It had been a busy few weeks, feeling as though he never really stayed in one place longer than a single night was definitely screwing with his head and pushing on his sanity. So he had done something he rarely ever did and cleared his schedule, he wasn't sick but he felt mentally drained to the point where he had spent the past few days just mulling around his apartment and watching TV shows that had ended. It was actually really nice taking a moment to breathe and while he had been alone in the apartment, he hadn't felt all that alone because he'd been chatting with Dae pretty much constantly. 

The discussions were usually about silly stuff, they talked about their favorite movies and shows and how they would change the endings to them if they had the chance. It was random check-ins just to see how one another were doing and just something to look forward to. Which for Yeon had been really good for grounding his mind while he dealt with all the crazy at work lately. Contracts had him pretty much with a constant headache and the end still didn't seem to be in sight, it felt frustrating not knowing where things were going and not having any control over making that happen. 

And speaking of frustration, he had definitely felt himself lacking in the bedroom too, ever since that first night in the mountaintops and once again in this very apartment, even the thought of anyone else felt lackluster and it wasn't for lack of trying. It almost made him want to be mad at Dae for drawing this platonic line between them but then he couldn't be mad because he had gained something incredibly important too. A friend he truly felt like he could be his raw and complete self with. It was a constant cycle he went through but he was so far managing it well, or as best he could given the circumstances he was faced with. 

He was halfway through an episode of some show about lawyers when his phone buzzed and without even looking he knew whose name to expect on the screen. What he didn't expect was a request to meet in the lobby but figuring he didn't have anywhere else to be right now the Valkyr got to his feet. He was dressed in comfortable jeans and a plain black t-shirt which he often wore when he didn't intend on going anywhere. He did consider changing into something else but he was sure Dae wouldn't mind a slightly sloppy appearance so he slipped on his shoes and headed into the elevator.

It didn't take him long to reach the lobby and he thanked his lucky stars that his elevator was one of the only ones working in the building right now, some weird power outage going on or something had made for a lot of angry residents the past few days, Dae included he supposed. When he saw the pale-haired male waiting for him across the room he didn't hesitate as he headed over. At first glance, Dae seemed a little nervous which made Yeon tilt his head to the side a little "What's with the sudden summoning? I'm a busy man you know" he teased it with a grin because the other male knew he'd always make time for him but his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a crying baby across the room and the sound of something metallic rolling across the floor until it hit his foot. 

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He never knew much about how Yeon's story began, how he became a Valkyr, if he had any siblings prior to this life or not, Dae realized he never asked nor has he ever attempted to pry into his past. It was his personal life, Dae knew he had no right to be demanding for some answers when Yeon didn't owe him any of that. Despite being a good friend to the Valkyr, the snowy-haired Niveis was aware that he was not in the position to ask anything that was sensitive. The last thing he wanted to do was to make things awkward between them even though it could've been prevented with proper measures taken. He likes the friendship they have right now, he wasn't about to jeopardize that for a small thing in return. Admittedly, this arrangement may change a few things but he was hoping that it wouldn't. Dae wasn't ready to lose him and their friendship. He was too attached to the blonde already. He will never find a friend like Yeon anywhere else. Jae still remained as his best friend, the dhampir provided a good company and they never lost contact, but Yeon is Yeon and Jae is Jae. Two different people who had both made a big impact to the Niveis' life. 

When asked if he was ever told how the Valkyr died, Daehyun quickly shook his head, "No… you never did told me about that. I figured dying is a sensitive topic even for the likes of us so you don't need to tell me anything you're not comfortable with. You don't owe me anything, Yeon, it's okay" he reassured, a part of him wondered if his heart would be clenching in despair upon hearing that story. If every baby was like Crystal, then he was positive that everyone would want a kid of their own. He didn't expect for Yeon to say that he was starting to see the appeal in having one though, it was why Dae had a surprised look masking his features. That was unexpected. "They may keep me busy yeah… but I feel like there's just something so endearing about babies. Okay, fine, they'd keep me up all night more times than anyone could probably count but they're a blessing, at the end of the day. If you choose to make them, then you should be ready to rake in the responsibility of taking care of them. I'll pass on the wife thing though."

 A smile was etched on his lips upon finding out that Yeon didn't mind following him into this upturned incident that he didn't expect would be occupying their time together today. "I have to admit though, I was a bit bummed out that I wasn't able to talk to you about what I wanted to talk to you about… we were interrupted, but, I can't find myself leaving this room until it's done" Unfortunately, that will have to wait. Curse him for having such a sweet spot on babies. When Yeon asked him what he needed him to draw, a sheepish grin came up, lining his lips together as the Niveis brought out his gummy smile, "A few flowers and maybe… unicorns? Judging from the stickers, she probably has something for unicorns. Do you think you can do that?" With all honesty, Dae was about to tell Yeon a little bit of what this arrangement would entail. That was before Beth interrupted them with coffee, of course. A part of him wanted to curse the woman so bad for picking such a bad timing.

