It felt like his memories never failed to serve him again and again, especially when he found himself waking up to a very familiar smell of sheets covering his body. He's gotten very used to the soreness he felt underneath lately, specifically, about one month and a half ago when a certain arrangement worked its magic and into his favor. The day the entire apartment complex complained over the series of malfunctions became the day Daehyun Stormwind finally got what he's been craving for months long. It felt like it was just yesterday, but truth be told, they've been at it like a bunch of rabbits mating since around 45 days ago. He remembered going at it over and over again. 

Their friendship blossomed for the better if anything, they still shared their stories and would often confide with each other. Nothing changed for the worst, in fact, it got better because neither of them needed to hold themselves back. On a side point, they also acquainted themselves better with Beth, the single mother that lives at the 10th floor, and Dae knew for sure he had developed a soft spot for baby Crystal. Their arrangement was the best thing he ever thought of, It almost became a daily thing and even then, Yeon didn't find himself needing to spend a night at his company working overtime when he knows he could get a stress reliever waiting for him. When he fluttered his eyes open, he realized there was an empty space replacing where another body should have been occupying the bed alongside him. 

Dae shuffled to sit and noticed he was laying on the bed alone, the same bed he was sure bared witness to his slightly 'questionable' escapades previously with the owner of the penthouse. The Niveis scrambled to search for his phone that was placed on the bedside table, the clock indicated he's only napped for 40 minutes, to which he yawned and proceeded on stretching out his limbs before climbing down from the bed and search for his underwear that should be somewhere scattered among the other clothes on the floor. While doing so, he made sure to inspect if anything was broken, thankfully, nothing was broken today. 

Once he found his clothes, he went to the bathroom to wash his face before making his way out of the bedroom to find a certain blond. The jumper felt snug on him but it does feel somewhat comfortable. It didn't take the snowy-haired male long to pinpoint Yeon's location when he passed the kitchen, "You woke up early. But then again, I guess being a Valkyr with high stamina means you don't need to nap to rejuvenate as much as little icy me, huh?" Dae took a seat near the kitchen counter and stared at the Valkyr while pouring himself a glass of water, "You okay?" 

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After their last session, Dae had fallen fast asleep on the bed from exhaustion and with a smile, Yeon had covered him over with the sheets and headed out to finish what he started. It had been quite the journey, finding somewhere to live in NYC, organizing the maintenance for this place while he would be away along with planning his work schedule but it had finally been finalized. Which meant all there was left to do was count down the days and pack up everything he would need in the new city. His new home wasn’t as near as grand as this penthouse and it certainly didn’t have the font memories which came attached but it was big enough for him to be comfortable for the foreseeable.

He wasn’t expecting to feel so torn by this move though, when he first told Celia about it, he had been full of excitement for getting to move to the big apple, work on the broadway dance opportunity which finally had signed off contracts and get to be in the place which had been calling him for a long time now. What he never expected was to keep forming new attachments to Evermore City. There was his longest and oldest friend here, who, while she was always back and forth, had finally decided Evermore was her settling place. There was Han, who had a life of his own but had become a close and rather unusual friend, there were his neighbors, who he actually went to dinner with every so often now, after they finished doing up Crystal’s nursery Beth often invited him and Dae over. And then there was Dae, Dae was a friend to him first, someone who understood him in a way most people didn’t and since that had become a friendship with additional benefits it was getting more and more conflicting to move away.

Yeon had heard Dae stirring from the bedroom before he came out, but his focus was on packing a few things from the shelves into the big brown moving boxes which practically littered the whole place right now. He padded up and down, picking out things he wanted with him and leaving those which looked good as decor here but served little other purpose, the new place was smaller after all. When Dae came into the room he grinned slightly, Yeon held a picture frame in his hands of him and Celia not long after he came to Evermore, it made him smile as he placed it in the box “You know me, never able to stay still for long, I’ll sleep when I’m dead” which was an ironic joke because he was dead.

“Did you sleep okay? You kinda went sparko there so I left you to sleep it off a while” he chuckled softly as he rounded his way to the kitchen island so he could lean against it while they talked “I’m fine, just feeling a little wistful knowing the move is coming up I guess” he grimaced slightly as he held out a hand to imply he wanted some of Dae’s water “Probably all the photographs I’ve been packing away” he commented in a soft voice, there was one particular photograph in the cabinet that he was dreading touching.

When he got out of the bed, soreness was to be expected, no matter how many times he's done this, he will never truly get used to it. It's been one month and a half already and yet Daehyun still couldn't believe he's actually going through this. This thing that he's been worried to death almost two months ago. This very arrangement and ordeal that he was so worried would rupture and ruin their friendship. But no signs of that seemed to surface, and he was confident the two of them felt satisfied and content with their friendship. The Niveis, surely does feel special, in a way. Getting out from the all too familiar bedroom of Yeon's, he was quick to scurry over to the kitchen counter and took a seat on the chair while trying to make sure he was awake enough to pour a hug full of water into a glass without spilling.

