It felt like his memories never failed to serve him again and again, especially when he found himself waking up to a very familiar smell of sheets covering his body. He's gotten very used to the soreness he felt underneath lately, specifically, about one month and a half ago when a certain arrangement worked its magic and into his favor. The day the entire apartment complex complained over the series of malfunctions became the day Daehyun Stormwind finally got what he's been craving for months long. It felt like it was just yesterday, but truth be told, they've been at it like a bunch of rabbits mating since around 45 days ago. He remembered going at it over and over again. 

Their friendship blossomed for the better if anything, they still shared their stories and would often confide with each other. Nothing changed for the worst, in fact, it got better because neither of them needed to hold themselves back. On a side point, they also acquainted themselves better with Beth, the single mother that lives at the 10th floor, and Dae knew for sure he had developed a soft spot for baby Crystal. Their arrangement was the best thing he ever thought of, It almost became a daily thing and even then, Yeon didn't find himself needing to spend a night at his company working overtime when he knows he could get a stress reliever waiting for him. When he fluttered his eyes open, he realized there was an empty space replacing where another body should have been occupying the bed alongside him. 

Dae shuffled to sit and noticed he was laying on the bed alone, the same bed he was sure bared witness to his slightly 'questionable' escapades previously with the owner of the penthouse. The Niveis scrambled to search for his phone that was placed on the bedside table, the clock indicated he's only napped for 40 minutes, to which he yawned and proceeded on stretching out his limbs before climbing down from the bed and search for his underwear that should be somewhere scattered among the other clothes on the floor. While doing so, he made sure to inspect if anything was broken, thankfully, nothing was broken today. 

Once he found his clothes, he went to the bathroom to wash his face before making his way out of the bedroom to find a certain blond. The jumper felt snug on him but it does feel somewhat comfortable. It didn't take the snowy-haired male long to pinpoint Yeon's location when he passed the kitchen, "You woke up early. But then again, I guess being a Valkyr with high stamina means you don't need to nap to rejuvenate as much as little icy me, huh?" Dae took a seat near the kitchen counter and stared at the Valkyr while pouring himself a glass of water, "You okay?" 

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Yeon gave an amused smirk when Dae spoke about his natural defensiveness “So used to people judging you huh?” he raised his brows for a moment and let out a soft breath, Yeon knew that feeling but he had slowly become desensitized to it and now he just did what he wanted regardless of what people would say or think about it, it was none of their business in the end “Don’t worry, every stupid thought you’ve had, I’ve probably had worse” he chuckled softly, Yeon wasn’t one to judge before he understood where the rationale came from. Yeon winced a little as he imagined what Han’s reaction might be to Dae calling Jae attractive in front of him “Yeah I never said Han would be okay with it” he chuckled softly, easily made jealous definitely described the Celestial.

“I mean any of those dyes are temporary anyway, you could just hide and wait it out if you’d rather” he chuckled softly inspecting Dae’s hair and reaching up to run his fingers through it slowly, checking the state it was in “Besides, for someone who rocks the platinum look, you keep your hair pretty soft” he grinned a little as he slowly pulled his hand back. “Whatever you like most, I think you have pretty good taste” his sense of style was very different from Yeon’s but he couldn’t deny that Dae looked amazing whenever he wore that slightly tired leather jacket which fitted him so perfectly it may as well have been made especially for him.

“Those are the most dangerous ones though, you underestimate them and then suddenly you’re in a whole world of panic” he certainly wouldn’t get on the wrong side of Han’s anger, nor his boyfriend, he had gotten a pretty hefty punch to the face from Jae the day they met and that was enough of an experience for the Valkyr. “He’s really quite sweet though, you just have to get in his good books” Yeon winked because he had definitely caught Han checking him out a few times and nowadays Han didn’t brush off any of his leaning or touching. Not that he wanted to split up Jae and Han at all, what they had was like the complete opposite to what he was looking for but he did like being in good favor. “Well not yet but you could be if you kept going with it, minus the creepy talking vehicles” he smiled softly “Honestly I think you could do anything you put your mind to” and he wasn’t just saying that, he has seen first hand how determined Dae can be.

He laughed at the thought of Han throwing the chocolates back in Dae’s force and chasing him for daring to suggest what he wanted but before long he shook his head “More likely he’d sit there and eat them and then chase you down, he likes chocolates too much to waste them” though Yeon did think Han was much more open than people made him out to be, you just needed to not trigger his defensive side. Yeon sucked in a long breath when Dae said he was one of the good things that had come into his life and then he slowly smiled “And good luck getting rid of me now” they were strange friends but they worked, like-minded but also able to balance one another out in certain ways.

The Valkyr shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly when Dae said he might ask him to jump out of a plane with him “Then ask me, what’s holding you back?” people always talked about the things they wanted to do and all the things they wanted to see in the world but he found they very rarely followed through and actually tried to make those things happen. Yeon had to admit that he was surprised when Dae extended the invitation out to him and the Valkyr visibly showed his shock before he finally responded “Then I will look forward to hearing about all the crazy things you get up to, you’d better not disappoint me with any regrets” life was too ironically short for regrets, he learned that the hard way. He refused to believe that his immortality made him invincible and he would use every moment he was gifted.