 Calm down, Dae, he reminded himself. He supposed he could wait for a while longer until all of this was done but with that suggestive undertone to Yeon's words earlier, it was making him increasingly hard to keep his mouth shut. Beth didn't seem like she was leaving anything soon, so he could only press his lips together and attempt to spend the rest of the duration in silence as his hand make quick work of what he envisioned earlier. The Niveis always stared at the Valkyr for a few times every time he could snag the chance but said nothing, leaving him to grumble to himself while poking his tongue against his inner cheek; a clear and a sure sign that he was very annoyed. So when Yeon suddenly came close and asked him if it wasn't safe for neighborhood ears, Dae turned to face him and hummed in affirmation. The look in his eyes was enough to indicate that he really wanted to talk to him about it. "Something like that... I don't think it's filtered enough for any audience that's not us. Are you curious to know? But what a shame… we have company." 

Yeon never really shared much about his past with anyone, the only people who really know how he became what he became and why he was the way he was was Gideon and Celia and whoever turned him he supposed but they didn’t stick around long enough to even show him the ropes. He supposed a part of him always tried to put the past in the past and leave it there because he knew no one wanted to hear everyone else’s sob stories. But there was a part of him that wanted to open up to Dae, that trusted him to take this information, process it and understand more about the Valkyr because of it. There had been a few times when they’d been talking that Yeon had found himself tripping up because there was this wall of a topic in the way. Of course in their neighbor’s apartment while the arranged how to paint the room seemed hardly the place to pour his heart out but a part of him wanted to tackle that topic so there was no more holding himself back around the Niveis.

But the moment he mentioned it Dae assured him that it was okay not to talk about it, which he appreciated greatly, but Yeon knew quite a lot about what happened to Dae because Mirae had poured her heart out about it and even the pale-haired male himself had given Yeon an insight into his own past and in return he’d given very little about himself “I want to” he spoke it very softly “Not right now, but I want to, share that” he nodded slightly, things would be easier if Dae understood him fully plus they had been friends for months now and in that time they had only gotten closer, Yeon trusted Dae not to just up and leave on him. Yeon shrugged off Dae’s look of surprised when he said he could warm up to kids not letting himself wonder too much what she shock was supposed to imply “Just imagining a smaller version of you they’d probably just sleep and eat all day actually” he chuckled softly, Dae was a very relaxed person after all. When he said he’d pass on a wife Yeon chuckled “You’re like the opposite of most people, most people want the happy life without the kid responsibility” but if that was the life Dae saw for himself then who was he to disagree, it was kinda sweet actually.

Yeon wasn’t having a bad time at all though, he actually enjoyed the chance to help out here and there, it was usually in the form of charity but pitching in to make a room look good for the little princess seemed just a worthy of a cause. Yeon chuckled when Dae complained about being interrupted “Well rest assured I’m not giving up either, so when we’re done we can get that coffee...or not coffee for me but you know what I mean” he had all day free so spending it with Dae actually seemed like a good turn of events, especially because it was all so sudden. The smile Dae gave actually made Yeon pause for a moment, it was a rare moment you got to see such a genuine smile from Dae so he basked in it for a moment before he finally caught up to him talking about flowers and unicorns “Flowers and unicorns, I’ll see what I can do” he laughed, well he couldn’t draw from memory like Han could but he could definitely do something with a reference material.

But right now his attention was fully on Dae because he was seriously interested in what this arrangement of his might entail and why he couldn’t talk about it while their neighbor was around. He took the coffee that Beth offered out to him before taking the smallest of sips and sitting it down on the side, pulling a face because he hated the taste of coffee. As they worked on the room pretty much in silence he felt a little on edge, especially because Dae’s demeanor had changed greatly. And Yeon had been right about what the topic of the discussion might be, he gave a slightly cocky grin to Dae as the other male confirmed it was ‘something like that’ “I see” he commented, biting down on his lip as he looked back at Dae purposely, oh yes, this was an opportunity to test that line had been walking to the max “Shame indeed, you know how...patient I am” he grinned slightly as he whistled and headed back over to Beth.

He didn’t know exactly what Dae had in mind but if it entailed sex then he was excited and would be more than happy to play this game today, there was suddenly more of a spring in the Valkyr’s step as he asked Beth for a pen and paper so he could practice drawing out the design Dae had in mind, he pulled up some pictures on his phone for reference before sketching out the shape of them on the paper, humming to himself as he did so. The first couple were so bad he threw them straight into the trash but by the time the third was shaping up he actually thought it looked pretty good, he picked it up and held it out for Dae to check over “It’s not gonna win any prizes but it should work right” he looked over to the bare wall and then back to the paper, though drawing it on the wall so it could be painted wouldn’t be quite so easy.

While he may have told a small bit of his story to Yeon, he didn't expect the Valkyr to return the gesture. He had every right to keep it to himself, it is a personal part of him, after all. Daehyun was more than content with their friendship alone. Well, that's what he kept telling himself over the past few weeks, he truly did. Until he told himself he couldn't keep fooling himself into thinking this was the only thing he wanted because he wanted more. He wanted to have the Valkyr. He loved their friendship, he likes other sides he's seen the blond portray, one he would not display to others but him, but the snowy-haired male was finding it hard to deny the attraction he felt towards him too. He wanted him. It was the reason why Dae couldn't wait until they were finally able to get this over with as soon as possible. A part of him regretting that he chose to indulge himself with his interior creativity and his love for children defeating every other purpose in his bones, oh well, he'll just have to finish this first. Then they'll talk.