 Before last night, he's seen a few boxes lying around. Of course, he didn't exactly have the leisure to pay attention to those boring and dull-colored boxes when they were busy trying to get each other to the bed. But he's been here a few times to chill too, casually as it is, the boxes lying around had seemingly multiplied. He swore he only saw 3 boxes last week, and now it was at least twice the number. His eyes caught the way Yeon placed a picture frame into one of the boxes, his heart feeling hammered slightly because deep down, he knew what that meant. Yeon was departing for NYC, after all. There was nothing stopping the Valkyr and honestly, even if he wanted, which shouldn't be his priority seeing as this was what Yeon dreamed of, what right does Dae have to even begin to intervene?

 The elder Stormwind is just a good friend to him, who sometimes shares his sexual escapades here and then. When he was asked if he slept okay, he nodded gently and shrugged, "I slept fine. Your bed is always comfortable, after all. I like sleeping on it." That was the understatement of the year, considering it was very comfortable and he loves venturing back to it, especially when Yeon had never brought anyone back on it. Only him. Perhaps, his ego inflated a bit. When the blond requested for water, he pushed his glass towards him slowly. His dark hues followed the Valkyr who took the glass of water he drank from and placed it on his lips to do the same, "Right… I totally forgot you're on that schedule. Guess that's why you have so many boxes around? Where are you departing?" Okay, maybe he wanted to make time and help him unpack or something.

 Travelling to NYC for Yeon doesn't seem to be too far of a stretch. It's not as if the Niveis had anything tying him back anywhere. "Can't believe I'm saying this… but I'm really gonna miss you here." Dae wasn't staying either but he doesn't have anywhere to actually settle aside from his apartment here. 

It definitely felt conflicting to him to think about leaving Evermore behind, sure, he knew that he wouldn’t really be leaving it all behind and shutting off the life he had here but there would be parts that would change and over the past few months he had become much more comfortable in Evermore. He never really expected that to happen, every place he’d ever been had always felt like somewhere he went and little more, there wasn't any significance or attachment and yet that was what Evermore had become, an attachment. Or perhaps it was more the people he had grown close to which he felt attached to. Either way, it felt much harder to leave it now than it had seemed to when he first made the decision to go. He glanced over at Dae seeing how peaceful he seemed and allowed a soft smile to cross his lips.

He grinned to himself when Dae said he found his bed comfortable “You’d think with such a comfy bed I’d want to spend more time there” he mused with grin “Well time there sleeping at least” he teased because they spent their fair share there but usually it was wide awake and occupied with one another the entire time. It was almost foreign for him, having someone else laying in his bed most days but after they had each other there for the first time, it seemed all limits were off and they explored the apartment however they wanted to at the time. He sipped the water slowly as he watched Dae “In a few weeks, I haven’t picked an exact date yet but I’m finally getting around to actually packing some things up” he shrugged slightly “I was thinking maybe I’ll organize a little send-off day, maybe that trip to the zoo Han keeps begging for” the star did love seeing animals after all.

Yeon perched himself up on one of the kitchen stools and raised his gaze almost in surprise when Dae said he would miss him “Can’t believe I’m saying it either but I think I’m really going to miss being here” he was feeling a little emotional today, maybe it was the photos or maybe it was the sense of deja vu which filled him “After I died, Evermore was the first place I came to, I met Celia here and we immediately got along, she helped me cope with the change” he slid the glass back and forth between his hands while they talked “I’ve never been good at change” he admitted with a slight grimace, it did scare him, same as it did most people he supposed, never knowing what was in store.

“I remember finding it so hard to accept things were different and I remember missing what I had and it…” his breath caught in his throat for a moment “Hurt, to let the past go” he ran his hand through his blond locks and shrugged slightly “I don’t want to repeat that, I don’t want anyone to feel like this is the end or that we’re never going to see one another again, it’s only distance” the first time had been much more than distance and that kind of pain he barely survived, truth was, he was trying to tell Dae he didn’t want to lose him, or Han, or Celia, or really anyone who had come to be important in his life.

They have talked about this before, albeit a while ago but still, Daehyun could recall it. Both of them were supposed to depart the eternal city before long, Yeon would go and pursue his dreams, to broaden his career in Broadway. He, on the other hand, would go anywhere his heart calls him to, in search for his own soul. But ever since he met him, befriended Jae, reconnected with all the things he thought to be lost, Dae didn't seem like he wanted to leave. Not yet. It made him wonder why he still hasn't lift his foot yet, could it be because of the Valkyr? Was Yeon one of the reasons why he's sticking around like the thought of crumpling and restraining his heart doesn't hurt the longer he delayed the inevitable? Considering how upset he was to hear that Yeon would finally be proceeding with his next step to move, surely it must be that. It sure felt like it. "Oh please, you seemed to love your bed even more lately, if I recall" Their escapades were no longer a surprise, what would actually be a surprise is if neither one of them found themselves tangled up with each other daily. 