Dae only hummed in affirmation as he hung his head low, now that he's thought about it, he wondered if people perceived him any different than what he wanted them to see him as. Why does he suddenly care about what others think of him? But… maybe, just maybe, he cares what some people thought about him; namely Jae, his sister, his close friends like Aeryn, and this gorgeous blond sitting next to him. Yeah. "It's how the world works. People go around judging one another even before they had the chance to get to know them." What's new, right? When Yeon said he's probably had it worse, the Niveis snorted, "I doubt it. But I like how you're reassuring me though so I'll drop it at that." There was nothing wrong with wanting some affection in his dictionary, it just turns out that he wants it from Yeon. 

He enjoyed his company so much it was hard for him to imagine a time where he may not be able to reach out for him this easily. Yeon would be departing soon, and what would be left of him? Daehyun was a bit worried. Even with the gentle touches her gave him, as simple as running his fingers through his locks, was enough to make the male's breath hitch and prompt the need to purr. "Jae's not the only one who knows how to keep his hair soft and silky" he scoffed and flipped his hair dramatically, "I've had this color for a while now. It kinda fits me and I never thought about changing it. Until now." It was also a symbolism to the Niveis, maybe changing it a bit can end up bringing him more benefits than complaints. "Oh wow, being complimented by Yeonseok Lee himself… on taste terms of all things. Man I am lucky" he gushed teasingly, Yeon's approval does mean a big deal to him though. 

Dae's never been a person who would do anything to impress someone, that phase ended so long ago when he was just a Phoenix. But now, he found the desire to impress him. Generally speaking, he does like Yeon, after all. That's natural, right? "If you can help me get into his good books, I'll owe you forever." He may not act like it but Dae would love to keep a good relationship with the Celestial. His blush deepened the moment he heard all of those encouraging words coming out of the Valkyr's mouth, gosh this was really affecting him more than he possibly thought it would. "That's an exaggeration… I'm not that good." While he is proud of his fixing skill and the ability to build something, the humility had softened the Niveis' stance, especially considering he is still a beginner. The picture of Han suddenly chasing him with an outraged look is forever embedded in his head, enough to send shivers down his spine. 

"Yeah… no thank you. I think I'll get it either way. Once he relents. I mean surely he's thought about you… didn't he dance with you?" Attraction is a general thing and when you're in the same studio as Yeon, it was nearly impossible to look at him without drooling at least once. "Why would I ever want to get rid of you" he murmured gently and grinned bashfully, the pinkish hue resting on his cheeks were slowly outing him out but if it's Yeon, maybe he doesn't mind. "What? I can't just ask you to jump out a plane with me just like that, Yeon." Right? When he realized Yeon was being serious, Dae cleared his throat awkwardly and licked his lips before staring back at him with a hopeful look, "If I asked you to come travel the world with me… do you think if you were given the time, you would take it?"

He nodded in agreement, Dae was right there, people usually judged way before they gave someone the chance to prove they were any different, it was disappointing at times but he wasn’t majorly surprised considering people tended to be so self-absorbed they barely even noticed the prejudice they were putting out into the world “Exactly that, but if people took five minutes to step back from their own bubble I think they’d see how much they were missing out on” Dae certainly could have dismissed him as a crazy the night they met considering the circumstances behind it all but he didn’t and thanks to that they now had this really interesting relationship.

He noticed the way Dae was always so responsive to his touch, Yeon was a naturally touchy person, he would hug people and cling into them given the chance and while he used to purposely push back that urge with Dae, he noticed the Niveis actually didn’t seem to mind that much, in fact, sometimes he thought he actually liked it “You need to teach me your secrets” he commented with a sly grin as he slowly pulled his hand back “I couldn’t even imagine what you looked like with dark hair because the blond is always what I’ve known from you” and it suited him greatly, almost as though it could totally be believable that was his initial hair color. “It’s a rare occurrence for most, my compliments, you should treasure it” he gave a wry smile, he enjoyed complimenting Dae because he never made a huge fuss over the things Yeon said. Besides, they were true.

Yeon bit his lip softly when Dae asked for his help getting into Han’s good books, it seemed he was really serious about wanting to get one night with Jae and while it wouldn’t be easy to get the star on side, if anyone could convince him it was Yeon “Are you even sure Jae would go for it? I mean he’s not exactly the adventurous type” not to mention the last time that Jae had gotten jealous, Yeon had gotten punched in the nose and he certainly didn’t intend on repeating that experience. One thing Yeon liked about Dae was how modest he could be about the things which mattered to him, it was endearing “You’re already managing to complete fixes which look almost impossible to tell they were even broken, if you can do that as a rookie, imagine how far you could go if you put more time into it” he wouldn’t force Dae but he really thought he could see some real benefits from chasing those dreams.