 His eyes softened significantly when Yeon expressed his want to tell him regarding his story, "Okay then. I'll wait. Take your time. No rush, don't worry. I'm not going anywhere" he grinned softly, somehow that sounded so much more meaningful than it was originally meant. Dae didn't think he could leave him, anyway. He was too attached to their friendship already and while it sounded dangerous for the likes of him, he didn't want to let go. A smaller version of him? The thought of that made him smile, they'd be cute. Mini versions of Daehyun Stormwind. Who knew? "Yeah, they'll follow their father pretty well. Eat and sleep like a champ because living your life to the fullest is the best thing ever, right?" he chuckled. "I defy a lot of logic. Can you picture me having a marriage? A wife? Come on, Yeon" he shook his head and laughed, it sounded impossible. He never thought about it but now that he has, it sounded like a joke. Oh, if only he knew.

 "I'll look forward to that coffee then" he murmured gently and glanced back when he saw Yeon diligently sketching on the papers, like they were students working on their assignments, hopefully wishing for an excellent grade. A smile perched on his lips while he stared at the Valkyr who looked so focused, Yeon had always been such a hard worker. The face Yeon pulled after taking a few more sips from the coffee did crack him up though, Dae was covering his mouth with his free hand, stifling the laughter that threatened to spill. The blonde looks so cute in his expression, it was making him endearing. How Yeon swayed his hips while making his way back to Beth after sarcastically pointing out he is very patient made the Niveis swallow hard, his throat felt so dry even his eyes were shaking. This man…  this unruly beautiful man. Is going to be the death of him. He kept staring at the Valkyr a few times in between his work on the painting the walls, he couldn't stop himself from staring, his eyes outlining every curve of the Valkyr's body. The Niveis would turn his head around quickly everytime Yeon would glance back though. Calm your testosterones, Dae, he reprimanded himself. 

So when Yeon came to show him his sketch, Dae actually stumbled behind and got a bit of paint on his clothes, but see, he wasn't clumsy. Daehyun Stormwind is anything but clumsy in his actions. The male always carried himself with a certain energy and was very precise. But here he was, surprised by Yeon's presence so much he got paint on him. "Shit… y-yeah. It looks good" he nodded, oh god now he's stuttering. He sighed and grumbled grumpily about the paint getting on his clothes, most on the back of his shirt but some were on his pants too. "Too early to get this messy gosh... " He pointed to the wall that was already smoothened, "You can start drawing now, I'll excuse myself for a moment… need to wash this off." With that, he scurried off.

There was something about his friendship with Dae that was different from every other friendship he had, not that any friendship was more or less than another but with Dae, everything felt like a breath of fresh air. Perhaps it was because he knew the Niveis had been through a lot of the things he had, or perhaps it was because he’d seen the way Dae reacted to things which gave him the comfort he needed to talk about harder topics. All he knew was he felt like his admission would be safe with Dae and the way he responded to his want to tell him only reassured Yeon he could trust him “Okay” he spoke softly, the tone slightly vulnerable for the Valkyr who usually sounded like he was overflowing with confidence.

The talk about having younger versions of Dae had him grinning as he imagined what a child of Dae’s might be like, probably the most low maintenance child ever considering how much the Niveis values the simpler things “I mean I’m not sure I’d describe only eating and sleeping as a surefire way of living your life to the fullest but if you makes you happy” he grinned slightly in the Niveis direction. He did pull a face when Dae asked him to picture Dae getting married or having a wife though “Yeah, you’re right I can’t even imagine it” he chuckled, that wasn’t an insult, they were both just unorthodox people so imagining either one of them in such a situation seemed strange. “Me too” he responded on the mention of getting coffee later, something Yeon had been reminded of many times lately was that he did have more time to spare than he probably had convinced himself he did and that he should make more of an effort to pull the important people closer.

If there was something he had noticed in the time he had been in this room while he painted against the wall and sketched in the corner of the room, it was that eyes seemed to be lingering on him, not just from Dae who he had noticed liked to steal glances at him from time to time but also from Beth. Yeon just shrugged it off though because he was used to people checking him out and perhaps even liked the attention, especially when he put in the effort to look good. He certainly enjoyed seeing the way Dae would get himself a little flustered whenever they first saw one another while he took in the Valkyr’s outfit. He’d returned the favor plenty of times too, the Niveis certainly had an attractive charm to him and don’t get him started on that leather jacket Dae often wore.

So while he pretended he didn’t notice Dae’s staring, he did end up smiling to himself with his eyes still turned to the paper while he sketched out his artwork and when he was done he purposely waited until the Niveis was busy painting away on the wall and when he went to go for his next sneak peek Yeon was standing right next to him. His reaction was almost priceless as Dae got himself all flustered and managed to spill paint everywhere. Yeon wasn’t too worried about the paint, he already got some on his pants while he was covering the wall earlier so seeing Dae fret about his clothes was amusing to him, the sentence fragments making him grin somewhat smugly “Was my drawing so bad it’s scared you away?” he asked Dae with a pointed gaze as he watched him in the doorway.

