Katrina was excited about their date tonight.
Sapphire and Katrina hadn't been out in a little while and she had planned something most special to celebrate with Sapphire. Katrina had been working a lot more. It seemed summer babies were a popular theme and she was running around town like crazy most days.

Dressing for such an occasion deserved something beautiful. Katrina probably shouldn't have saved most of her vintage dresses, it proved her age but knowing that some of them deserved to be worn again she couldn't help herself. Katrina pulled out a beautiful satin red dress with white lace around the collar.  The lace hanging from her sleeves were bustling with life yet. She always kept her dresses in the most pristine condition and saved them in a trunk now that she had moved to the celestial castle. 

With her hair pinned up and with earrings she sent over a quick text to Sapphire.

-Leaving now, I'll be there soon, remember to dress up, I have something amazing planned. ;) 

Katrina went into her car and started to drive there, the one thing she knew after tonight that cars weren't meant for you to drive in a petticoat. She felt it in all manners of the word. She smiled as she was at the door of her girlfriend's house.

Katrina got out of the car and knocked on the door with a few beats of her fist and now she waited. 

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Sapphire smiled as she listened to her about owning her beauty. The phoenix blushed when she heard about her birthday present was going to be something else. "Oh really? I cant wait then." She said as she reached out to hold her love's hand. She continued to listen as she giggled alittle when she talked about the food. "I am good but thank you." She said as she looked at her. "I am glad you told me and I am glad I said it back." She said as she smiled softly as her heart fluttered more in her chest as she smiled more. She couldnt help that her eyes would continue to stare into her eyes with love and compassion. 

The phoenix couldnt help but smile as she listened to Katrina talk about their life together. "I would love that." She said as she looked at her. "As for children, I would stay I would love to have at least two or three." She said as she smiled more. Sapphire took a few more bites of her meal as she watched Katrina as she almost spit her wine out after she mentioned that she might be pushing. Holding her hands as Katrina squeezed them alittle causing Sapphire smile alittle as she listened to her words. "I love you too Katrina, and I am glad that we are a team on this." She said as she leaned up and kissed her deeply on the lips. Once she pulled away, Sapphire smiled as she stood up from the table and gently pulled her to the dance floor once more, leaving their food and wine on the table. "Lets have one more dance." She said as she smiled at her.

When she noticed how Sapphire blushed, part of her wanted to reach out and touch her cheeks. But she held herself back. Everything was so sweet when she was with Sapphire, her heart was always warm and if what they described as butterflies was the thing attacking her stomach when she was with her, she knew then darn well what others spoke of.

"I know, I love you, Sapphire, I really do. I can't imagine a life without you, and if you will have me in yours, I am yours until you tell me no." She said as she ran her thumb along the soft skin of her hand. 

"I was gonna do something way more romantic than this to tell you, but as we danced and you were there, I couldn't contain it anymore! If you know what I mean." As a smile came to lips from her words she knew she was happier than she had been in a long time.

"I want a family with you, I believe they should come more from your genes as you, my love, are drop-dead gorgeous. Of course, we are a team on it, but in the end, we both have eternity, so we can take however long we want on this." Katrina positively shook her head in agreement when she stood to her feet.

"The night is barely over, yet only one more dance? I could dance with you forever. Keep your feet moving, unless you had other plans I was unaware of." 

The phoenix guard looked at her as she smiled. Her heart fluttering at every moment with Katrina as Sapphire could see their future together rush through her brain. Sapphire couldnt help but feel so overwhelmed by it but was so excited to see that the future had in store for them. Noticing Katrina held something back, Sapphire just shook it off as she smiled and felt her stomach do flips as she continued to look at the woman that she wanted to have a amazing future with. The phoenix continued to look into Katrina's eyes as she smiled softly at her. 

Sapphire listened to Katrina's words as she felt her heart beat harder against her chest at her words. "I love you too Katrina. I cant imagine my life without you either. And I keep you forever until you tell me no too." She said as she felt her thumb rub against her hand.

The phoenix chuckled as she listened to Katrina talk about she wanted to do something way more romantic to tell her that she loved her but couldnt hold it back anymore. Seeing the smile on Katrina's face made Sapphire smile as well as she touched her face. "Well I am glad you told me tonight. I am so in love with you that I cant even think about anything else besides you. And its ok that you couldnt contain yourself to tell me, I couldnt of either." She said as she giggled and smiled at her. 