“He’s been to a few of my dance sessions yeah, he said he was there to watch but he’s got a serious case of not being able to sit still” so Yeon had decided to show him the ropes for a while and the two of them had ended up dancing together, but Yeon danced with all of his students, including Dae’s sister so he didn’t really see it as a big deal. “Some people say I come on too strong” he responded with a slight smile when Dae asked why he would ever want to get rid of him, honestly he may come across confident at all times but Yeon had some insecurities hidden beneath if you looked for them, mostly around his fears of people leaving and forgetting about him. “Of course you can” he responded and shook his head “We’re friends Dae, if you couldn’t ask me then who would you ask?” maybe it was a crazy thing to ask but Yeon was the type of person who would be up for doing crazy things anyway.

Dae’s next question made Yeon’s eye soften a little before he nodded slightly “If you asked me, and I had the time to spare, I’d love to go with you” of course it wasn’t as simple as just dropping everything and going but he hoped Dae knew that he would be that kind of friend who was there no matter what he needed “Call me crazy but...I don’t have many friends, not real ones” he commented in a soft voice “I want to keep the ones I have” and by that he meant he wanted to keep Dae in his life.

He should be immune to those remarks and thoughts by now though, shouldn’t he? But there were parts of Daehyun that feel for it, he wanted to act like neither of those hurtful words and judging stares didn’t pain him when it actually does. It was a lot easier to say it. Thankfully, with Yeon, he didn’t have to hide what he feels, when he’s upset, he lets him know. And when he’s happy, it’s also because of him. Perhaps this friendship was giving him more than he had expected to get. “You were so different on the first night we met” he chuckled, Yeon had so drunk but that didn’t mean they didn’t have it well. He remembered the Valkyr knew how to get under his skin with ease, and Dae still didn’t kick him out of the house no matter how many times he wanted to do so. And he was glad he didn’t, he was glad that he listened to that small voice in him that told him it was fine to let him in because he was an interesting fellow. That’s how he gave him a chance and he was impressed by every single thing the blond does.

 Daehyun never saw himself to be a tactile person but he’s been leaning in Yeon’s touches lately, it even made him whine slightly when his hand left him. It should scare him of how much change he’s going through but a part of him told himself that perhaps, he just wanted affection. Nobody was there to give him the same measure before, so when people like Jae and Yeon came around, he was eager to get it. “I don’t look like this with dark hair, for sure” he chuckled and ruffled his locks gently, he had to pay a great amount of attention to maintain a hair care routine or else his hair would dry up and get unhealthy. “You’ll laugh at the amount of hair moisturizer I have though, that’s the secret… a very laughable and hilarious secret” It works though. 

The Niveis stretched out his hand to run his fingers through Yeon’s flaxen locks and grinned, “Yours is still soft though, you look good in blond. Have you ever dyed any other color?” So far, the Niveis haven’t thought of experimenting but things were changing so he may end up being grey-haired next week. He narrowed his eyes playfully at Yeon when he called the Niveis out about wanting one night with the dhampir who just also happened to be Han’s boyfriend, the all too protective star that would actually try to blast him off if he tries anything. “Adventurous, I don’t know about that but Jae’s not as dull as he looks. Maybe you should try to spend more time with the dhampy, you thought Han was naive and a baby the first time, now look at him” Though the suggestion of spending more time with the dhampir does sound intimidating, especially when Dae couldn’t even say he’d be willing to get closer to Han too. Wouldn’t that be hypocrisy in his case?

 His cheeks flushed slightly when he heard the words of compliment spilling out of the Valkyr, gosh it gets so hard to hide how flustered he could be when Yeon is complimenting him these days, it just comes out of nowhere. He rubbed the back of his head awkwardly and grinned sheepishly, “I can work on it a lot more. Who knows, maybe I can retire as a bounty hunter huh?” he chuckled, it was wishful thinking but not impossible, right? “Speaking of dancing, how’s Mirae?” he’s a bit curious about his sister’s progress, he couldn’t see her as much due to his schedule lately. “Now I want to see you two dance... “ he murmured, he’s seen Han do a few moves but that lasted about a few seconds before the Celestial outed him for peeking, seeing the Volakiri pair dance may actually be impressive considering they have the same mindset. “Maybe I need someone who comes on too strong. They make me stronger, I think, increases my endurance. Like, have you seen my sister? Yeah.” 

Of course, you can, that’s what he said. Dae had to stop himself from breaking out that gummy smile but there was a visible smile seen on him. “You have me” he quipped when Yeon said he didn’t have many friends, “I can’t speak for others but you’ll be lucky if you could get rid of me. I’m a hunter, I’ll be able to track you down even if you try to run away from me. I’ll be dead before I stop following you, I could be your attractive stalker” he winked.