He only chuckled as he scurried off, his eyes focused on the wall as he got to sketching out the shape of the design they were going to paint against it. His expression was very focused throughout the whole thing, dropping down to his knees to do the lower part and leaning in closer against the wall, what he didn’t notice until he stood back up though is that he’d totally knelt against one of the paintbrushes. He chuckled slightly as he brushed at it with his hand and then got back to drawing, though he inadvertently managed to get paint on his cheek and forehead in the process. While Dae was busy Yeon chatted away with Beth about Crystal’s routine and how she had begun to start crawling recently, though after a while he headed to the doorway to check where Dae had gotten to “Did you fall down the drain?” he called out in a teasing tone knowing Dae would pick up on the suggestiveness of his voice.

Everytime he tried to find the reason why Yeon was so much more different than anyone he's ever met, he found himself listing down his personalities and how the Valkyr could relate to him on a personal level that didn't bother the Niveis the slightest, at all. Daehyun is generally a sensitive person, despite not showcasing that part outside, he is easily aggravated by the littlest things but will not lash out accordingly. With Jae, his friendship is much like a jesting bond, but with Yeon, the Niveis feels that he could share quite literally anything to him and still smile at the end of the day because he felt relieved. Not that he couldn't share the same things with Jae but Dae found himself seeking Yeon's attention for that. The small okay from him sounded so vulnerable he thought gainers had deceived him, until he reminded himself that any egg would crack under pressure. And Yeon trusted him enough to share such a personal part of his past, something he was sure no other Valkyr would like to talk about as a topic one would chat about. He could feel his chest swelling with pride because of it. 

"It does make me happy to just eat and sleep. Why do we bother wanting to do other stuff. I mean, aside from sex, those two are quite literally the bane of my existence. Such a good way to spend your day" Was it productive? No. But then again, Dae views himself as waking up and having to think as something productive. The face Yeon pulled when he talked about wife and marriage made him chuckle because it was expected and perhaps he had been waiting for that reaction, suffice to say, the snowy-haired male was not let down. He was itching to get that coffee after this, two reasons in particular; he wanted to talk to Yeon about the arrangement, specifically something he had rehearsed in front of the mirror for the past 8 hours, and because his coffee is ¾ finished. Dae noticed that he wasn't the only pair of eyes staring at the Valkyr while he was diligently sketching on the papers, he caught Beth staring too. It was hard not to stare, he agree. 

But he wondered if the Valkyr was aware of all the staring going on, it would be such a boost to his energy and Dae knew before long he would get to see Yeon acting smug about it. There was no way Yeon couldn't have noticed it though, whilst he kept his staring carefully measured and may have spilled a few times because he couldn't help himself, Beth wasn't doing a good job at subtlety. He was positive the single mother had no idea of what that is. The clothes Yeon wore didn't him justice, as do any other clothing he ever wore, sometimes he wondered if Yeon is a just a model who came out straight out of a runway because he could probably wear an apparel, not that it's a bad thing, and still look like a million dollars worth, if not more. And maybe Daehyun was just paying attention more than he should. But could he blame himself? Yeonseok Lee is a sight to behold and he intends to spend his own time on staring.

 A few minutes ago, when he turned to take his next peek, Yeon was already in front of him and he was so surprised he stumbled behind and hit the wall that was still coated with paint but he didn't leave before telling Yeon his sketching was brilliant. Automatic response. He was starting to think that Yeon knew what he was doing and was just purposely doing that to tease him because here he was trying to get the stain off his clothes while brushing it using the water. Dae recalled how fast he scurried over to the bathroom and locked the door behind him before breathing heavily. Yeon was too close to him earlier, too close. Too close he could always feel his heart excellerating like he was in a factory. No, like he was a factory. Talk about personal space, wasn't that what Yeon always held a weakness over? Dae remembered it was what always got him riled up, the mere thought of it was making his legs wobbly, so much he had to hold onto the sink and stared at his reflection in the mirror. "What the fuck, Daehyun... " 

He heard Yeon's voice resonating from behind the doors along the doorway and he stopped trying to get rid of the stain, god he could hear the suggestiveness accentuating his voice it was making him go crazy. "I'm fine... " he replied, but why does it sound like his own voice was mocking him? Dae decided to wash his face a few times and realized that the bathroom was so much colder than previously, when he finally opened the door and stepped out. His shirt was pretty much wet and so was his pants, even his hair was slightly wet from the way he recklessly splashed the water to his face. "Hey, sorry… I was really taken aback earlier. How's… Uh painting?" Great, you're stuttering. 

Yeon gave a low chuckle when Dae asked why people did anything other than eat, sleep and have sex “Well you know, we do live in a society where you need to work if you want to afford said food and shelter for the sleep” he grinned slightly “Even for the sex if you can’t get hold of it for yourself” though neither of them ever seemed to have that problem, if anything Yeon often had trouble choosing. He had to admit he felt a little distracted now while he was working away on transforming the room, don’t get him wrong he was committed to the cause of getting this place to look absolutely perfect, but he was also intrigued by this potential arrangement and what it might entail, especially because Dae had essentially confirmed that it involved crossing this pesky line they seemed to have put between them.