"I can do the sleeping part for you, not to worry." When he said his bed is comfortable, it really was. The elder Stormwind was rather picky on preferences for someone who doesn't mind where he sleeps so long as he gets to rest his head somewhere and doze off. Doesn't mean he doesn't know how to pick a favorite. Yeon's bed is one of those. The mention of a zoo trip perked his ears up as he snickered at the thought of it, "Cater to your Volakiri before you go or else we may never these the end of Hanseol Park." They both know how true that could be, considering how Han does have a reputation for that. "A zoo trip doesn't sound bad." Even then, Yeon still cares for the people who would be staying here even after he left, that made Dae smile sadly. So considerate, even during then. 

"We'll miss you here… Han wouldn't be able to annoy you asking for those glazed donuts and sweets anymore. He wouldn't have anyone drive him to the airport, that duty will go down to Jae now, I imagine. I won't be able to visit your studio at late nights too, huh?" There was nothing hindering the Niveis from venturing to Yeon's place at NYC, but he wanted to make sure he doesn't cross the barrier. What barrier, Dae? You guys sleep with each other on a constant basis, he scolded himself. Hearing Yeon's story made him press his lips together and dropped his gaze on him, staring at him softly, he didn't want to pry but he was so curious about Yeon's life story too. If he chooses to open up to him, why not? He had heard that once they became a Valkyr, they are forbidden to make any attempts of contact to their past. It's just the way it is and he could understand the pain.

 "You're right, it's only distance. Hey, if you need me, I'll fly to NYC in a split second, you know that I'll do that, Yeon." Deep down, the blond has to know. Dae has displayed so many traits that he's never showcased to any other person. Yeonseok Lee is a lot of brands of special. Being able to melt his cold withering heart is his biggest weapon against the Niveis. "I never knew why you came here after your… transition. Was it because of your Valkyrie? If you don't mind me asking… of course."

The blond Valkyr found himself at this crossroads he never expected to be at, where in one direction was the work he had been wanting to do for years and an opportunity that even for someone like him might be once in a lifetime and on the other was people who he never expected to find himself caring about, he did care and the thought of leaving them did make him feel sad, even if he wouldn’t be all that far in the grand scheme of things. “Oh I certainly love how good you make that bed look” he purred suggestively as he raised how brows “But then you also make the couch look good, and the kitchen counter” he grinned, he was sure Dae got the point he was trying to deliver here.

He chuckled when Dae said he could do the sleeping part “Well it’s not like I can kick you out when you always look so peaceful with your face buried into the pillow” he laughed, it happened a lot and Yeon would usually sneak out to do whatever he needed to do that day and just let Dae sleep, he said he always slept better on that bed anyway. Yeon had to laugh at the way Dae talked about Han and the way he could be around him “Yeah you’re right, he’ll whine and give the puppy dog eyes again” he gave a slightly dramatic sigh, the star could be pretty needy when it came to wanting attention but then he never really asked for anything all that crazy at the end of the day “We’ll probably end up staring at fluffy things Han finds cute all day, Jae included” he commented with a chuckle, giving a wry smile to go along with it “I like animals, I’ve always wanted to see a koala in real life” though he had never had the opportunity to before.

“I won’t miss the demand for sweets I’ll admit, Han makes it difficult to keep my usual diet” he played it off with a joke but the way he pressed his lips together and looked back at Dae said all he needed to say about his thanks for the sentiment “Well he tended to be the one picking me up from the airport more often than not” he commented with a shake of his head “Besides it’s not even that far out of the city, he can get an Uber” but it was little things like them singing along to stupid music on the way to the airport he would miss “Well you can visit the studio but it will likely be lights out and locked if my insomniac ass isn’t there” why did he feel a little emotional by Dae listing out some of the things he would miss out on when he was gone? Then again maybe he was just feeling emotional in general today considering he was offering out information about his life willingly, something he almost never did. But Yeon told Dae he wanted to open up to him and he meant it.

Yeon smiled, touched by the conviction in Dae’s voice which essentially sold him on the fact they would be able to see each other when they wanted to “and I’m only a few hours plane journey away with enough money to fly a private jet” he responded and chuckled “The world has some rethinking to do if they think for a split second that distance will stop us wanting each other” they’d had 4 months of distance and pulling back and it only seemed to make the need he had to satiate himself with Dae grow. So things weren’t really going to be that different, he was just going to be spending less time in Evermore.