When Katrina spoke of having a family together with her, Sapphire smiled and listened as she also blushed at her comments about how gorgeous she was as she then watched her shake her head in agreement when Sapphire asked her to dance. "Well I think our children will look as beautiful as you and also have your kind heart." She said as they headed to the dance floor. 

"The night only has just begun, I would love to dance with you until we cant dance anymore." She said as she giggled and smiled when she mentioned if she had other plans. "I have no plans, this is our night to dance and be together." Sapphire said as she pulled her close and started to slow dance with her as the music started slowly. 

Smiling at Sapphire, she noticed the finer details of the beautiful woman who sat before her.
This woman who stated she loved Katrina. Before she wouldn't have believed that she was capable of such a thing. 

"Well, then it seems if neither of us is leaving the other until one says something, you are stuck with me." Said with a slight chuckle passing her lips before further sipping her wine and if possible her eyes drinking in all that was around her.

The atmosphere wasn't chilling just yet but it was bringing the soon fall atmosphere that they would experience. Katrina used to be passionate about one subject and that was work. But as she sat here she realized she would give it up in a heartbeat if it meant more time with Sapphire.

"Well, we will have to see how it all goes. But I am beyond excited that we talk of such things." She looked at her gently as they stood up and walked to the dance floor before linking together for another dance. 

Lowering her head into the nape of her neck, laying her head on her shoulder for a moment, soaking in the warmth of her embrace she kissed her cheek. "Thank you, Sapphire. I am beyond excited for the future we behold." She wanted to ask when she should propose to such a creature, to claim her as fully hers until the ends of their days, but with their new words of love just being passed she worried the woman would find her mad, that it would be too soon.

Katrina never knew love like this in all her life. Never being in a relationship before, but this mattered so much, they knew of each other's histories and wondered what other celestials would think about her in a relationship with a species that caused them misery for years. It didn't matter to her, as that was the past and this future with Sapphire was now. 

Sapphire smiled as she looked at Katrina. "And you my dear are stuck with me." She said as she chuckled when Katrina mentioned that she was stuck with her. She smiled as she could tell that fall was coming but the air hasn't started to get cooler just yet but it was getting closer as Sapphire knew that the fall season would be busy for Katrina as delivering babies was one of her passions. But that didn't faze Sapphire as she was glad that Katrina was doing something she loved, plus bringing a child into the world made Sapphire smile as its a new life on the world they live in.

"Yes I agree, we will have to see how it goes, but I am also excited that we are able to talk about this kind of stuff." She said as they headed to the dance floor. Sapphire's arms wrapped around Katrina's waist as they danced to the music. A smiled started to form on Sapphire's face as Katrina started to lay her head on her shoulder. She smiled as she felt the kiss on her cheek as she looked at her, she smiled as she listened. "No Thank you Katrina, I am over the moon excited for our future that we can experience." She said as she smiled as they danced to the music. Sapphire could keep her smile away as she continued to think about their future together. Today was special as the two had shared their words of love tonight as Sapphire held her closer as she still was buzzing from when they told each other that they loved each other. 

Love wasn't foreign for Sapphire as she did have some flames that ended quite badly, but this was the first time that she really felt in love with someone. Sapphire was concerned that she wouldn't find love but in reality, it found her in the same of a beautiful Celestial named Katrina. She wouldn't change a thing about the dates they have been on and the time they spent together. Some worries that Sapphire had were what the other celestials might think if they knew about Katrina and her since guards and celestials were enemies for many many years. But nothing mattered to her anymore except for the future for her and Katrina. 

"It would be a privilege and honour to share the rest of forever with you." Her heart raced at the closeness of their touch as they danced but the warmth that was being shared between them meant her the world. She lingered in her touch and hoping that if Sapphire disliked it that she would tell her to move. Katrina was nothing if not a lady and would never touch Sapphire in any way that would make her uncomfortable.

Standing up, taking her head off her shoulder, she released one hand before putting it under the chin, slowly with a slight hold on her chin she lifted it in a manner where they faced each other eye to eye. "Look, you can tell me anything. I will always tell you everything. From my reading of relationships, only having books and tv mind you, that communication is key. If something is bothering you, or something is on your mind, or hell you want to text me that your dogs went to the bathroom. I will take it. Anything, does that make sense?" She said as she gently placed her forehead to hers, slowly closing her eyes and relaxed her face.