He took another sip of the coffee he had been brought, slowly getting used to the taste so he didn’t pull quite so disgusted of a face this time and then set it back down against the counter. While he was working on sketching the wall he was very aware of the female sitting down against one of the chairs she had dragged in just so she could watch the show. He had a wry smile on his lips as he pretended he didn’t notice but of course he did. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t like the attention, what wasn’t to like? He worked hard to make his body look this good and even though that was primarily for him and his own confidence, he didn’t mind other people appreciating it.

Though the absence of the Niveis in the room was certainly noticed by the Valkyr, at first he really thought he was heading to quickly wash off the paint stains but after a while, he wondered if he was causing the other male trouble. Well, that certainly brought a smirk to his lips as he called out to Dae down the hallway. When he said he was fine Yeon raised his brows a little “Well if you’re fine would you mind helping me with this painting? I’m absolutely horrible at coloring inside the lines” he teased it with a grin, noting that the temperature in the hallway had dropped significantly. Was he enjoying this particular situation more than he probably should, perhaps. But was he going to stop playing the game? Absolutely not.

By the time Dae came back into the room he had rolled his sleeves up on his shirt and started painting the lines of the drawing he had sketched onto the wall hoping that once it had been painted over it would look bolder and stand out against the wall “Happens to the best of us” he commented when Dae apologized for his absence while continuing to focus on the wall. It was only when the Niveis came back closer to him that he glanced over at him, taking in the full length of his frame and noting that he was practically soaked from head to toe, he didn’t comment, only gave Dae a knowing look before completely changing the topic.

“Well the sketch is done but we only have pink and purple paint so I’m thinking we keep this wall white so it can be the unicorn’s fur and then we’ll paint the lines in pink so it’s a silhouette kinda thing” he didn’t know too much about arty stuff but he was sure it would look nice “If you wouldn’t mind starting with the tail, I’ve got the horn covered” he commented while biting down on his lip slightly.

"Society sucks" he grumbled and scrunched up his nose to show how much he objected it, "But I guess you're right on that part where we need to do something in order to achieve it. If you want something then you gotta work for it, right?" But Yeon could find quite the peace advocate inside the Niveis who wished society would stop oppressing the minorities and start treating one another equally no matter what their 'personal preferences' were. He's a bit torn about it when things that required professionalism brings in personal issues, it was why he tried his best to maintain this friendship solely a friendship even though he was sure the other male could sense his arousal from across the room. At least, today would be slightly easier to get to it. After today, they may be able to reach some sort of consensus. But that wasn't about to happen if they keep occupying themselves here the entire day which was a definite answer for the Niveis to step up his game and work faster.

 He had a content but sheepish grin when he saw Yeon taking another sip of his coffee, "You know I was about to offer drinking it for you if you find it so hard to swallow" Dae's cup was pretty much empty already with a few sips, "But you seem to do just fine." Dae noticed that Beth had dragged a chair so she could sit and watch them which made him grunt silently because that would it harder for him to talk to Yeon about anything that was remotely interesting about their arrangement. That will have to wait, then. Was he aware that he had pretty much lowered the temperature in the bathroom in less than 10 minutes? Not initially. After he saw Yeon peeking? Yes. The snowy-haired male cursed internally because it would've given the Valkyr the chance to ask him questions because Dae always accidentally use his abilities whenever he's overtaken by certain emotions. 

"Yeah sure, I'll help you color" he nodded quickly and trailed behind him when they got back to the room, he was practically soaked head to toe and he knew Yeon noticed which made him wonder why the Valkyr didn't ask. Before Yeon even asked anything, Dae quickly exclaimed that he accidentally sprayed himself with the sink water, he was too nervous he actually forgot the usual him never loses his composure. But today? God he had plenty of reasons why. But then he pressed his lips together and whimpered silently before taking out another brush to paint the tail and sighed to himself, "정신 차려! (Get ahold of yourself!)" he cursed and mumbled a few more words in his native tongue to himself while painting. "After we finish this… what else is there?" His tone had sounded so hopeful, as if he couldn't wait for this to be over, and he pretty much stared at Yeon from the side like he was silently hoping there wouldn't be more of this awkward silence between them. 

Yeon chuckled under his breath at Dae’s very blunt statement that society sucks, well he wasn’t wrong there but the face he pulled whilst saying that was very endearing. “Nothing would feel worth it if it wasn’t balanced out by something else” he worked hard to earn the money he needed to have the lifestyle he wanted, he was a very hard worker, nearly anyone who had worked with him he was sure could attest to that but he also had problems when it came to knowing when enough was enough “But then equally said work doesn’t necessarily have to be something which makes you miserable either” they say the best job is something you would do without being paid for it, which was very hard to find but a good philosophy to aim for nonetheless. “I like to think I’ve found that with mine but even I have days where I question what the point is” he could imagine that happened to Dae far more often with the line of work he was in, though the Niveis actually never seemed to complain about work all that much to perhaps it fitted him well.