Yeon tilted his head slightly wondering what it was about him which made him stand out to Dae when they first met, he had been a complete wreck and ended up throwing up in his home, he was hardly the perfect version of himself and yet now here they were months down the line and the two of them were friends, dare he even say close friends “Different how?” he asked curiously wondering what it was that had drawn Dae in back then, could he even explain it? Hearing the way Dae whined when Yeon pulled his hand away the Valkyr was almost tempted to reach back again but instead he tucked his hand nearly against his lap “Hair moisturizer huh?” well that made sense considering Dae’s hair was bleached so much but felt soft to his touch, Yeon definitely liked touching it when they were in the bedroom.

“You’ll have to tell me the brand” he jested with a smile, he had a hairstylist who did the dyeing of his hair who always told him he needed to take better care of his roots. He had to admit it felt nice as Dae reached forward to run his fingers through the Valkyr’s hair and he closed his eyes for a moment just taking in the feeling “I went blue once just to try it but it’s not exactly a shade which gets you taken seriously when you’re going to business meetings, I found this blonde is different enough to be me without making people stare with shock” he laughed softly, they stared for other reasons though. Truth be told, Yeon didn’t know all that much about what Jae was like individually, whenever he spent time with him it was when he was around Han “That’s like me saying why don’t you go and spend time with Han alone, it’s not gonna happen” they both had a person they just clicked with but he didn’t exactly feel a pull to spend time with Jae separately, he didn’t even know what they would talk about.

Yeon definitely thought that if Dae wanted to put more work and time into his carpentry he could definitely do a lot, he had this eye for little details when it came to furniture and it seemed to other male found a lot of peace from just going and doing some work, he was a person who was fuelled by actions and he took a lot of them “I think I’d really like to see what you could make from scratch one day” he spoke softly and nodded his head, Dae mostly only fixed existing things right now but the next step was to start inventing and creating designs of his own right? “She’s doing great, she’s a real hard worker that sister of yours” he responded with a nod of his head, her and all the other new recruits had been working really hard on their most recent showcases “I’m sure it will happen at one point or another, Han can’t help himself, he hears music and he’s off” he winked because he was sure that Dae could use that knowledge to his advantage given the chance. “Maybe that’s why we work” Yeon responded with a sheepish grin “I’m very hard to tell no after all” he chuckled softly, Dae had tried a few times only to end up saying yes in time.

Yeon lifted his gaze just as Dae pulled that effortless, bright smile which always caught the Valkyr’s attention, he enjoyed seeing Dae in moments like that, moments where he seemed genuinely happy because sadly, they seemed to be rare “I have you” he echoed and smiled, nodding his head slightly. It was strange for him, knowing he had people there for him now, there had been a time in his life when all he had was Celia and now that circle seemed way bigger than he ever expected it to be. He laughed at the way Dae described himself as his attractive stalker “Thanks, I think I needed that...I mean not the stalking part but you know” he nudged against Dae’s shoulder slightly “Who knew we’d end up being friends like this huh?” it still surprised him to see the path they had taken since first meeting that day in the bar.

He saw the tilt of the head Yeon did and honestly, he couldn't stop himself from smirking, Yeon was way too attractive for him not to stare at. Even when they're friends, it was clear that the Niveis saw the sexual appeal that the Valkyr oozed. Just his perfect cup of tea, indeed. He didn't regret helping him out the first night they met, because the blond had offered him so much more along the road. "I mean now that I know you, I didn't peg you to be the kind that would lie down on the counter while the alarm is still going on, no matter how hot and irresistible you looked" and he was, indeed, hard for him to look away. "I also kinda didn't expect you to be so bold into sleeping with me. But I guess that's why you're the itch I could scratch away, you enticed me" He was whipped then, knowing there was so much more to this guy and after befriending him, he still has yet to be proven wrong. 

Seeing how Yeon closed his eyes briefly when Dae decided to run his fingers through his light locks made the Niveis grin before leaning in to whisper in his ear, "But it's a secret" before pulling himself back with a smug smirk, "I can't be telling people my secrets, Yeon. But… next time you're gonna treat your hair… call me. I'll help you." It was intended to be suggestive at all, it was just Dae offering his services genuinely. He is his friend, after all. "Right, I always forget you're a CEO" he chuckled wryly, the suits look good on him, almost as if it's his second skin, but the times he saw how Yeon could dress casually in jeans, or especially when he would visit the Valkyr who spent the entire night choreographing a beautiful piece at the dance studio. Thinking back at that, it's hard to believe this guy was the same person who would crush you on the spot with a single stare. Perhaps, that's why they worked so well together? 

The elder Stormwind grimaced internally at the thought of spending alone time with Han, "Guy's attractive, he has a good body but I really don't want to be at the end of his temper, which is usually a lot to handle whenever I'm near Jae trying to be my usual self" By his usual self, of course, it meant flirting harmlessly. The Celestial didn't seem to take it as harmless though. "But look at you being all touché." The Niveis didn't talk about his interest in carpentry or architecture to anyone else except Yeon and Jae, dare he say even Mirae didn't know the extent of his favoritism towards the subject. He was shy when it comes to it, seeing as it was something completely new but something he wished he had all the time to spend on. "Really?" Yeon wanted to see what he could make from a scratch someday? Did he just hear that right? "When I do…  I'll let you know for sure" It sounded soft coming from him, but with that gummy smile on him, how could he be anywhere that's not on the soft lane?

