gone to a place where even the law can't reach him, and it's not North Korea, no. He's dead. Just little over a week ago. Autopsy stated that he died from overdosing. But Mr Baine hasn't had a record of alcohol consumption for the past 4 years."

 He fixed his composure and stared at the man in front of him, "I'm not here to send you into a lawsuit, Mr Griffin. I'm here to ask you why in the world would Garrett Baine go through all the trouble of trying to get out of 8 years worth of embezzlement charges and plenty of others, only to commit suicide 6 days before his trial?" 

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