Calm was the moment, nothing mattering but them. When she spoke of thanking her she shook her head opening her eyes and releasing her chin. Moving her hand back into position for dancing. "I am just glad that, that first kiss turned out the way it did." She stated with a slight smirk as she seemed to think along the same lines as her. Their relationship meant the world to Katrina and the way Sapphire looked, she could just tell that this seemed to be the same for her. 

Sapphire smiled at her as she felt her heart beat harder against her rib cage at the closeness as they danced. Her words moved Sapphire as she blushed and smiled more as she could tell that her words were true. The phoenix then blushed more when she felt Katrina's hand linger as she smiled as she didnt want her to stop. Sapphire loved her touch as she continued to dance with her. Knowing that Katrina and her were ladies and didnt want to make anything uncomfortable with each other but feeling her touch on her skin made Sapphire shiver in excitement as she smiled and blushed. 

Feeling Katrina move her chin up to look each other in the eye. Sapphire looked into her eyes as she listened to her words. "I know love." She whispered as she then nodded alittle before Katrina put her forehead against her as she closed her eyes. Sapphire in turn closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment as they relaxed and danced together in the calm environment. It made Sapphire feel that they were the only ones there as they danced the night more. An urge to kiss Katrina ran through Sapphire's body as she thanked Katrina but noticed that Katrina had shook her head when she opened her eyes.

"I am glad it turned out the way it did too." She said as she smirked back at her as she didnt want this night to end. Sapphire knew that the two felt the same way about their relationship. The phoenix smiled as they danced more, before Sapphire dipped her down and kissed her deeply. "I want this night to never end." She whispered once she pulled away alittle from the kiss and pulled Katrina back up onto her feet.  

The slow dancing with Sapphire pulled close to her.
She knew one thing, this woman she wanted to spend the rest of forever with. She wanted to dance forever, she wanted the ability to wake up next to her, give her morning breakfast and so on. The thoughts running through her head as they danced to the slow tune, was making her heart melt. She didn't even know of the defences she had protected herself with, as not to get hurt from others. Yet it was there, and being taken down with just Sapphire's hold on her.

"Good, I am glad you know. Because I tell you everything, and you can have the same openness with me." She said as she gently caressed the woman's cheek knowing what a beautiful woman she was and how grateful for having her in Katrina's life.

"I know, I think we both are. Being with you, here and dancing, the way you look tonight, it's all so spectacular." She stated before being kissed, her heart going a mile or more a minute as she kissed her, why did everything tonight feel one hundred times stronger?

Once the kiss broke and she spoke of the night never ending she nuzzled close to her and smiled. "Because your hormones are surcharged right now, it's all to spectacular. The music playing with our hearing, the hearts beating almost in rhythm. We are so in sync right now, we just don't want it to end. But don't worry, even after tonight, I have many things planned for us."  

Sapphire smiled as they slow danced in tune to the music. This feeling that Sapphire had made her feel all warm as she was with someone she could spend the rest of her life with which was something new for her. The phoenix had some protective walls around her heart after it was broken many times in the years but with Katrina, those walls were already crumbled to the ground as Sapphire held onto Katrina and danced with her. The phoenix still had some worries with the other Celestials thinking of their relationship but it didn't matter to her anymore. What mattered to Sapphire was the woman she was dancing with and how much she was in love with this woman. 

Hearing Katrina talk, Sapphire couldn't but smile softly at her words as she then felt her hand touch her cheek. She leaned into it as she smiled and looked into her eyes. "I can tell you everything to. I feel that I can tell you anything." She said as she smiled as she felt wonderful that she had Katrina in her life. She had never been so close to anyone before Katrina and it was still alittle new to her but she knew that Katrina was the one for her life and would spend every second of her life with Katrina from loving her to protecting her with her life as she never wanted to let this woman go.

Sapphire brought her attention back to Katrina as she spoke once more as she smiled. The phoenix was about to speak but when Katrina kissed her, she couldn't help but kiss the woman back. Her heart beating in rhythm with hers as she slightly deepened the kiss for a moment before Katrina broke the kiss. Tonight made everything between them more special and their feelings ten times stronger as they shared their love for one another. 