Yeon shot him a pointed look when he made a comment about finding it hard to swallow, oh, perhaps he wasn’t the only one on this particular track then, he grinned slightly looking down to the coffee mug and then back up to Dae before offering it out to him “Think I actually prefer a kale shake” he admitted and pulled a face of disgust, no matter how much he tried to like coffee it just didn’t seem to be on the cards. By now Yeon was mulling over the possibilities of what this arrangement could be in his head which was only getting further spurred along by Dae’s current state. The Niveis was practically soaked through and while he didn’t comment on it, he had to wonder what the heck he was doing in the bathroom to get water quite literally everywhere. Not to mention that he was practically radiating sub-zero temperature right now which told him that the Niveis’ emotions were on the fritz.

“Thanks” he spoke softly as he got to work on painting along the lines he had sketched onto the wall, focusing on ensuring that each stroke was neat and perfectly placed because the last thing he wanted to do was ruin it by rushing. While he was working diligently he thought to himself about how Dae was acting strange today, if you were to contrast it to how the Niveis was the night they met, something seemed very different today. Honestly, it seemed like Dae was nervous which both had Yeon intrigued and a little worried. He grinned when he heard Dae cursing under his breath and glanced over at him, pointedly staring at him because by now he was absolutely sure that Dae was so hot and bothered right now because he wanted sex. “Well we’ve done the painting on most of the walls, the wallpaper will need to wait for when it’s dry so I’d say perhaps come back tomorrow” a couple of hours had passed while they were working on the walls and all the sketching. He glanced over at Beth and smiled “If you’ll have us that is?” he raised his brows curiously, though he was sure she wasn’t going to turn down the extra help.

In the end, they agreed they would come back tomorrow to finish the wallpaper on the other wall and move the furniture into the room. She was very thankful for both their help and kept talking about how lucky she was to have such good neighbors and honestly? Yeon felt like it was a morning and early afternoon well spent, though now even he was beginning to get impatient when it came to finding out what Dae had wanted to talk to him about. Crystal had just woken up from her nap so the little princess got to come out and say goodbye just as they were leaving, he waved to her and moved closer to pull some silly faces that made her giggle a little before stepping aside so Dae could say goodbye to his new favorite human.

"We live by certain rules of nature, but people are slowly making their own rules and whilst that is one attractive prospect, to live your life to the fullest and do what you wish, without order, things would deduce into a whole big mess of chaos" he mused, so no matter how many things that are supposedly to good to be true, you can't always have it; in possession of in any other senses. That's how he first saw it with Yeon, just because he wanted the insanely gorgeous blond, doesn't mean the Niveis was able to request and get catered, would he? But today's the day to test the waters and he hopes that nothing else would be ruined over this ordeal. It was just something he needed to send across. That's it. Regarding his insatiable lust for the Valkyr that could only be quenched and calmed by him and him only. He imagined that Yeon would be quite smug and the best thing was that Dae was actually looking forward to that. "I like my work" he nodded, being a bounty hunter isn't exactly an ideal occupation but Dae likes the thrill it accompanies whenever he had to track and hunt someone down. It gives him the adrenaline rush that could never be forged by any other variables. Even if he got high from a drug, it wouldn't be the same. And what good is him living his immortal life if he didn't enjoy any of it? 

"I think when you question what was the point of it, you get to learn more about what you thought was right. You think this is what you want, but is it really? Was it not a decision made at the spur of the moment? Eventually, you'll get through it when you realize you picked it because you enjoy it. If you love doing something, the passion will surely ooze, don't worry, Yeon" You won't miss or lose anything, he murmured silently. The entire time, he wondered if Yeon was able to read his body language because he was positive he was sweating in cold from the bundle of nerves rattling inside his every effort to speak about the matters in hand. The longer he waited, the more he found himself fidgeting and getting restless. His eyes fell to the coffee mug and quickly took it from Yeon and downed it in a few gulps because god knows he needed something to drink. The bitter liquid didn't do much to Dae who was still tapping his feet against the floorboards. 

His face slowly morphed into a look of disgust when Yeon said he'd rather down a kale shake, "Oh god no… not that one. How do people even drink those? It's a torture to mankind... " He tried once over a dare and Jae thought it was funny to give it our, and that was all he needed to know that he would swear it off his list until he does. His hair was slightly damp and so was his clothes, but it wasn't too obvious after he cooled himself down. Still, it was a big deal if he was distressed over something. He caught a few small looks from Yeon and Dae couldn't help but wonder if Yeon knew what he was doing to him, of course, he does. There was no way the devilish male didn't know the game he was playing. He had accidentally meet Yeon's gaze while he was muttering to himself in his native tongue while painting carefully and his throat went dry as fast as he stopped the words in his throat when he realized the Valkyr was staring at him. Shit. 

While he was busy telling himself off, he didn't fail to hear that Yeon was suggesting to come back tomorrow. Technically, they did spend a few hours here but right now, all the Niveis could think of is to rush out of the unit because it's been torturous. "We won't have anything to do tomorrow so we can easily come back to finish the other half" he offered, tomorrow's fine. At least he'll finally get to talk to Yeon. The snowy-haired male took off the gloves carefully and disposed it inside the bin, he was about to go his way but then heard that Crystal woke up from her nap and rushed over to say his goodbyes to his new favorite human. Watching his friend making silly faces while giggling with the little princess was another sight he never thought he'd love watching but he does. When it came down to his turn, he made a small pinky swear, where Crystal held onto his pinky as he promised to come back tomorrow. 

