It felt like his memories never failed to serve him again and again, especially when he found himself waking up to a very familiar smell of sheets covering his body. He's gotten very used to the soreness he felt underneath lately, specifically, about one month and a half ago when a certain arrangement worked its magic and into his favor. The day the entire apartment complex complained over the series of malfunctions became the day Daehyun Stormwind finally got what he's been craving for months long. It felt like it was just yesterday, but truth be told, they've been at it like a bunch of rabbits mating since around 45 days ago. He remembered going at it over and over again. 

Their friendship blossomed for the better if anything, they still shared their stories and would often confide with each other. Nothing changed for the worst, in fact, it got better because neither of them needed to hold themselves back. On a side point, they also acquainted themselves better with Beth, the single mother that lives at the 10th floor, and Dae knew for sure he had developed a soft spot for baby Crystal. Their arrangement was the best thing he ever thought of, It almost became a daily thing and even then, Yeon didn't find himself needing to spend a night at his company working overtime when he knows he could get a stress reliever waiting for him. When he fluttered his eyes open, he realized there was an empty space replacing where another body should have been occupying the bed alongside him. 

Dae shuffled to sit and noticed he was laying on the bed alone, the same bed he was sure bared witness to his slightly 'questionable' escapades previously with the owner of the penthouse. The Niveis scrambled to search for his phone that was placed on the bedside table, the clock indicated he's only napped for 40 minutes, to which he yawned and proceeded on stretching out his limbs before climbing down from the bed and search for his underwear that should be somewhere scattered among the other clothes on the floor. While doing so, he made sure to inspect if anything was broken, thankfully, nothing was broken today. 

Once he found his clothes, he went to the bathroom to wash his face before making his way out of the bedroom to find a certain blond. The jumper felt snug on him but it does feel somewhat comfortable. It didn't take the snowy-haired male long to pinpoint Yeon's location when he passed the kitchen, "You woke up early. But then again, I guess being a Valkyr with high stamina means you don't need to nap to rejuvenate as much as little icy me, huh?" Dae took a seat near the kitchen counter and stared at the Valkyr while pouring himself a glass of water, "You okay?" 

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Just like Yeon expected, the moment he pointed out that Dae’s chicken was bland he was back into his rant about how there was an injustice to his favorite food going on, the valkyr chuckled under his breath, it wasn’t always easy to rile Dae up but when it came to food he was extremely opinionated “It’s impressive how worked up you can get over chicken” he commented laughing it off, he still enjoyed the spicy flavors much more than he did the plain cheese but then he had been raised in a culture where the spicer the food was the better. American food definitely did feel bland to him most of the time in comparison. When he mentioned his scalp Yeon laughed “You tell it” he responded and gave an amused shake of his head, Dae could definitely make him laugh at times with his quirks and particulars.

Yeon chuckled and smirked when Dae said he liked making a point “Well I have many points to make” he responded, he could be quite an opinionated person and he liked to share those opinions, though he was very respectful when someone else disagreed. He liked to give advice to people even though he was sure most wouldn’t actually follow it. Receiving and following his own advice, however, was much harder. “Oh I don’t just think it, I know you’re tempting” he teased with a wry smile, every moment of every day they seemed to drive one another wild “God you’re making me imagine the madness which may ensure if I brought you to my office” it was almost impossible to keep his mind out of the gutter when the two of them were always so suggestive and teasing with one another.

Yeon chuckled softly when Dae gave him permission to go as crazy and extra as he wanted to “All I’m going to say is that I warned you upfront” he teased playfully, he now had plenty of time to plan something and now he was determined to completely shock Dae with whatever he decided to do. Yeon looked up at him with a pointed look when he tried to brush off his observations but before long Dae faltered “It’s not a bad thing” he responded with a chuckle under his breath “Though I suppose it does put that ‘I don’t care’ vibe you have going on in jeopardy huh?” he grinned slightly. Dae’s little outburst of frustration did surprise him a little but he took it in his stride “You’d think you’d be used to it by now, it’s been months Dae” he chuckled under his breath and shrugged.

Yeon stepped back while he watched Dae ponder his way through his closet and he had to admit he didn’t expect him to pick that specific sweater out but none the less he went to get it and then held it up in front of him “This one?” he raised his brow curiously but when Dae confirmed that was the one he wanted he nodded “By all means” he commented as he offered it to him “That one is especially soft to wear, definitely good for winter nights” he smiled, what an interesting choice for Dae to make. He tossed a few more things into the case before sitting down against the stool “It already looks weird half empty” he commented with a chuckle “But then I never feel like this place feels that….homey” he glanced over at Dae wondering what he thought.