His gaze dropped for a moment when Dae asked about his reasons for coming to Evermore “Well after a Valkyr tuns they’re expected to move on from the life they once had and I was met with….” he felt a little teary just thinking about that very moment, it was the worst he had experienced in his life “A pretty harsh wake-up call that I was dead” he ran a hand through his hair slowly and leaned against his hand “And I didn’t handle it well at all honestly, knowing I could never go home, that I could never see my parents again” he had felt like he lost everything “I had no money, no family, no one who even knew me, the person who turned me didn’t stick around to help me so I followed my gut and found Gideon here” he took a long shaky breath to get a hold over his own emotions, it occurred to him why he never talked about this, it hurt so much to remember.

When he first met Yeon, he didn't expect to form a bond with him, much less a friendship. But he didn't regret a single thing done in the equation, neither did he regret taking the Valkyr back to his cabin that night which served him quite the reminder even after this night. The Valkyr proved him everything that he never thought was possible inside one person. And perhaps, he didn't want Yeon to go, not just yet. Not when Dae was still looking around in the eternal city. Was he being selfish in that way? Maybe. The Niveis was well aware that he had no rights to stop the Valkyr from moving away to the place he's already told him countless times. He wasn't about to ruin his dreams just because he wanted him to stay close. "Right… I do like the bed a lot but other places are just as complimentary" he cooed teasingly, they could sit by the couch together and even then, it would be a place Dae would eventually drag the Valkyr down his pit. 

The two never seemed to be able to keep their hands off one another. Always so handsy. "So not only do I look peaceful sleeping soundly on your bed that I'm pretty sure we've soiled way too many times to count, I make it look good?" Obviously he was having the time of his life going about it but it was undeniable that the blond possessed a very comfortable and spacious living space. He made sure to show his appreciation. "I do know someone else that makes it look good when I'm burying myself in them though. Aside from the pillow" Innuendos would never die down. There was never a dull moment between the two. "I mean, Jae is pretty fluffy and you won't hear me complaining if I get to stare at Jae all day" Oh yes, Jaesung Moon is one gorgeous guy, and whilst it was clear that when placed next to Yeonseok Lee, wasn't beating the Valkyr in his scales, Dae knew he was being biased. The snowy-haired male was too equipped with knowing the things that would make Yeon hum in delight.

 "You know who reminds me of a koala? Han. The way he clings onto Jae every time… it's… I don't know how he does it." Dae's never been to a zoo before and this may even be his first time so perhaps he was a bit ecstatic too. "I've never been to one." His cheeks didn't flare up but he was admittedly, embarrassed. Who hasn't been to one? "I think you'll miss that kid a lot more than you let on, Yeon" he pointed out teasingly, he wasn't surprised, often times Hanseol can be quite childish but overall, he's someone you can't just get mad at, forever. He's seen the Celestial with Jae and Yeon. "Well, if your emotions by the studio, I know I can still find you. Bounty hunter, remember?" he chuckled, though he could almost taste the bitterness in his mouth, why does it sound like a goodbye? 

"God it sounds like you're about to move to the middle of nowhere, we're quite dramatic, aren't we?" Daehyun had also expressed his wish to leave Evermore for awhile and scour the rest of the world that he has yet to see. "Well, to be honest, if you're no longer here, I guess I should be getting a move on soon, I did say I was going to go away for awhile" Going away alone shouldn't be foreign to him but it didn't feel as good as he thought he would. The story of how he came to be now had him frowning gently, he was reminded that Yeon too, died, just like him. "You seemed pretty young to die… I expected something similar but that doesn't change the fact that it must've been a harsh wake-up call." Waking up to find out you're something else and there was no way to go back. Must've been scary. "Did you ever… tried to find the one who turned you? Like, after you're better off?" he was careful when selecting his words, Dae didn't want to set Yeon off. "Are… are you angry at them?" 

It was funny how they could be having a pretty serious conversation and yet the suggestive comments would keep rolling throughout, they really didn’t know the definition of toning it down when it came to one another and that was what Yeon enjoyed most, he didn’t have to hold himself back or pretend he wasn’t thinking the things he was thinking. “True, the setting really doesn’t seem to matter huh?” he had a wry smile on his lips, they’d done quite the tour of this apartment and found pretty much every viable surface, broken every piece of furniture that managed to get in the way too, if you looked close enough you could find damage on his armchair, the couch and even his coffee table thanks to their antics, it definitely kept Yeon on his toes.

