It felt like his memories never failed to serve him again and again, especially when he found himself waking up to a very familiar smell of sheets covering his body. He's gotten very used to the soreness he felt underneath lately, specifically, about one month and a half ago when a certain arrangement worked its magic and into his favor. The day the entire apartment complex complained over the series of malfunctions became the day Daehyun Stormwind finally got what he's been craving for months long. It felt like it was just yesterday, but truth be told, they've been at it like a bunch of rabbits mating since around 45 days ago. He remembered going at it over and over again. 

Their friendship blossomed for the better if anything, they still shared their stories and would often confide with each other. Nothing changed for the worst, in fact, it got better because neither of them needed to hold themselves back. On a side point, they also acquainted themselves better with Beth, the single mother that lives at the 10th floor, and Dae knew for sure he had developed a soft spot for baby Crystal. Their arrangement was the best thing he ever thought of, It almost became a daily thing and even then, Yeon didn't find himself needing to spend a night at his company working overtime when he knows he could get a stress reliever waiting for him. When he fluttered his eyes open, he realized there was an empty space replacing where another body should have been occupying the bed alongside him. 

Dae shuffled to sit and noticed he was laying on the bed alone, the same bed he was sure bared witness to his slightly 'questionable' escapades previously with the owner of the penthouse. The Niveis scrambled to search for his phone that was placed on the bedside table, the clock indicated he's only napped for 40 minutes, to which he yawned and proceeded on stretching out his limbs before climbing down from the bed and search for his underwear that should be somewhere scattered among the other clothes on the floor. While doing so, he made sure to inspect if anything was broken, thankfully, nothing was broken today. 

Once he found his clothes, he went to the bathroom to wash his face before making his way out of the bedroom to find a certain blond. The jumper felt snug on him but it does feel somewhat comfortable. It didn't take the snowy-haired male long to pinpoint Yeon's location when he passed the kitchen, "You woke up early. But then again, I guess being a Valkyr with high stamina means you don't need to nap to rejuvenate as much as little icy me, huh?" Dae took a seat near the kitchen counter and stared at the Valkyr while pouring himself a glass of water, "You okay?" 

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“You’re a smug bastard, that’s what you are” he responded with a shake of his head because the other male had this feat on his list which no one else could take, the one person who made him want more “Though you may be right about rules being tiresome” thinking about what he was missing out was certainly something, he and Dae somehow complemented one another in the bedroom, both were willing to give and take, neither backed down from experimentation and most importantly there was no pressure to be anyone or anything they weren’t. “Sometimes I struggle to even recognize him because he can change appearance entirely in the space of a week” he shook his head a little, Yeon always tended to keep the same shade of blond in his hair and wasn’t the biggest fan of wearing contacts, he knew Jae wore them in place of glasses though “There was blue...that red for a short while...grey? I think there was a grey” honestly he lost track after a while.

Yeon raised his brow when he asked if he would pull Han off if he did launch himself at him “I mean I’d try but knowing his thrashing he’d probably end up hitting me” he rolled his eyes dramatically, Han was definitely an interesting guy to be around, he was always led by his emotions which could often make him temperamental and unpredictable. Yeon snapped his fingers when Dae said Snowball from The Secret Life Of Pets “Yeah! That one, I completely forgot the name” he chuckled softly shaking his head slightly “You’re now going to forever refer to him as Snowball aren’t you?” he laughed under his breath and grinned “Don’t worry, I think he’s quite something too” he licked his lips slightly “They both are” they had made very attractive friends, that was for sure, but they were both definitely besotted with one another.

“Tarzan” he laughed under his breath, well he didn’t think Han was raised by gorillas but it definitely did seem like Han knew how to talk to animals at times, he had caught him having full-on disputes with his dogs before and it was definitely entertaining to watch “I heard they do, you’ll love it, they have a cold enclosure, you’ll be right at home” he chuckled under his breath because Dae definitely complained about the heat a lot and Jae complained about the cold a lot which meant one of them was always complaining. He bit harshly on his lip from the way Dae was being so suggestive about spending their time playing some sort of cat and mouse game, he was into it “Well, in that case, I should just go already huh?” he smirked softly, Dae definitely challenged him in ways he didn’t expect. Yeon looked up at him, somewhat surprised when he said he would miss him too and then nodded slowly, they would miss each other because their friendship had come to be something the cherished.