After pressing his lips against Crystal's forehead, he waved cutely and bowed slightly before taking his leave. By the time he was in front of the elevator, waiting for the thing to get up, hoping that the maintenance team did their job already. "Today was fun… I didn't know you like kids. Or is it just Crystal who's an exception?" And even then, he was finding the elevator door more interesting while refusing to meet Yeon's gaze because who knows of he's strong enough to withstand that. 

Dae always seemed to keep most of his opinions short and sweet and Yeon quite liked that about him, it meant you always knew where he stood on something and he wasn’t the kind to hold it back for the sake of feelings either. Of course, he was sure there were people that didn’t fly well with and that the Niveis had probably got himself in trouble for his bluntness but in Yeon’s eyes, it was a standout quality “Good, though that does open a whole bunch of questions about what specifically you enjoy about it” it did seem a little sadistic to enjoy the idea of chasing people down who were on the run but then arguably, the people he was chasing weren’t good people and there was a sense of justice in bringing those people in and ensuring they paid up to the things they had done.

Yeon didn’t ask Dae to reassure him about his work but he was appreciative that he did, it was nice to have a reminder sometimes that what you were doing had worth and for others around you to observe that something was important to you. “Dancing has always been a part of me, there was a time in my life when I didn’t know it but when I found it, it just...made sense” it was hard to describe out loud really but he always felt so free and most like himself when he was dancing and to make a career out of that was the icing on the cake. Watching the way that Dae downed the coffee like it was some kind of lifeline did make the Valkyr chuckle, he was very entertained by the way his presence seemed to be affecting the Niveis today who was getting more and more fidgety with each passing moment, to the point where Yeon was willing to cut their decorating session over to tomorrow because the torture was getting too much even for him.

His reaction to the mention of kale made Yeon laugh “If you hold your breath while you drink it, it tastes like a whole lot of nothing so” he shrugged slightly, not something you could do with coffee because it wasn’t specifically the taste he had a problem with and he actually enjoyed the smell of it, but the bitterness on his tongue always bothered him too much that it was almost impossible for him to drink it. He had to grin to himself every time that he met the pale-haired male’s eyeline, feeling a little smugger every single time that Dae averted his gaze. He had this sense of need slowly building in him the longer the tension went on and he started really believing that maybe today would be the end to this dancing on a tightrope game they had been playing and pretty much almost falling headfirst from for the past few months. It had definitely taken a lot of willpower so far for the Valkyr to hold himself back from crossing lines.

“Well you know me, never the type to leave the job half done so we will definitely be back to put the finishing touches on the room” he grinned slightly as he played a little with Crystal who burst into fits of giggles because of the funny faces he had been pulling, she really was a sweet and well-behaved kid and Beth was doing a great job of raising her so far, especially on her own. As he stepped back he watched Dae say his goodbyes for now with a soft grin, he had learned today that the Niveis was really great with kids, which was something completely unexpected and yet impressive about Dae, he really was hard for the Valkyr to predict, that was for sure.

Before long they were heading out of the apartment and back over to the elevators which seemed to be back in service considering the sign had been taken down and the button was lit up. He glanced over at Dae as he talked about liking kids and the Valkyr shrugged slightly “The jury is still out on that one, she’s a really sweet kid though” he immediately noticed that Dae was looking at pretty much everything but him which definitely had him curious “You know, I am slowly dying from suspense here, you can’t promise me such an intriguing ‘arrangement’ and then completely avoid the topic you know” he had a somewhat wolfish grin on his lips as he waited for Dae to speak.

Nobody has ever questioned his type of job, whether they were too unbothered by it or they were too scared to actually approach him about it, Dae never stuck around to know which is which. To the elder Stormwind, his job is his source of income and it definitely pays well, and seeing as he got them done under a record time, he always managed to snag the best clients. Was it moraled? Truthfully, Daehyun couldn't be bothered to care about it but he was also sure to only pick those who are actually guilty. Whichever as why research comes to him as easy as the wind blows. Discipline is one thing he always made sure to remind himself to have. Without that, he's nothing. So when Yeon asked him what he likes about the chase, he chuckled dryly, "Kinda makes it sound like I'm a sadistic guy for liking the chase. But I like hunting in general, animals, people, any type would do it. I told you before that it's because it gives me a sense of thrill which implied it's fun" In his defense, it was fun. 

"When you know your target is especially guilty, you don't even need to do much to scare them off. Do the bare minimum and they would be whipping out cash in your face, telling you to let them off the leash this once and seeing the look on their faces when they realized they fucked up again because bribery won't save them the same way it saved them before, that's satisfaction." It was probably why Dae can be quite selective when it comes to it. "It reminds you that you're actually doing something good and that justice is still here somewhere in the crazy world. And besides, I get paid well. What's not to like?" There were a few times when Dae came over to visit the Valkyr and saw how he allowed his body to glide to the beat of the music, and often the times when he followed the emotion of the music, it was exceptionally beautiful. "I've seen you dance once or twice while you were practicing alone. No to stalker alert, you just forgot the time and I was there to remind you of our outing. And honestly? That kind of passion has got to blow your mind." It even made him feel a bit jealous. To make a career out of something you like was a bonus.