 Hearing that Mirae was doing well managed to make him smile wider, "That's good to hear. It's been a while since I've seen her so happy and content in doing what she likes" That's every brother's wish. He hasn't had the chance to see her dance yet, only Yeon and sometimes it's only because he snuck in during the late night. "Ah… so music is his weakness huh" He was definitely not devising any sort of plans to get the Celestial intoxicated or dancing. Nope. "Don't you know it" he grumbled under his breath and shook his head, Yeon wasn't an easy person you could just say no to. Sometimes he wondered if he's really that weak or Yeon is just that charming. I have you, he said. That keeps echoing in his ear as the Niveis turned to face the Valkyr with a look of awe, hearing him say that, really does hit differently. "I definitely didn't expect to be friends with you, but I guess there are always better things in store, huh?" Dae seemed to find people who liked him for who he was, these days. But Yeon, he would always keep an important role in his life. "Do you want me to help you pack?"

Yeon let an easygoing smile spread over his face and he shrugged slightly when Dae said he didn’t peg him as the type to refuse to leave when a fire alarm was going off “Well in my defense, I did literally see you push the button, I knew there was no actual danger” he shook his head in an amused manner, he could be really stubborn when he was drunk and he hadn’t wanted to move, he remembered Dae trying to convince him to leave which didn’t work at first but eventually he relented. “I’ve always been bold” he responded and chuckled “You have to stand out in the world if you want to get anywhere, no one ever made it by being ordinary” he had always had been the kind who chased dreams and made the leaps, never the one to hold himself back unnecessarily, if he could do it, he would.

Yeon almost jumped in surprise when Dae leaned in to whisper in his ear but he covered it with a hitch of his breath before opening his eyes to watch the Niveis carefully “Not even someone who is really good at keeping secrets?” he questioned with a raise of his brows and then smirked “Are you offering to dye my hair for me?” he pursed his lips slightly and grinned “What color do you think I should go?” at this point the sandy blond color he always sported was his signature look but perhaps he was curious to know if there was a look which Dae would enjoy more. “On my good days I am” he responded with a chuckle, sometimes he forgot he was a CEO too because the creative part of his work was the part he really enjoyed delving into and spent a lot of time doing “But I’m an artist first, that’s where my heart lies” which is why it sometimes frustrated him that he couldn’t express himself.

Yeon shook his head giving a look towards the other male when he accused Han of being difficult to be around “Well you do often flirt with his boyfriend, you do kinda bring that one around on yourself” he shook his head with an amused grin “I mean I get it though, both of them look like they come straight out of a K-Drama” he shook his head slightly, it was impossible not to be attracted to them, especially after you got to know them and realized they were really good and kind people, Yeon especially liked Han’s sense of humor. One thing he always noticed about Dae was that he had this tendency to always doubt himself and his own ability but he saw someone in there who wanted to do more, who had talent and determination but a lack of direction to use it and so he wanted to show Dae that the only thing holding him back was himself “Absolutely, I mean the possibilities must be pretty big right, if you can think of it, you can make it” being creative was something he always fostered, the same way he made a dance, Dae could make a brand new piece of furniture.

Yeon kept a close eye on Mirae, perhaps closer than he usually would with most simply because it was Dae’s sister “She’s definitely got eyes for one of the other dancers who joined recently” he commented with a chuckle, he didn’t miss much when it came to his dancers, while he wasn’t the one directly training them most of the time, he did come and sit in on their showcases and sometimes even their classes to make sure the standards were kept up. “Music is a lot of people’s weaknesses” he commented with a chuckle before looking up and noticing the devilish look on Dae’s face “Something tells me you’re planning on using that weakness” he commented with a raise of his brows “Should I be worried?” he teased it with a grin.

“I feel like things worked out for the better” he commented with an easygoing smile resting on his lips “I guess you could say you’ve managed to get under my skin” which wasn’t something he really had experience with but he enjoyed being around Dae and he now had this important place in his mind which he couldn’t shake even if he wanted to “Sure... it’s been a slow process because I’m terrible at getting rid of things so maybe you can give me some harsh talking to” he laughed slightly picking up each of the photo frames, wrapping them in paper and then putting them into the box one by one “Thankfully I don’t need to take everything, just the things that matter” the rest could stay here in storage since he had decided to keep the apartment because of Dae’s advice.

The memory of that night never quite left his mind, it was so amusing, he actually couldn't stop thinking about him even after their night together. The itch he couldn't quite scratch. "You saw me press the button, so that means you saw me suckerpunch the stubborn guy too?" Dae remembered being so annoyed and pissed off he delivered a punch square. "You don't say... " Yeon really is bold, that's the first thing he noticed about the Valkyr. He was daring and even though Dae was mostly annoyed that the blond wasn't going to take his advice at that time, he acknowledged and applauded him… sense of bravery. "I thought you were stupid back then, brave or completely stupid… we both know the answer to that though" The smirk he held always tugged his heartstrings, the Niveis realized how much he liked it whenever the Valkyr would smile or grin. A smirk is always the cherry on top.