“I mean I thought it was a given that you make anything look good” he responded with a grin, there was no denying how attractive he found Dae with his pale blond hair which always seemed to fall in messy waves which framed his face and his built figure which often had the Valkyr staring even involuntary. He bit his lip harshly at the double meaning of Dae’s words and the temptation to end up right back where they started “You are horribly tempting all of the time, you know that right?” he was certainly going to miss living in the same building as Dae for the convenience benefits. Yeon rolled his eyes when Dae mentioned staring at Jae all day “Do you really want to give the star a reason to glare at you all day?” he chuckled, he had noticed the little war going on between Han and Dae when it came to Jae, it just made the Valkyr laugh more than anything.

Yeon scrunched his nose and laughed when Dae likened Han to a Koala “Oh god now that you’ve mentioned it I’m never going to be able to unsee it” their friends were often a topic of conversation because the four of them spent a lot of time together and were close in different ways, Dae was very protective over Jae, Yeon was Volakiri with Han, Han and Dae had a strange playful rivalry going on and Yeon had found ways to bond with Jae too. It was a strange group of friends but it kinda worked “Oh really?” he asked with raised brows “Well if you like animals I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, the best part is going around the time they feed each one so they come up really close” he smiled softly, they would have fun he was sure and it beat the usual coffee shop meet up of course. “Oh I have no doubts you can find me, though I might make it a little difficult for you, considering how much you love the chase and all” he winked with a grin, smiling when Dae commented on how dramatic they made it out to be “Nobody likes change huh?” his gaze softened just a little as he looked back at the other male.

There was a somewhat solemn tone to their conversation despite the jokes though because at the end of the day, things were going to change and this move would mean they spent less time together and it was evident that neither of them really wanted to let that set in “You should get out there and see the world, believe me, there’s so much to see” part of Yeon wanted to go with him just so he could see the way Dae’s face would light up when he saw everything and while the Niveis tended to keep a cool front, he knew traveling would be different somehow. “And when you need a tour guide in NYC” he smiled softly. Yeon pressed his lips together “I was twenty-one” he confirmed with a half nod of his head “And that night me and my father argued far worse than we ever did before” he sighed softly “And that is the last memory he will have of me, his son died in a car crash that night” and now he was something entirely different, it truly felt like an entirely different life. “I tried” he responded and nodded his head “But I never saw them, it could have literally been any Valkyr who ever lived so” it seemed pointless to keep searching after a while “Not angry per se, how can I be angry at the person who saw a lifeless 21-year-old man who barely got to live and gave him another chance” he ran a hand through his hair “I just wish I could have known them at least, even if it was for 5 minutes” perhaps a part of him might be a little angry but mostly he felt a sense of gratitude.

His relationships with Yeon wasn't something he could easily describe when asked to do so. It wasn't because Dae had no idea what they were, there were times when he, too, was a bit confused about where this was going but that was long gone. The doubt was no longer there, all he was focused on was on how the two of them enjoyed this mutual agreement very much. Their friendship remained strong, nothing was shaking it. Perhaps, that was why he was considerably upset to hear that the Valkyr was leaving, even when he knew it was inevitable. "When it comes to you, when does the setting ever matter?" he had a wolfish grin that matched the mischievous look displayed on his dark hues, there wasn't any space in the apartment that he was sure they haven't blessed yet. Was he incredibly smug about it? Yes. Every spot, every furniture would often remind the Niveis of their endless antics that ever could quench their insatiable needs for each other.

 Dae noticed the lip bit and smirked because he loved knowing he could make Yeon feel the same way the Valkyr made him feel. He shook his head slightly and ruffled his hair with one hand, attempting to make it look presentable; messy, but presentable still. Presentably messy. "I know that, why else do you think I would play it in my card?" he grinned and swiped his tongue against his bottom lip to wet it while still staring at the Valkyr with a rather wolfish reaction. "Pssh, you know he's already glaring at me whenever I wolf whistled at Jae. I mean, can you blame me? Have you seen how built Jae is, lately? Guy's been to the gym for sure. Working out and all… I see what I like, I stare" he shrugged casually as if it was the most normal statement uttered from his mouth. And maybe it was, knowing Daehyun.

 He chuckled when Yeon expressed his opinion about not being able to unsee the Celestial clinging much like a Koala, "I'm just saying what we've all been thinking. With the amount of times you've seen that guy hogging Jae, you never thought he's some animal personified?" The friendship between the 4 wasn't easy to describe, considering how easily they clash with each other's personalities, yet were still able to form a rather interesting bond together. The world works in mysterious ways. "You get to feed the animals?" he widened his eyes and gaped in awe, he never actually knew what people do in zoos, guiltily so. He's never thought of it before. "Damn I feel like an uncultured swine…" he murmured faintly while rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly, it really does feel like it. 