Feeling her nuzzle close, Sapphire smiled and held her as they danced. Hearing the words Katrina answered about how Sapphire never wanted tonight to end, caused Sapphire to smile big. "Well I guess that would definitely explain that." She said about how her hormones' where surcharged right now. When she heard that she had many things planned for the two after tonight, Sapphire smiled and leaned in and kissed her cheek. "Well I cant wait for what you have planned, my love." She whispered in her ear as she kissed her lips once more.

Sapphire was nothing if not elegant, she looked at times like she had a regal crown on her head. She could have been a queen and in Katrina's eyes she was. She couldn't believe she had the pleasure to be with someone as special and unique as Sapphire was. "I'm really so lucky." She muttered under her breath as she took in all the fine details of her face and as her hair cascaded and surrounded the fine features.

As she smiled she couldn't do anything but bring her to a smile as well. Would she always be smiling when it came to Sapphire? Like the gem, she gave Sapphire something once that had sapphires and it still fit true that she was prettier than any gem.

 "Good, because communication is key, they say. With relationships and I know with you, You have my heart and mind. Anything you wish to pick from it, don't be afraid, no question unasked." The kiss spoke measures and as she listened to the heartbeat, so close to her she couldn't help but smile through the kiss, knowing how perfect this moment was.

"All I know is that I vow to you, I will one day make you my wife. You are too precious, I never want to let you go." She said looking at the beautiful woman as she felt the whispering as she leaned in her ear. Slowly and surely and each word rolling in a manner that made her heart skip beats. 

"Well, you will have to wait and see... but its perfect, just like you." She uttered back with slight tones of whisper like they were keeping secrets about their romance, like hiding away from the world in their own dome of dance and hushed whispers. 

Katrina was just more than amazing, to Sapphire, she was the stars to her sky. The fire that burned in Sapphire's eyes were because of Katrina in her life. The phoenix couldn't believe she had someone soo special in her life. If Katrina was an gem, Sapphire would pick ruby as it was the color of their hearts and also would show a sign of love between the two women. When Sapphire heard her words, a smile broke across her face as she took in every detail of Katrina's face and neck. "I am soo lucky too." She whispered back as she smiled and continued to look into her eyes. 

Sapphire would smile a lot around people but not as much as she is with Katrina. The phoenix also noticed that the celestial would also smile more when the two were around each other. Even when Katrina gave her sapphires, Sapphire knew that Katrina was much more beautiful than any gem in the world. 

Listening to Katrina, Sapphire nodded in agreement. "I agree on that part." she said as she smiled and kissed her once more as Sapphire listened to Katrina's heartbeat. The kiss caused fireworks to burst in Sapphire's mind as every kiss with Katrina was something so magical that Sapphire could never explain it. The moment was soo perfect as Sapphire felt Katrina smile in the kiss. The phoenix couldn't help but smile as well in the kiss. Once the kiss broke, Sapphire looked into Katrina's eyes.

Tears started to form in Sapphire's eyes at Katrina's vow to her about one day they would be wives. Sapphire quickly tried to pull back her emotions alittle as she smiled, listening to the rest of Katrina's words. As she leaned in and smiled softy, "Katrina you my love are too precious that I will make sure that I stay by your side forever." She siad as she smiled.

Hearing her talk about how she would have to wait and see her surprise, Sapphire giggle and smiled as the tones they were making were like they were in their own little world and had a secret love that they were keeping from the world with their dancing, hush tones, and also the kissing. 

Her touch was like fire to her skin, scorched not with burns but with love,
the heat that radiated between the two of them was powerful and the closer they got she felt it.  When Sapphire agreed to her words about communication and spoke of her luck she knew how imperative this was for them both. Their feelings entwined ever moreso.

When she stated her vow, making it known and Katrina saw the tears, she gently wiped them away with her thumbs leaving her cup the woman's face. "It wasn't to make you sad. You have my heart, Sapphire. I will never want a world without you in it, so you staying by me means everything to me." Katrina sucked at saying the right thing, at the right time. She hated that her feelings were maybe not coming out in the right way. 

"Did you want to go eat chocolate cake? Another glass of wine? I know I could be in your arms like this forever. But I did pay for whatever food you want." She said staying close by her, holding the essence of her being, enjoying just her touch on her body. The heartbeats roaming in her ears as she ran at new velocity, though her body stayed planted in place.

"Oh, how I love you, Sapphire Rizzoli!" 

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