 "It depends on who that person is… people always say they're good at keeping secrets but… they haven't given the other any reason to trust they'll keep their word" Of course, Yeon was different. "I mean, if you'd allow me, maybe we can both dye our hair together." He wasn't going to lie, he was taken aback by the sudden suggestion, though he wasn't willing to dismiss it entirely. That could be interesting. When asked what color he thought would suit him, Dae tilted his head to the side and eyed his side profile, "As much as I love the blond look, if you were going to dye your hair… silver looks good. Or black, black just gives off the… hot fucking damn vibes. Which no doubt, you could rock with those tight pants and some v-line shirts... " Perhaps, he may have imagined how he'd look but could anyone blame him? Yeon is hot. "I much prefer to see you choreographing pieces" he murmured softly, it always fascinated him how he carried himself, his movements were lithe. Graceful. At times, he actually thought Yeon was a dove ready to spread his wings and fly. 

"Shush… I'm not always flirting… That's just how I am with people I like." Yeon wasn't wrong, sometimes he would take a look at both of them and realized why people flocked over. "They should probably go bag a role in one then" Surely the visuals would be satisfying. He also realized why their flaws were highlighted every time he sees them, people couldn't be perfect, could they? "Sometimes I wonder if you realize that we're living two different worlds" he chuckled softly, Yeon was smart and concise, he probably noticed but didn't think much of it. "Your world is so different from mine, Yeon" And that's okay. An incoherent grumble escaped him when Yeon mentioned Mirae having the hots on one of his dancers, "That's probably Ha-joon… surprisingly I met the kid early on. I guess I just didn't expect he'd hit it off with her. I quite like him" He was recklessly daring, somehow. Maybe Dae had a soft spot for people who wouldn't give up. It was a reflection of what he is not.

 The Niveis lit out a nervous laugh and tried to look away with his arms crossed when Yeon called him out, "Pssh… nothing too bad. I promise. If anything, I think it'll be pleasurable." Hearing how significant he was to someone, especially a person like Yeon, kinda makes him happy. It's a foreign feeling but one he's been yearning for. Could this be a taste of it? "Good… I intend to make a worthwhile lasting impression on you." Daehyun always traveled light, he didn't have much to say significant to his life, which makes it a lot easier when he rejects any form of attachments. Until now, at least. "Please, with my help, you can get the entire place done in a few hours tops. I'm a good cleaner, you know." 

The Valkyr had an amused smile on his lips as Dae asked about that night they met with fire alarm “Well I saw you two throwing ice beams around but honestly I put that down to the drunken brain of mind making it seem more dramatic than it was” he laughed softly, it was interesting how Dae had taken pity on him that night and brought him home, he wasn’t in a good state. Most of the time the Valkyr could cover the sadness he felt when he thought about his past but that day was an exception “You turned one of the worst days of my life into the best night” he surmised without hesitation, it took a certain level of skill to be able to do that and it was all credit to the Niveis. “And I think I’d call it drunk and reckless” he responded when he said he was either stupid or brave “In then end it worked out in my favor” he smirked slightly and shrugged.

Yeon chuckled slightly when Dae said it depended on who was making the promise “So you’re saying you don’t trust me hmm?” he responded with an amused look on his face, Yeon liked to believe he was the kind of guy who said something and held true to it so he had to wonder what sort of proof Dae would look for to know he could trust someone. When Dae offered for them both to dye their hair together the Valkyr grinned slightly “Sounds like that could turn out either really well...or really really badly” he teased with a smile resting on his lips. The way Dae was talking about what color to dye his head and how to dress him made Yeon bite his lip, it was hot to have someone gushing over your appearance “In that case perhaps I should let you have a go at a full makeover, what’s the worst that could happen right?” though he would insist they get the dye done by a professional, he had a reputation to keep after all.

Yeon nodded slightly when Dae said he preferred to see the Valkyr choreograph rather than as a CEO “Lately I’ve been working on a contemporary piece for the show, it’s been taking up pretty much all my time but...I just cannot wait for people to see it” Yeon wasn’t supposed to discuss the show with others but he trusted Dae enough to know he would keep it to himself. The valkyr went quiet for a moment when Dae pointed out that their words are different, he had to admit that stung a little to hear, he pressed his lips together slightly “I uh…” he wondered how he should voice how he believed that was wrong “I didn’t start this with everything, at one point I was just a hard-working person with a goal” he didn’t like to be seen as out of touch and he tried so hard not to be seen like that, it hurt a little for someone like Dae to point it out “I like to think anyone could be me” they just had to be willing to work for it, which a lot of people weren’t.