 By the time he finished the last drop of the coffee, a part of him cursed internally because he had none of those left to calm his nerves. Shit. He supposed he couldn't exactly find any alcohol to do the trick either. He shook his head while still holding the same disgusted look when it comes to kale, "Nope… I like my taste buds working perfectly well, thank you. The only numb I'll ever tolerate on this tongue is a piercing or after certain rigourous activities" When he said the last two words, Dae couldn't help but smirk. He was so relieved when the painting session for today finally came to an end and while he was sad to leave Crystal, Yeon's words rung and he reminded himself he'll get to see his princess tomorrow. "You never leave the job undone, period" he quipped humorously, there was some truth to it considering the Valkyr's diligent workaholic stature. 

How is it that Yeon would have a wolfish grin on his lips while looking so smug while he's the one fidgeting like he had a serious case of tics? Wasn't he the one who called Yeon to meet up in the first place? "I'm not trying to avoid the topic... " he murmured inaudibly and sighed, a brief summary wouldn't hurt while waiting for the elevator, right? "You know we've been… slightly off in the other department. When we established our friendship, I put a line between us and suffice to say, it's not supposed to be a line we should cross; meaning whatever we had would be ruined if we do that" His breathing was slowly getting ragged and so was his tone that was going lower as he turned to face the blond properly, "Let's be real, Yeon, neither of us had a grip on this. That was until I found out about the… friends with benefits thing. My friend told me… I wasn't aware it was an actual thing. And I called you because… Well-" The Niveis closed his eyes briefly and bit his lip, "To arrange something that will mutually benefit us both in that department."

Listening to Dae talk about his work was interesting, honestly, hearing him talk about his motivations for anything was interesting, probably because he had such a different and more complicated life than Yeon and therefore had more experiences to base his perception off, often Dae came across as quite cynical to Yeon which was understandable but if you looked deep enough, there always seemed to be a smaller part of him there which was hoping to be proved wrong “Sounds like some supervillain mentality” he teased with a grin but when he explained it as being able to bring people who did bad things to justice that made a lot more sense, given that Dae had lived a pretty miserable existence before where he couldn’t make his own decisions on what was and wasn’t okay, it made sense that he enjoyed being in control, taking control away from bad people “I guess when you put it like that it makes a lot more sense” he responded openly “Do you ever question if the person really did what they did?” Yeon wasn’t really sure how that kind of work was normally issued.

Yeon raised his brow a little surprised when Dae said that he had seen him dance before “And you didn’t think to interrupt me?” he asked with a curious look in his eyes though when Dae said the passion got to him, that made him part his lips in surprise from the compliment before smiling softly “It’s strange to think there was a time in my life where I wasn’t a dancer” he spoke softly and nodded “Thank you” it meant a lot for someone who was close to him the way Dae was to candidly compliment his dancing and the performance he was delivering, even if he hadn’t realized he had an audience. Yeon was like that though, every dance was a performance to him, even when no one was watching because he always put his everything into it.

Yeon chuckled softly at the way Dae seemed absolutely disgusted by the very idea of kale to the point he was talking about things he probably shoulder “A piercing isn’t a bad shout actually” he picked up on that almost immediately, a wry smile on his lips thinking what one might be able to do with a piercing in that particular place “It would suit you” he commented with a grin as they went to say their goodbyes to little Crystal and Beth “See, even he agrees and he pretty much argues with me on every topic” he chuckled softly and smiled waving as they headed out of the apartment and watched the numbers on the elevator as they slowly rolled around, he was humming softly under his breath between their conversation because he was in a particularly good mood tonight.

He didn’t miss the opportunity to glance over at Dae every so often though, noting the way his nervous demeanor had only increased tenfold since they headed out of the apartment, perhaps a part of him would have been a little worried about scaring Dae off if it wasn’t for the fact he was finding this whole charade pretty hot. When Dae finally started to explain what was on his mind, Yeon went quiet, taking in the words he spoke, even if they were in fragmented sentences which only told him even more that the Niveis was putting some serious thought behind this particular topic. When Dae turned to face him, Yeon turned slightly so look back into his gaze, a somewhat smug grin on his lips as he realized where this was going “A friend had to tell you friends with benefits was a thing?” she chuckled softly, staring up at him, seeing the way he had closed his eyes in that moment bit on his own lip, so tempted to tug on that lower lip which had been a torture to leave alone all this time.

Seeing the elevator doors just begin to open he grinned, suddenly overcome with the realization that if Dae wanted an arrangement, there was no reason to hold back anymore “Okay” he agreed before he started pushing him back into the elevator until they were both inside, the Valkyr backing Dae up against the railing inside the small space, knowing his back would he pressed up against the mirror he put a hand either side of his frame to trap him there. “But first I want to hear you say it” he spoke it softly as he slowly leaned in and pressed a few nips against his chin and jawline “Tell me how badly you want me” and his voice wasn’t asking nicely, it was commanding as he heard the elevator doors close.


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