Dae wasn’t surprised, if there was something that he could possibly even start a war over, it could be over his favorite chicken. The Niveis didn’t have many to care for, he had a few people here and there, and things he preferred. It was why they mattered so much to him, to the point where he is willing to do anything for them. “Hey, it’s good chicken, you forgot to say that” he pointed out coyly, yes, it’s good chicken to him. “Sometimes I’m weirded out by how I don’t like the spicier flavors… not because I can’t take it but mostly because I just don’t like them. I think it has something to do with my Niveis state… “ Or maybe he hasn’t eaten like a Korean for over a century long and he’s forgotten how it tastes like until recently. That could be it too. He saw how Yeon was laughing at his own antics which made him smile a bit, yeah he likes seeing that smile on him a lot. “You mean you have an endless list of them to make” he chuckled, Yeon is so strong-headed and resilient, it was hard to see the Valkyr toppling or stumbling at one strike only. 

The elder Stormwind admires that about him, in fact, he loves that about him. His advice was all very wise and mature, it felt like Dae was hearing words from someone who was a lot older than him, and even though age is not a sign for maturity altogether, Yeon has that factor that he was a lot maturer compared to many. He was trying his very best not to grin when he said that, hearing it out loud from Yeon himself who thought he was tempting, that one was a boost to his ego. “When you say it like that, it’s hard not to think about things, Yeon, you should know better than to lead me on and give me ideas” he chastised and flicked his side playfully, he could imagine coming over to his office for some fun. “I’ve been over to your company a few times just to see what you’re doing, admittedly a few sneak peeks here and there, but I’ve never been there in your office under ‘official’ invitation so things may be different.” Dae knew his lines and was careful not to set too far into the boundaries that were placed, he respected the work Yeon does and would not attempt to distort that for him. So even his visits were left to his knowledge alone.

 Though there has been a few occurrences where Yeon knew he was there. “Such a tease” he shook his head and chuckled. But not impossible, that’s for sure. If there was anything that he’s learned this far with Yeon, he knows that there was nothing that’s impossible for them both. “I feel like I should be very scared of what you’re planning but a part of me just wanted to see what you have up your sleeves… am I really that masochistic?” Maybe. He fell into a brief silence when the blond pointed out how it didn’t bring on the image he wanted to promote all along, “Well… nobody needs to know, right? What they don’t know won’t hurt them. This could be something between us only, something ‘special’... what do you say, hm?” he wiggled his eyebrows teasingly and snickered, it does seem like the two of them had plenty of things that were kept between them only. For instance, Yeon had access to the sides many never knew Dae had, mostly because he’s never really bothered to show them. Only the closest would be able to witness it and Yeon was surely one of them. 

“It could be years and I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it, Yeon. I’m just being plain honest here, man” he even held both hands up in defense just to state his point. “You could still make me flustered… which I’m still speechless about.” How come he’s always surprised when it comes to him even though they’ve been at this routine for months already? The sweater didn’t fit him, maybe, it didn’t look like it was his style but Dae likes it. “It won’t do me that much good during winter nights because I’m not affected by them but… I’ll be sure to make good use of them.” He’ll still wear them. He did choose that, after all. “I don’t think it’s the place that’s supposed to feel homey” he exclaimed softly and took a seat at another stool facing the Valkyr, “I’ve never felt at home anywhere else. Not even here. It’s comfortable, sure… but I don’t feel it. I can’t imagine you do too, isn’t home where the heart is? That’s what people said, right? It could be anywhere you want as long as you keep it close to your heart…”

Yeon arched a brow as Dae explained that he found it strange that he didn’t have a particularly adventurous palette and Yeon shrugged “Most Americans can’t handle the same level of spicy either, if I didn’t keep eating it, I’d probably go off it too” it was definitely an acquired taste, one you needed to get used to in Korea because nearly everything you could get was spicy but here in America your go-to foods were blander. Yeon opened his mouth to protest Dae’s words about having endless points to make but then he realized that was a catch 22 because if he argued the point then he was proving the point, he sighed softly “Touche” he was an opinionated person and that wasn’t going to change, he also wasn’t afraid to speak his mind either which meant that he tended to have a point to make about most topics.

The valkyr allowed a mischievous grin to cross his lips when Dae warned him not to give him ideas “When have I ever led you on?” he questioned with a raise of his brow, he was actually pretty offended if he thought he had because Yeon liked to think he always delivered on the promises he made sooner or later, much to Dae’s delight no doubt. He laughed at the way Dae flicked against his side and shook his head in an amused manner “I’ve seen you lurking a few times, though the office is hardly that interesting to spy on” he chuckled under his breath, Dae was usually waiting for him to finish so they could head home together he assumed “I won’t mind if you want to come in you know” they were friends and while Yeon was very busy he would always make time to spend with Dae.