Hearing Dae mention Ha-Joon’s name he nodded slightly “Ah so you do know about him then” he chuckled “It doesn’t bother me as long as the two of them aren’t slacking off” he commented with a shrug. Dae was definitely different from most of the people he knew and that tended to keep Yeon on his toes, always wondering what he might do or say next “Well as long as you realize it might turn horribly horribly wrong” he commented with an amused shake of his head. When Dae said he planned to make a long-lasting impression on him, his mind spoke the words he knew were the truth ‘you already have’ but all he did was smile and continue packing away the photos into boxes “Maybe you could help me pick out which clothes to take with me, since you have such good taste and all” he teased with a laugh.

Admittedly, if you saw two grown men throwing ice at each other at the bar of all places, you had every reason to think it was just your drunken mind playing tricks on you. Hell, he would have thought the same if he was in his shoes that day. “I was still bitter and petty that he really made the attack seem so dangerous, I wasn’t threatening him that much… I was just trying to help a fellow Niveis out” he mumbled and huffed in exasperation, it was clear that Daehyun was not amused for what happened. “Oh well, his loss.” Did it inflate his ego when he heard Yeon mention how he single-handedly made his night better? Yes. It was intended, he really was just about to just offer the poor drunken lad a shelter for the night is all. But god it was the best night he’s ever had and he couldn’t quite forget how mindblowing everything was. “It was a very good night” he nodded in agreement, the blond left a lasting impression on him and he didn’t even know anything else aside from his name; a name that he needed to scream out that night. 

But fate has a way of wrapping everything and everyone at its fingertips, Dae found him again and he didn’t leave afterward. The two formed a friendship, a rather interesting and amusing one, but it was mutually beneficial for both sides. The Niveis narrowed his dark orbs on the Valkyr when he mentioned something about not trusting him, “You and I both know that’s far from the truth, I’d trust you with my life any day, Yeon. As reckless as that actually sounds” He actually would, without any ounce of doubt lingering by. “Even if it was to turn out really badly, at least I know I wouldn’t be the only one going down the lane for that. If I go down, you go down too, right? Isn’t that how things are? I’m fine if I won’t be alone” the small smile that tugged on his lips clearly showed he was comfortable with the person in the room, he’s never felt so at ease like this before. It was as if the anxiety was slowly dissipating in the air when he’s joined by Yeon’s presence. It was a lovely thought. 

“Please, you could wear a trash bag and still look good, Yeon. You clearly underestimated how attractive you can be” He means every word, Dae doesn’t normally give out compliments but he was also a brutally honest person who had close to no tact whatsoever. “I can’t believe we’re about to have a future spa day though, if Mirae could hear me saying this, she would never let me live it down.” Daehyun never cared much for keeping up, he wore what he wanted, he styled himself however he wanted. The Niveis didn’t think much about appeasing others. Maybe a few things did change. “I think you’ll be brilliant, I’ve seen you dance, Yeon. You’re very good at it” sometimes he would even wish to stay a bit longer so he could sneak a peek. The Valkyr would always manage to pinpoint his location most of the time, but that didn’t mean he’s never sneaked around for a while. 

A frown was creasing his features when he tried to process what Yeon was trying to say and once the realization sets in, he parted his lips slightly in surprise and shook his head rapidly as if he was trying to deny it, “That- That’s not what I meant. I was saying that my world… is complicated. I’m not the kind who thinks about his future, hell I don’t even know what I’m going to do tomorrow unless I actually remember I have a task in hand, I’m the opposite of you in so many senses and while that doesn’t have to be a bad thing… I don’t want to pull you down with me, is it bad if I say I worry?” Yeon was organized, and he was not. That was the least of what he could see, and he was positive there was a lot more of where that came from. 

“Of course, I know him… if a sister of mine was ever going to engage herself in a relationship, I’ll find out. Not to be a creepy stalker, but there’s always the assurance. He’s a good kid though, I don’t see anything bad happening” He was just as equally happy as his sister is. “Though if he tries anything, I’m not to be blamed if you see your dancer rendered bedridden in the hospital” he mused lightly, the cheeky grin still remained and he was sure Yeon knew him all too well to know he meant every word he said. “Don’t jinx it” he shushed and pressed one finger against his plump lips, he had a plan and it was going to work, he was going to make sure of it. “Ah, you want me to be your stylist? Look at you go, Yeon, who are you trying to impress hm? I’m just saying I’d end up picking all the clothes I like and that may not be necessarily appropriate at all times so… are you sure you want to give me free rein over your closet?”

The blond valkyr chuckled under his breath and shrugged “Honestly, I don’t remember much about the fight, I do remember the sprinklers coming on and getting completely soaked though” he laughed softly, it had actually been pretty nice because the place had been hot and stuffy and the sudden pour of water felt cool against his skin, though not as cool as the moment one of the Niveis froze half the bar. He grinned to himself when Dae said that was a good night, it was, he agreed. The smirk on his lips was a little smug when Dae pointed out that they both knew he trusted Yeon, he nodded his head slightly “Two people who never trusted anyone new they met always baffles me how this exception somehow snuck up on us” and yet here they were, the truth was they were both hooked on one another and neither wanted to give it up.