His ears turned red slightly when the Valkyr brought around the topic of how much he loves chasing his target, "I have no idea how you keep all those information about me stored up inside that head" he shook his head in bemusement, "But yes, I do love myself a chase. The question is… Will you make yourself challenging for me, hm?" His eyes softened when the story about how he came to be surfaced, this was such a personal thing to Yeon and the fact that he was choosing to share this with him made him feel very significant, even more so than before. It assured him greatly to know that Yeon had an amount of trust placed in him. He felt honored. "Change is scary to most people. I can't say I blame them." Despite the solemn mood surrounding them, Yeon still managed to cheer him up by encouraging him to do what he wants, you'll never find the Valkyr tripping on that, he's a personal motivator if anything.

 "I want to do that. But I feel like something is holding me back and I have no idea what it is... " Yeon held some much fascination whenever he gushed about what he comes across, what he's seen, it made Dae want to experience the same. "NYC will be my first stop" he promised softly. Dae grimaced internally, 21 was young still. He couldn't imagine how things were for Yeon then. To part with your parents under such circumstances, not knowing if they love or hate them. That has got to hurt. And Yeon will never know what they feel about him because he could no longer return anywhere near. "I was 16 when I had to flee from my tribe" he breathed out, he found it only right to tell him a part of him too. That way, it wouldn't feel like Yeon was the only one giving. "I had to knock Mirae out and fly her out of there without knowing if our mother survived the wrath of our tribe... No wonder she hated me." He pursed his lips and tilted his head to the side while scootching closer, "Do you want to find them? The one who turned you, I mean."

Yeon had come to the conclusion that the reason he and Dae worked so well was because they both just seemed to understand one another, with the Niveis there was no questioning things in his mind, they didn’t really argue because they had similar views and opinions, they enjoyed one another’s company in and outside the bedroom, they challenged one another in ways others couldn’t and so it made perfect sense to him now, why it was Dae who changed the way he saw what he wanted. “Of course not, as long as you’re there” he chuckled, returning the somewhat wolfish grin with one of his own. They really were uncontrollable when it came to that, every night they could they’d end up tangled up together.

Yeon chuckled under his breath when Dae said he was playing his cards right “You’re getting almost scarily good at that, what hope did I ever have of resisting” he chuckled under his breath, at this point he didn’t even want to resist because things were so easy right now, he felt satiated, his career was in a good place, he had friends who were important to him. Yeon eyed Dae with a grin as he talked about Jae “You’ve got it so bad for that Dhampir” he commented with a low chuckle, Yeon wasn’t and probably wouldn’t ever be the jealous type but his Volakiri certainly was and Han was especially attached when it came to Jae. “Tread carefully there” he warned with a look “We have a good thing going right now, the four of us” a strange but functional friendship group, they actually spent quite a lot of time together.

He was still chuckling under his breath at the thought of Han being a koala “I mean I never made the connection to an animal but now you’ve got me imagined what animals we would all be” he grinned slightly “I mean Han might be a Koala with Jae but doesn’t he give rabbit vibes the rest of the time?” or maybe that was just the slightly chubby cheeks and the doe eyes just gave that impressed. “Usually yeah, I remember one I went to let me feed the Giraffes from a safari truck, that was pretty fun” he smiled softly, he did really like being around animals so he could see the appeal, Han kept raving about the one in Evermore because they were doing open displays of the vet care for the zoo animals and being a vet himself, Yeon was sure he would find that fascinating “Well then it’s time to get cultured” he responded and nodded slightly, never too late to experience things after all.

Yeon tilted his head a little to the side when Dae expressed his surprise that he remembered things about him like that “I pick up a lot of random things about those close to me” he responded nonchalantly and shrugged “I mean if we’re going to spend so much time together, may as well make the friendship a real one right?” he jested it slightly because they really were friends now and that felt strange but also right to him. They got one another in a way most didn’t there was never any questioning why the other did something or wanted something, they just accepted one another “Well you know I have access to a private jet I don’t have to share the flight plans for” he snickered slightly, he did believe he could make Dae’s job difficult if he wanted to. He lifted his gaze and gave a slow, soft smile in Dae’s direction “But then change also brings a lot of good new things to your life too” so in that respect it was a game of risk you had to take, even if it was scary.

Yeon nodded slightly when Dae said he felt like something was holding him back “Well maybe you should try and figure out what it is?” he suggested it with a half-smile, the other male always seemed a little troubled, like there was a weight on his shoulders that simply wouldn’t life and he didn’t think he could be the one to figure out what it was, it had to be Dae. “Good, I want to show you all my favorite places there” it was a spoken promise between the two of them that when Yeon left Evermore it wasn’t going to be the end of goodbye and that gave him some level of comfort. Yeon’s expression softened as Dae talked about how he had to run from his home when he was 16 and leave his family behind too “I don’t even know how you found the strength to leave” he responded in a knowing tone, their situations were similar and yet Yeon knew his family would live, Dae didn’t. “Did she forgive you...for making that decision?” he asked softly. When he asked if he wanted to find his sire he nodded “I’d like the chance to talk to them I guess” but it seemed pointless to wish for it when he no clues to go on.