Yeon chuckled when Dae commented about his apprehension and excitement for what the valkyr might plan “Well I suppose that depends on how much you trust me” he grinned slightly and shrugged, Yeon would never do anything which would hurt Dae but shock him or make him feel somewhat embarrassed, that was definitely still on the table. Yeon had to admit he liked to be the one who noticed the little things which Dae did, like being able to tell his style was generally more put together than most would think, or how he always put the exact same amount of salt on his meals, how he tended to miss Jae a lot but didn’t want to seem needy or clingy and so would play it off “It wouldn’t be the first one of those we’ve had” he grinned playfully and nodded his head “Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me” he tapped his nose gently and smirked.

The valkyr shook his head in amusement, nudging Dae’s shoulder a little with his hand and sighing “Well you need to, because I don’t have any plans on going anywhere and you can’t be swooning every time I take off a shirt or get dressed” he laughed softly, he hoped that would be a part of them becoming comfortable with one another, besides, if Yeon wanted to get Dae’s attention he could easily try to get it. “Well you make it look like you prepared for the winter nights at least” he teased with a smile, the more he thought about it the more it actually suited Dae, he hoped he got to see him wear it sometime. Yeon pondered his words about home for a while as he spoke “You know...I’m not sure I actually know what home feels like” he pressed his lips together and sighed softly “But maybe you’re right..maybe it’s more...fluid than we thought” he smiled gently reaching his hand out towards Dae “I’m tired of packing, let’s go back to bed” he had a devilish grin on his lips.

"Mhmm… I've seen Americans and their… taste palette" Honestly, Dae prefers a meal with a better taste compared to a bland one. But not when it comes to chicken. So he was definitely guilty when it comes to choosing the better out of the two. "God… makes me wonder how long I've stopped being a Korean, maybe I really started to dislike everything about heat… I mean I'd you asked me to get into a sauna, even if you tried to bribe me with the thing I wanted most, I still wouldn't come near the place" Even if Yeon offered him his heart's deepest desires, there was no way the Niveis would actually put away his dislike for heat. When he saw how Yeon decided against making another point, he couldn't refrain himself from laughing, "You have got to see the look on your face, Yeon. You were this close to retorting but stopped like you accidentally swallowed something" he snickered, it was priceless and exceptionally hilarious. "True, you've never really led me on… you always make good on your part in the end." 

Why else would Daehyun end up being such a compliant person? Had it been someone else, he would've given them a second degree burn for trying to push him down to a more submissive side. But because it was Yeon, maybe he didn't mind. Surprisingly. The elder Stormwind was honestly about to defend his own honor and refute how claims about being seen as someone who lurks around the company without the knowledge of the boss himself, but unfortunately, he knew he was caught red-handed this time. What surprised him was that Yeon said he was free to join him next time, which made the Niveis lift his gaze up to meet the Valkyr's piercing own, "Really? I mean, I didn't want to impose, I thought you'd get mad if I was lurking around you know… you're pretty scary when you're working." His tone was devoid of fear or worry, it was more to admiration. "What are you saying Yeon, you know I'd trust you with everything" he scoffed and leaned against his seat, his back pressed against the wall of the closet as he cleared his throat a few times, "Well… almost everything. But that's close enough."

 It makes him wonder if Yeon would somehow give him a big grand card with dancers and music all around just to give a more dramatic flair. Knowing Yeon, what was once impossible could actually be possible. So the possibilities were endless. Sometimes, it surprises him when he realized that Yeon knew him like the back of his hand, somehow the blond would know if he was not particularly feeling today's mood or the likes. Or when he misses Jae but wouldn't admit it out loud. There were times when he acted nonchalant and behaved as if he didn't care if he didn't get to do what he wanted, but he would be secretly sulking. It's incredible to see just how well Yeon knew him. Dae likes to think he knew enough about the Valkyr too, he was there to see him all those nights when he was slumped against the studio's floors, quite literally wiping and sweeping the floor with his efforts. His smile that he wore but the emotions he held within those expressive hues. 

Yeon is a strong individual he admires a lot. And he was proud to be his friend. He gave him a reassuring smile when the other male said to trust him with this secret. "I mean… technically I can swoon every time you take off your shirt, have you seen your body... " he murmured, he had a hard time focusing elsewhere when Yeon displayed his fine body in front of him. "I mean yes I can get comfortable with the idea of shirtless you because… it's not exactly the first time I've seen your glorious nude form but no promises on me drooling." The way the Niveis gave the sweater a fond look clearly said a lot, he was going to cherish this sweater, he was going to wear it. For what reason? Aside from protecting him from the cold which he clearly does not need? Nobody needs to know. His hands skimmed over the soft material of the sweater as he heard what Yeon had to say about home, it's a selective term, after all. "No rush in finding out, right?" Dae noticed the devilish grin on Yeon and that's made him smirk before getting up and clasping his hand securely while snaking his free hand around his waist after tossing the sweater earlier, "Lead the way" he purred. 


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