“I will clear my schedule just for you, which given how hard it was for Ce to get me to do that, says a lot” he grinned slightly, he’d been taking breaks more often than usual lately and he didn’t hate it, another thing his Valkyr friend had given him, she was always looking out for him like that. “I think you were, I read about the history of Phoenixes and Initia and it was gruesome, I don’t think they would have let you two leave with your lives if you didn’t run” which was an awful thought but then he had decided that people, in general, could be awful and cruel. “Then what’s stopping you from reaching for it?” he asked in a soft voice “Are you worried it won’t be what you were hoping for?” or perhaps he was concerned it would hurt other people if he chose his own happiness. His expression was serene as Dae explained that he would try and find the person who sired him “Thank you” he spoke softly “Just knowing you’d try means a lot to me” but when he asked what he would say to them, he pressed his lips together “I suppose I’d thank them for the second life but...I guess I’d ask them why they left me” he just wanted a reason why.

“Were you scared? When you woke up a Niveis?” Mirae had told Yeon how Dae died, how he was stabbed by someone and left face down in the snow but he only knew her view of how it unfolded and not Dae’s. Yeon had been scared when he woke up a Valkyr, he felt like he had lost his own identity and somehow needed a new one, but he had no idea what to reach for in a new city, surrounded by strangers, it was a miracle he had managed to pull himself to his feet.

"You need to stop calling me that, you know. It's growing on me" he stuck his tongue out playfully because either way, it was clear that the Niveis was loving the nickname Yeon gave him. It reminded him of the first time they met each other,  or rather the first impression they left on one another. "See, I do make some valid points sometimes, you know." The two of them had an interesting dynamic together, the chemistry blows and everything else in that sense does just as well. Talking about Jae's physical appearance differing from one to another at a month made him chuckle, "Yeah, it does make me wonder how he keeps them so properly groomed" Jae always looked good in any other colors he's tried before. Dae still has yet to even try another color aside form his current pale state, "Do you think I should go take a page of a change from his chapter? Try dying my hair too?" 

He was mainly curious to see what Yeon had to say about it. What if the Valkyr had a specific color he likes? If he was going to do it, he may as well do it with a bang knowing his bed partner slash friend will like it too. Now he's picturing Han tackling him like a wild animal and it was enough to make him shudder, "Okay… now that I've quite literally pictured it, I cannot unsee it so keep my hands off Jae. Got it." He wasn't afraid of Han but the Celestial can be quite aggressive, and that often makes him unpredictable especially paired up with his impulsiveness. "Snowball Hanseol… yep, I can't unsee him now. Looks equally dangerous as he is cute. How ironic." But Snowball can be endearing, Dae actually found the character endearing. "Yes, I'm going to forever refer to him as Snowball." Han and Jae never stopped to shops how much they're in love with each other and normally, it would make the Niveis cringe because he wasn't used to such affection being displayed so openly in front of him but he grew to stomach it. And maybe, he found it cute too.

 "Maybe not Tarzan… but impulsive and kinda temperamental aggressive guy who can talk to animals? Yeah… I can't exactly refer to him as Dolittle." He could, but that doesn't seem to fit Han either. "I'll stick with Tarzan. Next thing we know, he's growling at you. Isn't he supposed to be a star?" Stars don't growl. The thought of being able to relish in the cold place like that made him smile because Yeon was considerate enough to remember his preferences. "Yes, please go so I can finally know what it feels like to chase you till the ends of Earth. Then it'll be the best adventure we've ever had, no?" Perhaps he was already imagining what it would be like for him to chase Yeon, "Maybe you'll learn once I finally get to pin you against somewhere" he cooed teasingly and winked. 

When Yeon said he would clear his schedule just for him, Dae blinked a few times and coughed, "Will you now? Do I have to keep an eye out for your… Valkyr friend is she comes looking after me for being the first to do this to you?" Admittedly, Yeon did tell him about his sister-figure, Cecilia. He wasn't surprised that the blond knew about the Phoenix and Initia feud that lasted for centuries back, they were basically lifelong nemesis. "That's why I left… I had to protect her." It's a big brother's job. "What if I won't like what I find? What if I didn't find what I wanted? What if… I end up being alone after leaving for the thing I supposedly sought out? I don't want to be left alone in my journey... " The thought of being the sole survivor in his story makes it even more painful. Dae nodded understandingly because he could understand why Yeon wanted to ask questions, he wanted to ask plenty to his own killer but never got the chance to do so. 

