Perhaps there had been a certain pull behind her decision to take the offer to study in Evermore, she didn't know what it was about the city that she had zeroed in on exactly but she did know it felt like a home here. With the money she had earned working the past few years she was able to afford the rent to an apartment on the edge of the city, the commute was long but it was hers. She liked being able to create a home of her own, even if was small, it was the kind of freedom she had never experienced before having always lived her life on the run.

She had headed out early this morning to make her way into the city, she had classes in the afternoon so her plan was to do some shopping before then. She'd been having a weird feeling in her stomach all day, like it was reminding her there was a place she was supposed to be and so she was letting it guide her a little. Freyja knew better than to ignore her instincts by now, they were usually right after all. Travelling on the subway was easier than she expected to be, though she did get a lot of people stare when they noticed the blue tattoos which spiralled all over her chest, arms and legs. Naturally, she tugged at her sleeve and avoided eye contact until she finally reached her stop. 

Heading out she looked around at the familiar shopping district of Evermore city, she had been here several times to get supplies and generally explore, she enjoyed it very much, just getting lost in a crowd. She didn't have many friends here in Evermore yet but she hoped when she did that maybe she could go out shopping with them and get a coffee or something, normal things everyone did, but seemed so incredibly foreign for her. The sound of a car screeching to a halt took her attention as she was walking, someone had stepped out in front of a car and the driver had only just managed to stop in time. 

She looked up towards the pedestrian crossing noting that the light was red and the guy who had almost been hit looked rightly annoyed by the near-miss. She was so shocked by the whole thing but without thinking rushed over to check if everyone involved was okay. She blinked several times when her face finally met the gaze of the man who had almost been hit by the car and then she shook her head, pressing her hand against her forehead "Am I seeing things now?" she questioned more to herself than anything. It wasn't possible to just randomly bump into her friend from all those years ago was it? "Dae?" questioned in disbelief. 

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 He just got back from his previous mission which was to track his client all the way to Rome. It was a good trip, if he wasn't so distracted by being a tourist himself. Long story short, he gave him a day to enjoy what he thought was his freedom before dragging him back here and voila, his payment was transferred and he's here burying his face in his pillow. He could've just slept but he was bored and he had already slept for the past 14 hours straight. 

The clock on his phone indicated he has been mulling over what to do for the past half an hour which aggravated the Niveis to no end. So he decided to see if he could get some supplies at the local apothecary Mirae used to visit for some of her herbal remedies. They were useful when he got into a fight and took a bit of a hit that bruised his body. It definitely helped with the healing. It was also one of the only things he even bothered to pay attention to pick up from his sister. The trip to the apothecary didn't take longer than 20 minutes because it was just around the block, and thankfully he came at the time where most people would venture there. Dae didn't like being around more people anymore than he needed to unless he wanted to be there. And his definition of liking people around him involves said individuals who could potentially warm his bed.

After putting things in his basket, he went ahead and paid for it at the counter before rushing out to exit the store. His left hand was holding a paper bag filled with the ingredients he needed as he whistled silently to himself, waiting for the traffic light to turn red and pedestrian green so they could cross the road safely. But then he saw a female walking right into the road, which had him confused because the light was clearly still red. He knew he shouldn't do it, it's not his business he should just leave her to do whatever she wanted. But then his conscience wouldn't let him live it down if he knew he could do something about it and didn't. The pale haired male stepped forward to stop the car from running into the lady who didn't seem to realize her surroundings. It came at a cost though. 

One, he was very annoyed at the near-miss because he wasn't sure if he could hold in his temper if the guy actually hit him. Two, now he's out yelling about how he was being reckless and stupid which only had the Niveis gritting his teeth, trying his very best not to let his temper take over. After all, he did do this on his own accord. To make things worse, the one he saved prance away without even saying thanks. But that wasn't what he noticed, no. Not the stupid driver. But the lady that came into his view after that. He thought he was just seeing things but then he heard her utter his name. "No fucking way… Freyja? What the hell are you doing here?"

Admittedly she had stood there looking a little dumbfounded for a moment as she stared back at her friend, they had known one another for such a long time and yet it felt like forever since she had seen him. She had been trapped in that snowy bunker Coldren left her in for over 100 years and while she hadn’t had to suffer that time awake, it did feel like a lot of time had passed when she awoke. Everyone was gone by then, she was alone and honestly, for a while she questioned if anyone had even made it out alive.

Her lips parted in shock before she threw herself forward, not caring about anyone around them before she wrapped her arms around him in a hug. She just stayed there for a moment, taking deep breaths as she tried to gather her composure. She had missed him, she had missed her people and him being here meant something, it meant that her people must have survived the storm which had come over Ukyak. “I thought you were dead” she spoke softly before she pulled back from him.

She bit her lip because she knew how Dae wasn’t usually one for emotions or hugs but she hadn’t been able to help herself, this changed everything and honestly she wasn’t sure how to feel about it. Was there a whole tribe here? Were they free now? She shifted on the spot “I know you must have a lot of questions…” she trailed off, she wondered if he missed her, did he look for her? Did Coldren hurt him too?

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