The valkyr was highly amused by the idea of them both making over their looks and seeing how things turned out, he had to admit he was curious to see what happened and also how everyone in his life would react if he did end up changing his hair color “So we’re going for mutual destruction” he laughed under his breath “Nothing entirely new there right?” he teased with a playful look towards the other male. “I’m not sure what is funnier, that we’re actually going to go ahead with letting each other change the other’s look or the fact that you just called it a spa day” he wrinkled his nose and then shook his head laughing softly.

“I still get nervous when it comes to all that you know” he pointed it out because Dae assured him he was good at it “No matter how many times I design a routine and people love it, I still wonder if this one is good enough” he nodded slightly, it was probably a good trait really because it kept him pushing for the quality he needed for it to be a major success but he was sure most people saw his confidence and didn’t think for a second that he doubted himself. Dae on the other hand, he could tell doubted himself a lot. His expression softened a little when Dae explained the way he didn’t look forward in his life, there had to be a reason for that right? Something that was holding him back from his potential? Because Yeon definitely saw potential in him “You know it’s never too late to start being passionate about something” he spoke it softly “No one is going to judge you for trying” certainly not him, you had to try and fail so many times until you eventually found your feet.

He laughed, now that he thought about it, of course he knew about Ha-joon, Dae always seemed to know about things he wasn’t supposed to and no doubt this was no exception to the rule “He is a good kid, so determined too, one of the hardest workers I’ve had join the team in a long time” honestly, he reminded Yeon of himself and not always in good ways, he pushed himself too hard sometimes to the point where he got himself hurt. The Valkyr certainly wasn’t a perfect example to follow that was for sure. Yeon widened his eyes when he felt Dae’s slim finger pressing against his lips and he shook his head in an amused manner “Don’t say I didn’t warn you” he teased as he led Dae back towards his walk-in closet and the two of them headed inside “Absolutely, if you do a horrible job I can always just buy more clothes” he teased with a laugh, really he was curious to see what Dae would like to see him wearing, this was a curiosity test for him more than anything.

He remembered that too, the sight of the male being soaked head to toe, looking extremely attractive surprisingly despite all the chaos that ensued, “It managed to get people to get out, thankfully.” And the CCTVs there were also frozen, by him, obviously. He was right, how did they hit it off so well? The two of them were quite different in terms of personality-wise and he was sure they contrast each other in other aspects still, but somehow they worked. Maybe Yeon was a rare gem he stumbled upon in this life. Whatever gem he is, he was for sure going to keep him by his side. “You’re not alone, I still wonder how it worked but I’m not about to question any higher power if you know what I mean” he winked playfully and rolled his shoulders, yeah, there was no reason to ask questions he didn’t really want to be answered, anyway. 

The last thing Daehyun Stormwind would probably think about is having a spa day or having matching looks, but here he is, willing to play dress-up at any time of the day with him. “Hey, it doesn’t have to be mutual destruction, not really. If you can rock it, then it’s not a destruction” he pouted, Yeon could probably pull off other colors with ease. “I’m more interested in other forms of destruction, though I’m pretty sure you already know what I mean, just leave the hair out of it” He likes keeping his hair intact. “Definitely spa day” he exclaimed when he asked which one was funnier, “I never thought I’d go about spa days but I probably need one, minus the sauna. Do you have those often? I mean you dance a lot and working as a CEO at that probably gives you plenty of stress” he’s never had one but the Niveis was starting to think he should get one while he still could. 

His eyes softened the moment the blond pointed out how things were never going to be as perfect, maybe he was the only one who thought so, “You’re the only one who wouldn’t think he’s worked hard and well, because you’re the body’s owner” he retorted dryly and nudged the Valkyr gently, “You should give yourself some credit. Or, if you can’t, others will do that. I’ll tell you that you’ve done very well and deserve every success that comes your way. You’re good enough” he reassured, Yeon was such a perfectionist, it has made the Niveis press his lips into a thin line more times than he could count. But he didn’t mind worrying over him, it’s what best friends do, right? Look after one another? He secretly likes it that Yeon was still trying to cheer him up and give him the extra boost into steering his wheel somewhere, it meant everything to him. “I don’t think I’ve ever met someone else who cares for me this much, such a good friend you are” he teased, he always had his way with words, it didn’t surprise Dae to hear such motivational speeches from him. 

“I know… but I think I’ll have to take some time to think about it. It’s not… easy to get used to something you haven’t been used to, I think one day I’ll get there but not in anytime soon.” In his opinion, he was being realistic, instead of pessimistic. “So that’s what it looks like to be proud of your employee” he pointed out, Yeon always had strong discernable features that still looked soft yet defined, for someone who always paid attention to his surroundings, it doesn’t take him long to notice the littlest things on the Valkyr. Following him to his walk-in closet had the Niveis gaping the entire time, he really did have a good taste in everything, huh? Even the colors were coordinated evenly which amused him, “I can’t believe you have a place just for ties…” he mumbled in awe as he took a few steps forward, placing his hand against the surface of the drawer which held his ties, folded neatly in every compartment. “Do I even want to know how much this entire closet is worth?”


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