Was he scared when he woke up different? That question but him so deep he clenched his jaw before averting his gaze downwards, suddenly the carpeted floor looks so much more interesting. What Dae didn't realize was that he had tears building up from within, "I was. I was fooled by the false hope of having the freedom to choose and that was taken away from me as soon as I finished hugging my sister. I felt the sense of reconciliation but it was robbed off me… when I woke up, it was so cold. Cold like I've never felt before. Cold that I wasn't used to. I woke up with nobody waiting… in fact, when I woke up, I was waiting for my sister who then followed suit. I was alone for hours. Nobody was there to tell me if I've reborn… or if I'm just dead... " It was a scary experience for Dae to sit alone while waiting for his sister to wake up. "I never knew how much pain it would be to be stabbed from behind… right through the heart too. Literally. I'm guessing that's how it felt."

He laughed softly under his breath when Dae said he needed to stop calling him that “I’m not usually one for nicknames but that one just fits you so well, how could I resist?” he jested it with an amused shake of his head. Mostly it was Yeon’s way of acknowledging how smug Dae appeared to him when he was able to make the Valkyr want things that no one else had ever made him want. It was frustrating and calling him that was a fun way to express the frustration. “It makes me wonder how his hair isn’t falling out yet” he retorted in response before running a hand through his locks “I mean he surely can’t afford to get it done at a salon every time” Yeon’s hairstylist often told him off for how often the bleached it to keep it blond but he liked the shade too much to give it up. When Dae asked if he should change his hair color Yeon blinked and leaned in closer to him, trying to picture him with anything other than the pale shade of blond he usually had “It’s hard for me to picture you any differently from right now” he commented softly and smiled “Maybe a greenish-blue would look good but still keep your icy vibe” truthfully he definitely liked the Jack Frost look.

Yeon watched Dae with a playful gaze and smirked, shaking his head slightly in amusement “You know I think he could actually do some damage if he actually wanted to hurt someone” but Han was the kind who was all talk and no action, which Yeon could definitely see getting him into trouble at some point when he started something he didn’t know how to finish “Or just...keep your hands off until his boyfriend says you can” he chuckled, he knew Dae had been secretly, or perhaps not so secretly hoping the two of them would be open to more exploration. “Dangerous, cute, stupidly fluffy, short temper” he shrugged nonchalantly “Yeah that sounds about right” he agreed with a shake of his head “You know he’s going to ask why you call him that right? Knowing his clueless ways he’ll probably wonder why you’re calling him an actual ball of snow” Han was very clever and bright in some ways but in others, he was completely clueless.

He shook his head a little “I’m convinced he really can talk to animals somehow, not in the literal sense but damn he seems to know what they’re thinking” it always shocked Yeon because while he liked animals and being around them he’d never had a close bond with one the way Han was with his two dogs and even the bunny which was often running loose around his home. “He’s a little childish sometimes but that’s what kinda makes him endearing” he chuckled softly “You feel like you should protect him” he added and nodded, protect him from losing that childlike innocence which shined in him. “God, you make it sound like it’s a simple request someone can start at the drop of a hat” he teased and nudged against Dae’s shoulder with his hand because he knew that look on his face and how Dae was already imagining what it would be like.

He shrugged his shoulders a little “My Valkyr friend knows I will clear a day for her if she actually gives me notice and doesn’t seduce my secretary to do it for her” he rolled his eyes a little and sighed “She may have sold the whole I’m spreading myself too thin stuff, I’ve been trying to make more time for everything else now” including spending a lot more time with Dae, which he was sure the Niveis had noticed because Yeon tended to actually leave the office on time nowadays and whenever Dae showed up at the studio he would reluctantly put whatever he was working on aside. In was a work in progress. “Well you say it like there won’t be anything waiting for you when you get back” he responded almost inquisitively and raised his brows “You wouldn’t turn your back on all of us that quickly would you?” it was irrational, the fear of being left behind or forgotten but also very unlikely after the bonds Dae had made in Evermore “You’re never really alone Dae, you must know that” his gaze softened a little “You’re always going to have me annoying from time to time” he added with a grin.

Yeon was curious to know what Dae’s experience was like with turning, they both went through a very similar thing, after all, they were killed and then woke up something new, the only difference was the species they woke up as and how they died in the first place. Yeon imagined Dae held a lot of anger for what happened but it didn’t seem to impact his acceptance for what he was now. “You must have felt so betrayed…” he spoke it softly “I don’t even know how you would begin to be able to trust anyone again after being quite literally stabbed in the back” he watched Dae intently his gaze wavering for a moment and he bit his lip softly “When I think about what happened to me all I remember is how fast it was, I didn’t really feel much pain just this sudden realization that this was it, this was all I was going to get” he saw the way Dae was tearing up and he wanted to comfort him but Yeon wasn’t really sure how best to do that, hesitantly he reached out to place a hand over his “Did it hurt?” he spoke it so softly like he was almost afraid to ask.

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