"I guess I really have met my match some time ago huh?" There wasn't anything that Yeon doesn't do to challenge the Niveis and he actually likes it, he's never felt so alive until now. Having a friend he could talk to about literally everything and anything, someone to go to every time he needed his needs to be satiated, a confidant he could look to if he was in need of advice or even reassurance. Yeon was always there. Even after they exhausted themselves out by flopping on the bed, Dae would found himself asking Yeon a few questions and the latter would answer him honestly. They didn't have any room to argue because they were skilled in the arts of compromising. Everything seemed pretty stable. It's why the arrangement stood quite well without any other problems intervening. 

"You're not supposed to resist, that's supposed to be it, Valky" he chided and shook his head, and pressed his finger against Yeon's lips, telling him to shhh when they talked about a certain dhampir in their friend circle, "Shhh, Jae is one attractive lad and you know I always like my eye candies. Besides, teasing Han when I know he gets riled up is fun." Dae never went overboard, he always made sure that Han knew his intentions and while the Niveis found Jae extremely attractive, he wasn't going to ruin the Celestial's relationship. Now that Yeon's said it, he was already picturing Han and a bunny side by side, "Shit, you're right. Now that you've said it, he does resemble a bunny more, this puffed up cheeks and doe eyes you really can't resist even if you want to-" he paused halfway and cleared his throat awkwardly because he had let out that he too, couldn't say no to Hanseol, at times. "I mean… it's supposedly hard to resist… not that I knew anything about it." 

The idea of feeding a giraffe does fascinate him, leaving him to picture that with his lips still parted in awe, "I want to try that… " Now, he's really drawn to visit one, "How big is the zoo here? The snowy-haired Niveis grinned softly when Yeon responded by saying he picked things up from those he cared easily, that's good to hear. "Yeah, you're right." He shook his head and nudged his shoulder playfully, "Hey, you can do that and I would still chase you down. Make it fun and we'll see how long you can last. The question is, how long will we both last without one another?" Knowing him, that need for pleasure will fuel his search even more. "It depends on the change, I guess. Some of mine did me good," When he said that, he made sure to stare at Yeon with a gentle look. "I think I just told myself that people won't miss me when I go so I'm afraid I won't have a reason to return... " Daehyun had a lot of fears, he didn't even realize which is his until he talked about it. It was just there. 

"That sounds nice… you wanting to show me places you like." He could already picture Yeon being his tour guide and it was a pretty one. This topic about their past being unveiled to one another was a sore and sensitive one, it was very personal, one he surprisingly didn't mind sharing to Yeon, "I had to. I was discovered as a Phoenix… and my sister will be discovered soon after. If I didn't leave, what would've happened to us? I wasn't ready to imagine the outcome" They were an abomination, they said. "Mirae resented me for quite a while… but she came to forgive me after a few years. I was only in my 20s when I was going to leave. After the first Niveis was created… but I didn't get to, it felt bitter. Knowing everything was supposed to be fine and then bam, you found a sword in you." He felt compelled to find his sire for him, simply because he knew the Valkyr deserved that, "If you want… I can help you find them? You know I won't mind." 

“Considering I never thought I actually had one, I’m about as shocked as you are” he chuckled slightly, they really did bring out a lot of good in one another, it wasn’t just about the sex, albeit that was a very big part of what they shared because it was a big deal when it came to both their priorities but there was more to it than that. Dae was someone that Yeon felt like he could talk to, about anything and everything that was on his mind, if he was worried or stressed, sometimes talking it out with the Niveis was all he needed to feel refreshed and able to face whatever it was. And sometimes he didn’t want to talk about it and they dealt with that in other ways, either way, Dae had become someone Yeon leaned on, not to the point he couldn’t do it without him but certainly to the point where he felt comfortable to.

“I’ve always been able to resist though, it’s quite a troubling realization that I can’t when it’s you” he grumbled it slightly because it was a power thing, usually he could push back his needs when it came to someone else, he could make them wait for it, often agonizingly so but Dae had learned all his little quirks and weaknesses which made it extremely hard to tell him no. “True, Jae definitely stands out in a crowd, especially when he’s always wearing those contact lenses” hey he knew an attractive person when he saw one too. “Han is probably going to jump you at some point though, you’re testing him” he would laugh on that day because Dae really did push the teasing to the max. Yeon had to laugh as Dae took in the idea of Han being a bunny “It’s like that evil bunny in that movie, looks cute as heck but really has quite a devilish personality” once you got to know Han, he was actually quite a character and far from the purely innocent persona you saw when you first meet him “Supposedly huh?” he teased Dae when he said it like it didn’t apply to him “Has someone found yet another weakness?” she grinned slightly.

“Well then we will have to hope they offer that” it was a long time now and it definitely wasn’t in Evermore, he didn’t really remember the place so much as the experience itself “I’m not actually sure but it’s on the outskirts of the city so I’d guess pretty large, honestly I only know about it from Han’s gushing” and when Han was passionate about something he literally never stopped talking about it. He did remember Han saying the Zoo created very natural and open habitats which emulated real living environments for the animals “I did hear they have penguins though” he grinned because he loved penguins, even if they smelled horrible. Yeon grinned slightly at the idea of Dae chasing him down around the world “Why do I feel like that may get expensive for me” he chided with a grin but he was right, trying to resist the urges itself would be hard too “But how worth it will it be when it finally ends”. His eyes softened as he gazed back at Dae “I’ll miss you” he responded without hesitation because it was completely true. He would.

“I think I’d enjoy them even more getting to see your reactions to them rather than going alone” he admitted with a sheepish grin, Dae was often hard to read but Yeon had learned to know when he was being polite and when he actually liked something. They were being pretty open today which was nice because it felt like the one detail they had been holding off from one another until now, it felt letting out a breath he had been holding for a very long time. “You’ve been protecting her this whole time right?” he gave a soft smile in his direction, every time Dae talked about Mirae he could see the emotions in his gaze. “A part of me feels like you’ve always been looking for freedom in some sense” he hoped he wasn’t overstepping by saying that but it’s what he saw. He widened his eyes when Dae offered to help him find his sire “I’m not sure there’s much you could even do” he spoke softly but his voice did sound a little hopeful that maybe he could search them down “But uh...if you could find anything…” he hated asking for favors but it was clear to him that Dae actually wanted to help

"I'm always flattered to know I've painted a big red X in your book a a 'rule abiding citizen'. I'm opposed to the rules, sorry. It's just not my thing" he jested teasingly, it had become a joke between them both that it was unlikely to find the other following what they're supposed to follow just because that's how they've lived their lives before. It didn't seem to prevent him from finding himself all tangled up with Yeon. He knew exactly what makes the Valkyr tick and it's amusing to know, the two of them couldn't keep their hands off each other at any given time. He wasn't the only one playing around, Yeon had a tight grip around his own too. "Right… those contact lenses… and I swear he dyes his hair frequently. I've seen him in how many colors already? As opposed to his brown head boyfriend." Admittedly, Han only dyed his hair once and it was cherry red for a brief while. Aside from that, the colorful one remained his boyfriend which made him even more eye-catching for his already attractive self. 

"You'll get him off me… if he does, right?" All of sudden, Dae could already picture Han jumping on him so he'll stop teasing. Knowing the Celestial, even if you think he wouldn't do it, if it involves Jae, he'll do it. The resemblance between the Celestial and a bunny as described by Yeon had him pondering, "You mean… like Snowball? From The Secret Life of Pets?" Yes, he watched that too. When it dawned on him that's him, he widened his eyes and gaped, "Oh my god- he is Snowball!" He narrowed his eyes at Yeon when he poked him asking if he's found another weakness, "This stays between us. If that Snowball get a wind of this he'll use it against me…" He would even guard Jae off Dae. Daehyun wouldn't describe himself as an animal lover but he does like to gush over cute and fascinating things just as well, he's never been to a zoo, so the thought of being given the chance to feed the animals, it's a new thing for the Niveis.

 "Of course he'd gush all about the place, have you seen that guy with animals… he's a freaking Tarzan, minus know." The sudden mention of penguins, however, had his eyes lit up in curiosity, "Wait, they have penguins?" Things just got more fascinating for him. Chasing him all over the world, across the continents, that sounded like a real challenge, one he wouldn't say no to, either. "Mhmm, it'll cost you a lot more than you average vacation trip. But when it ends, when I get you, you're gonna be screaming for another" he murmured in a hushed whisper, smirking wolfishly because he knew he was already planting the seeds in. I'll miss you, Dae heard those words clearly and all he could do was blink a few times in surprise. How it sounded so natural coming from the blond. It didn't take him long to digest it and respond, "I'll miss you too... " Things wouldn't be the same as it was. 

"Then a trip to NYC is confirmed. I'll let you know when, sir" he made a gesture to tip him head and chuckled. "I thought I was protecting her… I don't know if I was. But I'd like to think that I did" He never quite got over it, he kept wondering if Mirae still had that resentment rooted inside somewhere. Dae felt his breath hitched when Yeon mentioned about freedom, "Spot on. I've been craving that since forever... " His offer to find Yeon's sire for him was just a genuine gesture from a friend to a friend, so he wasn't glad to hear Yeon and the desire to find them. "That's the spirit. It won't be easy, sure. Especially when I have no information about them. But, I'll try. Though… if you don't mind, what would you ask them if you meet then?"


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